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love, friendship and college- updated 14/09 (Page 53)

tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged
                                       THANKING  Note

sorry for the late update...
and thanx to the readers who like and comment...becoz of u only i am writing today... this year last update...  my exam finished 2 days back but i was little so i am updating today... and the next update will be in next year first week hope fully...
thanx following reader for liking and commenting...

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 6:33am | IP Logged





From past 2-3 days my mood is not at all good... but my friends are there to cheer me up... I didn't tell them that I am not in good mood becoz I don't want to hurt them... but I forget that Sharon is my bff she understand me and my mood... but we both prefer to ignore that.. ok ok let me tell u why I am upset.. from past 2-3 days rey is not talking with me properly... he is ignoring me suddenly I don't knw what happened... why suddenly??? Few days before he only used to come forward and talk... I thought may be he is thinking that sometime I should also make first step in conv but this also didn't help.. then also he will just  reply and after that again he will just ignore... I am fade up with his behavior.. what he think of himself ha.. when he want to talk he will talk or else no... now I am also not going to talk... I am happy with my friends.. at least they are not like him... if they don't like anything they used to tell me or fight with me but Mr. Reyansh is different... I think he dont believe in clearing any mu that he has... I am damn sure he has some mu that's why he is ignoring me... becoz he is not that mad person to simply ignore somebody with whom u used to talk so nicely...

Ok now enough of rey topic.. now I will concentrate on my friends... at least they care for me and my emotion.. me and Sharon went to canteen where harshad and swayam are waiting.. oh let me tell u something I am trying to make swayam and Sharon.. swaron.. as I knw  they wont confess... but I need help nd I don't have any other option except harshad.. I just hate taking help from that idiot whenever I ask  for help he will first irritate me... but today its not abt me ... this time its swaron.. so he had to help me without any clause...



We reached canteen.. where harshad and swayam are waiting... seeing them Sharon said..

Sharon: omg taani aaj ye log itni jaldi..

taani: yaar Sharon kabhi kabhi to ye log jaldi aate hai... tujhe koi problem hai...

Sharon: ye log jaldi aaye ge to mujhe kya problem hogi..

Till then they reach to them...

Harshad: yaar tum log kitna time lagate ho...

Sharon: hum log jo tumhara wait karte hai... aaj ek din kya jaldi aa gaya suna raha hai..

taani : chod na Sharon kisko bol rahi hai..

harshad: tu to chup hi reh jab bhi bolti hai ulta bolti hai..

taani: harshad aaj mera mood sahi nahi hai... to fight start mat kar...

harshad: tere mood ko kya hua..

taani: kuch nahi..

Sharon: aaj kal madam ka mood generally kharab hi rehta hai..

Swayam: kyu kya hua??? Sab thik to hai..

Harshad: ha swayam jyada kuch nahi hua...(taashayam gave him confusing look nd swayam asked him to continue)... bas maa banne wali hai na isliye mood swing.. u knw..

Taashayam were shocked with harshad reply.. taani was the first one to recover... After coming out from shock she just gave angry glare .. and ran behind him... nd here harshad was sure what was coming for him... so he just ran for his life.. keeping his both hand on his cheek.. . they were running in canteen pushing everybody present there..

Taani: kamine ruk aaj mai tujhe nahi chodungi...

Harshad: mai tujhe pagal dikhta hu jo ruk jao...

Taani: tujhe sharam nahi aati...

Harshad: tujhe ulte sidhe kam karne mai nahi aayi to mujhe kyu aayegi...

Taani: harshad I am going to kill u..

They were running aroung a table and fighting.. after sometime swayam also recover and Sharon giggle seeing swayam face... first he was embarrass and then he was angry...  he also went to help taani...

Taani: swayam is kamine ko pakad to.. mai aaj isse mar dalungi..

Harshad: swayam aaj tu humare bich nahi bolega...

Swayam: mai nahi bolunga..(harshad was relief and taani was shocked).. mai tujhe marunga wo bhi sat sat ke..

Harshad: tere sath maine kya kiya hai jo tu uchal raha hai..

Swayam; tune meri behen ke bare mai bola..

Harshad: yaar kabhi to apne possessive bhai ko dur rakh...

Swayam: nahi rakhuga...(swayam caught harshad).. tere us line ke bad to bilkul nahi.. taani aa mar issse...

Taasha giggle hearing their conv... then taani went to beat harshad.. and Sharon was enjoying the show..

Harshad  was trying to hide his face by bending and continuously moving so that taani cant slap him... but now taani is expert in slapping she slapped harshad 4-5 times.. then Sharon came for harshad rescue...

Sharon: bas karo guys... wo bas majak kar raha tha..

taani: koi aisa majak karta hai...

swayam: ha sahi bola...

