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OS - The Dressing Room Couch

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This is something that I had written for another set of friends. Have merely changed the names of the characters here. These characters and the storyline are completely different from the show. Please feel free to read it if you would still like to!

The  Dressing Room Couch

Nidhi Mathur sat at her dressing table, idly running the comb through her tresses...her eyes strayed of their own volition to the clock on the mantle piece...it was half past ten...she sighed heavily as she got up, throwing the comb carelessly onto the table top...

This was going nowhere, she thought...simply nowhere...it had been three days since they had even spoken to each other...forget speak, he had refused to even meet her eye...one would think it impossible considering they were not just husband and wife but business partners too...but her dusht danav had a way of achieving the impossible...he had simply gone ahead and planned a series of site visits and client meetings over the last three days to keep himself out of the office through the day..and he made sure that she was kept busy at office so she wouldn't be able to volunteer to go with him...he left home at daybreak and returned at midnight so Dadi Bua wouldn't get a whiff of their differences..although she stayed up till midnight everyday to confront him, he locked himself up in their dressing room as soon as he came so she couldn't reach him...

Nidhi glared balefully at the couch in the dressing room...that couch would have to go, she decided...wasn't letting her get anywhere with the moron she had married...she'd heard that it was fun for husband and wife to resolve their fights in bed... but what did one do with a man who refused to come to bed...The voice within her head chose just that moment to wake up...and why does he refuse to come to bed, it asked her...she could glare down worthy opponents but one couldn't do much with a voice in the head, could you?...Okay, it had been her fault too..she accepted that...whom are you trying to kid, the voice piped up again...it was all your fault...okay, so it was all her fault that he was off bed...!!!

Actually, the problem had nothing to do with the bed...that had never been a problem, had it...if at all, it had only been a problem of excess...Nidhi couldn't help blushing even amidst her misery as memories of that bed and all that had been happening there till just three days ago slammed into her with full force...such memories had a way of attacking not just the mind but the body too...and her body was letting her know in no uncertain terms that it'd had enough of going cold turkey...!

It had all begun with an argument at work over a proposal that they were putting together for a client...used to her dusht danav applauding her every move these days, Nidhi had simply not been ready for his criticism...actually, Adi had also cautioned her about the pitfalls in her plans but then Nidhi Mathur was not exactly known for her patience or willingness to listen, was she..so she had gone ahead and presented it at the team meeting before the client presentation the next day...and like always, Ashutosh had chaired the meeting...she had waited with bated breath as he critically scanned the designs, super confident that he would love them like always...but for a change, he looked up at her with a frown rather than an adoring smile...and told her they were not suitable..she had been taken aback by his response...unable to accept it without demurring, she had begun arguing ...the rest of the team watched in shocked silence as she continued to press her point even as Ashutosh tried to convince her that her ideas were not feasible...at one point, Ashutosh just lost his patience and asked her to remember that she was talking to a man who had been in the construction business for almost a decade and who was a highly accomplished architect himself...she, on the contrary, had no formal training even...so why could she just not accept that he knew better than her...Nidhi might not have taken offense if he had stopped right there...but he went further and asked her why she had a problem accepting that she was wrong for once...that her idea was just not good enough...she had maintained complete silence thereafter...the team had continued discussing other ideas and they had finalised the presentation..that night, she had gone to bed saying she had a bad headache...Ashutosh had been solicitous and asked her to sleep it off...

Needless to say, the client was hugely impressed with the presentation and the contract had been awarded to Mathur Constructions...a part of Nidhi was happy to see Ashutosh's beaming face but the insult still rankled..!

That night, in their bedroom, he had brought out a bottle of champagne and said that they should toast to the success of the project...he had filled her glass with fruit juice, since he knew she abhorred the taste of alcohol...she had obediently raised her glass in toast and taken a sip..and then she'd told him that she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed...Ashutosh had encouraged her to do just that and told her he would join her in a bit...!!

