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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 28)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tmowla

superb update!
Thanks for the review!

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monasha

Amazing update
Thanks for the review!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deelight

OMG aur loi twist nahi mila kya, i mean she forgot Maan... ur tooo mean... better agle wale twist main bring bak her memory... or strt their love story once again...!!!!
Thanks for the review!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ILoveFF

wow supreb
poor Maan
Thanks for the review!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Barkah

Awesome updatesss
Love it
Sorry for late comment
Because I m little busy & sick
Thanks for the review!
And it is ok! Take care of your health!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

hain you are early aint ya
not that i mind
its sure is a surprise for sure#
might have to do this tomorrow
damn why does that happen
on second thoughts lets try to do it today only

Thanks for the review! And thanks for reviewing the same day! Loved reading it the next morning!

so they separate i guess by the end of this
not something i wanna see but what else can we do
judaai bhi toh pyaar ka hissa hoti hai
well lets see how bad it is then
and will try not to loose it on you by the end of it dear

Yes, judaai toh pyaar ka hissa hi hai! 

awww the baby is here
and he is here to see his uncle who was stabbed
but of course the child dont know of the same
am sure that no one will forget the birth of this child
after all a lot happened on the day of his birth

So true! No one will forget Kanha's birth!LOL

of course am sure arnie wants to see the child of his di
what name did geet choose for the baby
man that i really wanna know

You will have to wait for the name!Wink

yeah was he so scared its not like she will keep something ridiculous name
omg she is gonna have some funny name
well we shall know and soon wont we what she will name him 
dont be too worried arnie she has changed now 
so chill maar yaar

Exactly! THe name is not that bad yaar!

beta maan geet aur aapke bache toh bahut hi door ki baat hai
first you should be with her naa
and then marry her then only the kids shall come
aur waise bhi aapke bachon ka naam toh annie ya khushi rakhengi naa being the buas so you also chill

Exactly! Maan faltu mein tension le raha hai!

yaar these guys sure come with the funniest things to say right

Ofcourse, itna tragedy hone wala hai usse pehle thoda comedy toh banta hai!

atom hmm sure sounds good no just kidding there dear

He he he!LOLLOL

but i know it wont be that right
and thank god for kanha hmmm but is he gonna be naughty like his name sake
well probably right but nickname is real cute

Yes, Kanha will be as naughty as his maasi, Geet!WinkWink

i know right good they didnt call him nand kishore warna buaji toh solid confusion karengi
but that will happen with when ever nk comes in right
why good not a girl payal
oh ho what a sense of humour
and yes khushi says hey devi maiyya a lot confusion the child as buaji could have done
ahem ahem payash whats going on
aap log toh lagta hai maneet or arhi se bhi aage hote hain jaise

But then Paayal are ahead of Arhi and Maaneet. After all engagement bhi hone waala hai! Baaki dono toh kitne slow hai compared to this!WinkWink

oh ho arnie dont be so scraed mate
ek geet hai toh duji aapki afreen bhi kam nahin
calm down please at least try to mate
it just doesnt suit you to be afraid of anyone other than khushi
though thats only fair and khushi right
so chillax please dude

Arnav's bigegest nightmare ... Khushi! He he he!LOL

oh maaa so she is still in bad shape
thats bad real bad for sure
ahhh she recognises her veere but dont think she shall recognise her maan
and that will be real bad for sure
and heart breaking for maan for sure but it has to be done naa
awww even though she is in such state she still is joking
well at least thats one good thing
sorry maan her memory is back and she dont remember you for sure
she means arnie not you
well that can be dealt with later for sure
lets get rid of that brij naa once and for all
and then focus back on maneet again

She remembers Maan coz she remembers him fighting for her! Thats all! Then she was hit on her head!

well so it begins right
her story of what happened why she was kept like that
why they were out to kill her and all
this wont be pleasant thats for sure naa
so she remembers her past but not her presnt it seems man this is bad right
am glad she at least had raizadas for her or her fate could be even worse for sure

So true!

ahhh the reason why she was kept like prisoner is here
so its seems she might have seen something she wasnt meant to
must say she is a brave soul trying to take those goons for the sake of a starnager
many wouldnt have thought same as her
seriously i dont get mentality of some people
its not as if channi was pregnant with no hubby
just because she married someone from lower class from her own they were behind them
why damn man this society which can let people be free even if we are democratic or not
oh god she witnessed such brutality
and she had no one to help those who died
as she alone couldnt have done much
whats with those men killing innocents for no fault of their own
and what they killed for was just pathetic excuse for sure
mann toh karta hai aise logon ko sakt se sakt sazaa milne chahiye
oh dear she told her darji that was the worst thing she did
but then how was she too know that he will not support her but do the opposite of what she hoped
poor girl had no chance after that for sure
its even worse it was her own darji who did this
and leading to her imprisonment crap that was bad
so it was her brother who killed her friend and husband
and then after that they have been behind her

