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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 35)

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by chavvi16

oh ho writers block is right pain
but what to do
if we can help will do so
you just have to ask


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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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update two 

chapter 29 

arnav or truth

will give extension soon 

till then comment here and like a short but worthy update 

Time was not ease on pari in both face of her life whether it is future or past.

Past update

Pari was still holding the black future of her in her trembling hands. Her tears that are stopped at edge of her eyes were depicting the intensity of pain she was suffering which neither can be told nor be consume, the file fall down with pari shattering on floor, such that it block pari way. Toping hindrance between her and truth. Her fall down with jerk on back rack made it fall, which sound echoed out the premises too.

Outside a guard heard the noise. He bit suspected, taking out gun from his waist he move toward the premises.

Guard: to watchman, andar kaun hai

(Who is inside?)

Pari: sab chalegai sir sirf pari mam hai

(All gone except pari)

He ran towards room in concern for pari.

That news clipping which was in file was till now in front of her eyes.

9 April, before 24 years from now. The successful and true news reporter and owner of pc news channel that is father of pari and owner of now owned by pari, media company, was found death mysteriously in an accident. It is believe that Mr and Mrs Rathore car got in accident while returning home and fall in a valley deep. Leaving no sign of their existence. But sources inform that their death is a planned one and behind this cruelty it is none other than sarkar, king of drugs world and recent target of Mr Rathore project sarkar. Mr Rathore has been from first day was helping to track sarkar and his work. He had been cause of various rate of his godown also. That has raised question even on rathore security. But he not agrees for it till his best friend and project partner Mr Singhania (raj father) was killed by sarkar. That was the time when rathore have to surrender for security. But it seems it was not helpful and the black day occurred Mr and Mrs Rathore died with them turning the future of all youth and India in dark. Seeing sarkar terror on children of singhania and rathore family government had granted them separate security tight prohibited area where only they are allowed. 

Pari leaned her head towards a rack. Tears escaping from her cheek to heart. Night turning darker. Phone ringing to know her whereabouts. But pari mind was busy in connecting some loose parts of her life.


Pari: bhai itni security kya zarurat hai na hum kahi bahar ja sakte hai aur na hum.

(bhai so much security, why needed. We cannt even go out.)

Ansh: pari relax yeh sab sirf meri satisfaction ke liye taki jab mai bahar rahu toh aapko takleeb na ho.

(So that when I go out you not trouble)

She remember why uday always make her do exercise early in morning for self-defence. Why ansh that day got angry on topic of drugs. Why no one even pari is not allowed to go in old section of her company. Why that day when she was attacked and was saved by raj ansh was keeping her away for reality. Now whom she complains when she loved one only betrayed her. No one thought to tell her the truth that was base of her past and future.

Guard entered

Guard: mam mam

He saw pari sitting in a corner inside the fallen rack; he threw the rack off from her and reaches her in second. He to console her gives his hands but remembering his position he withdrew. Then keeping his hands bind back

Guard: mam are you ok.

Pari raise her eyes. Full of pain, red with the suffering of ours from which she was unknown. It was unbearable for him to see tears in eyes of pari, and why not he was from starting was personal guard of pari, which caring, protecting par he only not come to know when he started loving her. Her laughter, teasing all had made special place in his heart. Pari always treated him as his friend never as a guard, a best friend indeed.

Rehan gupta, an army man. He is coincidentally brother of khushi. Since rehan was in army from early age no one can clue about his connection with gupta. Only khushi and dai maa know it. And after what khushi done to pari he never wants anyone to know that he is brother of khushi.

Pari finger him on the file. That made known him that pari now know all truth.

Rehan: mam please yeh sachai aapke balai ke liye chupai thi, voh insan bahut khatarnak hai. Ansh sir aapko uske bare mai bata kar pareshan nahi karna chahte the.

(Mam please this truth was hidden for your wellbeing. That man is very danger; ansh sir has done this so that you not worry.)

Pari was far from his words she was stucked in web made by her own world.