She had fallen into an uneasy sleep when she felt his fingers running up and down her arm...even in her temper, she could not help the shivers that ran down her spine but kept a leash on herself...he started nuzzling her neck next...oh, the devil knew just how to hit the right spot, didn't he...she was not going to melt this time though...the fingers that were running up and down her arm now moved beneath the hem of her thigh length nightie and started caressing her waist...the nuzzling at the neck continued for a bit before he moved up and started licking her earlobe...she was hard pressed not to moan...he gave her earlobe a tiny nip just before whispering in her ear.." You still sleepy?"...she did not respond to that ...the hand at the waist slowly started wandering to the zone that fascinated him the most..Nidhi was melting by now and just about to turn into his arms when the sexy whisper continued..."Come on baby, I'm starved now.. please don't deny me...you can even take the morning off tomorrow and sleep in...you can even spend the whole day in bed...in fact, I think I'll join you too...there is a meeting that I just can't skip in the morning but after that...what say, baby?"...he half whispered and half moaned into her ear...his words brought Nidhi's hackles right back up and she turned to face him..when he would've taken her into his arms, she put her hand on his chest holding him back..."Of course, why not...this is all I am good for, am I not"...Ashutosh looked at her with passion glazed eyes..and she glared at him as she continued, " You have no use for me in your office...all I am is a sex object to keep you happy in bed..that is all I am good for, am I not...so, why not...go ahead..have your fun so I can go back to sleep!"...even as the words left her lips, Nidhi knew she had gone too far but she could not help herself...nor would her pride allow her to withdraw them...Ashutosh looked at her for a minute, almost disbelievingly, before he got up abruptly and went into the dressing room, shutting the door softly and turning the lock!!


The sight of something dangling by a rope from the balcony attached to his bedroom! Was that what it seemed like or were his eyes playing tricks on him!

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Part 2

Hiraman smiled softly as he held out his arms. His love, a vision clad in white and gold, was going all coy on him, refusing to even look at him. He called out to her softly, "Mujhse kya sharmana... aaja..meri baahon mei samaja"! This time, she looked up with a soft smile on her face, took a step towards him and then stopped again.  Hiraman was losing his patience now. "Ab ruk kyun gayi ho, aa bhi jaa", he prompted. The vision's lips parted and she said, " Hiraman..."!! What had he done to annoy her, why was she shouting at him now, Hiraman wondered as he shut his eyes and ears tighter. But the shouting did not cease, " Hiraman... Hiraman..", it went. Hiraman forced himself to open his eyes, only to reel back in shock. For what confronted him was not the vision in white but a rather flustered Nidhi Memsaab!!


 Leaping up as fast as his sixty year old frame would allow him to, Hiraman stuttered, 


 Nidhi whispered frantically, " Hiraman,, jaldi chalo, time bilkul nahi hai!" Hiraman peeped over her shoulder as he asked in a scared whisper, "Saab, aagaye kya?" Nidhi shook her head as she said, " Nahi..aur unke aane se pehle kuch karni hai..jaldi se hamare room mei aao". She turned and rushed away leaving Hiraman wondering for a moment if he was still dreaming!!


Back in her room, Nidhi looked at the bed contemplatively. Then she turned back and looked at the couch in the dressing room. In fact, she couldn't help the rather baleful glare she directed at it !!  Which would be easier, she wondered. Strike the thought out, it was not about what would be easier but what would work better to bring her man around! He had a devious mind and the easier her solution, the easier he would find it to work his way around it!


"Memsaab, main aagaya hoon!" Hiraman's voice broke through her thoughts. She turned around to see him and then looked past his shoulder. "Akele kyon aaye ho, baaki sab kahaan hai", she asked in a hurry. Hiraman was now convinced that this was a continuation of his dream. "Kaun sab, Memsaab", he asked in his characteristically timid tone. "Arre woh sab, Vinod, Raju, Ramlal, Shayamlal...wohi...tum akele thode mera kaam kar sakte ho". Hiraman was now just a tad offended. "Aap kahiye toh Memsaab, main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon aap ke liye", he said, smiling at her with a mixture of affection and deference.Nidhi sighed heavily and pointed at the bed. "Is bed ko akele hi uta sakte ho kya?"  Hiraman was nonplussed! He looked at the bed and then back at her, not sure what to say next. Nidhi realized that she had to offer some kind of an explanation. "Hiraman, yeh bed hain na...mujhe lagta hai iske screws deele hogaye hain...raat ko bohot awaaz deta hai aur kabhi kabhi hilta bhi hai", she finished triumphantly. Hiraman was now looking both embarrassed and horrified in equal measure. Nidhi's cheeks started warming as she realized the interpretation he was putting on her words! "Saab aisa kehte hain,Hiraman...mujhse bola ki Hiraman ko bolo carpenter ko bulake is bed ko teekh karne ke liye..main ek aur raat is bed par nahi so paaunga!" Hiraman now started trembling, wondering where he would find a carpenter at this time of the night.  Seeing the poor man shivering,  Nidhi comforted him saying, "Aap ki koi galti nahi hai, Hiraman..main hi bhool gayi ti..koi nahi..aap daro math..bas Saab ke aane se pehle is bed ko yahaan se hatao..baaki sab main dekhloongi!"Hiraman looked at her gratefully and said "Abhi kar deta hoon, memsaab, aap fikar math kijiye".




