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FF:Intehaa Pyaar Ki:Th.5: Final Ch pg. 61 Aug. 27th (Page 63)

sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepa17

Shirley.. The whole chapter.. FF was fantastic but this was too good:

"She whimpers, Please kumpel, I need to concentrate here.

I said, kiss.. K I S S

Wearily, she goes forward to kiss him.

He backs away, What you doing?

You wanted it na?

What did I say? I was just answering your query.

She stares at him surprised, What? You only said Kiss!

Oh I see, you took it that way, sach me Nidhi, you are too hor.. you know.

She anrily crosses her arms, Hmmph

Arre tum bhi na! I said KISS. K I S S " Keep It Simple Silly! and he laughs at her expression.

She is still annoyed. He kisses her, Sorry, couldnt resist teasing you. Chalo, get to work, I will just cange and join you. A lot need to be done. Our case needs to be iron-clad"

yeah. even I was laughing like anything while writing this..
Btw, I manually corrected the problem.. so now u can read it again..

sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarti1303

ClapSuperb Chapter!  I was waiting for the chapter and as expected it was a master piece.  You have a special way with the dialogues, words and characterisation,  I know u are very busy , so  post next chapter as per your convenience,  We all always appreciate and wait for your updates!
Thanks a lot Aarti, I am sorry for the delay in responding to this review.
I am really glad you enjoyed ch-15.
I just posted my last chapter, pl. do check it out.

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sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonyjknum

sshirley first a big sorry for my late reply,was really caught up sad and sorry smiley
Hey dear, ab toh sorry bolne ki baari meri hai that I could not reply to ur review earlier.
I read the chap twice,loved it.

Thank you so much dear. It feels great to know that u have read it twice.

He gives her a somewhat sarcastic smile, "Don't worry Nidhi, I have left the amount of alimony blank. You can fill up any amount you want.. don't hesitate '
This showed that he was going on making false implications based on her earlier behaviour,nidhi was devastated,but she decided to handle the situation maturely

yeah it was a kind of role reversal for them, with her behaving maturedly and him losing even basic sense in his anger, as it often happens when a person is angry. And yes, past sometimes comes to haunt you at the most inopportune of times

Meri aankhon ne wohi dekha jo mere dil ne dekhna chaaha.
I loved this line,it very well reflected Ashu's state of mind
Thank you.
And the beauty of my predicament is that tumne toh mujhe kabhi koi dokha diya hi nahi! Main hi khud ko behlata raha.. jhoothe excuses, jhoothi unmeeden deke.
And he is blaming himself for misunderstanding her,I loved the way Nidhi silently kept doing all work for Ashu and stayed far from him as he had wished,she was happy she got 10 days,she so hoped things will be better by then,Ashu's words that night made Nidhi see her self image,how till now she has
been,how her each action has led Ashu to believe that she just was taking advantage of him

uh huh. he feels that he has deluded himself and she feels things will get better, its all quite natural, I felt.

TUM! Main tumse pyaar karta tha, but now I realize it was all illusion on my part"
What a sad way to acknowledge your love ,Nidhi recalling all her previous actions where she failed to understand Ashu's feelings and feeling guilty about them

yeah.. it must be the first time in an ff that love was acknowledged thus. and nidhi realizes everything when its too late.

Ashutosh is surprised to see the changes in her. When he gets up at midnight, he sees her sleeping like a lady, either on her back, with her legs together and her hands on her sides, or on her side, with her legs one over the other, bent at the knees and her hands too one over the other beside her head. While lying down, she is always covered properly with a duvet.

What astonishes him the most is that she hardly wears any jewelry these days. She wears simple sarees, puts just her mangalsutra around her neck, and fills her hair-parting with sindoor, something she has never done before. He just gets irritated, What the hell is she trying to show me?

I loved this part,despite being angry,he noticed ,these changes in Nidhi and was surprised ,

Thank you. I am glad you caught this aspect and mentioned it here in your review.
I loved the way he handled Rohan
yes, I thought that was the best way to close the rohan angle.

Finally he comes to know the real culprit behind the leakage and then...

