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Updating today Smile

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WaitingDay Dreaming

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waiting for update

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There was complete silence around the place except for his breathing. I could feel him tensing as I caressed his hair and my other hand was holding him by his back. He had already told me some of his past but he hadn't told me the darkest truth's of our lives. Why did it all happen.? He was silent, but his silence told me about his pain. He was broken from inside and I could feel it. This is why I wanted to comfort him, he was always alone and broken with no one to comfort him when he was in pain, he had always been there for me. Why couldn't I.??

Maan, please say something. I can't see you like this.. I pleaded once more pressing my lips on his temple and felt him relax as when I did so.

I had lied to you Geet, when I told you the reason for me kidnapping you, I was lying. It all started with us going away. I had no clue at that point why we were going away, only the fact that we were going away and I didn't want to. I didn't want to go leaving you nor uncle aunty. Mom and dad convinced me and I left half heartedly. But I never forgot you, I wanted to come back and we did. But you were gone by then. Dad didn't tell me anything at that point either about what had happened. Life went on and I was getting used to living without you but the first shocker came my way when one day a boy came to our house with dad. I was stunned, he looked exactly like me. I didn't know what was happening in my life.. That's when dad told me, he was my brother. My twin, Aman. He said and I could feel his tears on my skin. He was crying.. I was stunned at the revelation. I had known him, mom and dad for so many years yet we never knew that Maan had a twin. There was no question of anyone knowing when he himself hadn't known. Lost in my thoughts I was unaware of him looking in my direction. Without saying anything he suddenly pulled me down and pressed my lips to his. The kiss was different, it was neither urgent nor it was soft. It was more of an apologizing kiss.. Breaking the kiss he once again hid himself in my lap and started talking..

Aman had always been there but not with us. It was that day dad told me about Aman. He had been in an asylum for the past few years getting treated. He had never been mentally stable so they had admitted him there for his treatment. I couldn't believe that they had hidden that from me for so many years. I was hurt, but I was happy that he was back. There was nothing missing in life except you, I wanted to be with you too. I wished so badly that I would have found you the other day and we would have been together but no one knew where you all were. I used to find dad often crying but I was never able to guess why he was crying. I always used to think that it's because Mohinder uncle left along with you and aunty without informing him. But it was later I realized the actual reason.. He said in a low tone. The moment I heard the names, I felt my heart clench hearing the names of my mom and dad. I had never known how they had died, he was the one who told me the truth.. I had been so bloody mean to him the other day without even realizing what nonsense I was talking about. He had lost his parents too.!! It was his hand that brought me out of my thoughts when he cupped by cheek.

What is it Jaan.? What are you thinking.?He said getting concerned.

Nothing, you were saying something. It's your turn to talk today.. I said with a smile on my face. I know it was the smile he always loved. As expected a smile broke across his face. I loved it.!!

Everything was fine until one day. I was at my school and I was told that mom and dad met with an accident. I was shaken up. I didn't know what to do.. I was at the hospital all alone it was all over. Mom and dad were gone and so was Aman. No one could find him anywhere so the police assumed he too died in the accident. Mihir uncle brought me to Delhi with him. I was in my own world. I didn't have you, I didn't have either mum or dad. I didn't feel like I was living. We lost KC too..Everything dad had on his name was transferred to my name but I was too young to handle KC, so eventually we lost that one remaining memory of dad and uncle too passed away. It was then he told me the truth, the truth about everything that had happened in our lives. He said looking up to me to see if I was still listening. I could make by his words that the worst was yet to come. Without saying anything I ran my hands through his hair asking him to continue.

Geet, Mohinder Papa and Dad were business partners once. But because of a fraud by their rival, they had to separate and they had to split Khurana Handa Constructions. They became KC and HC. What they couldn't break was their friendship. No matter how much their rivals tried, they couldn't take over either HC or KC because dad and uncle never let them. It was one such day that they were able to expose their rivals in a different fraud. The police had managed to raid cocaine worth crores of dollars. It was because of the statement given by dad and uncle. What they failed to realize was that they were dealing with not just a single firm but with a racket of cocaine deals. Police had managed to expose the racket. Dad and Uncle were even awarded but none of them realized the master mind behind the racket was still untouched. The matter died down or so they thought. Dad and uncle were given protection and were asked to move away from each other. They did so, we went away but it didn't help anyone..  Uncle and Aunty were murdered and it was made into an accident. Uncle knew they were hunting you all down so he managed to wipe out your existence.. He destroyed everything related to you. He sent you away and saved you.. But no one could save them..He said and my senses froze. I was loved by so many people; everyone had done so much for me. A tear rolled down my eye as I thought of my past.. It might have fallen on him because I felt him move and pull me down once again.. His tongue touched my cheek as he slowly licked away the tears away from my eyes. Unable to hold back I hugged him tightly and hid myself in his embrace. I knew my mom and dad left me, but I had never known that their death was so painful. I wish I could have done something.