Ashutosh was really tired at the end of a long day and, to top it all, he was in a foul mood. Not that he could blame anyone else for it. Nor could he tell them why he was behaving like a bear with a sore paw. He certainly couldn't tell people he was passion deprived, for example. The word passion brought the memory of her words right back and his scowl deepened. She thought he treated her like a sex object, did she? Well, he would show her that his nerves were made of steel. His body gave a protesting twinge as if to remind him that wasn't exactly true. He shushed his complaining nerves saying, "Chup, bikul chup". The chauffer was startled to hear this and, craning his neck to look back atAshutosh, he stuttered, "Saab..kuch kaha..?" Ashutosh shook his head and decided to look at his mobile, which he had put on silent mode during the business dinner that he'd had to attend! There were three messages, all from his beloved wife. "Aap ghar kab aarahe ho?", they all read.  As if it mattered, he grumbled to himself. Her to her bed and him to the bloody couch! How did it matter when he got home?


 Just then the car entered the driveway and he was shocked to see the place ablaze with lights. He looked at the watch on his wrist and saw that it was close to midnight. What the heck was happening, he wondered. Had he forgotten a party or something? But no, he couldn't hear any music playing. He sprinted out of the car even before it had come to a complete stop but came to a dead halt at the sight that confronted him. The sight of something dangling by a rope from the balcony attached to his bedroom! Was that what is seemed like or were his eyes playing tricks on him?! 


He resumed the sprint, getting past the main door and up the stairs, before he came to a dead halt at the doorway to his bedroom. Seemed like the whole house was gathered there, Dadi Bua included!! And no, his eyes were not playing tricks on him! That was indeed his bed that was being lowered to the ground, courtesy a rope! "Yeh ho kya raha hai yahaan?", he asked with a scowl. Before anybody could answer, his wife piped up with an apologetic smile, "Ashutosh, aap please gussa mat hona...sab meri galti hai...maine hi Hiraman ko batana bhool gayi..bas isliye ab yeh sab...", her voice trailed off as he directed his glare at her.


Dadi Bua, sensing trouble, promptly intervened. "Ashutosh, koi baat nahi beta..galti hojati hai..aur phir Nidhi office aur ghar dono ko sambhalti hai na...aap ki tarah toh nahi..subah uto..office chale jao..aur bas raat ko aake sojao...ghar mei kya ho raha hai..kuch bhi pata nahi..business ke sivaye kisi doosri responsibilities kabhi liye kya aapne". The minx gave him a triumphant look as Dadi Bua's diatribe ended, effectively rendering him speechless! Caught on the back foot, he just grunted and made to move into the room when Dadi Bua's voice brought him to a halt. "Waise is palank hamare family mei 100 years se zyada hai..kabhi koi problem nahi aayi..pata nahi ab aisa kya hogaya ki awaaz dene lagi aur hilna bhi shuru kardi..!"Ashutosh couldn't believe he'd heard that. He turned back to look at Dadi Bua, a blank expression on his face.Dadi Bua continued, " Isiliye toh aapne subah carpenter ko bulane ke liye kahaNidhi se..bas Nidhi ko thodi der pehle hi yaad aayi..ab is time ko carpenter toh milega nahi..aur woh aapke gusse ko achchi tarah janti hai...bas isiliye Hiramanko kaha ki bed ko hi hatado yahaan se...hain na Nidhi?" He could see the minx trying hard to control her laughter even as she nodded innocently. He would not stop before he exposed the cheat for who she was. He turned to Dadi Bua and said, "Par Dadi Bua...main toh teen din se Nidhi se ba...", his voice trailed off as he realized what he was about to say and to whom. There had been enough drama for one night, he didn't want a palpitation drama on his head as well.Dadi Bua looked askance at him and he shook his head. "Kuch nahi Dadi Bua,Nidhi ne teekh kaha...maine hi bola bed ko teekh karne ko", he said before he gave the minx a murderous glare, hoping Dadi Bua wouldn't catch it.


