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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 128)

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Posted: 22 March 2014 at 3:23am | IP Logged
part 67
after a long time i enjoyed this so so so much...
like those happy days...
haye lovely...
too good...

Khushi Arnav
hahaha early morning itself this haalat for Khushi...
her jalebis have started to pile up...
hope they all dont get diabetes...
Arnav is too much...
but am liking this...
this naughty Arnav is too interesting...
its like the one he was before he changed himself...
Afreen hahaha...
poor Khushi she wont be able to stop herself and also him too...
that Khushi Afreen bickering was funny...

Geet Maan
and here comes Geet madam...
hahaha nice timing and track...
Arnav pareshaan karring Khushi ko and Geet pareshan karring Maan ko...
waah good combination...
heavy nashta ke saath saath dessert ka bhi intezaam ho gaya...
at this rate diabetes ke saath saath cholesterol ka bhi check hona chahiye...
very Maan babu right time entry hui Geet ke saath...
well he can never stop himself at all...

wow Geet is so busy...
and seems like this person is very close to Geet...
and this is affecting Maan...
hahaha common its time for Maan to be jealous...
and Arnav gets irritated with NK...
hahaha looks like we will get awesome nok jhoks and also some hilarious and adorable scenes...
wow first reaction from Maan...
way to go...
OMG hahaha i was laughing so much...
Golmaal and patakkha?
and Maan is reacting so much...
cool cool...
my God Arnav also is getting affected...
yaar Kalpu this is more awesome and interesting...
am falling in love with this FF again...
the start itself is like and aage kya hoga pata nahi...
Arnav and Maan are equally burning in jealousy...
this is what we want and the spiciness is back...
NK and his tooti phooti hindi...
this NK is very good...
aate hi brought so many reactions...
and NK likes La...
oh so he is not her ex BF...
sorry dear...
bhool gayi...
ur note i was like imagining u with angry red eyes yelling at me...
i enjoyed this so much dear...
awesome one...
cont soon...

PS - thanks for that wish getting fulfilled...and sorry for the late pm too dear...

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Originally posted by KReyAS

nice part
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Originally posted by punam2712


Thanks for the review!
Happy that  you liked the update!
Yes NK was awesome! He made them jealous by just being his usual self!LOL
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Day 2 at Sheeshmahal



      It was almost 5 in the evening when every person residing in the house was informed by the servants that they were supposed to assemble in the lawn as per Anjali Madam's instructions in 10 minutes. Worried for Anjali, the whole family, including her husband with their son on his hip, scrambled into the lawn only to see Anjali sitting on a bed placed in the lawn leaning on a pillow. All of them looked around in shock to see lamps placed strategically to provide maximum light all over the lawn with beds arranged in the lawn in a circle with throw pillows placed on them. "Anjali Bitiya! Ee sab ka hai?", Naaniji voiced the question which was on everyone's mind. Anjali just grinned, "Yeh tayyaariyaan hai!" NK frowned and scratched his head, "For what Di?" Anjali kept on smiling, "Khel ke liye!" Arnav rolled his eyes, "Di! Motor Mouth jaise answer mat do aur saaf saaf bataao!" "Hey!", Geet objected and glared at him. Anjali pouted and mumbled, "Humne socha ki dono parivar ek saath hai toh kyun na Antakshari khela jaaye!" "ANTAKSHARI!", Geet exclaimed and let out a squeal. She ran towards her sister and hugged her, "AD! You are simply superb! Kya idea socha hai!" She looked at others eagerly, "Chalo sab log! Antakshari khelenge! Bahut mazaa aayega!" Nk looked at her confused, "Antakshari? Means what?" Khushi looked at him excitedly, "NK ji! Antakshari matlab... Matlab... Haan! Iska matlab hai Last letter! Is khel mein har gaane ke last letter ko leke usse next gaana start kiya jaata hai!" Arnav raised an eyebrow at Khushi; Why is she so eager to explain things to him?



