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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 52)

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dishashah4176

nice update bt i feel arnav should have been with khushi in tht phase of life if he loves her as he claims
I agree! But Arnav is feeling too betrayed to care about Khushi! He wants to be there but her betrayal is stopping him!

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolflora

nice update
all of them were separated for a year
i feel so sorry for guptas 

finally they going to meet i hope at least arnav find out the truth and he stop thinking khushi betrayed him
Arnav will know to know the truth in Chapter 64! Not before that!

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Originally posted by spvd

part 56
whoa a leap...
awesome dear...

Thank you!
And thanks for the review!

that too whole one year...
will u post the what all happened in this one year on Maan and Geet's lives?

Nothing major happened except what mentioned in the chapter!

oh its Geet who had gone to London for further studies...
but her loud mouth and words havent changed a bit...
good for her and us too...
the entertainment would have gotten affected if she had changed...

How can I change her yaar? Geet Geet nahi rahegi if we change her personality! Infact, I dont read many of the FFs due to the fact that they either change Geet's personality or make Maan a flirt or smiling person just to suit their story. What is fun in that? I dont mind modifying the character a little bit but changing the whole personality is a big no no for me!

hahaha Arnav and Geet are too much honestly...
with Geet we get to see this side of Arnav...
even with Khushi we never gotta see this...
the grumbling and cribbing and fighting etc etc etc of Arnav is so so so hilarious...

Actually, I wanted to see the siblings bnatering in IPKKND but Anjali and Aakash are so sweet that forget about it happening. So when Geet shifted here, I thought this was perfect to show Arnav in bantering mode!

that was so touching to see Maamiji and Maamaji and Aakash's closeness...
she has got a better life with the Raizadas and family...
seriously the car scenes was so fantastic...

Thank you!Embarrassed

well i think it will be Geet who will find out about Arnav's pain before marriage...

You almost got my future plot!Thumbs Up

baaki sab pe koi bharosa nahi...
its coz Arnav has very well maintained that till now...
the kid was cute...
seriously Geet's life has changed so much with these people...
in fact shes living now only i mean right from the time she escaped from there and landed in Maan's life and till now...

Yes, you are right! She is living right now! As her whole life, her family tried to oppress her but here she is finally get to live her way and being loved by the family. That is why this Geet will be bolder from the serial waali Geet as this one is more confident and has also seen the world (She went to London and must have attended many fashion shows while staying with Raizadas)

Dev called Geet?
a kiss and hug to Dev darling...

Wish list mein add karun kya?Wink Do reply!

what did he tell her and convince her?
i just wanna know the convo...

Details in next chappy!

way to go Dev...
shes the naughty one here...
but compared to Maan's Soni, this version is kinda much matured...
but i love Soni's cuteness...
and in this Geet its like matured cuteness that is naughtiness...

Agreed! This version of Geet is a bit matured! She has Soni's sweet nature, Geet Handa's courage and exposure to the world due to London trip and fashion shows! That is why you will see this Geet not sitting and crying but taking actions and being more confident about herself! Her avatar is a bit bolder too. You will see Soni's sweetness too and Geet Handa's courage too. Infact, nothing much has changed in the serial waali Geet and this one except due to exposure and love from her family she is much more confident and sure of herself!

OMG poor Khushi...
the women in the family have faced so much...
but Maan and Dev came up at the right point and supported them and support them now too...
the ladies have worked so much and have now succeeded in the lives now to live happily and with better sophistication...
they have shifted to Lucknow and lived without any problem...
so Khushi is coming to Delhi with Buaji...
and they never came face to face till now?


Khushi idiot...
now bhugto...
poor Arnav hes gonna be so tough on her...

True! He will be as cruel as he was in the show!

well he was betrayed by her when only with her he has ever opened and bared his soul...
why no Maan in this?
twas all about Geet and Khushi...
and thoda Arnav...
though Maan was there in the picture but not direct involvement like Arnav...
hope u are able to understand what am trying to say...

