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TR DARK FF: Trapped(ch3 updt pg 18)

raveena1 Senior Member

Joined: 13 April 2013
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged

hello guys...tada i m here again with a new TR sorry but u have to bare this one also.

a good news for u all may be...underline may be this is my last story...but this is really a spcl one..i knw i say this line for all of my stories LOL...but this one is really very spcl coz its a dark other wrks and cute and sweet ones but this is diffrnt from take the prologue and tell me should i continue or not.



"shar get up or else i'll kill u "

a grl is sleeping on bed and one girl wearing blue shorts with her pink top is trying to pull her up.

"T ,plz let me sleep " the girl covers her face with blanket.

"shar if we'll not reach on tym then i m sure skinny will kick us baby its tym to say good bye to ur sleep and get ready fast"she pulls her up finally.

Next scene.

Two girls step down from their beautiful red car.

Both look at each other..arrange their bags properly on arm..straightend their dress and move inside tapping their high heels on floor.

One is looking super hot n beautiful in her shorts and tube top with blazer over it..she moves forward with attitude.This is our hottie shar.

The other girl is cute and beautiful..she is wearing a white knee length dress with some accesories.this is none other than our diva T.

they both make their way towards their office..they enter and move towards their desks.

"Nice dress babes"simmi compliment taani.

"thnks sim..remember shar gifted me this last week" taani replies with a smile.

"hey girls skinny is calling u in her cabin"nil came running to their desks.

"oh crap, shar skinny will eat both of us..all bcoz of u"taani holds sharon's hand and drags her towards cabin of their boss.

"T,its nt my was b'day babes"sharon stops her out of cabin.

"but sweetheart this thing will nt fit in the peanut head of our boss" both of girls giggles.

"Come in girls"a heavy voice came from cabin..both the girls stops and gets ready to face their nt so sweet boss.

they both enter. A lady of arnd 40 is sitting on a big black leather chair..she is wearing a red formal dress..her hair and white and short and wrinkles are visible through her make-up.

And there a guy is sitting in near big glass window of skinny's cabin.

Sharon's POV

I saw a guy sitting on sofa near glass window...his back is towards me but still i can point out that he is extremely gorgeous...he is wearing such a simple shirt...just like the way i like...his long hairs...OMG..i can die fot his hair..who's he???

Taani's POV

OMG...OMG...OMG...i think shar is in love...obvio or else why she'll stare a guy like a despo...i can see some sparkle in her eyes...i have to make sure the guy is good enough for her...who is he??? leave that..the main thing is my BFF is in love.

"YIPEEE"everyone's attension moves towards taani...she bit her lip coz she sceramed yipee too loud.


Oh here she is...i have to start my...beautiful..who's this girl with taani...may be she's her bff sharon..but she is beautiful...she is so KHOOBSURAT...focus dude focus..u r here for talking to taani...focus on her and stop staring her frnd like mad.but how can i ..i mean she is perfect...i think i m falling for her.

"girls behave...who'll believe looking at u that u two are top designers of london's biggest fastion house...u r just pathetic"ms.alex gain their attension by her wrds.

"So, mr.shekhawat u wanted to meet taani ri8?? so here she is i m waiting outside..u call me when ur talk will be finsihed"she get up from her chair.

"lets go sharon"she ask sharon to come with her.

"no,what's the matter...who's this guy.??.i dnt wanna talk to anyone...what's the matter mam..and why r u sending shar outiside"taani blabbers in confusion.

"let her stay ms.alex & thanks for understanding.I won't take much tym of your employees"the guy answers firmly and ms. alex left from her cabin.

"have a seat ladies "he offer them seats.

"No we'r fine sir...why u wanted to talk to me"taani stares him for answer.

"Lets settle down T "sharon drags her and make her sit on sofa while drooling over the guy.

Girls sat down on long sofa near the window and the guy sits on chair in front of them.

"First let me introduce myself..I m swayam shekhawat" he forward his hand.

"I m sharon rai prakash and thats "

"Taani Oberoi"he cuts sharon inbetwn while shaking hand with her.then he forward his hand to taani.

"how do u knw my name????"she shakes hand him.

"You'll get to knw very soon"he notice the girls rxn but taani gives him 'like i care 'look and sharon confused.

"I m an FBI officer " the girls eyes widens and both stare at him and than at each other.

"let me explain everything...but plz dnt overreact and listen to me calmly" he looks at girls to assure and they both nod.

