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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 13)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tejaswini.253

dat was awesome
thanx a lot fr d pm
Thanks for the review!Big smile

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by flowers4u

Fantastic update ...full of twists and turns...hope th injured party get well soon...looking forward to reading more
Thanks for the review!
The injured party will be fine!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by archa2810

i hope they all will b safe n sound
Thanks for the review!
And dont worry! Everyone will be fine!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by goldenmoon

congrats for the new thread...
sorry for the n laptop was dead...
part 54 c
amazing update
so much happened...
loved it...
like isnt working
Thank you for your wishes!
And it is ok that you reviewed late! Atleast you reviewed!
I am happy with that!

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zahran.

Congrats on new thread Smile
Thank you!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

sorry sweetie but will do this tomorrow
dont be too mad
but then i can spend more time tomorrow on this
and i will need time for this
after all its another part of shocks twits and not to forget separation time
one due to his own foolishness and the other due to her past
but cant wait to know what happens next
does geet go missing here or in next one
and arnie coming to know of his mistake and folly
thus becoming totally devdas types
which even maan shall once he looses his soni
oh man seems it will be soon sad time for both couple
but it is needed after all right
so shall take it in stride

Thanks for the review! You are so right! One gets separated due to their own folly and another due to the past! You explain things so simply! And yes, there will be two devdas soon! Infact, I am planning to show a bevda Arnav soon! And Maan will be back to angry young man avatar!

sorry for the lateness but here now finally
dang didnt really see the title there completely
so tragedy will be struck
for one by their own hands and the other due to his love's family
well at least one member
oh man this will be sad in the end
but that has to be done
so lets get down to it then
wow mami once again you have spotted geet
she is good at this right  

Yes, she is good! After all Geet is like a daughter to her!

but in the end it wont matter as geet shall be taken away

Who is taking Geet???Ermm

hmmm so they saw khushi with geet
that means even if they dont see her they can ask khushi about her naa
but will they be able to do so
so payash engagement will happen
chalo at least he shall get the license to be with his fiance
unlike a certain somebody who just wanted to spring the engagement on people

I think Aakash is the smarter one out of the three! Jaldi rishta bhi tay kiya aur sagaai bhi kar li! Aur Maan aur Arnav kahaa hai? Ab tak I Love you pe atke hai! Chalo Maan ne licence ki preparation toh karli! Arnav ne toh yeh bhi nahi liya!

haiyyo rabba kya chal raha hai
maan arnie hello dont stare too much yaar
warna log kya kahenge
it aint official for either of you
as if they ever cared and this time am with them
well arnie my man this is all you will get to do from now
drool and observe khushi from far after the kaand you have done

Kaash yeh last line mein Arnav ke mooh pe bol paati! It is really hilarious!

man these two can be pretty shameless this way not that i ever want them to change that though
aise hi acche lagte hain dono
while our girls will observe them chup ke chup ke
ussi mein hi toh mazaa hai boss
ohhh trust me your gut instincts are spot on for sure
it seems that danger is moving closer to your soni
and am afraid you wont be able to stop it
dammit this is bad but must not freak out
not already man nahinnn
okay have gotta cut on my melodrama when such serious situation

No! No! Dont cut on your melodrama! That is the one thing which amuses while reading your review! Keep on being melodramatic!

not both the girls disappearing man
have they been taken
and geet is trying to free herself
getting really worried about same
their relief wasnt really relief as their love is missing
and that scream from geet just is telling of danger coming or having come to her
oh it was danger their way
but how did they see in the dark man

They did not see in the dark! thats why dono ko uthaaya!

and why them both
just take geet unless they thought it best to take both girls
if both are taken no one would know
because had they taken one then the other would have known for sure

You are so right! Tum toh Gundon ki mentality samajhti ho yaar!

sorry i have to swear here just this once please pretty please
kutte kamine gadhe saale teri toh

Go ahead and swear! Those men deserve it!

please arnie se phele main iski band bajaana chahungi when the time comes please if its possible

Arre! Tumne wish kiya aur main poora na karoon? Dont worry I will fulfil your wish too!

so those idiots with him kidnapped both the girls
and she knew how much danger she is in
but does she remember what he did to her
more like the reason for her house arrest and now her kidnapping doubt it

NO! She doesnot remember!

well no she aint married
and she aint like you so shut it mate
good move there geet
she made sure that they had some chance of escape
by her shout for his name she made sure that he knew that she is in trouble
man that was harsh the way that man behaved
agar main iski dhulayi naa karr payi toh kya hua at least arnie and maan should do when time comes

Dont worry! You will get your chance of Dhulaai! Wait for Chapter 55 (B).

oh no both have been kidnapped
and this is bad real bad for sure
so they got there in time
and managed to bash those kidnappers
but if the boys are here bashing those goons why would geet be taken
guess have to wait and read patiently
wow meri wish itni jaldi aur bina kuch kahe hi poori ho gayi