I understand dear but this chapter was focused only on the changes happened and nothing major change has happened in Maan's life. Only Geet and Khushi's life has changed so I showed them. Arnav was there only because without Arnav the receiving party would have been incomplete! Or else Arnav also would not have been there coz there is no change in his life too! It is only Geet and Khushi who faced the change! Next chappy you will have your Maan in Dusht Daanav Avatar! You see while I try to give all the leads same screen time sometimes the story needs focus on only one or two of them. I cant change the story, right?

Maan in this was through Khushi's thoughts...
the story is moving forward and looking forward for Geet and Dev...
cont soon dear...

PS - why arent u posting this link in the thread dear? this is also MG only though multi-starred this also dear...i dont think anyone would oppose that in the thread...
Oh! I can post the link?? OK! Then will do it whenever I update! 

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 3:22am | IP Logged
yep dear Dev deserves this for sure...hes too good...

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

yep dear Dev deserves this for sure...hes too good...
OK! Sorting through the second thread for wishes right now! Once I go through all the reviews till now I will post this small scene!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Place - Anjali's Room In Shantivan


     "Hello! Khushiji! Kaisi hai aap? Laxminagar theek thaak pahunch gayi? Buaji kaisi hain?", spoke Anjali into the phone while making baby faces in front of Kanha who giggled at her expressions. She listened for a while and then mumbled, "Hum kya keh rahe the Khushiji? Kya aap thodi der ke liye yahaan aa sakti hain? Woh kya haina Naaniji chaahti hai ki hum unke khaandaani gehnon me se ghar ki bahuon ke liye ek ek set chune! Lekin humein na Lavanyaji ka taste pata hai aur na Paayalji ka toh aap aake zara humaari madat kar dijiye na! Please!" She listened for a while and then replied back excitedly, "Thank you Khushiji! Aapne aane ke liye haan kehke humaari ek tension kam kar di!" She cut the phone and tickled Kanha, "Suna tumne Kanha? Khushiji aa rahi hain!" Suddenly, someone came and hugged Anjali from behind. "Arre! Chali Office ko?", enquired Anjali. The person who was none other than our Geet nodded. Anjali frowned, "Parso hi aayi ho aur aaj se Office?" Geet pouted, "Aaj se kahaa AD? Kal se! Aaj toh bas introduction hai! Aur waise bhi AD itna achcha chance main khona nahi chaahti! After all mera sapna poora jo ho raha hai!" Anjali smiled as she remembered Geet's dream. She turned around and kissed Geet's forehead, "Vijayi Bhav Babyji!" she spoke in a mock traditional accent and Geet smiled and thanked her.




Place - Khurana Constructions


     Dressed in red colored sleeveless embroidered Chudidaar and holding her bag in her hand, Geet entered the premises of the company nervously. Even though she had spoken to Dev Singh Khurana pretty confidently few days back that she can join immediately the next Monday even though she landed in India only on Saturday, now she wished she had taken few days' break. The whole atmosphere of the company seemed to intimidate her.; people running around in hurry, tenders being discussed, all this was unnerving her. Her whole life she had dreamed of joining KC, but now that the day had come she was totally scared. She took a deep breath. "Chal Geet puttar", she mumbled to herself, "Tera sapna tere saamne hai! Poora kar le! Tu Arnav Singh Raizada ki behen hai! Darr jisse door bhaagta ho uski behen ek Office se dare! Nahi! Geet Handa darpok hogi par Geet Manohar Raizada nahi!" She nodded in determination and took a step ahead. Then her nervousness reared its head again and she looked up, "Bacha lena Babaji!".


    Geet walked towards the receptionist, "Ji mera naam Geet Raizada hai! Main yahaan Dev Singh Raizada se milne aayi hun job ke silsile mein!" The receptionist who was eating burger looked up and Geet felt a smile come on her face, "Pinky?", Geet exclaimed just as the receptionist shouted, "Geet!" They grinned at each other and Pinky came from behind the counter and hugged her. They exchanged pleasantries and then Pinky asked, "Par tera naam toh Geet Handa hai na toh Geet Raizada kaise? Shaadi karli hai kya?" Geet shook her head, "Nahi! Yeh ek lambi kahaani hai jo main tujhe kabhi fursat mein bataaungi. Aaj bas tu itna yaad rakh ki main ab Geet Raizadda hun Handa nahi!" Pinky nodded.