Having successfully gotten the bed to the ground, the flunkies were now busy shifting the couch from the dresing room to the bedroom. Ashutosh's eyes narrowed. So the minx was after the couch now, was she? Well, he would show her what Ashutosh Mathur was made of!!


Precap-  Had bath towels shrunk in size since the last time he saw them?!

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Part 3




Nidhi had a rather satisfied smile on her face as she counted the number of clothes piles stacked on the sofa and every other surface that might just double up as a bed, including much of the floor. He would be left with no choice but the dressing room couch.  Or should she call it the bedroom couch now? Nidhistifled a small giggle as she thought of the effort it had taken. She'd had to practically empty her entire wardrobe and his as well and would probably have to spend the whole of the next day putting things back in place. But she wasn't willing to take any more chances with her man. Nah Babaji nah!!


Come to think of it, maybe the man wasn't as keen to escape as he'd made out to be these last few days. Nidhi had almost suffered a mini heart attack when Dadi Bua had suggested that maybe they should move to the guest bedroom, considering the couch was not exactly built for two!! She'd waited for him to jump at the suggestion but surprisingly he hadn't. 


"Nahi Dadi Bua..aapko toh pata hai, mujhe nayi jagah mei neend nahi aati..mei aadat se majboor hoon!"


Nidhi might have just jumped on him and given him a smacking kiss just for that, if they hadn't been in the midst of a battle royale!! She'd stopped with just shrugging her shoulders and smiling sweetly at Dadi Bua before gently ushering her to the door.


When she'd turned around after bolting the door, she'd found him walking around the couch, inspecting it from all angles. She'd walked up to the couch too and joined him at it, except that she was moving in the opposite direction as him. They were like two boxers in the ring, sizing up the space and the opponent too! Or did they resemble two dogs circling a bone,  Nidhi wondered! She'd been unable to hold back the giggle that escaped her at the thought. He'd glared at her then and she'd just glared back.


"Wouldn't it have been easier to shift the couch out?" he'd asked.


"Well, you just said you were a creature of habit. God forbid that I deprive you of your precious three day old habit!" she'd spat out even while spearing the couch with yet another vicious look.


He'd been hard pressed to control a laugh at that, possibly reason why he'd faked a little cough!


He'd then looked up and straight into her eyes as he'd asked, "So the bed moved, did it? I've heard women say the earth moved but this one's a first!!"


He'd heard women say what?! Had she heard him right? And did he mean exactly what the phrase was supposed to mean? Nidhi had steam coming out of her ears as she bit out, "And how many women, may I ask?"


He'd given her a mysterious  smile at that, grabbed a change of clothes from the wardrobe, walked into the bathroom and shut the door gently right on her face!


It had taken her a full two minutes to shut her open mouth after that! After deriving satisfaction from swearing under her breath for the next two minutes, she'd gone into action mode and the results were now strewn all across the room.


She looked back at the bathroom door and then at the clock. It had been a good half an hour since he'd shut himself in. He never took more than ten minutes for his shower. So, had he decided to hole up in the bathroom, the chicken?!


She walked to the bathroom and raised her hand to knock when the door opened as if on cue!


He emerged in a cloud of Aramis cologne! He was pulling out all the stops, was he? Was he hoping to bring her to her knees? The mental images that the thought evoked heated her already overheated skin even more and she decided she needed a cold shower if her plan had to work!! She couldn't help inhaling the fragrance with half closed eyes though!


She heard him say in a sexy undertone, "Want something?"


Drawing in a deep breath, she opened her eyes and gave him a tiny smile as she said, "Just the bathroom!"


