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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

OS: Love for Ever

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Dear Friends,

 I am  new to this forum. I am watching Madhubala in Tamil. It s interesting, so I read all WU . But at current situation, Where that MEIEJ? So I decided to write my view of story progressing.

This is my First OS and first attempt.

If any mistakes in this please forgive me...

I  start this OS from" Radhaji stop Madhu from leaving"

Love For Ever

Part 1:

Radhaji softly and caringly says , Madhu, Listen to me, u can't do this. I won't allow you to get divorce and won't allow you to go anywhere. I am not only a MIL and mom too. I can feel and understand my kids' thoughts. I know and Bittuji also told that you are under some pressure.  Please tell me, we are all for you and Rishu, Why are you taking this such a big step. Divorce is not solution for this.

          Madhu says, No ma, I don't want to live here anymore. Today you can't stop me I am going.

          Radhaji tries to stop her and says please ma  try to understand. You know very well about Rishu, more than all of us. You are the one, who gives life to my Rishu. He trusts you and thinks that you are everything to him. Your relation is based on trust and love.  Radhaji breakdown and cries and fold her hands and says, I am begging you, Don't break his trust. You know Madhu, if trust broken then everything is gone.  I can't see my Rishu heartbroken he will kill him by himselfand I know you are also not able to see him like that

       Madhu listens all and cries badlyin her self -thought, she says sorry ma, I have no other option Don't ask anything. and shouts and says harshly, enough. How long I have to tolerate this torture? I wish to live my life Why don't you understand that? Please leave me. No one can force me You are a selfish mom You always think about your son not about me.

       Radhaji says  Madhu. Madhu Is this my Madhu! speaking like this? No beta, I can't believe this. You are not. It's okay. You have all rights to scold me. Whatever you want to call me do it but my only request is don't leave my Rishu and badly cries.

        Madhu again harshly says Ma, I don't have any time to listen all your lectures. Don't try to change my mood. You can't stop me at any cost. I lost everything because of your son and leaving.

             Radhaji comes near to Madhu,  Okay Madhu, if  you are thinking that you will get happiness after this separation then go ahead But before and at last I wish to say that, you are a good daughter, wife and DIL.  I don't know what happened to you now. Still I trust you. Something is behind your decision. You don't want to tell us. But remember onething, if decision is taken under pressure or fear that's not a good one. It's not going to help anyone. It spoils everything. After everything collapsed, you can't rebuild anything.

           You know the meaning of "WIFE". Wife should be intelligent, smart and all in tough times of life. Radhaji remembers her the slogam,

"Karyeshu dasi; Karaneshu mantri;

   rupecha lakshmi; kshamaya dharitri;

    bhojyeshu mata; sayaneshu rambha;

  shat dharmayukta kuladharmapatni"

[ Meaning is : According to the Hindu Mythology, the six criteria of an ideal wife: Works like a servant, Advises like a minister, Feeds like a mother, makes love like a nymph, is as beautiful as Lakshmi, and forgiving like the earth.]


Use your intelligence. Don't become weak by emotionally.  If we are together then everything will become easier. My Madhu can face every challenge. She never gives up her relation for anyone. It is easy to break the relation but difficult to rebind it; you know this very well. If you have time please think about it.  And one more thing, now it becomes late around 10 pm. So please leave by tomorrow morning.

Next Part:  Madhu recollects Radha's words and RK Madhu  Union

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Part 2:

Madhu sits and think about Radhaji's words and recollects the moments of RK- Madhu. She thinks about the promise she give to RK, while he burnt his dad's memoriesMadhu thinks and in her self- thought, what will happen to RK after I am leaving? I know he will become lifeless; is this I want?  She cries and says, I want my RK to be happy for ever. I want his peacefulness.  But Without me, he can't be happy and not live peacefully. He will lose his hopes and dreams.  How I forget that, my decision will save his life means only release from jail but his life will be shuttered. If I do this, his fame, dreams, hopes and all will be shuttered Why I didn't think this? I never do this. My decision is wrong. Ma is right I don't become weak by emotionally. It's the right time, I tell the truth and everything to RK. He can handle everything.  Entire family supports us and more over RK is by myside; he is my strength and I am his strength; then what else I need?



              Madhu stands infront of "Ganapati Pappa" and prays give me the strength to face everything.  Madhu recollects Padmini Shot- Ballu and all about padminiji's boldness. [ BG of Karyeshu dasi Mandra]


               Madhu wipes her tears and determinately says I am Padmini's daughter and RK's wife. I never allow devil to win and surrender myself to Sultan; and she goes to her room and see RK sitting in a chair and closed his eyes


            Madhu sees him and says by herself that I am sorry RK. How I become ready to leave my innocent and intelligent child alone like this? She cries and says, I feel happy whenever you called me BIWI and asked to do everything for you [ recollects feeding food, adjusting his shirt's collar, stitching buttons, his stubbornness] and smiles. How can I hurt  you my child wala husband?