This is a common story of North India! Girls and boys are killed for falling in love! And people are thrown into jail for supporting the truth! Behind those colorful bollywood movies lie the truth of India, filled with nothing but pain and broken hearts and souls!

maan you didnt know naa am sure if you did then well the story wouldnt be the same
what happened had to happen for sure mate
you cant change the past or what destiny has decided for you
but you can try to be with the ones you love

Don't worry! Just for Maan I will be writing a story where you will see what happens if Geet's memory did not loose! DFL - A Deviation!Wink

except he wont be able to either
yes am sure you guys could have put that vile man behind the bars before he could reach geet but it wasnt meant to be

good on you dear that you didnt bow down in front of them
i am really happy she decided to have the culprits punished but it seemed she never made it
if only her parents had more courage she wouldnt have been in such condition either
but then they didnt have same courage as her it seems which doesnt surprise me
she is right there too if you dont say anything against such things does make you as much culprit
so they used to hit her with hunter man thats brutal
and what kind of parents she had man pathetic yaar aise maa baap kissi ko naa dein
i know it isnt easy fighting against wrong but to let their daughter suffer like that is nothing less than cruel too
she had no one and yet that didnt deter her and all because she wasnt gonna let them get to her bravo my dear bravo

You will find many pathetic parents like these in Indian villages!

am not surprised that listening to this is making maan mad
after all they did treat her real brutally and she is his geet yaar how can he tolerate it either
ahhh glad he didnt do or say anything in his anger there
am sure arnie knew what he was feeling after all he has to do is think if this happened to khushi and he would react the same

Maan would have killed Brij if Arnav would not have intervened!

haila who would have thought right
that what maan said to his bros would reach the one he loves
but then fate does have a way of playing with our lives like that

I am planned that scene from the day I wrote the first chap!

but am glad that due to this she never ever gave up
waah she is good
she it the man with a plate and legged it which is how she came across maan and was saved from more harm
okay not really as there were more attempts on her life but at least she escaped from that prison naa
well she does remember maan
but not as the person she loves but as the person who saved her
oh dear well at least she remembers that much about him
the rest shall come with time

Errr...Lest not talk about that right now!Wink

for now lets get that brij into jail for long
well so he dont come back to attack her again
but what now where shall she go raizada mansion with raizadas right

Yes, she will stay with the Raizadas as their daughter!

and here comes the blow
oh sweetie maan never called them or knew about your connection with raizadas
there were there for some other reason
waise she not only forgot maan and khuranas but khushi  and the guptas too right


well arnie got knifed in during the fight and the rest came for nani arnie you and anj
well they shall tell you and soon
but before that heartbreak for maan this am not looking forward to much
yup she forgot it all and i can see maan is about to break too
oh dear she forgot the time spent with maan and the khuranas
meeting with khushi falling in love with maan
and all that happened in between these two months
so what he feared did come to be

Yes, those two months are practically erased from her mind!

babaji aapki geet ko toh bacha liya hai parr sath mein unki yadashat se aapko mita bhii diya hai
so all she remembers is you saving her and nothing more
and so one separation for maneet and another for arhi too
oh dear this is what we all feared with maan and its happened
if only maan had told him of his love for geet

Then also he would have told everyone to not to tell Geet about their love so that she can live her life the way she wants!

how they were gonna get engaged and soon but now its too late
no one other than arnie knew in his family about them and he wont be in any conditon to say anything too after all he will be stuck in his own problem
and like you said becoming bevada too kya yaar yeh hi reh gaya tha
poore ke poore devdas banne waale hain arnie
but that isnt the important thing at moment naa

Yes, there will be two bevda in this story for few scenes but then there will be twists! This story will take a topsy turvy ride!

see people what dadi feared what NT was worried about and what maan was scared for did happen
but who would have thought this day would come

I thought of it!Wink

thats  only arnie can tell what maan is going through after listening to this
knowing that geet doesnt the one she loves or the one who loves her
after all arnie is the only one who can understand him more than anyone else
but come it has even worse it seems she will not remember him
so it means he will have to start again huh
that is if he gets the chance