    "Then I can't play coz I am feeling jet lagged and tired too. So I am going up!", NK explained and before anyone could stop him he was gone. "Hello Hi Bye Bye! Ee toh khel start hone se pehle maidaan chod gaye!" Anjali giggled, "Arre! Nk ko chodiye! Woh thake hain par hum sab toh theek haina? Chalo hum sab khelte hain! Waise Paayalji toh dikh rahi hai par humaari La Bhabhi kahaan hai?" Amma answered, "Uu ki tabiyat kharaab hai! Thoda bukhaar hai unko! Davaai de di hai! Theek ho jaayegi!" Anjali huffed; she was so excited to play with her brothers and Bhabhis and one of her Bhabhis was missing. Ab kya fun bacha? Geet noticing her sad face hugged her; don't worry Di! Aapki dono Bhabhiyaan toh yahi hain! Bas aap jise apne Chote ki hone waali wife samajhte hain woh nahi aayi! Asli hone waali wife toh aayi hai! Geet giggled and her sister cheered up seeing her giggle. Both the girls looked at the families standing near the mansion looking at them nervously. Geet and Anjali looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They turned back to the rest and Anjali piped up, "Ab kya special invitation dena hoga ki aap bhi aake baithiye?" Everyone was brought out of stupor and they were about to march ahead when Arjun spoke up, "Ek minute!" Everyone stopped in their places and looked at him in surprise, "Baithe kaise? Teams toh banaaye nahi! Hum sab toh apne apne team ke saath baithenge, right?" "Haan!" "Haan!" "Haan!" Everyone agreed and looked at Anjali who shrugged as she had not thought this ahead. Annie piped up, "Kyun na girls versus boys karein?" Girls cheered but Dev, Arjun and Aakash booed the plan. Dev spoke up, "Aap sab ki sab singers aur humein do kachche limbu thama diye?" "Kachche limbu?" Aakash asked and Dev shrugged, "Are you seriously expecting Maan Bro and Arnav Bhai to sing?" Everyone realized Dev's point while Maan and Arnav glared at Dev for calling them Kachche Limbu. "Phir kya karein?", NT asked. Naani mumbled, "Ee sab toh theek hai Anjali bitiya hum badon ko is khel mein naahi kheecho toh behtar hai!" Amma and Buaji nodded while the youngsters looked sad. "Yeh theek nahi hai Naaniji! Aap log nahi kheloge toh khel kaisa?", Khushi pouted. Daadima shook her head, "Nahi beta! Yeh sab khelne ke din humaare gaye! Hum toh sangeet mein perform karenge, wahi bahut hai. Ab yeh sab nahi!" She turned and walked towards some chairs and sofa placed nearby and sat there. Naaniji, Amma and Buaji followed her and took a seat near her. Maamaji followed them and Maamiji followed him. Geet sprang up from her place and caught Maami, "Arre! MJ! Aap kahaan chale? Ab aap bhi apne aapko old kehlaaogi!" Maamiji looked at her and Geet was shocked to see her blush. She looked at all of them shyly and then mumbled, "Hum ko inke saamne gaane mein sharam aavat hai!", and to everyone's surprise she hid her face in her hands and ran towards her mother-in-law and hid her face in her shoulder. Naaniji smiled and patted her face.



    Anjali had enough of this drama, "Ab bas hogaya! Kabse bol rahe hai ki aake kheliye! Aur aap log hain ki aa hi nahi rahe! Ab jaldi jaldi team banaayiye aur aake baithiye!" Shyam quietly walked to Naani and placed his son in her lap while everyone stared at him. He walked towards his Rani Sahiba and sat beside her, "Ab humne humaari team chun li! Ab aap logon ko jo karna hai kar lijiye!" Suddenly, Dev piped up, "Hey! Why not make couples team?" Everyone got excited. Aakash shook his head, "La Bhabhi nahi hai toh Bhai ki koi Jodi nahi aur Maan Bro, Khushi aur Geetto toh single hain! Kaise couple ki team banegi?" Everyone sighed as they realized the flaw in Dev's plan. Suddenly, everyone started discussing on how to make teams. As all this was going on, Arnav and Maan remained silent and just observing the cacophony. Arnav turned to Maan and whispered something and Maan nodded, "Ek idea hai!" Everyone stilled and looked at both the clan's elder brothers. Arnav smiled, "Why don't you make two teams? Khurana versus Raizadas! Problem solved!" Everyone looked at each other excitedly. Was the solution so easy? "Aur humaara kya Arnavji? Boliye Veerji?", Khushi looked annoyed at them and they realized that Paayal and Khushi were neither Raizadas nor Khuranas. Maan smiled at both the girls, "Tum dono toh meri behne ho toh obviously humaare side hogi!" Khuranas cheered at having Khushi and Paayal at their side. Anjali butted in, "Toh ek kaam karte haina! Instead of Raizada versus Khurana lets have Bride side versus Groom side!" "Arre haan!" "Kya idea hai!" Everyone cheered up and walked towards the gaadis on the lawn floor except Maan and Arnav. They walked towards the sofas were the seniors were seated.



    "Arre! Aap dono kahaan chale?", Anjali asked and Maan and Arnav turned around. Others also stopped walking and stared at the duo. Arnav shrugged, "Baithne!" Geet huffed, "Toh antakshari kaun khelega?" Arnav looked at her in shock, "You expect us to participate?" Geet nodded and Arnav shook his head, "What the! We are business tycoons! We are not playing these kind of games! And you have already said we are Kachcha Limbus! So we are of no use there!" Maan nodded showing his agreement to Arnav's words. Geet's mouth dropped open, "Hey Babaji! Toh kya Shyam Jijaji, Devji, Arjunji, Veere, yeh sab log kaam nahi karte?" The above mentioned people looked at Arnav and Maan with a glare and Maan and Arnav looked at each other nervously. Maan stuttered, "Humaara yeh matlab nahi tha!" "Aapka matlab hum sab khoob jaante hain Maan Saab! Ab mooh band kijiye aur aake baithiye!", Anjali ordered and both men looked at each other unsure of what to do next. Dev spoke up, "Bro! Aajaaona! Waise aapko kitne june gaane pata hai! Even if you are unable to sing, you might be able to help us when we are stuck!" Geet ran upto Arnav and whispered in his ears, "Kya AB? Achcha khaasa chance mil raha Khushi ke saamne baithne ka aur aap hain ki wahaan jaa rahe ho! Mauke ko samjho aur faayda uthaao!" Arnav's eyes widened and he nodded at Geet. He looked at his Di, "You know what Di! I will join you!" Maan looked at Arnav in shock as Arnav walked towards his Di. Maan looked at Geet in confusion wondering what she told him but Geet just gave him a mysterious smile and walked away. Maan shook his head; if Arnav is joining, he had to join! Others won't leave him!



