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Written Update 17th August Maha Episode

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Episode starts with Purvi is getting mehendi done in her hand On a side, Gauri is putting mehendi in Savita's hand Manav,Sachu,Soham are making sure all preparations are done Sachu and Soham share a cute
moment with each other Varsha
tells Purvi to always stay happy like
this and the day is finally here for
which they waited for years She
gifts her idol of Ganpati bappa Soham is looking at the gifts He
says, all gifts are here where is my
gift?Archu tells him to turn back
He turns back and Purvi has already
wear those bangles and she shows
him her hands. Soham smiles and
feel happy.
Ovi is waiting for Onir He comes
and asks why did you call me this
late? Ovi says, Arjun found out the
truth and now I am afraid that he
might tell everything to Purvi Onir
says, this can't happen Ovi says,I
know you tried very hard to bring
Arjun and Purvi together Onir says,
there is only one option I will
leave this country when they won't
find me anywhere they will have no
choice but do this marriage Ovi
asks where will you go?Onir says, to
Canada they offered me some work
as well but you don't tell anyone
about it Now no one can between
Arjun and Purvi, not even me. Arjun comes running to Onir's house He says, this is not right for any of us it's very important to tell this to Purvi,Teju is applying lemon juice on
Purvi's mehendi Purvi's phone rings It's Arjun Teju picks up and doesn't let him talk to Purvi She lies and says, she is not here and we are giving you whole Purvi to you tomorrow.

Part 2:
Ovi comes to Manav's house and
says,I have decided to stay with
you. Everyone is very happy Archu
says,I told Purvi that one day you
will come and stay with us and that day is here Ovi goes to see Purvi Archu asks Manav if he doesn't find it strange Ovi suddenly came to India and living with us She wonders if Ovi is hiding anything Manav says, she reacted today as well, but in right direction He asks, aren't you happy that she came here? Archu says, I am happy but Manav says, then don't worry and be happy.
Teju and Purvi are happy to see Ovi
back as well Purvi says I really
wanted to see whole family together
before leaving Ovi says I am very
happy to be back as well before she
says anything Purvi leaves from
Soham is trying make Pari sleep.
He's singing a lauri Teju comes and
says, are you singing or scaring her?
She then tries to make her sleep
Manav then joins and sings lauri,
but she still doesn't sleep Archu
comes now and she sings it and Pari
sleeps Manav is amazed He says, I
will drop Pari to Purvi's room, but
Archu says no she will stay with us
tonight Tomorrow she will leave
with her parents and all 3 will be
happy Savita comes to take Pari with her She says, if she wakes up in
night, then you both won't be able
to calm her down. Archu says, it's
just excuse.. you want to spend last
night with her as well, right? Savita
says, what to hide from you now.. I
am going to miss Pari a lot. Savita
leaves with Pari.
Purvi says, I got all the happiness
because of you and she thanks her.
Archu says,no need to thank you
deserved them so you got them
Phone rings Archu picks up and it's
Arjun Arjun asks to give it to Purvi.
Archu does and leaves Arjun tells
Purvi that he wants to meet her Ovi
hears Purvi talking to Arjun Arjun
tells I want to tell you something
Purvi says, I know what you want to
say you want to say that you love
me a lot and you're desperately
waiting for me and Pari, right? I
want to confess something to you as
well She doesn't let him say a word.
She says please let me talk today I
don't know when I will get strength
to say all this She says, today I have
realized that I can't live without
you. I love you a lot I have seen
many dreams for our future We all
stay happy our entire life. She asks
him to say now Arjun says, what to
say? You said everything Purvi asks,
so can I hang now? Arjun say ye She hangs.

Part 3:
Later,Arjun is getting ready and
looking in the mirror and recalling
what all Onir did and how no one
even knows about it He says, I must
tell this to Purvi Purvi comes to Pari. Archu comes and tells her to get ready Archu asks Teju to take Pari to other room Archu then tells Purvi, you have done a lot for this house, now I just want you to think about yourself Because of me I got my family back and I didn't do anything. Purvi says,why are you saying that? I got all happiness because of you. Archu gets emotional She then changes the topic and tells Purvi to get ready.
Ovi comes to Arjun with a gift. She
congrats him. Arjun asks, despite
knowing everything, you came here
with a gift? What's wrong with you?
Ovi says, Onir sent this gift for you.
Arjun takes it and there is a letter
with. He reads the letter which says,
you and Purvi should have come
together long time ago, but couldn't
because of certain circumstances,
but now no one can stop you two
from coming together. Onir has
gifted him a dupatta. The letter
reads, it might just be a small piece
of a cloth, but its symbol of
happiness that will come in your
lives. True wedding is that is based
only on love.. where there is no
place obligation. Purvi was always
yours, is yours, and will always be
yours. Your marriage with Ovi took
Purvi away from you, but you were
still there in her memories. She
would have spent her entire life with
me, but destiny didn't want that so
it brought you two together.. and
who am I to come between what
destiny wants. Today Purvi is getting
what she deserves, never ever think
to take that away from her. You two
just stay happy and my well wishes
will always be with you. All the best,

Arjun asks Ovi, what he is made of?
If he loves Purvi, then.. I don't
understand why another name for
love is sacrifice. I will have to talk to
him. Ovi says, there is no point.. he
won't pick up. Arjun asks, why? Did
you meet Onir? Ovi says, no. Arjun
asks, then from where did you get
his gift? Ovi says, he sent it through
my friend. Arjun says, I will go meet
him personally. Ovi says, you won't
find him anywhere. Why are you
doing all this? Arjun says, because
it's required. Ovi says, you and Purvi
both love each other.. if you really
want to do anything for Onir, then
get married to Purvi. I know you're
feeling bad to marry after knowing
all this but please think about
Purvi and Pari You remember what
Purvi told you last night, right?
Arjun is very confused Ovi says, you
don't to think so much You're
getting in few hours and you're
discussing this Your one wrong
decision can spoilt many people's
lives If there is even little place of
me in your life, then please get
married There was a time when I
asked Purvi for you, but today I am
asking you for happiness of my
sister Finally at the wedding venue, Archu tells Ovi that she wants to talk to her Manav comes and tells Archu
that barrat will be coming anytime.
In the mean time,Ovi leaves from
there. Archu is discussing Ovi's
matter with Manav,and now Teju
comes and says that the barrat is
here. Manav tells Archu that he will
talk to Ovi after wedding.

