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kr ss : Kyun? Hogaya na? Pt5 pg40(9/3)pms ltr (Page 25)

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Originally posted by dancersqueen

plsss update?????

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when will u update the next part

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Here is the next update and I would like to dedicate this to luv_arsha, arsha-rupanshi, akankshaArsha Crazy_Arshi, multi26media, anjali22 and specially pradeep_maurya for wishing me on my birthday.. Smile..because I never expected any bday wishes here in IF as I hardly interact with anyone here other than updates..thank you once again..

Part 3:

After few mins payal sends servants to call rey for lunch but rey tells that he is not hungry yet so he won't come down for lunch.. hearing rey's response, kriya storms out to the garden without having her lunch, too... after an hour or so kriya comes inside and directly goes to kitchen..

Kriya orders all the servants to go home. She will handle kitchen today. Seeing her mood, payal and ranvijay, thinks its not a good idea to talk to her right now. So they don't disturbs her..

It was evening, kriya gives tea for payal and ranvijay along with some snacks she has prepared. And then she takes the tray with a cup of tea n snacks to rey's room..she knocks on the door slightly.. she doesn't gets any reply..then she knocks little loudly but again no response.. then she opens the slightly opened door fully to see rey standing n staring outside the window. But he has heard the door opening sound..

Rey without turning, shouts in low n dangerous voice "what is it ? How many times do I have to tell you dont disturb me? Don't you understand this simple thing ramukaka (with that he turns around to see kriya standing at the door, one leg slightly stretched to step inside but she was staring at rey with tears in her eyes)

Rey shuts his eyes for a moment not getting what to say. He didn't expect it was kriya this time. Without knowing he barked at her.

Rey: look..kriya...I...I

Kriya cuts his sentence..she keeps the tray on the table next to door..she takes her step back.(wiping her tears) "I just came here to give you tea and some...some snacks..because you didn't have your lunch for disturbing you" saying this she runs out from there.

Rey punches on the nearby wall in frustration..he had hurt her again.. he curses himself for that..

Payal n ranvijay see kriya running back to kitchen wiping her eyes.. they go to kitchen immediately.

Payal : kriya kya hua beta...? Tum teek tho ho?

Ramvijay: rey ne kuch kaha?

Kriya without looking at them, resuming her cooking , " kuch nahi hua mom dad.. wo bas muje abhi bahot kuch khana banana baki hai as per I planned islie daud ke aayi bas"

Ranvijay : are you sure?

Kriya : haan dad...ab aap dono jao..muje bahot kuch karna hai abhi..

They go from there..they decide to wait till dinner..because they know kriya very well she is not the kind of girl that if someone treats her badly then she sits and cry. She gets back to them in her own way..

Rey looks at the tray after sometimes, there was a tea cup with a plate of onion pakode, his favorite. A wide smile appears on his face seeing them. Without wasting time he takes the tray and starts eating them. Though tea is not remained hot now but still he sipped it because he likes having pakode with tea.. and it tasted yummy.. he forgets all his bad mood frustration within a minute..

It was dinner time now. Rey comes down before anyone calls him. And see his patents and kriya were sitting on the sofa and talking. Rey joins them. As soon as rey sits beside kriya, "I think I should arrange the dinner." She leaves from there avoiding rey. He doesn't looks at her but feels really bad because of her this behavior but chooses to ignore it. They all go and settle on dining table.

Kriya was almost done with bringing all the food she has prapered from the kitchen.

Ranvijay : kriya itna sab kuch banane ki kya jarurat thi? Wo bhi akele.

Kriya : dont worry dad mera aaj mood tha khana banane ka so...waise bhi aap tho jante ho mera aise mood rarely banta hai..payal hits on kriya's head slightly saying "pagal"...

Ranvijay opens the dishes one by one with excitement.."vegetable biryani" "paneer chilli" "gajar halwa" "poori" "aloo curry" "pakode"

Ranvijay : wow kriya beta...yummy..

Rey's eyes were on food only..he had bright smile on his face. Only he knows how much he used to miss all these ghar ka khana in London. He stretch his hand to take poori and gets a slight slap on his hand..

