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so so nice update doc so anjali try ur charm n luck to rahul LOL arhaan won't be urs because he is pooja's arhaanEmbarrassed
precap sounds interesting so time has been come to accept their relationship in front of family
update soon yaar

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Originally posted by Snigdha_Khanam

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dancing thru... 

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Lovely Update Big smile

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 remember me?

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Part 12:
After 3 days-
PG:Pls do something...if you don't then I will do something weird I swear..Dead
AB:Chill!!you won't do anything..let me think..
PG:We don't have time to think...let's go and inform dad about our marriage..then only he'll understand..
AB:what nonsense..u want to humiliate him infront of everyone??
PG:No..we'll tell him personally..not infront of everyone...
PG:but what??don't worry about media...Dad  won't disclose this to media.. I promise u..
He could see how much upset she was..
AB:Ok...let's go..
thanks a lot...PG held his hands and started walking..he followed her...
they went towards her dad..
Wow my daughter is looking like a doll today..god bless u...then he noticed Arry...arey both of u together??what happened??
PG:We want to say's really important..pls listen dad..
Sure dear..but nothing is important today than ur engagement...let's finish it first..then we will talk...
PG:NO u have to listen to me pls..let's go from's noisy place..
No I cant go anywhere now..Samir &his family has arrived...Arey u could spent time with ur friends come with me..Hey Arhaan enjoy the party...ok..?
Can I take her with me??
AB n PG looked at each other..
Yah sure..Confused
PG was shocked..Shocked
Her dad took her left hand in his hand and pulled her towards him...AB was still holding her right hand tightly..
PG dad noticed they're holding each other's hands..He didn't say anything to Ab...He stared at Ab and just said-let's go Pooja??AB realised then he has to leave her hand..He left PG hand..
PG n her dad were about to leave the place...PG gazed at AB..
Uncle I wanna say something..pls give me one min..
PG was relieved hearing this..
PG dad turned to AB-Sure..what??
I wanna say...
someone put one hand on PG dad shoulder from the back...It was Samir...
Hey uncle whats up...
Hi r u??
Yah good..whats going on here?
nothing much...btw Meet Arhaan..Pooja's friend and co-actor as well...
Arhaan-He is Samir..
S:Hi dude..I know u..I saw u on're a brilliant actor indeed..
S:BTw Uncle i didn't know u'd invited pooja's friends too in this secret party...Wink
No only Arhaan is here...none else..Embarrassed
S:Oh ok...whats up poojaEmbarrassed??
PG:Still alive...
S:So let's go to the center!!my parents are waiting for u there...
PG dad:Yah sure let's go...Pooja come dear..
AB looked down..he was feeling helpless...he had no courage to meet PG eyes..
PG:U both go..I am coming..
PG dad n Samir left..
PG:so u will be silent??I m not gonna wear the  ring..thats final...I will do something..
AB:Pls..No need to  create a scene here..don't do anything wrong that u will regret for it  later..
PG:What do u mean??U want me to continue all this nonsense??
AB:No..u just stay will be better for us..I will do something..
PG:Will u??
AB:Oh come on why m i here??to enjoy the party of ur engagement??u just go and stand next to him...thats what ur dad wants now...don't u trust me?
PG:Yah i do...tears rolled down her cheeks...she was about to hug him but he stopped her by saying it's not right place...&pls don't cry...ur tears makes me go..
They shared an eyelock...then pg left..
After 30 mins:
AB-PG dad convo:
What u wanna say actually??tell me??feel free to say..u r not liking Samir??He is wrong person for Pooja u think??
AB:Not like that...but look at Pooja...she is not happy...pls don't force her..
PG dad:U r saying this to me Arhaan??Don't u know why am i doing all this??I Want her to lead a happy life..and trust me she'll be
happy with him...and i know she's not happy now but after somedays she'll be fine with it..she needs sometimes only..thats it...I know my daughter..
Now I have to go...we can't delay the function...
He turned to leave..
AB just closed his eyes...and said-but me & Pooja...
After hearing it pg dad turned to face him-U&Pooja??
What's going on here???-someone said it very loudly...everyone could hear his was RSA..
PG dad,AB,PG and everyone looked at the main door ...they were shocked...
RSa came towards Pooja-wow whats the festival u guys r celebrating yaar??Pooja u didn't even invite me??
PG was super shocked seeing him and she was scared too..what will he do now??She looked at AB..
RSA:Wow U r here too ArhaanTongue??come on this is not fair pooja...u should have informed me atleast...Embarrassed
Samir went towards RSa...what r u doing here??U r her ex,right??
RSa held his collar--hey don;t u dare use the wordAngrywho the hell told u we broke up??and how dare u!!!u wanna marry her??idiot..look at urself in the mirror..Cartoon..Evil Smile
