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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 85)

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Originally posted by Deelight

eagerly waitn i don noe mujhe main patience ki kami hai...pagal hote jaa rahi hooon... jaldi kar do update... itna bada dena itna bada dena ki poocho mat!
Update will be up tomorrow or on Tuesday! Not sure! Depends upon how much I can write today! Because of heavy cold, my hands are cramping and typing is getting a bit tough! Pray that I get to write atleast 2000 owrds tonight! For more details, keep an eye on my Index thread! I put up my estimate of when I will update every night! (The title of the thread is not edited, so follow the last page)

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Originally posted by Deelight

i should keep my on this one "

Destiny, Fate And Love Thread # 3 Chapter 64(A) Up! (Page 96)

"  ????
Nope! Keep your eyes on my Index Thread! They give more accurate details on when I can update!Wink
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i came here expecting a confession from geeet...but so many things happened all of a sudden...geet came to know that she herself is soniShocked wow thats  greaat...but maans reaction has made me very much surprised...i expected him to be happy...but he  isntConfused and he is so rude...OuchOuch poor geet...she was so exciited to confess her love and here he broke her...Angry do continue sooon

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Originally posted by honeygrape

i came here expecting a confession from geeet...but so many things happened all of a sudden...geet came to know that she herself is soniShocked wow thats  greaat...but maans reaction has made me very much surprised...i expected him to be happy...but he  isntConfused and he is so rude...OuchOuch poor geet...she was so exciited to confess her love and here he broke her...Angry do continue sooon
Thanks for the review!
Mila na jhatka?LOL Yeh story itni aasaani se nahi khatam hogi! Abhi toh bahut dhamaal baaki hai!Wink
And guess what! You are so lucky coz I will be updating in 10 minutes!Big smile

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Day 15


Place - Khurana Mansion


      Daadima and NT sat in the car and the car drove off. They were going to the Doctors' for NT's check up. As the car moved, Daadima got a call. She took the call and was delighted to come to know that it was from Devayaniji, Arnav's Naaniji. "Arre Behenji! Aap! Kaisi hi aap?" After greeting each and chitchatting for a while, Daadima heard Naaniji ask, "Hum ka keh rahe the? Aap log kuch din baad Lucknow aa rahe hain na? Uu ka hai na? Hum sabhai chaahte hain ki aap aath das din pehle hi Lucknow aajaayein. Aakhir aap bhi parivaar jaisan hi ho. Toh aap aur bachche agar har rasm mein shaamil honge toh hi shaadi ma mazaa aayega!" Daadima smiled, "Haan haan! Hum sab toh pehle aa pahunchenge! Aap bhool rahi hain behenji ki hum sirf aapke dost hi nahi ladki waale bhi hain. Humaare baghair toh yeh shaadi sambhav hi nahi!" Both the ladies laughed and continued talking. Suddenly, Daadima asked, "Lekin ek baat samajh nahi aa rahi hai? Aapne shaadi Lucknow mein kyun rakhi? Yahaan rakhi hoti toh kitna achcha hota! Tayyaariyaan aur achchi tarah se ho paati! Aur yahaan toh saari suvidhaayen bhi available hain. Wahaan toh bahut problem hogi na?" Naaniji sighed from the other side of the phone, "Hum bhi ee hi sochat rahi! Par Anjali bitiya haina? Kah rahi ki shaadi hogi toh SheeshMahal ma! Unki khaandaani kothi ma! Waise uu baat bhi theek keh rahi hain. Kehti hai ki us ghar ne bahut bura dekha hai! Agar uu ghar ma shaadi jaisi punya kaaryakram hua toh uu ghar bhi pavitr ho jaayega! Humka bhi ee baat theek hi lagi! Aur rahi tayyaariyon ki baat? Humne toh pehle se aadmi laga diye hai Sheeshmahal ma! Jab tak hum sabhai pahunchenge tab tak sab tayyaariyaan hui rahegi!" Daadima nodded and they continued talking.