"So ms. oberoi i m here in london for a secret mission"he looks at girls confusing face and then continues "I m after a criminal..he's involved in big terrorist activities and have links with mafia..but for whole wrld he's a bussiness tycoon..have u heard abt RS industries?" he looks at them and they nod. "its a big industry but its owner is a terrorist"

"Come staright to the point..y r u telling us all this"taani looks at him with a staright face .

"Ms. oberoi he is after u " the girls stand up from their positions.

"WHAT"sharon shouts.

"plz listen to me first...and dnt overreact ms.rai prakash" he looks at sharon.

"yeah...the biggest terrorist as u told is after my BFF...and u asking me calm down...have u lost it...u r mad...who allowed u to come in this office...get out before i scratch u down and through u from this glass window"sharon marched toward him ..but instead of getting angry he was smilling..he found her extra cute and beautiful even in anger...but he comes back to his senses and look at taani and asks for help through expressions.

"Calm down shar...listen to him first...sit here"she make her sit on sofa.

"actually he saw u 1 week back in a club with ur frnds and he fall for u...he never ever gave a damn to any girl but now he is after u...look down through window..there must be a black car and a guy sitting in black clothes" both the girls peep through window.

"ewww.. he is so"sharon starts.

"UGLY " both girls complete and starts laughing.

"The matter is very serious girls and u r laughing"he looks annoyed and shocked.

"fine..sim,ash,ron,nil its over come out..u can't trap the two biggest pranksters of come out" taani try to look here and there to find her frnds.

"Ms. oberoi its nt a prank okay...see this is my ID card.. i m an real listen to me carefully" both the girls sit down and look at swayam for an explanation.

"Thats nt RS...its his man and he is following u from past 1 week "both the girls look at each other in shock "he is giving ur every detail to him and soon he'll come in front of u"

"but how do u knw this??? " sharon looks at him for an answer.

"We are after him and we got to knw through our sources that he is in kind of u knw love with ur i m here"sharon and taani make disgusting faces.

"thanks a lot sir...i must say our countries govt. is doing a lot for us...just for me thay send their officer "

"Yes sure we'll protect u from him but now we need ur help to TRAP him"both looks at him in confusion.

"I have a plan...u have to act like u r in love with him and then give u all his details,proof against him and we'll arrest him and u'll be free"

"U R MAD...T ,u need nt to listen his non-sense..lets go" sharon stands up and takes taani's hand.

"ms.rai prakash plz tryin understand its for million lives...he is planning something big to kill millions ...we really need ur help to track him...plz ms.oberoi ...plz help us." he blocks both girls way and pleads them.

"but how can i...plz i cant do this..let me go" she starts cryng and sharon holds her shoulders and make her sit on sofa.

"ms.oberoi he loves u.. may be he'll not harm u and we'll try to protect u in everyway"

"R u serious...may be...huh...u mean may be he'll not harm her...r u out of ur mind and u'll try only try to protect her...i won't let anyone harm u get leave"sharon jerks him back away from taani.

"But he loves u and trust me he can go to any level to get what he wants...if u'll try to reject him than he'll get u forcefully...u have no other choices...reject him and let him destroy u or help us and destroy him...the choice is urs ms.oberoi" he makes a straight face but from heart he really cares for these girls.

there was a silence for 1 hour and both the girls discuss a lot.

"Sir, I m ready" taani drags his attension towards her wrds.

"But u have to promise that she'll be safe and after all this we'll live a peacefull life" sharon is helpless that she can't do anything to protect her life...her best frnd.

"I promise u for my life..i will protect her in evryway"

"what's his name?????"taani asks least bothered to hear devil's name.


scene change~

a guy is sitting in a cabin of big office and then his phone rings.

"Sir, mam and her best frnd are with a guy from past 2 hours..i never saw them before with u need me to find details of that guy"the voice came from other side of phone.

"NO, just shoot him when he is not with taani"

he cuts the call and turns his chair...he is wearing a 3 piece black suit..his hair are jelled  and have a muscular body.

He is none other thn REYAANSH SINGHANIA (RS).

this is a DARK FF...may be u'll not like rey's charcter but trust me this is really very intresting.


For PM's ADD : -ravee-

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raveena1 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged

scroll down for CS.