   Soon everyone started taking seats. Khuranas' had seven members consisting of Maan, Dev, NT, Annie, Arjun, Paayal and Khushi while Raizadas had five members consisting of Arnav, Aakash, Anjali, Shyam and Geet. While Paayal and Aakash were sad to be separated they made sure they were sitting right in front of each other. As Khushi had taken place right beside Paayal, Arnav sat beside Aakash making sure he was right in front of Khushi. He gave her a smirk and she looked away. Arnav was sure he was going to have a lot of fun tonight! NT sat beside Paayal and Dev took a seat beside NT. When Maan went to sit in the back, Dev pulled him towards front and made him sit beside him. Poor Maan! He had no choice than to sit beside his brother. Annie and Arjun took a seat behind NT and Dev. Right in front of NT was Anjali with Aakash on one side and Shyam sat behind her. Geet eagerly sat beside Anjali happily giving Maan coy glances and Maan looking away everytime she did that! Arnav and Geet were having their time of their lives as they got to stare at their love nonstop while Maan and Khushi felt uncomfortable but refuse to back away. Soon everyone was seated when Arjun teased the other side, "Arre! Aap log ke team mein kitne kam log hain! Kisi ek ko bhej doon kya udhar?" Aakash looked excitedly at the prospect of a person coming over from the other side. Please let it be Paayal! Please let it be Paayal! Anjali volleyed back, "Arre! Itne fikar karne ki jaroorat nahi! Humaare paas Geet aur Aakash hain! Humaare liye wahi dono dus ke baraabar hain!" Both the sides traded cheers and boos and the game started on a high note. The persons who sang were Dev, NT, Annie and Arjun from the brides' side and Anjali, Aakash and Geet from grooms' side. On bride's side, Paayal and Khushi gave ideas but did not sing as Paayal was feeling shy and Khushi was not interested in singing when Arnav was staring at her so intensely. Maan remained quiet but he did suggest old songs to Dev when they were stuck.  On grooms' side Arnav remained quiet as he did not know much songs and Shyam only sang when the team got stuck. As the game went on for a while, at one time, the Brides' side got the letter "D" and they got stuck! Even Maan, Khushi and Paayal could not give them a song. Everyone thought for a while for a song which started from D while the grooms' side eagerly looked on hoping that the other side looses. If they could not sing a song in five  minutes of getting the letter, countdown started from 1 to 10 and then the team would loose. Suddenly, Dev started singing.


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum

Kitni Haseen Raat Hai


He pointed at his wife and continued singing.


Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum


As he stopped singing everyone clapped but Aakash stopped them by raising his hand, "Aap sabko pata hai? Yeh gaana Dev ne NT ke saath College ke ek competition mein gaaya tha?" Everyone looked at Dev and NT in surprise and the couple gave all a smile and looked at each other as they remember those old days. Arjun spoke up, "Aur pata hai? Is gaane ke end pe Dev ne NT ko propose kiya!" "Kya?", Paayal, Khushi, and Geet simultaneously spoke as they looked at the couple in surprise. Rest of them were well versed with this story but not the three girls. Geet suddenly piped up, "Phir toh gaane ko poora karna padega!" Khushi and Paayal agreed with Geet while NT and Dev refused. But after a lot of pleading for Geet, Khushi, Anjali and Paayal, Dev and NT agreed and Dev started singing again.  


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum

Kitni Haseen Raat Hai


He nudged his wife and smiled at her.


Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum


He kissed her cheek and she blushed. He sung the para.


Teri Aankh Mein

Jo Sharaab Hai

Mujhe Thodi Thodi Karke Pila


He got up and pulled her up too.


Mere Rooh Mein

Yeh Jo Pyaar Hai

Use Haule Haule Aake Jaga


She grabbed his hands into hers and started singing.


Mere Haath Mein

Jara Haath De

Aur Dheere Dheere Mujhko Bata


She left his hands and placed her hands on his chest while he held her by her waist.


Maine Chu Liya

Tere Haath Ko

Tujhe Kuch Kuch Hone Laga Kya


He swayed with her slowly and sung further.


Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


She pulled away from him as she sung.


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogayi Main Gum

Kitni Haseen Raat Hai


She pointed at him and sung further.

Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogayi Main Gum


He pulled her close and pinched her cheeks while he sang the para.


Tere Pyaar Mein

Woh Adaa Si Hai

Mujhe Chori Chori Loot Gayi


She smiled at him and he kissed her forehead.


