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TR DARK FF: Trapped(ch3 updt pg 18) (Page 21)

anitasharma Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Lovely update
continue soon

Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 October 2013 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
nice update
taani n sharon convos r d best prt
its just mind blowing
love their bff bond
plz give mre taarey
Sunrise. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2013 at 3:13am | IP Logged
nice update..
love taani and sharon bond...
butterfly-ravee Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Chapter4 -page 23
chapter 5-pg 23

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butterfly-ravee Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged

        CHAPTER 4 :Taking decisions

Taani was standing in front of the huge building of RS industries.She was amazed with the beautiful sight in front of her.Whole building made of glass was shining to its most.Now she got that why every damn designer of London wanted to work here.This place is just heaven.

After controlling her thumping heart and her nervousness she entered inside.As she entered her eyes fell on the receptionist sitting on main lobby reception.She was dressed in some pink dress and was painting her long beautiful nails.She was a mere receptionist but her dress was beautiful and most important branded' .

Taani cleared her throat to gain her attension.Receptionist looked up at Taani and then started looking at her like she is some alien.Not gaining any word from her ,Taani started the talk.

"ummm...I m Taani Oberoi from Shyne fashion house I have an appointment with RS"

The receptionist checked something on her computer and then looks towards Taani.

"RS's office is on 73rd floor"

"Thank You" Taani thnked her and then moved towards lift.

After reaching 73rd floor she was stunned.The whole floor was gorgeous.Walls were painted Grey and white and were giving a classy look.Beautiful paintings were hanging on walls and many antiques were placed in corridor.

Then her eyes fell on reception on her left.She moved there and A lady receptionist was also sitting there.

"I m Taani Oberoi from Shyne Fashion House.I've an appointment with RS."

The receptionist looked at Taani from top to bottom.

"U r late Ms.Oberoi"

She gave a loathed look to Taani and continued typing something on her phone.

"Actually I came from other part of city and got caught in traffic.Plz look if u can manage something"

"oh ya I knw, U poor ppl can't afford to loose such a great opportunity to work in such a big firm.but RS hates late commeres and I can't help u poor girl.If u want I can arrange for ur job in some lower firm"

She spoke while typing on her phone.Taani felt her anger rising but she controlled herself for good.She can't back out and face Swayam's wrath.

"I m sorry.Plz can u arrange for meeting again.I'll wait"

She wanted to smash her head when she gave that proudy look.But she controlled and then receptionist offered her to wait in canteen.


Taani waited for 3 hours in canteen but there was no sign on Reception girl.

She was sipping her fav coffee when she felt someone's presence beside her.There a guy was standing wearing a faded blue shirt and brown trousers.He asked through actions to sit beside her and she allowed him coz only she knew how she waited for 3 hours without talking.She can't stay quite for long.

"hello I m Mac"

He extanded his hand.Taani shook her hand with him and she noticed he held her hand for more time than needed but she brushed the thought.

"Taani Oberoi"

"Taani I saw that u r waiting here from long..any problem??"

She felt odd when he addressed her with her first name on first meeting but then she explained him that she is late for meeting due to traffic.

"If u want than I can help u"he offered his help.

"Oh that will be very sweet of U" she passed her milliondollar smile.

"I m very close to RS.U knw his special employee.If u want I will recommend him to give u Job and good salary.But in return u knw what u can give"

Taani felt his hands on her thighs.She felt a sudden rage in herself towards this guy.And more than that she felt anger on this bloody RS.She stood adruptly nd threw her coffee right on his scum face.

"I don't want ur bloody help.And tell ur boss that I don't even want his damn job"

She took her bag and marched away from canteen not giving any attension to shocked faces of people in canteen and angry face of that Mac.

In middle she met with Reception girl but instead of smling she gave her a loathful look and marched away in anger.


how dare u make her wait for 3 u even knw who she is"

RS shouted on receptionist who informed him about visit of some certain Oberoi.She was confused why her boss was shouting on her for a poor girl. Shouting of her boss is not something new,he shouts more than speaking But today he is just way too dangerous than other times.


"but u were in a meeting sir and she was late from her appointment time...and u hate late co.."


"out...out now..u r fired...leave before i'll kill u"


Receptionist ran away for her life.

RS marched toward his table and threw whole content of table down on marbeled floor.He stood supporting himself with table.Then he felt a knock on door.And then Adi entered inside.


"Adi  just leave I m not in mood to talk"


"Its about Ms.Oberoi"

RS felt himself concentrating on his talk after hearing that its about Taani.

Adi explained all happened in canteen.Rey was like a angry lion after hearing that Mac misbehaved with his taani.


"take out the car and track that Mac.I m not gonna leave that B*****d "

He roared and marched out from office.Almost whole office was empty.He marched to his car and left to find Mac.


