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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 55)

storytellerm IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 December 2008
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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
haye lovely update 
so now mannet's track is coming
but what abt arhi
grt one

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Barkah Goldie

Joined: 13 June 2012
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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Love it

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ruhakhan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 July 2010
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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
ok so dat is hw dey met 
ok so miss geet has a crush on maan dats interesting 
and arnav he is hurting  khushi beyond repair 
do update soon

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Posted: 22 October 2013 at 4:44am | IP Logged
part 56 n 57
loved the updates

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

Sorry dear couldn't do this yesterday

My net was being right pain in the well you can guess where

And the most annoying thing is it decided to do that just when I sat down to do your stories and other longish stories

The damn thing was working fine before

Best of luck for your exams

And hope your hand is good

I can understand! Stupid net! They used to do the same thing for me! Today also I sat to update at 10 and the net went bye bye on me! But came back soon! So was able to update! 

My hand has gone mad. It pains at really odd times. Suddenly without reason it pains and then the pain vanishes suddenly too. Stopped worrying about it these days! Just wear the wrist band and continue with what I am doing! The pain is also not that intense! It is more of an annoyance now!Angry

Well lets see how arhi and maneet shall cope with their meeting again

And what our ASR and MSK shall behave like with the one they love

DD and LG they will be for sure ufff poor geet and khushi I tell Ya

I know! Idiots!Angry

Awww you have to give it to anj she cares for her a lot

Well she cares for others a lot more sometimes I think forgetting herself

So once khushi gets to their house with payal anj can finally pay some attention to herself too

That is why I love Anjali! She is so caring and loving!Smile

Hey bhagwaan she is asking khushi to come there and choose for her sisters

With the possibility of arnie coming there too

Danger alert I tell ya for her

Wish Khushi could have heard your danger alert!

But of course she would go and help anj why wont she

Hmmm so geet whose office you going to sweetie not your DD

Of course she is going to work for her dusht danav man

Hmmm he wont make it easy for her though am sure not that we want him to

 So she is joining KC ahhh this should be good

And I must say good move dev getting your bhabhi closer to your bhai again

Geet thand paa le kuch nahin hoga

Well of course KC is like that ek ASR ki nahin balki MSK too is right terror

But don't you go afraid dear doesn't suit you for sure

Hain geet and pinky know one another

But how I wonder but cool naa that she found some friends her already

Pinky is one of the characters in the show! Geet came from HP to Dilli and stayed Pinky's house in the show! Pinky's father and Geet's father were friends and Pinky and her dad shifted to Dilli from HP when the girls were kids. when Geet had to escape HP her dad had called Pinky's dad and told Geet to meet Pinky and her dad and stay there!

 No she isn't married and if she was pinky dear then her surname shall be khurana

Well you will know soon why she is raizada and not handa soon enough dear

Hmmm well he sure is eager aint he to get her a job here

Bless you geet ke devar haiyye ab toh love story shuru hone se phir se koi nahin rok sakta

Not even maan himself

Yeh baat toh ek dum sach hai! Let the love story begin!LOL

Yup your geet is here

But of course when you are in front of her you wont be maan but MSK or DD as she shall call you soon enough

And no it aint your dream either

Dude like I said not dream but reality only mate

But then lets not let him know too soon

And you cant forget someone who stays in your heart in your soul and basically in you

Then you will have to forget yourself too mate

So true!

 Hmmm what job did he give her and how soon shall maan know about it

Okies so she is the new trainee architect who shall be working under sasha hmmm

Hmmm so he got her in and maan don't know as of yet

But of course he will know eventually after all company unki hai

So let the games of love begin I hope

Yes! Let it begin!

I know right she is gonna make him fall in love with her again no matter what

We shall always be grateful for dev for doing this for them

Not only dev but NT came to their rescue too man

This must be one of the few FFs where people adore Dev and NT!

And this way geet got her job at KC and got this much closer to maan again yipeee

Oh yes it is still valid for the reasons known more to him

But its not as if she isn't good at it either

He isn't just keeping her so maneet get closer but also because she has the potential

Stage one of their plan was a success but of course it just got harder from here

Manzil tak ke raaste kaanton se bhare hi hote hain!LOL

Awww he thinks still he is hallucinating when that aint the case

Awww you feel for him don't ya

Wait till it comes to him as a shock that she was there and she is back in his life

Awww so she too was hiding from him

Pssttt geet if you do that aap dono ki love story phir se kaise bhadegi ji

Well if we can wait that long we can wait more naa

You dont have to wait too much! Only till Chapter 65 after which separation track will be over!Big smile

Oh ho so he has started to affect her man now that's good news right

She at least has a crush on him that's a start people

Well she too cant run from the love her heart feels for him

Though her mind might not remember him but her heart cant forget his either

Mind can forget somebody but how can heart forget someone who they loved so much? How can a soul forget its soulmate?Smile

Hmmm this just got more fun here

Oh ho so now khushi turn with arnie well lets see then

 Awww so our khushi is playing with her future bhanja

Well am sure arnie is gonna come before she goes for sure

So right!