It was because of that Dad came, he came looking for you but your uncle had already taken you away leaving a note for dad. He knew you were safe, but he never told me any of this. And then mom and dad.. they were killed too.. And since we couldn't find Aman, we thought they had killed him thinking it was me.. I was numb for 2 days when uncle told me all this and then he too went away leaving me to deal with all the past alone.. he said and suddenly got up walking over to the corner. I looked at his back waiting for him to turn but he didn't. The wounds on his back were killing me. I walked over to him and looked at his face. The pain on his face broke my heart into pieces.. Without saying anything, I pulled him into a hug. He tightly wrapped his arms around me hiding his face in the crook of my neck.

I felt suffocated Geet, I felt like someone had pushed me into an ocean of pain with the entire ocean crushing me to the bottom. I was feeling helpless, angry, cheated, lonely and I was missing you. I didn't have anyone. It took me around a month to recover from all this, to get back to normal life. Mahima aunty, who was Mihir uncles wife took care of me and helped me recover from the shock. It was then I decided what I wanted to do in life..I wanted to wipe the existence of everyone who was responsible for all this. Is struggled day and night, didn't sleep for so many nights. I couldn't sleep, every time I tried, I could only see all your faces.  I traced everyone I could under that one person and I wiped away everyone I could.. That's how became ACP Maan Singh Khurana. But I had no one in my life, I wanted you..I wanted to see you desperately.. So I searched for you.. I traced your uncle's address but I couldn't find you there.. That's when he told me that you ran away.. I was broken Geet..I tried so hard but I couldn't.. He said making his hold on me tighter. I could feel his restlessness. The thought of him searching madly for me made me cry. I knew that feeling of helplessness; it had killed me when I was yearning for a glimpse of him.

I hated him Maan, he used to.. I blurted out suddenly not realizing what I was about to say but stopped before I said anymore. I couldn't tell him about Brij Uncle or Maan would beat him to death. This was the one reason I hid it from all along.

He used to what.? Maan said suddenly breaking our hug and looking at me intently. Shit, he had heard me. I knew it would be hard to hide it from me, I had somehow managed this long but I had blurted it out at the wrong moment. Anyhow he was worried about everything that had happened or was happening and now this would only add to his memories. He waited for me to answer but I was mum and I kept looking down..

Geet, I am waiting. What were you saying.? He used to what.? He asked once again making me face him. Damn, it was difficult to avoid him. Why was even trying when I knew how stubborn he was.? Gathering my guts, I tried moving out of the small space but I could have been the dumbest person to even try that. His hand caught me around my waist and he harshly pulled me against his chest.

What are you hiding from me.? I am waiting Geet...Tell me..What did he do.? He said making his hold on me tighter. I looked up at him and he looked angry. There, that's exactly what I didn't want but he was already angry. There was no point in hiding my uncle's truth from him.

He used to threaten me for the property. He always used to torture me to reveal where dad had hidden his property papers. He knew everything dad had belonged to me, but I myself didn't know what he was talking about. I used to beg him to leave me as I didn't know but he never believed me.. Now I know what happened to everything dad had and why my uncle didn't know about it.. Dad didn't want anyone to know that I existed.. He wiped off everything.. I said with all the pieces falling together. I looked back at him and he was fuming.

Did he ever touch you.? He said in a voice so dangerous that I felt the shiver down my spine. Was there any point in hiding anything.? He would lure me into telling everything..

Once, he had slapped me. He was drunk that day, I was scared what he would do. I attacked him and left the house taking some money from the locker. That was the day I ran away from him and that place. I came to Delhi and I never looked back to that life..I started a new life.! I mumbled to myself than him. I could feel his anger through his touch but I didn't have the guts to even look at him.