Place - Shantivan


      ... Agar uu ghar ma shaadi jaisi punya kaaryakram uuva hui toh uu ghar bhi pavitr ho jaayega! Humka bhi ee baat theek hi lagi! Aur rahi tayyaariyon ki baat? Humne toh pehle se aadmi laga diye hai Sheeshmahal ma! Jab tak hum sabhai pahunchenge tab tak sab tayyaariyaan hui rahegi!", Arnav heard Naaniji saying it in the phone. Arnav shook his head. Naani bhi na! Sabko poori kahaani sunaa ke hi dum lengi! Both of them were sitting in the living room; Arnav with his laptop and Naaniji with a list of things she wanted to buy before she went to Lucknow. Of course, in between thinking about the things needed, Naaniji called all her friends making sure that they were all coming to the double wedding. This was just another one of that call. After few seconds, Naaniji nodded, "Hum bhi yahi soch rahe the! Achcha hua jo Khushi bitiya wahaan jaa rahi hai. Wahaan bhi is waqat kitna kaam hoga! Toh uu ka udhar rehna hi theek hai. Phir uu ko apni behno ke saath bhi toh waqt bitaana hai!" Arnav frowned; what the! Khushi is going back to Lucknow. But when? He had thought that Khushi and Buaji will go alongwith Khuranas and Raizadas few days before the wedding.  Oblivious to Arnav's confusion, Naaniji nodded and continued speaking, "Haan! Khabar aagayi hai! Lavanya bitiya aur Paayal bitiya ne apna shaadi ka joda chun liya hai! Aur ee bhi sun lo! Nandkisore bhi aayega shaadi ma! Hum toh bahut excited hain Nandu bitwa ko dekhne ke liye! Aur toh aur..." Naaniji continued to ramble but Arnav was lost in his thoughts. Khushi was going? When? As soon as Naaniji cut the phone, Arnav asked casually, "Yeh Khushi kahaan jaa rahi hai Naani?" Naaniji smiled, "Arre! Bitwa! Khusi bitiya aaj hi shaam ko ghar rawaana ho rahi hai! Phir tum uu ko shaadi ma hi mil paaoge!" Naaniji walked away leaving behind a shocked Arnav. Khushi aaj jaa rahi hai! How can she! They his eyes fell on his engagement ring and he closed his eyes. She could! Because he had no right on her! He cannot stop her! He felt tears well up in his eyes. He may have behaved horrible with her and he may have hated her but it was also true that he loved her. His love for her never got any less. He kept on loving her even after her betrayal. Kya yahi tak ka tha humaara safar Khushi? Kya ab jab main tumse milunga toh humaara rishta kuch aur hoga? Nahi! Suddenly, it sunk into him that he was getting married in 18 days and soon he would have to give up his claim on Khushi! Arnav stood up. Mujhe ek baar tumhein dekhna hoga! Ek baar mujhe dekhna hain tumhein ek pyaar ke nazar se! Kyunki uske baad humaara rishta kuch aur hi hoga! He walked towards the door with the intention to drive away to Laxmianagar.




Place - Khurana Mansion


    Dev stood in shock near the door as Geet ran away crying not noticing him. "Geet!", he hollered after her but she ran away to the car and soon she drove away leaving behind a confused Dev. Yeh kya hogaya? Ab mere Bro ne kya kar diya? As he climbed the stairs, he kept on thinking. Main hi bewakoof tha jo Bro pe bharosa kiya ki jaisi Geet ko sachchai maaloom hogi toh Bro use apna lenge! I forgot that I was dealing Maan Singh Khurana; the most stubborn man on earth! Dev ran to the room Maan was supposed to be exercising in. As he entered the room confused, his eyes widened when he saw his elder brother on his knees on the floor, his body displaying nothing but defeat and pain. Dev could not read the expression on his brother's face as Maan had his back towards Dev. Dev walked towards his brother slowly and knelt down beside him. He placed his hand on Maan's shoulder worried about his brother. Maan turned to look at him and Dev was stunned to see tears in his brother's eyes. What actually happened between Bro and Bhabhi? Maan looked at him with pain in his eyes, "Main usse phir se pyaar nahi kar sakta Dev! Itni himmat mujh mein nahi hain!" He leaned on and placed his head on Dev's shoulder. Dev, stunned with what he heard, combed his fingers through his brother's hair hoping to comfort him. He could not believe what he heard from Maan. His Bro, the pioneer for everything strong had given up on Love! He closed his eyes and prayed. Babaji! Mere Bro ne toh haar maanli! But please Geet Bhabhi ko haar maanne mat dena! Unhein itni himmat dena ki mere Bro ko pyaar pe phirse yakeen dila sake! Kyunki main jaanta hoon Bro bhale hi kehle ki woh pyaar mein nahi gir sakte par main jaanta hun that he still loves Geet! Bas unhein apne pyaar par yakeen dilaana hai! Aur woh Geet Bhabhi hi kar sakti hai! Please Babaji! Mere Bro aur Geet ke pyaar ki raksha karna!




Place - Laxminagar


  Khushi looked at the time as she packed. Few more hours and then she will be enroute to her house. Hey Devi Maiyya! Bahut jald hum ghar par honge aur phir kuch dino baad Arnavji humaare Jeeja... She could not even think the word. How will she live her life after the marriage? She sat down on the bed as the onslaught of pain started to tear her heart. Kyun Devi Maiyya? Aapne hum dono ko alag kyun kiya? Her hand hit the radio nearby and it started playing.


Kyun Phoolon Ke Khile Khile

Rang Udd Gaye


Khushi looked at the radio in surprise.


Kyun Phoolon Ke Khile Khile

Rang Udd Gaye


Hum bhi toh yahi pooch rahe hain Devi Maiyya? Kyun?


Kyun Inn Dino Khud Se Rehti Hoon Main

Khafa Khafa

Khafa Khafa


Khushi closed her eyes as tears coursed through her cheeks.




Place - Khurana Mansion


    Maan lied on the bed with his eyes closed. He had asked Dev to leave him alone for a while. But now Maan realized that he did not want to be left alone. His thoughts were filled with nothing but Geet with her tear filled eyes and pleading expression. He got up with a jerk. Geet was haunting his mind. He had to get her out of there. He searched for his mobile and started the radio.


Kyun Phoolon Ke Ude Ude

Rang Khil Gaye


Maan looked at the phone in shock.


Kyun Phoolon Ke Ude Ude

Rang Khil Gaye


Main bhi toh yahi pooch raha hun? Kyun? Kyun hua yeh sab mere saath?


Kyun Inn Dino Hosh Mein Hai Mere

Nasha Nasha

Nasha Nasha


He lied on the bed and closed his eyes trying to concentrate on the song and  wanting to forget Geet.




Place - Laxminagar


Arnav reached Khushi's house and saw the door slight open. As he was about to enter, he heard a song waft in through the house. He stopped in his step.