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raveena1 Senior Member

Joined: 13 April 2013
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged


Taani Oberoi: A beautiful girl with a milliondollar smile.She is hot,beautifil,smart,gorgeous,elegant,pretty,cute and what not...she is just perfect. popular as T among her frnds.BFF of sharon and love interest of reyaansh. and soon will share gr8 bond with swayam.daughter of bussiness tycoon mr.oberoi who lives in india. But taani is a independent girl...she lives in london with her BFF sharon and wrks in biggest fashion house of london as head designer.She is sweet bt can take life out of u if she gets angry.age-23


SHARON RAI PRAKASH: A gorgeous girl with good looks and brains.bezutiful,hot,cute,smart. BFF of taani and daughter of mr. rai prakash the bussiness tycoon of india frnd of mr.oberoi.Popular as shar among her frnds. will fall for swayam and hates rey.Will try to protect taani from all bad things.Age - 23.


REYAANSH SINGHANIA:Big bussiness tycoon of london but have criminal links and is a terrorist.Planning something big to kill million lives.Is in Love with taani after meeting her in a club.He is ruthless,monster,devil,aggresive,cruel,stone-hearted.

hot and muscular...girls drools over him.Age- 26.


SWAYAM SHEKHAWAT: Officer of FBI...came london for a spcl mission.Hot,smart,sweet and caring..wil fall for sharon and will share a gr8 bnd with taani.After rey to arrest him .Age-26


Lets see how these two N-pole and S-pole will fell in love...who will destroy who's life...will taani ever love a monster like him..what he'll do with taani????

This is a TR dark FF...but wil have a bits of Swaron,taayam,sharey and reyam too.

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shikha_taarey Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Unres dear!!! Mera man kar raha hai ki mai abhi tumhe kiss karlu...ewww...pls dont get me wrong!!! LOL
Bt sach me feeling lyk to give u oscar award yaar!!!Star
Ye jo dimaag hai vo hamko dedo raveee ROFL...jisme aise fab n awesome ideas aate rehte hain!!!
N taarey pe dark ff...omg!!!! I think i hav guessed a bit of d stryline n dats d reason d title aounds perfect to me..."Trapped"!!!Big smile
Coming to d prolouge n cs...i mean d start of d prolouge was soo light n plain...lyk sharon n taani...two besties...i really loved their bond!!! N d way dey were cracking jokes n all!!!
Den swayam ki was lyk both swaron ko gaana gaate hue imagine kar rahi thi mai...kuch to hua hai kuch hohaya hai LOL bith were falling for each oder d moment dey saw each oder Embarrassed
N taarey ke baare me to kya bolu...i mean rey ko taani se luv at first sight Shocked Embarrassed ...maine pehle cs padha tha to in dat as i read dat rey ki luv interest taani hai...i was on cloud 9...i thought ki jab already pyaar karta hai to ye dark ff kaise hua!! Confused Confused ...
Bt den i was lyk numb n shocked beyond zenith...rey terrorist hai Shocked Shocked Shocked ...mera muh isse bhi bade 'o' shape me tha ravee!!!...ab lag raha hai perfect dark ff Cry
Swayam taani ko plan me use karne wala hai Shocked ...n taani is gng to lie to rey dat she luvs him Shocked ...mai to ye soch rahi hu dat jab rey ko ye baat pata chalegi tab kya hoga!!! Soch ke hi dar lag raha hai!!!
I mean usne swayam ko maar daalne ko kaha...just cuz he was wid taani for more dan 2 hrs!!! Mujhe to lag raha hai tumne junoon ke ayaan ka cs rey ke saath mix kar diya hai ROFL
D cs is also too interesting yaar...n i wanna know weather swayam n taani will be able to stop dat big thing which rey is planning!!!
Aur ye last stry...noways...bhagwaan kare tumhare dimaag me aur ideas dat ur forced to write demLOL
Mindblowing concept dear!!!! Pls do update soon!!! Damn excited yaar!! N one more thing...kabhi kabhi apna dimaag dusron ko bhi baat diya karo Ouch ROFL ...pls update soon n forgot to d first!!!!! Dancing LOL

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taarey_vrimar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 9:45am | IP Logged

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Res...!! Will unres soonBig smile

Ravee!!! R u serious!!!
I mean r u seriously starting a new FF...!!!
Wow!!! amazing yr...I'm so happy...!!!
M getting another piece of work from u one of the awesomest writer...!!!
N this concept!!!
Its mind-blowing n out-standing concept yr...!!!
I so loved it...!!!
Dark stories r kind of thrilling n sometimes scary!!!
So I love these sort of stories...!
N happy that u r writing this...!!
Got another dark story of TR...!!
Loving it yr...!!!
But u made Rey's character bad...!!!!
Dint loved that...!!
Hoping that Taani will change him to best further!!!!
N ya do update soon...Big smile

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dollytaarey Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
awsomest concept u r the best. n i think this ff is gone be a blast plz cont soon pm n buddy me

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