Taani was swimming across the pool in an isolated corner of Club wearing her black swim suit.Sharon was sitting on edge of pool wearing her red swim suit.It was an another way for Taani to loose out her anger.

Today she needed to loose out her anger.Her anger on those bloody receptionists,that filthy Mac,her new frnd swayam and most important..that RS.

"T baby calm down.There's no need to get so angry"

Sharon tried 100th tym to relax her angry BFF.

"U r asking me to calm down,shar.How can I calm down.Those bloody receptionists called me poor.That RS made me wait for 3 hours.Ur swayam shouted on me and that guy...ahh I dnt remember his name.That guy misbehaved with me.he literally asked to bed me.I want to Kill him and i want to kill that RS who claims to love me but can't stop his employess from talking non-sense with me.Want kind of lover he is.He is not like my PC."

Sharon got angry on her friends antics.On one hand she claims to hate that RS and on other hand she wants him to protect her.Sharon can't let him affect her BFF.He is a bloody criminal and she can't let Taani fell for him.

"T theres no point to get angry.Those receptionists called u poor judging u on ur attire.U were wearing a dirty dress coz of ur superfast brain's stupid idea.RS made u wait coz u were late and he hate late comers.Swayam shouted on u coz u ruined his whole plan and even put urself in danger and that guy..dnt give him importance.U dnt even remember his name.So frget abt him"

After some calming words of her BFF.Taani calmed down.She sat with sharon on edge of pool.

"Sorry Shar I just over-reacted.Its just that I m confused and scared.I agreed with Swayam to trap that terrorist RS but now I m scared that he might harm me.I dnt want to be with him.without meeting him I m hell scared than what will happen when I'll meet him in-person.What if he'll try to harm me.I can't let him touch me Shar.U knw how much I hate those ppl who uses girls like tissue papers but now I m surrendering myself to a criminal who can do anything with me.I dnt knw I'll be able to defend myself or not"

She finished with tears in her eyes.sharon hugged her tightly.She didn't speak a word coz she was scared too.All these things were also roaming in her mind from the very first day of all this drama.

"T we should not discuss abt this .U remember that Swayam asked us not to discuss this in ublic place"

Taani nodded breaking the hug.

"Its okay Shar.This is an isolated area of club.No one visits here.Anyways lets go home.I want to eat ice-cream and calm myself.I can't let some bloody criminal affect me"

Sharon smiled on her frnds bravery.they both moved inside to change and then left for home.

But they were unaware that someone was listening them in that isolated area of club.


Taani and Sharon were sitting in their car.Sharon was driving and Taani was listening some songs on her i-pod when they noticed some crowd on road and police was also there.

Taani's dress.

Sharon's dress

They both moved and out moved towards crowd to look what happened.

There a dead body was on road covered with blood.Taani gasped when she noticed the face of dead body.

Officer standing aside them looked at her suspiciously.

"Do u knw the dead person,Mam"

He asked Taani.But Taani was lost somehwhere.

"No Sir, My frnd is afraid of blood that why she is numb.Sorry for the inconvenience"

She replied politely and when officer nodded she held Taani's wrist and took her towards their car.

They both sat inside and then Sharon held Taani shoulder and shook her.Taani came out from trance and hugged Sharon tightly.

"Shar he is the same guy who misbehaved with me in canteen."


They both reached home and informed everything to Swayam.Swayam felt sad for Taani.He was sad that this poor soul is suffering so much.Sharon told him that Taani's mother died in a terrorist attack in front of taani's eyes and that's why she is scared from blood and violence.But today another fear is also related with her condition.Somewhere taaron guessed correctly that RS is behind all this.Taani could not bear the thought that someone lost his life bcoz of her.

Now she wanted to scratch her face to destroy her beauty.She cursed her Krishna Ji for making her good looking .She wanted to run away from this cruel world.

Swayam hugged Taani tightly and in flow of emotion he even offered her to widraw from mission and he promised her that he'll himself protect her till his last breath.

Before Taani could answer anything the door bell rang startling everyone.

Swayam checked through see-through hole and relaxed when he saw a dilevery boy outside.He opened the door and dilevery boy asked for Taani Oberoi.

Taani came out after wiping her tears.DB handled her a rose boquet.And left.

Swayam saw a card on it.It was a sorry card from RS industries.But he knew that RS himself send those flowers to win over Taani.

Taani felt disgusting with the smell of those flowers.She threw the boquet on floor and crushed them with her shoes.She felt happy after doin so.Then her cell phone rang.It was some unknown number.


"hello" taani spoke after pickin d call.

"hello Mam,is this Ms.Taani Oberoi??" a girl from other side asked.

