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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 21)

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mina420

Hello Kalpana,

First of all, I am really really sorry for commenting so late Dead.

I have been so busy the past few weeks and also away from my dear laptop Cry so that I couldn't even read the updates that quickly.

Hi Mina, 
Its ok! Chalta hai yaar! I understand!

Wow, I thought there will be a twist but this was truely unexpected.

Really????? Glad to shock you!Wink

From the second Anjali had said that Geet looked like Baby, I thought that there must be some connection. I didn't guess that their granmothers were friends, tough.

Happy to surprise you!

But what a way to bring it all together. Totally filmy but I still liked it. I guess it made kind of sense at least to shock Anjali and Nani Clap as they are most likely to be affected. I wonder if Geet's memory will return after the operation and if not, will she recognize the Raizadas when they tell her about their connected past Confused?

Happy that you liked my filmy style!Big smile She will recognize Raizadas but ...just read the next update!Wink

[/QUOTE] I am eagerly waiting to know what happened to Geet. Why is Brij after her Shocked? It can't just be petty jealosy or hatred. There must be something big. I am glad that Brij is arrested Angry, at least we don't have to worry about him returning. [/QUOTE]

You are right! This is not some petty hatred! The answer to your question is in the serial itself. Ab baithke serial ki kahaani ko yaad karo ya aage ka story padhlo!Wink 

By the way, did you take the precap from the serial? I found it to e similar to what Geet said to Maan the day she told him the truth about herself. If yes then I am guessing that they are said in a different context.

That line just popped into my head. But may be subconsciously my memory took it up from the serial! But then the similarity between Geet's past in the show and here is quite similar! Dont know! It just happened! But thanks for telling me!

Another question just popped into my mind, now that the main twist will be revealed in the next chapter, how long will you continue with this story Shocked? Please don't end it this soon Cry. Ok, even if then please write another one. I am a huge fan and would love to read more of your writing...Pretty please Embarrassed.

The answer to your questions: This story will go on for another 25 chaps as there are many things left. Twist is just half way of the story. Main mazaa toh ab aayega! You will clap for Geet and Arnav once the twists end the next part starts. You will cheer for them, thats for sure. And dont worry, even if this story end I have two more stories in my head about Maaneet Arhi crossover and I will also be writing some SS in the mean time! And dont worry, I will keep all my readers informed about anything else I write!

Oho, I am sorry again, jo poochna  tha wohin bhool gayi D'oh. How is your hand? Are there any improvements? Are you giving it enough rest?
I hope it heals quickly and doesn't give you much tension.

Hand is fine. The pain is still there but I just wear the wrist brace and get on with my work. It is just a nuisance now. The pain is on irritational level. So I just wear the brace and ignore it. Kind of annoying me right now! But I am fine!Big smile

Well, I am eagerly waiting for the next part. I apologize in advance if I am delayed in commenting. My uni starts next week and it being my last year I have so much tension up ahead.
So, get well soon and all the best for writing the next chapter.
Lots of love, best wishes, hugs and kisses...Hug
Star  Mina Star
Stop apologizing. Its ok! I understand! Attend uni, study hard, get good marks and enjoy with your friends! And most importantly make your parents and me proud. Wink
With lots of hugs, kisses and dahi shakkar for good luck,

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

First of all LOVED THE UPDATE!!!! I'm so glad that akash had PayAl to support him throughout it. But have to say it was awesome. The stories akash told about geet was just beautiful. That even though they're not related he still loves her as his sister and mami as her daughter.  

First of all, thanks for the review! And really happy that you loved the update!Big smile 

I just loved it how when the nurse came and said the forms were incomplete and that there was no last name of geet written there and akash had piped in and said its geet handa! I was like yesss. Khurana families reaction was awesome to that.

Thank you!Smile I made the nurse come just so that Geet's story comes out in front of Raizadas! 

Awe Anjali gave birth to a baby boy! I'm so glad she is fine and also the baby! Geet is out of danger and Arnav and nani as well. But have to say when arnav woke up and he started worrying about nani and di and how he remember maan telling him about using his brain during the emotional times not his heart, and I'm glad he said that.

I am so happy that you liked the Arnav scene!

Hahah maan singh khurana shouted at arnav singh raizada! Wah wah. Loved it, but a brother is obviously going to worry about his sister. Mami Jee came at the right time akash bitwa, which I'm glad as well. In the update when akash was asking arnav about how he is and all and how arnav was like stop being drama queen akash was one of my favourite.

Wasn't it amusing? The way Arnav quieted as soon as Maan shouted at him. When I remember this scene I always imagine Gurmeet glaring at Barun and Barun sitting with a finger on his mouth and a kicked puppy expression on his face.Big smileLOL

Awe why did khushi stay outside, I know. It was absolutely, arnav was finally at peace knowing all his family is safe and khushi smiling face .

Omg motor mouth hahahah. The way arnav was like keep her away from my room and all was hilarious, bechara he was so scared of her motor mouth that he even locked himself in his room. But he still cared about her and asked if she's okie. Well now arnav knows that soni is geet and why he always thought that soni resembled alot like geet.

Happy that you found it hilarious! 

I have to say, shoutout to geet for following her dreams no matter what, or what her family said. For some reason I knew that geet family would let her study because of the village praising her and her family. But still a mystery to know that want actually happened that brij wanted to kill geet, though he always hated it. Finally I'm so glad he's caught. Go rot in jail brij!!

I always wanted Geet to follow her dreams. I hate it when people think that girls are made only for household work. Infact, I hate the shows were girls have only one dream and that is getting married. Infact, I hated IPK in the start for showing Khushi so weak. That is why in my story she is shown much more stronger. I want all my readers to be proud of the actions of my female characters. I want them to be proud of the way I portray female leads in my story!

