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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 68)

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Day 9 Tuesday

Place - Dev and NT's Room at Khurana Mansion


      "NT? NT?", Dev called out as he entered the room. NT, who stood dressing in front of the mirror adjusting her Saree Pallu, turned around and rolled her eyes, "Dev! Aap itna chilla kyon rahe hain? Humein heart attack aa jaata toh?" She turned around and pinned her Pallu properly. Dev hugged her from behind and placed his head on her shoulder. "Chillaun nahi toh kya karun? I am so eager for today. Agar sab plan ke mutaabik chala toh humaare Dev Junior ko bahut jald uski Geet Taayiji mil jaayegi!", Dev said while patting NT's stomach. NT smiled at his words. She was five months pregnant and her stomach was showing it. She turned towards him and frowned, "Agar Vadde Veerji ko hum dono ke plan ke baare mein pata chala toh?" Dev gave her a smile, "Isiliye toh meri jaan tumhein is kaam pe lagaaya hai. With you being pregnant, Bro tumpe ghussa galti se bhi nahi karenge!" NT narrowed her eyes at him and swatted him on his shoulder. Dev smiled sheepishly, "Ab chalo! Office mein jaake next plan implement jo karna hai!" NT nodded and as Dev turned to walk away NT caught his hand while mumbling, "Dev Junior nahi! NT Junior hogi!" Dev shook his head and replied back, "Dev Junior!" NT argued, "NT Junior!" Dev argued back, "Dev Junior!" Both continued arguing as they walked out of the room.  




Place - Dev's Cabin at Khurana Constructions


    Geet entered the room after knocking at the door. Pinky had called her when she was in Sasha's cabin working, telling her that Dev Sir's wife wanted to talk to her. Geet was curious; what would Naintara want with her? She had met NT once or twice at her house but never got a chance to speak to her properly. Geet did not know but NT did not attempt to speak to her till now because she was sure that she would either blurt out the truth of Soni to her or start crying at her Veerji's situation.


      Geet looked at the Dev's chair only to see a beautiful lady dressed in red Saree with sleeveless blouse and long hair smiling at her. When she got up Geet noticed that she was pregnant. Geet guessed her pregnancy to be around four or five months. She came and hugged Geet tightly; well... as tightly as her expanded stomach could allow her. Geet was confused but hugged her back. NT pulled away and smiled, "Aap humein jyaada nahi jaanti. Par hum aapko achchi tarah se jaante hain!" Geet frowned and NT explained, "Yaad nahi? Aap humaare ghar yaani ki Khurana Mansion mein thehri thi jab aapka woh accident hua tha. Us waqt humaari aur aapki beech achchi khaasi dosti hogayi thi! Par phir pichle saal ke us haadse ke baad humein aapse milne ka mauka hi nahi mila! Jab Dev ne bataaya ki aap yahaan kaam karti hain toh hum aapse milne chale aaye!" Geet remembered her situation and smiled back, "Aapse milke achcha laga!"  Soon, they sat down and chatted along. NT asked Geet all about the Raizada family while Geet asked about her family. It was through NT Geet came to know about how NT and her brother was orphaned and how Daadima took them in. She gave Geet a brief about how she married Dev while Arjun married Annie. Soon, the topic of Maan's anger was broached. "Pata nahi NTji. Aap kitni bhi taareef karlo par aapke Vadde Veerji hain toh bade hi ghussail aur khadoos insaan. Har waqt daante rehte hai, kabhi mujhpe toh kabhi baaki staff pe!", Geet complained and NT smiled as she remembered a moment in the past when Geet had complained similarly about Maan. NT saw this as a right time to start her and Dev's plan; it was time to start the topic of Soni. She sighed sadly and mumbled, "Tum nahi jaanti Geet. Maan Veerji dil ke bahut achche hain. Woh toh bas Soni ke jaane ke baad se..." she trailed off deliberately trying to bait Geet. Geet leaned ahead in anticipation, "Soni? Soni kaun?" NT looked away as if she was in pain but inside she was smirking; Machli jaal mein phas gayi! She looked back at Geet sadly, "Bahut pyaar karte the Vadde Veerji Soni se. Aur Soni bhi bahut pyaar karti thi Maan Veerji se. Kabhi Veerji unke liye icecream date pe le jaate toh kabhi lassi pilaate. Ek baar toh paratha banaane ki bhi koshish ki thi kyunki Soni ko parathe bahut pasand the!" She looked at Geet hopefully; Shaayad ise kuch yaad aajaaye! This was Dev's plan; to tell Geet about her days with Maan and see if she could remember anything. But Geet's clueless expression disappointed her and she continued, "Phir ek din kuch aisa hua ki woh dono alag hogaye. Soni unki zindagi se kahin door chali gayi!" Geet hesitated but spoke up, "Kahaan gayi? Aur kyun gayi?" NT shook her head, "Yeh sab hum tumhein nahi bata sakte. Maan Veerji ne hum sabko kasam di hai ki hum sab Soni ke jaane ke baare mein baat nahi karenge." NT looked away. She was right! Maan had told them not to tell anybody that Geet was Soni but he never forbade anybody to talk about Soni to Geet. That was the loophole Dev found and convinced her to talk to Geet. NT felt sad; this plan had flopped. Geet did not remember anything. But then she looked at Geet's thoughtful face and paused for a moment. Nahi! Yeh plan flop nahi hua! Geet Veerji ke baare mein pooch rahi hai iska matlab hai ki woh Veerji ko jaanna chaahti hai. Aur koi ladki kisi insaan ko jaanne ki koshish toh tab karti hai jab uske dil mein us insaan ke liye kuch ho! Suddenly her face brightened up; Hum khaamakha pareshaan ho rahe hain. Lagta hai by hook or by crook Khurana khaandaan ki badi bahu toh Geet hi banegi!  She smiled happily while Geet excused herself and walked away.


