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Debater of the week #11: rahmona_pakswe; Note Pg9 (Page 4)

Diva-In-Armor Goldie

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 7:08pm | IP Logged

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-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rahmona_pakswe

Originally posted by Prometeus

Congrats Rahmona_pakswe
Thank you!

My questions are:-
How do you spend your days?
Like any other human being. What?! You expected some juicy details? You ain't getting any! Tongue
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
In la la land with flying unicorns. No hopefully happy and content living in a house of my own. Maybe maybe there will be a man in my life.
Some say there are 7 wonders in the world? what you think?
Of course there are 7 wonders in the world but why only limit them to buildings. There can be 7 wonders of craziness, 7 wonders of hypocracy, 7 wonders of idiots.
What's your perfect kiss? 
Hey hey hey! Aren't we getting slightly personal here? But ok I'll answer it like a good girl. My perfect kiss is a slow romantic kiss shared under the moonlight standing on the beach with my loved one...NOT!!! First of all I don't do slow, secondly I'm not a romantic person, thirdly I hate cliches! Feel free to imagine what my perfect kiss will be. Tongue -hmmLOL
Do you think am crazy n arrogant ? if yes/no.. Why?Tongue
Yes you are because seeing your general behaviour on DM indicates these two specific attributes in you. But I must say I'm a bit of a fan of your sarcastic and provocative one liners. They are highly entertaining. --lolLOL thx.. I think am I'm optimistic ... I truly believe everyone will come around to my way of thinkingWink
Whats your dream future?
Should I go with the standard beauty pageant answer? World peace? Of course I want it but as it's highly unlikely I want a more respectful and kind world. And more environment friendly too. We need more ways to keep this world clean and safe. For myself I only want happiness.
Whats the biggest turn off in a boy/girl? 
Physically...bad odour and bad breath. Mentally...narrow mindedness.
How far have you gone? 
Yesterday I went to moon and back in my day dreams but in reality I only went to IKEA. Feel free to elaborate the question a bit further.
What is the stupidest thing you've done on your own free will?
While being pregnant I carried something really heavy which I shouldn't have. Thankfully nothing bad happened but I really got scared and became more careful after that.
Ever Broken Any Bones?
No but I've had my heart broken numerous times.
Are You A Touchy Feely Person?
With the right person...always! Blushing
Do You Dream Often?
Not during the night but during the day there's a never ending flow of daydreaming.
At What Point Does A Girl Become A Woman?
When she loses her innocence. Tongue Now that sounded dirty! Blushing No, what I really meant is when she stops believing in fairytales. On the other hand some women never stops believing in fairytales. Does that mean she's a girl trapped in a woman's body? Hmm...
Any Tatoos?
No, but a few piercings in my ears.
Are You Good At Cooking?
I'm an average cook. I've always dreamt of being a fantastic cook but that gene was never passed to me through my mother. Though I do cook everything from scratch whether it's Curry, Swedish Fish Pie, Lasagne or Sushi. I don't do readymade food or spices unless it's absolutely necessary. Same thing with baking. Everything is made from scratch.
Difference between shia and sunni belifs?
I think the main difference between Sunnis and Shias lies in their interpretation of the rightful succession of leadership.
Jesus was Jewish??
I always assumed he was.
your views on Judging others on their looks/talks?
I don't like judging anyone's physical attributes as some people hit jackpot when it comes to genetic lottery and other loses out completely (like me). It's ridiculous how less good looking people are blamed for being ugly like it's their own fault, like they chose to be ugly. Why blame the person who had no control over their genes? However I can have issues with people's clothings from time to time and I do voice my opinion.
When it comes to talks I can be quite judgmental as that something is in our control and we can change.
Have You Ever Milked A Goat/Cow?
No but as a 10-11 year old I had the opportunity to visit a farm with my school. The farmer milked the cow with his hands and we got to see it. Later we all tasted the fresh milk which was warm and delicious.
Do You Read? Has Any Particular (non-religious)Book Influenced You Or Left A Life-Changing Impact?
Yes I read...a lot! There was one particular book that revolutionised my thinking. A Swedish lecturer and film directer wrote "Att valja gladje" or "Choosing Happiness" (English title). It sounds like a self-help book and in a way it is however his methods are something I never have come across before. He also directed the movie "Sa som i himmelen" or in English "As It Is in Heaven". Worth watching!
Post something about 10/15 DM members?
I'll come back to it.

Chill & NjoySmile
Exactly what I did.

Thank you for the wonderful replies...I loved it!!. Big smileThumbs Up

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-Aarya- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Congrats Mona :)

What do the below verse mean to you?

I worship not what you worship,
Nor do you worship Whom I worship,
Neither shall I worship what you worship,
Nor will you worship Whom I worship,
To you be your religion, and to me my religion.

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nishu786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 10:21am | IP Logged
I am back with my second set of questions...well you are giving such amazing answers,i have to ask few more.