I can understand why nt is worried about maan because if something does happen than they won't only loose geet but maan as well! Because maan lives for geet.

NT has valid reason to worry!

Precap looks so interesting! Geets statement would be one hell of a statement. Cannot wait and damn girl I can't believe there are more twists to come.

Yes, many twists are yet to come!

Haha finally reviewed it early! Awe I knew la will do something for arhi which will end arhi being together! Love you lavanya. Your awesome.

Thanks for the pm and do continue soon. Love you

Thanks for the review! And keep on supporting always!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by spvd

part 55 A
awesome dear...
if last part was so heavy like stone this one as light as feather...
loved it so much...
the positivity and the lovely recollection was so brilliant in this...
a stress reliever...
loved it so much...

Thanks a lot! And thanks for such an awesome review!
Actually, I wrote this part in such a way so that there will be some good moments just before all the hell breaks loose!

all the 4 are fine...
its like all the 4 are related only to the Raizadas particularly...

Only after writing it, I realised that all are Raizadas in one way or other!Cry

and Aakash was so tensed...
and thank God they all realized Geet baby is here...
and the truth is also out...
Aakash is the one who clarified everything about Geet and the one supporting her...
thought Maan would do something in filling the form...

Naa! The only reason I made the nurse bring the forms, was so that Aakash was say those words and Khuranas will ask him about Geet. In short, the forms filling came up so that Geet's story comes out!

par koi na Aakash did it...
Geet is NOT related by blood with Raizadas right?

Yep! You are right!

Arnav's Naani and Geet's Naani are friends...
hmmm interesting...
seems like Geet is a very interesting character in this...
in fact a center one in all these people's lives...

Hey! I realised that only after you said it. Geet is the center of all people's lives. I never realised till you mentioned it!

poor Geet her maternal home was not so good...
and that swine Brij he deserves to rot in jail...
hope Maan sees to it...

Ha! Dont worry about that!

and Maamiji wow shes too good in this...
so loving...

Made Maami a darling in this FF! 

the way Aakash is recalling Geet calling him Veere Veere is so so so endearing dear...

Thank you!

i dont know why but throughout the update whenever he says that i get a smile...

I was smiling too while writing it.

maybe am imagining Geet as a very cute, adorable kid...
ahha Maan has finally come to know the person who named Anjai AD now...
these realizations are so heart touching...

Thank you!

OMG she wanted to be an architect and even after she lost her memory she has the talent in her still...


hahaha Maan's amusement of Geet being a chatterbox then too was so nice...
the funny way of Aakash's talking is nice...
excellent Geet wanted to work in KC back then itself...
and wo sapne bhi poora kardi Geet baby ne...
its like they are destined like this...

Yes, they are destined. I planned this from the start!

not just one but so many times their lives are so intertwined...
oh so they all have seen Geet in Anjali's marriage but Maan is not able to recollect but Daadima did...
and others too...
am so in love with this update...

Really happy to read that!

Paayal and Arnav explained their role in saving Geet two times.
where did he come from wo tho OP mein hai na?

Oops! Blooper! I have rectified it!

wow Geet is fine now...
very good...
wow  Arnav too is fine...
very good...
hmmm finally the ASR is awake...
arey waah the guys are too good...
and Maan's advice worked excellently now...
this guy even know thinks so funnily...
oh no NT is worried and scared...
cant blame her...
the incidents that happened with all of them is too very scary...
hope this is the last trouble in the lives of Geet and Maan dear...

Errr...Sorry to say but problems toh rahenge!

hope Geet doesnt forget Maan now...

Oops! You caught my next twist!

enough of that...
Maan wont be able to keep up himself if it happens...

Yaad Yaad Yaad Bas Yaad Reh Jaati Hai! Thats all I will write now!

wow Anjali is fine now and baby boy...
very very good...
my God Arnav idiot is this the time to crack jokes?
and Maamaji is too much...
but it made the place light...

Thats why I wrote those jokes!Wink

Arnav's reaction is hilarious...
it made me laugh throughout...
Geet holds a very very very special place in everyone's heart here...

Yep! (nodding my head)

love that so much...
Maan came to THE MSK avatar to control THE ASR...
the way he controlled him was too good...
the unity and love and understanding and respect and liveliness they have between them is mindblowing...

Thanks for the words! Happy to read that!

wow Naaniji too is fine now...
very good...
all are fine now...
such a relief dear...
seriously the most beautiful update...
really Arnav?

I dont know why but when I imagine a small Geet talking non stop around an annoyed Arnav, the first word which came into my head is Motor Mouth! So I used that!

even when i was sleeping i was smiling thinking about this...

Aww! So sweet!

Geet a motor mouth according to Arnav...
very funny to hear that Arnav was and now shes back is scared of someone and can make him do things he never would think of...

Whenever I think of Arnav and Geet I always think of Geet as annoying little sister and Arnav as annoyed and irritated elder brother! So obviously he is scared of her talkativeness. 

Arnav was not close to Geet back then hai kya?

You are right! They were not that close as Aakash and Geet or Anjali and Arnav! There age gap and different preferences never allowed them to connect. 

why didnt he recognize her when he saved her in that car incident time?

He did not see her face, remember?

so all the things are out and everything is cleared...
Geet baby u have a family here along with ur Maan...
Maan handle the motor mouth?
of course ASR dear...


yaar my request is this make Arnav and Geet together and Arnav bechara get tortured by Geet's bak bak...

Ok! Wish taken into account and will be shown after all twists are over! In short, after chapter 55 ends!

i want that scene where we get to see bechara Arnav and all the family members enjoying that...
Khusi ka tension is yet to start Arnav babu...
bohut pachtaoge...
but on the whole the whole update was excellent dear...
i loved it completely...
after a long time the enjoyment is back...
cont soon dear...
Once again, thanks for the review! Ab mazaa khatam! Twists shuru! Get ready for some tragic scenes and awesome dramas!

