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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 114)

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don't make such faces i just feel like killing you

waiting for sunday to come

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Originally posted by piya27

don't make such faces i just feel like killing you

waiting for sunday to come
Who is making faces? I am confused!Confused 
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Day 1 at Sheeshmahal



     Geet ran down the stairs eagerly to have her first glance of Maan after nearly 10 days. As she neared the main door of the house her heart thudded in her chest. All the youngsters of Khurana-Raizada clan except NT were gathered on the threshold to welcome Annie, Arjun and Maan. She noticed Anjali hugging Annie and Arnav and Shyam shaking hands with Arjun. But there was no sign of Maan. She pouted. Mere Maan kahaan hai? She fiddled with the ends of her Duppatta while searching for Maan discreetly. Soon, Anjali asked the same question, "Maan Saab kahaan hai?" Geet looked on eagerly at Annie and Arjun for the answer. Annie frowned, "Yahin toh the!" Both of them looked around but they could not find Maan. After few seconds, Maan finally arrived and Geet's heart stopped. As others hugged him or shook hands with him, Geet continued to stare at him without blinking. Seeing him after nearly 10 days, Geet felt as if she was seeing him nearly after a decade. Above on that dressed in black Jeans and black shirt, Maan made her heart beat literally race. Haaye! Kaale rang se itna pyaar kabhi nahi hua jitna aaj ho raha hai! Suddenly, someone nudged her from side and she heard Arnav's voice whispering in her ear, "Motor mouth! Aur thode dair ghoorogi toh Di ko bhi poori kahaani pata chal jaayegi! Blink!" Geet looked away and blinked as Arnav's words registered in her brain. After few minutes, she looked back at Maan as Anjali mumbled, "Aayiye! Aap teeno ko hum aapka kamra dikhaate hain!" Geet's eyes widened. Uh oh! "NAHI!", she almost shouted and all assembled turned to look at her in confusion. Maan's eyes finally fell on her and he stared at her intensely but Geet did not notice. She started stuttering, "Mera matlab hai ki ... Haan ... aap kyun takleef kar rahi ho AD! Aap jaayiye aur Kanha ko dekhiye! Woh aapko miss kar raha hoga! In teeno ko room tak pahunchaane ke liye main aur Veere haina!" Aakash, who was standing behind her, cut her off with, "Main?", he looked at Geet in confusion. Geet and Arnav both turned around and glared at Aakash in unison and Aakash, seeing their glares, gulped, "Haan Di! Main hoon na!" Geet turned around and smiled sweetly at Anjali and Anjali shrugged, "Theek hai! As you wish!" Aakash and Geet beckoned Annie, Arjun and Maan and the trio followed the Raizada siblings while the rest of the clan members went off on their own. No one noticed Dev following Geet and the group. As they neared the floor Khuranas were staying, Geet whispered to Aakash, "Aap Annie aur Arjun ko unka kamra dikhaayiye main Maan ko dikhaati hoon!" Aakash nodded and took Annie and Arjun away. Maan stiffened at being left alone with Geet and looked at her suspiciously but Geet did not react and neither did she talk to him. Soon they reached his room and Geet pushed the door open and smiled at Maan. Maan ignored her and walked in. As he walked in Geet stood still waiting for the explosion. She did not have to wait long. "Yeh sab kya hai?", was Maan's first response when he first opened the wardrobe searching for his suitcase which he had sent along with Dev earlier. But when he opened the wardrobe, instead of finding a suitcase, he found all his clothes already arranged and that also the way he preferred. Naturally, Maan was shocked and looked at Geet with confusion. Geet gave him a sweet smile, "Maine kiya! Aapko achcha laga?" Maan felt happiness enter his soul at the thought of Geet arranging his clothes for him and he stared at her tenderly. Her words sent him back to the time when Soni had come to stay with his family and had selected clothes for him. Didn't she something similar to him at that time? He came out of his thoughts as the happiness gave way to anger as he remembered that his Soni was dead and this was Geet, not his Soni. He marched towards her and grabbed her arms. He pulled her close and glared at her, "Tumne meri cheezon ko haath lagaane ki himmat kaise ki?" Geet did not react to his anger leaving Maan baffled. She just smiled at him, "Arre! Main nahi karti toh kaun karta? Aap yakeen karo ya na karo par main aapse pyaar karti hoon aur aapki hone waali patni hoon. Aur yeh sab main roj karoongi. Aur yeh mera haq hai. Aap kya khud Babaji bhi Mujhe yeh sab karne se nahi rok sakte. Toh aap is sabki aadat daal lo." Maan left her arms and stumbled back as her words hit her. Those were the same words Soni had said to him a year ago.


      Maan's mind flashed to day when he had shouted at her for choosing clothes for him. Soni's words echoed in his ear, "Arre! Ek na ek din toh humaari shaadi honi hi hai. Toh honewala pati kahoon ya sirf pati, ki farak painda hai. Ab aap yeh sab chaddo. Aap tayyaar ho jaao varna der ho jayegi. Aur aapko Office derse jaana pasand nahi hai.", she informed him while he looked at her incredulously. She walked towards the door but stopped at the threshold. She turned around and told him, "Aur haan! Yeh sab main roj karoongi. Kyunki aap mere honewaale pati ho. Aur yeh mera haq hai. Aap kya khud Babaji bhi Mujhe yeh sab karne se nahi rok sakte. Toh aap is sabki aadat daal lo." Unknowingly Geet had said the same words Soni had said to him a year ago. He looked at Geet in shock. Hey Babaji! Yeh kya ho raha hai?


      Geet frowned at Maan's reaction and turned to walk away. Suddenly, Maan whispered, "Soni" and Geet's heart skipped a beat. She turned to look at Maan only to see Maan look at her with love in his eyes. She smiled at him breaking the spell and Maan masked the emotions in his eyes and looked away. Geet smiled; Main jaanti hoon Maan aap mujhse pyaar karte ho, bas darte ho! Don't worry! Main aapki life mein phirse aake rahungi! Maan got up and walked off to take bath wanting to avoid Geet. After few minutes of puttering around in Maan's room Geet walked outside. She met Dev outside who had listened to the argument and he grinned at her. Both of them high-fived each other and walked away. After a while, Maan came out of the bathroom with towel tied to his waist and stopped still in front of his bed. He stopped because right on his bed, his blue Jeans and white shirt was kept. He closed his eyes as he realized who had done this. Geet! Tum din badin Soni banti jaa rahi ho! Aisa chalta raha toh main apne aapko tumhaare hone se rok nahi paaunga! He trudged towards the wardrobe to pull out another set of clothes and changed into those. After few minutes, he pulled the clothes on the bed, hugged it and kept them inside.