Why did you hide it from me for this long.? He asked in a stern tone. I didn't know what to answer him. I kept mum and god knows what he thought of my silence because I felt him moving away from me. I looked up to find him gone..he was lying back on the hay. His reaction surprised me, I was expecting him to be angry but he had simply walked away. His silence was scarier than his anger. I knew it by now. Carefully I approached him and tried waking him up. I called out to him several times but he was not responding. I was getting annoyed at his stubbornness..

Just leave me alone Geet. Get away from me.. He snapped at me as I tried to lie next to him. It hurt, his words were brutal. He was asking me to get away from me just for hiding one thing about my life. I felt the tears clouding my eyes. I looked at his back but he wasn't even aware of what he had said.

Fine, I will go away. You are sulking because I hid one thing from you but what about you.? You hid everything from me, starting with the death of my parents to your identity. But I still can't push you away from myself because I know I won't exist the next moment.. I snapped at him and walked out of the hut. As I came outside the cold water hit my skin. Shit, it was cold.! The rain was pouring and the water was hitting me like needles. Before I could walk anymore a hand grabbed me and pulled me back. I didn't have to look to know it was him. He pulled me back into the shelter and looked at me apologetically. I wanted to walk away but I knew I would miss him the moment I walked away. But I couldn't deny that I was hurt by his words..As if sensing my pain, he went down to his knees and held his years with his head dipped down. The sight brought a smile on my lips but I didn't show it. It wasn't an everyday scenario to watch someone stubborn like him on his knees. I decided to play and turned away from him. Lying on the hay I gave him one last glare and closed my eyes. My heart could never stay angry with him though I wasn't going to miss the chance of playing with him.

The loud sound of the thunder woke me out of my sleep. I sat up jolted with the sound and looked outside to find the rain still pouring. Was this storm ever going to cease.? I was hating it. As my eyes moved away from the window and saw him I was moved to my core. He was still sitting on his knees on my side holding his ears. I was speechless.! It was cruel what I did to him, yes he had hurt me but I hated to see him like this. Tears pricked the corner of my eyes and without thinking once I got off the ground and hurled myself at him.. I would have been knocked back to the ground with the force with which I crushed myself to him had it not been for his arms which wrapped around me holding me tight against his chest..

Maan, are you mad.? What was the need for you to sit like this for so long.. You are so stupid.. I said hugging him tightly. I couldn't help but press my lips into shoulder. I was overwhelmed..

But I hurt you..I can't even imagine I said that to you..I am so sorry Geetu.. He said softly. My heart fluttered in response.. The name sounded so beautiful from his lips. My name felt so good to hear from his lips.

You idiot, I was angry on you but the moment you went down on your knees holding your ears, my heart had already forgiven you. I was only pulling your leg, idiot. I said smacking his arm lightly. He pulled me closer and I felt my curves press into him and I know he felt it too. I could feel him enjoying as he crushed me closer.

I swear Geet, you are going to be the death of me. I just can't tell you how much I love you.. He said pulling me out of the hug and looking at me lovingly. I would see the love shining in his eyes, it was all for me.

I am sorry, I didn't mean to but..I started saying but he sealed my words by pressing his lips to mine. The kiss was gentle again. I wanted him to deepen it , but he wasn't so I decided to do it but damn him, he broke the kiss just as I started to deepen it.

Going with the way my body is reacting to your closeness; I don't think I can control myself from making love to you if you stay like this any longer. And as I said, I don't want it to be tonight.. Please Geet, have some mercy on me. He said making me blush and laugh at the same time.. I moved away from him and sat on the ground. A second later he pulled me into his embrace and lay on the ground taking me along. It was when I realized, our conversation was still unfinished. I was unsure if I should bring up the topic again but I wanted to know the entire truth..

How did you manage to find me then.? I asked trying to make him talk. I didn't have to put a lot of effort as he answered instantly. He may have been prepared to talk.

After trying everything I could, I managed to find you but with Rohit.. He said in a low tone. His tone and his words worried me, he sounded sad. Of course, I was with Rohit at that time. I looked up to find him staring at the ceiling.. I hated his fallen face even more now.

Precap : More truth..Smile


Next update by evening or 2 updates by tomorrow morning.! Smile I will be wrapping up the story in 2 more parts..Embarrassed Please do hit the like button and leave you comments..

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


Please follow this thread for regular updates Smile


Thanks Smile






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awsum update
luvd it
n emotional too
bechara maanCry
update next part soon

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I just started reading this LOL

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nice update...
poor maan went though so much...
love maneet moments,,,

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Wow finally maan ne geet ko apne past ke bare mein bata hi diya lovely update

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