Rey : "what the..." looks at kriya who just hit on his hand

Kriya : mmm sorry(nervously).. wo rey...Reyansh ...maine aapke lie kuch special banayI hai..aapke favorite dishes...can I? (Asks sweetly)

Rey smiles at her lovingly and nods his head.. kriya smiles brightly runs to kitchen excitedly to bring the dishes.. rey smiles at her child like excitement..kriya comes back with tray full of different dishes..but as soon as she keeps the tray on the table, rey's smile vanishes..but kriya happily starts serving rey

Kriya : veg burger, Mexican wrap, French roll and French fries..and yeah here is your diet coke...after serving she looks at rey's was worth watching. Exactly as expected by kriya..

Rey curses himself in mind..since he has come back his mom daily preparing all his favorite indian food for him but he, instead of expressing his happiness, always said how he is missing all these things which are served on his plate right now. But the fact is he is fed up of eating them. Just to maintain his London returned image, he kept on barking all nonsense..

His mom well understood it and she has also seen him enjoying food she prepared for him..but he and his big fat ego..and so called his image..huh..she expressed all this to kriya and today kriya took a first step to break rey's ego.

Kriya gives a victory smile when rey was staring at his plate and then at the all Indian delicious food his dad is enjoying..kriya's in her mind "mr London is London in your plate? Ha.. bacchoo ab tum bas dekte jao tumhare ek ek word about ur stay in london kaise backfire karte hai tumhe.. chalo tumhe India mein London wali lifestyle dikhati hoon.."

Kriya sits besides rey and starts filling her plate " so rey kaise bane hai? I know itne acche nahi bane honge..wo kya hai na first time banayi hai maine ye sab"

Rey doesn't want to express his disappointments and upsets her again so "they are good did you cook all these then? "

Kriya : usme kya hai..YouTube mein recipe dekthe banadi...big deal

Rey liked her this attitude.. before he controls himself, words come out of his mouth "only for me?"
Kriya becomes alert n looks at him..he was looking at her first time with a smile on his face..

Kriya : looking at her plate " used to tell me tum kaise ye sab miss kar rahe ho..soo"

Rey thinks looking at his plate "yeah right..missing these...huh..why did I say that I was missing eating them at the first place..I should control my tongue".. coming back to kadoos avatar.

Rey: you really dont have to do all this for me kriya..(sipping his coke)

Kriya was having the first bite of her food, his sentence hurts her so keeps back the food on her plate "really? Why so?"

Rey(continues eating, without looking at her) : first of all, I like eating all these things from restaurant. Because you know, at home they won't taste thaaat yummy.. second..

Kriya cuts his sentence, stands up and putting her hands on her hips "tho ye yummy nahi bane hai?"

Rey looks at her fury face and the way she is standing (enjoying completely) "relax.. I just said if I want to eat them I will go and eat in don't have to trouble yourself preparing all these (pointing at his plate)"

Kriya "youuu..."clutches her hands in the form of fists and sits frustrated...crosses her hands on her front sits looking away angrily...on the other hand rey enjoy seeing her that time kriya's cell starts ringing..she cuts the call without checking the caller again starts ringing so she picks it up after long rings

Kriya(shouts) : "kya hai?" Rey spits out the coke he was hello, nothing..kriyas fury makes him feels scene interesting..he feels pity for the person who called her this time..

Kriya suddenly controlling her tone " sorry bhai..wo I was lil upset (staring at rey who was smiling and having his food nicely )

Kriya : kuch nahi bhai..bas aise hi...tum batao kaise call kiya?

Kriya : my hero? (Looking at rey she stands up..rey too looks at her when he heard what she just said) haaa...koi hero wero nahi bhai..he is also a normal human being like us..

Rey smiles understanding how much she is angry on him..

Kriya : kaise dhikta hai ab? (Rey looks at her again) mmm..let me see him first bhai...(glaring at rey) wo kya hai na maine abb tak usse teek se dekha nahi hai..(giving full on attitude to rey who has stopped eating now and enjoying kriya's changing expressions)

Kriya :(shaking her hand slightly ) theek thaak hai bhai..jaise maine FB pe dekhi thi(as soon as she says it, she shuts her mouth with her hand n looks at rey with wide which rey gives "really?" Look raising his one eyebrow with a slight smirk) because Rey didn't know that kriya used to check his FB profile.

Kriya was too shocked that her secret is out now.. she just kept on staring at rey without answering her brother..rey smiles and takes the phone from her hand making her come out of shock...

Rey : hey are you swayam?

Swayam laughs : I am doing are you monster? Aur Kriya ko kya hua?