1) One guilty pleasure that you never wanna give up - 

2) Describe friendship in your way - 

3) Best compliment you ever got -

4) What you prefer? Lot of acquaintances or couple of close friends? Give reason -

5) What you prefer? Friends who say what's in their heart or friends who temper their words? - 

6) One place you wanna visit with your daughter - 

7) Two qualities that draw you to someone new - 

8) One weakness you wanna eliminate from your life - 

9) Suppose if you could restore one broken relationship,which would it be? -

10) Suppose you are not in talking terms with one of your close friend. You think he/she made some mistake,&your friend think you made some mistake. How difficult is it for you to forgive them who refuses to apologize or accept their mistake? - 

Edit - typo 

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ELectraHeart

Originally posted by rahmona_pakswe

[QUOTE=ELectraHeart]^^ i absolutely loved your answers Mona..Smile (thank you) and Congratulations on becoming MOTW, hope u will be grilled to the core. Wink (looking forward) After reading your replies, I felt like you are very down to earth person and appreciate simple things in life. I have just one question, what was your proudest or memorable moment as a single mother ? There are so many moments...hard to choose one. OK this might sound a bit weird but the first time my daughter asked me about the physical relationship between two human beings, with other words sex. Now there's a wee bit story behind it. During my childhood and teenage years I never had the relationship with my mother where I could ask anyting or seek guidance from her. There wasn't enough trust and strong bond between us because she was dealing with her own problems (her in-laws created havoc in mum's life). So one thing I decided after becoming a mother was that no matter what the circumstances in life will be I WILL create a strong bond between me and my daughter, she will be able to seek guidence from me, she will have enough confidence and trust to ask me about anything, especially sensitive subjects. So when she asked about physical relationship between two human beings I was incredibly proud as a mother. It meant all my hard work had paid off.  [/QUOTE]

Wow! awesome reply MonaLOL TBH, even i never had such bond with my mother but i do look forward to following your steps ...LOL  Your children will be either very grateful or very embarrassed. LOL
So, mona you have "almost teenage daughter" , i was wondering if she is on IF ? just curious..LOL
or Let just consider she is on IF and you know these days trends with e-flings and all...So, how will you help/prevent ur daughter falling in from this trap ? 
No she is not on IF because first of all she has no interest in desi shows. Secondly I wouldn't allow her on IF. This forum isn't always the healthiest place for a young mind. Maybe in a few years time when she's more mature I might allow her.
E-flings...well the only way to prevent her somewhat is open communication. It may not always help but it's a good start. I don't expect her to tell me everything nor do I want to know every tidbit of her life, actually I want it but need to respect her privacy, When she's on Internet I'm generally sitting in the same room and ever so often I ask her what she's reading or doing without soundiing too nosy. I try to take genuine interest in the pages she visits and the videos she watches. I know her e-mail password and she knows mine. That way she knows that we can both check each others e.mails But these are only safety measures and not guarantees. It's like wearing a safety belt in the car, it can protect you from getting severly hurt but it won't protect you from ending up in an accident.  
hey if u want to skip the question , u can totally do that and sorry if it is too personal...Confused
It wasn't too personal so I had no problem answering your questions. Big smile 

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 6:52am | IP Logged

Originally posted by OnepoundChic

Salam mona ! you probably(ermm must) have not seen me here ..  Loving your MOTW ,simple nd crystal clear answers, a much needed break from the sarcastic stuff for a 'not really able to read between the lines person' like me LOL . Same here! I can't either read between the lines. I'm a hopeless case! LOL

 ok 1st nd most important question(for me) 1st,

*You are a mother can you tell me why mothers are so affectionate, selfless ,meek ,merciful,amusing,considerate ,generous ,gorgeous,candilicious, sweet nd soft heated?,even to her rude nd disobeying child .. i asked my mother about it nd in return she only patted me with extreme warmth ,didn't say anything!
LOVE! The immens love for our child is what makes us mothers the way we are.
*IF u had the opportunity to get across a message to a large group of people what would  your message be?
There are no aliens living on this planet, we all are human beings so remember to respect each other and be kind.

*What would you do differently ,if you knew nobody will judge you?
Saying my hearts content. There are few relatives of mine that need a piece of my mind but I'm holding back for the sake of my mother.
One other thing I would do is openly listen to the type of music I like in front of my parents and relatives. It's not everyday you have someone like me who sometimes loves listenting to Industrial and Symphonic Metal. Can you imagine my super religious relatives reaction? My next stop would be mental asylum.ROFL I once told an elderly relative that I like watching movies with lots of physical fights and general nastiness and she was ready to pass out. ROFL