"Yes" taani replied.                                                                     " Mam this is Lisa from RS industries.I want to apologise for my rude behavior with u in morning.I didn't knew u r special to RS and he himself called u"          

Taani felt disgusting wth her apoligising.

"Mam I m extremely sorry for everything.Plz forgive me,I don't want to lose this job"

Taani felt a sudden rush of guilt.A guy is already dead bcoz of her and now she dsnt want to be reason of sadness of this poor soul.

"Its okay.But plz dnt judge a person by their dress or status.Ur work is to serve ur company so u should be polite with everyone."

"I m sorry ,Mam.From now I'll not repeat my mistake.Mam I wanted to inform u that RS proposed a dinner meeting with u.He is guilty for what happened with u under his nose and he wants to conduct this meeting outside on dinner"

Taani felt the anger overpowering her again.She wanted to shout on Lisa the very second but she controlled herself and thought that this is the best opportunity to get this RS in herTrap.           

"Okay Message me the place and time.I'll be there.And plz Thank Mr.Singhania for his kindness"

Receptionist smiled and thanked her and chuked the call.

"Who the hell was that Taani????" Sharon stoot her question the very second Taani cut the call.

"It was Lisa.RS's receptionist.She apolgised for morning and informed me about my Dinner Date  with her boss"

Taani moved towards living room leaving a shocked Swaron behind.

"what??? A dinner date and u said yes" Sharon shouted entering in living room.

"U dnt need to do this Taani..I'll handle him" Swayam spoke resting a hand on Taani's shoulders.

"Trust me Swayam I want to do this.Today I felt how dangerous he is.And I can't let ppl die bcoz I m afraid to handle him.I want him to beg for his death.I want to kill him for his bad deeds.Let me help u Swayam.My mom died bcoz of ppl like him and I want to kill him to take revenge of my mums death.After killing him I'll fell like that I killed those B*****d's who killed my mom"

Swarom felt proud of their friend.Sharon felt like her baby grew up ages in seconds.She hugged Taani tightly and assured her that she is with her in all thick and thin.

Swaron were scared that Taani is in shock or is sad but they relieved when Taani started her antics again and ate lots of ice-cream to relax herself.Now they were sure that She is more than fine.

After discussing Dinner's strategy they all called it night and left for bed.


In RS office.Lisa informed that Taani said yes for dinner and even thanked RS.He was so happy that finally things are falling in place and now that day is not so far when Taani will be in his arms for forever.

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Hola ppl.Here is the 5th chapter of this story.Enjoy reading.             

               Chapter 5:Dinner Date

Around 8pm Taani got ready in her beautiful Red tight skirt and red top along with Blood red pumps.She let her hair loose with some curls on front.She painted her lips with red lipstick and gave her eyes a smoky look by applying eye make-up.She applied kajal in her eyes.She was looking gorgeous.

She made her way out from room and Swaron were shocked to see her looking so hot and beautiful.Sharon insisted her to change into something less revealing but Taani was adamtant to wear that dress only.It was a decent and classy dress but Sharon didn't wanted her to get ready for that RS bt Taani had some different plans in her mind.

Swayam explained everything to Taani and then she left for the place where RS was waiting for her.Swayam wanted to follow her but he was afraid that might RS's ppl will follow Taani and they'll get doubt on Swayam if he'll take any wrong move.He  asked Taani to be alert and get her phone near all the time.He didn't allowed any recorders or hidden cameras with her coz she is already nervous and on first tym might she not be able to handle all equipments.

As Taani drove her car towards the restaurant a car followed her.Swayam was right,RS's guards were following her coz RS wanted his girl to reach safely.He was scared for her safety and he didn't wanted anything happen with her.

As Taani stopped her car in front of The Sky' 5 star hotel She felt her heart thumping in her body.She was hell scared to enter there.She was scared that how she'll face RS.

She stood in front of hotel after parking her car.She walked till reception and enquired some booking on name of RS.She was standing there when manager came there and greeted her.He personally escorted her to her table where RS is waiting for her.

She was totally mesmerized by the decorations of that hotel.Every corner was damn beautiful.Manager stopped in some secluded corner and asked her to move forward.She passed a warming smile to him and thanked him.She moved forward to notice the beautiful scene in front of her.There was a table at that corner far from everyone,table is covered with a red cloth and a red rose is placed on it in white wars.A red candle is alse kept on it in a beautiful candle stand.She noted mentally that everything is decorated according to her taste.He kept it in his mind that Red is her favourate colour and red roses are her favs also.

And there he was standing near glass window of hotel and stairing outside.He was dressed in a expensive black suit.She was checking him out when a guy came there and whispered something to him.He nodded and the guy left.Then he turned around and looked at her.

