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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 14)

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

first sorry for the late reply dear...

part 54 C
twas like seeing a pure bollywood drama...
waah kya fight scene thi...

Thanks for the review! Late hi sahi review toh kiya! Loved it!
And I am so happy that you felt that it was like bollywood scene! I wanted it to have that effect too!

OMG everything happened one after the other...
but glad Geet is with the family and all saw Geet...

Even I felt the same thing...FINALLY!

so Brij creep is caught?
good hope Maan tortures him a lot...

Yes, Brij is caught! 

Geet recognized him...
my God Aakash was funny...
Khuhsi helped Arnav with her voice and call but Paayal made Aakash land i trouble...

Glad you found that scene funny! Even I was laughing while writing it!

thank God Khushi and Geet were together and fought together too else dont know what would have happened...
only La acted with sense but cant blame others but still someone could have done and the Police just like in the Tamil cinema arrived AT LAST...
useless people...

TAMIL CINEMA? Yeh toh har bollywood film mein hota hai! Police is always last to come! Par chalo atleast Brij ko toh pakda! 

oh no Anjali in labor, Naniji in pain, Geet fainted, and Arnav stabbed...
hope they get to know about Arnav and Khushi...
but looks like u are still in the mode of giving more twists...
so on the whole a full masala episode this was...
too good...
cont soon dear...
About the four injured, they will be fine!
Arnav and Khushi's secret wont be out! Sorry!
Yes, many more twists yet to come!
Thanks a lot for your review!

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Originally posted by Arshi1988

Intresting Please update soon<3
Thank you! And I will update in few minutes!
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Place - The City Hospital


   It was a gloomy atmosphere in the hospital where four people were in Operation Theatre fighting for their lives while their families prayed to each and every God they believed with hope that one of the Gods would save the injured. Maan sat by his Daadi holding her hand while Daadima was weeping softly with her head on Maan's shoulder. Annie, Dev, Arjun and NT were standing nearby talking softly amongst each other, NT with tears in her eyes and Dev comforting her while Annie and Arjun were infusing hope in each other with their words. Geet was inside in the OT in the next floor as her head was being operated due to too much bleeding. Shyam stood in shock in one corner with tears falling from his eyes as his wife struggled in the operation theatre nearby with her premature delivery. Aakash sat on a bench near Shyam with horror written on his face as he realized that inside the OT four members of his family were fighting for their lives. He was still in shock over what had happened. It had only sunk in his head that he was the most to suffer if something happened to anyone inside the OT. On one side of Aakash sat his mother, Manorama aka Maamiji crying softly and on his other side sat Paayal giving him comfort by small gesture of holding his hands. Maamaji was pacing around worried for his mother, niece, nephew and almost daughter. Naaniji was in OT across the hall due to the heart surgery being done on her. Right beside Paayal sat Khushi with tears flowing from her eyes, her lips silently chanting prayer for all four people in OT, who had created places for themselves in her heart only in two months, especially her Arnavji. Inside the OT in the above floor, Arnav was being operated as the knife had damaged some of his vital organs and the surgeons were racing against time to repair the damages. Beside Khushi sat Lavanya, Amma, Bauji and Buaji all worried for the Raizadas.


     Paayal tugged Aakash's hand and he turned to look at her. "Sab theek ho jaayega, Aakash. Bas aap honsla rakhiye." Aakash felt his shock give away to tears and he leaned on Paayal's shoulder as tears fell from his eyes. He whispered in between tears, "Meri Naani... Meri Di... Mera Bhai ...Meri Geetto!"  Paayal frowned, "Geetto?" Aakash looked up, his eyes red due to tears, "Haan! Mmmeri...G g g geetto!", he mumbled with stammers. He looked around with wild eyes as his mind showed him the picture of Geet lying on a stretcher taken to the OT. He looked at Paayal, "Meri Geetto! Meri nanhi si pyaari si Geetto jo mere aage peeche Veere Veere kehkar dauda karti thi. Meri Geetto!" He hid his face in his hands as tears flew through his eyes again. His muffled voice came from behind his fingers, "Abhi toh mile hain aur mile bhi toh mile kaise? Is haalat mein? Aur kis haalaat mein? Agar meri Geetto ko kuch hua na Paayal toh mera kya hoga mujhe nahi pata!" Paayal felt tears well up in her eyes at his words. She did not know what Geetto was to Aakash but she knew that loosing Geet meant loosing Aakash too. She smiled softly as she remembered how Geet had teased her in the afternoon. Was it this afternoon? She frowned. The afternoon seemed to be ages away.