   "Geet! You are here!", came a voice from behind and Geet turned and smiled, "Mr. Dev Khurana!", she exclaimed. Dev smiled, "How are you Miss Raizada? Welcome to Khurana Constructions!" They shook hands and Geet replied, "I am fine and thank you!" Dev smiled, "Please come with me to my cabin and we will discuss about the job opportunities for you in KC!" and gestured her to follow her. Geet waved at Pinky and followed Dev all the while chatting with him about their families. Suddenly, a lady passing by dropped the papers in her hand accidently and Geet stopped to help her up. Dev continued to walk for a while but stopped and turned when he noticed Geet was not with him.




Place - Maan's cabin at KC


    Maan sighed as he concentrated on the presentation he was working upon. I need a break! Kabse is computer screen ko ghoore jaa raha hun! He saved his work and got up from his seat. He walked towards the door of his cabin which was made of wood but had a small rectangular gap in middle made up of glass. His eyes fell on a girl kneeling on the floor with his employee and he stopped breathing. Geet! His heart whispered and he gulped. He turned around and rubbed his eyes in shock. Geet yahaan kaise? He turned around and looked outside through the glass but Geet was gone. He shook his head. Yeh kya hua hai mujhe? But he knew what had happened. He was imagining Geet in KC as he knew she must have come back day before yesterday from her internship. Bhool jaao use Maan! Yahi tumhaare liye behetar hoga! He nodded and went back to his work.




Place - Dev's Cabin at KC


      It was an hour later when Geet and Dev got up from their seats after discussing Geet's job, her duties and remuneration. "Welcome to Khurana Constructions!", he raised his hand and Geet shook it while grinning happily. They walked out of the cabin and Dev called Sasha, Aditya and Pinky. As they came Dev introduced Geet to them as the trainee Architect who would assist Sasha and later on take her post when Sasha would go to Mumbai. Geet shook hands with each one and chatted happily with them. Dev told Adi to open a salary account for Geet and asked Pinky to make Geet an Employee I.D. He told Sasha to start Geet's training from next day. Dev walked away from there after saying bye to Geet while Sasha welcomed Geet and went off to her work. Pinky asked her to submit her photo to her in the counter and asked her number. Soon Pinky was off too and Geet followed Adi to his counter where he told her to fill the bank form.



     Dev smirked as he leaned back in his seat. Maan Bro! Ready ho jaao! Geet Bhabhi aa chuki hai aapke hosh udaane! He closed his eyes as he remembered how few days back Geet had called him up asking about a letter she had found in the bag NT had handed to her a year back. The letter was about her joining as a Trainee Architect at KC. Dev had mentally thanked his wife and had even gifted her a bouquet of roses for keeping the letter in Geet's bag and had replied to Geet that while staying at their house she had impressed Maan and him with her knowledge and Maan had given her the joining letter. Geet had gotten pretty excited at this news and asked him if the offer was still valid. Dev had replied in affirmative and had asked her to come to KC to meet him once she was back from her trip. He opened his eyes and smirked. Ab aap dekhlo Bro! Kaise main Geet Bhabhi ko Khurana Khaandaan ki badi bahu banaata hun! He smiled and called his wife to inform her about the succession of the first step in their plan.




Place - Outside Maan's cabin


    Maan walked towards his brother's cabin while looking at a file in his hand. Suddenly, he felt as if Geet was around him. He looked up and stopped for a moment. There stood Geet chatting with Adi. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Maan! Get a grip! Geet is not here. He opened his eyes and Geet was not there. He let out a sigh of relief and walked into Dev's cabin.


    Geet peaked up from the cubicle she was sitting and heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Maan disappearing into Dev's cabin. She did not know why but from the day she met Maan at her brothers' engagement she had felt a nervousness enter her at his sight. She felt like melting in his presence. His glance sent her heartbeats in tizzy. Her friends from College had told her that she had a crush on Maan and that had shocked her. How can she have a crush on a guy she barely met. But she had no answer for that question. And hence, she avoided Maan anytime he was nearby. Once Maan entered the cabin, Geet submitted the form to Adi and walked away to go home. What Geet did not know was that the reason she felt such a way for Maan was that while she forgot Maan her heart did not. Her heart and her subconscious somewhere recognized Maan and reacted accordingly. But poor Geet did not know that and hence remain confused.