     Geet smiled sadly when Maan arrived dressed in Black Jeans and Dark blue shirt instead of the one she chose. Koi baat nahi Maan! Kabhi na kabhi toh mere pasand ke kapde pehnoge hi na aap! Main us waqt ka intezaar karungi!



     Few hours later, the Guptas arrived on the doorstep of Sheeshmahal. The whole of Raizadas and Khuranas clan gathered to welcome them. While Paayal and Aakash smiled at each other the moment they saw each other, Amma and Buaji talked with the elders of the families, Lavanya looked around at the place and Khushi looked at everyone except Arnav. Paayal looked at Aakash and gave him a shy smile. Aakash signaled her to look at the hall. She frowned, looked around and it struck her that this was the place she met Aakash for the first time. She furiously blushed as she remembered how they had met and how Aakash had unknowingly proposed to her that time itself. Her cheeks turned fully red when Aakash mouthed to her, "Miss.Cham-Cham" Suddenly, Aakash was pulled out of his lala land when Geet pinched his check and playfully spoke, loud enough for the whole family gathered around to listen, "Veere? Bade pyaar se meri PB ko dekh rahe ho? Thoda pyaar shaadi ke baad ke liye bhi bachaake rakho. Ya sab abhi kharch kar doge?" Everyone laughed loudly as Aakash blushed mildly at Geet's words while Paayal hid her face in Khushi's neck who was standing nearby. Khushi frowned, "Arre! Humaari Jiji aur Jijaji ko chidhaayiye mat!" Aakash smiled at Khushi, "Dekho Geetto! Yeh hoti hai behnein! Tumhaari tarah nahi jo chidhaane nikle!" Geet's jaw dropped and she glared at him. Suddenly, Annie piped up, "Nahi nahi! Geet! Chaalu rakho! Main aur NT Bhabhi tumhaare saath hain!" NT nodded, "Arre! Aakash ko hum sab nahi chidhaayenge toh aur kaun chidhaayega!" Arjun put his arm around Aakash, "Aur waise bhi badi khichaayi ki thi isne meri jab meri aur Annie ki shaadi hui thi! Aur toh aur NT aur Dev ki shaadi mein Dev ko bhi nahi choda! Ab iski shaadi mein hum kaise ise chod dein!" Khushi huffed, "Theek hai! Aap Aakash Jiju ko chidhaayiye, humaari Jiji ko chod deejiye!" Aakash looked at her in shock. Anjali giggled, "Dekha Chutke! Chod diya na Saali ne saath!" Aakash pouted while Khushi and Paayal giggled. The whole family walked towards the hall giggling, laughing and chattering about the wedding. As Khushi passed Arnav, her eyes fell on him and Arnav felt his heart beat increase. Kitne dino baad tumhein dekh raha hoon main Khushi! Nahi! Khushi nahi! Meri Afreen! Khushi looked away and Arnav felt a pinch in his heart. Nazrein churaalo Afreen! Par ek din inhi nazron ko apne Arnav ko zindagi bhar dekhna hai! As Khushi walked away, Lavanya passed by him and gave him a smile. Arnav gave her a nod and mumbled, "Hi La!" Lavanya replied quietly, "Hi ASR!" Paayal, who was following La, frowned. Bas ek Hi mein kaam hogaya! Koi inhein dekhke vishwaas hi nahi karega ki yeh dono pati patni bannewaale hain! Lagta hai Lavanya se baat karni hogi!


    After chattering for a while being seated in the main hall, Anjali asked them to take some rest and settle down in their rooms. Geet piped up, "Haan! Haan! Kyun nahi! Di aap dono chachiyon ko kamre tak pahuncha dijiye! LB, PB aur Khushi ko main dekh loongi!" Anjali frowned not understanding Geet's motive behind her command but shrugged and took the ladies away. The three Gupta girls got up to walk away when Geet hollered, "Arre! AB! Veere! Kya kar rahe ho? Jaao Jaao! In teeno ko apne kamre chod aao!" Everyone got what Geet was hinting at and laughed loudly at her smart plan while Aakash and Paayal blushed furiously. All five walked off to the rooms while Geet giggled along with NT and Annie.


    After few minutes of walking, Aakash stopped and mumbled, "Bhai! Aap Lavanya aur Khushi ko unke room pahuncha dijiye! I will see to Paayal!" Khushi frowned but Lavanya and Arnav understood Aakash's plan and Arnav nodded. As the couple walked off, Khushi frowned, "Akele kya jaana? Rasta toh ek hi haina hum sab ke kamre ke liye?" Arnav shook his head at Khushi's naivette while Lavanya piped in, "Arre! Chamkeeli! Tum baat ko samajhti nahi ho! Ab toh Jiju ko thoda time lagega Di ko kamre tak pahunchaate hue!" Khushi looked at her in confusion but after few seconds she understood and blushed at the implications of Aakash's actions. After few seconds, they reached Lavanya's room and La excused herself and trudged off to lie down for a while as she was tired due to packing. Khushi nervously walked with Arnav to her room which was right beside Lavanya's room. They entered her room and Khushi looked around curiously. Suddenly, Arnav whispered in her ear, "Waise subah ka bouquet kaisa laga?" Khushi's eyes widened as she remembered the bouquet. She had forgotten about it totally due to the packing preparations and arriving here but now that Arnav spoke about it her anger surged inside her and she turned around. She glared at him with her hand on her hips. "Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Woh kya tha?" Arnav put his hands into his pockets adopting a look of nonchalance and shrugged, "What kya tha?" Khushi huffed, "Baniye mat! Aapne woh guldasta humein kyun bheja?" Arnav looked at her indignantly, "Arre! Kyun bheja matlab? Apni honewaali patni ko bouquet bhejna kya galat baat hai?" Khushi's jaw dropped as she stared at him, "Patni? Aapki honewaali patni humaari Lavanya Di hai, hum nahi!" Arnav shrugged again, "Aisa tumhein lagta hai! Lekin main toh pyaar tumse karta hoon aur shaadi bhi tumhi se karne waala hoon!" Khushi looked at him in horror, "Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe hain aap?" Her horror changed into anger, "Dekhiye Arnavji! Bas kijiye aapka yeh naatak. Khel khatam ho chuka hai! Aapne apna raasta chuna aur humne apna! Ab hum dono apne apne raaste chalenge, samjhe?" She pointed her finger at him as she gave him her best glare. Arnav just looked at her dreamily, "Haaye! Tum ghusse mein kitni beautiful lagti ho!" Khushi's jaw dropped again as Arnav's words took her back to the world when he used to flirt with her and she used to rebuke him. Hey Devi Maiyya! Inhein ho kya gaya hai? Itne ajeeb kyun bartaav kar rahe hain? Arnav smirked at her confused expression and took a step ahead. Khushi stepped back in shock. Arnav took two more steps ahead. As he smirked at her, Khushi absentmindedly wondered as to how could Arnav look so handsome in just a black T-Shirt and blue jeans. Khushi kept on walking back and her back hit the wall. Her eyes widened in shock as Arnav came close to her. He softly touched her cheek, "Main tumhein apna banaake rahunga Khushi!" Khushi shook her head, "Nahi! Hum aisa kabhi hone nahi denge! Agar aisa hua toh hum apna naam hi badal daalenge!" Arnav shrugged and smiled at her amused, "Good decision. By the way, how is Khushi Arnav Raizada as your new name? Waise bhi shaadi ke baad tumhein apna naam badalke Khushi Arnav Raizada hi rakhna hai!" Khushi looked at him in shock for few seconds and then she let out a scream and stormed away in anger while leaving behind a laughing Arnav. He never enjoyed himself the way he was enjoying right now.