Sa:WTHAngry!!How weird Man...he too held RSa's collar.Mind ur language..Dead
PG dad and AB went towards them..
AB:Pls calm down Raj..leave him..
He left Samir's collar..
PG dad:What r u doing hereShockedAngry??
RSA:Oh my would be father-in-law..u were not expecting me's ok...just stay silentAngryI will file a case against u...i have come here to take her away from here.. u can't force her.
PG dad:don't u dare touch my daughter...
RSA:oh really..I will..what will u do??Oh come on Pooja r u crying ??why don't u say the truth that u love me??
RSA went towards PG and was about to held her hand but Samir pushed him from the back...and he held pg hand and took her in the middle..
Sa:U silly and foolish man...u don't know that she doesn't love u anymore??oh come on pooja tell him everything...don't scare..we all r with u..and I will marry her surely and that too
infront of u..let me see how do u stop it!!
RSA:Wow I m liking ur courage..
PG:U r hurting me??leave my hand..I said leave my hand...Ouch..Cry
AB was listening everything silenty but it was the limit...she was crying continuously and he couldn't tolerate it anymore..HE shouted-Enough is enough!!
Leave her hand Samir...
What?he came towards AB..still holding pg hand..
sa:Excuse me??Who r u??Oh come on uncle- I understand why Raj is creating scene here...I will deal with him but pls say this man to stay away from it..I don't want any 3rd person here...
AB:Sure,,we will decide later who's 1st person and who's 3rd person here!!u better leave her hand first otherwise...
Sa:Otherwise what??so many goons r hereLOL..I had no idea Pooja's lover list is too...Shocked
AB couldn't control  himself after hearing it...How dare uAngryAngryAngry!!he literally slapped Samir...and then he left pg hand automatically..Tongue
Rsa came from the back and started fighting with Samir...what did u said just now??Say it uncle see u have chosen this idiot for ur daughter??how could u...Shocked
PG went to AB...hugged him...she broke down in his arm...pls I wanna go from here..I can't take it anymore...pls let's go from here??
AB caressed her hairs...yah we will go...u stop crying...PG dad was watching them...he was very shocked..he was like now whats this???they r more than friends..he was sure then...  
Rsa put his hand on PG shoulder from the back...Arja broke the hug..
RSA:Are u okay??
PG didn't reply...
RSA:Now i m here so u don't need Arhaan's help...let's go..ok??Thanks a lot Arhaan...see you there..
PG mind thought- I have to go with Raj now??no I wanna go with Arhaan only...why not one more last problem..we will face it then everything will be I will tell Raj everythingabout us infront of my mind thoughts..
PG:But I won't go with u Raj...
RSA:What do u meanShockedConfused??
AB:What r u saying Pooja??Just go with Raj...
PG:No arhaan I wanna reveal everything now..I cant take the pain anymore..Raj Me &Arhaan..
AB:HEy calm down pooja..what r u saying??I know our plan was differnt..u wanted to visit Jaipur with me but it's not poosible now..u better go with Raj..
PG:Arhaan pls..Shocked
He warned pooja not to utter a word by shaking his head...
RSA:What do u wanna say??
AB:Nothing..u know her na..
RSA:LEt's go...
PG:dad I m...THen she noticed her parents were not there..
PG:Where's dad??
RSA:Arey forget it..let's go..
PG:Forget it??He is my dad some respect atleast..
RSA:Now he is u shouldn't meet him..let's go..he was in a hurry
PG:Arhaan why don't u come with us??
AB:I can't ..I have to go jaipur now for shooting..I will go back mumbai after 2 days..
RSA:Excuse me!!I Will go &Try to book 2 tickets of train..u wait here..okay??
PG didn't reply..he went..
Only PG and Ab were there..
AB:I m sorry..U don't have any idea what I m going through now..U wanted to reveal  the truth infront of wrong with pooja??pls try to understand..
PG:Yah I was wrong..DOn't worry  I won't do anything that spoil ur career..
She started walking..Ab followed her,,
AB:HEy do u think i did it for my career??no it was for ur..
PG:I don't wanna listen anything..all i know is..I need u now  but u won't be with me..and how easily u said me to go with Raj...!!Actually u were right..I don'tdeserve u...and u know what now i m thanking god for whatever happened today!!atleast i got to know whats ur priorities!!
AB:Again u r misunderstanding me...
PG:Maybe..ur mom..ur career,ur lifestyle,..what about me???
AB held her upper hands and pulled her towards him...just shut up...stop saying blah blah..U wanna say raj everything??ok fine let's go but mark my words..
u will have to pay for it later..if he ruin ur career then u won't blame me later that I didn't warn..if u r ok with it then let's go and tell him right now..!!
RSA:Whats going on here???



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Wow such a wonderful update had mixed thoughts reading it, it was jam packed and really
Well written, ab thinks of consequences but pg too impulsive
Now rsa has come there what will happen...
Look forward to the updateWink

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