Kyun Phoolon Ke Khile Khile

Rang Udd Gaye




Place - Somewhere near Khurana Constructions


   Geet drove the car as fast as she could, wanting to get away as far as possible from Maan. She put on the radio hoping for something to divert her mind from Maan's final words. As music played she hoped to wake up from this horrible nightmare her life was.




Place - KM


Teri Meri Takraaron Se

Bana Dil Ka Yeh Rishta Hai

Aaina Jo Main Dekhu Toh

Tera Chehra Hi Dikhta Hai

Jab Se Mujhe Tu Mili


Maan could not forget those moments spent with her. Those happy moments haunted him and he was not sure he will be able to move on.



Place - Laxminagar


Jaane Kaise Mulaakaaton Mein

Yun Hi Aisi Waisi Baaton Mein

Kare Chote Mote Waade The

Kisi Chote Se Bahaane Se

Paake Tujhe Kho Diya


Humne aapko kho diya Arnavji! Kho diya hai! Khushi wept for her lost love.




Place - Near KC


     Sab meri galti hai! Kaash mera sapna KC juda na hota aur main Maan se kabhi na milti! Meri galti hai jo apne dil ko nahi roka aise insaan se pyaar karne se! Geet thought as she drove ahead.


Meri Hi Hai Khata

Meri Hi Hai Sazaa

Phir Bhi Dil Kahe Yeh Kyun Hua

Kyun Inn Dino Khud Se Rehti Hoon Main

Khafa Khafa

Khafa Khafa





Place - Laxminagar


   How Arnav wished that the time would rewind and he would get his Khushi back!


Kyun Phoolon Ke Ude Ude

Rang Khil Gaye


"Arre Bitwa tum?", Buaji mumbled as she saw Arnav standing on the entrance of the house. She invited him in. She seemed to be in hurry, "Bitwa! Tum thode der andar baitho hum abhi aavat hai! Kuch saamaan lene hai jo humko Lucknow bhijwaana hai! Abhi aate hai! Tab tak tum Khushi bitiya se mil lo!" She hollered to Khushi, "Ae Titaliya! Hum baahar jaavat hain! Arnav Bitwa aaye hain. Zara inki khaatirdaari kardo!", she walked out swiftly not knowing that Khushi had not heard her as she was lost in her thoughts. Arnav sat on the sofa as his heart thudded in his chest. He was going to loose Khushi soon!


Aaj Se Jo Mere Kal Honge

Teri Aankhon Mein Woh Dikhte Hai

Teri Baaton Ke Jo Akshar Hai

Meri Daastaan Woh Likhte Hai

Aisa Mujhe Kyun Hua




Place - Near KC


Geet pushed her tears away not wanting to have an accident due to blurry eyes. But her tears refused to stop.


Dhuan Dhuan Si Kahaani Hai

Kabhi Aankhon Mein Bhi Paani Hai

Gaalon Se Yeh Jo Guzarti Hai

Tere Gham Ki Nishaani Hai

Mit Si Gayi Har Dua





Place - Laxminagar


    Khushi was about to get up but lost her balance and fell on the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest and closed her eyes tightly. Yeh sab humaari galti hai! Kaash hum kuch kar paate! Yeh shaadi hum teeno ki zindagi ko raakh kar degi! Sab humaari galti hai!


Meri Hi Hai Khata

Meri Hi Hai Sazaa

Phir Kyun Dil Kahe Yeh Kyun Hua




Place - KC


    Geet parked her car and wiped her face wanting to wipe away any traces of her tears.


Kyun Inn Dino Khud Se Rehti Hoon Main

Khafa Khafa

Khafa Khafa

Kyun Phoolon Ke Khile Khile
Rang Udd Gaye   

Place - KM     

       Maan opened his eyes and sat on the bed wishing that he forgot everything just like Soni forgot him. Kyun Phoolon Ke Ude UdeRang Khil Gaye


He moved his hand and shut the radio. He could not bear to hear another word of that song.




Place - Laxminagar


   Arnav frowned. Yeh Khushi kahaan reh gayi? He was restless to have one glimpse of her. Unable to sit anymore, he got up and wandered towards her room. Khushi pulled out a picture from under her blanket. She stared at the picture. It was Arnav's picture which she had cut out from the newspaper article about AR Industries. She kissed his face and hugged the picture to her chest.


Kyun Nazrein Teri Yun Anjaan Hai


Her eyes refused to stop crying.


Aankhen Hai Meri Bhi Nam


She looked at the picture again and whispered, "Arnavji!"


Kyun Paa Kar Bhi Tumko Khoya Hai


Arnav looked at her from the door in shock. Was it his picture?


Hum Kyun Na Ban Paaye Hum


She placed the picture away and opened the floodgates of tears. She finally allowed herself to cry for the death of her relationship.


Kyun Dard Hai Itna

Tere Ishq Mein

Rabba Ve Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve Rabba Ve


Arnav looked at her with tear filled eyes wanting to comfort her. Ab kyun ro rahi ho Khushi? Yeh sab tumhaara hi toh kiya dharaaya hai!


Kyun Dard Hai Itna

Tere Ishq Mein

Rabba Ve Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve Rabba Ve



    Khushi wiped her eyes and took the picture in her hand again. "Arnavji! Humein maaf kar dijiye!" Arnav's eyes widened as he realized that the picture in Khushi's hand was indeed his. Why was she asking his forgiveness? Is this because she had betrayed him? "Hum jaante hain aap jhoote nahi, dhokebaaz nahi!", Khushi continued. Arnav frowned. When did she think that? Why did she think that?