    Suddenly a nurse arrived, "Excuse me! Yeh Forms incomplete hai!" All the people in the room snapped their heads towards the nurse. Maan frowned. The nurse spoke, "Ji Miss. Geet ka poora naam yahaan nahi likha hai!" Maan was about to reply when Aakash stood up, "Geet Handa!" The Khurana clan snapped their heads towards Aakash in unison. Before anyone could speak, the nurse spoke, "Aur aap mein se unke relative kaun hai? Unka sign chaahiye tha!" Aakash replied, "Main hoon! Uska Cousin Bhai Aakash Singh Raizada! Main form sign karoonga!" Maan straightened up as he looked at Aakash in shock. He was sure that his whole family was looking at Aakash in shock too.


   As soon as the nurse went away, Arjun spoke up, "Geet tumhaari Cousin? Whats going on Dude?", Arjun had given voice to the question which was loitering in each and everyone's mind in the waiting hall. Daadima and Maan looked at Aakash questioningly. Aakash sat down with a defeated look on his face. He spoke in a monotone voice, "Haan! Geet meri behen jaisi hai! Jaise Arnav Bhai ke liye Anjali Di hai waise mere liye Geet hai! Bhale hi humaare beech koi khoon ka rishta na ho par maine use har dum apni behen ki tarah hi socha hai aur logon ko hamesha use apni cousin kehke milvaata hoon. Ma bhi use apni beti maanti hai! Main saath saal ka tha aur woh teen saal ki jab hum pehli baar mile! Daadima aur Uski Naani saalo se dost the. Uski Naani toh Dilli mein pali badi thi par unki shaadi Hoshiarpur mein hui aur Geet aur uski Mom Hoshiarpur mein rehti thi. Uski Naana ke death ke baad uski Naani phirse Dilli shift hui aur Geet aur uski mom unse Summer Vacation mein milne aate the." Suddenly, Khushi piped up, "Kya Geetji ke bhai bhi the?" The family looked at Khushi in confusion and Khushi explained, "Woh kidnapper ne jab Geetji ko pakda toh woh unhein Brij Veerji bula rahi thi!" Aakash looked at Khushi in horror, "Brij Geet ka bada bhai hai! Aur woh Geet ko bilkul pasand nahi karta tha. Woh kabhi Dilli toh nahi aaya par jitna bhi uske baare mein suna har waqt bura hi suna hai!" Maamiji piped up, "Hello Hi! Bye Bye! Aur nahi toh ka? Jab bhi uu ghar ma phone lagaao toh kitna badtameezi se baat karta tha uu Brij! Nafrat thi use Raizadas se! Kyunki humne Geet bitiya ko padhne ke liye uksaaya tha na!" Maami sniffed.