     Geet walked to Sasha's cabin in haze. Mr. Khurana aur itna pyaar! Kya woh baahar se jitne kadak hain utne hi naram andar se hain. Aur main toh unhein kitna galat samajhti thi! Woh toh dil ke kitne achche hain. Kya woh kabhi mujhe...She imagined sitting in a restaurant with Maan spoon feeding pasta to her. She suddenly shook her head. Nahi Geet! Tu yeh sab soch nahi sakti! Geet puttar! Tu yeh sab sochna band kar! Tujhe do do mystery solve karne hain uske baare mein soch! But her mind drifted back to Maan's smile after he had bandaged her arm and she smiled dreamily as she walked away.




Place - At a bar in Dilli


     Arnav wandered out of the bar as he took a swig from the bottle in his hand. The whole day Khushi's behavior haunted him. How dare she ignore him? How dare she behave in such a manner with him? Few days after his engagement, Arnav had locked away all his emotions keeping his focus on righteous anger he felt due to Khushi's betrayal. He had locked away Khushi's thoughts, the moments spent with her, every thought he had pertaining to her except her betrayal which kept his hatred burning. But the accusations Khushi had thrown at his face after the Sunday lunch unlocked all his emotions leaving him an emotional mess. And the crux of the matter was that she was not wrong; if he had wanted to he could have stopped the engagement and exposed her but he did not. He wanted revenge on her and had accepted the engagement just to spite and hurt her. Till now he had burnt in righteous anger, but now faced with her accusations he felt that all his anger had been robbed leaving behind nothing but pain and misery. And these feelings drove Arnav Singh Raizada back to the bottle which had first dulled his feelings and thoughts on the engagement night.


   As a drunk Arnav got out of the bar, he looked around curiously. Where to go? He frowned and pouted all the while looking at the bottle in his hand as if it was going to answer him. Then he smiled, "Khushi!", her name came out in a whisper as his smile widened. Where else was he supposed to go? Arnav questioned himself. He spoke to the bottle, "Dard usne diya hai toh dard ki dava bhi wahi laga de!" He huffed and got in his car. He keyed the engine and shouted out loud, "My painkiller, I am coming!"




Place - Buaji's House at Laxminagar


     Arnav grinned as he reached Khushi's house. He smiled softly as he remembered how he had once entered the house through the window. Suddenly he pouted, "No! Arnav! No daydreaming! You are in pain and Khushi is your medicine! GO! Meet your medicine!" He knocked on the door and grinned eagerly.


   Khushi smiled sadly as she folded her clothes. Few more days and then she would be going back to Lucknow to start the preparations of her sisters' wedding. She frowned as someone frantically knocked at the door. Buaji? Itne jaldi aagayi? Buaji had gone with the nearby family to hospital as the daughter in law of the neighbour had gone into labour an hour ago. Khushi opened the door only to come face to face with a swaying and grinning Arnav, "Arnavji?", she whispered in shock. Arnav's smile widened and he mumbled, "Medicine!" Khushi's eyes widened while Arnav just waved at her, "How are you medicine?" Khushi's jaw dropped open and she whispered, "Aapne pee rakhi hai Arnavji?" Hey Devi Maiyya! Achcha hua Buaji ghar par nahi hai! Warna pata nahi kya hota! Arnav's eyes narrowed. I was asking her how she was and she is counter questioning me! How dare she! "Nahi!", Arnav shook his head violently while Khushi took a step back, "Nahi! Maine sharaab nahi pee! Bas thodi si davaai pee li!", Arnav mumbled and Khushi frowned. "Davaai?", Khushi whispered in confusion. Arnav nodded vigorously and mumbled, "Haan! Davaai! Jab dard hota haina toh normal log davaai peete hain. Tumhein nahi pata!" As Khushi continued to look at him in shock, he pouted, "Kya karoon Khushi?" He grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her close, "Aur kya karoon Khushi?", his tone filled with sadness and pain, "Bahut dard hota hai! Bahut dard!" Khushi's eyes filled up at his expression and she mumbled, "Kkkahaan?" Arnav removed his hand from her shoulder and took up her hand. He placed it on his heart and gave her a sad smile, "Yahaan!" When Khushi's eyes widened in realization, Arnav pouted, "Kyun dard diya tumne Khushi? Aisa koi karta hai kya? Kise apne koi itna dard koi deta hai kya?" He pushed her away but fell back himself at the force. He fell on the floor and started laughing. Khushi's eyes started tearing up at his condition. Soon Arnav started hiccupping and his laughter turned into deep breaths. After a while, he looked up and glared at her, "How dare you! How dare you Khushi Kumari Gupta! How dare you!" He got up and grabbed her. He pulled her close and looked into her crying eyes, "How dare you do this to me! How dare you make me feel so bad for your betrayal?", he said referring to her accusation of being so righteous when he himself did not break the engagement. "Main sochta tha ki main sahi tha. Lekin tumne mera bhram toda kyun? Achcha bhala tha main tumhaare bin. Tum meri zindagi mein aayi kyun?", he proceeded to stare into her eyes searching for an answer.