    Khushi smiled sadly at the photo, "Hum jaante hain Arnavji! Jaise humein nahi pata tha ki aap humaari Jiji ke jethji hain waise hi aapko bhi nahi pata tha ki hum aapke Chote Bhai ki Saali hain! Jaise hum anjaan the aapki pehchaan se waise hi aap bhi anjaan the humaari pehchaan se! Hum dono ko pyaar hogaya aur yeh bhi nahi pata tha ki hum dono ek rishte se pehle hi jud chuke hain. Kitni ajeeb baat haina Arnavji? Humein pyar bhi hua toh kis insaan se? Unse jo humaare Jiji ke honewaale Jeth hain! Phir bhi humne aap pe yeh ilzaam lagaaya ki aap ek dhokebaaz hain! Kitna galat kiya humne aapke saath!" Arnav frowned; when did she say that? And then his eyes widened as he remembered the night he confronted her after his engagement. She had accused him of lying to her by omitting some truths. He even remembered the exact words she had said at that time, "Bakwas band kijiye Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Chhupaaya toh aapne tha humse apni sachchai ke baare mein! Dhoka toh aapne diya tha humein! Aap humaari jiji ke jeth hain yeh baat aapne humse chipaai! Aur aap humpar ilzaam laga rahe hain?" Wait a minute! She didn't know that he had hidden the truth from her! She had bought into his act. When he had acted surprised as he saw her in the party she had actually believed him. Then why did she leave him? He could not understand. Till now he had thought that she left him and betrayed him because she came to know about him hiding his identity from her. But if she thought he was innocent just like her, then why did she accuse him of lying? And if she never knew that he lied to her then why did she leave him? Why did she let him get engaged to her sister? What the hell is happening here? Arnav could not understand. Kyun Khushi? Kyun? Kyun kiya khudko mujhse alag? Aaj tumhein iss sawaal ka jawaab dena hoga! Aaj toh main sach jaankar rahunga!


      Arnav was about to walk into the room when Khushi spoke up, "Aap jaante hain Arnavji! Jab humaari Lavanya Di ke liye ek rishta aaya toh hum kitne khush the! Humein bataaya gaya tha ki yeh rishta Anjali Di ke Bhai ka aaya! Hum apni behno ke liye kitne khush the! Aur khush isliye bhi the kyunki bahut jald humaari shaadi ki bhi baari aayegi! Socha tha ki ab jab Lavanya Di aur Paayal Jiji ki shaadi hogi, bahut jald aap aur hum bhi ek honge! Kitne sapne dekhe the humne! Aapki aur humaari shaadi hogi! Hum roz aapke liye sugar free jalebiyaan banaayenge aur aap roz humaare laal gulab le aayenge! Roz subah hum aapka chehra dekhkar din ki shuruvaat karenge aur roz raat aapke saamne aakhri chehra humaara hoga! Sab sapne choor choor hogaye jab humein Di ne apne Bhai se milaaya! Us Bhai se jisse humaare Di ka rishta judne waala tha! Tab pata chala ki aap hi hain woh jinka rishta Di ke liye aaya tha! Aap hi the humaare Jiji ke jeth! Phir bhi hum chup rahe! Kyun? Kyunki hum jaante the ki aap is rishte ko mana kardenge! Aur bahut jald aap humaare ghar aayenge aapka rishta humaare liye lekar! Humein yakeen tha ki hum dono milkar ghar waalon ko samjha lenge! Is rishte ki wajah se humaare rishte par koi aanch nahi aayegi! Humaari shaadi jaroor hogi!" She smiled softly as she was lost in the dreams she had about their marriage. Arnav smiled too as he remembered the day when he had promised to come and talk to her parents for her hand.


   Khushi looked sadly at the picture again, "Par phir aapne humein propose kiya. Sach kahein toh humein kuch nahi samajh aaya! Hum toh bas darr se gaye the! Aur humne kabhi socha bhi nahi ki aap iss tarah se baat ko aage badhaayenge! Humein toh laga ki aap apni Di se baat karenge aur phir agle din humaara haath maangne poore parivaar ke saath humaare ghar aayenge! Par aapne jab is tarah se shaadi ka prastaav humaare saamne rakha ki hum darr hi gaye. Humne toh apne Amma Bauji ko yeh tak bhi nahi bataaya ki jo bharosa unhonein humpe kiya tha humein Dilli Buaji ke ghar bhejkar hum us bharose ko tod rahe the aapse is tarah akele mein milkar. Aur upar se aapka is tarah se prastaav rakhna humein dara diya tha! Aur jab tak hum apni baat aapke saamne rakhte ki humein is tarah se aapko haan nahi kehna tab tak aap humaari Di ke saath flirt karne lage humein jalaane ke liye. Aur aapki Naani aur Di ko Lavanya Di pasand aa gayi!" Arnav looked at her in shock as the pieces clicked into place and the whole story came in front of him. So this is what had happened then. And he had thought something else! Oh no! What have I done? It was me who made the mess of this situation. If I hadn't been impulsive things would have been lot different today!