Main Machal Gaya

Tujhe Dekhke

Koi Nayi Nayi Baat Hui


She pushed him away and frowned at him as she sung.


Naa Mile Kabhi

Naa Toh Baat Ki

Abhi Pehle Pehle Baat Hui


He looked at her amusedly and she grinned back at him singing further.


Yahaan Mit Gaye

Sabhi Faasle

Koi Soyi Soyi Aag Jagi


He pulled her close and sang.

Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


She took his hands in hers and she sang the next lines.


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogayi Main Gum

Kitni Haseen Raat Hai


Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


He continued singing as they swayed to the song.


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum

Kitni Haseen Raat Hai


Tere Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Teri Kurbaan

Tu Hai Meri Jaan

Arre! Teri Kya Baat Hai!


Dekho Dekho Tum

Hogaya Main Gum


The song ended and everyone clapped bringing the couple out of their own world. They smiled at everyone as they took their seats and soon the antakshari continued. Soon came a time when the Raizadas got stuck. Anjali bit her lip nervously as the last song ended with S'. It was their turn to sing from "S' Till now it was more than an hour into the game and most of the popular songs were exhausted by the teams and all were turning towards less popular ones. Anjali closed her eyes and tried to remember a song which started with S'! Suddenly, a song struck her and she wondered why no one had sung it till now as it was quite popular song. The opposite team was about to start counting from one to ten when Anjali burst out singing, "Soona Soona! Lamha Lamha! Meri Raahein Tanha Tanha!" Geet crooned along with her.


Aakar Mujhe Tum Thaam Lo

Manzil Teri Dekhe Rasta

Mudke Zara Ab Dekhlo

Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi Toh Ho


Annie and NT started singing along with Anjali and Geet.


Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja

Ooo... Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja


Soona Soona Lamha Lamha

Meri Raahein Tanha Tanha


Just when the girls stopped singing and the boys thought the song was over, Khushi started singing the para in her horrible off key tune. While everyone knew Khushi was a dancer, no one knew that she was tone deaf and were taken by surprise.


Bichde Bhi Hum Jo Kabhi Raaston Mein Toh Sang Sang Rahungi Sada

Kadmon Ki Aawaaz Sunke Chalungi Tumhein Dhoond Loongi Sada


Geet started singing along with her and the boys either shook their head or slapped their foreheads as Geet decided to match Khushi's off key tone deliberately leaving their listeners shocked with their screeching.


Bhooli Mohabbat Ki Yeh Khushboovein Hain Hawaaon Mein Faili Hui


Maan and Arnav looked at their lady loves as the old memories assaulted them.


Choo Kar Mujhe Aaj Mehsoos Karlo Woh Yaadein Meri Anchui


Maan closed his eyes trying to forget those memories while Arnav smiled and wished to have more memories like this.


Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi Toh Ho

Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja

Ooo... Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja


Soona Soona Lamha Lamha

Meri Raahein Tanha Tanha


Just when the boys thought the song was over, Annie started singing the next para making the boys wonder when will the song end?


Yaadon Ke Dhaagon Mein Hum Tum Bandhe Hain Zara Dor Tum Thaam Lo


NT gave Annie company in singing it and the boys gave up complaining in their mind realizing that there was no use complaining, this song will keep on going.


Baahon Mein Phir Se Pighal Jaane Do Mujhko Phir Se Mera Naam Lo


Geet looked at Maan wanting to melt in his arms but he ignored her. NT and Annie continued singing.


Main Woh Shama Hoon Jo Roshan Tumhein Karke Khud Toh Pighal Jaaungi


Anjali leaned back and let her husband's arms hold her as they enjoyed the song.


Subah Ka Suraj Tumhaare Liye Hai Main Hoon Raat Dhal Jaaungi


Khushi felt sad as she realized that she was the dhalti raat, the past in Arnav's life while her sister was the present, the Subah Ka Suraj!


Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi Toh Ho


Geet, Anjali and Khushi joined NT and Annie and all five sang the off key deliberately making the boys wince and cringe. Paayal just smiled but did not join them in their screeching.


Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja

Ooo... Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja


Soona Soona Lamha Lamha

Meri Raahein Tanha Tanha

Mudke Zara Ab Dekhlo

Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi Toh Ho


Girls grinned when they saw the boys cringe. They sang more loudly all the while grinning.


Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja

Ooo... Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aaja

Tera Intezaar Hai Aaja


Soona Soona Lamha Lamha

Meri Raahein Tanha Tanha



Everyone cheered as the song ended as the girl were proud of singing it in such a way that freaked the guys out while the boys cheered because the song was finally over. The Antakshari continued the same way with fun and merriment but went into pause in fifteen minutes when the Raizadas' song ended with S'. As all the popular songs were already sung, the Khuranas were confused as to what to sing next. Suddenly, Khushi remembered a song and she whispered the song in her sister's ears. Paayal whispered, "Toh gaa na!" Khushi pouted, "Mujhe pehli line hi aati hai! Poora mukhda nahi aata! Aap gaao na!" Paayal shook her head vigorously. How can she sing in front of her fianc, sister in law, and future family? She felt embarrassed to sing in front of them. Anjali noticed them whispering and frowned playfully, "Kya baatein ho rahi hai wahaan?" Everyone looked at the Gupta sisters and Khushi could not remain quiet, "Jiji ko S se gaana aata hai! Bas sharma rahi hai!" The brides' team looked at Paayal in annoyance. Annie piped up, "Arre! Aata hai toh gaao na! Kyun humein haraa rahi ho?" Paayal shook her head and kept her head down. Khushi defended her sister, "Jiji ko sharam aa rahi hai!" "Hello Hi Bye Bye!", came Maami's voice from where she was sitting, "Gaane mein kaahe ki sharam! Dekho bahuriya! You have to sing it! And eet eez a Sasuma Order!" Paayal gulped while Anjali and Geet giggled at the Maamiji's hypocrisy. Didn't Maamiji refused to take part in Antakshari just a while back due to the same reason? Paayal took a deep breath and sang in a slow and sweet voice hesitantly.



Sajna... Ooo...


Sajna... O...


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Ab Toh Mujhe Hai Tujhe

Har Sukh Dena


     Everyone clapped as they noticed her sweet voice. Geet burst out, "Arre! Yeh toh Veere ka favorite song hai bachpan se! Pehla song jo unhonein poora by heart kiya!" Khushi chirped excitedly, "Kya? Jiji ka bhi favorite hai Unko bhi poora gaana aata hai!" Paayal looked at her sister and glared at her while Aakash looked at Paayal with surprise. He did not know that! Everyone smiled happily as this was the song they had heard and loved in their childhoods. Naaniji spoke up from her seat, "Toh theek hai! Dono gaao... uu ka kehte hain... Haan! Dono duet gaao!" Everyone laughed and cheered while Paayal blushed and Aakash grinned. Khushi prodded Paayal and Paayal started singing shyly.


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Ab Toh Mujhe Hai Tujhe

Har Sukh Dena


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera


Paayal took pause and Aakash started singing.







Tu Meri Main Tera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Tu Meri Main Tera

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Ab Toh Mujhe Hai Tujhe

Har Sukh Dena


Aakash stopped singing and Paayal took up the next line.


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera


Everyone clapped and asked them to sing further. Paayal shyly grinned at Aakash and Aakash grinned back. Paayal started singing the para.


Saath Phero Waali Saari Rasmein Nibhaaungi


Paayal blushed as she imagined their wedding.


Saath Phero Waali Saari Rasmein Nibhaaungi

Doli Chadke Main Aayi Kaandhon Pe Jaaungi


Aakash gave her a smile and sang the male's part.


Main Bhi Deewani Saari Kasmein Nibhaaunga

Ab Na Kabhi Bhi Tujhe Dukh Pahunchaaunga


Paayal closed her eyes as she concentrated on the song and sang the next lines.


Jo Tu Nahi Kuch Bhi Nahi

Tu Hi Toh Hai

Mere Dono Jahaan

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera


Paayal opened her eyes and smiled at her fianc as her fianc took up the next part.







Tu Meri Main Tera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Tu Meri Main Tera

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Ab Toh Mujhe Hai Tujhe

Har Sukh Dena


Paayal sung once again.


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera


By now, everyone was mesmerized at the way Paayal and Aakash's voice complimented each other and how beautifully they sang. They waited with baited breath for Aakash to sing next para.


Sukh Mein Bhi Dukh Mein Bhi Saath Nahi Chodunga


The couple smiled at each other and Aakash continued to sing.


Sukh Mein Bhi Dukh Mein Bhi Saath Nahi Chodunga

Ab Toh Kabhi Main Tera Haath Nahi Chodunga


Paayal went teary eyed as she sung the next lines.


Meri Kismat Thi Jo Maine Tujhe Paaya Hai

Muhko Toh Tere Liye Rab Ne Banaaya Hai


Aakash gave her a tender smile as he sung the next lines.


Dil Mein Hai Tu Jaan Mein Hai Tu

Teri Bina

Ab Jaana Kahaan

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Tu Meri Main Tera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Tu Meri Main Tera


Paayal shyly sang the next lines.



Sajna... Ooo...




Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena


Ab Toh Mujhe Hai Tujhe

Har Sukh Dena


Main Teri Tu Mera

Duniya Se Kya Lena

Main Teri Tu Mera


The couple went quiet and it took a while for others to realize that the song was over as they were lost in the song and the couple's voice. Suddenly, all of them started clapping and Paayal and Aakash realized that they were getting the loudest claps and cheers. The game continued with many more songs but those songs will be in next part of this chapter!







1. First song taken from the movie Nishchaiy (Year 1992) picturised on Karishma Kapoor and Salman Khan sung by Kavita Krishnamoorthy and Amit Kumar. Salman Khan fans, have you heard this song? It is one of his best.