    Khushi broke away from Arnav and turned around trying to quell her tears but her tears refused to listen. After few seconds, Arnav turned her around and looked at her with such tenderness that Khushi felt her breathing stop. He gave her a sweet smile, "Tumne dard diya na? Ab tumhi davaai karo! There is no other option you see! You have to give me my medicine. Please mere paas aa jaao Khushi! Please! Yeh dard chala jaayega, I know! Just come to me." Khushi shook her head and pulled away from him. She ran into her room and slammed the door shut leaving behind a drunk Arnav hollering for her. She pulled her phone and dialed a number, "Hello Veerji!"


  In next twenty minutes, Maan came and took Arnav away after enquiring whether she was alright. As soon as she closed the door on Maan and Arnav, she fell down on the floor as her whole body shook while her eyes cried the tears of pain.




Place - Arnav's room at Shantivan


     Geet looked over as Maan adjusted Arnav on the bed. Maan had kept Arnav in his car and had driven around Dilli till it was late night and all of the Raizadas were asleep. After that, he had called Geet knowing she was the only one who had helped him last time and also had kept quiet about Arnav's condition. Geet had opened the door and had got them in. As she stood there staring, she realized that this drinking episode was linked to Khushi someway. She did not know why she thought that, but her gut feeling was telling her that Khushi was crux to her brotehr's problem. Aisa lagta hai jaise saari taale ki chaabi Khushi hai! Ab toh mujhe sab kuch pata lagaana hi hoga before AB's condition detoriates anymore! Maan walked away without giving her a glance while Geet stood there lost in her thoughts about her AB.




Day 10 Wednesday

Place - Buaji's House at Laxminagar


    "Ab hum kya karein? Kaise pata lagaayein?", Khushi mumbled as she paced to and fro in her room. After last night's debacle she was worried about Arnav and wanted to see from her own eyes whether he was ok or not. As she paced around, she closed her eyes and prayed, "Hey Devi Maiyya! Humein koi raasta deejiye Arnavji ko ek baar dekhne ka!" As she opened her eyes, her eyes widened and she gave a grin, "Kanha!", she shouted and then ran around to get dressed for the day.




Place - Shantivan


    Arnav was about to get into his car when he stopped as he noticed Khushi on her scooty driving towards his house. As she neared, she stopped the scooty and stared at him nervously. He felt the familiar anger bubble up in his heart and he threw her a glare. She got down the scooty and looked down nervously. She was happy to see him alright but now she realized that by coming here she had left herself open to his taunts. She gulped and looked everywhere except his face. He closed the door of his car with a bang and she flinched. He walked towards her and stood in front of her glaring at her menacingly. He looked at her scooty and then gave her a smirk. Her heart thudded in her chest. She knew that he will taunt her now. And as Khushi had guessed, Arnav opened his mouth, "Tumhein yaad hai! Hum dono... scooty pe... rasto ke khaakh chaante hue?" She glared at him as she dared him to say anything to make those moments cheap with his words. And he did not disappoint her, "Tumne toh bahut saare ladko ko scooty ke peeche bithaake ghumaaya hoga na?" As Khushi looked at him in horror Arnav came close and murmured, "Ya main pehla tha?" She pushed him away and tried to walk away when he caught her hand. She turned around only to feel her breath go away. He was looking at her earnestly almost pleading her to speak. When she did not say anything, his gaze hardened and he hissed through his teeth, "Lagta hai saare woh scooty pe bitaaye hue pal, sab fake the! Unmein koi emotion hi nahi the!" His words pierced her heart and she could stop herself from replying. She wrenched her hand away from his grip and answered back with venom in her voice, "Lagta hai aapko scooty ride mein bahut mazaa aaya Jijaji!" Arnav looked at her in shock but Khushi was not yet completed her with her words, "Don't worry Jijaji! Lavanya Di ko bhi scooty chalaana achcha lagta hai. Ek kaam kijiye aap! Shaadi ke baad Di se kahiye ki aapko Scooty ride pe le jaaye, Jijaji!" She turned around and walked into the house while Arnav stared at her stupefied.