   Khushi continued to explain the situation to the picture. She felt lighter now that she was pouring out all her feelings and her thoughts after keeping it in her heart for a year and trying to forget him, "Phir us din hospital mein jab Naaniji ne aapse rishte ki baat ki aur aapne haan keh diya humein toh laga tha ki aap humse badla le rahe the. Isliye hum aapse naaraaz bhi hue! Par paanch din baad humein pata chala ki aap toh yeh samajh rahe hain ki aapki sagaai humse ho rahi hai!" Khushi's eyes were staring at a distance relieving that dreadful day. Arnav just looked at her with tear filled eyes. Yeh kya hogaya Khushi? Kuch misunderstandings se humaari kahaani kitni badal gayi hai! Kitna bada toofan khada kar diya humaari thodi misunderstandings ne?


   Khushi wiped the tears which were starting to come out of her eyes again, "Uss waqt humein kuch nahi samajh aaya! Kya karein? Kahaan jaayein? Kise bataayein? Sab toh yahi soch rahe the ki aapki aur Di ki sagaai ho rahi hai. Agar aisa nahi hua toh Di ka dil bhi tootega aur aapki bhi badnaami hogi! Hum aisa nahi hone de sakte the! Di ka dil bhi humaare liye keemti tha aur aapki izzat bhi! Bas de di humne apne pyaar ki kurbaani! Aur kya karte hum us waqt Arnavji? Aur kya karte?" Khushi broke down crying and Arnav took few steps back in shock. That's it? Was that it? For his sake and Lavanya's sake she sacrificed her love. She broke my heart for this? Phir maine bhi kya kiya? Maine uss sacrifice ke badle use kya diya? He remembered all the taunts and harsh words he had heaped upon her. No! No! NO! What has happened? Their life had turned into thread with tangled knots. He stumbled a few steps back and turned around. He walked towards his car in daze and sat in it. He did not know when he drove and how he drove. He came out of his shock only when he realized that he had reached his house. All he knew was that Khushi took a decision regarding their life without even consulting him. And then while she had sacrificed her love for his prestige he had done nothing but hurt her. He was confused. He did not know what to do next. Khushi still loved him but she also broke his heart! She broke his trust but yet she had sacrificed her love for his prestige and honor! As he sat in his car, he finally broke down and sobbed; sobbed for his lost love, sobbed for his destroyed life, but mainly he cried for Khushi's sacrifice which ultimately destroyed three lives.






It is from the movie Kambakht Ishq (Year 2009) picturised on Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan and sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan! There are two versions of this song! This is the Duet version! Love this song! If you haven't heard the duet version yet, do try it once. It is better than the Shreya Ghoshal solo!


And about Kyun Dard Hai Itna, had to put it there!






The one chapter for which you all have been waiting! The chapter which will put this story back on track!


Arnav and Geet come to a decision which will change the tide of their love stories!

And then the fun will begin!


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Ahhh so its time for arhi side of things right

And a lot will happen for them too

But after this one all shall be okay

And lets hope it will be back to normal

Although are our maneet and arhi even normal

Hmmm that depends on our pov right

After this one things will be fun like you said

And am glad for that

It was hard seeing them so sad and forlorn man

Time to bring some laughter and mischief back huh

That will be rocking for sure

After all this isn't some rona dhona story is it

No its just opposite of that right

So lets get down to it

And hope will put this up in time for you to view next day

That will be good

Ahh so we start with dadi NT and nani convo

Lets see what nani is calling to tell dadi

Arrey haan shaadi toh lucknow mein hogi

After all ladki waale lucknow mein hain

Aur barat le karr raizadas jaayenge naa

I really forgot about that oops

Well am sure the khuranas shall come to lucknow for the double or maybe more than double wedding right

Parivaar jaise ho nahin nani parivaar hi hain

After all payal aur khushi maan aur dev ki muh boli behne hai

Toh khuranas ka aana toh taiye hain

See even dadi said the same

That they are from girls side naa

So they shall all be going to lucknow where things will change naa

Hehehehe okay let those games begin okay not yet but soon enough

I know if khuranas wotn be there well that will be sad

Warna geet aur maan ka kya hoga

Plus maan needs to be there to support his sisters naa

Dadi ladke waale baraat le karr jaate hain ladki waale nahin

Though it would be easier if they got married in delhi right

So it wasn't guptas who decided to have wedding in lucknow

But anj okay I think that will work

After all that's was the place where arhi met for the first time and payash too

Gosh I remember their first meeting of these two couples in sheesh mahal

How khushi called arnav a rakshas

And payash cute meeting too

Guess anj reasons for getting them married there is right too

After all the bad and sad memories that place has seen time to replace those with new and happier memories right

Okay so they are all set for the wedding

But surely the wedding wont be happening for a while right

That's will be too early

Anyway before the actual wedding we have lots of pre wedding ritual that will happen first

So there is time for actual wedding

And things being the way they were

Hello dadi is not sabko but family member yaar

Toh unhe nahin batayengi toh kisse batayengi

After all dadi and khuranas gotta know about it all

They are family too naa arnav

Yup of course they are family yaar

And after marriage of certain arhi and maneet they shall be family

After all behen de rahe hain ek doosre ko yaar

Even if they aren't blood sisters but they are sisters nonetheless

Once again I am going off the tangent

Iss ladki ka kuch nahin ho sakta hai ji

Okay so she did tell the same story to others

That's why he was shaking his head

Ufff yaar ek baar agar nani bhi shuru ho jaaye well no stopping her either right

And there nani drops a bomb on arnav

He so didn't see that coming

But dude why would she go with you guys and buaji

After all she has less time to spend with her sisters naa

Once they are married well she cant meet them so frequently

So she will wanna spend some time with them

And help with gupta side of preps too

How much will garima and the brides do on their own right

Another helping hand will be needed and that hand is khushi

Arrey waah yeh toh khushi ki bat hai

NK bhi aa rahe hain

Matlab samajhte ho haan iska logon

Apni la ke kiye bhi koi aa raha hai

Her love interest is also coming

No wonder you said things will be on track

You have prepared for it all dear

Tussi great ko ji sach mein

Chalo things are working out for everyone slowly slowly

Hum bhi excited hain nani that nk is coming

What can be better news

Well I can think of some more but for now this is good news for sure

I have realised something arnav aur maan ki zindagi mein kaafi ladies hain who can give other run for their money when it comes to talking