*Do you celebrate the things you have?
Rather than celebrating I prefer to be thankful and grateful. Celebrating feels like I'm rubbing it in on people who are less fortunate so I rather appreciate.
*You said you are not a romantic person ,considering it,still whats the most embarrassing thing you've done to get a guy?(spice it up plz LOL)
I am very boring and religious person so I never approached guys. Never had boyfriends or anything. However there was one little thing I did as a 16 year old (which was when dinosaures ruled the worldLOL). I had a crush on a guy from the same school year through out high school but being a good girl I never uttered one thing. After the graduation and summer holidays I went to Gymnasiet (Upper Secondary School) where I later found out that this guys older brother was also going there. Now he worked temporary at a local newspaper and one fine day the older brother wrote a small column about how girls only watch football (soccer) for the cute boys. Of course I blasted off because that was so wrong, at least in my case. So I wrote a long rant about his narrow mindedness, sent it in and forgot about it. Sometime later my angry letter was published and I got so embarrassed. But in a weird twisted teenage mind I hoped that he had shown my published letter to his younger brother. LOL
Sorry this is spicy as it gets.

*Which one song or movie that you're embarrassed to like? 
Song: "It Only Takes A Minute" with Take That.
Movie: Titanic 
And now I will go and die of shame. LOL

*What would you regret not fully doing,being,or having in your life? skip the beauty part plz,you're beautiful when you write. 
Not using and showing my full potential. Like I can speak many languages but I might never get to do something useful with it. I would also very much regret if I never get to publish a novel knowing full well i can write and express myself..
*Coming between you nd your success ,what is the bullshit story you keep telling your self that why you are not able to achieve something particular or why are you not successful regarding some thing?  
(hope this question is clear enough ,turned a quote into question LOL)
"I'm not good enough!!!"
Sadly the mantra of my life. The bottom line is that I don't believe in myself due to low self esteem. There are is also they whole thing about me being undeserving of success and won't pursue because I'm a bad person. In a way I'm punishing myself. Yup, I'm all screwed up!
*what is the difference b/w living nd existing?
In my opinion living is when you live your life to it's true potential. You enjoy every moment, fulfill dreams, have a positive approach to everything.
Existing is when you walk through the days aimlessly like a zombie. You are alive yet dead. Nothing is being accomplishe and the sense of loss is always around.

*IF no one has right to judge other person/behavior/religion then why whole world is judging Muslims on the basis of whats going on than what they actually are/or what may they actually be ?(simply give your take on it)
Partially we can blame the media for always focusing on negativity but the main blame can be layed on us Muslims. Which type of Muslims are seen and heard the most? The ones who spread hate, violence, and bombs and kills innocent people. When that type of Muslims are seen over and over again of course other people will start assuming a few things. We could work harder and show another side of Islam but that will take time. Negativity spreads much faster than positivity.
Well on the other hand the world always needs a bad boy to lay the blame on. Before it used to be black people, Jews or Russians. Now it's the Muslims.
*And can you judge or you can say guess a person ,the way he writes or what he writes or how/what he sounds?, ..if yes what do you think of me or what do you think i am like? 
(m looking for an answer for quite some time LOL)
You can get an idea of how someone is by that person's writing but not get the full picture. And for you...(I might be completely wrong here)...but you seem to be the curious type who ponders on a lot of things.
p.s! Thank you already! Big smile Tongue

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charminggenie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Aren't you just killing it already, Mona! Good goingClap!
Promise this lot would be fun and easy!
ManU/ Real Madrid/ Barca
Messi / C. Ronaldo
Spain /Germany /Brazil ( foot play ofcourse )
Lets give you the power of planning a week just for yourself, get down and mention all the crazies you would do?
A image that has stayed with you till now?
If you were a DMG character , who would you be and why?
Fav. Cartoon
Fav junk food
The most silliest thing you would love to do.
A dance form you want to learn.
If you were a bird where will you fly?
Now, keep that smile and give yourself a pat in the back, you are doing awesome!

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Finally posting some questions. Good going Ramona, this is one of the most thoughtful MOTWs


1.       Why don't you debate much? What would it take to get you more involved in debate?

2.       Sex. How important is it for a mother to discuss with her daughter? What should they discuss? When, how and why?

3.       What advice do you give mommy to be, or moms of infant baby girls? What would be your five essential things moms of daughters should know?

4.       South Asia has a lot of issues with rape and sexual harassment. What do you think moms can do to ensure that their sons treat each and every woman with respect, no matter what?

5.       What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter?

6.       What makes you laugh? What makes you happy? Share a few events in life that either made you ecstatically happy or had you laughing like a nut job?

7.       We need to learn to laugh at ourselves – agree or disagree? Why?

8.       Social psychology says it takes 8-10 positive impressions to negate 1 negative impression. The more strong the negative impression, the exponentially higher positive impressions are needed to negate it. In light of that do you think that Muslims are doing enough to change the impressions created by terrorists? What can Muslims do more to gain trust? Are Americans doing enough to change the impression created by wars? What can America do to appear more trustworthy?

9.       In regards to your daughter – how important are religion, race and ethnicity in choosing her future partner? Why?

10.   Tell anything random you want me to know.

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