Rey looks at kriya who is avoiding looking at him now : " ohhh.. she is fine...neva tell me.. when are you coming to meet me?

Kriya gives a deadly look to rey but he royally ignores her..

Swayam : aaraha hoon saale..bahot jald...

Rey : hmmm...ohkhayy...

Swayam : aap dono lad rahe ho first day hi? I thought bachpan ki tarah aaj bhi aap dono...rey cuts his sentence

Rey : dude I am not fighting..itz kriya, the drama queen

Kriya stands up fuming "main? Main lad rahi hoon?"

Swayam : uff ye ladki...tumse bhi lad rahi hai?

Rey (smiles hearing swayam's words then giving mischievous look, he keeps the phone on speaker and says) what did you say swayam? I didn't hear you properly (looking at kriya)

Swayam : I said kriya is fighting with you too? I mean hum sab kam pad gaye the ki tumhare sath bhi ladana start kia usne..

Kriya gets shocked hearing this from her own brother. She really feels hurt this time..but for rey it was difficult to understand her expression because she becomes still when she heard swayam's words..after few seconds slowly her expression changes from shock to cry baby expression then "Action"

Kriya : (crying loudly at the same time complaining like a small kid, kriya runs to guest room and locks the door) koyi mujse pyaar nahi karte.. har koi daant the rehte hai muje.. muje koi nahi samjte hai.. sab gussa karte hai mujpe..muje kissi se baat nahi karni...

Payal : rula dia na bechari ko..rey kya kar rahe ho tum..(scolds rey who was smiling seeing kriya's antics forgetting that swayam is still on line)

Ranvijay :(looking at phone in rey's hand) aur tum bhI swayam? Tumhe tho pata hai na kriya kitni sensitive hai..? Hadh karte ho tum dono (saying this he to goes to join his wife payal who is right now knocking on kriya's room and requesting her to open the door)

Swayam : drama queen.. chal bye rey..see you soon...

Rey : bye

Once rey disconnects the call, looks at her parents trying to pacify kriya from outside the door and convincing her to open the door...Kriya was still chanting "muje kissi se bat nahi karni hai..koi mujse pyar nahi karte.. sab mere majak udaate hai..."

Rey smiles and murmurs "Bubali"...his smile wides when he remembers the childhood incident


rey was going back to Mumbai next day early morning with his parents and after few days he will go to London.. everyone( kriya's family and rey and rey's family) were gathered in a living room after dinner and enjoying their family time.. but kriya went outside in the garden area and sitting on a bench holding her teddy.. rey observes this and slowly he to goes to garden after few minutes and sits besides kriya...

Rey : hI bubble..

Kriya doesn't gives any response sits still in fowl mood..

Rey taking his both index fingers near her cheeks " bubble...please" asks sweetly..kriya was still upset but still she puffs her cheeks closing her lips tightly and then Rey touches her cheeks with his fingers..kriya making sound releases her lips..rey smiles widely but seeing kriya's sad face he asks,

Rey : naraaj ho?

Kriya : hmm

Rey : sorry

Kriya : kyun iss baar "jaldi wapas aaunga." Nahi bologe?

Rey : nahi

Kriya : kyun? Tum wapas nahi aaoge ab kabhi (tear starts to flow from her eyes)

Rey wiping her tears "nahi aunga wapas jaldi kyunki main bahot door ja raha hoon na kuch hi dino mein"

Kriya starts crying "tum mujse pyar nahi karte ho na? Isilie aise bol rahe ho..koi mujse pyaar nahi karta. Sab mujpe gussa karte hai..sab daant the hai muje..jao muje kisi se baat nahi karni" saying this she runs out from there..

(Flashback ends)

Rey comes back to present when payal starts shouting at rey

Payal : what is this made her cry..she didn't even have her dinner..since afternoon she is been preparing all these food..she even skipped her lunch today and now see because of you and swayam she has locked herself in room and crying badly..

Ranvijay : she is very sensitive rey.. she is still a kid..

Rey : mom dad relax I will talk to her saying this rey takes a tray and starts putting all the food in a tray " I hope she still has the same craving for food"

Payal and ranvijay smiles at this understanding rey's words..kriya was very foodie in childhood..she used to be munching some or the other thing all the time..