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Place - The City Hospital  


     The whole family was in Arnav's room chatting and smiling when suddenly, someone knocked on the door. They turned to look at Shyam who was holding a bundle in his arms. He smiled and announced, "Sabhi log baaju hatiye. Raizada family ke naye shehzaade apne Maamu jaan se milne aa rahe hain!" He walked towards Arnav's bed. When Aakash raised his arms to take the baby, Shyam moved his arms away, "Rani Sahiba ke strict instructions hain. Pehle baby apne Arnav maamu se milega." Aakash mock pouted while Shyam placed the baby in Arnav's arms and Arnav looked at the baby. The baby was sleeping. Arnav smiled softly and mumbled, "Di ne iska naam rakha hai?" Shyam smiled, "Ek buri khabar hai Saale Saahib! Bachche ka naam toh bua rakhti hai par humaari toh koi behen nahi hai!" Arnav frowned while Aakash looked concerned, "Toh buri khabar yeh hai Saale Saahib ki jab aapki Di ne Baby yaani Geet ko unki pregnancy ki khush khabri bataayi thi tabhi hi Baby ne Rani Sahiba Promise le li ki..." Shyam hesitated while Arnav went paler. Maan looked on curiously while Aakash seemed confused. Shyam continued, "ki bachche ka naam Baby hi decide karegi!" While Maan and Aakash smiled, Arnav looked at Shyam with growing horror. Khushi frowned; yeh Arnavji itne dare hue kyun hai? Shyam noticed Arnav's expression and nodded. Arnav growled, "You mean to say is baby ka naam woh motor mouth rakhegi? What the!" "Toh ismein problem kya hai?", Maan asked confused at Arnav's reaction. Arnav smiled sarcastically and sweetly replied, "Maan, we are talking about the girl jisne Di ka naam AD, mera naam AB, Maami ka naam MJ, Maamaji ka naam PJ, aur Naaniji ka naam DJ rakha hai!" The younger generation tried to control their smiles at names chosen by Geet. Arnav shook his head and continued in sarcasm, "Aur toh aur issi ladki ne apni behen Rajji ke liye naam phooljhadi socha tha!" Annie, Aakash, Dev, NT, Arjun and Khushi lost their fight against laughter and burst out laughing. Maan shook his head amusedly and vowed to himself that he would not allow Geet to name their kids. Shyam took the baby from Arnav's arms while Arnav rolled his eyes. Aakash took the baby from Shyam's hands while Paayal came to stand near him and both cooed at the baby. As everyone stopped laughing, Shyam spoke up, "Waise Saale Saahab, Rani Sahiba ne inka nickname soch liya hai!" Annie piped up in a playful tone, "Di ne hi Bhai aur Aakash ka nickname rakha tha na! Toh Chote hogaya, Chutke hogaya ab kya naam socha? Chutke se chota...yes! Is it Chintu?" Arjun replied, "No, No! It must be atom! After all atom is indivisible and smallest!" Again the younger gang burst out laughing while Maan slapped his forehead, Arnav rolled his eyes and Shyam shook his head.  Shyam waited for others to calm down and spoke up, "Inka nickname Kanha hai!" Arnav smiled softly, "Aap hi ka naam diya hai Di ne! Haina! Shyam aur Kanha toh ek hi hai right?" Shyam nodded while rest of the people gathered in the room smiled at the thoughtfulness. Shyam spoke up, "Rani Sahiba chaahti thi ki ladki hui toh ghar ka naam Devi rakhenge aur ladka hua toh Kanha!" All the elders in the room smiled while Buaji piped up, "Haayre Nandkisore! Bahut hi pyaara naam hai!" Arjun looked at Buaji for a second and then sneaked up to Shyam. He spoke up in theatrical voice, "Dude! Whatever you do don't give him the name NandKishore! Poor Fellow! Jab bhi Buaji Haayre Nandkisore' kahegi utni baar woh confuse hoga ki mujhe bula rahi hai ya bhagwaan ko!" Again the younger generation burst out laughing while even Maan and Arnav cracked a smile. Suddenly, Maami, who was standing Aakash cooing the baby in his hands, piped up, "You are at luck, Shyam bitwa! Nandkishore name already taken by my Bhanja! So confusion cleared!" Suddenly, Paayal spoke in a soft voice, "Waise achcha hua ladki nahi hui!" When everybody looked at her in confusion she mumbled, "Ladki hoti toh naam Devi hota, aur jitni baar Khushi Devi Maiyya' kehte hai bechaari ladki toh yahi sochti ki woh insaan hai ya bhagwaan hai!" Again the room filled with laughter while Aakash looked at Paayal in surprise at her joke. Paayal blushed at his stare while pouted and glared at her sister.


  Suddenly, a nurse entered the room, "Mr. Shyam! Aapki wife aapko aur aapke bachche ko dekhna chaahti hai!" Shyam nodded, took the baby from Aakash and walked away. The Nurse spoke again, "Geet Raizada ko hosh aagaya hai but she seems so scared ki Doctor ne kaha hai ki unhein aapke kamre mein hi shift karde as this room has place for two beds. Agar shift karenge toh she will comfortable enough that she might give statements faster. So Mr. Riazada, can I shift her here?" Everyone turned to look at Arnav who seemed a bit pale, he shouted, "Motor Mouth!" in horror and covered his face with his hands. Again room was filled with laughter while the Nurse looked confused. Poor lady! She could not even scold them for making noises as they were patrons of the hospital and she did not want to upset them. Aakash took pity on the poor Nusre and nodded at her, "Use yahaan leke aao!"