   Paayal nudged Aakash, "Phir kya hua, Aakash?" Aakash smiled, "Yeh tab ki baat hai jab Daadi aur Arnav Bhai ke Papa ki banti nahi thi. Isliye Arnav Bhai aur Anjali Di kabhi yahaan nahi aate the! Isliye main bahut akela tha us waqt! Jab Geet aayi toh laga jaise ek behen mil gayi! Aur woh bhi mujhe Veere Veere kehke bulaati thi aur mere peeche peeche ghoomti thi!" As soon as Aakash spoke Maan realized that this was the Aakash which Geet had seen in her flashbacks. Geet ka Aakash aur koi nahi, Aakash Singh Raizada hai! Aakash continued, "Phir do saal baad bua ne Anjali Di ko yahaan bhej diya! Pata hai Paayal", he turned towards Paayal and spoke in amused tone, "Use Anjali Di bahut bada naam lagta tha. Toh usne Di ka naam AD rakh diya. Infact, jab usne likhna padhna seekha toh pehli cheez Anjali Di ke har kitaab ke front page par AD likh diya!" Maami laughed through her tears while Maama shook his head in amusement as they remembered those days. Maan was in shock; the girl who gave Anjali her nickname was Geet herself and he had told the same story to Geet. The irony of the situation was not lost on Maan. Aakash continued as if he had entered his past, "Yaad hai ma, jab Geet nau saal ki thi aur main tera ka, tab use humlog Arnav Bhai aur Anjali Di ke saath Taj Mahal dikhaane le gaye the!" Maami wiped her tears and nodded, "Haan! Yaad hai humka! Taj Mahal dekhke boli humko bade hoke aisan hi imaarat banaani hai!" Aakash laughed, "Aur maine kaha ki aise imaarat banaane ke liye use architect banna hoga! Toh woh haske boli ki phir toh main Architect banoongi!" Daadima smiled while Maan remembered all the certificates he had seen in Geet's bag. "Tabhai se ek hi sapna tha uska ki woh architect banein aur uu sapne ko bhi uske ghar waalon ne raundne ki kosis ki!", Maami mumbled with such a venom in her voice that all the Guptas and Khuranas looked at her in shock. Aakash spoke with anger coated voice, "Ma, Daadi, aur Paapa ko Hoshiarpur jaakar un sabko samjhaana padha, tab jaake unhonein Geet ko dasvi padhne di varna uske sapno ko sunke toh woh log uski padhaai rokne waale the!"  The Guptas looked aghast at the thought of someone stopping a girl from completing her studies. "Woh har saal summer vacation mein aati thi aur aakhiri baar woh Di aur Jiju ki shaadi mein aayi thi!" Suddenly, Maami brightened, "Tumka yaad hai Aakash bitwa jab Geet bitiya ne uu doosra sapna dekha tha?" Aakash smiled in amusement, "Kaise bhool sakta hoon Ma! Meri Jhalli Geet! Bahut bolti thi aur sabka dimaag khaati thi!" Maan rolled his eyes; memory or no memory it seemed her chattyness was an incurable habit! "Ek baar Arnav Bhai ke paas gayi aur unse boli ki woh har waqt top karegi aur India ki best architect banegi. Phir woh India ke top architecture company mein kaam karegi. Arnav Bhai do minute use dekhe aur woh bichaari dar dar kar boli," Aakash put on a mock timid voice and spoke in full speed, "Bhai mujhe yeh nahi pata ki India ki top company kaunsi hai? Agar company nahi pata toh apply kaise karoongi?" Maami interrupted him, "Chaudaah saal ki, dasvi bhi paas naahi ki aur job ke application ke baare mein sochat hai!" The families assembled around laughed softly. Aakash continued, "Jab Bhai ne bataaya ki India ki Top Architecture company KC hai tabse uska doosra sapna start hua, KC mein job paane ka!" Dev looked at Maan with an raised eyebrow as he remembered the job offer given to Geet by KC and admission done in Dilli College for her last year. Waah Bhabhi! Maan gaye aapke ambition ko! Yaadaasht chali gayi phir bhi apne sapne ko nahi choda! Waah Bhabhi waah! Suddenly, Maami piped up, "Aapko yaad hai Savitriji, Shyam Babua aur Anjali Bitiya ki shaadi ma ek ladki ne Babua ke joote chura liye the?" Daadima nodded, "Haan! Humein yaad hai! Do choti pehne piddi si ladki aur itni tez!" Maami giggled, "Uu aur kauno naahi Geet hi thi!" NT dropped her jaw open, "Yaani woh Geet thi jisne Shyamji se hi nahi Maan Veerji se bhi paise ainthe the!" Maami nodded and NT burst out laughing. Maan frowned as he tried to remember the girl but he could not. There were so many people in that marriage that he could not remember anybody's face except family's. But Daadima remembered the girl ver well; the girl wore two pigtails and had a sweet smile. She wished she had recognized Geet the day Maan brought her home; maybe then they would not have to see this day!