Rey takes the tray for her and knocks at the door and before kriya starts again rey says " itz me kriya"..after couple of seconds kriya opens the door to payal and ranvijay's astonishment. When they were requesting kriya didn't open the door but for rey, she opened the door immediately. Giving privacy to rey and kriya, rey's parents go to their room..

Kriya as soon as opens the door, she goes back and sits on the bed with sad face again, wiping her tears..

Rey : naraaj...ho..?

Kriya looks back at rey shockingly.. she still remember the last conversation of them that night in the garden..but she never expected rey will also remembered that conversation.. rey understanding her expression clears his throat to break the awkward silence and succeeds..kriya comes out of her shock.

"I didn't know you sacrifice food so easily now. As much as I remember, you never used to skip the food for anything..even if you used to be crying, you still used to manage eating food inbetween your crying.." saying this rey settles beside kriya on the bed keeping the tray on his lap

Kriya smiles a little bit and says "bad memory.. if you recall that night, for the first time I didn't have my fave ice cream after dinner that day and went out in the garden"

Rey : " too..because remember we both used to like the same flavor icecream, vanilla and..." he stops recalling old memories

Kriya completes rey's sentence "and we used to have from a same cup"

Both looks at each other and smiles..

Rey smiles "yeah I remember.. how you used to the time we finish eating, your face used to be worth watching..your nose, chin and half of your cheeks used to covered with ice cream"

Kriya defending herself "dont forget that you used to be the one who always wiped my face and hands after eating ice cream."

Both again looks at each other and laughs lightly remembering their childhood memories.

Rey : oh I have your food saying he takes a plate from a tray and starts serving food in it ..keeps the tray besides and holds plate in front of her for her to eat..

Kriya looks at plate and then at rey for some time then she recalls how happy rey was when he saw all these Indian food few sometime back..kriya takes poori piece and takes aloo curry with it, forwards it infront of rey's mouth and says "actually I had prepared all these for you only (rey slowly opens his mouth when kriya says that)" once he starts munching the bite, kriya again taking another bite of food to feed him " but since you were missing all those things, I prepared them as well".. rey staring at her eats the food without giving any expression. Once rey is done,

Rey : umm..I am full also have the food now...kriya slightly nods her head and starts serving the food for herself.

Rey : anddd...thanks...for the food..

Kriya smiles and starts eating while rey lay on the bed in front of kriya..

Kriya : so how was the life in London...? She very well knew he will explain very excitedly now..but the silent atmosphere of the room was making her uncomfortable so she thought its better to initiate some light kriya's astonishment, rey doesn't gets excited, instead lazily says

Rey : life in London? It was okay..(looking at ceiling)

Kriya : okay? Kyun you didn't enjoy there?

Rey smiles and says "yeah enjoyed but staying alone and enjoying, ahh, is not thaat interesting" (closes his eyes still laying on the bed as if relaxing)

Kriya : hmm tho holidays mein ghar kyun nahi athe the? (In a complaining tone)

Rey smiles and opens his eyes, looking at kriya "holidays were the only time when I used to get time to explore different places. So most of the time during holidays I used to visit different places once i completed my 10th grade"

Kriya : till then?

Rey : used to go to vicky's home with him..Vicky, you remember?

Kriya : very well..jiske waje se tumne hume chod kar gaye the..

Rey gets shocked " what? You still blame vicky for that? Unbelievable "

Kriya again starts arguing "what is unbelievable in that? Sach tho hai. Agar unki family London jake settle nahi hue hote and vickey ke padai ke barein mein uske parents ne bar bar dad (rey's dad) ko nahi bata the tho dad ke mann mein tumhe London bhejne ka idea kabhi na sab ussi ke waje se hua..tum muje chod kar ussi ke waje se gaye " as soon as she says the last sentence, she becomes silent and starts eating her food without looking at rey..

Rey looks at kriya for sometime and says "may be you are right"

Kriya looks back at him but rey had again closed his eyes facing ceiling..

Both becomes silent for sometimes..kriya completes her food silently..rey was laying infront of her closing his eyes..

Kriya keeping the tray on near by table, starts waking up rey sitting beside him and finds that rey is actually sleeping..not simply relaxing..

Rey in sleep " what is it kriya?"

Kriya : rey I think you should go and sleep now..

Rey : hmm I am sleeping...good night (saying he turns to one side and sleeps placing his both hands down his head)

Kriya shaking him : rey utho..aap yahan aise nahi so sakte...