RK thinks Madhu's words about Sultan. He thinks something bothering her, what will I do now to open truth from her mouth? I can read her eyes; it says something why she frequently use Sultan's name nowadays She gives me the clue that sultan is aliveI can see the pain and fear in her eyes. May be Sultan is alive and torturing her But how it is possible I want to know the truth and don't waste time. It's the right time otherwise everything will be over.  I can go to any extreme for my Madhu's happiness and then feels presence of his BIWI slowly opens his eyes


            She looking at him lovingly and when she noticed his eyes are opened she turned her face. RK called her as Ms. Madhubala Malik!!! and looks at her angrily and comes close to her and then one step back. Madhu, Is it right to call u as Ms. Malik or   Mrs. S***? Madhu gets shocked by his word Mrs.S***?  

              She screams RK!

He angrily says, don't use my name. You break my hopes and everything. I admit, I did a lot of misdeeds. But I am changed after you come to my life. But It's a dream. I don't believe anyone in this world. Now your revenge is over or still anything you wished to do by hurting me more? Are you happy now?


            Madhu cries and RK says it's your celebration time and why are you cryingOh this  is what called crying in happiness..


              He breakdown and says I am not 2012 RK.  Now I am 2013 RK. Now I have heart and feel others emotions also. You gave me a lot; life, happiness and all. It's my time to repay.


            Madhu looks at him confusedly RK continues that, don't scare. I am not going to put a contract. I told na I am changed because of you and I have to show you, how much I become good now You are right Madhu, today I am going to give and fulfill all your wishes..


           Madhu says softly RK.but cut by RKHe says I don't like if anyone says CUT to my dialogue. 


            You want freedom na. Now I wholeheartedly give divorce. He comes close to her and Madhu stammers RKRK she is totally confused and don't know what to talk?


            RK says Sh..Sh Don't worry. I won't misbehave because u said I am your Ex Hubby!!! Madhu angrily shouts RK!!! [She can't tolerate the word EX Hubby]enough!!! RK says relaxrelaxI am not completed.


            RK comes to close more and says, we are going to break our relation. Then Madhu we have to scrub out every proof related to that relation. Otherwise it will be a biggest obstacle for you in future Madhu worriedly asks, what are you saying and scared to hear his next words!!!


          RK loudly says, "Now Climax of our Marriage Drama" and laughs loudly.

Madhu asks, what.


          RK says, it's interesting. I like it. He comes close to Madhu and looks at her neck and her forehead and recollects their wedding




Madhu looks at him. He says this Mangalsutra and Sindoor only forced you to act my BIWI for these days this is in your neck for my long life But Madhu I am already died when you say you love Sultan. You killed me. Now I am going to free you from your all responsibilities.


            Madhu comes to understand his intentions and cries and screams no RK You can't do this listen to me once please.


        Before she completes, RK tries to pull her MS and says I know Sultan is alive. This murder is also a plan made by both of you inorder to take revenge Madhu shouts RK!!!


             Don't worry Madhu, and tries to pull her MS with one hand and his other hand is moved onto her forehead and says I arrange PUNARVIVAH for you with your lovable man.


             After hearing the word PUNARVIVAH, Madhu goes into hyper and slapped him left and right till her anger went out and shouts how dare you say this? Who are you take out my MS and Sindoor? I never allow even God to take this from me.


          She hugged him tightly and says this MS and Sindoor is always with me for your well being till my end of soul. How can you take this? No one can take this. I admitted, I did a mistake by asking divorce. But I have no other option to save your life. Because you are not ready to believe the truth that Sultan is alive. He blackmailed me, if not divorce you, he will kill you. I want to save your life. So that only, I accepted the deal with Sultan and narrates all stories to him.


     She says, Now I realized You can't live without me and viceversa. She caressing his face and hold his face with her hands and says I am sorry RKTrust mePlease. I am sorry


       RK smiles at her and says Thank You Biwi  Madhu gives confused look and RK understands that look and pull her by waist and says it is very difficult to open the truth from your mouth. I know something bothering you. I know my Biwi never thinks bad for meSo this drama is needed because of your adamant behavior He hugs her tightly and she too and says we will find a solution for this.


     RK says, biwi   I have two plans:

A)    Divorce Madhu says RK!!!-  Rk says as per law you have to stay with me for six months and continue our relation. After that only they will officially announce our separation. By this time , you can go to your home frequently then Sultan will come to meet you. Then he will be caught by us.

B)    Fake death of RK.[ Follow the Sultan's style]

                He says, till we complete our mission to trap sultan we are divorced couple for outside world Deal OK!!! Now I am hungry Please feed some food for me


Both smiled and relieved from their tension Both thinks that No one can separate us.Happily spent their night.


Hope you all like it. 


Good Night to All MB fans.

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Beautiful and lovely OS :)

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awesome Thumbs Up

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Beautiful OS Embarrassed

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wonderful dear u write so well
by the way whats ur name ? 

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Nice OS Smile

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