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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 50)

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guess we will wait
but thats okay
you take your time

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Originally posted by chavvi16

guess we will wait
but thats okay
you take your time

thanks dear
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sorry der update on next page pls

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looks like someone forgot me #cry#

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Originally posted by Laddo_Jalebie

looks like someone forgot me #cry#

i am here always waiting for oyu 
my ladoo
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i want to live each moment of this time of with you like that, that if in next hour of life there separation wrote for us i die with beautiful memories of you and me forever. 


Hello guys, miss you all so much, but it only 1 year left to my ca final exam and really got busy in intial preparation and pampering me before exam. So in all update will be little late next update will be on 5 october.

And my laddo thanks for commenting on previous part.

There are two update past and present combine.

So i will mention on top which is which

Enjoy reading and don't forget to hit like and comment

It is must

Pls pls ha


Will be waiting.

Anjali and pari conversion

Anjali: pari ji pls hum aapse request karte hai bahut muskil se hote aapna attet bhule hai aap ka sach unhe kahi fir vohi dhoke ki yaad dila de  ka toh. Hum chote ko pehla wale chote banta hua nahi dekh sakte.

(pari pls i request you, by so much difficulty arnav had forgot his past, now this truth will make him old arnav then. I cant take that risk)

Pari: aur agar kisi din yeh sach khud unke samne aagaya toh kya fir voh ksh reh payege. Arnavji ko humesa jyada aap janti hai.

(and if anyday the truth will come in front of him by own will he be happy then, you know arnaviji more than me)

Anjali: aur agar sach jaane ke baad chote ne aapko chod diya toh reh payegi aap unke bina, sah payegi phir se dil tutne ka dard, kya karegi aap phir.

(and if after knowing the truth he leave you then how will you leave, how will you bear the pain of heart break again. What will you do)

Pari: aap kya chahti hai

(what you want)

Anjali: jo jaisa hai waisa hi rehne dijiye na koi sach na jhoth, jab aapka arnav ka ya kisi ka us past se koi nata hi nahi raha toh kyun la rahi hai aap use aaj ke bich. Jis ateet ki baat aap kar rahi hai use abb kabhi hum sabka jab samna hi nahi hoga toh yeh dard dena ka kya fyada

(let be all like it is, no truth no lie. When your or arnav or anyone have no relation to that past then why you are bringing it today in between us. Why to give so much pain due to that past that will never be crossed to us ever)

Pari: di aap janti hai kya keh rahi hai. Aap apne darr ke liye humara rishta davv par lalg rahi hai

(di your are risking my relation due to your fear)

Anjali: jo bhi hai aap humesa wada kijiye aap chote ko kuch nahi bataye gi

(whatever it is you promse me that you will not tell chote anything)

Pari: di humare pyar par vishwas kijiye, jo aap soch rahi hai wwaisa kuch nahi hoga.

(di trust on my love what you are thinking will not happen)

Anjali: hume kuch nahi pata aap wada lijiye

(i don't know anything you promise me )

Pari have to give up seeing anjali condition, she cannt stack anjali health on her decision, whatever be later consequences but now she has to promise anjali.

Pari: hum koshish karge

( i will try)

Arnav: for what

They got shocked seeing arnav beside but relax as he not listened anything, increasing to pari guilt. 

Anjali: hum buaji ke saath nikal jate hai

( i shall leave with buaji)

Anjali left pari and arnav alone. Arnav inspect pari face, he not needs any expert news to know she was crying, but was waiting for her to tell.

Pari just to ignore him pass a fake smile and was moving towards the car, when arnav hold her hand pull her in his arms. Such that his one hands on her waist and other holding the hands while pari both hand on his supportive shoulder.

Pari: kya kar rahe hai aap hum bahar hai

(What you are doing we are out)

Arnav: I don't care, especially when my wife give me so cold welcome, after so much hors being away from me.

Whatever be the matter khushi cannt be sad in front of arnav, he is that ray that always bless her with happiness and beauty.