   Soon, the Nurse entered the room with a stretcher. The family was shocked to see Geet lying on the stretcher. Geet seemed so frail on the bed. Gone was the lively girl they saw during the engagement. On the bed lied a weak looking girl with head heavily bandaged. Due to the blood loss and operation Geet's body seemed a lot weaker. Her eyes fluttered open and roamed around in confusion. But as soon as her eyes reached Maami, Aakash and Arnav they lit up with recognition. She smiled softly and mumbled, "Veere!" Aakash smiled as he realized that his Geetto recognized him. His tears filled his eyes. He left his brother's side and walked towards his sister. Maami looked sadly at her Geet Bitiya. Her tear filled eyes did not leave Geet's face. Geet pouted and mumbled, "MJ! Roiyye mat. Make up kharaab hojaayega!" Maami laughed in surprise as her happy tears flowed down her cheeks. Geet remembered her! Maan's eyes widened. Kya Geet ko sab kuch yaad aa gaya? The Khurana family was also confused. Geet's eyes looked around when her eyes widened when she noticed Maan sitting on the other side of Arnav. "Aap?", she whispered softly. Maan smiled softly. Aakash sat beside Geet and held her hand, "Geetto!", he whispered softly. The brother sister moment got shattered as the Police entered the room. "Mr. Raizada! Aap apni behen se baad mein baat kar sakte hain. Pehle humein inse inka statement chaahiye!"Aakash nodded and smiled at Geet. He squeezed her hand in support and got a squeeze in return as her answer.



    Geet made herself comfortable as the Police Inspector asked her routine questions like her name, her town and her age. Soon he got to the point, "Miss. Handa! Aapke saath exactly hua kya tha? Aur woh log kaun hai jo aapko maarna chaahte hain? Aur aap Hoshiarpur se Dilli kaise aayi?" Geet looked down as tears flowed down her eyes. Aakash intervened, "Dekhiye! Shayaad inki yaaddaash utni theek..." Geet cut him off, "Main aapko sab bataati hoon Inspector Saab..." Everyone looked at Geet in shock. Had Geet remembered everything? All looked at each other happily. Geet was fine! Geet started speaking, "Main Hoshiarpur ki rehne waali ladki hoon. Main Chandigarh ke ek College se Bachelor of Architecture padh rahi hoon. Kuch mahino mein mera last year shuru hoga. Har saal main summer vacation mein ghar aati thi. Aur usi tarah iss saal bhi main ghar aayi. Mere ghar mein main hi ek itni padhi likhi thi aur woh bhi DJ, mera matlab hai Aakash Veere ke Mummy Pappa aur Daadi ke wajah se. Unhonein mere Darji matlab dadaji ko convince kiya ki mujhe aage padhne dein. Varna humaare ghar mein sab bade boodhe gawaar hain aur sab chote sirf dasvi ya baarvi paas. Mere Brij Veerji ne toh saaalon pehle padhaai chod di. Ek din mere gaao mein main ghoom rahi thi jab main ek ladki ko bhaagte hue dekha aur uske peeche kuch gunde bhaag rahe the! Main unke peeche gayi. Mujhe laga ki kuch gunde us ladki ko chhed rahe hain aur maine socha do ladkiyaan milkar un gundon ka saamna kar sakti hai. Achaanak se un gundo ne us ladki gher liya. Mere udhar pahunchne tak ek ladka achanak se wahaan aaya aur us ladki ki jaan bachaayi. Un gundon ke sardaar ke aur us ladke ke beech bahut behes huyi. Paas jaakar suna toh pata chala ki woh ladki aur koi nahi mere bachpan ki saheli Channi thi aur woh ladka aur koi nahi uska pati Gurvinder tha!" Suddenly, she burst out crying. Arnav, Aakash and Maan were alarmed but Maami came forward and pulled Geet towards her. Geet hugged her waist and wept. It took few minutes for Geet to calm down. She continued her narration, "Unki baaton se poori kahaani pata chali. Channi ne ek neeche jaat ke ladke se shaadi ki aur uske bachche ki maa bani. Yeh baat gaao ke kuch logon ko manzoor nahi tha aur isliye in dono ke jaan ke peeche pade the. Kai dino se yeh dono unse chupte chupaate jee rahe the!" Suddenly Geet's eyes widened in horror, "Achanak se woh gundon ke sardaar ne apni talwaar nikaali aur us ladke ke pet mein ghaup di! Woh ladki cheekhne lagi toh usko bhi maar diya!" A hush filled the room at Geet's words while Geet looked at the distance remembering the scene with a haunted look in her eyes. Maami patted her cheek in worry, "Phir ka hua?" Even though Geet was right in front of her she felt fear in her heart and wanted Geet to end her story and put her past behind. Geet continued with desperation coloring her tone, "Maar daala un dono ko. Galti kya thi un dono ki? Bas yahi na ki unhonein pyaar kiya tha! Kya pyaar karna gunaah hai MJ? Bolo na MJ!" She looked at Maami with pleading eyes. Maami shook her head and hugged her again. Geet continued in a painful voice, "Main ghabra gayi aur ghar chali gayi. Wahaan maine Daarji ko sab bataa diya yeh sochkar ki woh meri madat kraenge, un gundo ko sazaa dene mein. Lekin unhonein mujhe baataya woh..." Her breath came in short puffs as her eyes widened. She remembered how she had bowed in front of her Daarji and told him everything only for him to grab her hair and tell her that it was him who had ordered the deaths of Channi and Gurvinder. Maami patted her back trying to calm her down. After few minutes, Geet calmed down enough to continue her story in a emotionless whisper, "Daarji hi the jinhonein un dono ki maut ka farmaan sunaaya tha. Aur un dono ko maarne waala aur koi nahi mera bada bhai Brij tha!" Aakash looked on in horror as Arnav shook his head in sadness. Paayal, Khushi and their family were in tears while Maan's family was alternating between horror and righteous anger. Maan just looked away feeling guilt as he remembered how he had dismissed Geet's pleadings when she had begged him to save her. If he had listened to her, then Geet would have had her memory intact. And if he had brought her to Dilli to Shantivan then Maan and Arnav could have devised a way to deal with Brij and his company. Maan was sure that before Brij could reach Geet, Maan and Arnav's influence would have put him in jail.