  Aakash turned sober as he mumbled, "Woh aakhri baar tha jab hum sabne Geet ko dekha tha! Shaadi ke kuch dino baad uski Naani chal basi aur woh phir kabhi Dilli nahi aayi! Lekin uske phone call aate rahe! Usne tenth paas ki poore Punjab mein top karke! Phir 12th bhi paas ki! Uske Daarji ne khud call karke yeh khabar di! Pehle toh uske ghar waale uske padhaai ke khilaaf the par jab gaav waalon aur sheher waalon ne Geet ko sammaan diya toh phir woh log bhi Geet ki aage ki padhaai ke liye raaji ho gaye! Use Chandigarh ke bade College mein admission dilaaya! Kitni khush thi Geet apne zindagi se! Haan! Brij wahaan har hafte use milne aata tha uspar nazar rakhne ke liye, par phir bhi woh khush thi kyunki uska sapna poora ho raha tha! Last time jab baat hui tab woh Chandigarh se Hoshiarpur aayi thi apne summer vacation ke liye! Uske baad kabhi usse baat hi nahi hui!" Maamiji sniffed, "Jab bhi Hosiarpur caal kiya uu log kahat rahi ki Geet Bitiya biji hai! Humne toh uu logon ko Aakash bitwa ki sagaai ka bhi invitasun bheja tha par uu logon ka kauno rispaans (response) hi nahi aaya! Arre! Humka ka pata tha ki humaari Geet bitiya kisi muskil mein hogi? Humka ka pata tha ki uu is haalat ma hogi? Hum ek bachche ki khusi ma doosre bachche ko bhool hi gaye!" Maami slapped her forehead as she started weeping again. Aakash got up and hugged his mother and she sobbed on his shoulder. Suddenly, Maama piped up, "Par Maan Bitwa aap logon ko Geet bitiya kahaan mili?" Before Maan could respond the police arrived, "Excuse me! Humne Brij aur uske saathiyo ko giraftaar kar diya hai lekin hum logon ko aap sabse statement chaahiye!" Everyone nodded and proceeded to give their statement. The Khurana family explained how they came across Geet while Maan gave the details about the first attack. Paayal explained her and NT explained Arnav's role in saving Geet two times.


  As the police proceedings were going on, a nurse entered the hall, "Miss. Geet Handa ka operation successful tha par abhi bhi woh behosh hai, uthi nahi! Ab woh observation mein hai." A small cheer went on in the hall as Aakash thanked his God while Maan smiled softly. Daadima and Maami let out tears of happiness while Dev and Arjun gave each other high-five. But the Police Inspector spoke up, "But koi unse nahi milega jab tak unka statement nahi liya jaata!" The family and the nurse nodded. The Nurse walked away as another Nurse entered the hall, "Mr. Raizada ka Operation ka successful hua aur woh khatre se baahar hai! Aap chaahein toh unse mil sakte hai!" The family again cheered as Khushi thanked her Devi Maiyya while Raizada family heaved a sigh of relief. Police issued the same instruction to the Nurse and Nurse walked away.