2. Second song is from the movie Krishna Cottage (Year 2004) picturised on Isha Koppikar and sung by Shreya Ghoshal.


3. Third Song is from the movie Beta (Year 1991) picturised on Madhuri Dixit Nene and Anil Kapoor and sung by Anuradha Paudwal and Suresh Wadkar. This is a truly beautiful song so if you haven't heard it, do hear it once! You won't regret it!






1. Maria_awan: Page 2 of Thread II : Romance on the song of Salman Khan

Fulfilled with the song Dekho Dekho Tum!






Next update directly on next Sunday, coz I will be busy with some personal work this week plus I have to work on the new thread. So have some patience and wait for me please!


And as you may have noticed, I have to reply many reviews in this thread! Just because I am starting a new thread, does not mean I will not reply those reviews! I will reply them when I get time! If you are one of those whose review I have not liked', then your review is yet to be read or I want to reply it. Keep checking this thread for a while for the replies!





Hey guys,


 I have found the perfect song for the title track of DFL which I will put in the intro of the new thread but the song has two versions. While the lyrics and singer are same, the music in both the songs is different; one is classical and other is rock version. So I am unable to decide which song I should play as DFL's title track! I have put both the songs below. Just press the play button and listen to both the songs and then inform me your choice through review. The version which has the majority of vote will be chosen! You have time till Thursday!

The song is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Saab and is from the movie Dil Kabbaddi (Year 2008)







Last Letter continues but in a new thread and someone gives their family a Jhatka!


Take care and enjoy the day,



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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2014 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Jealous maan and arnie look so cute

Don't you just love it when they are jealous

And of whom nk

Aww that was so funny

It made me laugh the last time seeing them both being jealous of nk

And nk doesn't even know what murderous tendencies are cooking up in their minds

Well of course he doesn't know

If he did he would have stayed away from the girls

And gone after his own one

But she is taken though not really

Well lets see what happens in antakshari then

Phew not five in morning again that was too much

Hey it was funny nonetheless though

Anj what ya upto dear

Well what ever it is will be fun for sure

Damn these peeps worry too much

But then you cant blame them for being worried for anj

Am sure its nothing like that right

See nothing to worry about peeps just like I said

Wow she sure has it all arranged

Inka paas yeh sab soch ne ka bhi time tha

What with the wedding preps and all

Man this lady is one talented and multi tasking lady for sure

All this for antakshari right

Aww bless her isn't she the best

Waise solid setting ki hai boss

That's what me wondering too

Okay not that much since you already gave us clue whats it about

Antkashri playing right

Anj can be so funny at times

But can she please tell them before they eat your head too much especially your chotte

Hawww what a thing to say about his younger sister

No wonder she was offended

Anj bilkul sahi socha

But do nahin teen pariwaar hai

Haan who baat alag hai ki shaadi do ghar ke beech mein ho rahi  hai

Agar maneet ki bhi shaadi hotti toh baat alag thi

Parr koi nahin

Geet sure was happy about what she said

Must be the most excited of them all

I agree with geet what an idea sirji

Sorry had to do that

Nk bless him he doesn't know

Well how would he

Geet to the rescue tell nk what antakshari is dear

Or not geet when khushi is there

Oh bhi kya geet se kam excited hongi

I was just wondering khushi kyun nahin chehak rahi

And there she is

Aww she explained it so well to nk

Which arnie saw and isn't happy about

Arrey arnie she just explaining not eager or anything

Woh toh sirf aapko dikh raha hai

But its cute seeing him being jealous 

 Damn no nk that's sad

Well he is jet lagged so its understandable

Mami ab bechare ko neend aa rahi hai how will that work

And anj is right there are others there na

Damn la is missing most of the time

But then its only fair

Since nk not there so what will la do without him

Hope she is okay nothing too serious though

Anj no bhabhi is missing

All are there dear but she doesn't know that both her bhahis are there only

How will she know right

Koi nahin anj chillax will ya

Geet is too much there aint she

But so right too

So sach mein chote ki dulhan hone waali hain who toh hain

And only she arnav maan and khushi know who the real dulhan of arnav is

Why are they nervous for

All is okay

And she is right invitation diye ke padi kya

He is right team toh banayiye

Aise kasie antakshari ho sakti hai

And hope geet and maan in different team as are khushi and arnav

That will make it so much more fun

Anj you didn't think of this how could you

Nah just kidding

Waise annie was right but so is dev

Hey he is right maan and arnav signing that will be something

Hey guys he aint wrong either

But that was so funny naa

Poor dev inki hi kyun watt lagti hai hamesha

Damn ek ke baad ek they are making it difficult for anj

Bechari ne kitne pyaar se sab ki taiyyari ki but nothing going to plan

Now the elder members don't wanna join in

Wait dadi didn't say no how come

Anj isn't happy with whats going on

There she is our dadi

Who says antakshari ke liye age hoti hai

I thought just about anyone can play it

Even dadi nani amma and bua

Also not to forget mama and mami

Waise mama hai naa its just haven't heard from him like serial

So just wanna confirm the same

Well seems dadi and elders not gonna take part

Hmmm guess that's that

Ahhh there he is finally he is still her mama

Geet is right to stop mami though

Why does she have to go

Mami geet is right

Aww mami is shy to sing in front of them all

What this is mami we are talking about right

Yeh kaise kab hua

What the

That's all I can say mami what was that

But whatever it was sure was cute

 Anj isn't very happy is she

Well can you blame her

Ek toh she took so much trouble to arrange this and everyone is making excuses not to play