Lets see about that! 

of course guptas and raizadas dont know why it matters to maan as they dont know of his love for geet or for geet love for maan
oh dear it has hit him hard that she wont ever remember him
and we all know what this means he is gonna be back to being what he was before she came in his life
his life just lost its liveliness happiness etc
so this reaction was gonna happen man
oh boy you so feel for him yaar

Yes, Maan will go back to being Akdu Singh!Wink

aww a scene for moi yipee
hey thats so cool me an inspector and by looks of things very strict one who would make the criminals fear her
you are so good dear no really
didnt think this was what you would do too good
woohoo beat that good for nothing man till he is senseless or something like that
iski toh aisi ki taisi
ek toh apni behan ko marne ki koshish phir do pyaar karne waalon ko maaa
aur abb iski wajah se maneet are separated
he needs to be taught a lesson for sure
waaah kya pita gaya hai uppar se gaali bhi di and what a scene
tussi mahan ho ji
aur uss kamine ke saath toh yahi karna chahiye tha
bas chalta toh encounter hi karr deti parr chuki yeh family story hai itna violence theek nahin hoga
but hats off to you dear
dil khus karr diya aap ne ji

Happy that you liked it! Thank you for enjoying it! 

wow so every friday huh cool
and new story too me would like to read
even if i didnt see the show would like to read the same
cool you are a dazzler congrats man

Thank you!

and no by the end of this dont hate you
waise i doubt anyone will wanna throw chappals at you
after all the story demands the separation sweetie
and you have done maneet separation tactfully am sure same will be for arhi

I will try my best to make Arhi separation as good as Maaneet one!

but thats his fault for sure
but it seems more twits coming but for whom
maneet or arhi or is it both

For Readers!Wink

that was fantastic even the sad ending
poor maan babu yaar but all shall be well in the end naa so not too sad for now
cheers for pm
Thanks once again for awesome review!
You made my whole week!
Take care

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 55 B
awesome dear...

Thank you so much!Embarrassed

but i cant see Maan like this...
Geet baby how could he forget Maan darling?
poor Maan...

Even I am feeling bad too!

my God Anjali is a hitler and Shyam does what she says...

Never thought of it that way!

hahaha my God Arnav and Geet will make us laugh like anything i think...
cant wait for that update...
Arnav is so scared of Geet in the other way...

Even I am excited to write it!

so Geet is gonna name the baby...
and wow her choice of names are so funny...
u have to abbreviate them all dear...
gonna forget them all...
all are in short forms...

Yes they are short forms! 

my God shes a unique piece...
love this Geet adorable kid and girl now...
but she doesnt remember Maan babu...
that was funny about the nicknames...
they didnt name the baby Nandkishore and Devi...
that was so funny...
lovely environment...

Thank you! Happy that you loved that part!

once again Motor Mouth...
Arnav is gonna get from Geet soon...
wow Geet sweety is here...

Na! Geet won't say thing to him! This is something which happens with siblings! By the time they grow up, they just ignore their siblings' taunt! That is the relationship between Geet and Arnav. He is an elder sibling annoyed by her childishness and she is the younger siblings who laughs when the elder teases coz she thinks this is his way of showing his love! Writing their relationship will be a treat to me coz their relationship is one of the important part of this story and their way of talking is like talking to the most annoying person! You will enjoy their interactions!Wink

but the Khuranas are gonna be shocked...
Geet's life was so different and shocking...
how could her family do this to her...
they dont deserve any mercy at all...
this Brij deserves severe brutal punishment...

Yes, they are really cruel! Infact, this is a reality! This happens in many villages in north India! Killing girls and boys for falling in love! And killing persons for standing up for truth is quite common there!

whoa this Geet is so different from our Soni...
never knew she has this side to her...
Maan's Soni was so cute, adorable, lovely but this Geet is so brave and the one who stands for right and justice...

Yes, this is a different side of her. Infact, now after the twists end, you will see another Geet in this story! You will see a graduate girl who has gone abroad, who has family's support to fulfil her dreams, who has the confidence to win the world and who is allowed to remain childish by her family!

excellent Maan's advice had reached Geet via Arnav and Aakash...
oh he should be credited...
they have been connected way before...

I planned that scene from the day I wrote the first chapter!

oh no the shocking reality is out for the Khuranas...
how is Maan gonna take this?
and the family doesnt know about Maan except for Arnav...
how are they gonna persuade her?
Arnav and Maan are so mentally so strong and connected...
they are the strengths for each other...