    Geet sighed softly as she wiped her tears. She spoke with anger in her voice, "Mujhe yeh baat manzoor nahi thi. Kisi ki jaan lena kyunki woh aapke mutaabik nahi chal raha, yeh toh galat haina! Maine Police mein complaint karwaane ka faisla kiya. Ma ne roka, Pappaji ne manaaya par main ek na suni. After all ek anyaay hua hai. Aur bachpan se maine toh yahi seekha hai ki anyaay ko rokna humaara farz hai aur anyaay ko hote hue dekhna aur chup rehna bhi ek gunaah hai! Bas! Daarji ko yeh achcha nahi laga aur unhonein mujhe ghar ke baahar waali kothi mein band kar diya! Main cheekhi, chillaayi par kuch faayda nahi hua! Roz Brij Veerji kamre mein aate aur mujhse poochte ki maine apna faisla badla ki nahi. Aur mera jawaab sunkar mujhe daante, maarte. Kai baar toh kode bhi barsaaye hain! Mere khud ke ma Pappaji ne mujhe tyaag diya. Mere kisi bhi parivaar waalon ne mera saath nahi diya. Main bilkul akeli pad gayi thi. Mera gunaah kya tha? Bas yahi na ki maine sach ka saath diya! Bas itni si wajah ke liye mere apne parivar ne mujhe tyaag diya!" As Geet lost herself in her past, Maan felt like smashing something. He remembered when he had taken Geet to the Hospital in Chandigarh, the Doctor had told him that someone had whipped Geet's back. Maan felt anger boil as he thought of how much Geet must have suffered due to her own brother. Suddenly, he felt a hand hold his right hand which was clenched tightly. He looked at the owner of the hand. Arnav shook his head, "Use jail hoga and we will get him the toughest punishment but right now you relax. Geet is safe." Maan nodded and softly smiled. His hands relaxed and Arnav pulled his hand away.



      Geet continued her story, "Maine toh ro ro ke apni haalat hi kharaab kardi thi! Aur maine toh wahaan se nikalne ki ummeed chod hi di thi. Lekin phir mujhe yaad aayi woh baat joh mujhse Veere ne kahi thi jab hum aakhri baar mile the." She smiled at Aakash who smiled back at her showing assurance through his expression, "Jab bhi mushkil mein rahegi, toh dil se nahin dimaag se kaam le. Dil jahaan bhaavnaon mein bahega, dimaag waheen bhaavnaon se pare hatke koi na koi hal nikalega. Toh rishton ke liye dil se sochna, par mushkilon ke liye dimaag se kaam lena." Aakash felt proud that his words had inspired his sister. Arnav looked at Maan with a raised eyebrow while Maan shrugged. It was comic how his words had reached Geet through Arnav and Aakash. His heart warmed with happiness as he realized that unknowingly his words had helped his Geet in some way even before they met. Geet started speaking, "Bas maine than liya, rona band aur dimaag se kaam karna shuru. Bas maine intezaar kiya ki kab woh meri chaukidaari mein dheeli padhein aur mein wahaan se bhaag nikloon. Kuch dino mein unki chaukidaari dheeli padhi aur maine mauke ka faayda uthaaya. Ek din unhonein ek ladke ko bheja mujhe khaana dene ke liye. Maine thaali uske sir par patak di aur wahaan se bhaag nikli. Wahaan se nikalkar mein bachte bachaate Chandigarh ki taraf nikli. Wahaan toh mere dost the. Woh toh jaroor meri madat karte. Lekin wahaan kisine meri aane ki khabar unhein dedi! Phir kya tha! Wahaan se bhi bhaag nikli main! Aur phir..." She looked up directly at Maan. "Phir main bhaagte bhaagte inse takraayi!" The Police Inspector looked at Maan who nodded. He looked back at Geet, "Phir kya hua?" Geet frowned, "Phir?" She looked around confusedly and turned back at the Inspector, "Phir mujhe sar par kisine maara aur main behosh hogayi!" The cop nodded, "Aur Mr. Khurana aapko hospital le aaye right?" Geet shrugged miserably, "Mujhe pata nahi! Main toh behosh thi!" The Inspector nodded and walked away to file proper FIR against Brij and his men.