Place - Dev's Cabin in KC


     "Dev!", Maan called as he entered the office. Dev looked up from the files he was reading through and smiled, "Yes Bro!" "Sasha kahaan hai? I am not able to get her on her phone.", Maan asked. "She has gone to the site for some routine check! Wahaan signal nahi milta. She will be back in the evening." Maan nodded, "Theek hai! Ek kaam karo! Jab uska phone lage toh use kehna ki aaj Mr. Gupta ke saath ek dinner meeting hai! He wants to discuss the designs with us." "So?", Dev frowned. Maan continued, "So tell Sasha to be ready with the designs around 5. Main ek meeting mein jaa raha hun and will be back by 5 only. I will directly meet her in the parking lot to pick her up." Dev nodded and Maan walked away. Dev called the landline of the site and soon he was informing Sasha about the meeting and telling her to be back by 5.


    It was around 4 in the evening, when Dev's phone rang. He picked it up and listened for a while. After replying to the phone, Dev kept the phone down and smirked. He replayed the conversation in his head, "DK! I am sorry but I won't be able to come for the meeting. There are some problems here. Do one thing Dk! Send Geet in my place. She has worked with me on this project so she knows the details too." Dev leaned back on his chair and looked up, "Babaji! You are simply too good. Hats off to you. Kya chance dhoondha hai Bro aur Bhabhi ko paas laane ka! Ab Bro aur Bhabhi ki date pakki!"  




Place - Parking Lot at KC


    Maan stared for few seconds at the person coming towards his car and turned around. He picked his phone and dialed a number, "Dev!", he spoke in a calm voice trying to keep his anger in control, "Maine tumhein Sasha ko bhejne kahaa tha. Yeh Geet yahaan kya kar rahi hai?" He listened for a while as Dev explained how Sasha was unavailable and how Geet was well versed with the project and then glared at the phone, "Dev! I can't go with Geet. Aur uska reason tum jaante ho right?" He heard Dev's reply, "Bro! This meeting is important and right now Geet is the only one who knows the details. You got no other option. You have to do this for the project Bro!" Maan gripped the phone tightly while closing his eyes trying to calm himself down, "Theek hai! Main iske saath chala jaata hun."




Place - A Hotel in Dilli


    Geet sighed as she stared at Maan sadly. She checked her watch; it was nearing 9 PM. She had been so excited when Dev had asked her to go for a meeting with Maan. She had been so excited. She would spend some time with her Maan. But now she wished Sasha had gone in her place. The whole time in the car trip to the hotel, Maan refused to even look at Geet, forget about talking to her. After they reached the hotel, they were busy with the meeting. And once the meeting ended Geet was so happy that they were planning to have dinner too and she could spend more time with Maan only for her happiness to get spoiled because throughout the dinner Maan was talking to the client and did not even give her a single glance. And now as she sat at their table while Maan walked the clients to the car, Geet wished she was in her house. Atleast she would not be so sad. She picked the glass of water near her and drank it in gulp. After few seconds she looked at the glass and smiled. Yeh toh bahut achcha hai. She called the waiter and asked him to serve the drink again. What Geet did not know was that the waiter had mistaken while serving and had placed alcoholic drink which looked like water in place of water and Geet had drank that. Now hearing her order he politely poured her another glass of the drink.


    Maan sighed as the clients drove away. He walked towards their table dreading every moment. He had to drive Geet home and that was something he was not looking forward too. At one side, his heart was too excited to spend some time with her but on the other side, his mind did not want to even stay near her. Listening to his mind, Maan had determinedly not given her even a single glance while driving earlier. But now, he was not sure how long he will be able to maintain himself. As he reached the table he murmured to Geet, "Chalo Geet!" He turned around only for Geet to grab his hand, "Nahi!" "Kya?", Maan asked as he turned around. Geet grabbed a glass nearby and drank the whole glass and then looked at him and smiled, "Mujhe nahi jaana!" Maan jerked his hand away from her, "Geet tum theek toh ho?" Geet shook her head and gave him a wide smile, "Nahi!" Maan lost his patience, grabbed her by her shoulders and made her stand up. She swayed in his arms and Maan stiffened, "Tumne sharaab pee hai!" Geet shook her head, "Nahi! Paani pee hai! Aap bhi peeyoge? Bahut achchi hai!" Maan rolled his eyes. He picked her glass up and sniffed it. Great! Lagta hai galti se paani ke jagah sharaab pee li isne! Now he had a drunk Geet to handle. Sober kya kam thi jo ise sharaab chada di! Ab main kya karoon? Ise ghar kaise le jaaun? "Maan!", Geet piped up and he looked at her in annoyance, "Aap kabhi achche kabhi bure kyon ho? Aap hamesha achche kyon nahi rek sakte?" He took a deep breath at her words. He made her sit and called Arnav. He informed Arnav of his situation and asked him to pick Geet up from the Hotel. He promised Arnav to stay there with Geet till he came.


