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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 91)

Ashavi Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 3:32am | IP Logged
well i can't believe that after hurting Khushi for one long year for no real reason of hers and even after knowing that it was his fault that they ended up in this mess Arnav still expected Khushi to forgive him so easily...please atleast when Khushi gets to know that Arnav knew that she was Payal's sister right from the beginning make her bit angry on him else it will show that she doesn't have any self respect bcoz he has hurt her a lot...

well loved the monologue of Geet and her interaction between the two Geets...waiting 2 see how all these problems would solve...

update soon...

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sutapasarbabhom IF-Rockerz

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Asom updt feel bad for kushi n geet both men r jerk arnav mafi bhi magta hai jaisey dhamka raha ho cant he remember hw he taunt her n break her heart hw many times til nw he cant undrstnd her prblm waiting for next part thanx for pm

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Deelight Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 8:04am | IP Logged
wat an imagination yarThumbs Up! must say Geet Handa/Raizada part was out of the world! ahhh it dat d FF got ovr tooo soon... cant hv enuf of it.
after reading this FF only one thing comes to my mind

update sooon!

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Originally posted by Deelight

wat an imagination yarThumbs Up! must say Geet Handa/Raizada part was out of the world! ahhh it dat d FF got ovr tooo soon... cant hv enuf of it.
after reading this FF only one thing comes to my mind

update sooon!

Aww! That is so sweet! I totally loved the pics! Thank you for the wishes!

And as far as my imagination is concerned, I am imagination so my imagination had to be so good!LOL (That is one line I love to tell everybody - I am imaginationWink

And even if this story ends, don't worry! I have enough plans in my brain to entertain you for more than next five years!LOL

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Day 15 Continued...


Place - Geet's Room At Shantivan


    For a while, Geet sat on the floor trying to understand what had happened. Main kya karoon Babaji? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha! Jahaan ek taraf jo baat uss Geet Raizada ne kahi thi woh bhi sahi hai par yeh bhi toh sahi hai ki Maan mujhe apni zindagi mein phir se shaamil nahi karna chaahte! Ab main kya karoon Babaji? Apne dil ke peeche jaaun ya Maan ki baat sunkar peeche hat jaaun? As she lied on her back on the bed, her hand hit something and that thing fell down. Geet got up to look at it and was shocked to see that it was Maan's Diary which she had carried home from Khurana Mansion. She picked it up and her eyes fell on the page open.


Tujhe Dekh Dekh Sona

Tujhe Dekhkar Hai Jagna

Maine Yeh Zindagani

Sang Tere Bitaani

Tujh Mein Basi Hai Meri Jaan

Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye


Main vaada karta hoon Soni jitna deewana tumne mujhe banaaya utna deewana main tumhein apna banaaunga!


   Geet's eyes widened and her mouth hung open as she read Maan's promise to his Soni. Iska matlab Maan ne bhi itni aasaani se apne pyaar ko nahi paaya tha! Unhein bhi mehnat karni padi thi Soni ke dil mein apni jagah banaane ke liye! Slowly, a smile came on her face. Soon, the smile turned into full blown grin and she let out a squeal. She climbed the bed and jumped on it excitedly. She shouted as she jumped, "THANK YOU BABAJI! AAPNE MUJHE ISHAARA DE DIYA! AB MAIN SAMAJH GAYI KI AAP KYA CHAAHTE HAI! YIPPEE!" She stopped jumping and spoke in a soft voice, "Main ladungi Babaji! Apne pyaar ke liye main ladungi! Main jaanti hoon ki Maan bhi mujhse pyaar karte hain! Aur main unse yeh baat kaise na kaise bulwaakar rahungi! Ab shuru hoga Mission M! Kyunki M for Mohabbat and M for Maan!" With a grin, she jumped off her bed and opened the door. She was so happy that she wanted to hug everybody. She found her DJ First and she hugged her so tightly that Naani was sure that she would loose her balance pretty soon. Geet left her DJ and ran away to find her next victim.


    Geet grinned as she entered her MJ's room. MJ aka Maamiji stood in front of her mirror applying lipstick. Geet ran to her and hugged her tightly not noticing that she had disturbed Maamiji's hand and now Maamiji's lipstick was spread on her nose and cheek too. She kissed her MJ"s other cheek and ran off leaving a baffled Maamiji behind. "Ee bitiya ko ka hua?", Maamiji wondered. She turned to look at the mirror and let out a shriek as she noticed her face. Geet ran to her AD's room but stopped from shouting when she saw Kanha sleeping in her AD's lap. Anjali looked up and put her finger on her lips motioning Geet to remain quiet. Geet gave her a wink, tiptoed into the room, hugged her Di and ran away. Anjali looked confused for a while and then shook her head. Her Baby was going crazy!