Pari: toh mr raizada mante hai ki unne apni batuni, paagal,biwi ko miss kiya

(so mr raizada agree that you have missed your chatter box and mad wife)

Arnav: kya kare ab meri biwi hai hi aisi pagal par bahut pyari, koi jyada der unse dur reh hi nahi sakta

(what to do my wife is mad but lovely too that why no one can keep much distance to her)

You are that imperfect magic in life whose involvement in my life had made it perfect.

Pari get emotional and touch by his way, which is always a new and different. She smile and hit her head with him hugging her by holding his back tight. Arnav too respond it back, feeling content seeing her smile.

 Keeping aside all her tension and truth she decided to live this moment as who know what is there written for them in next hours.

They were lost in their beautiful and small world of teasing and loving when a priest came.

Priest: beta aapko bet chadha nit hi na kwaja ke darbar mai, aapki mannat puri hone par aapke pati aa gaye.

(Child you have to pay tribute to god on being your wish fulfilled, did your husband came)

Pari spat herself on being opening of this topic in front of arnav, now what will she answer, actually it will not needed as he will only investigate everything.

Arnav: kaisi mannat

(what wish)

Pari: darassla apki biwi ne kaha tha ki  aapki lambi umar ke liye voh 3 sukharvar bina pani aur an ke vrath kargi aur 4 sukharvar yani ki aaj nange pav aakar khawja ji ko aapke hatho se beth chadegi

(your wife wish that if god will give you long life she will fast without water and food for 3 Friday and on 4friday , that is today she will walk to god temple with bare foot and will pay tribute by way of donation from your hnd)

Priest: beta aap jaldi aa jaana

(You come soon)

Pari: ji

Arnav was silent that feared pari. Then he checked her feet that were bare, and remember why previous 3 Friday his wife was missing from his calendar.

Pari: arnavji kuch bhi react karne se pehle humari baat sun lijiye

(arnavji listen to me before reacting)

Arnav folded his hand, and

Arnav: go ahead

Pari: aap gussa hai na

(You are angry)

Arnav: not at all why i should, my wife depicts of knowing her condition do some stupid deal with god. She not eats or drink also walks bare foot all for me

So nice i am touch by your gestured.

I think i should touch your feet right

Pari can't stop her tear, she knows he will be angry but at least not shout and react like this.

Pari: itni hi icha hia chu lijiye humare pav manna kiya kya, laad governor.

(If you have so much urged to touch my feet go ahead i have not stopped you laad governor

And stand with folded hands angry with him facing him off.

Arnav was mad on her act, here he was supposed to be anger, she was to given answer, but instead now she was angry. And reason still in dark.

God this wife always unpredictable. Whatever be the game they know easily to how to goal in their favour. 

Arnav: khushi i am sorry bas. Ab pls tum muje batao gi tumne yeh sab kyun kiya.

(khushi i am sorry. Pls now can you tell me have done all this)

Pari: thike, par aap promise kariye ki aap gussa nahi hoge aur nahi hume rokege.

(0k but you promise you will not get angry and not stop me from doing this)

Arnav: ok

Agree in a frustrated tone, giving pari relief.

pari: jab shyamji ne aapka kidnap karat ha, hume har waqt dar laga rehta tha ki aapko kuch ho toh nahi gaya, aksar adhi raat mai udh kar rote the hum aapko bata bhi nahi sakte hume kaisa mehsus hota tha, jis din humne shyamji ke jhooto par aapka khoon dekha usi din hume mannat mangi ki agar aap sahi salamat ghar aa jayege toh hum yeh sab karege.

(when shyamji kidnapped you,i was always in fear for your life got awake in midnight thinking for youand sobbing for you. I cannt even tell you how i felt at that time and the day i saw your blood on shym shoes i promised this thing to god in return of your long life)

Pari completed the truth with a long tear traling out at end. Which never reached her lips as before that arnav wiped it off and takes her in tight hug. The fear to lose each other, the pain to not see them , the realization of  love, their first hug , there fighting, separation and at last the silence without pari breath, all overpowered their senses, pushing each other more firmly, try to feel them completely, getting involved in each other soul slowly till their heart satisfy their wants.

Arnav break the hug and explain pari with keeping her face in his arms.

Arnav: khushi kuch chezo mai humara koi control nahi hota, jaisa ki meri life, jo tumhare is pain se nahi chnge hogi, mai kaisa samjau tumhe.