Maan ka kya hoga woh toh agle chapter mein pata chala jaayega! Who said anything about persuasion? Yes, Maan and Arnav are each other's biggest supports!

wow that scene was too good...
way to go Chavvi dear...
very good...
acchi dhulai hui but its not sufficient...

I agree! It was not sufficient! But kya haina, jyaada violence likhna bhi achchi baat nahi hai!Wink

but nice update dear...
oh just one thing i couldnt be glad is Geet forgetting Maan...
sigh i always love happy waala scenes and already Arnav's love story is gonna a straight dive and now Maan's is like stranded in a deserted place...
hope u finish off these twists soon and come up with happy waala twists...
cont soon dear...
No one is happy with Geet forgetting Maan but kya karein? Story demands it!Wink
And just because separation hone waala that does not mean there will be lots of sad scenes! No way! My separation will be simply superb! You will enjoy it! Do you really think none of the leads will fight for their love? Na na! Dont think my leads will do nothing but sit and cry! My leads and my story is too awesome to have such things! Thoda rona dhona hoga but then get ready for another twist turny ride! Enjoy!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

First of all loved te update.

Thank you!Embarrassed

Awe the beginning was so cute, how Shyam brought little baby boy to arnav because that was Anjali strict order that the baby mamu meets him first. Ohhh hahah I love how Shyam was like geet was suppose to give a name to the baby and how arnav had a face full of horror! He was like motor Mouth choosing baby name NOOo!!! Lol I love the names she gave everyone. Everyone couldn't stop their laughter becUse of arnav reaction to it.

Happy that you loved the beginning! 
Yes, Arnav's reaction was funny!
Really glad that you loved the names!Wink

And when the nurse came and said that they will be shiftin geet in his room as well, bechara arnav motor mouth, and poor nurse was confuse as hell.

THat part was my fav to write!

Omg geet has been through so much! I can't imagine going through what she went through. Yay she remember everyone. Her story was just OMG. I wante to kill darji and brij at that time. Channi and gurvinder both got murder and she witnessed everything. She was so innocent that she actually went for help to her darji and what does he do he tells he that it was him who gave the order to kill them both and that brij was the one who killed them! Truth of your family hurts so much. I'm glad she stood up to them. But it's sad how her own family didnt help her when they locked her in the old cottage.

This is quite common in north indian villages! People killing girls and boys for falling in love! People killing coz someone stood up for truth! Behind all those colorful movies of bollywood, therein lies many stories of girls with broken souls and shattered hearts! 

OMG maan's word of wisdom went from arnav to akash to geet. Unknowing his words were able to save geet from her hard time. Which I'm so glad of. Okie I have to say this now


Yes, when I wrote the first chap, I had planned this scene from that time!

Geet forgot about maan and everyone! OMG nooo!! I feel so bad for maan! He can't live without geet and knowing that she forgot him and doesn't remember anything from last 2 months was a big shock to him, to the family and us viewers as well!!

Even I feel bad for Maan! Par kya karein? Story likha hi aisa! Sorry!Cry

I seriously don't know what to say, I feel so bad for maan and arnav totally understood what maan was going through, how much pain he was bearing at that moment. Obviously the raizada family and Gupta family would be confused because they didnt know about geet and maan romance..

Yes, Arnav knows everything but then he will have his own problems soon!

And I totally agree with you about how girls are portrayed in shows and all, it's like even we have dreams, ambition and a life that we want to actually live but no they are mostly portrayed as weak ones and all! And I'm glad that khushi is way more stronger character in this story of yours than the show. Because once in a while people do get tired of girls being portrayed as weak.

Even I hate it when they portray us as weak girls! In my story the girls will never by weak! They maybe dumb, they may be idiots but never weak!

So I salute you for actually having girls as strong characters in your story. Omg I know right I can just imagine barun sitting with his finger on his lip being silent and giving that innocent look to gurmeet, and gurmeet glaring at him. Ahah I wish that once there would be a show where both gurmeet and arnav would be there with their lady love; meaning khushi and geet.

Wasn't that imagination awesome? Yes, I wish the same!Big smile

Thanks for the update and I can't wait for more twists that are awaiting us! God help us digest all that. Continue soon and thanks for the pm (:

I will be reading your other ss as soon as I get free time from college studies.

You will need God's help to digest everything I have planned! 
And thanks for thinking of reading my other SS!
Lots of hugs and kisses!

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