Place - Poolside at Shantivan


   Anjali smiled as Kanha played with his toys on the floor. It was 3 in the evening and Kanha had just gotten up from his nap time while Geet had just gone to her room to sleep after chatting with Anjali about her Office. Anjali heard the noise of paayals and looked up to see the servant leading Khushi to the poolside. Anjali got up to receive Khushi and both hugged each other. After exchanging pleasantries, Anjali spoke, "Khushiji! Aap thodi dair idhar Kanha ke saath baithiye aur hum turant gehne le aate hain!" Khushi nodded and grinned eagerly and sat down to play with Kanha.




Place - Arnav's Room at Shantivan


    Arnav wandered into his room searching for a file. He and Aakash had been holed up in the common study for hours discussing their latest order and their designs. Arnav picked up the file and was about to walk away when his eyes fell on the person sitting near the poolside playing with Kanha. For a moment his heart stopped and all he wanted to do was go and hug her, feel her. Ask her how was she? How did she cope with her father's death? Did she miss him at all? He took a step ahead as if to walk towards her when suddenly an image flashed in his head; the image of him removing the ghunghat and finding Lavanya instead of Khushi. The thought of her betrayal brought pain to his heart and anger to his head. After doing all this, how dare she come back here? What does she think of herself? Arnav's face contorted into anger and he glared at Khushi with all the hate filled in his heart. His hands clenched into fists and he marched off to confront the girl who broke his heart due to petty revenge.




Place - Poolside


    Khushi smiled as she played with Kanha. Kanha gave her a smile and she smiled back. She tickled him and both laughed heartily. Suddenly, she heard someone clapping. She looked up and pain seared through her heart. There stood Arnav Singh Raizada, her Arnavji, looking as handsome as the day they met, clapping. As she drank his sight, she felt dread enter her heart as she noticed his contempt filled expression. He hated her! She realized. But is this not what she wanted?  Him hating her? She should be happy! Then why was her heart filled with pain while her body longed to be in his arms. She took a deep breath and said Devi Maiyya's name in her heart.


   Arnav walked towards her and gave her a sarcastic smile, "Maanna padega tumhein? Phir se apna mooh uthaake yahaan chali aayi?" "Ji?", Khushi asked in shock. Arnav narrowed his eyes at her, "Mere saath itna bada dhoka karne ke baad tumne yahaan aane ki himmat bhi kaise ki? Sharam nahi aayi tumhein?" Khushi was in shock. She never expected Arnav to be this bitter to her. Arnav smirked at her, "Oh! Ab samjha! Ab mujhse khel liya toh aur kisi ko phasaane aayi ho? But I am sorry! Yahaan aur koi eligible bachelor nahi hai tumhaara khilona banne ke liye! Toh koi aur doosra ghar dekhlo!" Khushi felt tears well up in her eyes. Did he really think of her that badly? Did he not once think that maybe there had been some other reason behind her decisions? Arnavji! Kya aapko apne pyaar par thoda sa bhi bharosa nahi?


  "Arre! Chote! Tum yahaan?", Arnav and Khushi heard Anjali speak and they looked at her. Anjali smiled as she walked towards them. Arnav gave her a smile and turned to look at Khushi, "Bas yahin se jaa raha tha, toh Khushi ko dekha!", he gave her a self-deprecating smirk, "Toh socha apni Saale Sahiba se mil lun!" The words Saale Sahiba were said in such a manner that Khushi felt they were dipped in poison. Anjali, as usual oblivious to all this, gave him a smile, "Chote! Ab aap aahi gaye ho toh humaara ek kaam kar lijiye! Kal aap Khushiji ke Buaji ke ghar ho aayiye! Woh apna ghar rent pe dena chaahti hai toh unse ek baar baat kar lijiye! Kahin kuch madat chaahiye ho toh!" Arnav nodded and he walked away. Khushi wiped her tears discreetly and smiled at Anjali. Soon, they sat back to sort through the jewelries but Khushi's mind refused to forget Arnav's words.