(Khushi some thing cannot be controlled like my life that can't be change by your this things that you do taking so much pain, how i explain you)

Pari: hota hai, hum mante hai, ek din aap bhi manege, us din yeh devi maiya ki kripa hi thi ki hum sahi samay par pahuc gaye aur karoscene ki jagah pani dal diya, varna pata nahi kya ho jata.

(it happen and one day you will trust on my trust. That day when i change water in place of kerosene, that was too god grace or what would have happen can't be think also)

Arnav: ok you are right, i agree and trust you, but there is one thing too that you have to understand and agree

Khushi mai tumhari liye jeeta hu. Tum meri shakti ho, mri hasi, mera dard, mera vishwas, mere liye tum hi ho aur koi nahi. Jab tum iss tarah se apni health ko apne liye ignore kari ho toh muje kitni takleeb hoti hai, agar tumhe kuch ho jayega toh mein je kar kya karuga.

(khushi i live only for you,  you are my strength, my pain, my trust for me it is only you no one else. And when you like this not take care of your health it hurt me a lot. If something will happen to you what i will do. How i will live)

Pari holds her ears

Pari: sorry

And arnav cannt help but to melt in her cute face and pull her for a hug. Still hugging

Arnav: khushi promise me tht tum ab aisa kuch nahi karogi, tumhe pooja karni hai ya jo bhi karna hai karo par apni halth ko atake par rakh kar nahi. Promise, mere liye voh 4 din ki zindagi bhi perfect hogi jisme tum mere saath ho. Aur muje kuch nayi chaiye

(khushi promise me that you will not do like this ever again. Whatever prayer you want to do you can do, but not any of them to be unhealthy for you. I am happy with my 4 days in life if they are with you)


( i am sorry to interrupt arshi romance, but here i want add a flashback, necessary for situation. And it can be also taken as hint of future. Okay not building suspense it now as pari memory is lost raj is innocent again for her, but slowly arnav love nd care will realize her that raj was at mistake) 

Arnav word freshen an old incident of her life.

 It was when raj and pari was couple. And pari was very protective and possessive for him. Like anjali. One day a priest obviously framed by raj came to pari house and told her that it is very bad time coming for rajs that can danger his life. To protect that pari has to do one week fast and also daily pooja all alone. Listening to it ansh and chahat simply told no but there deny meant nothing after pari decision to yes.

Raj: i am feeling bad pari you have to do this for me

Pari: mr sighnai i can even give my life for you and this so small thing it for you life pls don't stop me

Raj: ok pari i agree not because of my life but because i want to live with you forever if i have to do anything like i would have done but you have to alone do this all, and seem this is only the way.


Flashback end 

Pari was still lost in reality and mirage of love. When arnav awake her.

Arnav: what happen?

Pari: bas soch rahe the ki zindagi kitni ajeeb hai jis jhoot ko hum sach mante hai voh humare zingai ka sabse bad dhoka hota hai aur jisse hum jhoot mankar muh pher lete hai vohi kab hume sach ka aiina dikha de pata hi nahi chalta

(i was just thinking that life is so strange that one truth on which we live turn out to be the biggest fraud of our life and the thing to which we considered false only sometimes saw us mirror of truth)

Arnav: what

Pari: kuch nahi


Then they pray for happiness and long life, arnav completed all the rituals pari wanted.

Arnav: ab chale

(lets go)

Pari: sirf ek second.

(one second)

She takes him to wish tree and tell to lock a wish that she wanted together.

Pari: (wish silently)

Hai devi maiya aap janti hai hum kya chahte hai, hume bas arnavji aur humara saath chaiyee, hume nahi pata ki kya sahi hai kya galat, kya sach kya jhoot bas, hum eek hakikat pata hai ki hum arnavji se bahut pyarr karte hai aur unke bina nahi jee sakte.

(devi maiya you know what i want i want arnavji and me together for forever. I don't know what is right or wrong or truth or false, but there is only one reality that i love arnavji and cannt live without him.)

Arnav got curious and impatient on pari taking so long to wish

Arnav: god i don't know you are really there or not, but if you are there then i just want to thanks you despite of my cruelty you gifted me this girl, i promise to fulfil her all wish nd keep her happy forever.