Sharon: tum to chup raho...  wo tumhari sis hone ke sath harshad ki friend bhi hai.. so keep ur possessive bhai aside for some time...

Harshad: ab kyu chup hai swayam.. bol kuch..(swayam gave angry glare)

Taani: aise friends kissi ke ho to dushman ki kya jarurat..

Sharon: taani..

Harshad: tu apni bakwas band kar..

Taani: tu kabhi mujhse acche se baat nahi kar sakta..

Sharon: jaise tu bada karti hai..

Harshad: I love u Sharon for this...

Swayam: chup kar.. jisko dekho love u bolta rehta hai...(taahar smirked )

Harshad: taani ko bolta hu to tujhe bura laga samaj aaya par Sharon..

Swayam: tu bakwas band kar..

Sharon was blushing and to change the topic she said...

Sharon: chalo class ke liye..

Swayam; ha ha chalo...

Both swaron left and taahar break into laughter...

Swaron enter in the classroom with blushing face just then rey stop them..

Rey: hi guys..

Now a days swaron and rey are quite good friends.. rey used to talk to them very nicely.. with harshad also he talk like a good friend but not with taani..

Sharon: hi..

Rey: kya baat hai aaj tum log itna shant.. aur tumhare face bhi bohat glow kar raha...(he smirked)

Swayam: ab  tu mat start ho ja...

Rey: matlab..

Sharon: abhi abhi harshad aur taani bakwas kar rahe the aur ab tu..

Rey: waise harshad hai kaha...

Sharon: wo taani ke sath aa raha hai..

Rey: oh.. aur tum log pehle aa gaye..

Sharon: ha... kyuki wo log pagal ho gaye... abhi thodi der pehle fight kar rahe the aur ab ek sath masti..

Swayam: lo aa gaye...

Harshad: hi dude.. what's up???

Rey: nothing bas teri hi baat chal rahi thi...

Harshad: yaar meri baat karne ke alawa aur bhi kuch kar liya karo... I knw I am special but humesha meri baat karna accha nahi lagta..

Taani: tu bhao khana band karega... wo   teri tariff nahi kar rahe hoge jo tu itna bhao kha raha..

Sharon: madam uss category mai aap bhi ho..  aap bhi piche nahi harshad se.. tum dono ki burai ho rahi thi...

Harshad: I knw mujhe taani kabhi akele nahi chod sakti...

And he pulled taani holding her arm and giving side hug..

Sharon: tera matlab hai hum log chod denge..

Harshad: I mean tum log masti mai mera sath nahi doge par taani jarur degi...

Taani: harshad tu meri insult kar raha hai..

Harshad: ab chupkar..

Rey: waise harshad  aaj tujhe sab  red nazar nahi aa raha..(indicating swaron)

Harshad: ha yaar..(coming in between swaron) aare tum dono ke gaal bhi red ho rahe hai..

Rey: kya baat hai... kahi tum log blush to nahi kar rahe..

Sharon; shut up...

Taani:  kyu Sharon... rey ne to kuch galat nahi bola..(rey smile).. ab tum log itna ek dusre ka support karte ho phir blush karte ho.. kya baat hai..

Sharon: tu rey ka support kyu kar rahi hai... tu bata baat kya hai..

Taani's smirk change into shock... and she look at rey... rey also turn toward her...both caught into eye lock... rey was the first one who came out ... and smiled at taani and turn around.. then taani replied..

Taani: aisa kuch nahi hai.. harshad bhi hai mai usko bhi support kar rahi.. kyu harshad ??

Harshad: par taani maine to abhi kuch bola hi nahi..

Taani: harshad  tu kabhi mera support nahi kar sakta..

Saying this she went from there...both Sharon and harshad broke into laughter.. and rey smile..

Swayam: tum log usko itna kyu pareshan karte ho..

Harshad: usko irritate karne mai bada maza aata hai..

Rey: and I think usse bhi bohat accha lagta hai jab tu usse pareshan karta hai...

Sharon; yup rey is right...

Rey smile.. just then vicky enter.. he heard  their conv...

Vicky: kya baat hai rey tu bada taani ke bare mai janta hai..

Rey; now pls u don't start... aur mujhse jyada ye log usse jante hai...

Harshad: but u r also not bad... kya baat hai dude..

Rey; taani ke bad kya mera turn hai...

Vicky: kyu tujhe accha nahi laga ki tera chance taani ke sath nahi hai...

Rey; kyuki mujhe pata hai mera chance taani ke sath nahi ho sakta..

Saying this he also lived the place...harshad and vicky also gave hi fi to each other and went inside..

After first hour of class swayam and harshad left as they had some work... after the class taasha went to canteen to grab something... and left for the house when they were coming out of colg...rey vicky and neha were  siting in the ground... taasha didn't saw them.. when they crossed them vicky called Sharon from behind... taasha turn and saw vicky calling them...