Oh lord arnie really

Even though she did what she did was bad you still cant console her

She lost her babuji and all you can think about is what she did

And am sure he is gonna make things worse aint he

Well him and maan are expert at doing that

Yup! Arnav toh apne paav pe khuraadi maarne mein expert hain!Wink

Kabhi kabhi dil ki bhi sunn liya kariye aap dono parr nahin they wont

Man its time like this I just wish I could oh forget it no point he wont listen anyway

He is gonna break her heart aint he like she did yup

Oh khushi can you ever be happy to see him hate you

Even though you wanted him to do that

After all he is the one you love so of course its gonna hurt and he is here to make it worse

Excuse me inhe koi shauk nahin hai apna dil aur toodne ka parr she is here only because your sister asked her to come

But of course you wont know and just blast her for wrong thing

This is gonna haunt him later on for sure

That it will!

 Cant believe he could say that to her

Baaki samajh mein aata hain but that was the worst thing he could say

Well one of the worse things he could say

He shall regret it later on saying all this to her

I will make sure he will regret it!

But now his anger is just gonna take over

Am afraid this is the only reason his brain shall come up with

You see he has fallen in love but still don't know how to use his heart for that

So true!

Hard luck dear to have fallen for him but then guess what he is like this would be his reaction only

Agar apne pyaar parr bharosa hota he wouldn't have thought of you like this

And neither would he have hid his love from his family

Okay that's bit harsh right I guess

Arnie what to do

The less said here the better I am afraid

Or might just end up abusing him lots for sure


He can see and feel his pain but not the one she has

Kaisa yeh oyaar hai ji

So geet is back again I see and this time maneet face to face for sure

Arrey waah first day and bam she is in his arms

Haiyye kya scene hai boss


Mann gaye bhale hi inka pyaar naa badh raha ho parr maahi moments toh bann hi jaate hain


As if he will let her fall ever

Maan my man she wasnt a hallucination but reality for sure

Soni nahin sirf geet guess he will have to forget that facet of geet and fall for this geet

But Geet and Soni are the same na? I mean dono ke ek hi personality hain! So Maan is already in love with Geet! But he just wants Geet to have fair chance in choosing her life partner hence, he separates Soni from Geet in his mind!

Dono ek doosre ki aankhon mein khoye huye hain

And no one said anything hain how did that happen ji

Peeps get out of it this aint KM but KC snap snap

No actually don't come out of it please

Just be in each others arms and be lost in one another


See told ya in KC not KM my dears so this was gonna happen

Hmmm not him too man hadh hain inn dono lover boys ki

Jab dekho gussa aur sirf gussa hota hai naak parr

Oh so geet shall meet the MSK it seems

Dev my man you are dead meat


But then he knew this would happen

Tasha dear he knows who she is more than anyone else so don't tell him that

But then how is she to know

Loved how geet spoke for herself though good tell your dusht daanva you aint scared of him

Well he became the angry young man since you came back into his life but without you remembering him

So dear it will be only you who will get him back to his normal self again

Poor Geet! Such a big task in her hand! Turn MSk into Maan again!CryLOL

 Dev ke liye sab prathna kariye ki who maan ke gusse se bach sake 

He shall need all his wits to survive this right yup geetke babaji protect this man please


Good one lets go for being innocent here and make him say why he is mad

In the end it wont matter any way will it

Dude don't say about geet being khurana or he might just explode on you

Even I don't like to see NT in white saree please


So he got her the internship in London hmm interesting for sure

Well we all know that wont help

Dev has to make sure she stays more with you so the love happens again naa

Sorry to say but this one thing he cant do for you at all

 That is so true where is maan there shall be geet too yaar

Wow love this man so much I do yaar

Tussi toh chaah gaye boss

This is one of the few FFs where everyone is loving Dev so much!