I mean juts take nani for example now right

Arnav does it matter when she is going

Of course it does what a silly question am asking right

Hello anything that is to do with khushi is his business

Even though he was trying to show that it isn't

Oh ho so she is leaving this soon huh

Well what else will she do here man

After all for who and what should she stay back no reason she has now

Nani kinki shaadi mein

Aap ke hisaab se arnav aur la ki shaadi mein

But that cant happen now can it

Man she dropped another bomb on him

That she is leaving today itself awww

Dude did ya forget she has no rights on you now

After all who aapki ab kya lagti hain

Toh ruk karr apne aap ko aur kyun dukh dengi ji

We all knew that you still loved her

But that damn ego of yours and your anger just made things worse

Dude we never suspected your love for her

But of course no one was happy with his behaviour with khushi either

Her betrayal well am sure soon you shall know it wasn't her betrayal

But all thanx to you that this happened

And since I read last line of this update am sure that he does find out the reason of her supposed betrayal good about time too

No your journey is for much longer and for life but at this moment you guys were together only till here

Later things shall change

But for time being you are her jiju to be like aki man

Aaj jaa ke inhe realise hua ki shaadi mein jyada samay nahin hai

Man he was kinda sleeping till now

More like not focusing on the bigger picture right

That in 18 days time he will be her jiju and not saiyyan

About time he woke up to that thought man

Ek nazar se kya hoga arnav

You know it she knows and we sure as hell know it that seeing her one more time wont change anything

But if that makes him happy and if arhi meet for one last time before she goes back who am I to stop him

Waise kya excuse use karne waale hain aap unse milne ke liye

Not that he needs any excuse since he is guptas to be damaad but still

Ahhh dev did see it all

The confrontation between maneet

Well he wanted to make sure all goes well

But he forgot that his brother is such dusht danav

Who is hell bent on ruining his life by letting his love go

Aww poor geet went away crying

But am sure not for long will she be crying

At least I hope not right

Okay sorry so he didn't hear it all

But he knows that his bro has done something wrong for sure

And he is spot on for sure

Goes to show he knows his brother pretty well naa

Your bro has done it again hasn't he

Though shouldn't really be surprised that he did what he did naa

Dev is so right in thinking that

Come on MSK will not make life easy for himself or for other to make it easy for them to get his lost happiness back

In fact he will make it hard for others and himself to get his love back naa

I so agree with dev there

MSK is the most stubborn fella along with of course ASR

 Dono hi ek hi thalli ke chatte batte hain

Kitna bhi samjhao ya inke liye kuch karo maante hi nahin hain dono

Well he may be the most stubborn but he is still human

Of course rejecting geet love like that cant be easy on him

But he thinks he had to do this

Why because he doesn't wanna go through another heart break if geet left him again

Ufff kya karein inka yaar

Dev you will know when he tells you what happened between your bro and bhabhi

Itna kuch keh diya aur ab ro rahe hain

Guess it just isn't easy for him to risk his heart from being broken again

But then if he doesn't then also he shall be crying

So this situation is just catch 22 aint it

You might not have the strength to love her but we hope she does

So she can this time support you

Her love will make you fall in love with her

This time she cant afford to lose you either

Dude I don't know why you cant believe it that he gave up on love

Of course he has dude

He may look strong and all but he too is human naa

There is only so much he can take

And I think losing soni was the last straw

But that don't mean you have to give up on them

Or geet gives up on her love

Cause that will bring them nothing but misery for sure

Now all is on geet for sure just as I suspected

And she is his last hope for maan to come back to normalcy

It all depends on geet how she will win her love back and make her love belive in their love

Hain kuch jyada hi love love ho gaya re

Of course he still loves her

That is one surety my man

You cant just fall outta love just because one decides to give up on the said love mate

Pyaar who sirf inse ki karte the karte hain aur karte rehenge

Who baat aur hai ki iss pyaar parr unka vishwaas uth gaya jab geet unhe bhul gayi parr pyaar abhi bhi kayam hai

Yup like I said only geet can make maan belive in his love again

And that is for certain

It might take a while but it shall happen dev fear not

Although how can he not fear what with his bro breaking down like this

I swear itna toh yeh tab bhi nahin toote the jab geet sorry soni inhe bhool gayi thi

Koi nahin geet hai naa ji inke liye

Ahhh back to arhi I see

Arrey yaar yahan bhi toh dukh hi dukh hain

Both couples aren't having the best time are they but this phase too is temporary