   Geet ran into Aakash's room but stopped when she noticed him staring at Paayal's photo. Geet giggled quietly and tiptoed towards him. Aakash did not notice her as his back was facing her. Geet neared him and bent down to where he was sitting on the chair. She went close to his ear and shrieked into it making him topple off the chair. Geet started laughing when she saw her Veere's position. "Geetto Ki Bachchi!", Aakash growled as he got up and Geet let out a shriek. He was coming to get her! She ran away with Aakash hot on her tails. She ran and hid behind the bushes near the poolside as Aakash came there. He looked around for a while but then he got a call and walked away. Geet let out a giggle as she got up from her hiding place. Then she remembered her AB and went towards his door at the poolside to hug him too.


    Geet entered Arnav's room with grin but stopped short of going in due to shock. Her AB, her strong AB was sitting on the floor sobbing his heart out. Yeh kya hogaya AB ko? Geet ran towards her AB and cupped his face. Arnav looked at her in shock. Shock turned into hurt and pain as he saw the compassion in her eyes. He lurched forward and hugged her tightly for once not wanting to be the strong Raizada brother. For once he wanted to be the Raizada brother who needed support and comfort from his family. Geet hugged her big brother back in shock. Mere strong AB ko kya hogaya? Her eyes fell on idol on the table and her brows furrowed. Devi Maiyya ki murti? Aur woh bhi AB ke kamre mein? Suddenly, Khushi's picture flashed into her mind. Arre! Khushi bhi toh Devi Maiyya Devi Maiyya karti rehti hai! She thought for a while and then her eyes widened. Hey Babaji! Kahin AB ki haalat us Khushi mystery se judi hui toh nahi? Jo bhi ho mujhe is waqt yeh sab nahi sochna hai! Mujhe AB ka baare mein sochna hai! Geet ignored her thoughts for a while and concentrated on comforting her brother.


     After a while, Arnav pulled away and wiped his eyes. He looked away uncomfortable of the fact that he let his emotions out in front of his baby sister. As the two of them sat facing the idol, Geet slowly leaned and placed her head on Arnav's shoulder sideways. Arnav came out of his thoughts and looked at Geet. He smiled tenderly and placed his head on hers. They sat for a while in the same position when Geet whispered, "AB? Aap kyun ro rahe the?" Arnav jerked his head up and looked away. Geet pulled her head away from his shoulder and looked at him. She grabbed his chin softly and pulled his face towards him. He looked at her with sad eyes. Geet smiled sweetly at him, "Apni Motormouth ko nahi bataaoge?" Arnav shook his head like a petulant child. Geet laughed at his pouting face and mumbled, "Chalo! Aaj yeh motormouth kuch nahi bolegi! Sirf apne AB ki baat sunegi!" Arnav looked at a distance lost in his thoughts. Geet nudged him and mumbled, "Aaj yeh Geet jaanna chaahti hai ki Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada ke dil mein kya hai! Bataaoge na apni behen ko?" Arnav looked at her weighing his options. If he did not talk to her, he was sure she would go running to his Di and apprise her of his situation and he did not want that. He was sure that once the matter came out in front of his Di, his Di would blame herself for unknowingly playing a role in his engagement to Lavanya and he did not want that. If he spoke to Geet, atleast his heart might feel lighter. And who knows? Maybe Geet could find out a solution to his problems; an answer to his question. After all she was known in the family for her out of box thinking and wacky ideas. Geet waited patiently for him to sort out his thoughts. After a while, Arnav opened his heart and poured his heart out to her. He told her about his first meeting with Khushi, the name Afreen, the truth about her identity, his decision to hide his identity, their meetings. He even told her about his stubborn wish of meeting her even on a Sunday making Geet chortle with mirth. He told her of their dreams and wishes. When he told her about their Scooty ride and Bhutta eating, Geet stared at him as if he was an alien. AB aur roadside ke Bhutte? Waah! Khushi! Tumne woh kar dikhaaya jo aaj tak koi bhi nahi kar paaya! He told her about how they shared each other's pain of loosing parents. That was when Geet realized Khushi's value in Arnav's life because Arnav never discussed the day of his parents' death with anybody, not even his family. He told her the story behind the idol, the kiss on the cheek, rainy dances. He told her about the Saree, the rose garden, he did not leave anything out. Then came the most painful day of his life! As he narrated what had happened between him and Khushi before her almost kidnapping, Geet was shocked with how callously Arnav handled the situation. When he narrated the story behind his engagement and his subsequent reaction to it resulting into his taunts towards Khushi these few days, Geet wanted to either slap her brother or strangle him with her duppatta. Then finally he told her about what he came to know today and Geet shook her head. When did AB turned into an idiot! Sach kehte hain log pyaar logon andha hi nahi balki bewakoof bhi banaa deta hai! Ek toh woh Maan aur ek yeh mere AB! Dono toh jaise compete kar rahe ho bewakoofon ke Raaja ke title ke liye! Ek woh hai jise pyaar pe bharosa nahi aur ek yeh hai jise jisse pyaar kiya uspe bharosa nahi!