They both complete their wish and lock the lock together.

Arnav and pari when moving towards car, pari was little ahead of her and arnav behind, when baba stop arnav way.

Arnav: what

Baba: mai janta hu tu us par vishwas nahi karta, par voh sabka karta dharta hai. Uski nazaro se koi gunah nahi chipta, sabka hisab hai uske paas. Joh samay aane par chukana padhta hai,teraa bhi samay aayega. Jo dard tune diya hai voh tuje bhi milega. Waqt aa gaya hai judai ka ek lambi judai ka. bade se yudh ka aahan hogaya hai.

Agar apne barose par yakeen kar gaya  toh samaj duniye jeet li, varna aisi harr mile ki sab khatam ho jayega kuch nahi bachega

(i know you not believe in god, but he is god father of all. He has his eyes on all and no crime is hidden from him, he keep accounts of all. That have to repay when time come, your time will also come, the pain that you have given will come to you too. Time had came for a long separation a long this time, there is a big war awaiting for you.

If you kept trust on your trust you will win or will loose so badly that nothing will be left)

Arnav: weird

Far standing pari can easily understand what is the meaning of that man with exam.

Arnav and pari in car

Pari: arnavji hum kaha ja rahe hai delhi toh us taraf hai

(arnavji where we going delhi is that side0

Arnav: wait a little it is surprise

Arnav: (in mind) sorry khushi but if i tell you that we are going to sheeshmahal you will refuse, but i want that tomorrow our new life start from there, then only i will be satisfied that i have completed my redemption.

Precap: khuhsi birthday and anjali baby showering and arshi marriage in lucknow 

tom morrow 

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sometimes life make us stand at that mode where we have to forget about i and live for other, laugh for other and care for other. no matter how much pain we have in that but it is rightly said that there is no strength needed for good work only need is of wish to do it. and when this good is pay back to you , that person get filled with so much happiness that his whole life get spend collecting it 

it is perfect here 
what you sow that you get 

Okay guys this is little detail needed update I can't cut short it because if i then it will leave you with many question in present about their happening. I hope you understand and a very sorry for this.

Raj: kyun soa hua toofan ko jag rahi ho

(Why are you waking up submerged wave of disaster?)

Pari: aap soa nahi kya hua aaj sarab ki bottle khatam hogayi ya jeb mai paise

(You not slept till now what happen your alcohol dose has over or money from pocket)

Raj: tum janti bhi ho srkar kaun hai, kya cheese hai, god damn pari this is not funny.

(Did you know who is sarkar, what he is)

Pari: jo bhi ho hum dekh lege aapko humare kam ke bich mai nahi aane ki zarurat hai samje

(Whoever he is i will manage you not reqd to come in between my work)

Raj grabs pari and twists it bringing her close to him.

Raj: (anger)

Don't ever talk to me like this you understand.

Ek baat yaad rakho pari mai tumhare zindagi ka voh hissa hu joh tum kabhi bhi nikal nahi sakti. mai joh chahe kar sakta hu. Jab mera maan karega tumhe pyarr karu or jab man kare tumhe chod du,koi muje nahi rokh sakhta. Kyunki tum sirf meri ho, sirf meri

(Keep one think in mind pari that i am that part of your life that you can never root off. I can do anything I want, I will love you when I want will give you pain as i wish. No one can stop me. Because you are mine only mine)

And left full frightened and tight pari in midst hollowing with his words, which now in present have no existence as we all know pari is who.

Pari scream as someone from back kept hands on her

Chahat: didu kya hua

(didu what happened)

Chahat got really tense seeing pari condition, but pari know she has to control her fear for chahat health, she smile

Pari: kuch nahi voh bahut andhera tha na isliye darr gaye.

(Nothing i got scared because of dark)

Chahat: chaliye aap so jayea. Aappne medicine li na

(Come lets sleep)

Pari: ha. Chal

(Yes, let's go) 

In morning at breakfast table at raj house.

Pari wake up early and get ready today was inaugural day of her father dream project and now a important mission of her life. She is happy nervous and tense too. Tense knowing ansh will not allow her to do this and for first she has to go against his wish.