Place - Khurana Constructions


   It was a new morning and the birds chirped in distance as Geet entered KC excitedly dressed in another one of AR's Chudidaars. She smiled at Pinky while handing over her passport sized Photo and walked off to report to Sasha. While walking towards Sasha's cabin, Geet purse slipped from her shoulder and she turned her head towards it while adjusting it with her hand not noticing a person coming towards her. The person also did not notice her as he was deeply involved in the file in his hand. BAM! Geet slammed into the person and fell backwards. She closed her eyes tightly waiting for her to hit the floor and feel the pain. But instead of that, she felt an arm encircling her waist making her feel safe. She opened her eyes and they widened as her heart beat started beating irregularly and her stomach erupted with butterflies. The person who crashed into her was none other than Maan. And as for Maan, he just stared at her without blinking. Never had he thought that he would get another chance to hold her again. Never had he thought that they would be this close ever again. Never had he thought that she would enter his life again. But here she was in his arms; staring at him with a sweet loving expression he associated with his Soni.


   Suddenly, someone cleared their throat and Maan and Geet came out of their thoughts and Maan pulled Geet up. They jumped apart and looked at each other nervously. They turned to look at the person and the person was none other than Tasha. Maan noticed the Office staff crowded around them and tried to compose his expression. He gave them a glare and they scattered away not wanting to face his wrath. His eyes reached Geet and he whispered, "Tum?" Tasha mumbled, "Sir?" Geet just gave him a smile. Maan's heart skipped a beat and suddenly he felt angry. How dare she just enter his life and send his feelings sprawling. He glanced at Tasha and roared, "Maine poocha ki yeh yahaan kya kar rahi hai?" He pointed his fingers at Geet while Geet looked at him in shock. Tasha brushed her hand on her pony tail and piped up, "Oh Silly me! Yeh Geet hai MK Sir! Geet Raizada!" Maan glared at her and took a deep breath. He spoke in a calm voice, "Yeh mujhe pata hai ki yeh Geet Raizada hai!", but his anger reared its head and he roared again, "Par yeh yahaan kya kar rahi hai?" Geet could not resist herself and spoke up, "Mujhe yahaan job mila hai Trainee Architect ka!" Maan glared at her but spoke in a calm voice, "Aur kisne rakha tumhein?" Geet shrugged, "Aapke bhai Dev ne!" "Dev!" Maan let out a shout and turned and walked away from there. Geet frowned; Yeh Mr. Khurana ko kya hua hai? Itne ghussail kabse ban gaye? Tasha offered to show her Sasha's cabin and Geet followed her.




Place - Dev's Cabin


    Maan slammed open the door as he entered the room. Dev who was working on some report stilled for a moment as he realized who had entered the cabin. He took a deep breath while praying to Geet's Babaji to give him some strength to face Maan and went back to his work. Maan came in front of him and slammed his hands on the table. Dev flinched but did not give any other outward reaction. Maan took a deep breath trying to control his anger, "Dev! Yeh ladki yahaan kya kar rahi hai?" Dev frowned while still working on the report, "Kaunsi ladki bro?" Maan glared at him and let out one word sharply, "Geet!" Dev finally looked up from his work, "Geet who?", his face showed confusion. Maan pulled the file out of Dev's hands and threw it on the floor. He started pacing, "Geet Handa you idiot!" Dev automatically responded, "Geet Raizada Bro not Handa!" Maan stopped and glared at Dev, "Tum mujhe bata rahe ho! Mujhe? Jisne Geet ke har court session ko attend kiya, jo us party mein gaya tha jahaan Arnav ne logon se uski Choti behen Geet Raizada ko introduce kiya tha! Woh main tha jisne Arnav ko woh London ki Architecture Company recommend ki taaki Geet apni internship successfully khatam karein aur tum mujhe bata rahe ho ki woh Geet Handa nahi Geet Raizada hai!" Jo bahut jald Geet Khurana ban jaayegi, thought Dev but did not say it. He was so not interested in making NT widow. He finally stood up and approached his brother, "But Bro usne call kiya tha yeh keh kar ki uske paas ek letter hai jis mein KC mein job hai uske liye! Ab main mana toh nahi kar sakta tha na! After all, humaare achche dost Arnav ki behen hai! Aur aap yeh kyun bhool rahe ho ki Geet ka jahaan pehla sapna Architect banne ka tha, uska doosra sapna KC mein kaam karne ka tha! Kya aapko nahi lagta ki humein uska sapna poora karna chaahiye?" Maan turned towards him and glared at him, "Mujhe mat sikhaao ki humein kya karna chaahiye aur kya nahi!" Dev took a step back. Maan nodded, "Theek hai! Let her work here! Par behetar hoga ki tum use mujhse door rakho!" Saying this, Maan walked out of the cabin.