  For a while there was silence and then Geet slowly whispered, "Yeh sab sunke mere dil mein ek hi baat aa rahi hain! Bolun?" Arnav looked at her sternly and raised an eyebrow. Geet slowly inched away from him and once she was sure she was far enough from him she smiled at him sweetly, "Aap na ek number ke ghadhe, ullu ke patthe aur khote de puttar ho!" "WHAT?", Arnav roared predictably and Geet flinched. As Arnav glared at her, Geet nodded and gathered her courage. She let out her thoughts bravely, "Aur nahi toh kya? Main toh Khushi se sirf kuch hi baar mili hoon phir bhi main daave ke saath keh sakti hoon ki woh kisiko dhoka nahi de sakti! Aur aap? Pyaar ka daava karte hain, upar se uske saath itna waqt bhi bitaaya hai aur aapko uspar ya uske pyaar par thoda sa bhi bharosa nahi?" Arnav's anger deflated as Geet's words registered in his brain. She was right! Totally right! If only I had trusted her! Trusted her love! Noticing Arnav looking down defeated, Geet knew that her words had affected him the way she wanted. She inched back closer to him and then asked him, "Ab kya karoge?" Arnav shook his head, "Kuch nahi!" "Kya?", Geet looked at him astonished. Arnav nodded, "Khushi sahi thi! I made my bed, now I should lie in it. Geet! Main uske pyaar ke laayak hi nahi hoon! Uske saath jo maine kiya uske baad mujhe use bhool jaana hi mere liye aur uske liye behtar hai!" Geet slapped her forehead and muttered, "Lo hogaya Siyappa!" She turned her body towards him and sat facing him with her legs folded in Indian style. "AB? Aisa koi karta hai kya?" Arnav looked at her, "Toh aur kya karoon?" Geet rolled her eyes, "Lado! Apne pyaar ke liye lado! Woh naaraaz haina tumse! Use manaao! Itni baar maafi maango ki woh thak ke maaf karde! Itna pyaar jataao ki woh majboor hokar aapke paas khichi chali aaye!" Arnav brightened for a second and then dimmed down, "Par 18 days mein meri shaadi hai!" Geet hit the back of his head lightly and Arnav flinched. She glared at him, "18 days is enough! Bas dil mein zidd chaahiye! Aur aap toh ASR ho! Jinhonein company kholne ke do saal mein AR Industries ko kahaan se kahaan pahuncha diya tha! Toh Khushi ko pataana kya cheez hai!" Arnav thought for a while and then shook his head, "Par baar baar main rejection nahi seh sakta!" Geet huffed and thought on how to convince her brother. Then she remembered her own love story and she smiled. She slowly asked him, "Aap jaante ho ki Maan ki Soni main hoon?" When Arnav looked at her, Geet noticed that he had no surprise on his face. And that's when Geet knew that Arnav most probably knew about Maan and Soni's love story. And she was now sure that Maan must have been well versed with Arnav Khushi love story too. Kaise dost hain yeh? Ek doosre ki madat karne ke bajaay apne hi per pe kuraadi maarke lete hain! She shook her head and started telling Arnav all about her 15 days spent in KC. She told him about how she fell for Maan and how she felt that Maan loved her too. And then she told him all about the morning incident. "WHAT?", Arnav roared in anger. He could understand Maan's reason behind rejecting Geet but he did not have to be so harsh with her. Geet rolled her eyes at Arnav's anger and Arnav noticed it. He glared at her, "Don't roll your eyes dammit. Usne jo kiya woh galat kiya!" Geet placed her hands on her hips and glared at him, "Toh aap bade doodh ke dhule ho!" Arnav looked away suitably chastised. He softly asked her, "Ab tum kya karogi?" Geet shrugged, "Wahi! Jo main aapko karne ko keh rahi hoon! Maan aur Khushi ne apne chaaro taraf deewaar laga rakhi hai apne dil ko dard se bachaaye rakhne ke liye! Main Maan ke deewaar par itne waar karoongi, itne waar karoongi, ki woh deewaarein choor choor hokar mitti mein mil jaayengi!" Arnav took a deep breath, "Idea toh achcha hai!" Geet beamed at him. Arnav frowned, "Par baar baar rejection kaise sahogi?" Geet smiled, "Jab pyaar pe aur jisse pyaar karte hain uspe bharosa hona toh sab kuch sahaa jaa sakta hai!" Arnav looked at her with wonder. Geet coaxed him, "Aap bhi ek baar bharosa karke dekhlona?" Arnav smiled and shook his head, "Kab tum itni badi hogayi Baby?" Geet shrugged and giggled. Arnav took a deep breath and thought for a while.