Rey getting disturbed still without opening his eyes "tch.. why?"

Kriya : because itz my room

Rey half opening his eyes "so what? Tch..sleep now kriya.."

Kriya shouts "what?"

Rey sits up , rubbing his eyes "why are you shouting?"

Kriya : tho aur kya karu? You are telling me to sleep with you..

Rey : what? Huh I just said I am sleepy, let me sleep and you also sleep now

Kriya : and where do you expect me to sleep?

Rey: huh...(pointing at the empty space besides him where kriya was sitting) there is so much space here can sleep here..

Kriya : what?(shouts) You want both of us to sleep on the same bed?

Rey : huh...why are you shouting? What's the problem to share your bed with me? Dont you share your bed with friends?

Kriya(getting frustrated) : yes I do share rey but I can't share with you..

Rey : youuu... mean creature...why not?

Kriya : what ? I am "mean creature"? Do you realise what you are saying rey? We both are not just childhood friends now.. tum mere fiance ho..remember humari engagement hui hai...

Rey understood's not London , it is India and kriya is right they can't sleep together..taking deep breath, he closes his face with his hands for a moment then looking at kriya

Rey : sorry..I was very sleepy so...I didn't mean know..I am sorry (he gets up from the bed)

Kriya : I understand...that's okay..sorry for shouting at you..

Rey smiles goes near to kriya, forwarding his both index fingers near her cheeks " bubble ...pleaseee" ..kriya gets little shocked at rey's request but she slowly puffs her cheeks pressing her lips tightly..and when reys fingers touches her cheeks she burst it making a sound..but the next action of rey takes her sleep away.. when kriya bursts making sound, rey smiles widely and then pinching her both cheeks lovingly says " I so missed this bubble...haa..good night bubble"..he leaves the room with a wide smile on his face.. where as kriya throws herself on the bed all blushing...

Done...hope you guys like it...

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-Monika- Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2014 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
after so long u updated... how much i missed ur updates...
awesome update...
d bubble part was amazing...
loved it..
pls update ur other works too...

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smileysmi Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2014 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Monika-

after so long u updated... how much i missed ur updates...
awesome update...
d bubble part was amazing...
loved it..
pls update ur other works too...

this is the start...
in next week you will get all my other works's updates...:)

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sharif_lafungi IF-Sizzlerz

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smita di...i thot ap ise bhul hi gaye...i loved the bubble memory...mai to ye aj bi krti hu..i mean mere cheeks pr log krte hain...anyways...
it was a super cute update...i can say bonding times...rey nd kriya in memory lane...haha..rey ki london image burst into flames after seeing ghar ka khana...swayam kriya ka bhai..nt bad...reyam ne kriya ko rulaya..nd kriya is such a band kr dad ke kehne pr nai khola bt rey ki bat man li...whats the prblm in sleeping beside was epic...
is update ne mood fresh kr diya...
ab mpk bi kr do...
nd dii no thanks from now on pls

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 1:01am | IP Logged
nice...continue soon

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kreya204 Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Hey!!! Its grt!!!
Awesome story!!!
Pehle to rey ka indiffernt behaviour!!!
Aur kriya ki esi image thi uske paas!!!
N kriya ki actual personality vaisi hi hai jaisi rey ko chahiye thi!!
N kriya rey k parents se bhi kafi close hai!!!
May b rey se zyada!!
N reyam ki itni 6oti si leg pulling se kriya ka ye reaction!!! OMG!!
Bahot zyada sensitive hai!!!
N kriyansh in memory lane!!! Wow!! Cute memories hai!!!
Bubbles...cute name!!!
N kriya ko rey ne handle bhi kar liya!! Good going dude!! LOL
N rey is such a sleepy head yaar!!!
Neend me kya bola use bhi samaj nahi aaya...bas mind mein itna tha ki mujhe shanti se widout disturbance sone do!!!
Trust me mera bhi yahi hota har subah!!! Wink LOL
Nw lets c ki kriya kya karti hai rey ko reyansh banane k liye!!!
N ye kriya ko itni problem kyun hai vicky se??? I mean ok u mentioned d its a childlike reason to still b upset wid vicky!!
N ya plz i want sm kricky dosti in dis 1 if u can plz do so!!!
Oo in ol its a fab story!! Wid a fab n looong latest update!!! Nyc!!!
Thnx for d pm...n update soon plz!!!

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