Teju, Savita welcome Arjun and the
barrat Teju takes money (shagun)
and then let them come in. Arjun is
in dilemma to enter the mandap or
no. His friends say, you scared
already? Arjun says, no and then he enters the mandap Purvi is playing with Pari Ovi comes there and she takes Pari from Purvi Ovi then gives a gift to Purvi,Teju comes and asks Purvi if she is ready Teju takes Purvi and leaves Ovi hopes no stoppage comes in their wedding now Soham, Sachu bring Purvi to the mandap the rituals start Arjun and Purvi exchange the garlands Everyone is very happy, except Arjun Ovi is nervous the priest explains the pheres and promises that they make while doing pheres the priest asks them to get up for the pheres Purvi gets up,but Arjun is still sitting down.
Archu asks him to get up Arjun gets
up and says, this marriage can't
happen Everyone is shocked Archu
asks him what are you saying? Arjun
says, I know you all have lots of
questions right now, but I don't
have any answer to any of the
questions. He looks at Purvi and
says, I want to talk to Purvi alone
and after telling her all the truth,
she still wants to get married to me,
then I am ready. Manav gets furious
and says, what rubbish is this? Before this, with my another
daughter you at that time Ididn't say anything, but today,if anything bad happens with Purvi then I won't take it Arjun says trust me I am doing this for Purvi's good Ovi interrupts and says, it's not good to interfere rituals like this Arjun says, I know very well why you're doing this, but whatever's happening now is wrong. Purvi needs to know the truth Until I
don't tell her the truth, I won't
marry to her DK tells him to talk in
front of everyone Arjun says, no I
don't want any pressure on Purvi.
Arjun is explaing to Manav, but
Archu interrupts and allows Arjun to
talk with Purvi She says but remember this is your last chance.
Arjun takes Purvi's hand in his and
takes her to a room Everyone is
wondering what's the matter.

Purvi asks Arjun, what did you do?
Why did you refuse for the marriage? We suffered so much and
finally we are getting together, then
why did you do this? In the wedding hall, Archu tells Ovi,you still won't say anything? Please tell me the truth I know there is something wrong and you know it You know what Arjun is telling Purvi inside Ovi says, I don't know anything Archu says, I know something is wrong because the way you were forcing Arjun please tell me Ovi says, please don't ask me anything Savita asks Archu why she is forcing when Ovi is saying she doesn't know anything. Manav interrupts and says, if this is related to Purvi, then we need to know what it is Archu gives her swear to Ovi and Ovi finally says, it's related to Onir Inside the room, Arjun shows Onir's letter to Purvi. Purvi is shocked Arjun asks her, now you tell me how could I marry you after knowing all this? Purvi says, I want to meet Onir right now Arjun says, not only you I also want to meet him.

In the hall, Archu is broken down
and is on her knees Ovi says, Onir
and I both want this There is no
mistake of Arjun and Purvi in what
happened. You all please don't
worry Arjun just went to tell the
truth to Purvi He is not refusing for
the marriage Arjun and Purvi are in
the car Ovi receives a call from
them Phone is on the speaker and
Purvi's is holding it, while Arjun is
driving. Arjun asks, why Onir is not
picking up my call? Ovi says, where
are you? Please come to mandap
with Purvi Arjun asks, please tell me
where Onir is I want to meet him
Ovi says, i can't tell Purvi now says,
Ovi, you want to see me happy
right please tell me, else I won't
be able to forgive myself. Ovi finally
says, he is at the airport he is going to Canada forever his flight is at 3pm It's 2:30 right now Arjun tells Purvi that they will reach by 3 Ovi tells everyone that Arjun and Purvi went to the airport to meet Onir Ovi says, we need to stop Onir Soham is going, but Archu stops him She says, no one will go anywhere Purvi, Onir, and Arjun will decide Onir is at the airport with Shalini he thanks her Onir is tensed as he kept getting calls from Arjun Shalini suggests him to switch off the phone and to relax Shalini goes to get tea for him Arjun and Purvi arrive at the airport Onir sees them and is shocked He hides his face, but Purvi recognizes him Purvi and Onir both look at each other Onir slowly approaches to her Episode ends Purvi staring at him.

Precap: Arjun and Purvi are doing
the pheres they and everyone is happy.

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Thanks for the WU!
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Great update, thanks
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thanks gaurav...that was a big did really good WU.  appreciate it!!
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Thanks for the written update! I forgot there was a mahaepisode today. 

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Oh my, ArVi wedding happens!!! Love Onir, but really, he was never going to get Purvi's heart & I am glad he moves on with his life!
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Really Loved The Maha Episode. Finally Arvi Wedding Happened. (:

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Thanks a lot for the update! 
I dont know when they will show it here in Eastern US! I checked the guide but it didnt mention PR. Ouch
Does anyone know when they will show PR ME today?

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