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TS - Love at first sight *last part updt* (Page 5)

nishu_shorna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged
interesting start...waiting for next part...

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tinsel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Nice new concept.Big smile

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sruthick IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Wow...Intrstng concpt...Nd nice strt...
Cntinue soon

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desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. Nice update. 

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Great update...keep it up

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Lalaland222 Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged

As she felt being pulled against something hard, she felt something by the right side of her head and then in the next second she heard a deep, husky whisper...

"If you scream, I'll shoot you."

And then Khushi's eyes widened.

"Get her parents & her sister before they make a scene." -He said in a normal voice.

Khushi felt her heart do a somersault and she felt goose bumps on her arms. She felt... nice and warm in his arms. Well, whoever that... 'his' was.

And then the lights were switched on.

All Khushi witnessed was, three guys, wearing black with their heads covered in black masks; one holding her mothers mouth & he held Payal's arm, the other holding his father and there was one behind her.

When her mother tried to free herself to come next to Khushi she was pulled back, not so harshly but enough for her to stumble and then stand straightly.

As soon as the hand was removed from her fathers face, he breathed heavily.

"Look, just leave my daughters and wife." -He said patiently. "And what do you want?"

"We just want... search your house, that's all." -The one holding her mother said.

"Okay, go ahead... We won't stop you." -Shashi Gupta said as if striking a business deal.

"You think we are stupid?" -The one behind Khushi gritted his teeth.

As they dragged the four of them upstairs, they made Shashi and Garima Gupta sit on the recliner by the huge window after drawing the  off-white curtains and switching the lamp on. And Payal was standing by Khushi as the man held her arm with his left hand. 

Khushi was still in the other man's arms as the other two men looked around the house checking through drawers, cupboards, everything.

And what Khushi noticed was that, the two guys stood for a second, laughing casually as if this was the most random thing on earth. She felt curious. They weren't taking anything. 

Khushi had now been standing since the last 3o minutes; shifting from on foot to the other. She looked at her mother signaling that she is tired and has to go to the washroom.

"What are you both doing?" -The one with the husky voice asked.

"Nothing... it's just that she has to go to the washroom." -Garima said quickly.

"Yes, please. That's my room take me there." -Khushi said softly while looking at the man's covered face.

He looked around and then turned to them. "Fine. If you both move..." -He said pointing at Mr. and Mrs.Gupta. "I'll shoot her." -He said as he pushed Khushi into the room while closing it a bit.

"Go and be quick! If you try to do something..." -He said as she entered the bathroom.

"I know, I know. You'll shoot me. Aur kuch nahi ata?" -Khushi dully said and closed the bath-room door leaving a speechless man behind.


He didn't want to do this. The great recently made business man, Arnav Singh Raizada did not want to do this. In capital letters!

It all started yesterday morning when Nk had arrived from Australia. He hated him. He hated him for calling him Nannav. It burned his brain and he wanted to burn Nk alive.

For two straight hours his family had worshipped this Nk, presenting him with food, several cups of tea and lots of talking. Sometimes Arnav wondered, How can these people talk so much for two straight hours and not get tired and out of things to say?

But then, when Anjali, Nani and Mami had to leave for Lucknow for someone's wedding they had left Nk with him and Akash. Not that Arnav hadn't protested on taking him with them but his Di was absolutely the most crazy person. 

After the ladies had gone, Nk had continuously bothered Akash and him with ranting that he was bored. He wanted to do something fun, something dhamakay dar. And there he was, out of no where, with the idea of pretending to rob someone's house.

Why would one do that?

Nk had convinced Akash in a matter of hours saying that it'd be fun and Akash had simply agreed to it. But... Akash had been blushing. His brother had been blushing!

Arnav had totally denied by saying that he would do no such thing, for 'fun'. He had said a lot bad things and words to Nk, saying that he had lost it and W*F was wrong with him. What if they got caught?  

But then, Nk had tricked him in.

"You know, I know a little secret of yours." -Nk said as he sat down on the sofa casually with his hands back on his head.

"Whatever it is, I am not insane. Mein pagal nahi hoon. I am not 'pretending' to rob a house." -Arnav said as he typed furiously on his laptop.

"Acha? You know why Akash agreed? Because Payal is there." -Nk said and Arnav paled.


"Aha! See, you already know her." -Nk said as if he had caught his prey.

Arnav gulped. What the hell has he put himself into? "It's nothing like that. I know Mr. Gupta, I've worked with him..." 

"Whatever Chote! Akash likes Payal and you... Nannav meray Khushi." -Nk said. "Before you say what the... and how do you know that? Akash told me how you always pass by her house to get a glimpse of her." -Nk said curtly.

"What the hell is wrong with? Why would I do that? She hardly a teenager! And there is no such thing." -Arnav said quickly. "And Akash stop spreading such things you ass!" -Arnav said after slamming his laptop shut while Akash gulped.

"Come on Nannav! You are not facing it because of the age difference I know." -Nk said as he got up.

"Shut up!" -Arnav gritted his teeth.

"You're 22 and she's 15, going to turn 16 in a month. That means you'll be able to marry her in another 2 years. That is when she turns 18, no?" -Nk said excitedly.

"I said SHUT UP!" -Arnav yelled.