She walked right in and derived childish pleasure from shutting the door back on his face!



Had a hurricane struck the room while he'd been in the shower, Ashutoshwondered! It probably had, one by the name Hurricane Nidhi! In fact, his life had not been the same ever since Hurricane Nidhi had struck and he was deliriously happy for it! But still, at times like this, he worried for his long-term sanity! He looked at the clothes, his and hers, piled all over the room. Had she even left him something to wear to work the next day?  Somehow, he knew that such mundanities were the last thing on her mind. Where was he to even sit while he waited for his minx to get out of that bathroom? He looked at the couch and couldn't help the laugh that escaped his throat this time. It looked like the couch it was for all purposes tonight! She had plugged all possible escape routes!! He made his way gingerly through the piles of clothes and managed to plonk himself on the couch. He'd been furious with her till he'd gotten home, right upto the point where he'd heard that lame story about the bed from Dadi. But when Dadi Bua had made that suggestion about them moving to another room, she 'd looked at him and he was struck by the desperate plea in her eyes. Okay, so the lady was desperate too, for all her big talk! He could suffer for much longer but no way could he see his beloved suffer, he'd assured himself. He might as well put both of them out of their miseries. But, let it not be said that Ashutosh Singh Mathur gave in so easily! He would play hard to get just a bit longer before exacting revenge for the three nights that she'd starved him!


He was immersed in his thoughts when he heard the bathroom door open. He looked up hoping to see her emerging.


All that came out was a cloud of steam!


He peered at the door, open by just a crack, wondering what her game plan was!


"Ashutosh, could you please bring me my towel? There are no fresh ones here. The royal blue one in the wardrobe please!"


A smile came over his face as he got up and walked towards the wardrobe.  So, that was how she was going to play it, was she? He was a past master at this game and he'd show her who the boss was! How many times had they taken impromptu showers together, initiated by him just this way? He grabbed the towel and walked towards the bathroom door, wondering if he might as well strip and save his clothes from getting wet. His hand was on the waistband of his sweat pants even as he held the towel out to her.


"Here's the towel"!


A small little pink hand emerged from the crack and he positioned his hand just right, making it easier for her to pull him in.


She took the towel and scored her nails gently on his wrist just before closing the door back on his face!


Ashutosh was left floundering in the deep!


Where was this going?


What did the minx want?


He traced his way back to the couch again and slumped on it, almost defeatedly.


Just then, the bathroom door opened with a creak and she stepped out.


He gulped!


Had bath towels grown smaller in size since he last saw them?


This one seemed to have a hard time covering even the bare essentials!


His gaze zeroed in on a droplet of moisture that trickled its way down that swanlike neck, down the creamy expanse of her upper chest before disappearing into the sinfully sexy cleavage just about revealed by the towel. The royal blue was making her skin seem almost pearl white in comparison. Sensing the danger involved in ogling at forbidden territory, he hurriedly looked down only to let out a muffled curse. Just a few inches of blue expanse and it was back to cream again. This time in the shape of never ending legs! This was going to be one long night, he groaned to himself!!


As if completely oblivious to his scrutiny, she sashayed towards him and perched herself on the other end of the couch. Other end my foot, he kicked himself mentally. How far could the other end be in a four feet couch? His legs and feet had been dangling over its arm for three nights now after all!!


" Ashutosh, can you please fetch me the moisturising lotion from the dressing table?"


Interrupted from his lusty thoughts by her soft whisper, Ashutosh could only nod before doing what she asked.

And then began the real agony!!


She poured the lotion onto her palm and started slathering it liberally all over her legs and arms. He gulped when he saw her palm stray towards her cleavage. She looked up right then and caught him staring right there!


"Famished?" she asked!


Precap - If you prick us do we not bleed?

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Part 4


"Insalata di Cesare, Le Farfalle al Salmone, Risotto al Funghi Porcini,  Crostata di Frutta...!"

Nidhi stared at Ashutosh blankly wondering if he had gone mad from deprivation!

"The list of dishes I had for dinner", he offered.

Nidhi got off the couch with a flounce.

"Can't be famished after all that, can I?", he finished with a smirk.

Nidhi's hands moved to the knot that held the towel together.

