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STILL THE SAME Pa RT 24 on pg 26!!!!!! (Page 3)

..FrozenHeart.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear . please if possible give a bit long update 

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Clara20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 9:18am | IP Logged
nice but too small update...

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged
rk's pov
it was already late, i checked my rolex, it said 12 pm. rhidhima had come to my house for the 1st usual my ma pampered her with all the home made delicacies...she never treated me with those...actually she never talked with me...after i made the huge mistake...after madhu left me...i tried to find her, but could was as if she vanished in thin mistake. i cleared my throat. rhidhima looked up starteled...then she realized we were late.
'oh, sorry...we have to go' she said to my mother
'oh yes, sure but u'll visit often...pls do'
'absolutely...ofcourse i will visit, practically everyday now,'she said grinning.'it won't be a surprise if i turn up here one day with my bags and luggage to stay here forever'!!!!! i hope u people will not mine' she added jokingly.
this girl had a good sense of humour!!LOLLOL
we climbed down the stairs together to the garage. she would be going with me in my car...
we reached my garage.
i froze!!!! it was as if someone had slapped me right on my face!!!!!! i could not beleive my own eyesShockedShocked. i was not sure if i was dreaming or not. i not not react in anyway, i was numb.
my GARAGE WAS IN TOTAL RUINS!!!!!!!!ShockedShocked ruins that were even more desastrous than the ruins of the harrapan civilizations!!!! i looked as if some vandals had attacked my garage. the windscreens of ALL MY CARS were broken!!!! pieces of the glass were scattered on the ground and were glistening like diamonds...the shine was sparkly...but my insides were burning like charcoal!!!!!!AngryAngry. not only that... tyres were punchured too... and to top it all, had smashed the cctv cameras too!!!!!!!!!!ShockedShockedAngryAngry it was official now, somebody had murdered my garage... and that too brutally... i was beyond shock...then i heared a faint voice...
sir? sir...are u all right?? i heared rhidhima ask.
'hmmm,' i said
' u need a doctor sir? u are not looking too well...she continued.
i need not answer her. insted i shouted and screamed like a maniac...not to her, but to the...
there was no reply. i felt foolish in front of her.
'BITTUJI' i shouted as usual. as if he was the solution of all problems.
he heard me and came huffing and puffing...
'what in the name of merlin is this??' i demanded him.
he saw a ruined garage, he seemed lost for words...
i let him be...
'rhidhima...' i asked,' when u came, was anyone here u saw'
'huh? oh no sir, there was no one...even the guards were not here, but yes, when i came...i am absoluty sure that the garage was in its pink of' she added uncertainly.' but who could do it' she asked in total confusion...
just, then the morons arrived.
'where the hell were u all?' i asked the guards.
they remained silent.
'TELL ME RIGHT NOW' i orderd.
'chief...we were...we were...taking a nap on the outhouse...
'all of u together??'ShockedShockedAngry i asked increduously...
'yes' they meeked.
'HIRED'someone said, it was the voice of rhidhima.
what the hell!!!!!!!
'i would like you all to work for me...'she said in total cofidence, totally disregarding me...!!!
suddenly, i had the huge urge to strangle her with my bare hands!!!! how dare she hire the people who were fired by rk!!!!! that too infront of rk himself...i felt as if my self esteem had received a huge blow from her...
'what do u exactly mean, young woman??' i said in a dangerous voice...Angry
'what?? oh this?? nothing, u fired them...i hired them!! i too need guards to guard the mansion...true i already have some, but extra precaution does not hurt... does it??" she said in a total innocent tone, but i could hear the cheekyness in her words...grrr!!!!AngryAngry
'may i ask u why are u doing this...completely disregarding me by hiring them when I fired them????!!!!'
'they are humans, not robots...they need sleep...' she said in an angry voice. 'they do there job all right at night, but u can't simply expect them to work 24 into 7, do u??' and if u do so...YOU ARE EVEN WORSE THAN HITLER" she shouted right at my face. than too infront of every one.
she reminded me of by beloved madhu for a split second...
i had to control the situation anyhow.
'umm ok, but now...all this needs to be repaired' i looked at the garage.'how will be go??'
'we can go in my car...' she said
i was releived.
'but we are not going in my car' she added a second later.
what is she thinking...that we will sprout wings any second????!!!!ShockedShocked
'cause i dont want to attract the media by taking all the fleet of the cars ...'she continued.'but we have to!!!!!' she suddenly screamed making me and bittuji jump...
'we will go by...CNG AUTO...!!!!!"
she. has. gone. completely. mental.
'what!!! are u out of ur mind?? cng auto...huh...rk never goes by an auto" i said flatly.
'why? u think u are too important?? she asked challengingly.
i had no answer for that.
'come now don't be a spoil will be fun...i never rode on an auto before...' she caught my arm and dragged me along with her to the auto stand...
fortunately, for unknown reasons no press was for her she had already covered half of her face with her silk scarf!!!
rich brat!!!!
true some people saw me...but they were not sure...i mean rk travelling by an auto is somewhat unimaginable... untill this second.
the driver gave a squel of delight but i hushed him...he got a sense of importance from me...good.
we reached the factory.
she was about to pay when she discovered that she had left her wallet at home...silly girl.
i stopped her from hypeventilating and paid the man...along with an autograph ...on my photograph which he carried...
when the driver went...she removed her scarf. all the workers there went all paranoid seeing her...ofcourse...her mom was the owner of this famous factory!!!
they completely disregarded me in front of her.
again i reminded my self i was no body in front of her!!ConfusedConfused
the workers there regarded her as' choti memsaab'. i was sure that she was pampered by everyone...even her workers...whom she treated with full respect. she chatted with them animatedly using both  her hands and expression.!! i saw they completely adored her...she had that quality in her.
she ordered for the materials...are work was done...
before leaving, she waved all of them goodbye with her right hand like school childen to to their parents...!!
she was a sweet child.
ps- next update is about vada pav picnic with her dad!!
how was it??
waiting eagerly for reviews...!!!!!!