Taani: tu ja mai yahi rukti hu..

Sharon: nahi tu bhi chal...

Taasha went toward them...

Sharon; hi guys..

Viha nd rey: hi.. where is harshad and swayam???

Sharon: unko kuch kam tha so they left early...

Vicky: oh.. where both of u are going???

Sharon; home... why u called??

Vicky: actually we want to practice something..

Sharon: what??

Vicky: listen after 2-3 months we are going to be senior so we thought to practice how to take ragging??

Taasha: what??

Sharon; are u serious..(vicky noded) so kiske upar practice karna hai...

Vicky; tum dono ke upar..(taasha were shocked)

Sharon; aur tumhe lagta hai hum aapne class mate se rag honge...

Sharon said replied with attitude... taani giggle... taani used to remain silent in front of them..

Vicky; pls yaar lene do.. bas question puche ge...

Sharon; ok..

Taani: Sharon..

Sharon: chill taani it will be fun..

Vicky: so Sharon tell us about urself??

Sharon: I am Sharon rai prakash.. I am in 1st year my best friend is taani..

Vicky: ok.. now taani its ur turn..

Taani: I am taani..(cut by vicky )

Vicky: let me ask first... so taani tell us who is ur crush...

Taani got nervous.. Sharon smirked.. rey was watching her every moment...

Taani: karan wahi..

Rey(suddenly): who is he??

Sharon: he is a tv actor..

Rey: oh..

Vicky; taani its not fare.. tell from our class only

Taani : no one is there..

Vicky:  don't lie..

Taani;  I swear I don't have crush in our class..

Vicky: so tell the name of a guy from our class whom u like???

Taani looked at rey...  by seeing rey it was clear that he was waiting for the reply...

Taani: no one is there..

Rey: what abt harshad...(not looking at her)

Taani: he is just a friend noting else...

Rey smile...

Vicky:  leave it.. I knw u wont tell the truth... so next quest.. agar humare class mai kissi ek boy ke sath date mai jane ko bola jaye... to kiske sath jaogi..

Taani: this ques is for me..

Vicky; yup.. pls ans this time.. now pls don't tell my name.. I am committed..

Taani; that's funny... but sach mai koi nahi hai...

Sharon: tell harshad aur swayam name..

Vicky: except them...

Sharon: tell us whose name u want to hear??(lshe said looking at rey.. rey just turned)

Vicky: why everytime u ans in her behalf... usko bhi bolne do we want to hear from her..

Taani: vicky sach me no one.. becoz I don't knw anybody in our class except harshad and swayam...

Rey: actually vicky thought u knw ur classmates atleast except them... Jo tumhare friend ho..

Taani: its not like that..

Rey; its ok taani... I was JUST JOKING...(with a forced smile)

Vicky: ha taani.. hum to bas masti kar rahe the..

Taani: pata hai bas masti kar rahe the...(looking toward rey)..

taani: chal lets go... we are getting late.. bye guys..

Sharon: bye..

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 6:35am | IP Logged
unres it was awesome i read the whole together i was laughinh like hell but i fell now it is the time for rey's pov and why is he ignoring taani and acting weired pls. pm me when u update

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navk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 8:13am | IP Logged
wow it was an amazing update
that scene was so superb when
harshsd said that vo maa bane
vali hai so mood swing
hehehehehehehehe seriously
this was awesome
now harshad swaron rey bonding
is more better
that scene was awesome
when starting questioning to
taasha i think they were asking
those questions so that taani confess that she likes rey
update soon dear

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Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 8:19am | IP Logged
nice update
rey s getting affected by taani n harshad's closeness
n ths ragging idea?
ny ways continue soon
i really wanna knw d resn bhnd rey's behaviour

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.AriSe.To.LoVe. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Superb update
Waiting for ur chaps like mad
thanks u updated
Huh ! ! ! Rey is ignoring Taani...not good for him...
More in love with Harshad-Taani bond
Nd Harshad's lame joke loved it
Swayam is so protective nd concerned
Swaron they r so cute
Like Vicky's questioning part
Keep updating

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Shubh007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Awesome update...Clap

Love it...Smile

I think ray thought taani like sharad thats why he is ignoring taani...Confused

Waiting for nxt part so update soon...Smile

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anatomy_nerd Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 9:13am | IP Logged
hey was an amazing update...was waiting from a long time for it
now coming to this chapter...loved taani and harshad's masti...their dialogues are a treat to read as the they are super funnyLOL n relatable to our personal lives even
swayam n sharon blush wala part was damn funnyLOLWink
then wats wrong with dat rey??? why is he behaving different with taani??Angry
i guess he thinks that taani n harshad are togtherConfused
then the ragging part was also good...loved rey's impatient avatar for taaniWink
now plz make taarey n swaron togtherSmile

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