What is the use of having heroes if we dont give them a chance to fight?Wink

come on guys let bash them real good
after all they just tried to mess with your loves right
itna toh banta hi hai naa
so they did see geet
and she doesnt just look like her she is geet
dammit it seems this aint over yet
and they are still in danger
oh no it seems the boys wont be able to win
which means geet shall be kidnapped
and this is worse than not knowing that she is kidnapped
they are pretty strong and our boys are also outnumbered

Arre! Dont worry yaar! Geet will not be kidnapped! Itni nirdayi nahi hoon main!Wink

man maan has been hit this is hard to read but one must
thank god someone had the sense to call the police
good move la at least you called the police but hope they can hang on that long

My La is better than the serial one right?

seriously dev not now mate
dont waste your time waving to wife man pay attention
but must say his thinking is as sharp as his brother what a way to gain upper hand

Scene ekdum funny tha na?

hmm action is all going on but what will be the outcome
yup you guys dont have to just fight them but use your brains too
god these phelwaan are bit thick
but then they are brij men so this was bound to happen

They are men from village! Of course they are a bit thick!

good move jun i liked that
that was good he saw that man on time or geet would be hurt seriously
oyye they may look delicate but when it comes to such things they can give you a run for your money
never take panga with our girls warna karr dengi tunko nanga

Loved the last line! Big smileLOL Girl power rocks!Wink

nalayak peeche vaar karne chala tha
and yes people she is your baby
well at least that was cleared right

Sach ka saamna in the most dramatics style! Chalo Bollywood Movies dekhne ka kuch toh faayda hua!

wow so he instead got hit with the rod
well he was asking for it
after all he had attacked her before
yes yes people very proud of geet but lets get back to the fighting
or else geet could be taken away

Your review is making me laugh too much! The second line I wish you could have said it to my face. It was really funny! Would have loved to see your expression!

am glad though that now they know for sure
yes geet these are the people who are responsible for your this state as in memory loss
but what i dont get is what led to this
aisa kya dekh liya tha aapne that they wanna kill you kidnap you and harm you
must be something big right
or else they wouldnt have dared to pull such stunt with so many people there

Yes, It was real big. The truth will come out in Chapter 55 (B).

ahhh i blooming well hope not
but it is possible too right
after all she is very near her delivery time and all this stress is enough for her to go into labour but i hope not as that shall be bad
not that having baby is bad but in such situation it can lead to problems

That is why I am known as Drama Queen among my friends! I can really put all types of masala in a scene. Ab dekhona, Arnav ko maar lagi, Naani ko heart attack, Anjali in labour aur Geet ko maar laga! Haina the most dramatic scene of DFL!

and where is that police why arent they here yet
saara kaam kya hamare ladko ne karna hai
or will they come on time unlike  movies

Nahi Nahi! Agart Police time pe aayi toh readers ko Maan aur Arnav ko fight karte imagine kahaan karne milega! The fighting sequence is just for my awesome readers. Go read and drool!

akash dude inki kya galti
abhi sagaai bhi nahin huyi aur yeh tevarr
though he aint wrong in telling her that
but lest get down to the real fighting shall we akash

I tried to infuse some comedy there!

you go arnie teach those idiots trying to mess with your khushi
this i didnt see coming
no no no man this is even worse
he has been knifed crap this is bad real bad
oh no take him to hospital asap man

Dont worry! Arnav will be fine! Tum Dekhlena! Oops sorry! Padlena!Wink

so she saw the man coming for arnie and warned too
but he wasnt able to hear her
oh man this is bad seeing the one you love being harmed so brutally
man she wanted to go to him
make sure he is okay but glad geet stopped him
i know its hard to stay put when the one you love is hurt and he just got knifed
if she goes then she too could be in trouble naa
what ever he may have done or said he didnt deserve this for sure
hope he will be fine though

He will be perfectly fine!Big smile

DM and babaji hope arnie shall be fine
he just has to be warna khushi ka kya hoga
waise i know he shall be all fine he has to be man
nani ko heart attack aa raha hai
dammit the situation is getting even worse man
this is real bad for sure
yeh brij ki wajah se bahut kuch gadbad hone waala hai
aur ho bhi chukka hai  

Aur Brij ki wajah se aur problem hoga ! You see if he had not attacked, Maaneet would not have been separated. And indirectly his actions will change other action and lead to separation of ArHi. So jitni bhi gaali deni hai Brij ko de do! He deserves each and every one of them.

damn that man into pits of hell and beyond
why did he have to come back man
man nani just saw her grandson being knifed that was enough reason for her attack
oh god yeh sab kya ho gaya
hope anj dont go into labour too due to shock as that will just make the situation even worse
yaar why is it that all this is being done by la only
baaki logogn ko kya ho gaya hai
well thankfully someone has the sense to think rationally

Baaki sab shock mein hain! Emotionally soch rahe hain rationally nahi! 

geet and khushi i think dont even know about nani too focused on arnie and keeping khushi rushing to be with her love
now i know why you said we will hate you by end of this chapter
but shall try not to

Dont worry! By the end of Chapter 55 you will hate me! Pakka guarantee!