     It was late night when the family gathered around in the hall. The elders along with Anjali and NT were sitting on the sofa and the younger generation took up bean bags and floor. They had just eaten their dinner and now everyone was having icecream or coffee and just enjoying the happy atmosphere around the house. Suddenly, Maami piped up, "Hello Hi Bye Bye! Aakash bitwa! Sing a song far yor madar (for your mother)!" Aakash looked at her, surprised at her request and Anjali nodded, "Haan haan Chutke! Kuch gaao! Jaao Baby! Apne Veere ka guitar le aao!" Geet nodded and walked away swiftly. Anjali continued while wagging her forefinger at Aakash, "Lekin galti se bhi sad song mat gaana! Sad song sun sunke hum sab bore ho chuke hain! Pata nahi jab dekho sad song hi kyun gaate rehte ho?" Everyone laughed at her words and Arjun piped up, "Di! Aap samajh nahi rahe ho! Itne din apni Dreamgirl se dur tha na isliye sad song gaa raha tha! Ab dekho! Paayal ko dekhke kya gaane gaata hai!" All laughed while Paayal and Aakash blushed. Geet came back and handed Aakash's guitar to him. Aakash took his guitar and smiled at it softly. He had many memories attached to it. Anjali cleared her throat and Aakash came out of his thoughts. Suddenly, Aakash frowned, "Waise har waqt main hi kyun gaaun? Humaare ghar mein toh ek aur singer hai. Use koi gaane ko kyun nahi kehte?" The Guptas and Khuranas looked on curiously wanting to know who Aakash was talking about. Anjali smiled mischievously, "Baat toh sahi kahi hai Chutke ne! Aakash hi kyun gaaye har waqt! Is baar humaari Baby gaayegi!" "Geet?", Daadima looked at her future poti-in-law in shock while Dev and NT smiled at each other. Maan on the other hand winced. He did remember once when he was trying to apologise to Soni, how she had sung in a horrible manner to annoy him. Hey Babaji! Sabke kaan phatne se bacha lena! Geet smiled shyly but shook her head refusing to sing. Anjali frowned, "Arre! Aise kaise mana kar rahi ho! Hamesha gaane ke liye excited hoti hai! Aaj kya hua?" Geet shook her head. Suddenly, she was overcome with shyness to sing in front of Maan. Aakash smiled and pleaded, "Geetto! Aaj apne Veere ke liye gaa de!" Soon, everyone started forcing Geet to sing. After a while Geet spoke up, "Theek hai! Theek hai! Main gaaungi! Lekin Veere ko bhi saath gaana hoga!" Aakash smiled and nodded. Everyone let out a cheer and Aakash positioned his guitar. Geet thought for few seconds and chose the song she wanted to sing. Everyone eagerly looked at her and she started singing with her eyes down and fingers fiddling with the ends of her Duppatta nervously.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se


Maan was shocked to hear her sing in such a pleasant voice.


Humko Pyaar Hai

Sirf Tumse


Everyone smiled at the choice of her song.


Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga

Phir Humse


She looked at Maan and shook her head subtly. Maan looked away.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se


Humko Pyaar Hai

Sirf Tumse


Everyone clapped happily as they enjoyed the song. Geet continued singing.


Log Kehte Hain Paagal

Hoon Main Yeh Bhi Na Jaanu


She shrugged and everyone smiled.


Dil Lutaaya Hai Maine

Ab Kisi Ki Na Maanu


She shook her head vigorously and pouted.


Chain Dekar Ke Maine

Bechainiyaan Yeh Lee Hai


She made a sad face.


Neendein Udaa Ke Maine

Tumse Wafaayein Ki Hai


She smiled at everyone around her and continued singing.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se


She looked at Maan with pleading eyes.


Jee Rahe

Hai Hum

Tere Dum Se


Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga

Phir Humse


Maan could not look away this time.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se


Humko Pyaar Hai

Sirf Tumse


Everyone clapped at her singing and Maan and Geet looked away. She nudged Aakash to sing his part. Aakash looked directly at Paayal as he started singing.


Kuch Ishaaron Mein Tumne

Humse Jo Yeh Kahaa Hai

Ab Yakeen Aa Raha Hai

Tumko Bhi Kuch Hua Hai


Paayal blushed at his words while Khushi and Lavanya elbowed her.


Kyun Tumko Dekhte Hain

Kya Dil Mein Sochte Hain

Toofan Jo Uth Raha Hai

Hum Usko Rokte Hain


Paayal stared at him with love in her eyes.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se


Aakash continued to look into her eyes as if there was no one around except them.


Yeh Milan

Hai Sanam

Ka Sanam Se


"Oye Hoye!", Arjun and Dev teased him and Aakash smiled sheepishly.


Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga

Phir Humse


Geet and Aakash started singing one by one.




Ki Kasam


Haan Kasam


Yeh Kasam


Di Kasam


Lee Kasam


Haan Kasam








Both started singing together.



Ki Kasam

Hai Kasam Se

Humko Pyaar Hai

Sirf Tumse

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga

Phir Humse


     Soon claps and cheers filled the room as everyone praised the duo for their singing.