"Now look at Akash... he is 21 and Payal is 18. Look how shamelessly he is blushing... Dekho, Dekho... Look there, at his face. Sharam-nak." -Nk said ignoring Arnav's anger and looking at Akash.

"It's Besharam, Nk bhai." -Akash spoke for the first time in the whole conversation.

"Oh yaar! Aik hi baat hai. It doesn't matter. The matter is Nannav that you are coming with us. Tera aur Khushi ka scene set hojaye ga!" -Nk said patting his shoulder.

Arnav stayed quiet.

"So are you in?" -Nk asked popping in front of Arnav.

"Fine." -Arnav whispered angrily and went off to his room. 

"We leave at 11:30 tonight!" -Nk yelled happily. "Now this is going to be fun." -He smiled at Akash.


As Arnav waited for Khushi outside the bath-room in her room he looked around. Wow, that's one colorful room. He thought.

It had all the colours that existed. Two of her walls were off-white and the other two were filled with colours; yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, red, purple! All the bright colours that hurt his eyes.

She had colorful things on her dressing table, the lamps were white with pink fairy lights casually lying on them; behind the door she had loads of pictures of her and Payal and her family. Blue fairy lights gave them the perfect touch. There was wooden floor and a big star shaped rug in the middle. Her bed had golden and silver stars hanging.

He smiled.

She was totally the opposite.

He stepped ahead to look at one photo that was framed on one of the off-white walls but he stumbled and his hands went inside the open paint box.

"What the f..." -He muttered.

Just then the door clicked opened and she came.

"Oh my god! You... oh you didn't ruin my project. But you did destroy my paint."-Khushi said in a go.

"I stumbled on the paint brushes." -He gritted his teeth.

"You... you know English? Choron ko English bhi bolni ati hai?" -Khushi chuckled.

"Mein Chor nahi hoon!"

Khushi started laughing. "Acha? Tou pir why are you here in my house? Disturbing my sleep and trying to steal our things!" -Khushi said while putting her hands on her waist.

"I... SHUT UP! Open the bath-room door." -He roared.

Khushi opened the door and switched the light on.

"Take my mask off." -He ordered.

"What?" -Khushi was shocked.

"Take my mask off, Damn it!"

As Khushi took his mask off, she was stunned.

Not that she had ever seen him before but he has got to be the hottest thief she had ever seen. He had the most perfect face. His eyes, his stubble was perfect, his jaw was perfect, his hair... okay his hair was messed up but not that she cared.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her voice.

"Can't you hear me!? Turn the tap on!" -He said a little louder.

"Huh? Oh sorry!" -She quickly distracted herself and turned the tap on.

He washed his hands to get the paint off and then pushed his sleeves up revealing his perfect arms.

Arnav smirked from the inside as he saw her look up at him and look away after turning red.


As both of them came out, they stood in silence. But in that instance he looked at the gold chain she wore around her swan-like neck and he decided to tease her.

"This... looks precious." -He said as he hooked his finger around her chain.

Her eyes widened and he smirked.

"No, no, no, no. Please not this. My... my father gave me this." -Khushi pleadingly looked in his eyes.

His smirk grew wider.

"What makes you think I won't take it?" -Arnav asked.

"I just... you seem like a nice guy." -Khushi said as she smiled brightly.

"What?" -He chuckled.

"I'm a thief..." -He said but stopped. "What's your name?" -He asked titling his head a little. He unhooked the chain, but Khushi hadn't realized.

"Huh? I... I am..." -Khushi looked around.

"Don't tell me if you don't want to." -He said as he backed away a little.

"My... my name is...Preeti." -Khushi lied quickly. Why in the world would she want a thief to know her name?

Arnav bit his lip in order to hide his smile.

"Nice name." -He said with a straight face.

Just then Akash entered.

"Sir we've got all we wanted. Let's get out of here." -Akash said pretending to have a heavy voice. Khushi looked at him curiously.

"Right, let's go. I checked this room. There isn't anything special for us to keep." -He said while giving a glance to Khushi.

"You go; I have to check that one drawer."- Arnav lied to Akash and he turned back to Khushi once he was gone.

He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer.

Khushi gasped at this sudden action.

"You know, now I know what love really is... Khushi." -He said to her with a smirk and left off.

Leaving a shocked Khushi behind. How the hell did he know her name? 


Dolls! LOL, I have no idea where I get such ideas from. :P You all must've been thinking -"What the hell is wrong with her? Making our Arnav a pretend-thief? Lets not read her stories anymore." :P LOL. Anyway, I hope you lovely dolls like it. If you do please let me know by commenting or a like would do. ^_^ Also the next part is the last one. I hope you are enjoying? :') And if you guys found any mistake please forgive me. I am not a proof-read person. :P And sorry for blunders. ._. The part where Khushi goes - 'You know English?' Lol, blunder. :P For me it is, idk about you guys. 

For those who read my other work, I'll update this weekend probably. Because I have school tomorrow. ._. 

Loads of love dolls! ^_^ 

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
seriouslyall that just pretence
and you actually listened to nk
whats wrong with ya arnie
but that was so funny for sure
so all this as nk was getting bored
man so he likes khushi
but she is pretty young right
though that aint gonna stop him
cant wait for the next part now
cheers for pm

Edited by chavvi16 - 22 August 2013 at 12:56pm

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
loved the update
thanks for the pm

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