Dukh aaya hai toh jaayega bhi ji

So khushi is getting ready to go back to her amma and sisters

I know that's sad but what can she do either right

There is only so much she could take being near him and not be with him naa

Yeh bhi toh insaan hain ji

I know dear fret not this was supposed to happen

And soon you will get your lost happiness back

Oh dear even thinking that her love is gonna be her jiju well that is just hard

Why did this have to happen

Her love isn't hers anymore is it

Its gonna be her la di's uff the heart ache

Dil toh nahin manega naa ki arnav inke jiju honge saiyyan ye bajaye

Well it's a good thing that wont happen

Warna teen zindagi barbaad ho jayengi and that will be more sad than at moment

Even I wonder the same why did this have to happen

But if it didn't happen how else would this story be spiced up

Plus I have said it before if they got their love so easily whats the fun in that right

So this is test of sorts to see how they would cope without one another

That's another matter that they aren't coping so well

But this too is temporary phase naa

Seems even the radio is in agreement with khushi aww

Iss kyun ka kya jawab dein khushi

Mujhe nahin lagta iss kyun ka koi theek jawab hoga jo aapko rahat de

Aww seeing her like this or any characters I don't like

But this too is part of better things to come so that's fine too

Ahhh one side khushi is sad the other her veerji is sad too

Well more like all four are sad only

Aww all he can think of is geet

She is his love so of course his heart would remember her only naa

How can it forget the reason for its beat man

Ahh yes that vision of hers will haunt if for sure

Making her cry never made him happy

But what could he do he just couldn't get himself to believe that she wont leave him again

Hain yeh bhi radio on karr rahe hain waah kya baat hai

Dono bhai behen apne dukh radio se sang bant rahe hain

Maan don't be shocked dude

I know the song is enrapturing what you are feeling

Well this always happen with songs and this story how the songs are just perfect on any given situation not that one is saying other stories don't have the same oopsies

Not him too man

Though guess cant blame him for asking that question either

After all dono ki situation ek hi hai ji

Nasha toh who aapka hain maan

Aur uss nashe ko bhulna naamumkin hai maan

That still wont stop him from wanting to forget her though

Ahh the third person in this tragedy is here too arnav

So he finally reached to see his khushi or is it afreen for last time before the whole pre weding ritals start

Can someone tell me how come peeps just come and go from these houses

As in gupta house KM and shantivan koi bhi ghussa chala aata hai and no one knws

Okay I exaggerate there but you know what I mean

And why on earth do peeps leave their doors open that's just asking for trouble

I cant believe am spouting such rubbish when such intense scene is going on

Yeh babaji aur DM mera kuch nahin ho sakta

Ahh there is the last of the four who is being miserable at the moment

And no one knows that these guys are so sad which aint true these guys know how sad the others are but cant do anything for it either

Geet jyada fast na drive kari accident ho gaya toh

And with her frame of mind that's even more dangerous aint it

Whats with these guys and wanting to get as far as possible from whom they should be coing closer

But then cant blame them can we

Jab dil toota hai toh jisne dil toda use door hi jaana chahoge naa

Which is what they are doing aint they

So she too is listening to the same time huh

Wow what a connection that is

One song has them all connected with their hearts too

Sorry geet but I think that song will make you think more of maan words instead of making you forget them

This isn't nightmare but reality though no less that nightmare too must add

For not only geet but maan arnav and khushi

OMG could those words be more apt for maan or what yaar

Aww now he is lost in those moments with geet

And of course he wants to move on from those as if that's possible sorry maan no can do

Ahhh so true khushi you have lost him but not forever my dear

Don't be silly geet

You cant stop love from happening

And this was all destiny's game again which brought you face to face with your love again

You couldn't have fought against your fate dear

And nor will your love for him which was already in some corner of heart would have stopped you from loving him truly again

Wow those lines sure depicted her turmoil didn't it yup

Dude time waits for no man and cant be rewound

But it sure can make help you get your loved one back as well

Chalo at least someone saw arnav but it was buaji who saw him not khushi

Not that it matters as she is leaving arhi alone so that's good

They can still have their last meet with one another before she leaves for lucknow

Waah kya baat hai buaji aapne toh yeh aur bhi asaan karr diya arhi ke liye

He came to meet her only now you just gave him reason to see her too

Though how she shall react to his presence is another matter

The one from whom she is running away from has come to see her oh teri

Acha she didn't hear her buaji well she is too lost in her sad sad thoughts naa

And its better she not know that he is here or she will be even sadder

Parantu inka milna bhi hai zaroori

You aint the only one who is gonna lose khushi she too will lose you

And not to forget the other couple

 Though unka matter different hai since they aren't about to marry someone else like arnav

Ahh yes her having an accident is what me worried about too

But then her tears cant stop not today when her love rejected her

And why because he thinks she might leave him again

Of course that aint gonna happen thankfully

Arrey baap re yeh lines toh sach mein match karr rahi hai inke emotions ke saath

Don't be silly khushi

How is it all your fault dear not all of it

Some of it and majority is his fault too

Had he not kept your relationship a secret well they wouldn't have chosen la for him

And had he told you his identity things wouldn't have gone this far

Damn I cant help but blame this man here sorry parr kya karun yaar

Though she is right about one thing three lives are gonna be ruined if this marriage happens

Aww sadness hi sadness hain aaj

Kuch jyada hi parr jald hi khushiyan bhi waapis aayengi naa

Soni forgot you but geet still remembers you dear

So why are you not letting geet soothe you with her love

Wait they are one and the same right

Abb jisne dard diya hai wohi toh uss dard ko mitayega

That's if he gives her a chance naa

Well shutting off the radio will not stop all these thoughts about geet go away either maan

Dude she never heard her buaji so she don't know you are here

And its not like she doesn't wanna see you either

Even though it hurts to see you in front of her

Well love can give you such sweet pain cant it

So he decided to go see her for himself

That I think was good move for sure

Aww there is her room khushi is looking at her love pic since that's all she can do