She is bound to get bit annoyed

Shyam that was good one

He chose his team and without too much fuss I see

Couples team cool

But aki had to ruin that too

What does he know that all the couples are there only

Technically maan geet and khushi aint single

Though for others they are

Hai naa solid confusion

Whats the lover boys cooking

Making sure their girls are in their team are they

Hmmm chuppe rustam hai dono

Unless its not what am thinking of

As maan wouldn't go with geet would he

So what did they come up with

Good solution

But not so good for khushi and aslo payal

As she is at moment neither a raizada nor a khurana

Though we can all debate that she is both in a way

And soon she will be that

But at least payal is to be raizada at least

Khushi ka toh who bhi nahin keh sakte

And last time I checked the women who are married aint raizada or khurana

Nor are their hubby

Okay that worked out didn't it

They used to be khruanas but then more khuranas than raizadas

God this is confusing

And its just antakshrai they are playing

I think I like anj idea better

Groom versus the bride

This should be fun

Aise idea sirf anj ko aa sakta hain

Tussi toh chaa gayi ji

Whats up with the boys

You guys have gotta be kidding

Dono grooms to be hopefully are not gonna play

And what excuse they gave

Waah only they can give this stupid excuse man

We are business tycoons so cant play

Unbelievable inka kuch nahin ho sakta

Maan arnav don't be silly

And geet is right don't the other work and are same as you guys

Hawww ab toh inhe khelna hi padega

Chahe job hi ho jaye

Maan arnav if you both know whats good for you then I would suggest that you guys just go and play

Without making it worse for yourself both

Sure you guys didn't mean it

Ahhh loved when anj ordered them both to play

Just love how she can do that to them

And once they get married our couples they can ask for lessons to do same from her to keep these two lover boys on track

Dev is right just play will ya

Ahhh what she said to arnie sure is right

You wont get this opportunity again so just go with the flow mate

About time he gets it

Maan dude only you are left

Chup chap se ab bhi chaliye

Trust me you don't wanna know

But yes you have no choice either

Since he has joined so will you have to

Why make it difficult for yourself right

 Wait I knew it bride side would be bigger

 Isn't that one side has more than the other

That's bit of advantage khuranas had

Aww payash had to be in separate teams

Peeps so did the other couples who are about to get married in near future

Arnie is in form it seems being the naughty person that he is

You are right this night is gonna be fun

And cant wait for that fun to begin man

Dev that was good not letting him stay at the back

At least geet will be able to see him and sing accordingly

All seating done just perfectly

Jisse jisko dekhna hai who dekh sakte hai

Geet taking full advantage of it too like her bro

Poor maan and khushi yeh geet aur arnie toh aise ghoor rahe hain jaise aur koi naa ho wahan

And that probably is true for them

All they can see is their love right

Arjun sure loves to tease a lot

Udha dene koi cheeni ya dahi hain yeh

Have to give it to anj she sure can answer back pretty well

True geet and aki are pretty strong too

And their lover boy aki was wishing that payal would come over

Inka kuch nahin ho sakta

Love this joking and lively atmosphere going on

That's how it should be

After all shaadi ka ghar hai ji

Acha so dent junnie anj aki and geet were singing

Payal feeling shy in front of aki

And khushi couldn't sing due to arnie staring at her so intensely

Isn't he cute when he does that

Maan ne bhi kuch madad ki parr arnav toh chup hain

Aise nahin chalega arnav

Oh ho so they are stuck with letter D think peeps

Ahhh almost lost bride side but dev to rescue

Dev beta kya baat hai

Biwi ko impress karne mein hai aap

Lage raho beta

Arrey waah kya baat hai

Hmmm so dent had sung this song together in college  

And dev proposed NT on this song

That is so cute man

Ahhh they are reminiscing their college days and days full of romance

Not that they don't get to romance now parr tab ki baat hi aur thi kyun dent

I agree with the girls

Now they gotta sing it full then

Oh come on inki baat nahin maanege aap

Kitne pyaar se keh rahe hain maan jaiye

Dev does finally

 Come on NT you can do it its not like you haven't sung this before and now he is your hubby phir kaisi sharam

He nudged his wife and smiled at her.