Were they to be the brave last words of a dying man?

Everything seemed to  happen in slow motion after that!

The knot came loose and the towel started slipping!

He gulped!

The towel came off completely!

He gasped!

This was far worse than he had imagined!!

Instead of naked creamy skin, his eyes encountered bits of black lace strategically positioned to drive a man crazy!!

What in sweet heavens was that?

"A strapless teddy from Victoria's Secret", she offered helpfully!

Did he actually ask her?

"Thank you", Ashutosh replied automatically, not knowing quite what he was thanking her for!

Before he'd managed to gather his wits together, she shoved the bottle of lotion into his hands.

Turning her back to him, she plonked herself just a few inches away from his lap.

"Will you do my back please", she asked him in a dulcet tone.  

"Er..ummm...sure", he answered before pouring some lotion into his trembling palm with a hand that shook even more.

The room was filled with the combined sound of their indrawn breaths with the first contact!

Ashutosh's mouth dried up and his hands shook harder as he subjected himself to the sweet torture. His mouth ached to taste that which only his hands had been permitted to touch. Should he just go ahead and beg before he killed himself?!


Was that a groan he heard?!

" Okay Ashutosh, just keep that up, she's melting", he mentally congratulated himself!

"Yes, Nidhi", he asked, trying hard to keep his voice from cracking.

"You are not hitting the right spots...the massage is supposed to relieve the stiffness as well!"

Relieve her stiffness?! The minx was not done with her teasing game, was she?! He would show her!


"Sorry, Nidhi...am a little out of touch...the last time a lady asked me to do her..", he paused strategically!

As expected, his little virago jumped off the couch and turned on him with blazing eyes!!

"Do her...?", she prompted.

"Do her back was three years ago when I was at the Gold Coast"", he finished rather tamely!

She grabbed the bottle of lotion and plonked it on the table before turning back to him with her hands on her hips.



"Did you?"

"Did I?"

"Do her...?"

"Nidhi, how could you?"

 He looked affronted.

She was just a tad mollified before he continued,

"A gentleman does not kiss and tell!"

"Don't I know what a gentleman you are?" She was spitting fire now.

He looked at her hard, almost grateful to her for giving him the opening he was looking for.

"Of course you would know..have I touched you even once in these three nights after you accused me of treating you as a sex object?", he asked in a genuinely aggrieved tone.

She looked deep into his eyes and saw the pain there. She felt a twinge in her heart for she had been the one to put it there. Now, she had to be the one to kiss it away.

She moved to him and locking her arms around his neck, hugged him to her bosom.

He was stiff and resistant for a second and even tried to pull away but she was not the one to let go, was she?

Bending down, she pulled his vest off over his head.

Kneeling on the floor next to him, she started kissing him, starting with the forehead. Light butterfly kisses that packed enough punch to knock Ashutoshout of his senses.

Kisses on the forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks, a nip on the earlobe, followed by kisses rained down his throat, shoulders and neck. Tremors convulsed his body as if he was caught in some frenzy. Under normal circumstances, he would have grabbed her by the waist and started devouring her but something held him back now.

Her hands were on the waist band of his pants when he found the strength from somewhere deep within to pull her back up.

He held her by the back of her head as he looked deep into her eyes.

"Feel like a sex object still?"

She looked deep into his eyes as she replied.

"No, but you do!"

His eyes narrowed as he struggled to grasp her meaning.

"You are just sitting back and letting me do all the work. Only an object remains still and reactionless!"

Something melted within him and grabbing her hand, he placed it on his heaving chest.


She trailed her nails provocatively down to his washboard abs, looking up at him challengingly.

"Aren't you supposed to act on the reaction?"

"What does that require me to...?"

Before he could finish, her lips had captured his in a kiss that spoke of a long denied passion! There was no stopping him thereafter as he sipped on her lips like a parched man at an oasis!!

Without breaking the kiss, he managed to get up and lift her up into his arms. Her legs went around his waist in a tight clinch. As they broke off for breath, she asked him.

"Where are we going?"

"To bed of course", he answered.

"Where is the bed?"

He cursed under his breath. The minx had driven all other thought from his mind.

"If you need a bed, then we'll have to wait till tomorrow", she continued.