      Suddenly Geet looked at Maan in confusion, "Par aapko kaise pata ki main Raizada se related hoon?" Maan frowned "Mujhe nahi pata!" Geet looked at him in exasperation, "Toh phir in sabko yahaan kisne bulaaya?" She looked around and her eyes reached Arnav, "Aur AB ko kya hua hai? Woh bed par aise kyun lete hain? Aap theek toh haina AB? Aur AD, Jiju aur Dj kahin dikhaayi kyun nahi de rahe!" Arnav, Aakash and Khushi looked at Geet with growing dread while Maan seemed paler. Geet looking around spoke up, "Aur yeh sab kaun hai MJ? Aap mujhe inse introduce nahi karwaaogi?" Maami looked at Geet in shock and while Khushi blurted, "Lekin aap toh humse mil chuki hain. Yaad kijiye! Hum dono toh ek duje ko ekhaad mahine se jaanti hain!" Geet laughed softly, "Yeh kya keh rahi hain aap? Main toh das mahine se Chandigarh mein thi. Aur kuch din pehle hi Hoshiarpur aayi thi! Main aapse kabhi nahi mili!" She looked surprised at Khushi while Maan felt terror grip his heart. No! This cannot be possible! Yeh nahi ho sakta! Maami spoke up, "Par bitiya aap toh do mahine se Maan bitwa ke ghar mein ho! Uu ne hi humein bataaya ki kaisan usne tohaar jaan bachaayi aur apne ghar mein rakha!" Maan was jarred out of his thoughts by Arnav's whisper, "You didn't tell them about your romance?" Maan shook his head while his voice shook with tremor due to his fear, "I only told them that I saved her and she stayed at my house and the attacks which happened on her. Not more than that! I thought ki humaare pyaar ke baare mein hum dono khud milkar sabko bataayenge!" Maan's whisper was filled with pain but before Arnav could question on it Geet piped up with fear all over her voice and face, "Par mujhe toh kuch bhi yaad nahi! Mujhe toh sirf itna yaad hai ki yeh aadmi ne meri jaan bachaayi aur main yahaan uthi!" Maama spoke up, "Naahi bitiya Rani! Us haadse ko beete hue du mahine hogaye!" All of the person in the room looked at Geet in worry. Why she did not remember anything? Maan was about to ask her why was she behaving in such a way? When Geet started shaking and mumbling, "Yeh kya horaha hai mujhe! Mujhe kuch yaad kyun nahi? Mujhe kuch yaad kyun nahi?" Maan stood up with jerk; Geet seemed to be going into shock. Her eyes were dilated in confusion while her face started sweating. Soon Maan called the Doctor and after a whispered conference between Maan and Doctor Geet was wheeled away for proper checkup. The whole room was silent as everyone was worried for Geet and sad for her current situation. Maan stood by the door worried; Hey Babaji! Meri Geet ko theek kardo!



   It was two hours later when the Doctor came into the waiting hall where all the families had gathered and delivered the most devastated news that he could give to Maan. "I am sorry, Mr. Khurana, Mr. Raizada! But I think that Miss. Raizada has lost the memory of the last two months." Maan looked at the Doctor in shock unable to comprehend what he was saying while NT gripped Dev's hand in shock. Annie looked at Arjun in horror while Arjun looked at Annie with a helpless look. Khushi gave out a sob while Maami sat down on the bench nearby in shock. Daadi, who was sitting nearby, grabbed her head in her hands while tears flowed through her eyes. Paayal gripped Aakash's shoulder tightly while Aakash looked worried for Geet. Arnav, whose room door was open, could hear and see everything from where he sat on the bed clearly. He was the only one who was keeping his eyes trained on Maan knowing very well that he was the most effected by this news. Maan took a few minutes to absorb this shock and reacted in the only way he knew. He roared at the Doctor, "What? Matlab kya hai aapka? What do you mean Geet lost her memory?" Dev moved forward and grabbed Maan's shoulder and spoke up, "What do you mean, Doc?" Arjun came forward too and grabbed Maan's other shoulder in silent support. The Guptas and Raizadas looked confused at Maan's reaction while the Doctor replied, "Brain is a very complicated organ, Mr. Khurana. Geet was hit on the same place she was hit two months back. Maybe that's why she forgot the past two moths." Maan had a lost look on his face while Arjun spoke up concerned, "But when will she gain her memory?" The Doctor shook his head, "I am sorry to say that after looking at her MRI scans I believe there is only 1% chance she will remember anything!"  As the Doctor walked away, Maan looked devastated by this news. He stumbled for a moment but caught himself, shrugged Arjun and Dev's hand on his shoulder and walked away. Daadima felt faint and Annie and NT supported her. Arjun pushed Dev and nodded towards the direction Maan went. Dev nodded and followed Maan's footsteps. While the families looked at each other worry written on their faces for Geet, Arnav collapsed on the bed with worry. How would Maan cope with this? Arnav wondered but before he could think anymore the pain killer given by the nurse took effect and he went to sleep.






Inspector Kittu sat on her chair feeling anger coursing through her body. Inbetween she glared at the man sitting in the jail. Suddenly a woman constable ran into the room and saluted her. Inspector Kittu raised an eyebrow, "Hospital se kya khabar aayi hai, Constable Kalpana?" The constable gulped and spoke up, "Woh ladki bach gayi!" Kittu nodded, "Achcha hua bach gayi warna main is Brij ko toh..." Kalpana looked at her anxiously. Kittu noted her expression and growled, "Tumhein aur kuch kehna hai?" Kalpana nodded and glared at the man inside the jail, "Who ladki iski behen hai!" Kittu got up from her seat in a flash and roared, "KYA?" She marched towards the man and pointed at him. She looked at Kalpana, "Yeh apni behen ko hi maar daalna chaahta hai!" Kalpana nodded and told Kittu the main reason behind Geet being targeted. Kittu narrowed  her eyes at the man, "Is aadmi ki yeh majaal! Apni hi behen ke saath yeh badsalooki! Aur upar se do pyaar karne waalon ka khoon bhi kiya! Ise main aaj nahi chodoongi!" She took the danda lying nearby and walked swiftly into the cell. Brij looked up in fear. Kittu raised the danda and started thrashing the man. Inbetween she swore enough to even make a sailor blush. The Constables around her closed their ears while Kalpana smirked gleefully. Isko toh aise hi chaahiye! After thoroughly thrashing Brij, Kittu took a long deep breath. She felt so relieved. She turned and walked out of the jail leaving behind a cowering mess of Brij. She smiled at Kalpana and they high-fived.


Kalpana turned towards the viewers and mumbled, "So tell me Kittu, feel satisfied?"