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BhataktiAtma. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 3:00am | IP Logged
nice update next part soon i m being greedy and plz edit 1st page and pst cs and prologue along with other parts 

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meenji22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 3:28am | IP Logged
very very nice update,lovely story

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by noorRAINA

Ok in twenty years madhu may have achieved a lot but for god sake rk is a superstar and now a producer how he can be less than her.shahrukh khan is a superstar a freaking rich and famous man.he is aknowledged by people all over the world. Your story is realy good but the characterization of rk is not all convincing. RK who would prefer being destroyed instead of afraid of someone else in the name of money and power .in your story rk is accepting everything just because he doesn't want to meddle with the child of a rich lady, not at all like our rk. In 20 years rk would also have achieved lot more than he had.he is not a person to be impressed with some ones money.he could be attracted to his daughter because of her resemblence with madhu and himself. Please clarify these points.Othewise you are a wonderful writter.
1-rk has not lost his all.
2-he's not afraid, he's trying to understand the girl.cause she's a bit different...unlike other teenagers.
3-in my story, rk has acheived more...but madhu is one of the top 10 business women in usa.
4-rk now has mellowed down a bit, but later he will be back...just wait till he and madhu meets...

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ananya2010 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Beautiful but where are the remaining parts, i read 1,2,3 and then this is 7th part.