     After few minutes, Arnav cupped Geet's face and gave her sweet smile. He knocked his forehead to hers and Geet giggled. They used to do that when they were younger and when Arnav was in good mood. Arnav moved away his hands and nodded slowly, "Fine! I will fight for my love!" Geet cheered and clapped. But Arnav was still looking sad. He whispered softly, "But how?" Geet smiled at him softly, "Simple AB! Itne din se... matlab... Sagaai ke din se aaj tak aapne sirf react kiya par ab aapko proactive banna hoga!" Arnav frowned at her. Geet nodded, "Ab tak aap ne dil se react kiya! Kyunki agar aapne dimaag se socha hota toh aapko kab ka yaad aagaya hota ki Khushi does not have one simgle dishonest bone in her. Ab tak aapne isko ek rishte ki tarah deal kiya. Ab aap isko ek challenge samjho. Aur jaise AR ke liye aap Strategies plan karte ho aur Competition ki band bajaate ho, waise hi yahaan par bhi plan and attack. Apne pyaar aur sweetness se Khushi ke us wall ko tod marod ke rakh do!" Arnav smiled at her words and then looked at her pleadingly, "Par tum mera saath dogi na in sab mein?" Geet nodded vigorously, "Of course AB! But yaad rakhna! Plan of action aapka hona chaahiye! I am just a helper!" Arnav nodded, "Deal! Aur iske badle mein main tumhaare help karoonga regarding Maan!" "Sachchi?", Geet looked at him with excitement. Arnav nodded. Geet squealed and literally slammed into him hugging him tightly. Arnav let out a chuckle and hugged her back. After few seconds, Geet pulled away and got up, "Achcha! Ab main chalti hoon! Aap apna plan of action ready kijiye aur main apna!" She ran out of the room and Arnav smiled at her retreating back. Then as he looked away his eyes fell on the smiling idol of Devi Maiyya. He stared at it for a second and then his eyes widened as he realized something, "Tumne yeh sab kiya hai! Right?" The idol just smiled back at him. Arnav looked at the idol akin to wonder, "Haan! Tumhi ne yeh kiya hai! Jab main tumse pooch raha tha ki main kya karoon, tumne Geet ko bheja right?" Arnav collapsed on the bed as the implications of what happened hit him. He looked at Dev Maiyya with tears in his eyes. He joined his hands in front of her and bowed his head, "Today you proved to me that you exist Devi Maiyya! Aaj se main tumhein..." He stopped and bit his tongue. He gave Devi Maiyya a naughty smile and mumbled, "Oops! Sorry! Tumhein nahi aapko! Aaj se main aapko maanunga aur aap par vishwaas bhi karunga!" As he said those words, the darkness which filled his heart from the day his parents died lifted away leaving nothing but light behind. Feeling light in his heart after so many years, Arnav gave Devi Maiyya such a wicked smile that Geet who had come back to check on Arnav, grinned in excitement from where she stood near the door. Yeh toh wahi muskaan hai AB ke chehre pe jo woh tab dete the jab woh Veere pe pranks khelte the! Unke ma papa ke death ke baad se yeh muskurahat toh kahin gaayab hogayi thi! Waah Khushi! Kuch bhi kehlo! Par tumhaare pyaar ne is ghar ko apna khoya hua prankster Arnav waapis de diya! Ab toh kamar kas lo Khushi kyunki tumhaare saamne khadoos ASR ya lover boy Arnav nahi aa raha hai! Ab tumhaare saamna hoga Anjali Di ke Chote se, jo wahi karta hai jo uska dil chaahta hai! Aur kisiki nahi sunta! Aur iss Chote ko toh uski Afreen chaahiye! Ab toh tum gayi! Geet giggled and walked away.




Place - Maan's Room at Khurana Mansion


      Daadima entered Maan's room to ask him about something only to stop in shock. Maan, dressed upto nines, was packing his bag. Her eyes widened in shock and she mumbled, "Beta! Aap kahin jaa rahe ho?" Maan, startled out of his thoughts, looked at her in shock, "Aaa... Haan!" he went back to packing, "Socha Mumbai ka branch visit kiye hue bahut time hogaya hai isliye Mumbai jaa raha hoon!" Daadima entered the room frowning, "Par Beta..." Maan cut her off with, "Aur waise bhi Daadima, Annie Arjun se mile hue time bhi hogaya hai!" Daadima was well versed with her grandson to know that this was his tactic for avoiding something. But what? Daadima sat on the bed, "Aur Arnav Bete aur Aakash Bete ki shaadi? Aapko pata haina hum sabko atleast dus din pehle pahunchna hai? Saare rasmo rivaaz mein bhaag lena hai? Aur aap nahi gaye toh woh dono toh kisi rasm mein bhaag bhi nahi lenge aapke bina!" Maan nodded, "Annie aur Arjun jab shaadi ke liye wahaan se niklenge toh main unke saath aa jaunga!" Daadima nodded knowing that once Maan made up his mind no one could change it back. They started talking about other things but neither noticed Naintara sliding away after listening to their conversation.