She was juggling with this thought only when there was a noise of utensil to fall from kitchen. Pari goes to kitchen to check out, and saw prem struggling with kitchen tool don't know for what outcome. But she make out by seeing a book in his hand "pregnant women and diet"

prem: pari tum yaha kyun aayi mein nashta lekar aa raha hi tha tum pls bahar wait karo

(pari  why you have came here i was coming with breakfast out only, you pls go)

pari: relax let me help out you with this

prem: no you are guest pari pls

pari: kya pehi baat humara dost shayad bhul gaye hai humara naam pari nahi

angel hai voh hume yuhi pukarte tha haina

2 aur dusri baat mein yaha mehmaan nahi hu samje, mein toh yaha apne dost ke aur uski nachchadi biwi ke saath rehene aayi hu

(one thing i am not pari angel remember you call me that only. And second thing i came here to live with my friend nd his rude wife ok, not as sister of chahat or guest)

Prem : wow cool you are really an angel of my life ,

And as now you came

Yeh lo book and start. mein so jata hu

(i take a lap)

Pari: aap aaam kariye mein sambhal lugi aur ha muje in book ki zarurat nahi

(i don't need this book)

When prem was about to go pari stop him.

Pari: prem voh paper

Prem : angel pls yeh galat hai, ansh bhaiya ke bare mai toh socho jis shaitan se woh tumhe itne saalo se bacha rahe hai aaj tum unhe hi thukhrrakar, shaitan ko bhula rahi ho. Angel thike sare emotion ko ek taraf rakh dete hai, but tum uska samna kaise karogi. Tumne aaj tak iss ghar se bahar kadam nahi rakha hai, dhoop kya hoti hai, parisha kya hoti hai tumhe nahi pata pari.

(angel this is wrong. Think of ansh from the devil he was protecting you from so many years you are inviting him only to play with our life. Angel ok lets keep all motion on one side think this way, how will you face him. You have not even till now put your steps put of this house, what is difficulties and tests you not know)

You cannt be able to handle it

Pari: par hume atleast koshish toh karne dijiye. Jab tak hum chalege nahi toh kaise pata chalega ki hum ghirte hai ki nahi, aur phir aap log bhi toh humare saath ahi na, hume guide karne ke liye. Prem baat yaha sirf papa ki nahi, balki hazaro logo keh bhavishya kii bhi hai. Tum hi socho kal chahat ke baby ko aap aisi bhandhi aur simti zindagi dege.

( but atleast let me try. Till i will not try to walk how i will know i will fall or not. And then you all are ith me , to guide me. Prem here the thing is not just of my dad, but millions of that people whose future get dark by it. And do you want o give this future to your baby)


Prem: angel still i say to take your decision back but if you decided i am with you.

Pari: prem aapse ek aur kam tha thoda personal

(pre mi have one more work from you little personal)

Prem: ha bolo

Pari: i want you to file a case against raj on behalf of khushi

Prem : what are you out of your mind

This decision was as difficult for pari was more not invited and shock for prem. What this girl want , she is telling to file a case for the person cheated her. The person that has no relation from justice,why pari want to give her that.

Prem: it is impossible angel and don't thing i will let you to do anything for that cheap and money minded girl

Pari: prem shabd shambal kar baat kijiye,buri voh hai hum nahi. Aur vaise bhi galti raj ki bhi, hum yeh case raj ya khushi ke liye nahi balki uss bachi ke liye ladh rahe hai jiska in sabme koi kasoor nahi.

Aur vaise bhi yeh case hum ladh rahe hai khushi ke behalf par

(prem mind your words. She is bad not we. And whatever be the case fault is of raj too. I am not fighting this case for raj or khushi i doing this for their child who is at not fault in all this)

Prem: tum janti ho na aise case ka result kya hota hai , accuse ko victim se shadi bhi karni padh sakhti hai tum. Aur phir tum baki sab ko kya jawaab dogi

(you know what are result of this case, accuse may force to marry victim, then what will you do and give other whaat answer)

Pari: prem hum bas itna chahte hai ki ab sab theek ho jayege, jiski zindagi karab honi thi ho gayi, dil tootna tha toot gaya ab bas hum shanti chahte hai, aur chahat aur khushi ke bacha ke liye aacha bhavishya

(prem i just want that everything now be good, whose life had to be spoiled had spoiled, whose heart has to broken had done. Now everyone life peacefully. I want that both new life, children of chahat and khushi have better future)

Prem: aur tum

(and you)

Pari: hum thik hai prem, raj ke dhoke ke baad ek nayi umeed ek sapna haath mai aaya hai. Apne babuji ko insaf dilane ka. yeh khafi hai humare liye zindagi katne ke liye.