I have readied my shield; bring along your jootas and chappals. Infact, you know what, I will learn the shield charm from Harry Potter, so go ahead! Bombard me with your angry comments. I won't feel bad as long as you don't use abusive words!


The above scene dedicated to Chhavi16 as it was her wish to thrash Brij!


And a loud shout out for spvd (deepa) for noticing my blooper. I had shown Arnav giving statements along with Paayal when actually he was in ICU. Sorry for the mistake! It was the first one! I have rectified it!





The first important announcement is that I am back with regular updates. Every Friday I will post new chapter! But if I don't do that then please assume it must be due to light problems and I will post it on Saturday. If there is no update on Saturday, then please check my dashboard, I will find a way to post a message for you guys in the status bar!


Second announcement is that recently I started watching a show called Do Dil Ek Jaan on Life OK and had this concept about that show roaming in my head! Finally I decided to put it in writing as when recently writing this chapter, I started having a bit of writers' block due to the tragic twists. I just could not write few things without feeling depressive. As the other story is lighthearted, it cheered me enough that I could easily get back to DFL. So for the sake of DFL, I will write that SS. The SS is only of 11 chapters and will end by next week. Each chapter is barely of 1000 words. So if you are fan of my writing style then do have a look! You can PM me and I would send you the link!


Now for those who are not interested in that SS and want to read only Arhi and/or Maaneet stories, I have good news for you. While planning that SS I thought that the plot would suit Maaneet and Arhi too. So once I end that SS, I will write an Arhi and Maaneet version too. And while the plot will be same, the reactions, scenes and dialogues will be totally different. So if you are lover of both the couples then do read both the SS. I will send you all a PM when I will post it.


And the third and the most important announcement is that, I will be changing my user name on Sunday! As already most of you know my real name whats the use of having Analeez11 and confusing you all on what to call me? So on next Friday, if some weirdo PMs you with the username starting with Kalpana, that would be me!

I will be changing my picture too as a celebration on turning a Dazzler!

I will also be changing my signature to my fanfiction index which I will create soon!

So please don't be confused and enjoy the Weekend!





Yaad Yaad Yaad Bas Yaad Reh Jaati Hai!

Maan reaction and another twist!

Waise keep that jotas and chappals handy, abhi aur twists baaki hai!


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drashtimeetu IF-Dazzler

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Awsome update
Geet suffered alot
Feeling bad for maan

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You are one diplomatic writer kalpana
you know that none of ur readers will bash you with jotas and chappals still you are ready with your shield as you are an awesome writer and story teller.

Now abt the update ..
One emotional update this is ..
Loved it to the core and waiting for the next update..
Plz don't make maan suffer too much yaar ..
And thanks for the PM

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Awesome update.

Poor Geet. Feeling really bad for her Cry Cry Cry

Looking at the scenes, it looks as if ARHI and MAANEET are headed for separation. But please Kalpana, make them separated only for small amount of time...

Some more twists Confused Confused Confused Yaar ARHI and MAANEET separations are the biggest shockers. Aur kya twists bache hai?


Looking forward to next update.

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hain you are early aint ya
not that i mind
its sure is a surprise for sure#
might have to do this tomorrow
damn why does that happen
on second thoughts lets try to do it today only
so they separate i guess by the end of this
not something i wanna see but what else can we do
judaai bhi toh pyaar ka hissa hoti hai
well lets see how bad it is then
and will try not to loose it on you by the end of it dear

awww the baby is here
and he is here to see his uncle who was stabbed
but of course the child dont know of the same
am sure that no one will forget the birth of this child
after all a lot happened on the day of his birth
of course am sure arnie wants to see the child of his di
what name did geet choose for the baby
man that i really wanna know
yeah was he so scared its not like she will keep something ridiculous name
omg she is gonna have some funny name
well we shall know and soon wont we what she will name him
dont be too worried arnie she has changed now
so chill maar yaar
beta maan geet aur aapke bache toh bahut hi door ki baat hai
first you should be with her naa
and then marry her then only the kids shall come
aur waise bhi aapke bachon ka naam toh annie ya khushi rakhengi naa being the buas so you also chill
yaar these guys sure come with the funniest things to say right
atom hmm sure sounds good no just kidding there dear
but i know it wont be that right
and thank god for kanha hmmm but is he gonna be naughty like his name sake
well probably right but nickname is real cute
i know right good they didnt call him nand kishore warna buaji toh solid confusion karengi
but that will happen with when ever nk comes in right
why good not a girl payal
oh ho what a sense of humour
and yes khushi says hey devi maiyya a lot confusion the child as buaji could have done
ahem ahem payash whats going on
aap log toh lagta hai maneet or arhi se bhi aage hote hain jaise

oh ho arnie dont be so scraed mate
ek geet hai toh duji aapki afreen bhi kam nahin
calm down please at least try to mate
it just doesnt suit you to be afraid of anyone other than khushi
though thats only fair and khushi right
so chillax please dude

oh maaa so she is still in bad shape
thats bad real bad for sure
ahhh she recognises her veere but dont think she shall recognise her maan
and that will be real bad for sure
and heart breaking for maan for sure but it has to be done naa
awww even though she is in such state she still is joking
well at least thats one good thing
sorry maan her memory is back and she dont remember you for sure
she means arnie not you
well that can be dealt with later for sure
lets get rid of that brij naa once and for all
and then focus back on maneet again