Place - Lavanya's room at Sheeshmahal


     It was late night and Lavanya was sitting in front of the mirror brushing her hair when Paayal entered her room. "Arre! Paayal Di! Aayiye! Kuch kaam tha?", Lavanya spoke while looking at Paayal. Paayal gave a nervous smile and hesitated, "Kuch nahi... woh... bas kuch baat karni thi!" Lavanya frowned, placed her hairbrush on the dressing table and stood up, "Kis baare mein Di? Are you alright? You look nervous! Kuch problem hai kya? Are you having second thoughts about this marriage?" Paayal shook her head vigorously at the last line. No way! Second thoughts? Humaara bas chalein toh hum toh aaj hi Aakash se shaadi karlein! Lavanya huffed and dragged her sister to the bed and made her sit there. She sat on the bed beside Paayal and held her hand tightly, "Toh bolo na Di, baat kya hai?" Paayal took a deep breath and looked at Lavanya seriously, "Tum iss shaadi se khush toh ho na?" Lavanya looked at her in shock, "Yeh kaisa sawaal hai Di? Of course I am happy! Itne bade ghar ki bahu banne jaa rahi hoon. Aapke saath rehne waali hoon. What else do I want?" Paayal frowned, "Bahu aur meri baat kehdi par shaadi jisse kar rahi ho uske baare mein kuch nahi boli!" Lavanya looked at her amused, "Matlab?" Paayal cupped her face, "Matlab pagli yeh hai ki humein agar koi poochta ki hum is shaadi se khush hain ki nahi toh hum kehte hum khush hain kyunki humaari shaadi humaare manpasand ladke se ho rahi hai! Lekin tumhaara jawaab toh kuch aur hi hai!" Lavanya froze for a second as her sister's words pierced through the mask of happiness she was wearing for the world. Her expression changed to pain for a second but she masked it up and smiled. But her sister noticed the pain and spoke up, "Dekho Lavanya! Humse jhoot mat bolo! Humne dekha ki kaise tum aur Arnavji ek doosre se mil rahe the, baat kar rahe the. Tum dono kaun se bhi nazar se hone waale pati patni lag hi nahi rahe the! Humein tumhaari bahut chinta ho rahi hai Lavanya! Tum is shaadi ko nibhaaogi kaise hum samajh nahi paa rahe!" Lavanya rolled her eyes and stared at her sister, "Di! Aap bhi na ek baat ko kahaan se kahaan le jaate ho! Arrange marriages mein aisa hi hota hai Di! Time lagta hai ek duje ko samajhne ko! Aur ASR aur mujhe baat karne ko time hi kitna mila! Last whole year I was busy with my studies as it was my last year! Toh ASR ko phone toh kya unka naam bhi sochne ko time nahi tha! So we did not talk as much as you guys did! So we did not connect that much! But don't worry Di! I am sure main aur ASR shaadi ke baad sab handle kar lenge! You stop worrying!" Paayal bit her lip and looked at Lavanya worriedly, "Pakka na?" Lavanya huffed, "Yes Di! Infact I promise you ki agar shaadi ke baad kuch problem hua toh main sabse pehle aapke paas aaungi!" Paayal smiled at her. She cupped Lavanya's face with her both hands and kissed her forehead, "Devi Maiyya tumhein hamesha khush rakhe!" Paayal walked out of the room with relief in her heart. Her sister was fine!


    Lavanya kept on smiling till her sister walked away. Once Paayal was out of the room, her smile slid of her face and she sighed softly. Ab main aapko kaise bataaun Di? Ki aaj bhi main apna toota hua dil liye ghoom rahi hoon! Mujhe toh laga tha ki main ASR ka haath thaam kar is dil ke dard se ubhar jaaungi! Lekin ASR ne toh kabhi apna haath diya hi nahi! Is ek saal mein hum dono ne ek doosre se sirf do baar baat ki! She felt tears course through her cheeks but she wiped them away. Par ab main is shaadi ko rok bhi nahi sakti kyunki ab sirf badnaami hogi! Mujhe badnaami se darr nahi hai! Badnaami hoti hai toh hone do! Atleast hum dono khush toh honge! Is unhappy marriage se toh badnaami better hai! Par iske baad main jaaungi kahaan? Mera saath dene waala bhi toh koi nahi! Toh jab zindagi ka hi koi bharosa nahi toh kyun main is mauke ko haath se jaane doon! Bhale hi mujhe ASR ka pyaar na mile par ek achcha parivar, apni Di ka saath aur ek behetar zindagi toh milegi na! I have to be happy with this because I don't have any other option. Lavanya took a deep breath and went to sleep. What she did not know was that next day she will have her option under the same roof! But the main question is then what will she do? Only Devi Maiyya knows!






For those who have forgotten the older chapters (which is possible coz I wrote the first chapter nearly two years back) here are the details about the older chapters I am referring to in the story.


1. The scene which Maan is referring to when he thinks of Soni after Geet sets his wardrobe is in Chapter 21! Do read it coz it is one of my best written scenes in comedy!

2. The scene where Payash first time met is in Chapter 3!

3. The scene mentioned by Maan about Soni singing horribly is in Chapter 16!





The song is from the movie Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon (Year ) sung by Chitra and Shaan picturised on Kareena Kapoor Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.





NK makes his entry and entertains everyone.

So tune in to DFL next week coz Nk is here to stir up things!


Take care and enjoy the Sunday,


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This is it man

They are all here

All the players of this game that is about to begin

And the games from raizada siblings gotta be good

As maan and khushi are not gonna make it easy for them

Especially maan since he is being MSK

Wow what a surprise you gave us

So glad you did this dear

Ahhh the day she was waiting for

Now that she has the go ahead from his family she aint gonna back out is she

Go geet show maan that his soni is still there in his geet

And that he cant keep running from his love anymore

Ahhh the day she was waiting for is finally here

Geet ke piya jo aa rahe hai

Jinko inhone pechle 1o din se naa dekha hain

Toh deedar karne ke liye toh daudti huyi hi ayengi naa yeh

Oh ho seems that all have been waiting for the trio to come

But none more than geet

As she has been waiting for this moment to see her love again

After such long time too

So whats its only 10 days

When you are in love even a second is too much

Here she hasn't seen him for 10 days

Socho kya haal hua hoga inka

Even I wanna know inke maan kahan hain

Ek toh she has been waiting so long for him

And he isn't here that is bound to make her sad yaar

Toh maan babu aaye zaroor hain

Chalo acha hai

Someone has been waiting for him and is being restless

Jab dekho tab kahin naa kahin gayab ho jaate hain yeh

Oh ho kya baat hai

Aa gaye geet ke piya

Geet really cant stop looking at him

Can you blame her though

Like I said it seems that she hasn't seen him since ages

Bechari ko unhe apni aankhon mein toh bhar lene do ji

Oh ho maan aap toh chaa gaye

Kya kaher dhaa rahen hain aap geet parr

Man is she drooling over him or what yaar

Kya baat hai

Dammit yaar arnie why on earth did you stop her from her drooling session

But he was right to do so

If anj found out inki bhi shaadi ki taiyyari kar dengi

And that would be bad

Not that them marrying is bad but till he himself commits to his love again then no point naa