Pari took the way by walk, even it was raining heavily her thought were confined to secret that her family kept. How can they do so be quiet? How can they not tell her, do they only considered her part of happiness not sorrow? When they will treat her as 20 years mature girl not 8 yrs. child. While she was facing her question, rehan shed her with umbrella, he can understanding the problem. But was helpless.

Raj house

Chahat open the door. And panicked seeing pari on door so late.

Chahat: di aap yaha

(di how you here)

Pari: prem hai ghar par

(Is prem at home?)

Chahat: prem ha, but why whats the matter?

Pari: kuch nahi kam ke liye baat karni thi. Aap rest kariye             

(nothing just some work, you take rest)

Chahat: par

Pari: jaiye


To rehan

Aap humara ek kam kar dijiye bhai ko jeh dijiye ga ki aaj hum chahat ke yaha hai. Aur ha baki sab hum sambhal lege

(you do my one work, tell bhai that I will stay at chahat home today, and other thing I will handle)

Pari end the words giving him indication to not talk about truth.

Rehan: ok mam as you say.

By seeing pari chahat was sure something big had happened. But she also pari will not tell her, her damn pregnancy.

Chahat love for pari was building a hate in chahat heart for her child.

prem: what happened pari 

pari: prem hume ek purana project chalu karna hai, papa ka. aap papers ready karva dijiye. 

(prem i want to start a old project of dad. you pls ready the paper)

prem: sure title 

pari: project sarkar

prem pen stop midway, he fix his shocked gaze on pari, and pari's firm and confident eyes figure out that he know the truth. prem sad nothing and not argue , becoz this time pari determined eyes told him that it is time to kick out the little bird from her next to make her learn how to fly. 

it is now pari mission to make sarkar bow down in front of fair.

later night 

prem: she came to know

raj: what meri nayi liquor shop ka address 

(my new alcohol shop address)

raj chuckles while taking down another sip of liquor 

prem: sarkar. 

raj: what? 

prem: i tired

raj: no use, i know pari more than you now no one can stop her. god she will definitely pay this time heavily

prem: jante hai, bas i wish that damage as much minimum as it can 

i think you can stop her 

raj: i 

prem: we al know she never will unconsidered your word, no matter what you done. 

prem leaves, behind thinking raj 

pari today slept with chahat only, it was midnight when she wake for water and went to kitchen 

raj: kyun soa hue toofan ko jaaga rahi ho.

(why you awakening slept wave)

Future scene.

Anjali and pari confrontation.Pari was shock totally mute; Anjali was seeing another Anjali damaged by some shyaam. She shook her head and saw pari the letter wrote by her.


Arnav coat was in his hand and when Anjali stopped him for Prasad and while taking which letter escaped out of his pocket.

Anjali remember how pari saved her from shyam, why she choose to quiet instead of telling truth of shyaam, because she not want anjali to become second pari who is still fighting between truth and illusion.

Pari: di hum voh

(Di i)

Anjali hug pari tight and both betrayed women share few moments consoling each other. Anjali keeping her hands on pari cheek.

Anjali: aaj samaj aaya ki aap itne aache se humare dard ko kaise mehsus kar sakti thi, kyun aap shyamji se khud kehelwana chahti thi ki voh galat hia. Kyunki aap janti thi humara pyar hume shyam ji ked hoke par vishwas nahi karne dega, aur humare rishte hume unke pass jana se rokege. Aap ki tarah. Jis tarah aap aaj aapke apne aur pyaar ke bich lad rahi hai haina.

(Today I got why you always understand my pain, why you wanted shyam to tell the truth by his own. Because you know my love will not allow me to trust his betrayal and my relation will not allow me to go near him. Like you. As you are struggling between your love and relation till now.)

Pari: kya kare di sach,jhoot,sabut, inn sab chizo mai dimaag yakeen kar sakta ahi par dil yeh toh apna man malik hai , yeh kehta hai ki voh sahi ahi, jis insan ho humne apni jaan se bhi jyada chaha voh sahi hai. Iss nadan dil ko toh uska diya hua zeher bhi amrit lagta hai.