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Shockedrhidhima's pov
it has been 2 weeks since i came ... but in there 14 days, my life has turned total 'topsey turvey'!! the most surprising fact was that i had built a very sweet and friendly relation with my dad!!Smile. i was supposed to hate him...but simply could not. he had a good sense of humour too...often when i was tired and bored while working...he used to entertain me with his dialogs!!!! even his staffs would sometimes peep in to listen to them..LOLLOL. and comming to my profession...its simply another factor. i got extremely busy with the designing and the making of outfits. i started working like maniac, often overstraining myself. i was always running in between my house house(kundra mansion!!). it so happened that in this way my work was scattered all over both the houses...LOL. some here, some there... finally oneday i was exhausted!! seeing this mr. kundra made an unbelievable arrangement!!Shocked
'STOP'he said one day,'if u work non stop in this manner, u'll fall sick...'
'but, if i don't will be pending!!...' i tried to protest.
'if u fall sick...then too the work will be pending forever!!!!' he said in a mock angry tone.
i remained silent, better not to angry him...
'u are to stay here' he said.
'excuse me, i stay here only' i said pointing to my house.' am not going back to...
'when i say u are staying here...i mean u are staying in kundra mansion' he said flatly.
i was dumbfounded.
he continued,'u stay here, arrange all ur work in one place...then work, it will be easy for u to work in this manner, u are overexhauting urself running between both the houses all day long...if u fall sick...what will i say to ur mother!!!!' he said in an accusing tone.
'but...i don't want to create any further trouble to you...'i protested.
'nonsense! ' he said.'you are absolutely no trouble to me...either ways, those who are a trouble to me...are already dancing on my head for the last 20 years' he said glancing at the lady named'deepali' ...
she glowered at him.
i had a hard time supressing a giggle!!!!LOLLOL
'and, think about this...u'll have wonderful indian food in this sure u'll gain weight in a month...' he winkedWink
'okay' i said, finally giving up.
HURRAY!! finally i got a neat entry in my home...
though not all people liked this idea...
'rk, u hardly know her' deepali said one day...'what if...
'what if she throws ande tamaters at you'!!! he completed ...' actually, to be frank...i would like her to!!!!! i might as well join her...u know...nice recreation it would be...for her as well as me...!!!!' he smired at her.
this time i could not control my laughter...
i moved in the next day...
and, i started working again like doubts there...all my attitude and pride lay on the ground forgotten...i came here to make his life hell...insted i landed up making both ourlives a joyful one.
arjun would freak out if he comes to knowShockedShocked.
keeping i mind that the movie was dedicated to my mom, i designed the sarrees that she wore now, dad even showed me her pictures...she wore pretty dresses even then!!!! i saw her pics carefully...she was exactly the same even now!! no change at all...except now she kept her hair open which she assembeled together on her right shoulder...her platinum earrings sparking on her left ear lobes... a single diamond stud nosering...i missed her terribly...but i could not say these things to mr. kundra!!!!!!! anyways...
oh yes! i forgot to mention, i had picked up this irritating habit of barging into my dad's room without knocking!!!!! do doubt from bittu uncle...LOLLOL
not that he minded...cause romancing with mum was out of question...she was busy attending meetings in America...!!!!!!!!LOLLOLBig smile .
deepali did not like this at all, much to my amusement...women...whats's wrong with u??!!!!! do u even remember ur husband's face!!!!!
'its wrong to barge into rk's room anytime as u please... u know...servants talk about it...'she said.
perverted women!!!!! what was she THINKING????!!!!AngryAngry
i answered back, 'true, u know what... i should follow ur ways...act like a 'peepin tom' and evesdropping everytime...i answered back curtly!!!!
'how dare u, speak to me like that' she hissed.'WHO DO U THINK U ARE??' she said.
'i am...' i said loudly.'the daughter of this house...!!!!!! the heir of...u know...' i wisphered in her ear. then i winked back at her...WinkWink
i went away...glancing at her once...
the look on her face was worth everything good in my life...!!!!!LOLLOLSmileWinkWink
and yes, yesterday dad took me for an outing in juhu beach...yes, i know he said that there will be no guards... but i could see uniformed people standing at a distance with rifles in their hand...
there ...i knew he was not irresponsible!!!!!!
he treated me with the famous vada was simply heavenly...
an ocean of people came to take both our autographs... it was an enjoyable evening.
later after sometime we started strolling on the beach...he was wearing casual jeans and tees...he was still young...
i did not notice untill this time that i was holding his index finger of his right hand, and i was jumping and skipping while walking along with him!!!!! just like the kinds from kindergarten!!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
few people saw that and was like...AWWW!!!!
he was enjoying it too...he suddenly said...
' i know ur mother will flip out...but if she allowed it ...i would adopt you right this second as my daughter...u are so cute!!!!' he exclaimed.EmbarrassedBig smile
'now tell me frankly, u actually dont like to be always in the limelight...right??. he asked with the smirk on his face.
i smirked right back at himWink and said,
'its nice to see my pics on the front page of the newspaper... walking away proudly with the guards... but sometimes...its just IRRITATING when u can't follow ur heart because of that' i said with a frown on my forehead...Angry
' u are an honest girl u know...' he said..
i smiled back...
we headed back to 'our home'!!!
i made another agenda in my mind ...'mission RISHBALA come together again!!!!!!
all was fine until this morning...
i looked into the newspaper getting a shock of my life...!!!!!!
how was it??
waiting eagerly for reviews...!!!!!!

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