       Dev smirked, "Yeh nahi ho sakta Bro! Kyunki Maan jahaan Geet wahaan! After all soulmates jo thehre! But I promise you Bro, agar woh aapke aas paas nahi aayi toh I will make sure she is around you, yeh waada hai Dev Singh Khurana ka!"




Place - Laxminagar


   "Arre! Arnav Babua! Aao aao andar aao!", Madhumati aka Buaji invited Arnav in. Arnav had come here after listening to his sister nagging him the whole day about how Buaji might need help renting her house and how he was supposed to ask her if she needed any help. According to his sister, anyone can fool or con Buaji and hence, he should help her. Arnav rolled his eyes. Buaji needing help? Yeah right! His Di, it seemed, had never noticed Buaji's size or attitude and loud mouth. God save the person who tried to con or fool Buaji! He entered and automatically his eyes started searching for his Khushi. When he noticed her standing in one corner, his expression hardened with so much hatred that even Khushi flinched and averted her eyes. Arnav's face took on a satisfied smirk as he sat down on the sofa. Buaji shuffled away to get him water while asking her Titaliya to join Arnav and talk to him. Khushi slowly walked towards him with trepidation marking her steps. He glared at her, "Achcha naatam karti ho tum bhole banne ka! Dekho kitna dar dar kar chalne naatak kar rahi ho!" Khushi's eyes filled with tears while she looked at him with pain. But he ignored the pain in her eyes and continued with his vitriol, "Achcha style hai ladko ko phasaane ka aur phir unka dil todne ka! Koi shauk hai ya kisine challenge diya hai?" Khushi could not resist herself, "Aap yeh kya bol rahe hain, Arnavji?" Arnav got up in anger, "Mat lo naam mera! Tumne jitne berehmi se mera dil toda hai uske baad toh tumhein koi haq nahi banta mera naam lene ka!" He took a step towards her, "Bolo na! Kitne ladke ab tak phasaaye? Ya phir main pehla hun?" Khushi shook her head, "Please aisa kuch mat boliye! Buaji sunlengi toh..." Arnav cut her off, "Tum chaahti ho ki main chup rahoon toh theek hai! Tum mere toote dil ko jod do main chup ho jaata hun! Tum mere dil se apni chavi nikaal do main chup ho jaata hun! Apni behen ki jagah tum mandap pe baitho main chup ho jaata hun!" Khushi cut him off, "Nahi! Aisa mat boliye! Hum apni Di ki zindagi..." "Toh phir mujhe bhi chup hone ko na kaho! Woh kehne ka haq tum kho chuki ho!", he snarked at her. Khushi could not control her tears anymore. She ran off to her room to hide her tears and Arnav sat down with a satisfied expression on his face.


    Khushi fell on her bed, hide her face into her pillow and started sobbing. She did not know that her Arnavji could be so cruel with words. Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh aise kyun hai? Yeh humein samajhte kyun nahi? Yeh humaare nirnay ko samajhne koshish bhi nahi karte! Bas ilzaam lagaa rahe hain! Bas Devi Maiyya! Ab aap hi humein shakti dijiye ki hum kuch din ke liye yeh sab sehen kar lein! Bas kuch din aur!