Parr keh toh aise rahe hain jaise khud khushi ko nahin tadaa ho inhone

Who toh lucky hain ki koi inhe nahin pakad pata

Well he sure woke her up from that stupor

Geet what was that nahi for dear

Sab ko chaunka ke rakh diya inhone

Kya yaar jo notice karna tha who toh geet ne notice hi nahin kiya

Geet he was looking at you for his fill of you but damn yaar yeh aap ne nahin dekha

Would have given her hope right that she is getting to him but nope not gonna happen I gues

Waah kya baat taali inhone

Geet bahane banna toh koi aap se seekhe ji

Uff yeh ladki naa kya kahen

Aki ko bhi apne saath le liya bechare inke veere

Nahin padosi ko bula rahi hain

Sach mein aki pay attention dude

That was so funny but not for poor aki though the way geet and arnie glared at him

Bechara ek arnie kam tha kya that now geet too is glaring at him

Phew that was good save there

Dev bhi cha diye

Well someone gotta keep an eye on maan naa

Hmmm toh geet ne apne veere ko jun or ann ke sath bhej diya

Well she needs some time with him too

Maan of course wasn't too happy about this

But then he cant really do much about it either right

Yaar yeh maan na kuch zyada hi shaq karne lage hain

Though he isn't wrong to be suspicious of her

Maan you never disappoint her mate

Wow she knows him so well by now

She knew he will burst on her when he saw that someone (geet) had already unpacked his clothes and other luggage

Dude who else will do all this for you but your soni mate

Remember she used to do this before and is doing it again

But he was happy that she did all that for him

Why else would she do it again

Duh she is trying to make you see that she is that soni

Now just that much more bold of course

Of course he isn't gonna melt with just this is he

Dude your soni isn't dead

Did he just think she is dead

Toh samne kaun khada hai maan

Geet is soni and soni is geet

But guess that's not gonna go in his mond for now

What to do with this dude yaar

Don't tell me he is into man handling a women too

And I thought only arnie did that obviously not

Abb yeh naa haath lagayengi toh kya padosi lagayega

Is he really saying this to her

Of course he is hey babaji kya karein inka

Oh hello now she wont react to your anger

Wanna know why

Well maybe because she knows why you are being angry with her

Not because you are really mad but more because she reminded maan of his love which forgot him

Kya jawab diya hai geet ne maan ko

Waah kya baat hai kudiye

Sach hi toh kaha

Ab itna haq toh hai naa hone waali patni ka

Yeh haq aap inse nahin cheen sakte maan

Heheh way to tell him that you will do this every day no matter what

Arrey waah she even went to say no one can stop her from doing this

Not even babaji waah kya dialogue maara hai

Waise aadat toh maan daal hi dijiye

After all shaadi hone ke baad bhi yehi hona hai maan babu

Dude she means these words and this time there aint no stopping her

So don't even try okay

Even if you do she still wont give up

Not now when she knows how much you need her in your life really

Wow she may not remember what she said to him but she said the same thing again man

Don't that say anything to you maan

That no matter how much you run away from her she will come after you

She forgot you but not your love

Back then also you scolded her and now too

And her answer was the same then and even now

Maan dude your soni and now geet are one and the same

She is still alive so don't try to kill her

Even then she tried to make him see sense and now too

Soni ho ya geet hai toh apka hi pyaar

Even then she got to know and now too

Actually now she knows more about him

Beta yeh woh ho raha hai jo hona chahiye

Basically the inner soni in geet is coming out

And this time she isn't gonna listen to your no to their love

This time she isn't gonna give over

Her saying the same words kuch hua nahin

Hua naa parr maan bhi toh ek number ke adiyal hai naa

Basically that was action replay of your past with geet

Soni hi geet hai

But that illusion wont stay with him for too long

As he thinks soni is no more

But what he doesn't know that this is new and improved soni who will go that much further to make him see sense no matter what

Maan and his ability to turn off his emotions so quickly damn them

Dude wake up will ya

Chalo chaddo ab dekhte jayiye geet kya karti hain aap se apne pyaar ki sachaayi ke liye

You that's the spirit sweetie

Don't give up you have to be in his life he needs you and so do you

Man weird aint it that MSK is afraid except it isn't MSK who is afraid but maan in him

That once again his heart shall be broken

Well this fear of his needs to be replaced and soon it will be better for them both naa

Lets see you avoid her now though

She is gonna be near you 24x7 in a way

How long will you avoid mate

Dev and geet just love their bonding

What didn't happen before now did happen

Their bonding with one another she had bonded with NT but now with dev too cool naa

Beta maan aap ko abhi bahut shocks lagne baaki hain ji

Damn what a sight and no one to check him out either

Sorry am just drooling over that please don't kill me geet and kappa

Koi nahin ek din aayega that this will be her as in geet's view every day

That's why she is working hard to get him to open his heart

Okay not just for this but so she is with him forever

Ke huya maan babu aisa kya dekh liya bistar mein

Oh ho this is why he stopped

She took out his clothes just like she used to

Yes maan who else but geet

And she is becoming soni but with improvement mate

Toh kisne kaha hai rokne ko aap ne aap ko maan

Aap unke hi hain toh unhi ke hi banege naa

Kab tak ladte rahenge hum bhi dekhte hain

Now that geet has made it her mission to make you love her just like you used to

Of course he didn't wear those clothes

And that was obvious too but that wont change much

Maan kya karein aap ka

Ek taraf unhe apne aap se door karte hain

Parr doosri taraf aap unke paas rehna chahate hain

Kyun apne aap ko aisa dard de rahe hain maan

Chaddo abhi inse kuch kehna hi fisool hai

She knew he wouldn't have worn the clothes she kept for him

Though she was sad but she is still determined with her mission

After all she knows he will be hers and she will be his

And after marriage he shall be wearing the clothes that she chooses for him

Okay toh guotas abhi tak nahin pahunche the

Duh of course they didn't

Man memory is weak I forgot that they were packing for this

When our ASR had sent her as in khushi those flowers

Making her both happy to see her fav and mad that he dared to send her flowers like that to her home and also with what he said in the message

