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here's the link to Chapter 47
Chapter 48

Krishna n Pratigya climbed up the elaborately n luxuriously decorated mandap , the pandit indicating them to sit. They sat down , feeling a mixture of thoughts.. Krishna stared at the flames , thinking how he allowed himself to be landed in such a pathetic position .. Marriage? . He glanced sideways at her , a crooked smirk on his lips as he thought of the night ahead .. just mere hours .. n she will be his in the most primal way! He realized as his eyes roved over her form that what he really looked forward to was taking her as his .n not to take care of his needs .. No! he should be careful.! Nobody.especially hermust know what he actually wanted . ! why though? I Don't know.! Damn it !!!... he turned his face away n resumed his staring session with the flames .. Pratigya could feel her heart beating in her mouth . The feeling of his scorching gaze over her was making her struggle for breath . Omg , he is impatient ! dread filled her as she thought of the night ahead not bec she was ruing her everything in a matter of hours but bec she knew that she won't be able to stop it . ! for all the wrong reasons ! bec she could feel that treacherous part of her going almost giddy in excitement n coyness n to her horror,..willingness! No! she won't let him touch her ! .she drew herself closer , her palms turning pale over her knees..

'As soon as the marriage is over , I want u to go n kill that pandit .. !' hissed gayatri in angad's ear.. Angad stopped ogling at Pratigya n turned to face his mother . 'why don't u tell me what's going on?' he asked , irritated .. 'I will tell usoon.' Hissed gayatri again , checking if someone was eavesdropping. Before angad could answer back, some old women came near them n gayatri nudged him to go away. Fine! Don't tell me .I will find out !... fumed angad in anger


It felt like ages .for both of finally the pandit asked him to put the mangal sutra , Krishna took it from the thaali n leaned towards her ..if earlier his mind conjured up sensual images of what will happen later during the night , now his mind strangely felt blank.. he didn't even glance at the mangal sutra once . He could feel her shiver when his fingers brushed over her neck he sat straighter , confusedhis mind was drawing blank!...he was ecpecting himself to feel reveling in his feeling of staking his claim on her .but no! he felt nothing.. just an eerie calmness.. he tried to think but felt frustrated as his mind seemed blacked out as he pinched a generous pinch of sindoor out of the box offered n put it over her maang , his eyes only seeing her closed eyes n slightly trembling lips .. he cleaned his hands in a fluffy kerchief offered , feeling agitated.

Pratigya could feel her heart thundering as she felt herself lean forward , n bow her head in front of him while he put the mangal sutra around her neck . Her mind felt strangely blank.. she felt the familiar shiver pass down her body when his fingers brushed lightly over the back of her neck . She tried with all her might to hate him n the moment but to her frustration , her mind stubbornly remain blank on the contrary , when he put the sindoor , she could feel herself relaxing . Relaxing? She closed her eyes even more tightly n turned her face away , sitting straighter..she heard some woman sigh behind her 'poor girl..she is missing her mother' Pratigya gritted her teeth as manjula nudged her to stand up for pheras after gayatri hastily tied her pallu with his shawl they walked around the fire , not exactly sure what they were doing or thinking.. their minds were blank ..


Sakthi n his brothers looked sour n angry. They eyed gayatri , shailendra n their father in resentment . 'I am not believing it bauji is believing that old hag ! whatever old buffoonery she is planning, she is going to end up dead !from what bauji told us about the last time when that bas***d sajjan killed our grandfather , she escaped with sheer luck!' said sakthi, his eyes following Krishna in anger .'hmmyes! .. she had better have a solid plan up her sleeve or else she is gone. If they won't finish her off.we will' chuckled manu , looking smug


Gayatri nodded at Angad who grimaced at her but nodded his head n went out of the hall n out of the house he is going to find out what's happening. Meanwhile Krishna n Pratigya struggled to remain composed as the photo session started . Their shoulders kept brushing against each other as the guests pressed them from both sides n they found themselves trying not to make contact with each other durjjan n his sons climbed the dais with Sakthi smirking at pratigya . She turned her face away in disgust as krishna's face showed amused anger. He stopped sakthi by hand as he made to go n stand beside Pratigya ,with a smile 'tut..tut.. manners , sakthi .. this is the happiest moment in my life.. I want u by my right side.u see, that's where I would keep my dog all the time , if I have one' said Krishna mockingly .sakthi suppressed a shudder n a bolt of anger but was forced to suffer the humiliation as many curious guests were looking at his now red woman said , sighing 'ofcourse , there were rumors that the minister wanted to fix his daughter's marriage with him but the girl is a wise oneshe chose mr . KST.''yeah. he is ought to feel disgruntled ' 'serves him right !... has heard that he is a rotten egg!!' 'yes, look at the bride n groom.. they look made for each other . As they say couples r made in heaven.' Sakthi fought to keep his face straight although he blanched .. durjjan who stood next to pratigya shot him a reprimanding look , leering at few husbands of the women who were going on about sakthi. The men nudged their wives to shut up , fearfully glancing at Durjjan..