PS. Jaate jaate aapki achchhai ka ek aur fayda uthake jaa rahi hoon. I am taking my mangalsutra with me. I know you won't mind.. aap ka dil bahut bada hai." 

yes, this PS line is my fav too.
It made me very emotional,I loved the way he stopped her from stepping out,loved the marriage and fun they had together,and ofcourse what followed later,so Ashu became Miene liebe from KumpelSmile,loved the passion,now what next,are you going to give closure to Rohan  tooConfused
Thanks a lot for liking and loving all these aspects.
Rohan aspect has been already closed with that scene na. And I just posted my final chapter. take a look.

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sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepali.rock

Shirley, we love you for who you are..your stories just add on to it..but what we feel towards you is nothing less than that for a family member..so cheer up..saying this as a friend..who loves to see you smile..
and you write or not..you'll always be dear to me in a very very special way..
and if you write anything after that..just let us know where it is..if it will be in my power..i'll give anything to sit back and read your work..
you are the one person who motivated my thought process..your work made me think and analyse the situatons so precisely..
if you were so happy on reading my reviews..so was I because it helped me expand my view..my thought process..it helped me discover a new self which I didn't even know even existed..
writing reviews for you gave me an immeasurable joy..i cant even voice it..but you and your work made me feel that..
being preoccupied with work and college has affected my ability to write reviews for you..and it even added on to my piling frustration levels..but still felt better seeing you write so beautifully..
wanted to come here and tell you so many things..but time was a constraint for me.. it still is..
so please don't feel demotivated yaar..love you so so much..
Thank you Deepali for showering so much love on me, I love you too yaar.
Sure will let you know if I write anything else.
sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepali.rock

the things which I felt very strongly about your chap..
Hi Deepali, sorry for the delay in responding
jagan got to know the details through the phone not switched off..god..trust you to bring in something like that..i mean I already knew it that none of the friends could have done it including mallika(I would have come after you if you did anything with my mallikaLOL)..but didn't expect that..was thinking and thinking the logical way what went wrong..but this part just cracked me upROFL..when you always do the unexpected that is the point where I take a bow mam..
Your Mallika? LOLLOL hehe.. yeah I know u hated Nidhi in the beg. and always loved mallika.
you know I was wondering if the leak twist would be a disappointment to my readers who expected a 'culprit'. I am glad that u liked this twist. and thank you so very much. I take a bow dear.
and next thing..
ashu making nidhi face her true self which she was..was the ultimate highlight of the chap..i constantly felt something missing even after you redeemed her fully..and this was it..nidhi needed to be shown the mirror the hard way for her past deeds..which you did very nicely..again a bow..
Yeah, her redemption would have been incomplete till she was made to see her former self..
before this I couldn't see nidhi with respect even after redemption..
Uh huh. me neither
but when nidhi hated herself and called herself ***** , that was the moment to take a bow again..
you gave her character dimension with this part only..
and according to me, she stood at lowest pedestal before the showdown..and after it I could see her occupy a place next to mallika..
OMG Deepali, ur these words mirrored my thoughts exactly. 
that was what I felt strongly about the chap
Thank you so much for this review. it came at a time when it was needed badly, to boost me!
sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cherishh

Hi dear,

Hope you still remember meTongue ...me sorry for not commenting all these daysEmbarrassed

 Hi Bhanu, of course I remember u. how can I forget ur beautiful reviews during jab koi baat...

Well, me trying to comment yet not commenting much on updates but just as to how I felt with somethings of the story and its updates...hope you won't get much angry with itEmbarrassedLOL

Oh... that's okay dear. no probs 

wowww...what a story.  I wonder from where should I start and how.  Its just an amazing one, very unique...hard to think for me for sure Tongue .  There are so many things I want to say, I hope I could say at least a fewEmbarrassed    

Thank you so very much. I am glad u enjoyed this experimental story of mine.

So nice to see AshNi in another profession...I guess that break was needed yet love them as doctors foreverBig smile, but glad to see AshNi in this new avatar professionally and about personal, don't ask me...omg what are they, a complete new face to them...not even them, but all the characters and their relations...I am so loving it

Yes even I love AshNi as docs forever. but somehow I felt this story needed a legal background. And yes, this ff was a challenge as the characterizations, their mutual relations, the background, the scenarios - everything was totally different. sometimes I did stumble, but I hope I got it all right for the most part?