Since her love don't wanna see her personally after her supposed betrayal

Hmm just in time he came and saw her with his pic

Thank god for a change h was at the right place at right time

 Think he will find out about the whole reason for her doing what she did

Nahin arnav who aapki picture nahin hain aapke hamshakal ki hai

The things this dude says man unbelievable

Duh she loves you so it will be your pic she has naa

Ahh she is letting her tears flow for her first love loss

Aww man I feel so bad for them all now

Ahhh now that's the perfect place to have this song of IPK

Acha sab inka karaya hai

Aap ne toh kuch bhi naa kiya arnav

Well you will know soon enough if it was all due to her or also due to what you hi mate

Well she is asking for forgiveness for lying to you not betraying you

Dude she never betrayed you but same cant be said about you

Seems the time is here for him to know why she thinks he isn't a liar or betrayed her when in fact he did lie to her

That's where you are all wrong my dear

He toh knew all about your identity and still he didnt tell his to you which is why you guys are in this mess

She thinks he didn't lie hah if only she knew right

Sweetie he knew it all from the beginning only you didn't know the same

He knew who he was falling in love with you didn't my dear

Actually khushi you were bang on right in blaming him you just ddint know it

Dude aab yaad aya ki inhone aapse yeh sab kaha tha

If only he had paid attention then well what to say

Abbe gadhe (sorry for calling him that but just had to there please don't kill me peeps) of course she believed ya you were lying but she didn't know that did she

Well she did all that because she knew that her la di was chosen to be your bride

Jab yeh rishta aaya tha la ke liye unhe nahin pata tha naa ki aap hi la ke hone waale who hain

Had she known she could have told you and you could have sorted it out before things got this far

But then how would she know that when he hid his identity from her

Bade aaye sach jaane waale

Will you be able to hear the truth mate

When she isn't wrong in accusing you for lying to her

Beta sab saamen aa jayega wait kariye

And he will come to know of it all now

He didn't even have to ask her she just told him like that

She was all happy for her sister and also happy that once la and payal got married it would be her turn not knowing that her la di was gonna get married to her love only

And why she didn't know that because a certain someone never told her of his identity

Ab toh inhe solid jhatka lagega hi zaroor

Haiyye kitne aspen dekhe the aur sab choor choor hog aye naa

Waah kya sapne the yaar

So cute and beautiful but all went down the drain didn't they when she came to know of reality of things man

Awww man it wasn't easy for her when she came to know that you were not her groom but that of her sister whom she loves so dearly

So she didn't say anything because she knew he would say no and that they would work it all out

But then nothing like that happened did it

In fact just the opposite happened didn't it man

Hmmm yes that would or could have happened but of course it never got to that

Oh hello where are you lost now

Do you realise she was hoping you would make things alright but that clearly wasn't meant to be

If only that had happened

But once again that would have been too easy for them

Utna mazaa nahin aata if that had actually took place naa

Uff his proposal came at wrong time

She had hoped he would get the family and ask for her hand

But with his proposal she didn't know what to do

Though she loved him but she couldn't accept after al she cant let la suffer due to her could she which is why she didn't react to your proposal

Hmmm she was in solid dilemma wasn't she

On one hand was her love and the other her parents trust on her which she kinda broke by meeting and falling in love with ya kinda

Ahhh and he finally knows what a mistake he did by flrting with la and ruining his love with his own hands good about time he knew that

Abb samjhe la ke saath uss tarah flirt karr ke aapne apne pairon mein khuhadi mari thi

And gave your family the green signal for your and la marriage proposal

Yes due you are the blooming reason for this mess and not her

Aur impulsive hoyiye josh mein aake aapne kya karr diya ji

Well she is feeling lighter and he just started feeling burdened

Uff arnav what did you do in your hasty decisions man

No way would he do that to take revenge from you but then what else would she think of it he didn't know naa that he was agreeing to marry thee wrong sister

Yes it was mu on both sides too

Her thinking that he is doing it all to make her jealous and revenge

And he didn't know that payal had another sister and agreed to marry who he thought was khushi but was in fact la

She was in right dilemma man she couldn't say about her situation as things could have gone bad for both the families so she did what she thought was right for the family and sacrificed her love

Yup that's the reason why she did all this for you for her sister

And what did you do arnav you demeaned her sacrifice and taunted her for that how could you

Well how could she consult you mate you hadn't left her with any choice

Had you at least told her of your identity then she could have told you about la being her sister and all but you didn't

She broke your trust and you didn't break hers by lying to her

Is he still freaking focusing on her lies and breaking of trust what about his man

Why is it that he still cant see beyond himself there

Though he is right about the ruination of three lives

Well this was one hell of a rollercoaster

With maneet and their heart break

And arhi and the truth of it all coming out

So now its time for some action and that's gonna happen and soon cool man

Cheers for pm kya chapter tha yaar solid

Edited by chavvi16 - 17 February 2014 at 2:17pm

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sriif Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2014 at 10:42am | IP Logged
i have fallen in love with ur FF...
please give us regular and  updates...tempting to know what will happen next...

Awesome update words to explain the happiness...  LOL

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2014 at 10:46am | IP Logged

loved the part...finallyy arnav khushi's truth is also out... did u manage writing nani's language soo welll...the correct slang ... ClapClap do you know to speak like that??Shocked
thanku for the continue sooonBig smile

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