Ahhh so all are here now

Chalo sheeshmahal toh bhar gaya hai

And all the lovers are near one another

Well except for la of course but you are working on that too

So that's okay if she is without anyone here for now

Hmm payash ka ho raha hai nain mataka

Well the poor things haven't had the chance to see one another for ages

At least with maneet and arhi though things are not on track with their love story but at least they could see the ones they love

And payash who are the only couple who got their love haven't had the chance to be with one another

Well that thankfully is now remedied

So la checking out sheeshmahal amma buaji talking to elders

And of course khushi trying to avoid a certain someone

 Haiyye payash ka romance is so cute

I know its nothing on level with the intensity of maneet and arhi

But it has its own charm too

The cuteness of it all

See she did remember where you guys met

As her blush is telling you

Waise aki aap ko daad deni padegi

Sab ke samne khullam khulla payal ke saath flirt karr rahe hain

Well flirting of a kind aint it

And no one noticed it that I really do doubt

I know aki really didn't waste his time did he

He proposed then and there

And also made sure the family knew about them too

So at least this way he got his girl unlike his bhai who didn't say anything about his love and look what happened there

Miss cham cham oyye hoyye

I knew it aki ko koi naa koi toh pakde ga hi

And who else but our very own geet right

Geet I have to give it to you

Every time you manage to get your veere

Bechara chup ke se romance karr rahe the payal ke saath

Who bhi sabke saamne parr pakde gaye apni choti behen ke haathon

And she made sure that all knew of his romancing with payal

Waise geet ne toh theek hi kaha naa

Thoda pyaar shaasi ke baad ke liye bhi bacha lijiye

But geet this is love yaar woh thodi naa kabhi khatam ho sakta hai

As you very well know from your own experience

But this scene was so funny

Poor aki getting caught like that

Payash toh sharam se pani pani hog aye the

Geet bhi naa kya baat hai inki

Khushi of course came to their rescue of course

Not wanting to let her jiji and jiju be teased more

Aki not fair yaar khushi ne abhi nahin taang kheechi toh kya hua

Baad mein woh bhi karengi beta abhi abhi toh aayi hain

Am with ann here go one geet don't stop yaar

Waise bhi aise maukke baar baar nahin milte

Oh ho ann and NT are with her

Not just in teasing but also for her

See maan she is getting along with your family too

But I digress there

Aki did ya really think you can escape the teasing

Aur waise bhi abhi aap ki baari hai

When maneet get married and arhi too you can do the same to them too mate

They are so right yaar

Its his turn to be teased

He didn't spare jun ann

Not to mention dev and NT then why would they spare him

Khoob khichaai kariye inki

Bade aaye don't tease me

Gosh this is so cute and funny naa

Poor aki he is doomed

Inke saath toh koi nahin

Am sure even khushi wont be with him now

And she wasn't but she said to spare her jiji

This girl so cute right when she says things like this

Sorry aki you are on your own

And this time you are doomed mate

Sab ne saath chod diya aap ka

Aur kyun naa chode bachu

Aap ne bhi sab ki khichayi kit hi ab inki baari aayi hai toh kaise chod sakte hain yeh aapko

Awww I just loved this scene

And why not right after all it had raizadas guptas and khuranas joking relaxing chilling

It certainly beat the sad mood of them all

Time for them to be happy again aint it

Slowly slowly the sad and bad days are over and don't I just love that

Dukh bhare din beet gaye bhaiyya such bhare din aayo re

Sorry for digressing again dear

Kya karein aadat ho gayi hai ab

Oh ho khud toh geet ko roka tha maan ko ghoorne ke lioye

Aur jab khud bhi wohi karr rahe hain tab kuch nahin

Well arnav aap ki bhi wohi halat hai jo geet ki

Parr yahan mamala kuch zyada hi pechida hai

As here you are engaged to her sister to be married

At least maan is free bird there

Haan bhaiyyi aap ki afreen

Aur kiski hongi ji

Haan who baat aur hai ki she is mad at you and she has all the reasons to be so

Ab pata chala naa jab jisse aap pyaar karte hain who apna muh phere aap se

When you did the same to her then you didn't think how she would have felt

Now suffer at least half of what she did mate

But yes he is right there too

Zindagi bhar toh arnav ko hi dekhna hai inhe

Till then just stare at her on the sly mate

Awww la at least is trying

Well seems neither are interested in this marriage

As payal found out for herself

I know they both don't love one another but payal is thinking how on earth will they know one another if this is the case

Sorry payal but its not gonna happen

They wont get married

So even if you talk to la wont make much difference

But of course as the elder sister its her duty to talk to her younger sibling about it