well so it begins right
her story of what happened why she was kept like that
why they were out to kill her and all
this wont be pleasant thats for sure naa
so she remembers her past but not her presnt it seems man this is bad right
am glad she at least had raizadas for her or her fate could be even worse for sure
ahhh the reason why she was kept like prisoner is here
so its seems she might have seen something she wasnt meant to
must say she is a brave soul trying to take those goons for the sake of a starnager
many wouldnt have thought same as her
seriously i dont get mentality of some people
its not as if channi was pregnant with no hubby
just because she married someone from lower class from her own they were behind them
why damn man this society which can let people be free even if we are democratic or not
oh god she witnessed such brutality
and she had no one to help those who died
as she alone couldnt have done much
whats with those men killing innocents for no fault of their own
and what they killed for was just pathetic excuse for sure
mann toh karta hai aise logon ko sakt se sakt sazaa milne chahiye
oh dear she told her darji that was the worst thing she did
but then how was she too know that he will not support her but do the opposite of what she hoped
poor girl had no chance after that for sure
its even worse it was her own darji who did this
and leading to her imprisonment crap that was bad
so it was her brother who killed her friend and husband
and then after that they have been behind her
maan you didnt know naa am sure if you did then well the story wouldnt be the same
what happened had to happen for sure mate
you cant change the past or what destiny has decided for you
but you can try to be with the ones you love
except he wont be able to either
yes am sure you guys could have put that vile man behind the bars before he could reach geet but it wasnt meant to be

good on you dear that you didnt bow down in front of them
i am really happy she decided to have the culprits punished but it seemed she never made it
if only her parents had more courage she wouldnt have been in such condition either
but then they didnt have same courage as her it seems which doesnt surprise me
she is right there too if you dont say anything against such things does make you as much culprit
so they used to hit her with hunter man thats brutal
and what kind of parents she had man pathetic yaar aise maa baap kissi ko naa dein
i know it isnt easy fighting against wrong but to let their daughter suffer like that is nothing less than cruel too
she had no one and yet that didnt deter her and all because she wasnt gonna let them get to her bravo my dear bravo
am not surprised that listening to this is making maan mad
after all they did treat her real brutally and she is his geet yaar how can he tolerate it either
ahhh glad he didnt do or say anything in his anger there
am sure arnie knew what he was feeling after all he has to do is think if this happened to khushi and he would react the same

haila who would have thought right
that what maan said to his bros would reach the one he loves
but then fate does have a way of playing with our lives like that
but am glad that due to this she never ever gave up
waah she is good
she it the man with a plate and legged it which is how she came across maan and was saved from more harm
okay not really as there were more attempts on her life but at least she escaped from that prison naa
well she does remember maan
but not as the person she loves but as the person who saved her
oh dear well at least she remembers that much about him
the rest shall come with time
for now lets get that brij into jail for long
well so he dont come back to attack her again
but what now where shall she go raizada mansion with raizadas right

and here comes the blow
oh sweetie maan never called them or knew about your connection with raizadas
there were there for some other reason
waise she not only forgot maan and khuranas but khushi  and the guptas too right
well arnie got knifed in during the fight and the rest came for nani arnie you and anj
well they shall tell you and soon
but before that heartbreak for maan this am not looking forward to much
yup she forgot it all and i can see maan is about to break too
oh dear she forgot the time spent with maan and the khuranas
meeting with khushi falling in love with maan
and all that happened in between these two months
so what he feared did come to be
babaji aapki geet ko toh bacha liya hai parr sath mein unki yadashat se aapko mita bhii diya hai
so all she remembers is you saving her and nothing more
and so one separation for maneet and another for arhi too
oh dear this is what we all feared with maan and its happened
if only maan had told him of his love for geet
how they were gonna get engaged and soon but now its too late
no one other than arnie knew in his family about them and he wont be in any conditon to say anything too after all he will be stuck in his own problem
and like you said becoming bevada too kya yaar yeh hi reh gaya tha
poore ke poore devdas banne waale hain arnie
but that isnt the important thing at moment naa

see people what dadi feared what NT was worried about and what maan was scared for did happen
but who would have thought this day would come
thats  only arnie can tell what maan is going through after listening to this
knowing that geet doesnt the one she loves or the one who loves her
after all arnie is the only one who can understand him more than anyone else
but come it has even worse it seems she will not remember him
so it means he will have to start again huh
that is if he gets the chance
of course guptas and raizadas dont know why it matters to maan as they dont know of his love for geet or for geet love for maan
oh dear it has hit him hard that she wont ever remember him
and we all know what this means he is gonna be back to being what he was before she came in his life
his life just lost its liveliness happiness etc
so this reaction was gonna happen man
oh boy you so feel for him yaar

aww a scene for moi yipee
hey thats so cool me an inspector and by looks of things very strict one who would make the criminals fear her
you are so good dear no really
didnt think this was what you would do too good
woohoo beat that good for nothing man till he is senseless or something like that
iski toh aisi ki taisi
ek toh apni behan ko marne ki koshish phir do pyaar karne waalon ko maaa
aur abb iski wajah se maneet are separated
he needs to be taught a lesson for sure
waaah kya pita gaya hai uppar se gaali bhi di and what a scene
tussi mahan ho ji
aur uss kamine ke saath toh yahi karna chahiye tha
bas chalta toh encounter hi karr deti parr chuki yeh family story hai itna violence theek nahin hoga
but hats off to you dear
dil khus karr diya aap ne ji
wow so every friday huh cool
and new story too me would like to read
even if i didnt see the show would like to read the same
cool you are a dazzler congrats man
and no by the end of this dont hate you
waise i doubt anyone will wanna throw chappals at you
after all the story demands the separation sweetie
and you have done maneet separation tactfully am sure same will be for arhi
but thats his fault for sure
but it seems more twits coming but for whom
maneet or arhi or is it both
that was fantastic even the sad ending
poor maan babu yaar but all shall be well in the end naa so not too sad for now
cheers for pm

Edited by chavvi16 - 06 September 2013 at 3:31pm

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