Place - Room No. 213


   Arnav woke up with a jerk as he confusedly looked around. There were machines beeping around him and the room had white walls all around. He sluggishly looked around as his memory slowly came back. He got up with a jerk as he remembered the last scene before he fell unconscious. Suddenly, he winced; there was a stabbing pain in his abdomen. He touched his stomach dreading the blood but his hand came up clean. He checked himself; he was fine. There was bandage on where he was stabbed; so they saved him. He nodded, Good! Then he remembered the scene and his eyes widened. Before he fainted, he noticed that his Naani had her hand on her chest while her Di was holding her stomach and both were collapsing. He looked around; where was his Di? Where was his Naani? He felt his heart beat rate building as he looked around in panic. As panic started to close in, a voice entered his head, "Arnav meri baat hamesha yaad rakhna!" He realized that the voice was of Maan and his mind cleared as it showed a scene of past. He had just lost his mother and had stopped eating and sleeping. Anjali had called up Maan for his help. Maan had sat beside him and had spoken, "Jab bhi mushkil mein rahoge, toh dil se nahi dimaag se kaam lo. Dil jahaan emotions mein beh jaaye, dimaag wahin emotions se alag hokar koi na koi solution nikaalega. So leave the emotions for personal life, but for problems and difficulties, always use your brain." Arnav concentrated on calming his heart as he thought logically. He was in hospital so his Di must be nearby. Before he could think more, a nurse entered the room, "Arre! Mr. Raizada! Aap uth gaye! Achcha hua! Main Doctor aur Inspector ko bulaati hoon. Ek baar Doctor aapko check kar le aur Inspector aapki statement le lein phir aap apni family se mil sakte hain!" Arnav sighed in relief. Soon, he will meet with his family. He thanked Maan in his mind for his soundly advice. He smiled softly as he remembered when Aakash was nervous for his first day of college and he had given Aakash the same advice. Lagta hai iss advice ko frame karke Khurana Mansion aur Shantivan ke main hall mein lagaana chahhiye! Raizadas aur Khuranas ka family motto "Logic, not emotions, are the key to solve problems!" He smirked at his thought then frowned. Lagta hai in logo ne mujhe pain killers de diye hain jo main itna idiotically soch raha hoon! He shook his head and lied down.




Place - Waiting Hall


    As the Inspector took Arnav's statement, the family was waiting outside to talk to them. NT, Dev, Arjun and Annie stood in corner discussing the recent happenings. Actually, Arjun, Annie, and Dev were discussing while NT looked around worriedly. Dev frowned at his wife, "Kya hua NT? Bahut Pareshaan ho? Ab toh Arnav aur Geet Bhabhi dono theek hai. And I think Anjali and Naaniji will also be alright. Why are you so worried?" NT looked at Dev for a moment and burst into tears. Arjun looked at his sister in alarm while Dev gathered her in his arms. Dev worriedly mumbled, "Kuch toh bolo NT! Baat kya hai?" NT looked up and he cupped her face with both hands. NT sniffed, "Humein darr lag raha hai ki kahin Panditji ki kahi hui baat yeh toh nahi?" "Panditji?", Arjun mumbled in confusion while Annie whispered, "Bhabhi aap kya bol rahi ho?" NT looked at them and narrated the Pandit's forewarning to Daadima. Annie looked aghast while Dev and Arjun looked at Maan and Daadima in shock. NT spoke, "Kahin jis musibat ki baat Panditji ne kahi thi woh yeh toh nahi!" While Annie and Dev looked worried, Arjun rolled his eyes, "What sissy! Kya faltu mein tension le rahi ho! I don't believe in these superstitious talks! These are nothing but mumbo-jumbo! Sab takiyanoosi baatein hai! And agar yeh sach bhi hai that this is the obstacle that the Panditji spoke about then you should be happy!" NT, Dev and Annie looked at Arjun incredulously. Arjun shrugged, "I mean problem aayi aur Bhabhi ko chot lagi but now she in fine and operation was successful. That means balaa aayi aur tal gayi. We should be relaxed. Everything will be fine!" Annie and Dev smiled but NT frowned, "Aap bhool rahe hain Veerji ki Geet Bhabhi ko abhi bhi hosh nahi aaya. Agar unhein kuch hogaya toh..." NT stopped herself from speaking the words as all four of them turned to look at Maan standing beside Daadima. NT continued, "Vadde Veerji ki jaan hai Geet Bhabhi aur agar uhein kuch hua toh hum ek nahi dono ko kho denge!" Dev hugged her as she started weeping. Annie hugged Arjun in fear while Arjun looked concerned.