"Do you want me dea..?"

Her mouth swallowed the other words as she slowly slid down his body. She moved them to the area where she had stacked the fluffy bath towels. She picked up four of the snow white ones and spread them on the carpet. She lay atop the towels and held out her hand to him. The combination of her black lace covered creamy skin against the white background awoke the most primal of instincts in him. With an animal growl, he fell on her, intent on tracing every inch of her with his scorching lips.

What was this bloody thing, this teddy or whatever? Where were the hooks? He desperately searched for them.

She almost laughed at his desperation, which did not go down well with him.

"Which fool designed this instrument of torture?" he muttered

"Probably a guy who flunked architecture school!" 

"Don't bring business into bed again. That was what started this all", he groaned!

"Was it just me? Who played boss in bed?"

He looked at her uncomprehendingly!

"Didn't you tell me to spend the whole day in bed instead of coming in to work? And only a boss can sanction time off, not a husband!"

He closed his eyes for a second as he realized how that might have sounded to a woman already smarting over a perceived slight at work.

Opening his eyes, he looked deeply into her own as he bent down and kissed her lips!

"Sorry!" he whispered as he buried his face in her neck.

She grabbed his hair and pulled him back up as she ordered him, "Get back to work now!"

"So you are the boss today?" he asked with twinkling eyes.

"We can take turns if you like", she laughed.

"Let me have my turn today", he begged.

"Why today?"

"So I can order you to teach me how to take this damned thing off!!"

She laughed harder until he shut her up the way he knew best!!


Precap- If you prick us do we not bleed ( sorry but it is still the same)

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Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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 Part 5

A fistful of lace!

That was what her teddy was now reduced to!

What a turn-on the sight still was!!

Bits of black lace clutched tight in a strong brown fist!

Her eyes strayed from the fist to sinewy forearms, bulging biceps, a powerful chest, corded neck muscles, a strong chin, sinfully sexy lips, a straight nose and then a pair of eyes that were currently shut tight!

He looked like a sleeping Greek God!

A wave of tenderness rose within her at the sight of his relaxed face, peaceful in repose. He must be tired after all that frenetic activity. Nidhi's face flushed as she recalled what had gone on in the past few hours. A man of considerable appetites, the erotically charged marauder had been insatiable after a three day fast!! 

"And of course you just lay back and thought of England", her inner voice taunted her!

Anything but that!

Her insides started humming all over again as she recalled his actions and her reactions. That was the first couple of times! But the third time, she had taken the initiative and it was his turn to react. It had been mutual combustion at the end of it, leaving them both lying spent and glowing in the aftermath! After some cuddling and whispered sweet nothings, they had gone to sleep in each other's arms! 

Now she was wide awake and wanting more while her husband continued to sleep!
As if on cue, his eyes fluttered open and he looked up at her blearily!

" Hey baby"!

His voice sounded even sexier, roughened with sleep!

God, she was going to need therapy at this rate!!

He raised his right hand and started stroking a path down her forehead with his middle finger. It moved down to her nose and lips when she nipped lightly at it.


She lowered her eyelashes demurely before giving him a smouldering look from beneath. 

He took an indrawn breath and went to pull her towards him when she started laughing!

He frowned at her!

She pointed at his fist which was still curled around the shreds of black lace!

"You seem like a warrior with his spoils!"

His lips curled in a sexy half smile as he looked at the remains of the teddy he still clutched.

"Get yourself a dozen more of these!"

Was that an order?!

She laid out terms of her own!

"Only if you promise to rip them to shreds just the way you did this one!"

His eyes widened!

"What a shameless little hussy you've turned into! Women are not expected to be so blunt in these matters!"

He looked at her mockingly!

"If you prick us do we not bleed?"

Ashutosh was stunned!

"The Bard?"

Her face was flushed with pride as she nodded!

"Dadi Bua gave me a collection of his plays to read!"

"You liked it?"

She nodded enthusiastically, before adding, "But I did know of his existence before coming to Delhi, you know! I did go to college briefly!"

He stroked her cheek softly!

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:"

She looked at him with a mixture of curiosity and delight.

"I learnt to appreciate Shakespeare at Dadi Bua's knee!"

She beamed at him in happiness!