    Maan asked Geet to sit at her place and went to settle the bill. But when he came back, Geet was missing. He felt panic grip his heart. Yeh kahaan chali gayi? Hey Babaji! Ab main kya karoon? He looked around and started searching. He looked all around the lobby. While he was searching and asking around, one young waiter informed him that Geet was sitting on the steps of the Hotel front. Thanking the guy, Maan ran towards the Hotel's front only to see Geet sitting there with her sandles in her hand looking around in confusion. "GEET!", Maan roared as he neared her. He grabbed her by her arm and made her stand. She frowned and mumbled, "Maan!" Maan glared at her, "Tum ek jagah pe baith nahi sakti! Have you gone mad?" Geet pouted and mumbled, "Sorry! Par main kya karoon? Aapke baghair main bore ho rahi thi! Toh aapko dhoondhte hue baahar aagayi!" Maan shook his head. There was no use shouting at her. She was clearly drunk! Maan dragged her to the parking lot knowing that Arnav would meet them there. As he reached the parking lot, he did not notice that it was empty but Geet noticed it. She smiled and patted Maan's shoulder. Maan turned around with annoyance written on his face. Geet smiled at sweetly, "Yahaan pe koi nahi hai!" Maan looked around and noticed it, "Toh?" Geet giggled, "Hum dono ko koi aise idhar dekhlega toh kya samjhega?" Maan rolled his eyes, "Chup hojaao Geet!" Geet shook her head and grabbed his collar. She pulled him close, "Ek secret bataaun?" Maan was so lost in her eyes that he almost did not hear what she had to say. She grinned idiotically at him, "Aap ek dusht daanav ho!" Maan clenched his fists and gave her a sarcastic smile. Geet continued, "Nahi nahi! Aap ek Shaitaan ho!" Maan took a sharp breath at her words. Wasn't that what she called him when she stayed with him as Soni? She shook her head, "Par phir bhi I like you, Maan! I don't know why!" Her nave words made his heart melt. She looked at him innocently and mumbled, "I want to kiss you Maan. Can I kiss you?" Maan's eyes widened and he gulped. His eyes looked at her lips and back at her eyes. How many times he had wanted to kiss her? How many times he wished for this moment? But when this moment came he was reminded of his determination to stay away from Geet. He tried to push her away but stilled when Geet spoke his name in a soft way. He looked at her unsure what to do next. She pulled him closer while his heart thudded in his chest. Her eyes were luring him closer. Just right when she was about to kiss him, she fainted in his arms. Maan looked at her in shock. Before he could react, a horn sounded nearby and he looked up to see Arnav's car driving in. He exchanged few words with Arnav and after saying bye Arnav grabbed Geet in his arms, placed her in his car and drove away. Maan got into his car and banged his hand on the steering wheel. He was not sure whether he was angry with Geet being drunk and trying to kiss him or him not getting the chance to kiss her. Yeh achcha kaam mila hai mujhe! Arnav is drunk, Geet ko call karo! Geet is drunk, Arnav ko call karo! Yeh bhai behen ke beech mein main phas gaya hun! He banged his hand on the wheel again and started the car.






Sorry for the delay guys, but there was no net here for a while!

Oh and by the way, I won't be able to reply your reviews or mails for a while coz my net is still not alright! Will reply when it gets normal!


And the almost kissing scene is inspired from one of my favorite movie, The Mummy!






Geet finally falls in love with Maan while

Khushi finally decides to get away from Arnav!


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yipeee!!! finally read d update...sooo happieeeParty...awesom update...tooo goood... NT-Geet talks bt Maneet part was simply superbDay Dreaming! loved the precap Geet falling in loveDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing(balle balle) n d first one 2 comment! yayEvil Smile

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The way Arnav pleaded Khushi to come 2 him was touchy.From NT Geet came 2 know abt Soni.She got drunk n felt like kissing Maan.But maan is forced 2 b away from sad.loved Dev-NT scene.beautiful chapter.