Suddenly, a Nurse came into the hall, "Aap sabko badhaai ho. Mrs. Jha ko ladka hua aur ma aur bachcha dono theek hai!" Shyam and Maan perked up at the news and Shyam walked swiftly to Nurse, "Hum un dono ko dekh sakte hai?" The Nurse nodded, "Lekin sirf bachche ke papa mil sakte hain!" Shyam grinned happily while rest of the families thumped his back and gave him a hug. Maan hugged him and spoke with pride in his voice, "Anjali se kehna ki humlog family ke naye member ko milne ke liye bekaraar hain. Aur yeh bhi kehna ki Arnav aur Geet dono theek hain." Shyam nodded and walked off. Daadima got up from her seat, "Hum hospital staff se milne jaa rahe hain. Hum unse baat karenge ki saare Raizadas ko ek area mein shift karein. Unke rooms aas paas hi ho." Dev spoke, "Main bhi aata hoon Daadima!" And both wandered away. Soon, the Police came out of Arnav's room and signaled them to enter. Arnav was put in an ICU room. Maan and Aakash rushed to sit beside Arnav and Aakash held Arnav's hand. The rest of the gang followed with Khushi being the last. She stopped by the door as she looked at Arnav with tear filled eyes. Aakash spoke, "Bhai! Aap theek hain! Main toh darr gaya tha ki...", he broke off as his emotions clogged his throat. Arnav rolled his eyes, "Stop being Drama Queen, Aakash! I am fine! Yaar Maan samjha isse!" He looked at Maan for support but Maan shook his head. Maami piped up, "Arnav Bitwa, tumhein theek dekh ke hum...", Maami covered her mouth with her hands as tears started coming again. She shook her head and ran away from the room, "Inhein kya hua?", Arnav asked in shock. Maama piped up, "Uu kaa haina Make up ko touch up karne gayi hongi!" The family laughed but Aakash soon sobered, "Kya karein Bhai? Aaj din hi aisa hai! Pehle Geetto phir Di aur Naani..." Arnav cut him off, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Where did Geet come from? And Di aur Naani ko kya hua?" He was about to get up from his bed when Maan stopped him by saying, "All of them are fine!" Arnav frowned, "Phir Di kahaan hai?" Aakash spoke, "Bhai woh aapko chaaku lagte dekh Di got a shock and she went into labor!" "WHAT?", Arnav roared as he got up with a jerk. "Di labor mein hai aur tumlog yahaan ho! What am I doing here? I should be with her too." Arnav tried to get down the bed when Maan rolled his eyes and growled, "Arnav meri baat suno! Lie down, Dammit!" But Arnav was Arnav! He struggled against Maan and Maan finally gave up and roared, "ENOUGH! Arnav Singh Raizada! Enough!" Arnav stilled but along with him the rest of the family stilled too. Maan hissed, "Your sister is fine. She gave birth to a baby boy. Shyam is with them!" Arnav sighed and lied back down while Maan shook his head. Stubborn fellow! Rest of the family relaxed too. Arnav frowned, "Aakash what about Naani?" Aakash sighed and readied himself to receive another explosion from his brother. "She had a heart attack, Bhai! Her heart is being operated!" Arnav looked aghast, "WHAT?" But before he could say anything, Maami burst into the room, "Hello Hi! Bye Bye! Sasuma ki khabar hai. Unka operation suksesphool (successful) tha! Uu theek hain. Bahut jald hum unse mil paayenge." Aakash sighed in relief and thanked his mother for entering the room in right time. Arnav sighed again and closed his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he whispered, "Aakash, what were you blabbering about Geet?" Aakash smiled, "Geet yahaan hai, Bhai!" Arnav raised an eyebrow, "What the! Woh motor mouth yahaan hai? Aakash please, please do me a favor! Make sure she never enters my room. Whatever happens she is not supposed to enter this room, alright!" Arjun piped up, "Motor mouth?" Arnav rolled his eyes while an amused Aakash spoke, "Haan! Bhai ko baatein karna pasand nahi aur Geetto ka mooh toh kabhi band nahi hota! Itna Bhai se baat karti thi ki Bhai toh use aate hue dekhte hi apne aapko kamre mein lock karte the!" The family laughed but Arnav piped, "But she is fine, right?" Aakash shook his head and explained about Geet. "Agar us raat Maan ne uski jaan nahi bachaayi hoti toh shaayad hum Geetto ko kho dete!" Arnav frowned and looked at Maan and Maan mouthed Soni' and Arnav nodded. He could connect the dots and realized the whole story. So Soni was Geet! No wonder, whenever he heard Soni's antics, he was reminded of Geet. He shook his head and wondered how Maan will handle the Motor Mouth! But then he shrugged. But that is not my tension! Ab Motor Mouth ki bak-bak Maan ka tension hai! Mere liye toh Khushi naam ka tension hi kaafi hai! He glanced at a smiling Khushi and closed his eyes.