Pratigya could literally feel evil emanating from Durjjan as she visibly moved away as far as she could towards Krishna , feeling protected instinctively .. she resisted the urge to look up at him Krishna felt her moving closer to him n before he even knew it his left hand had come around her waist to hold her closer to him as he whispered to sakthi, while smiling at the flashes 'she is mine.. n u know better what happens if anybody even looks at what's mine! last time u had to dig up a dead body u urself got buried ! .. this time I won't settle for such petty humiliations .But then, I don't want to waste my precious bullet on a rat like u.I will let u decide how u want to die.' Sakthi kept his eyes to the front, boiling in anger n humiliation Pratigya had let out an inaudible gasp as Krishna pulled her closer by waist she heard what krishna said to sakthi n so did durjjandurjjan leaned in towards Pratigya n muttered 'the files ..girl! I want to see his n his father's faces when the files reach us. Enjoy ur life.' He boomed the last words , laughing hastily as he saw Krishna turning his attention from sakthi Krishna felt Pratigya getting tensed in his arms n he felt like telling her 'don't worry ..I am here. ' he stopped himself from actually saying the words feeling frustrated n confused why is he feeling like that ? . Like protecting her? .when all he wanted to do was humiliate her n use her? ..Pratigya , who had felt the initial tinge of fear , felt herself relax as krishna's grip around her tightened , his fingers conveying a sense of protection to hern she felt protected , from everything around her..she looked up at his face, confused krishna let go of her as durjjan smiled at him n said 'best wishes .lets hope u live long ' ..'advise ur sons to behave if u don't want to perform the last rites for them..' krishna said , smiling back.. .durjjan glared at Krishna in anger but could not say anything as other guests climbed up the dais .. he n his son's climbed down the dais looking sour..


Once the photo session was over arrangements were being made for the send off of the bride .. pratigya remained with Krishna , tethered together , each aware of the other's proximity but trying hard to ignore the other. Many photographers tried to get them ready for a couple only shoot but Krishna refused point blank 'pls sir.its the trendn u will get to cherish good , happy momentspls sir' pleaded many , but Chandu interrupted sending them away.. manjula came forward 'so let's begin the bidaayi ' pratigya looked up, her heart wrenching .'No.! I meanI want to see my mother' she chocked out Krishna stiffened beside her as many women around them expressed their sadness at her mother's misfortune Chandu looked shocked as he heard about the terminally ill renuka.. inspite of himself he looked at pratigya , concern spreading across his heart .. 'oh yesshe should' began manjula but stopped when Krishna started untying the knot , his face inscrutable 'oh no damaadji . U haven't taken blessings from her either ... its true that she is ill, but u should do ur duty .comen also beta, don't untie it nowits upshagun' one elderly woman told , placing her hand over krishna's to prevent him untying the knot, confused at krishna's behavior . Krishna almost swore , getting angry n frustrated , but chandu squeezed his shoulder , indicating him to walk