(What I do di this truth, lie, proof all thing are being understood by brain but heart go by his way, it say he is right. The man whom I loved more than my life is right. This nave heart even considered his poison as antidote.)

Anjali: sach keh rahi hai aap kabhi kabhi hum apni hi kyabo ki duniya mai itna kho jaate hai ki hume unke tootne tak bhi aawaz nahi aati. Hum dono jisse pyaar kiya jis par yakeen karke apni zindagi sophi usne hi humari zindagi humse chin li.

Par ek baat kahe aapse , agar hume pehle yeh pata chalta ki aap aur shyamji, toh hum shayad kabhi bhi aapko apne aas pass nahi swikar kar pata. Par aap toh uss ladki ka aagan sawar rahi hai,jisne aaki raho ko kato se bahr dya. Itni himat itna pyarr yeh balidan yeh sab kaise kar pati hai aap.

(You are right we something gets so engrossed in weaving the dreams that even there noise of breaking not come to our ears. We two love the man the man whom we gave our life both has taken our life only from us. But you are spreading happiness in home of that girl that snatches everything from you. This much strength, love, sacrifice how you able to do)

Pari: di kya karte jis ladki nai kate biche usne jaan bhi bachai. Humari kismet ka khel toh dekhiye usne saari dor aisa Jodi ki hum khud hi usme ulaj kar reh gaye. Jis ladki ne humara sab kuch chin liya usne hi humari jaan  bachai. Hum kaise unke pariwaar ko akela chod sakte the.

(di what I do she saved my life. My faith had played a strange game which made my life a mess. The girl that snatched my everything rom me that only saved my life now how can I leave her family alone)

Anjali: garima ji aur aapko dekh kar keh hi nahi sakte ki aap unki beti nahi hai. Aap sach mai bahut aachi tarah dusro ko apna bana leti hai. hume naz hai ki aap humare chote ki zindagi mai hai,unki ardhaghani ke roop mai aayi. Aap ki mozudgi ek din unhe bhi rishto ka maan sikha degi.

(On seeing garima and you no one can say truth of your relation. You really know how to make others yours with love. I am proud that you are wife of chote, with you he will also learn importance of relation)

Pari: di hum anadth the bachpan se hume dai maa yani amma ki behen ne pala. ab jab hume yeh mamta itne saalo ke baad  mil rahi thi toh hum thode swardhi hi gaye.

(di I was an orphan child. From starting my dai maa that is siter of aam ahad brought me up. Now when I got little love of mother I become greedy)

Pari: di arnavji nahi aaye, unne yeh khat padh kar kya kaha.

(di arnavji not came, what he said after reading the letter)

 Pari sees arnav with amma and move to go to him but stopped by Anjali.

Anjali: aap arnav ko kuch nahi kahegi.

(You will not say arnav anything)

Pari: ji par kyun


Anjali: humari maa ne sucide kiya tha.

(My mom had commit a suicide)

Pari was stunned by this one, she look at Anjali and Anjali told pari full truth about arnav past (same as in serial)


will pari decision will create distance between ansh and pari 


why anjali not want pari to tell truth 

what will it have effect on arshi relationWink

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my edit for sanaya birthday
how is itConfusedConfused


you are
keep smiling

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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ClapExcellent the part of Anjali and Pari...but why Anjali is stopping her telling the truth.Not good sign...At this point she must tell the truth to Arnav by herself...don't Drag it.He needs to know and she needs to tell...

I am sure Ansh and Pari will be fine...Kids are always have this power of forgiveness than elders...

Thnx for the like it.Smile

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


no worries take your timeLOLLOL

for you

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Awesome update. Loved Anjali and pari conversation as both have to face such a situation. Loved the update.

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nice chapter.
So Pari's father was killed by Sarkar.

I appreciate Anjali's sensibility. After knowing the truth she didn't misunderstand Khushi, moreover accepted her warmly. 
waiting to know why she admonished Khushi to tell her past to arnav.
By the way this pic just killed me. It was my profile pic for a while, but I loved the edited version more.

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