I know right lagta nahin ki la aur arnav ki shaadi hone jaa rahi hai

Aur hogi bhi nahin

Inke rajkumar toh abhi tak nahin aaye hain ji

Parr jald who bhi aa jayenge

Hmmm geet is taking her bhabhis with her huh

Waise la toh inki bhabhi hongi nahin

Parr she cant say that now can she that she knows about that

Lets not let the family know till arnav manages to make it alright for them

And hopefully for la too

Aur waise bhi apni bhabhiyon ko bhi janne ka maukka milna chahiye geet ko

Anj its better you not know whats cooking in geet mind dear

At least not yet

Oh ho geet aap toh bas mahan ho

Giving time to the love birds

Parr khushi toh aap ki bhabhi nahin hai

Uff yeh toh jhamela hai bhai

Geet payash got their time together

But arhi and la that's bit complicated still

Yeh geet bhi naa chodhti nahin hai kissi ko bhi

Inke bhi baari aayegi

Tab yeh log bhi naa isse chode

Hmmm geet NT and ann really are having fun at payash expense

Waah kya scene hai

Ek taraf gharwali aur ddosri aur saali

But which is which according to whom only time shall tell right

Yahan arnav ke saath hai solid confusion

Jisse unki shaadi hone waali hai who unse pyaar nahin karte

Aur jisse pyaar karte hain who unki saali hain

Of course he wont think that way right

Hmm must give it to aki bhole dikhte hain parr hai nahin

So he wants some time with payal of course he does

As it is he hardly gets time with him

Bless khushi is so cute when she is nave aint she

La and arnav got it but she didn't

Of course she didn't that's what makes her khushi

Bless she even went and asked why they had to go alone

Inki issi adaa pet oh arnav maarte hain

La had to explain it to khushi why payash wanted to be alone

Uff samjha kariye khushi

Yes of course unhe time lagega

Agar who dono kabhi room mein pahunchenge tab naa

Chalo jail khushi ki dimaag ki batti

So cute how she was shying away when she got it

Ahhh la went to her room to rest

Just arhi but not too far either her room

Just next door

But its not the distance that matters does it

Not when arnav is with khushi

And we all know how this guy is back being in his teasing and naughty mood

Kaisa laga bouquet hmm interesting question

Well not really but its something

Bahut acha laga parr jab realise huya ki yeh bouquet kisne bheja hai well you know what her reaction would have been mate

Khushi khui gussa apne arnavji se

Sorry abhi inke nahin hai yeh

Hey he asked such question that was bound to make her angry

She forgot about it all but now that he reminded her of course khushi back to being angry

Haiyye kitni cute lagti hai jab gussa karti hai

And arnav being in teasing mood isn't gonna give her the satisfaction is he

Bless that got him didn't it

Going on to explain why he sent it

After all apni hone wali patni ko bheja koi gunaah toh naa kiya

Except she isn't his bride to be such shame that

And he knows this fact very well too

Though he is right form his pov as is khushi

We all know he will never marry la but khushi

Khushi will not accept that either

Not when its about her sister

If he didn't say that he loves her and will marry her I would have really killed him

No really I would have had he not said that he loves her and will marry her only

Khushi sweetie don't you know arnie by now he does things he shouldn't

Jitna aap inhe manaa karengi kuch karne ko utna yeh wohi

Yeah as if he will listen to her there

She will say we will go two different ways and he will go

Khushi yaar you cant be that nave either can ya

Yeh inse itne gusse se baat karr rahi hain aur yeh kya keh rahe hain

Haiyye kya baat hai lover boy is back baby

So cute he was just being dreamy seeing her this angry

So true she does look more beautiful when angry and especially when she is mad at you mate

Sweetie he is being the lover boy he was

The one who loved you

Not that arkdu ASR my dear

Kya karein kuch toh karna padega taaki aap inhe phir se ek maukka de de inhe

He is being devilish aint he with her

Of course if not with her then whom will he be devilish be with

Hmmm not their one step ahead one step back dance yaar

That's always fun to see errr sorry read

Oh ho so he is looking smashing in casual huh

Of course she will notice him man

Ufff why is it always a wall behind

Because eventually there will be a wall wont it

Hmmm arnav is determined aint he love him for that

Well of course inhe apna nahin banayenge toh kya padosi ko banayenge

Aur waise bhi yeh aapki hi hain

But soon she will be yours legally too

Khushi do you really think you will be able to stand against him dear

Naam badal denge acha

Parr naam toh waise bhi change ho jaana hai

To mrs khushi arnav singh raizada like he said in the bouquet and now too

Sounds good don't it

And has a nice tune to it too hehehe

Too true arnav she will change her name

Waise not necessary that she change her name

Unless is it compulsory in India which I don't think so

But knowing khushi she will change her name after being married to you

Bless he sure drove her mad there

And he is back baby

Back to being lovey dovey again

Against whom she couldn't win back then and cant win again

He loves riling her up don't he

Of course he does

Aur inhe haq bhi hai

Abhi toh utna nahin hai jitna shaadi ke baad hoga

But then not that long for that either

Kappa sweetie just love these scenes more and more

Its again nice to see them all together again

Before the mishaps that changed the lead protagonists lives of course

Hmm icecream damn woman did you have to mention that

Sorry for digressing but icecream hmmm

Hain maate inki maate ne song request ki

This is new aint it

Never had her request it so far yaar

And even anj wanted to hear him sing me too

He sings pretty well as we already know

I know no more sad song yaar

Not when the atmosphere is finally getting to be happy and cheerful again

Though the song the sing is sad too in its own way

But not as much as the other ones I guess

You are gonna use the same song right of course you will

Hum bhi sad songs sunn karr bore hog aye the Anj

Hmm yeah why he was singing sad songs so much then

But then jun gave the reason didn't he

And that does make sense

Must have been missing his miss chum chum

So unki yaad mein sad songs gaa rahe the bechare

Kyun beta aki yehi baat thi naa

Tab hi aap sad sad songs gaa rahe the

Man payash ki toh sab tang kheech rahe hain aaj kal

But why not chotte and his bride to be

No one is paying attention to those two

Sahi kaha aki ne

Harr baar yehi kyun gaaye

Now that there is another singer in the family man

Of course guptas and even the khuranas don't know about the seconf singer in the family

She never had the chance to sing before naa shame

Anj you go put her on spot light

Of course time for geet to sing for her maan

Ji geet aapki pota bahu she can sing pretty well

Maan I think she can sing pretty well

That time she must have sung in bad voice just to annoy you

You know what your soni was like right

And if she does sing that bad don't you think her family would recommend her

After all they too wouldn't want their ears to be hurt naa

Geet aap itni shy kabse hone lagi

But then before maan the one she loves wans there naa

Come on geet sing for us yaar

You know you wanna

And maybe just maybe maan will be impressed with your singing there

She was being shy there to sing in front of maan I knew it

But of course with so many people forcing her she will have to sing

I too wanna hear her sing properly this time

And she finally agrees haiyye kya baat hai

But with her veere signing with her too

Of course he will have to sing the male bits naa

Woohoo songs from geet and her veere

And what a choice of song right

Perfect for her ditaution

And also arhi man

Waah kya song chose kiya kappa ne

Hah she sure shocked her maan

See told ya she sings pretty well

Maan was shocked to hear her sing in such a pleasant voice.