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hi thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update! Arnav asking Khushi to come to him! Nt tells Geet abt Soni! A drunken Geet wants to kiss Maan! update soon, well written

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lol... the last lines were awesome... i love ur writing style

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dat was awesome

thanx fr d pm dear

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well you are back
hope you are well
of course you must be
will try to do this today only
just have to try

Well lets see who shall be drunk

But does it really matter in the end I should think not

Who so ever is drunk well it just makes the story that much spicier for sure

Hai naa which is why you added that scene in am sure

Anyway lets get down to this then

Almost falling in love geet and broken hearted khushi beckon me

Whats with men and shouting for their wives

Sorry more like with Indian men and shouting for their wives

Never got that you know

But once am married am sure I will but that's besides the point

She is right you know if you scream like that you will give her a right heart attack for sure

 Well lets see why dev is so hyper for

And how hius wife can help him with maneet

She is pregnant

Awww bless they will have a baby girl or boy soon enough

More reason not to shout on her mate

The child might get scared

But then again am digressing from topic

Yes am sure your baby by the time he or she is born will have their geet taiji with them

Finger crossed of course you never know with maneet naa

Don't say things like that and jinx it dear

Lets not even think about it shall we

That thought about maan knowing about this is not what you should think of dear

Cause we all know how he would react to it right

Hawww yeh toh besharmi ki hadh hai

Aise koi apni patni ko use karte hai apne bhai ke gusse se bachne ke liye

Though he is right about what he said though

Ahh so they have decided to implement further plans

After all they have only four more months left naaa

And with maneet that's not enough time is it

Really they too huh baby girl or baby boy fight

But then all parents do this after all

And its so cute right this fight

Hmm so to the next plan

But what is NT gonna tell her

Cant say you are soni so whats in their mind now

 Well if she wanted and could she could tell you all that you wanna know

But unfortunately she cant do that am afraid

Oh yeah she would have done that but guess now her interference is needed

Why else would he let NT talk to geet then right

Well geet apni bahbhi to be and saheli ko gale nahin lagayegi toh aur kya karengi NT

Man she must miss her right

They were pretty close too when she was with them

And seeing her again and getting the chance to talk to her again is bound to overwhelm NT with her situation right

Of course you know her well she lived with you guys for those months and the two of you had bonded well

She not only forgot the bond between maan and her but reat of the family too which was just as precious

Agar yaad hota toh kya rona tha dear

Ahh yes those days of geet being in KM sure were special for them all and precious too

But she don't remember them soon maybe she will

Ahhh they are bonding once again with one another

Well that's a start right

Ahhh yes his anger hmmm the less said the better

I know dear it seems as his anger is the worst but then his love is just as deadly right

But she don't know of that as he has been using anger as his shiled for way too long

Till of course she came into his life but now that's he isn't there

Well he is back to being the DD that he is and I don't mean dhak dhak of course

For him anger is the best way of keeping you away from him

Not knowing no matter what she will come closer to him again

Well good that she herself gave you a chance to talk about why he is so angry all the time

More perfect situation couldn't have arisen right NT

Well of course ke is very good person but yes since his soni left him he is like this

And just as NT wanted geet wants to know about soni

Haiyye she is telling geet of her own love story with maan

And she don't even know right

What a situation this is right

Ahhh yes they did love each other then but this time when she falls for him she will never ever forget him hopefully

Of course she wont there is only so much memory loss one person can take right

Oh yeah the hings he did for his soni

Some of them are right shocking for maan to do

Parr jab pyaar hota hai naa tab sirf apne pyaar ki khushiyan dekhi jaati hai naa

Ahh they want her memory to be refreshed telling of their lovely moments

Well its good idea I should say

And hopefully even if it isn't working now slowly it will have an impact on her later on

They have to do something after all better than just giving up like a certain someone

Good question geet where did she go

Well she didn't go any where she just truned into you my dear

I knew it he must have told his family not to tell geet that she is soni

But he left a loop hole didn't he

He didn't say anything about not telling geet about her soni avatar though

Which is a bonus for NT and dev of course

And will help get them maneet closer again

Give it time NT for her to soak in this information

You didn't think did ya that she would remember it all just like that

If that was the case then this twits would be meaningless which it isn't

Hell yes she will be the only badi bahu and maan wife in the end

You are right in thinking that her wanting to know more about maan is a step towards falling in love with him again

So peeps don't loose hope and just pray for their love to happen again

And watch how maan is back to being the maan he was when with soni

 Hell yes he is capable of loving very fiercely

So much so he can do anything for that love

And he already has done that hasn't he

After all he didn't bind you to him set you free in the hope if you come back to him his love was true

I know he may seem to be such DD but he actually very nice when his love will be back with him

Now you didn't know this or you wouldn't have misunderstood him so much

But you do know now and that's something right dear

Well he will do that but once you fall for him once again

And this time will be different from the last

Thoda toh day dreaming chalti hai geet

But yes you do have some mysteries too solve for sure

And one of them you can figure more easily if you observe arhi closely or ask maan

But he wont say anything will he no way man

Bless she still allowed herself to think of him though

That's something for sure naa

Not him again being drunk

Ktina devdas bana phirta rehta hai yeh chora

Ufff who would have thought huh that the great ASR would turn into such devdas

What else he expects her to do

Carry on being the same as she was when in love and being your GF

She cant do that now can she not when she herself broke her heart for her di

But if she didn't she would have broken more hearts right

 Not him as well what's with anger and these two dudes

But then how can it not be anger right

That's the one thing they know they do best

And so whenever any such situation arises they have habituated to be angry rather than see it calmly right now you cant change so quickly now can ya