Place - Geet's Room At Shantivan


    Geet was pacing in her room excited about her decision when her phone rang. She picked it up and eagerly spoke, "Hello!" On the other side of the phone, Dev frowned. Ise toh rona chaahiye! Yeh itni cheerful kyun hai? "Hello Geet! You ok, right?" Geet frowned, "Haan! Main theek hoon! Mujhe kya hua hai?" Dev replied, "Nahi woh... Bro ne itna kuch bola tumhein...aur tum rote hue gayi toh..." Geet cut him off, "Woh... woh toh main kab ka bhool gayi. Abhi toh main plan bana rahi hoon aapke Bro ko line pe laane ka!" She felt Dev smile, "That's the spirit Geet! Achcha! The reason I called you? Bro Bombay jaa rahe hain kuch din ke liye!" "What?", Geet's face crumbled. She pouted, "Gaye mere saare plans Office Romance ke!" She heard Dev choke at her words and she giggled. Then an idea struck her and she brightened up, "Par Maan shaadi mein toh aa rahe, haina?" Dev replied, "Of course! Ten days baad jab aapko log wahaan se nikloge hum log yahaan se niklenge aur aap sab ke saath chalenge! But Annie, Arjun and Bro will meet us there directly." Geet smiled smugly, "Toh bas! Hogaya faisla! Shaadi mein main hoon aur aapke Bro hain! Un aath dino mein aapke Bro ko line pe na leke aayi toh main bhi unki Soni nahi!" She was surprised when Dev replied with, "Good Luck! Parjaayiji!" As Dev cut the phone, Geet grinned eagerly. Jaayiye Maan! Mumbai jaayiye! Aur wahaan pe jitna ho sake aaraam kijiye! Kyunki jis waqt se aap Lucknow mein kadam rakhenge main aapko chain se rehne nahi doongi! Aur yeh aapki sweet Soni ka nahi, ASR ki behen Geet Raizada ka vaada hai!




Place - Laxminagar


     Khushi was walking towards the rickshaw when she stopped and turned to look at her house. As she looked at the house, she was surprised to know that she did not remember about her time spent at the house with her sisters. All she remembered was the encounters she had with Arnav at that house. Tears fell down her cheeks as she realized that now this house was tainted with his memories. Ab hum is ghar mein kabhi kadam nahi rakh paayenge! Kyunki jab bhi hum yahaan kadam rakhenge humein unki yaad aayegi! Aur yeh galat hai kyunki woh ab humaare nahi! Hey Devi Maiyya! Humein unhein bhoolne ki shakti deejiye! She turned around and climbed the rickshaw in which Buaji was waiting for her. Buaji decided to come with her to the bus stop to drop her off. As Khushi looked back at the house, she remembered Arnav entering the house on a Sunday to meet her, Arnav drunk coming over to plead with her and Arnav coming over in the afternoon wanting her to forgive him. She closed her eyes and wept for them. Goodbye Arnavji!   




Place - Arnav's Room at Shantivan


    Arnav stood by the poolside smiling as he looked at the sky. He looked at his watch and checked the time. As he noted that it was time for Khushi's bus, he looked up and smirked. Jaao Khushi! Bhaag jaao! Kuch din chain se rehlo! Kyunki jab yeh ASR wahaan aayega tumhaari neend, chain sab loot le jaayega! Aur yeh ASR nahi tumhaare Rakshas ka waada hai! Tayyaar rehna meri Afreen!   





Next up is a leap!

Arre! Nahi! Ek saal waala leap nahi!

Dus din waala leap!

You see Maan and Khushi are out of town,

toh ab Dilli mein Arnav aur Geet kya ukhaad lenge!

So ten days' leap!

Next chapter we will meet our whole gang as they arrive at Sheeshmahal!

Be ready for some fun!


Take care and enjoy the weekend,


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was stalking sorry
okay maybe not sorry if you dont mind LOL

And so the one we were waiyting for is here

Haiyye kya baat hai

Bless this is it peeps

Arnav and geet are gonna go and get their love after all raizada gets what raizada wants

And baby am I waiting for this or what ASR and GR will be in form now

MSK and KKG wont know what hit them right

So will be done today of course

Well of course it would be since not too long

Hmmm lets get down to it then

Geet there is nothing more ti understand

You have to get maan back

Its what you need to do and have to do

Cant let him be such devdas don't suit his personality

Boy this sure is fun I tell ya

Raizadas are both gearing up for the fight

May they win their love back

Oh ho that's because maan don't want further heart break

But we know that wont happen

No one is forcing him to love you either

He loves you anyway

Now you just gotta prove it to him that his heart will be safe with you

And this time his love will be his

Not much you have to do just make him believe in his love again

Okay I must be kidding if am saying not much to do

That's gonna be real hard to do

Making MSK you get it MSK to believe in love again

Because if you don't then well he wont let love into his life

Will make himself and you miserable

Now am sure you don't want that dear right

No more asking babaji like I aid to ASR God helps those who help themselves

Ab sab aap parr hi hai geet

You have to fight for your love and only then you shall win

No point is staying sad like this too long as that's not gonna help not in your case or that of your bother anav

Dil ki baat sunni chahiye when its to do with emotions

Maan ka kya hai dekhiye aap unhe paane ke liye karengi sab kuch toh maan mil jaayenge naa

Maan says a lot of things don't mean that you agree with them all do you sweetie

Well I think diary will give her hope for her to fight for her love

Sorry geet there is no other way

That way is not for you ever please not giving up

You didn't when you escaped your cruel family

Then how can you give up now when again its matter of your life dear

Sorry dear that song I don't see maneet like I said before see different couple but song is apt