pratigya wasn't noticing anything as fear n concern n pain clawed at her heart , climbing up the stairs ..krishna followed , gritting his teeth , his face screwed up .. he didn't know why, he just didn't like the idea of seeing that woman.. n he had a suspicion that it was bec she was her mother ! mother .!..stop thinking about it ! he had been seeing many woman off late around him due to this stupid marriage but he didn't know why he felt a curious frustrating unease as he reached the room . He kept his eyes on Pratigya , so that he didn't have to look at the woman he felt a bit startled as he saw sheer pain in her face he grimaced as he saw Pratigya rushing to the bed , leaning over n hugging the woman .. he looked away , suddenly feeling lonely.Praigya was feeling literally choking ..she wanted to cry her heart out , but couldn't her ma will panicrenuka patted pratigya , smiling through her tears 'go n live ur life, beti..I will be fine.' She said , kissing pratigya on forehead, her hands framing her face.. pratigya nodded ,clutching at her hands, trying to smile.'beta' renuka called , a mixture of happy n sad smile on her lips n hope in her eyes Krishna found himself looking at her, feeling eerie 'oh, u r so handsome.' Renuka smiled at him.. Krishna found that he didn't mind the comment.. 'come near me.' She said, calling him by waving her palm Krishna looked at her closely she looked weak, sunken but her eyes were alivePratigya tensed .no ! that devil is not getting anywhere near her ma.. no! she won't let that killer touch her ma.! She looked at Krishna n was startled to find his face , painful then suddenly she remembered what the elderly woman she saw at his house told her about his mother his mother was a bad woman n probably he was reminded of her..inspite of herself, she felt bad.for him! no! stop!...praigya closed her eyes, feeling insane.

Krishna hesitated , not wanting to go near the woman..renuka looked at him expectantly , her smile wavering a bit as her eyes took in the cold stare of Krishna Pratigya looked at Krishna , horror gripping her at the sight of his cold , indifferent stare .. her ma will be panicking krishna saw fear n confusion creeping in the eyes of the old woman n his gaze relaxed , feeling bad for the first time, why he didn't knowrenuka looked confusedly at krishna as pratigya tried to distract her , by running her fingers through her hair n smiling enthusiastically at her..'u take rest ma. The doc said not to stress too much'trying to keep her voice calm. Krishna's eyes softened as he continued to gaze at renuka ..unconsciously , he stepped forward , a bit.n smiled at renuka..he felt himself relaxing as he watched the old woman relaxing smiling in relief n happiness...'pls take care of my daughter she will be a good wife.she will bring joy in ur life.pls don't ever let her, make her, cry..pls, that's all I want to request u, beta..' renuka said , caressing pratigya's hands Krishna smirked..u wish ..old woman!. She is going to bleed tears ..! he thought anger returning in full force . Wife?! Never! She will be my mistress always .even in the sick bed these women r playing tricks ..! pratigya could feel her head spinning at the sheer cruelty of the reality n pain at the hope in renuka's voice n eyes n she tried not to fall down n in the process sagged against him, unable to stand. Krishna was shocked , suddenly every thought vanishing from his mind as his hands framed her body, supporting her against his chest . Renuka smiled in gratitude at him, folding her frail hands ..pratigya clutched at his arms , rather painfully as she struggled to stand , making every effort to be away from him.

Krishna was finding that he was feeling tensed n angry at the sudden contrasting movements of her .. one moment she was leaning on him for support n the next moment , she was pushing off himshe had been doing it from the start!... all nautankis.. he straightened her roughly , almost bruising her upper arms in his iron grip 'it's time for the bidaai' gushed manjula from the door way. Krishna turned towards the door with a last look at renuka n walked briskly out, pulling Pratigya with him by the knot pratigya staggered forward, looking back at renuka, her eyes brimming. He hastily climbed down the stairs, practically dragging pratigya with him n it was all pratigya could do to keep up with him. Even though her mind was in a haze , at that moment she had a fleeting feeling, although faintly, that she felt real hatred towards him

hope u liked it Embarrassed

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once again well written update Dhanya...Clap

super like it.Thumbs Up.they way pratigya move towards krishnaSmile    on stage for protection & krishna too hold her closely to assure her that she is safe with body dare to touch her..  Smile.Really thinking what happen to those Durjjan,shailender,manjula when he come to know the truth that how they all tortured her a lot...waiting for that day to come..Day Dreaming      when he show the real place to them for torturing pratgiya & save her mother from their clutches...& show  them what real KST  Starwill do Thumbs Upto those who ever think bad abt his love Pratigya...Party   Thumbs Upaction speak louder than words...Dancing

update soon...Day Dreaming

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Another fantastic update Dhanya,Clap

Loved how you showed that Kriya's actions show the love they are feeling for each other even though they don't realize it.  How P moved closer to K to seek safe haven and he held her tight to protect her.  I think P will also be protective of K when they get to his house whether she realizes it or not.

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Another fabulous  engross update 
Update soon

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Awausm di... one word update soon...ClapClap
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truly amazing looking at their connection
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just superb update dhanya read all the previous parts now story getting very interesting pls update can't wait now Tongue
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Thanks all Big smile  
coming soonn...Big smile

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