Good that she did what she did

Or else he would just keep with anger rather than think about why she did it

As with his anger he cant think straight can he

Not that he is doing that even without the anger

Yes why didn't you stop the engagement if you didn't want it

You know the reason why you didn't do that

Now just for once think of the same from her pov and then only will ya know why she did what she did man

Him and his revenge they aren't gonna get him anywhere

In fact its making bigger mess than the one of her supposed betrayal mate and you know it deep down that this isn't gonna bring you any satisfaction either

Seriously that's why he is drinking again

Whenever he goes drinking it doesn't make much difference

In fact after this drunken spell things just get worse for khushi I swear

Oh dear am so right about it being more trouble for her

Hey DM help khushi with this drunk arnie

A sober arnie is for sure hard to handle but a drunk one can be much worse right

 Oh my as if she doesn't have enough to worry about now this

Hello she is not your pain killer but she soon will need one after you come for sure

Though his thinking sure is right where else can he go than to her right?

After all no matter what has happened she is still his love

But him driving in such condition is not gonna be good either

Hope he makes it to hers in one piece

That he might but when he gets there khushi ka kya hoga DM hi jaane

Oh teri he is here well at least he is in one piece

Thank god for some small mercies naa

Yes we all remember how you sneaked in her room like that

Would have been better if he did that

Arrey what if instead of khushi buaji opens the door

Inka kya hai he is drunk and might not or wont remember any of this but buaji will naa

Even after all this she is your med arnie

Oh come when you said she is the reason and so she cant be the med

Lets not try to even make sense of a drunk arnie right

Plese let bauji not open the door please pretty please

Thank god buaji isn't at home

Warna how she would be able to explain drunk arnie at their house right

 Hmmm khushi you have bigger things to worry about dear

The hell with the shaadi preps at this moment my dear

Not buaji khushi but the afaat called ASR you will know soon

Yup there you go your lover boy is here

And to you it may seem that he has lost it calling you medicine which he has dear

Wow he actually said how is medicine

He is totally drunk for sure khushi and yes good your aunt isn't there

Lets not have more problems shall we with the drunk arnie it is bad enough

Wow even in this state he cant stop being such LG can he

Well once ASR always  ASR right

Shrab ho yah davayi jaisi sharaab its the same dude

But no point in telling him this in his state

Call maan or someone soon to help you out with drunk arnie

Doubt you will be able to handle him by yourself dear

Well this was bound to happen what he keeps hidden from her in his sober state comes out when he is drunk

To see how much hurt he is after your decision but can she do anything about that unfortunately no she cant

Aap ko dekh karr hamein bhi dard ho raha hai

Yes he is major pain in the you know where but its also true his heart was broken too

And just because he chooses to hide it under his anger  don't mean he wouldn't be hurt by her decision

If only she could tell him why she did it would make it easier for him

Or would it make it worse for him to know

Ahhh he told her where it hurts same place it hurts you dear

Well to tell you the truth only your loved ones give pain

If it was any outsider we wouldn't bother so much would we

Or react the same way someone close to us did the same

Oh boy he sure is shattered and is showing it

But of course the rage makes a come back

At his state it was bound to but hope it isn't too bad this time

Well its best for you to know how she too was broken by her decision

That it wasn't really betrayal but looking out for her family

That one decision though is gonna make a lot of people suffer

Not only arhi but la too right

As she too wont be able to be happy so really that decision isn't right

She knows it too but at that time nothing else could be done naa

Well about time she broke that illusion of yours that hurting her would make you happy

That if you wanted you too could have broken the engagement

That its also your fault too that things went this far

Why should she be the only one to be blamed for this when you both are equally responsible for it getting this far

Its about time he was given a dose of his own medicine right

Waise she can too ask you the same right

But what will she say to that one question

When she herself doesn't know the answer to it man

What can she say to him

Is there anything other than the truth which will make this situation better

And even with that truth does it change anything though

But something has to give here right

Waise he is right but she cant give him that

The one thing that could make it all okay for them and she cant oblige him

No matter how much she wants to just give in once

But if she does once she wont be able to stop again

That's is the best solution to all this heart ache for these two but guess not for now

Ahhh good she is calling maan

Only he can help her out with this now

Well at least maan took arnie away

But what about the pain of what he asked

 Now she can give in to her pain too as no one is there

Is there no end to all their suffering

Of course there is right but we gotta wait for it am afraid

Okay I get how arnie got drunk

But that doesn't explain who else will get drunk not maan right

Guess we shall know and soon

 Not again man the repeat of last time

But of course things have changed since then naa

A lot of things have changed between the first time he was drunk and now

Well for one this time she knows that he got drunk somewhere due to khushi

Which means she is gonna ask or know why that's the case

Well your gut is right she is the reason for this

She is the crux of his problems and the only one who is the solution

But how will you get her to talk about it

She isn't just gonna tell you right

But hope geet don't give up either at least there will be someone paying attention to arhi too