Solid romance of dent kya baat hai

Haven't read of that for a while so happy that this is happening

 And she sings too for her hubby waah waah kya baat hai

Hmmm seeing them like this is so cute 

Bahut kuch hone laga re 

 Song plus dance what can be better

Haiyye kya song bhi chose kiya dent ne gaane ke liye

He must have remembered of his proposal right 

 I really have no words there man

Just the song for dent dear I can imagine them on this now

Aww they were lost in their own world and why not right

It brought back beautiful memories of their college days

And why not right

Bless they were so lost in those days for sure

Ahhh now raizadas are stuck

Aww and with song with S

They have sung all new popular songs it seems

Guess will have to start with older ones

Am sure there is something

Come on anj we know you can do it

Hmmm wonder which one she remembers

Very popular song it was once wonder which one

They were gonna start counting but she started the song

 Ahhh this song

Damn the one where I cant think of any other couple but the ones I mentioned before sorry

Pssst this song sure goes with arhi and maneet situation

 Such beautiful song and yet so emotional too

Boys thought it was over but of course not

Khushi sang the next lies

And boy is she bad singer or what

Hmmm well we cant have it all now can we

Sing and dance well

She cant sing well and that's that

 Even if she cant sing well wont matter will it

Bot to her to be kyun arnie

Poor them having to listen to her singing koi nahin

Geet bhi naa too much three much hai

She also gave company to khushi

 Singing off turn on prupose huh

That sure is cute man

Well I think so anyway

Ahhh yes this bit sure goes well for them

With the memories of the past

Which cannot be forgotten

Maan really you think you can forget them mate

That just aint possible man

And arnie no worries you will make more memories with her 

Your wish shall come true but thankfully not maan

Man I don't know why but at this moment this song nearly made me cry

I think going way too emotional

Why are the boys so much in hurry for this song to be over

Its such touching one man

I rather this song not be over

It just is saying of love so beautifully

Well it will end eventually

Though it may seem to be never ending dudes

Waise that line goes for maan

But he don't wanna hold it wants to break it don't he

Why complain just listen to it

Maan how long will you not melt as well we shall see

Wow this is long but so beautiful song 

Hmmm seems to be true in geet case she will melt but he wont 

 Ahhh khushi thinking of their love as dubta suraj while la and arnie as the one that is rising

Well I beg to differ there dear

Okay so once again off key singing

But payal didn't sing  

 Oh yeah why didn't she and I don't mean off tune singing on purpose

These girls are being naughty

Hey why not

Time to make the boys suffer 

I am loving this song too much now

 Cant stop myself from laughing seeing the girls like this 

 Aww it was over huh the song

The boys couldn't be happier

Hawww itna acha gaana tha phir bhi

Not again stuck are they

But khushi knows the song

Though first few lines

Go on payal you haven't sung so far

I wanna hear her too

As am sure aki is waiting for it too

Aisa kya gaana hai that she cant sing in front of her new family

Gaa dijiye payal itna bhi kya sharmana

Haarne se toh acha hi hai

Khushi has put her jiji on spot there hasn't she

Now payal will have to sing

Gaa dijiye warna team member ka attack hog a

Just sing payal stop being so shy please

I rather you guys not lose when you have a song

Good one mami

If not what annie said she will have to listen to her sasuma

Chaliye ab kuch nahin ho sakta ji

Mami bhi na khud sharam aa rahi thi parr ab payal ko jabardasti gaan gava rahi hai she is too much

Abb samjhe itna sharma kyun rahi thi yeh

She sings well

And it happesn to be her sajna ji fav song too

What a coincidence aint it

Waah kya baat hai

Hmm yeh toh payash ka fav ganna nikla

Waah kya milti hain inki choices

Maanna padega ji

Payal unhe kya ghoor rahi hai she didn't say anything wrong

Oh ho aki sure is listening with rapt attention there though

They are both gonna sing isn't that even better

Well its their fav so might as well naa

Nani you are so right

Chaliye ab kya sharmana

Ab toh sajna ke saath hai gaana

Payash singing together now this I didn't see coming so glad it happened

Oh ho very appropriate must say for payash too

Now its aki turn to sing for his sajni

Wow love this deut of their like dent song before this

Uff abhi bhi hai rahi itna shrmana

Ab kya kare zamana

Did I just rhyme there oh teri

Yeh kaise ho gaya ji

 Of course she is blushing with that line

Anyone in her place would do the same too

Haiyye I can imagine their wedding due to this song now

Hmmm interesting lines they sang there

Seeing them like this is so cute

And glad they can have their moment too 

I knew they complimented one another as it is

But didn't think it would go this far too

Even in signing they complement one another

Well I guess that was to be

After all its payash naa

Well am sure he wont leave her in any sad times

Waah kya lines thi

Inke maan ki baat gaane ke zariye haan  

Ahca that's why she is teary

Hmm I agree they are made for one another and are bound together

Waah kya baat hai

That was just fantastic

Love this antakshari part one

And there is another part to come too

Wow they were so into the songs the others that they didn't realise it was over

Hats off to them and taaliyan ClapClapClapClapClapClapfor these duo please

Well of course you guys are getting the loudest claps that was wonderful

And so it continues their game

Aur abhi toh bahut kuch hai baaki

When you say last letter it wont be arnie will it who sings

Well hope so he hasn't contributed much

Plus what better way than this to tell of his love to his afreen

Without the rest knowing about it

So let the games continue

And have fun filled night with DFL members

Cheers for pm 

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2014 at 11:46am | IP Logged
i like the first one
which is not the rapped version
but thats just me

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KReyAS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2014 at 11:50am | IP Logged
love all song awsome updt
cont soon
thnx fr pm

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