damn the evening that started so beautifully has just turned into nightmare for all
and all because of one man brij damn him
oh great just what was needed to make the institution worse
anj going into labour as well
dammit it thats three catastrophe in just one day so far and this aint over as of yet

Exactly! Ek aur jhatka baaki hai mere dost!Wink

 though i must say that one incident of arnie being stabbed sure had profound effect on all
loved how you described everyone's feeling to that one incident

Thank you!

thats why she didnt panic the way other are
well duh of course
the rest are pretty close to raizadas
so of course they rational mind goes down the drain
sorry for saying that no one was using their sense
you cant in such situations can ya

You are so right! 

seeing your loved one being hurt
and as la aint that close to them since she just met them she was the only one to be of any help
damn they are still there
and thats still bad news as arnie is down
and akash went to see to him
not to forget shyam went to his wife well duh knowing her condition he would do
oh no that vile man took opportunity and went for geet

(Covering my ears and looking up with closed eyes) NAHIII!WinkWink

and he is getting away with it too
what with others being busy in fighting the goons
well khushi can at least try to stop him
after all she is her bhabhi to be
well bhabhi only forget the to be part
and she has to try keep her safe after all arnie got hurt due to this very reason and that should not go in vain either right
yes she will try to stop you she may seem weak but at moment she is really mad as it is due to her love being hurt all thanks to you
so she will try to keep her safe for sure no matter what happens to her
oh man never mess with these girls either
see they did try to stop you for sure
but he hurt geet as well as khushi
could this be the reason for their separation
she got hurt and she might just forget time spent with maan

Haila! You discovered the plot of my story! I think you are the first reader to do that!

that she will forget maan no please not that
but it might just be that

(Nodding my head) You are totally right! Ab toh chappal nikaalne ka dil kiya na?WinkBig smile

maan must be so enraged right now
as not only did he just try to hurt his sister
but because of him his brother (arnav) and love are hurt 
see told ya he would be mad real mad seeing her hurt
and he wouldnt spare that man now
not that i would want him to either
oh no this is bad for sure
how much tragedy can be seen by us all yaar

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

now am sure this could be the reason for their separation
seeing how all the goons have been disposed off right
what else could it be man
see i knew it he would have killed brij for sure
well wouldnt you if you just saw your love being hurt by same man
only with geet name was he able to stop
so now they come the police when all is over
abb kya faiyada hai yaar
oh man so casualties were too high for the good people
who cares about those goons man

You are so right!

nani with heart attack anj with her labour arnie knifed in stomach and geet unconscious due to brij
the day just got even worse than it did some time while back
crap all are in ICU
wow that was even better than i thought it could be

(grinning like an idiot) Really? So happy to hear that!

sorry to offend you there saying that its better than one thought please dont take top much offence

No! No! No offence taken! Really happy to read that! My work is above your expectations! This is so awesome!

oh boy who thought that this could happen
and the day aint over yet
you take your time
there is no hurry at all so rest that hand and do the update little by little dear
this one was enough ti keep me satisfied by next week
take care dear and cheers for pm
Thanks for the awesome review! Really made my week! I was smiling till today morning! Then I read your recent review and again I have been smiling! You are simply rocking! My wrist is lot better! I will be back on my regular update schedule soon! But the updates will be smaller!Wink

Take care

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Arshi1988 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Intresting Please update soon<3

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

First of all sorry sorry sorry for the late reply! I seriously have been busy with my cousin wedding and than my other cousin birthday! But here I am finally! Read the chapter finally.

Thanks for the review! Meri jaan nikli jaa rahi thi coz you had not reviewed! I hope you enjoyed the wedding and birthday! 

I was so happy when nani and mami were gonna go and ask geet if she is geet but than I remember you telling me that they'll know about geet in a dramatic way! And I must say dramatic it was.

I am so happy that you found the meeting dramatic! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Brij is back! Damn nice plan, killed all the security and easily took geet away though khushi was with her, which I am so glad. Khushi and geet make an awesome fighting due. And their lovers too ;)! I was like come on maan geet and khushi are missing find them and when geet screamed I knew it both of those handsome hunks will run to save their lady love.

Yes, When Khushi and Geet get together they can take on anybody! Oh how I wish I could actually make a video for that chapter! The whole visual would have been awesome!

Hahahah all the guests ran away!scardy cats! It was awesome though!! All the guys beating up the goons and the family cheering.

Even I was cheering while writing it!Big smileClap

OMG did arnav just get stabbed! OMG nooo! Haye rabba I hope he gets fine! Everyone was in shock! Even me. Nani having heart attack and Anjali going in labour, arnav getting stabbed and geet hitting her head and bleeding. This is just wow.i am so glad that there was someone who has senses to call the police and the ambulance! Atta girl lavanya. Love you...

Dont worry! Arnav will be fine! Yes, La rocks! And she will rock and her one action in the end of DFL will get ArHi together!

I cannot wait for the update. Continue soon and will be waiting for you (: thanks for the pm (:

Thanks once again for the review! And hope you review faster this time!Wink

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