You know what those words mean don't you

He made you his deewani now time to return the favour my dear

Of course he didn't get his love easily

You never do that do you

So if he fought for his love now its your turn dear

So now you know what to do don't you dear

Time for you to woo your love

Agar who karr sakte hain toh aap bhi karr sakti hain yeh

And she got it what she gotta do

Time to dance in happiness like geet

Kya baat hai about time it sinks in right

Chalo she understood what babaji and all readers want

Happy days are here finally

Yes, yes and more yes she shall fight for her love

Haiyye we all wanted that didn't we

Thought this day couldn't get here soon enough

And now that its here woohooo

Mission M more like double M dear

Maan and mohabbat

Maan count the days soon you will be confessing your love to your lady love in front of all

Haiyye kya baat hai

Just thinking about it makes me so happy

Oh ho its so good to see her so happy

Ahhh geet is being very dangerous at the moment

Hehehe that's where the fun lies don't it

Haila like I said she is dangerous mode now

Mami ki lipstick ke saath kya karr diya inhone

Haiyyo rabba geet jhalli kya karr rahi hai

But I prefer this jhalli geet to the sad geet she was being any day

Trust me mami understanding her mood at this moment wont be easy

Leave it you shall know soon enough why she is behaving this way

Poor mami got scared what she saw in the mirror

Ab kya karrein yeh toh hona hi tha

Ahhh thanx to kanha she wont do any mischief here right

Anj you Baby was always crazy now you realise it

Parr aaj kuch zyada hi crazy ho rahi hain apne phele pyaar mein

So who is the next victim I wonder

Her veere or her jiju don't think he would be home or her AB

Okay so its her veere only

Oyye hoyye who toh parjayji ke khwaab mein khoye huye hain

Well he is the only one who can openly look at his love's pic naa

Poor geet and arnie cant do the same

Time to keehcofy his tang I think no

That's what she will do right hehehehe

And he wont even know when the typhoon geet hit him

Sheesh she screamed in his ear

That was even more naughty of her

So hilarious that was poor aki man

Run geet my dear

Your veere is after ya dear

So if she didn't tease him regarding payal now there is still time for that in pre wedding rituals naa

She hid by the poolside and aki didn't see her

Well yes arnie could use a hug right about now

As it is he is too miserable due to his love life going down the drain

He needs this hug and geet being there for him

She might just give him idea how to get his afreen back

Aawww at least someone finally saw him crying

Well dear he is crying for the same reason you were just a day ago

Heart break and not getting his love

Even ASR is effected by those things

After all he too has a heart which is broken as his love doesn't want to be with him

Though for different reason to geet love story

Hope he tells her and she can help him

Its time he started sharing his grief with others it will help

Well duh she too is going through the same

She knows what you will be going through as she too is going through the same

Please tell her why you are like this arnie

Aww am glad he has shed his ASR mask before her

He needs that hug and someone for a change to soothe him too

Arrey yaar pheli baar inhone pyaar kiya dil kissi ko diya aur jab thukra diye gaye toh chot toh inhe bhi lagi naa

Am glad she was there for him

That she too could comfort him when he needed it

That's what siblings are there for

Ahhh she sure will figure it out it seems

Thanx to that DM idol I hope and rest she can find from the horses mouth sorry I mean arnie

Yup your thoughts are going in the right direction geet

It is to do with khushi only

Now you just need to figure out or ask him why

She is good aint she yup she is

Kitne jaldi do aur do ko joda aur paanch bana diya

I know I know do aur do paanch nahin hotte but it sounded better there sorry

Yes that khushi mystery that needs to be solved and soon by you

Aww but she too is right

Now is not the time for that

She needs to comfort her brother who needs some comforting right about now

Ahhh good seems his emotional outburst has stopped

Weird to see him and maan cry

But then love makes even the toughest of peeps cry don't it

Really don't be silly

So what she saw your emotional outburst

Choti hain toh kya hua hai toh aapki hi behen

Don't hide this side of yours from family at least

Aww I loved it when she placed her shoulder on her AB that was so cute scene seeing these two bond too

Arnav don't try to hide please

It will help if you told someone they can help

Don't have to say her name but can tell your problem even then

Aur choti behen se kya chupana arnie

Come on don't you clam up to her please

Come on we know you can do it

Tell her please arnie you can do it

You can bare out your heart to geet

Yeh arnie bhi naa bahut hi ziddi bache hain

Lets see what she does to make him open up

Or if not that tries to help her AB

Soch lo arnav yeh maukka phir naa ayega bata do geet ko kya hua

Aise akele udaas baithne se toh acha hoga aap inhe bata dein

Arnav ab aapki choti behen itne pyaar se pooch rahi hai kya hua unhe nahin batayenge aap

Come on better tell her before she tells your di that you were sad

And once it gets to your di she will be after you like anything till she knows all