Coming to the beginning of the story...frankly speaking after reading first chapter I stopped reading, I mean I couldn't see thatAngryUnhappy with the way things were, but couldn't stop myself from doing so after you updated 3rd chapterEmbarrassedTongue, stalking u knowLOLWink, so hard to resistEmbarrassed

 LOLLOLLOL Yeah i can understand. many people here could not stand ashmal.LOL I am just tempted to ask you, did u feel like killing me when u read ch-6 ending - ashu getting intimate with mallika? please sach sach batana.  

AshNi are poles apart...their way of living, thinking, viewing about things..every bit of it I felt...but yet they bonded with these things and the way you brought about it is just so amazing

Thank you again. Yeah, this AshNi had nothing in common, yet they bonded in unique ways, albeit as friends in the beginning. 

Every chapter leaves me sweetly shocked, shocked or surprised for no doubt.  From the beginning everything happens in the story opposite to what I thinkLOLLOL and I think this makes the story much more interesting for meBig smile

Thank you dear.

@ bold - Really? i am so so glad that you could not guess correctly and the surprise element was always maintained.   
The shocks surely for me were Armu-Mallu bond, Rohan and Nidhi so very different..well I love Ashu in any way, so can't help to not mention anything thereWink

Even you are an AD D'oh

Yeah.. a grey Nidhi and black Rohan - i was really scared to try out these characterizations but the story idea was too tempting not to try out, so went ahead. 

Firstly, all I wanted to do is beat the hell out of Armaan for making Ashu to propose to Mallu raniAngry and that fool Ashu going with it too, but guess he couldn't do muchOuch...then comes the dhamakedaar entry of Nidhi, I was like what did u do to her and her wish for Rohan's proposal and the reasons behind itShockedShocked...Rohan is one mad fellow, kya haal kardiya unka, straight from loverboy to tomboyLOL

Hehe.. why do u hate mallu so much.. is ff me toh she was the purest hearted character of all Big smile 

I just loved swamiji's predictionsDay Dreaming.

Yeah, i wanted to kind of give my readers an assurance that ashni will be together... warna koi padhta hi nahi mera ff.

The way Ashu fell in love with Nidhi and yet not recognizing those feelings for some time and fighting with himself was the part I loved the most till date, the way he cared for her, behaved in her presence was just too beautiful to read.  I can't forget those moments where the way he was helping her with her job, then caring for her with at staff lunch once..oh I so loved it, his love was overflowing without him knowing...awww, such a good one to read.

I am so so glad u loved these subtle and not so subtle gestures of ashu.

The way they got married was not at all expected from me...I mean I thought chalo he instead of backing of will finally come to conclusion that he cannot and will leave things as it is and their frndship will start in that conference, though they were bonded but in a different way at that time too, and then all those incidents leading to marriage was not the track I was expecting..well as I said its a surprising FF for meEmbarrassed
Yeah, i did start that way na..they did start to bond during conference. but my story demanded that they marry in a way where nidhi is forced into marrying him.. so i had to go the clichd way of the badnaami and compromising pics, etc.
It gives me a unique creative satisfaction when u say that it was a very surprising ff for you.

OH YES...how could I forget that mast reception and all charged up AshNiLOLWink..gosh the way they were taking things by all was wonderful...I thoroughly enjoyed it

Yes the reception scene was my fave too. I too thoroughly enjoyed writing it dear. 

U turned Mallu all sweet-sweet...liked her characterization, the love, maturity, understanding was too good...the happiness when Ashu proposed, worried for him when he was trying to come to terms with his feelings for Nidz, then knowing the truth and accepting the facts was awesome, but still I so wished to see her in neg shadeLOLLOL, I love to hate her and thats what I expected when she was back in AshNi's life that too at a very, very important time, but u ditched me there tooAngryLOL,

TongueTonguei totally enjoyed ditching u everytime with Mallu's characterization.. mazaa aa gayaLOLLOL
On a serious note, yes i enjoyed writing this mallika a lot and it was a challenge too. you know often i got so carried away with her that my editor shouted at me - who is the heroine of ur ff? Nidhi or Mallika?
though u gave a hint as to AshNi separation might come from Jagan's entry and the caseEmbarrassed.

Uh huh!