 Anj here am with arnie no way can someone con buaji that easily

She can make anyone cower in fear before her

But well how to tell her that

But this means more arhi meeting and that's not good either

I know right arnie god save that person trying to fool buaji including you mate

Pathetic aint it when he thinks its good he is hurting her

Okay better not start on him again

Go ahead! Abuse him! While as a writer I love him, coz he is such an interesting character to write but as a female I hate him so much that I might even join you in abusing him!LOL

She aint faking it she is really afraid of what you might say to break her fragile heart again mate

He can see she is hurt with him saying such things but does he relent hell no

Haan haan sirf aap ka hi dil toota that she is really happy aint she

She has been cryinf tears of blood here mate

But then why would you bother to find out the real reason

All he can see is his hurt and heart break not hers

Really you are happy to see her cry arnie

Your heart doesn't melt seeing her cry

Was that all the love you had for her

Am this made me cry when she did

Hope she makes him pay for every single tears for hers later on

Dont worry! Arnav will pay for it!

But of course she wont after all she is khushi naa

She wont but Arnav will pay!

Dammmit arnie don't do this please

But when has he ever listened

You really think that he is good choice for your sister

If he can you in tears he can make her cry too

Do we really want that for your sister

 And khushi you should know that he has turned into ruthless heartless arrogant jerk again

Ahhh this is hard to see her broken like this

Come one khushi you have to show him that you wont fall any more

That if he cant tell why you did this don't waste your time in trying to make him see sense

I know being harsh on arnie but why is everything to do with him

Its always me me me me for this man never about her

So true! Arnav is so selfish! But dont worry, he will be nornal when we reach Chapter 64!

Trust me you don't know he can be even worse but then in the end it will be he who suffers too

I wonder what maan did that she is this mad

Waise agar apni heroines too get to it they can give the heroes a run for their money in the anger department and geet is just demonstrating that it seems


Oh teri she sure is scaring nani with her anger yaar

Thank god for kanha man he sure cooled her down

So was it maan the dusht daanav or someone else

Though I doubt it can be any one else

Waise it seems kanha is gonna be good there to reduce anger of people it seems starting with geet

Kanha ki jai ho!LOL

Well that is so apt way of describing her future hubby

By the way this also goes for the rakshash laad governor too

But then he isn't being discussed but maan so back to him

Sheesh waah kya baat hai isse ohele no one else would have called him all those names but then they aint geet naa so of course they wouldn't say that

Geet aur uske antics!LOL

Well since you forgot him he is back to being a machine

Warna even we have seen what lover boy was doing didn't we

Arrey haan gussa how can we forget that huh

Waise itni toh who gustaki nahin karenge ki aap ko bina wajah daante

Warna aap bhi thodi naa hain unn logon mein se joh chup baithe hain naa geet

Awww geet you will see more of this MSK am afraid but then only you can stop him from being MSK either dear

Anj no need to interfere in this yaar

Yeh toh maneet ke beech main hi solved hogi

After all she is the only one who can have a lasting affect on him

And this way she can be closer to him my dear

But then they don't know naa

You go girl if he does do that make sure you make him see your angry side he needs it

No one said that he is bad person but he sure can be right pain when he wants to be

And especially now that geet isn't there to cool him down

She is slowly falling for him

Awww she was thinking about him that way cool yaar

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai! Aadha Ho Jaayega!LOL

Well that's a start for sure

I call it some progress

But arhi unka kya hoga what with arnie being such rakshash

Okay best of luck for your exam dear

And what a wonderful update

But you must forgive me for being so mean to arnie sorry dear

Hope you don't hate me too much

Cheers for pm

Thanks for the review!
And I dont hate you for bashing Arnav! He deserves it!LOL

Edited by Kalpana_Writer - 25 October 2013 at 1:11pm
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashavi

loved the update...
loved Maaneet's first meeting in office...atleast Maan understands Geet's feeling but very disappointed with was all due 2 hisaction that they are in this mess and he s hurting Khushi with his cutting words...if he s in pain then Khushi s in more pain than him...y s he accusing Khushi that she trapped him in her love,it was he who used 2 stalk her and nt the other way around...once he realises his mistake Khushi should nt forgive him easily as he was at more fault than her and he s hurting her self respect a lot...please don't show Khushi 2 b all forgiving when Arnav realises her stand as he s nt even trying 2 understand her POV bt still s throwing accusation at her...if he feels Khushi has betrayed him then even he had betrayed her by hiding his real identity from her...
so nw Geet and Dusht Davan's love story will Geet's heart has not 4go10 her love for Maan...
good update...
update soon...
Dont worry! Khushi wont forgive Arnav easily! I have planned something hatke for them!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
Joined: 22 December 2010
Posts: 16156

Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sutapasarbabhom

Nice update arnav is so cruel to kushi if he realy lov her hw can he huqt her so much wish their misunderstanding wil clear soon lov geet in kc scene
Wasnt Arnav the same way in the show? I have tried to stay true to the characters!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kushigowda

buaji arnav-khushi ki baath suni kya??
when will NK come???
Buaji did not listen! 
Nk will enter after chapter 64!

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