This is a filler chapter. The main twist will be in next part! Enjoy!

Hand is still not ok! So next update after 10 days i.e. 8th September!





"Mera gunaah kya tha? Bas yahi na ki maine sach ka saath diya! Bas itni si wajah ke liye mere apne parivar ne mujhe tyaag diya!"

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So you back woo
Shall be getting to this soon
wow that long wait sure paid off
but then it wasnt so long or was it
ahhh so they twist shall start
why do i have the feeling that geet will forget the times she was with maan
her love for him
but i still dont get why a year they shall have to be separate
it cant take that long to get her to remember spent with maan can it
and i know i should know this but how long has geet been with maan
sorry for troubling you like that but gotta know again
well am glad of one thing that all people who were involved in this fight and were critical shall be okay
and pray to babaji and DM that all those hurt shall be 100% and soon
hmmm so lets get down to story of geet
how premature is the delivery
i mean i hope it aint too early for her to deliver and that the baby shall be okay despite the early delivery
dammit ek din mein kya se kya ho gaya
itni saari tragedy and all at once seems it just is bad time for all involved
and it gets worse if what you say is true which it will be
oh no it is bad for them all but what to do it had to be done right
warna story badhegi kaise
but its so hard to see tem like this and all this doom and gloom is making me teary
though i know you shall make it all fine in the end
man it is particularly bad seeing akash break down like this
but all people close to him is in critical condition so he is bound to break down
but now we shall get to know more about geet and her life before maan
and it will give us an idea as to why she had been kept captive
i know payal it was just this afternoon all was well and look what happened by evening
all the happiness snatched and the joyous occasion turned to this
she means a lot to akask that i can see
and it was his thought that had kept geet going when in captivity
he was the one who even though wasnt with her gave her strength to escape and not let her horrible situation get better of her
how can we not forget that thinking of akash kept her firm in her belief that those people wont be able to get to her
and now seeing that same sister in such condition is bound to break him even further
wait he is her cousin as well
she didnt just call him veere being her muh bola bhai but he really is her relative
which means this relationship is through his mother
because had it been through his dad even anj and arnie would be her cousins
not that am saying they arent her relatives
kabhi kabhi kuch rishtey khoon ke rishton se zyada maiyne rakhte hain hai naa
okay not really her cousin but then the above line sure comes in hand there
so nani and her grandma were friends that how they know geet
and it all is coming out life history of geet handa
good she was the only one we didnt know much about
wait he is her saga bhai
oh my isse badi dukh ki baat nahin ho sakti yaar
now the line about blood relations makes even more sense
kaisa bhai hai joh behen ko marna chahe
waise agar cosuin bhi hota toh bhi achi baat toh nahin thi but still there is difference right
but not in his case
wasie difference honi toh nahin chahiye
bhai toh akhir mein bahi hi hotte hain
aur kuch aise malayak aur ******* hotte hain
sorry for swearing there but kya karun usne liya hi asisa hai ki i cant help but swear
arrey yaar whats wrong with studying
what just because she is a girl she cant study
that is sad pathetic and too backward thinking man
for gods sake this is the freaking 21st century where women have same rights as that as men
and they can do almost anything men can do
but guess some people can never change right
yes maan your geet knew these people before you did
and funny thing is she dont remember about them
ahhh so akash got some company when arnie and anj couldnt be there
man she seemed so cute when she was young and still is as a matter of fact
kaisi family thi yaar iski
mot even her parents could say anything about this
awww bless she wanted to be architect and am sure she shall be once all this is over i hope
yup maan my man kuch cheezen kabhi nahin badalti
and that would be her bak bak hey even you are fond of the same now
aur agar ab woh chup ho gayi toh aapko hi khalega
wow she was thinking of her job at that tender age this girl is brilliant for sure
so what did arnie tell her about it
hey it was KC wow man even with memory loss you have simply blown us away dear
wow so our love birds had seen each other before
but back then no one realised that she would one day be maan's life and future wife of course
so they had met before but of course with her being young back then none of them would have recognized her
she must have changed since that right