Place - Living Room at Shantivan


    It was evening and Aakash was sitting on the floor playing with Kanha while Naani, Maami and Anjali sat on the sofa chatting about the jewelries chosen by Khushi for her sisters. Shyam sat nearby going through the notes of his latest case while Arnav sat beside him typing furiously on his laptop. Suddenly, these members of Raizada family noticed the door banging open and Geet marching in eerily looking like certain ASR! Her face was contorted in annoyance while her whole body language screamed of anger. As she marched towards her room in anger, Naani with great courage asked her, "Aaj ka Office kaisa tha bitiya rani?" Geet whirled around in such a manner that Naani leaned back in fear. Geet looked like she was about to shout on them but her reply was pretty calm one, "Mat poochiye DJ! Mat poochiye!" She turned to walk away in anger when suddenly, a tiny hand clutched her Duppatta while a childish voice called out, "Maashi!" Geet turned to looked at the caller and found Kanha sitting on the floor tugging at her Duppatta. All her anger flew away and she smiled at Kanha. She sat on the floor and pulled Kanha into a hug.


    After Geet played with Kanha for a while, Anjali cautiously asked her, "Sab theek toh haina Baby?" Geet looked up and huffed, "Poocho mat Di! Poocho mat! Woh ... woh ...  woh... Aargh!", Geet articulated her frustration and Arnav raised an eyebrow. "Kaun bitiya?", asked Maami warily. "Woh Khadoos! Woh Akdu! Woh Hitler!" Arnav's lips lifted a bit at Geet's antics while Aakash laid a hand on her shoulder, "Kaun?" Geet's face crumpled, "Woh Maan Singh Khurana! Kitna akdu hai! Galti se main ek baar unse kya takraayi, poora time mujhe ghoore jaa rahe the! Aur unki aankhen itni daraavni hai ki har waqt main toh yahi soch rahi thi ki mere saamne Yamraj khada hai! He was glaring at me Di!" Anjali looked at her wide eyed unable to imagine her best friend behaving like that while Aakash patted her head, "Maan Bro thode strict hai..." Geet cut him off, "Thode? Woh toh insaan nahi machine hai! Ghussa toh unke naak par baitha hai! Ek ek staaf ko choti choti galtiyon ke liye kitna daant te hain!" "Aapko daanta Maan ne Saali Sahiba?", asked Shyam in confusion. Geet shook her head, "Mujhe nahi SJ! Par bichaare unke Office waale! Sabko daant padi! Woh bahut bure hain Di! Aapke MS bahut hi bure hain!" Anjali bit her lip in worry, "Aap chaaho toh hum unse baat kar sakte hain!" Geet shook her head, "Nahi Di! Main unhein sambhaal loongi! Mere saath aisi unchi aawaaz mein baat ki toh chodungi nahi main unhein!" Aakash shook his head, "Jo bhi karo soch samajhke karna! Maan Bro utne bhi bure nahi hai jitna tum samajh rahi ho!" Geet turned to look at him incredulously and Aakash explained, "Unhonein tumhaari jaan bachaayi Brij aur uske aadmiyon se jab tum Chandigarh se bhaag aayi thi! Agar woh chaahte toh tumhein wahin hodpital mein chod aate ya tumhein bachaate bhi nahi! Lekin unhein tumhein bachaaya bhi aur do mahine tumhein se apne ghar mein rakhkar tumhaara khayaal bhi rakha! Toh woh bure toh nahi honge na?' Geet thought for a while, "Haan Veere! Yeh bhi sahi hai! Agar kisi anjaan ladki ki jaan bachaayi ho aur uska itna khayaal rakha ho toh Maan Singh Khurana itne bure toh ho hi nahi sakte!" She smiled softly thinking of Maan's smart looks and dashing body. She shook her head bringing herself out of those thoughts and went back to playing with Kanha.  







Next update also on Friday, coz another exam on Sunday!


Wish list has been updated till half of the Second thread so go check it out!


So how was the day one and day two after the leap?

Do leave a review!





The Geet's first scene in KC is dedicated to Deepa (spvd) who wanted to see Geet in KC! And also wanted to see Geet meeting Maan's Dusht Daanav avatar at Office! I fulfilled your two wishes in one scene!

For details of the wishes, check out the wish list.




Arnav continues to snap at Khushi while Maan's feelings are overwhelming him.

Meanwhile, Aakash gives another performance, (Sorry folks but Sad song again)!

So, good folks, Tune in on IF, next Friday for another rocking update!


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Kareena1994 IF-Dazzler

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Hate the seperation phase

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drashtimeetu IF-Dazzler

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Awsome update
Feeling bad for khushi
Hahahahahaha geet bani lady asr

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