Ashutosh's face took on a serious look before he continued.

"I am sorry if I hurt you the other day when I pointed out your lack of a formal education!"

Her expression grew clouded with remembered pain but she shook her head.

"Well, you were only speaking the truth. I realize that I am who I am in the company only because I am your wife!"

He shook his head hurriedly

"Don't underestimate yourself, Nidhi! You are an incredibly bright woman with oodles of talent!"

Nidhi looked at him uncertainly.

"You're not saying that just to flatter me?"

"Why would I? I've got what I wanted after all!"

He looked pointedly at the rumpled towels and she flushed scarlet!

"Nidhi, why don't you think of going back to college?"

Nidhi looked at him like he had grown two heads!

"Don't be silly! I am a married woman with a family to manage and besides..."

She tailed off!

He looked at her quizzically!

"I thought you wanted to be a papa!"

He looked taken aback before he threw his head back and laughed.

She looked at him in confusion!

"That was just a euphemism...you know...to tell you that I wanted to make love to you"

She looked a bit mollified!

"Thank God for that, I thought you were planning to keep me barefoot and pregnant all my life!"

"Much as I love the idea of keeping you bare all over, I think you should go back to study, Nidhi. It will give you a world of confidence!"

Nidhi nodded thoughtfully.

"What will I study though?"

"Why don't you do a course in planning and design? You have a flair for it. And you are part owner of an architectural firm after all! You will be a greater asset to the team, with a bit of formal training!"

Her eyes shone with excitement!

"You think I can?"

"Why ever not? We'll browse through the net for courses offered by institutions in Delhi!"

She nodded enthusiastically.

He gave her a tender look and caressed her cheek.

"I want you to be happy always, Nidhi! I want you to experience all the joys that a normal eighteen year old would!"

Her eyes took on a naughty gleam.

"Does that include late night parties and trips to the discotheque with boyfriends?"

He pulled her to him possessively as he said,

"Make that singular and man friend!"

"Who is this man friend and why haven't I been introduced to him?"

He rose fluidly and put his hand out, "Glad to meet you, Mrs Nidhi Mathur. I am Ashutosh Mathur, your one and only man friend!"

She shook her head.

"I don't shake hands with naked men!"

"Oh, and what do you do?"

She launched herself into his arms and kissed him smack on the mouth in reply.

While he would've drawn her back onto the towels again, she held him back!

"Promise me you will never sleep on that couch even if we fight ever again!"

She looked at the offending object with such distaste that he couldn't help laughing.

"I'm going to ask Hiraman to remove it tomorrow..!"

Her voice trailed off as he swept her into his arms and carried her to the couch.

"I can't have you disliking my only comfort for three nights, can I?"

He sat on the couch and positioned her atop him!

"Let's make some good memories with this couch!""

He pulled her down and started kissing her passionately, his hands playing havoc with her senses simultaneously. When they stopped for breath, she said,

"I've never said this before to you but I want to say it now!"

He looked at her questioningly!

Her face was flushed and yet she held his gaze as she quickly blurted out, 

"The earth moves...and every time!"

She looked at him expectantly.

He looked back blankly.

"Does it...for you?"

He pretended to think!

Her face fell!

"It did all other times but am not too sure about that last time...why don't we check again just to make sure?"

His next move ensured that all thoughts of the solar system were knocked right out of her head!!

The End

Epilogue- The carpenter had to be called to Mathur Nivas the next morning...to repair the dressing room couch's broken leg!!!

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Blushing LOL 

finding it difficult to visualize a 26 yr old Ashu and a 19 yr old Nidhi..baaki sab toh mazaa aagaya Wink

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Shy Whistler animated emoticon

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Originally posted by Suvika.

Blushing LOL 

finding it difficult to visualize a 26 yr old Ashu and a 19 yr old Nidhi..baaki sab toh mazaa aagaya Wink

Arre...ek toh this was not written for them...that apart, if I have to write Ashutosh differently, it must be a completely different man...

I have a friend who is his forties..this was his FB status a few days ago..

Why are all people my age boring...I guess they have all grown up!

Btw, he is part of a rock band...so maybe Ashutosh should be made a head banging forty year old...and Nidhi his groupie...!

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