(i am fine prem. After raj misconduct i got for once a new ray of dream, to bring justice to father. This is enough to spend my life)

Prem: kabhi socha nahi tha ki pari rathore zindagi jeene ki nahi katne ki baad kargi.

(i never thought that pari rathore will talk to spend life instead of living it)

Pari: pehle kabhi sachai se samna bhi toh nahi hua. Ab yeh sab chodo agar chahat udh gayi aur use breakfast nahi mila toh yeh hum dono ki aakri subah hogi.

(before i never experienced truth too. Now leave this all because if chahat will wake up and find breakfast is not ready then this will be our last morning)

On breakfast table, pari make chahat have a proper diet not matter of her denial. And also have for her a quick one. But one thing more kept her engaged keeping an eye on upstairs room, off course of raj as he was not present for breakfast. At last when everyone breakfast got over and raj not came still. Pari gather courage and serving his plate decide to move up. When chahat hold her back and stop her.

Chahat: aap yaha humare liye aayi hai na toh dusro ki chinta mat kijiye, khas ghar voh jo iske laayak nahi. Waise bhi unki subah sarab se aur raat bhi sarab mai hi hoti hai. Aa tayaar ho jayege humar  saath hi office chal chalna

(you have came here for me only na then why are you worrying for rest people. And especially when they are not worth of it. Anyways his morning and night both have with alchol only. You get ready and we will leave together only)

Pai nodded knowing it is no result of arguing with chahat.

When chahat was going to get ready her leg get slipped on a bottle of liquor kept as throw on floor. But at right time prem hold her. She get pissed with his touch but control herself in front of pari. Assuming wrong that pari will not understand, but pari can understand her unspoken words too and problem she is facing here.a house without any servant nor proper facility and all. Chahat who leave from childhood only in 4 stored bungalow can never adjust here.

At that time only pari decided that now she has to fix all things forgetting about her pain.

In office, all were equally shocked and frightened with pari idea and her daring to challenge sarkar. Pari chose her best panel of team. And not to forget rehan who before saying of pari decide to protect her. But all get hold when ansh came and drag her out to home

Ansh: what the hell is all this

Pari in trembling and low voice

Pari: jo aapne dekha hum bas dad ka project vapas chalu karna chahte hai aur

(i just want to start dad project again)

Ansh: what come again? Tum dad ka project kya janti ko tum us sarkar ke bare mai ha, mili ho use dekha hai usse. Yeh tumhara koi bachpan ka khel nahi hai ho aaj khela kal fakh diya.

(What do you know about sarkar, did you saw him, meet him? This is not something you childhood game that you play for something and then throw it)

Pari: milte hai hum uss sarkar se har raat jab hume akele darr lagta ahi aur humare pass mom nahi hoti, voh akelapan hume ehsaas dilate hai sarkar ki, jab chahat ko dekhte hai usse gusse ko zindagi se uski narazgi ko mmehsus karte hai jab dikhte hai sarkar hume, ek mausam bache ki zindagi karab karte hua, jab bhi chalet waqt ladhkharate hai aur dad pakdhne ko nahi hote hai tab jante hai hum sarkar ko ki kis tarah usne humse humara sab chin liya.

Aapke har sangrash, aasu aur dard bayan karta hai sarkar ki hawaniiyat ko. Hum jante hai usse bahut aachi tarh se.

Jis tarah usne humari zindagi karab kari. Hum kisi aur ki nahi hone dege. Hum lade sarkar se, bhai par yeh sab hum aapke bina nahi kar sakte pls huara saath dijiye, humari takaat baneye kamzori nahi.