arrey waah she sure was good she topped in whole Punjab now thats good or what
so they did admit her to a good college in Chandigarh
but what happened between that time leading to her imprisonment
something must have happened or else why would they have taken her away but what
and akash did tryt to contact her but wasnt able to and only got to know about her now
ahhh so the police cam and wanted to know about what happened
hope for now that man shall be in jail
at least that will be one less headache for raizadas and khuranas
well its so lucky now that maan saved geet
though it still resulted in her being in this condition
but had he not saved her she wouldnt have escaped or got the chance to fall in love with maan
the same love am doubting she is gonna forget breaking maan heart and shattering his hopes i think
chalo at least geet is okay and that matters
after all even if she might not remember him she is fine now
and as is arnie
making the two lovers who were without their other halves sigh in relief
yes they will have to take her statement to make sure that brij is gotten rid for longer
ahhh so he is back our arnie
dont worry dude you are all okay and so will your di and nani eventually
and i guess in such situations its better to think with one's brain and not the heart
well it seems maan is so right so relax all will be okay
they shall be okay and you wont loose any one today or ever
shame i cant say the same about him not loosing khushi
but that matter isnt as important as his di and nani being okay so lets leave that for now
hmmm true but what has pain killers gotta do with you thinking idiotically mate
woh toh aap bina pain killers ke karr lete hai
you dont need pain killer for being idiotic sometimes arnie my man
sorry for the comedy there but since its so serious had to make you laugh a bit reading my comment
okay even though it is silly but it is gonna come true
and i dont blame NT for thinking this way
after when it comes to maan she would do anything to keep him away from any sadness but it seems this time she wont be able to do so
she thinks of maan as her veerji means she will be feeling that what if babaji is snatching his love and happiness for a while
how can any sister see her brother in pain and same is the case with NT right now
its not she wants to believe it but the situations are forcing her to think like that
and i cant say i blame her when we all too are thinking the same
she is right if anything happens to geet maan wont be able to take it
and if she dont remember him which seems likely but i hope not he wont be able to take that
so yeah she is right in worrying about the same
well good news yipeee anj delivered a baby boy
so out of four critical patients three are all fine
now only nani remains and am sure that good news shall be known soon too
arnie dude dont you go rolling your eyes the poor boy could have lost you and other so it is okay for him to panic like that
not everyone are able to use their brains and not their hearts in such situation
knowing akash as well as we do he was bound to behave this way for sure
see when you heard about your di even you forgot your brain vs heart thing
uff this man sure gets hyperactive when it comes to his di
listen first mate
inki yehi buri adadt hai he never listens to it all and starts his panicking too and his is even worse
thank god for MSK only he could have dealt with ASR at that time
so di is fine she had her baby and so is nani
so please relax and chill will ya
excuse me motor motuh aap ke dost maan ki jaan hain
and like you said if geet is like that so is your khushi
so i wouldnt worry too much about geet in that fashion as khushi is there to do the same to you
well arnie yeh toh sirf shururat hai aage aage dekhiye aapko kya kya shock milte hain
is that geet in the precap
must be who else would think like that
well this one sure made us aware of what we might see next
and how many bombs shocks and twists still remain
cheers for pm
and hope your wrist is much better and your exam went well
that was one hell of a filler chapter and beginning of lots of things going and our lovers being away from one another

Edited by chavvi16 - 29 August 2013 at 3:29pm

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drashtimeetu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Awsome update
Akash remembering his and geet past
And finally everyone is fine

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
everyone is fine.waiting 4 d twist

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Suppi_4_u Groupbie

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Mastwala emotional update

waiting for the next one...

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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Awesome update. Glad everyone is all right. Hope, Khushi and her family does not drift apart due to this.

Looking forward to next part.

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