I guess my desire to see Mallu as a bad woman was too muchLOL that I even imagined that Mallu being the reason behind the lost case, Nidhi proving it and then leaving everything and everyone behind and be missingWink and Ashu's reaction to all of these truths, but I think even that would have not done much..u know maybe Ashu might go into guilt of hurting Mallu and not trusting Nidz and all..."sigh"..me and my super imaginationsTongueLOLLOL

No, its not your super imaginations but the show's impact LOLLOL But m i glad that i managed to surprise you at every juncture!

What to say about Armu-Anji...they are a sweet couple, understanding, caring, loving, matured and clear about things in their life...Armu's past was real sad..I liked that trackSmile and of course Anjie's reactions about Armu's revelations.  Happy that they are married and content with their life, though wanting their friends to be happy too, which has finally happenedBig smile

Yes even i loved this couple a lot.. wish i had been able to continue with this ff and showed the different dynamics of these two couples with the same age gap.. but sigh.. don't have the time.


Anji is such a sweetheart...a best friend one could get ever...she proves it that a friend is someone who accepts us with all our faults and yet wanting good for them and trying to make them see and realize things and never giving up on them, being strict, sweet, loving and angry tooBig smileThumbs Up

Anji - i always loved her. in the show as well as all FFs. in this, her dynamics with Nidhi were v. different, atleast in the beginning.

Hope Rohan's case is finally closed with Ashu's warnings.

Yeah, it is. plus he won't be interested in nidhi now that she told him.. u know what?

I was expecting a much more twist with the already thundering twist you gave of Ashu thinking of Nidhi as the culprit for losing his case which he was very emotionally attached too.  I thought it would be a little late for him to learn the truth and Nidz might be gone from their life...but there u gave me a sweet surprise by making Ashu know the truth and he accepting his mistake and expressing the love tooBig smile

Chalo, i surprised u there too.. i am so glad.
I felt Ashu's reactions to all that fiasco is justified, the things he was witnessing, his loss, Nidhi's earlier behavior and doings, everything was on line and being shattered made him take that decision and conclusion of their relation and Nidz

Thanks a lot for saying his reactions were justified. Till that time, he  had been too patient, understanding and tolerant towards nidhi. but once he snapped, he snapped totally.

Finally, Nidhi learning and understanding about the real happiness and finding love too, of course with help of Ashu's care, concern, friendship, understanding and much more.  The way love made its way into her heart was a beauty, but that damn being unstable with her false predictions, insecurity or fear yet she being bold and happy to be love and wanting to express but guess things changed a lot from there on with Mallu's entry, jealousy and then the big bomb of divorce and a true reflection of self, which broke her and made her realize the materialistic dreams she has filled her life with and hating self to the core...that was a very emotional part for sure.  Loved the fact, she accepting her doings and wanting to rectify them and start anew, and as they say all well that ends well, so happy for her..and loving to see this real Nidhi where she understands things better, knows whats important in life, what love and relations are

Yes. in this ff, pain and jealousy acted as catalysts to make her matured, sensible and a better person in every way. I am so glad you understood this aspect so well here.

Liked the way she jelled up with baba and HK too and solanki's too being with her and caring and loving her

uh huh

In amidst all this, the most important thing, Ashu's feelings, Nidhi's change in his presence, AshNi's friendship, closeness blossoming to love making their bond strong was a blissful...their sweet and romantic moments are very beautiful from their first kiss to confession to being bonded with soul and spiritually again and ahead of their new and love life was amazing

Yeah, though Ashu loved her right from first, he kept his feelings in check and they became the best of friends... then they fell in love, kissed, then the divorce threat, then the confession.. then their union..

Well, for the last update I guess SR is still onEmbarrassedWink and one more thing I think Nidhi is working on the case if I ain't wrong and hope it really is so...and about how Jagan came to know about Ashu's take on the case was real shocking as I was still expecting that to be MalluLOLLOL, poor me...I think Mallu is going to remain a good girl hereOuchLOL...but should say it was nicely twisted...guess might get some Nidz-Mallu momentsEmbarrassed

Well just posted my final chapter.. go check for urself what guesses were correct Wink


So happy to be in your thread.  Finally, I wrote what I felt...hope my thoughts of some things aren't funnyEmbarrassedLOL, sry couldn't help and if I have missed out on mentioning anything.   Well, its really long and I think I might have eaten up a tiny bit of ur brainLOL

So happy to have u in my thread yaar.. And, no u gave me a piece of your brain to eat - it was yummy thanks a lotLOL

Thanks for such a lovely work...I am truly enjoying it and waiting for more of it, so please do update the next pretty sooonnn

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sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepaligupta197

There is a romantic glow to this beautiful story, sweet and sentimental. It is a story about finding love itself. In keeping with that theme, the romantic feelings of the two leads , the love that gently blossoms in their hearts.