You know with the song selection I don't know what to write

Should I skip it or not

But then I decide not to skip

And somehow manage to write something

Beta maan samjhe naa kahe geet yeh gaana gaa rahi

Even am clapping here while writing

Waise so true the lines there naa

Aur manna bhi nahin chaiye ji

So sad that she has to him to love her back

Maan yaar you are making it so hard for her and us

But then we cant blame him either

Of course that hit everyone in the hearts right

It did with me too

So now aki time

Hmm I think that one is my fav when they both sang

Oh ho kya kya ishare mein kaha payal ne ji

Poor payal unki khoob khichayi ho rahi hai

And after aki said those lines even more

So cute those lines are for him

Oho ki gal hai aki putta

Aur bhi hain wahan beta

See told ya aur bhi hain they were bound to make fun of you

Yup this is myy fav bit in the movie shame even here the ones who are in love with one another cant sing koi nahin

Waah waah kya baat hai ji

Payal has come to ask her things between her andarnie right

But of course she is hesitant to say anything

Payal why are you so hestitant though I can guess why

But this has to be done naa

La don't be silly her having seconds thoughts about this wedding she is the only one who got her love why would she have second thoughts

I know right payal inka bas chalet oh jald se jald inse shaadi kar le

But she sure has la confused

 She went in for the kill there

Now what will la tell her

Is she really happy no not really

And if she were to find out about arhi being in love she will be more sad naa

Hope she doesn't find out till she finds her rajkumar

La who are ya teeling this to yourself or payal dear

Payal is trying to ask about you and arnie

Considering its not payal who will be your hubby naa

Ahh she got la there

What will she tell her sister now

Can she tell her anything at all

Man no one saw her sadness that she hid behind her smile too

That she too isn't happy with this relationship that she is being bound onto but she didn't say anything either

Thank god that payal got that she isn't happy with this

You cant hide this forever dear

Even I think the same la and arnie getting married that just couldn't be seen

Mujhe bhi la ki hi chinta hai

Arhi ka kuch na kuch ho jayega aur maneet ka bhi

Parr la ka kya but then nk is coming for her right

Though what la said is true too

She hasn't had the time to get to know him

Being busy with her studies and him well being ASR

And I doubt you guys will connect much now either

Though am sure that aint gonna happen

Jab shaadi hi nahin hogi toh sambhalegi kya ji

Hmmm well she cant tell her sister even if they don't get along but thankfully it wont come to that

Sorry payal she isn't fine but just pretending to for your sake and that of others something like what khushi is doing

Poor la man I feel so bad for her

So she is still heart broken over her ex huh

Who was that guy man

Mille toh sahi uski toh aisi ki taisi

Sorry sweetie parr ASR ka toh khud dil toota hua tha

Who kya aap ko iss dard se umbahrenge

Well he was too busy with his heart break that he forgot that he has a fiance

And with khushi being on his minf la he didn't realise that you too need him

Toh sab ne zindagi bhar rona ki thaan li hai huh

Ahhh it isn't that what she is worried about

But where she will go if this marriage don't happen as she doesn't have anyone

Well worry not that shall be remedied and soon

Sorry dear you have your option now

And he is coming but will you really take that option

And really pariwaar ka achaar daalna hai

Hey khushi aur la ka kya bolen ji

Chalo chaddo don't have to worry about that we have nk coming in right

Cheers for pm

And so sorry for the delay

Please don't kill me

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sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...Big smile...loved the song is one of my favt song...Embarrassed

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Geet Raizada your lover has finally come. She was so excited to see Maan after 10 days, looking everywhere for maan but not finding him. She was like maan where are you? And what a timing that Anjali asked at the same moment asking about maan Saab. Hahah he sure as hell made his entry. Geet couldn't stop looking at him, gaping! Hahah
And arnav is like motor mouth close your mouth before Di finds out about it.
OMG it made me laugh how she screamed out of no where, first I was like maybe because of what Arnav said she screamed but then how she was like to Anjali that she'll show them their rooms, then I was like oh okie. Ahahha bringing akash into this, and when akash was like "I am" hahha arnav and geet both glared at him. I wish it actually happened in real life, I would've laugh my ass off.

Making Akash take Annie and Arjun to their room, and Geet alone taking Maan to his room. OMG my favourite seen of all, where she has all his clothes ready and all. Maan singh Khurana your honewali patni will not leave you alone, and you should be prepared for whatever Is to come your way ahh.

Unknowingly she said the same words as soni said, it's so cool. He Is in love with her but scared as well. He was so mesmerized by her but then he came back to his senses. Awee Geet don't be sad, like you said some day soon he will wear wear the clothes you choose for him and maan singh khurana you better unless you want to face Geet wrath.

Geet always finds a way to embarrass Akash so much! Lol miss Cham Cham you're back to the plae where your honewale pati proposed to you at the first glance. That's what you call love, look at the girl and know right away you want to spend every moment of your life with that person.

Hahaha Arnav, Akash. I just love geet in this chapter, how she is always taking someone with her to show the rooms. Khushi is so confused about why Akash took PayAl with him, and arnav is like my innocent afreen.

Most awaited seen of arnav and khushi. Have to say loved every moment of it. Arnav teasing her and all. And obviously the name change "Khushi Arnav Raizada" ohh I can't wait for that to happen.

I totally understand what PayAl is worrying about if anyone even looks at Lavanya and Arnav they'll be like "them? Those two people are the ones getting married to eachother?"

OMG OMG!!! That is my favourite song!!! Hahaha when everyone was like telling geet to sing and maan is like oh no, she going to eat everybody's head with her singing. Hahah love that scene and how shocked he was when she started singing, he must've been like "damn she's a good singer, not bad"

Perfect song chosen for the situation. Haha I'm going to download that song and listen to it. It totally describes what Geet is going through.

Awe PayAl worried about Lavanaya. But if you look at it, it's really hard for Lavanya as well. She is still heartbroken about her breakup. About the person she loves and on top of that Arnav is not even approaching her with good signs, like talking to her and all. But why would Arnav do that, he loves Khushi not Lavanya.

Well Lavanya wait and watch, tomorrow is going to be a big day for you. Someone is coming from your past and you will be shocked. Can't wait for Nk entry. Because this will be like a intermission for me. Nk entering! Key point.

Thanks for the update. Thankfully I read the update as soon as you posted it. What can I say I was so excited to read ahead. Loved it as always. Thanks for the pm =)

Love you

I had forgotten to wish, So Happy Holi, and hopefully you enjoy :)

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2014 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it
Thanks for the pm

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Maaneet099 IF-Rockerz

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Babaji... kuch kuch ho raha hai ;)
Maan didn't wear the clothes kept by Soni... ullu kahin ka. how could he doubt his Soni would leave him. Magar koi gal nahi... Geet Baby hai na... sab kuch teekh kar degi ;)

i love the song. was watching the movie yest... haha I lurvee Hrithik and Kareena in this although their acting in this is a tad bit over :p

Great update!

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