(i know him bhai very well, when i get scare in night and not find mom beside me then i meet sarkar. When  see how chahat hate her life, what had she turn then i meet sarkar and know how he had spoiled the life of one small child. When i get tossed in way and cannt find dad hands for me that time i understand sarkar cruelty to kill him.

Your every hour of work,tears and pain tell about him being devil)

Before ansh could reply there was a parcel delivered by a servant for pari. Pari open it and get back totally shocked and throwing box down in fear. It was a box of blood, ansh run for pari and hold her. Andtake her head in his embrace proteting her to watch that box. He shouts for servant to take this box and throw in dusbin

When servant comes to clear it he saw a piece of paper in blood, with pari written on it. With red

He understand to he is

Ansh: sarkar.

Pari: sarkar (puzzled)

Suddenly the past carried away ansh, where he was standing alone with small chaaht and pari after his parents death.

Ansh hold pari's face tightly. Gudiya aap is sab ko bhuljao. Wada kariye hume ki aap phirse inn sab ke bare mai baat nahi karegi. Hum aapko nahi khoy sakte, agar aap ko zara si bhi karoch aagaye gi toh hum marrjayege. Aur agar chahat ko pata chala toh, voh maa banene wali hai yeh sach uska kal karab kardega.

(gudiya you promise me to forget all this, i don't want you to get hurt and chahat is pregnant if she will know the truth it will bad for her future, i can't leave without you all. I will die)  

Pari tried to console him but in vein, finally she has to opt for shouting on him to make him to assure him that she is here safe in his arm.

Pari: bhai stop it, dekhiye humari taraf dekhiye hum bikul thikh ai aapke pass.

(i here in front of you safe)

Ansh nodded and kiss her palm.

Ansh: pari promise me that you will close this project. 

(i took 3 weeks to write this 

deleted so many times 

also asked other cannt understand what would be pari decision 

i hope i am able to do justice with her character)

Ansh ask for a promise, but pari withdrew her hand. Diverting her gaze away from him.

Pari: bhai we have to be strong, hum kab tak iss tarah darr kar jiye ge, pehle hume humara ghar chod diya, phir yaha iss tarah rehene lage. Galat hum nahi voh hai toh hum kyun chupe

(How long we will hide like this we live here like this hiding from other nd left our old house also. Why. He is bad not we then why we hide)

Bhai itna sab karne ke baad bhi aap hume nahi bacha paye jabi toh raj ne

(bhai after all this too you not being able to save me, that is why only raj)

Bhai till now you have fulfilled every wish of my can you not make this one only for me. Bhai i want to proof that mr ansh rathore ne apni beheno ko sirf rajkumari ki zindagi nahi di, balki raj bhi karna sikhaya hai, aur samay anne par yudh ladna bhi.

(mr ansh had not only given his sister life of princes, but also taught them to rule like her and also to fought in war as time demand)

Ansh was still silence, how can he allow to go her heart piece so easily towards dead end


Pari :

 Aap jante hai kal hume dad ki file mai kya mila yeh article

(you know what i got in dad file yesterday this article)

His last wish was to root out drugs and sarkar kingdom this world.


This was enough for ansh to agree, and how not. His princess first time told please for anything to him

He has to agree anyhow.

Ansh: bahut ziddi hai aap kaise bhi apni baat manva hi leti hai

(you are very much stubborn anyhow you make other do what you  want)

Pari: offcourse, i am ansh rathore sister afterall

Ansh: right

And then ansh hug pari tight

Pari: ( in mind)

I am sorry bhai to hurt you. I knw my decision will give you pain this and that i am going to do but i have no potion to make all things right i have to do it. And with start of this project i promise that i will punish sarkar for his deed and also make mr singhania and khushi marry.  And i know how to do it. 

Pls like and comment


Precap of past:

Pari make raj and khushi married

and get a big clue of who is sarkar 

relax i know it little lenghthy but this truth will be narrated full to arnav after marriage so i want to depict the pain of pari that arnav will feel. that is why 

sorry agaain 

you can freely tell me if that was a tortureBig smile

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thnx for pm
awesome updtStar
precape is interesting,waiting for itEmbarrassed

will wait for u,take ur timeSmile

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