Am sure you don't want to disturb your di so just tell geet

Plus he is right anj will feel guilty for getting you engaged with la and not khuhi whom you love

So geet is the safest option dude

She can help you out as she is going through the same

And you can unburden yourself with her too

Geet wait for it he is deciding to tell you

Just give him few minutes and he shal tell you all I hope

And he finally opens up to her

Tells her what she knew of but now forgot

And the whole saga

Not just how he met fell in love but also how he hid things from her too

Those were the times right

When arnav would whine to meet up with khushi on Sundays and poor dear had to lsten to him

Though it was hard for her

Well yes that made us laugh too geet this side of your AB that khushi brought out sure is a miracle

I know like you made maan do things no one else made him do khushi too did the same

Kya baat hai kitni milti hai inki soch naa

Well thank god they came into ASR and MSK lives or these two would be the robots that they were and would forget living as humans yaar

Wow didn't know that he didn't share his pain of losing his parents with even his family

Yes she does mean a lot to him

But then he had to go and forget all this in this past year didn't he

Waah all the story is coming out

He hasn't left anything behind and that's good

See even she can see that wasn't the best way of handling things with khushi

Kya karrein geet apke AB aur aapke maan dono ek hi thaali ke chatte batte hain

Oh my she almost was gonna be violent against him

Wanting to slap or strangle him that's bad naa

Well duh she can understand what khushi went through when her brother made her go through that dark phase

Well pyaar mein idiot bhi bann jaate hain geet

And he isn't the first one to commit such stupid mistakes either

Plus you know what your brother is like when someone hurts him he goes all defensive and hurts that person too

See she agrees with me that in love you do the stupidest of things

Wow geet aur mere khyal kitne mil rahe hain regarding hee brother and her love

Even I was thinking the same

I know right inn dono ka kuch nahin ho sakta

But you gotta help him out not for him but for khushi dear

Doe he really wanna hear whats she gonna say

It wont be anything good about you just so you know mate

She knows once she says what she does he will go all angry on her so is making ready for her escape

Smart girl must say why be near the furious lion right

Arrey geet ne toh mere mann ki baat cheen li

She is right you know in calling you all those names

Don't know why you are screaming so much when she is right

So what else should she say after finding out how you yourself ruined your love with your own hands ASR my man

See she can tell what your afreen is like and you claim to know her and understand her well

She has forgotten what she was like with khushi but she can tell what khushi is like

And that she would never betray you kya zamana aa gaya hai jisne pyaar kiya use apne pyaar parr bharosa naa tha

Aur jo khushi ko jyada nahin milli who unhe zhat se jaan gayi

I know he had no trust on her love for him

He didn't even ask her even once why she did what she did

Itna toh aap ko haq tha naa to ask

But no what did you do instead taunt her and what not

Gussa hone se kya faiyda when what she said is true mate

Don't you go if only on me mate

If only will not help you right now okay

Yeh babaji geet tera bhai naa sach mein maan ki tarah hai

He is giving up on his love too just because khushi told him not to come after her

Laga isse ek sach mein naa kya karrein inn dono ka

Had hai bewakkofi ki bhi arnav sach mein

I know geet even am like what is wrong with this guy too

No you might not deserve her

But she blooming well does deserve someone who loves her that much

Now how to tell him not to give up just like that geet

Cause if you don't he wont get it either

You tell him dear aise haath pe haath rakhne se kuch nahin hoga

Like geet he too should fight for his love yaar

Aap ASR hain ki nahin

And since when did ASR give up so soon yaar

She is so right make her forgive you

Fall in love with you again

For aminute he was like I can do this and then he mentioned his wedding

Oyye 18 din kaafi hai yeh sab karne ke liye

I know who can be more stubborn than ASR when it comes to winning (well MSK of course but that's besides the point)

Waise geet khushi ko pataana inke deal karne se bhi jyada mushkil hai

Parantu naamomkin bhi nahin

Rejection se tang aa karr hi toh jitney ka zasba aaur badh jaata hai

Guess its time to use her own story to make him understand

Of course maan and arnie knew one another love story

In fact only maan knew how he was keeping his identity hidden from khushi

Arrey don't go there geet

Jab pyaar ke liye kuch naa karr paaye toh dost ke liye kya karte

Not when arnav's love is his baby sister too

So right again she is

Per pe kuraadi maar li hai dono ke dono doston ne

Inak sach mein kuch nahin ho sakta parr hona zaroori hai

So she told her story too

And how she fell for him again well this time properly

Is arnav kidding me you are angry at him for doing this to geet

Did we forget what you did to khushi mate

You weren't any less harsh with her

When you know why he did it then you being angry on him don't make sense

Ahahah kya baat hain maan ki glati dikhi

Khud ki galti bhul gaye aap arnav

She sure pointed out that he too did the same to khushi too bhul gaye

Good that he understood that he wasn't any less wrong too that he will point his finger in accusation towards maan