They too need help maybe more than maneet do

As geet has already started to fall for maan and his family is hell bent on making sure their love story happens

While the same cant be said about arhi story

So not drunk on same day that's a relief man

Of course she is worried about arnie

But how to ask is bigger issue

She cant call him not now that he is sober right

Well she could ask maan couldn't she

But even he can tell about his condition while he was with her

After that only his family can tell more about it which they probably don't even know about

Well there is someone whom you could ask who might know about it all without getting rest of the family suspicious your parjayiji

But she don't know naa that she saw him like that

Though I think her solution is even better

This way she can see arnie is okay without asking and also don't have to explain why she is here

But how is arnie gonna react after his drunk stint is yet to be seen

 Well now we know how he reacts he is back to being ASR again

Which shouldn't really surprise me either

If he didn't be the way he is then that would be shocking right

Ahh so she does realise what predicament she has gotten herself into

But then there was no way she wouldn't wanna know how he is doing either

Even if it went listening to his taunts after all that's khushi for you

And there he goes taunting her again

Well any memory related to you she cant forget don't have to remind her

Except that's not what he trying to do right

He ruined that moment too for her

Why arnie just once give it a rest but then how can he

You know very well she wont say what you wanna hear then why arnie

And you also know it that it wasn't fake either

Well you didn't think she wouldn't give it back to you

Dude you must know after the last time she isn't gonna just listen to your taunts and not say anything

Don't know why he is so shocked

Sasha and man will go to this meeting or someone else

And is this how one of the two shall get drunk

I got how arnie got drunk but can see either maan or geet getting drunk

Or even khushi though that one seems less likely right

And guess I was right sasha wont be able to make it

Of course dev is gonna use this for his own benefit right

 Plus he didn't even have to do it himself sasha herself requested that geet go in her place

This suits his plans alright don't they

I know right babaji is giving you all chances to get maneet back together again

So date it is then kay not really but this will do for now

Am sure maan wont be happy but he wont be able to do much about this either

 See he wasn't happy

Abb dev ki kya galti that sasha cant make it and she herself recommended that geet go instead

Dev has him right where he wanted his big bro right

He knows that maan wouldn't wanna go with geet

But he also cant refuse as of course this meeting is important

That's fun for sure for dev of course torture for poor maan

Not really but you know what I mean I hope

So here it comes the second person to be drunk

Wonder what happens with this one then and who it is

 Her maan huh progress indeed

But why is she wishing that sasha came not her what did he do now

Ahhh that is classic maan too

In fact had he not done that I would have thought something is wrong with him

Poor geet hoping to get maan attention but of course that aint working

Well what to do he wants to keep his sanity naa

So he cant look or talk to you or he will be lost in you only

Give him time dear it wasn't easy last time and now its that much harder dear

Oh so its geet who shall be drunk

Mujhe toh maan ki izzat khatre mein nazar aa rahi hai

Babaji save maan from drunk geet

Oh teri she had alcohol instead of water and soon will be drunk

Well hopefully this incident will be more fun than arnie one I hope

Maan wont know what hit him with this drunk geet for sure

Well that will be the least of your worries today maan

Heart aur mind ko maaro goli and be ready for a drunk geet mate

Ahhh the drive home is gonna be eventful

Mate she is drunk and well lets see what a drunk geet does

And how she makes it worse for you than sober geet

Nope bilkul theek nahin hai aur naa hi aap hone waale hain theek

Jee inhone pee rakhi hai as if arnie wasn't even that she too got drunk

But to be fair she got drunk without knowing while that wasn't the case for arnie

See told ya she is gonna be tough to handle

And he had same views as me about drunk geet

Wait this is weird right

The day before geet was the one told of arnie being drunk

Now geet is drunk and arnie is gonna come for her

Waise he didn't answer her question if he can that is

Kahan gayi yeh disaster queen yaar

Uff kya musibat hai naa aapke liye maan

But you should never have left her naa

Mil gayi inko inki geet mil gayi

What will she do to him I wonder or say like arnie

Doing will be more fun right

Ahhh yes of course she was bored without him and yes no point in being mad at her

Why did she say that kuch karengi toh nahin naa

Well it seems soni in her is coming out huh meaning you get glimpses of her when drunk cool

Oh teri kiss waah now she is talking

Just kiss her but then of course it wasn't meant to be

Why cant a kiss happen yaar sheesh man this is sad for sure

Well am sure you are frustrated for both reasons

Kiss toh phir bhi miss ho gayi as she fainted

And this time I agree with maan dono bhai behen are gonna drive him mad like this

But it sure is worth it for sure

Ahhh if only no kiss miss but guess it wont be appropriate for now naa

Later who is gonna stop him right

That was fun filled for sure

And I managed to do it in time woohooo man

Cant wait for more next week

Cheers for pm

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sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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beautiful update...

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