Rey was waiting for her to arrive,he saw her parking her car and entering the hotel.When she came there he was happy feeling her presence around him.Then a guy from hotel staff came and confirmed that preprations as per his demand are done.He nodded and then turned around to face his lady love.He was totally mesmerized by the beauty standing in front of him.She was looking beautiful and hot in her gorgeous red dress .Her beautiful face,her hazel brown eyes and those red inviting lips were creating havoc in his senses.He just wanted to kiss her senselessly for creating such feeling inside him.But controlling his desires and thoughts he moved forward to welcome her.

He came in front of her and extanded his hand for a formal handshake.

Rey:"Reyaansh Singhania"

Taani was all the while busy in controlling her heart which started beating mercilessly fast in her body.She composed herself and shook hand with him.

Taani:"Taani Oberoi"

Both felt a current passed through their bodies when their hands met.Taani smiled a little and took her hand back.He felt a sudden emptiness in his life when she took her hand back but he composed soon and smiled back to her.

He escorted her to their table and pulled a chair for her.Taani smiled and sat there.He too sat on chair opposite to her's.

A waiter came there and asked for them to order.They took menu's and started going through it to select food.

Rey was noticing her moves.She was reading menu like her final year question paper.She was so confused in selecting food for her,the way she was getting frustrated with herself for not being able to decide,the way she was biting her lower lip while thinking hard.He was falling for her more every second.

Taani was cursing herself for not being able to decide food for her,whenever they go out always Sharon orders food for her coz Miss Taani can never decide.She loves everything and wants to eat everything all the time.But keep ice-cream on top of her favourates for sure.

After thinking for some good 10 minutes and doing akad bakad in her mind,she ordered her food.

Taani:"Sir ,Why u wanted to meet me???"

She asked playing with forks and knifes kept on table.

Rey:"U can call me Rey,I won't mind that"

Taani(thinking):"I hope u also won't mind if I'll call u monster."

Taani was beating him in her mind when she saw him waiting for her answer.

Taani:"Okay.Rey why u wanted to meet me??"

She smiled fakely.He also smiled back.

Rey:"I wanted you to design my sister's wedding outfit"

Taani was shocked,that will be an understatement.She never expected this from him.She thought may be he'll ask her to work in his office but he is asking her to design an wedding outfit that too for his sister.She imagined his sister to be some wrestler type with guns in her hand wearing an wedding lehenga.

Rey:"I talked to your Boss and she suggested that u r the best.So are u ready??"

Taani(thinking):"Ya,that skinny suggested me.Are u out of your mind.U think I m some fool.Sharon is better in Indian outfits than me.and by the way she hates me coz she thinks I m irresponible.And U monster,I knw your real intensions."

Before she could reply the food arrived and they started eating their food.

They ate their food silently.Taani felt like she'll start crying any moment.She is all alone here,sitting with a criminal who may be have guns with him,and on top she is eating her food silently for the first time.

Rey:"So What's your answer Taani??"

He asked politely.

Taani(thinking):"Pooch to aise raha h jaise Inkaar karne pe mera peecha chod dega .Ahhh...I want to kill u Monster"

Taani:"Okay,I m ready"

He smiled wiping his hands with cloth.Both stood up.

Rey:"My PA will give you all details on phone."

She nodded and then both started moving towards exit.

Rey:"Okay See u tomorrow and it was lovely meeting u"

He took her right hand and kissed her knuckles lightly.She felt a strange sensation in her body with his touch but she took her hand back and smiled nervously.

He gave her way and she moved towards her car nd drove away.He also sat in his car and followed her.

She stopped her car near a shop and moved inside.He was confused but then he saw he coming out with a tub of ice-cream.He smiled on her childishness.

She sat inside her car and then drove to her place.He saw her getting down and then she headed inside her building.

He drove away after checking that she reached safely.

TaaSha's apartment~

Taani ringed the door bell and sharon came running and opened the door for her.

Sharon:" Are you okay???I was so worried for you?? Why didn't you called us???"

Swayam:"Sharon let her come inside first"

Sharon gave way to taani and she came inside and threw her handbag on sofa and her sandels in air which landed on floor.She sat on couch folding her legs and strted eating ice-cream from tub angrily.


Hola again.Sorry for late update.

I purposely avoided Kiss or dance bcoz it'll look odd in their first official meeting.

If u guys think that Rey is very sweet and this story is nor dark at all.Then just wait guys...the darkness of this story is yet to come.

Hope u enjoyed it.

For Pm's add my this accnt.(for blog link PM/scrap me)

PM's/Scraps later








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wen are you going to unres??Day Dreaming
raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Res for comment 4-5 prt

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