Thank you Deeps for saying this.. I m glad u feel that.

Maine sirf tumhara chehra dekha, aur meri zindagi uthal puthal ho gayi..

From the moment Ashu saw Nidhi, he knew he was destined to love her forever. But a dishonorable leaking of his arguments portrayed a bleak future threatening to destroy his life before he gets the chance. Looking back, he recalls his life before it came crashing down around him...a time when the one he now loathes most of all was the one he adored more than anything. Ashus self thots clearly show his inner turmoil. We often fall into the trap of making decisions based upon  the feelings within our heart instead of the mind with logic.

I am glad you could feel Ashu's inner turmoil in a chapter where most of the readers felt nidhi's pain more.
Dil toh mera ab bhi nahi maanta Nidhi ke tum aisa kuch karogi.. lekin what other explanation can be there?

So we have to explain that when the mind is ruling the heart, it does not mean that the mind is at the top of the chain of command. Nobody wants the mind in charge--you'd never get anything done. The mind may be great at solving puzzles, but it's an incompetent idiot when it comes to real life. Rather, the mind is meant to be but a conduit for the soul.
Yes it is something that we all make the mistake of doing from time to time. Individuals aren't perfect all the time. Individual make mistakes, but the important thing is to learn to stop making the same judgment errors over and over again.

You are so so right here Deeps. yes the mind with only its logic, is an incompetent idiot when it comes to taking life's important decisions.
This is the mistake Ashu makes - his mind coldly assimilates the facts and decides that Nidhi is the culprit and he blindly goes with it.
And the beauty of my predicament is that tumne toh mujhe kabhi koi dokha diya hi nahi!

That was a beautiful drafting of Ashu's emotions

Thank you so so much Deeps.
Nidhi lay down almost lifeless on the diwan, tears trickling down her cheeks and her mind numb with  pain.
Their marriage begins with friendship. As they become more dependent on each other the dilema escalates. There are charming scenes that show how love conquered Nidhis mind nd soul .  Even the small prospects like Nidhis confusion , her pain n the way she wants to hang around Ashu , takes care of him everything  is handled gingerly .Ashni fall in love for the reason we all do; because of how we feel about ourselves when we are with that person.
Yeah Nidhi has become so so very dependent on him .. and she NEEDS to be near him, no matter what.
@Bold - thank you. that was my intention.
Love hurts, and that is not just a saying for the broken hearted. Heartbreak is a very strange distress. It is exquisitely painful, and yet we cannot find an injury on our body. But for Nidhi the pain helped her chisel into a more mature n beautiful person.the Nidhi who once lured Ashu into buying her a bracelet , now only emangalsutra adorned her body n soul. Once she hated making tea but now she loved cooking for her husband.something that happens with all of us.very realisticI cried , I laughed n then felt happy for these leading characters of ur story.
An apt descrition of ho love hurts. Hats off to u dear ClapClap
Must say the story has a certain pervasive charm and a subtle sense of intimacy that makes it seem more substantial than it has any right to be. There is a certain improvisational element to the two lead performances that contributes to this feeling and makes the characters easy to like despite upscale lifestyles .

I don't even know how to reciprocate to these beautiful words dear, except a big big THANK YOU

sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjani9

Shirley, Chapter 15 is like a project you know...you have put a strong case for their seperation, Nidhi's frustation not able to understand Ashu...Ashu's anger...the way he tried to link her past acts...asking her to write the amount she wish...Nidhi turning simple...her loss of interest on material things...taking care of all duties...not going to office an the marriage...

Thank you for the update...it is very good...
YE KYA HUA. IS THIS U ANJANI? Or did someone hijack ur id? ek bhi question nahi poochha?
Jokes apart, thanks a lot for your brief review..
I am glad u liked all these aspects dear..

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