She is gonna fight for her love just as she is asking you to do the same

Yes both brother sister have built walls around their hearts

Which will have to be taken down by you both and soon too

Inki toh sach mein suyi atak gayi hai

Baar baar rejection ka soch karr ghabra jaate hain

Aha loved what she said to arnav there about love and being able to take anything for that love

That needs to be drilled in him too

Jab inhe pyaar huya naa toh sab change ho gaya

True Love can change you make you mature and do what ever you can do to keep that love with you

Come on if Baby can do it so can you her brother do it

Aww that was so cute scene with arnav and geet

And he is gonna fight for his love wooohooo even more happier now

Chal give him another solution as to how to make his afreen come back to him

Hmmm yes he has to start thinking with his heart and swtich off his brain in this matter

As brain wont help him woo her back

Your heart knew she would never do this to you but you didn't listen to it did ya

Love is not any of your deals mate its love so think of ways of getting your love back by being sweet and nice to her as you once were

Of course she will help you

But just helper not the one with how to go about wooing her

That has to be you and only you not google either mate

Aww and then he too can help her with maan cool

And it seems they are ready for their fight or war to win their love back

Of course DM did this

You asked her for help and she did help when you tried to help yourself too by telling geet all this

Oh ho kya baat hai

He believes in DM now

Aww isn't that just great

Sach mein pyaar mei kya kya nahin ho jaata ji

ASR ko phir se DM yaani ki bhagwaan pe vishwaas ho gaya

Aww all that darkness after his parents deaths has vanished after his that confession to DM

And Baby your AB is back in action about time too

It seems that khushi managed to get the same arnav who used to pay pranks on the family not this one who was all arrogant and silent

Wow she sure has changed him

Seems true love can change anyone even ASR

Aww isnt that just good

She gave them there arnav once again who changed and closed himself off after his parents death

Abbb aap unki naa fikar kariye he is back

But don't underestimate khushi either

If she can do this to your brother she can also resist him too

So let the games begin geet

Ahhh well lets see what maan is doing now

What with his rejection of geet playing on his mind whats gotten into him

Dadi he is running can you believe it

All those excuses he is using to avoid one certain someone

Uff kya karrein yaar

Dono bhai behen ne toh bgahne ka plan bana diya hai

They aint gonna make it easy for them are they

But then they shouldn't either right

That's some excuse you made there mate very naughty lying to your dadi

She knows that its just an excuse mate

But guess he don't wanna tell her either why he is going

 Don't wanna complicate the matter with dadi knowing right

Yeah use your sis and her hubby as an excuse too

As if she don't know that you are doing this to avoid someone

Shame she don't know that someone is geet only

Who else but her can make him do this naa

Of ciurse he cant miss their wedding

Although given his current state you never know he might just skip that just to avoid geet

But he wont will he

After all its not only his best friend's wedding but that of his sister's too

So not coming to that will cause lots of problem

As if he can miss it like you said arnie and aki wont participate in their wedding rituals without him naa

So he will come with annie and jun huh okay that's fine

Hmmm actually dadi there is someone who can make him change his mind and that's feet she is trying to do just that from this point onwards so chill

Aha so NT heard them good

Now she can tell geet as well about this

So geet is aware of all this naa

Bechari is making plan to make him fall in love and he is running

Ahhh so she told dev to talk to geet good idea

Bless she is so excited about her plans for maan

Wait till she knows about maan decision

Dev is like hain she sure is chirpy after what happened

Oh dev she has moved on from that now

All she is focusing on is how to make him confess again

Sorry did she say bro pe line maarne ke liye to dev

Wow she sure is out to get maan aint she cool

Ufff kya yaar inke office romance ke plans gaye pani mein

Well that can still happen after their wedding right

How can he miss the wedding my dear

Yup that wedding is gonna bring them closer again

That's the spirit dear make sure he falls for you again

Hmm so she is letting have his time off from her

And then when they meet well he wont know what hit him

As ASR younger sister is out to get him

Though MSK wont make it easy either but there where the fun lies right

Ahhh so khushi is leaving too

Wow she cant remember the time spent with her sister but with arnie

Now that's something ehhh

Sweetie it aint tainted never say that

And once you marry that man am sure you will be happy that this happened

Well you will be able to as you will be with him naa

Kpi nahin khushi that's okay

Yaad toh unhe karr sakti hain naa

He might not be yours but you can think about him

No she wont be able to will she

As if that's possible not when DM is in the other camp now

Yes goodbye indeed but just for few days and then hello arnie

Then he wont spare ya at all

Wow he is giving her too time off from him

And then wham he will be there for her forever

She wont know what hit her naa

But of course she too wont make things easy for him either

Afreen toh bas aapki hain ji

Aur soni maan ki

So let this love game begin yipeee

Cheers for pm

Happy days are here now woohooo

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 10:14am | IP Logged
@ Chavvi16
Go ahead! Stalk away! It is my dream come true to have a stalker for my stories!LOL

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2014 at 10:36am | IP Logged
ahh poor geet and poor arnav...why cant khushi trust arnav when he says that he ll make evrythng right..everyone here is suffering from trust issues...nice part

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