Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Day Dreaming

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OMG the start was totally unexpected...
At one moment i thought tht Maan was dead...but thank god it dint happen...
Maan is safe & Maaneet r with each other..
waiting to know wht actually happened..

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Day Dreaming 
      Day Dreaming
            Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by khwaishfan


Will try and update in the morning..if all goes well.. may be double updates...Embarrassed
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Updating in a while Smile

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yeah... I'm waiting...Day Dreaming
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His lips were gentle, kissing me softly and lovingly probably trying to convince me that it was him, but I didn't care because my heart already knew it and had accepted it. His lips abruptly became urgent against mine and I kissed him back passionately, it was our longing that was the driving factor now. His lips bit mine and I opened my lips, inviting him to invade me. I needed it.! Maan pulled me closer and kissed me harshly making me wince in pain. It was a pain I would take over and over if it was him I got instead of that. In that moment I knew what I wanted the most; him. I didn't want anything but him. Passion and desire took over me as my hands clutched his collar tightly and in one swift move I ripped his shirt open. I could feel him stiffen, taken aback by my move. My senses gave up, all I knew was that he was with me after what felt like an eternity and I was in his arms. Maan's arms tightened around my waist as I broke the kiss and my lips traced along his jaw, to his neck. I pushed away the shirt off his shoulders, kissing his bare shoulder. The pain of the last few days which were no less then hell for either of us came out in the form of passion. My hands trembled with need as they traveled towards his belt when he sensed my intentions and grabbed my hand. 

Jaan, what are you doing.? He asked pulling me away from himself. I just didn't want that distance between us. I hugged him back wounding my arms around him. 

Maan, I want you. I need you. I mumbled against his chest. I heard him sigh and he pulled me closer to his chest knowing exactly what I meant.

Geet, don't be ridiculous, just look at yourself. You are exhausted and hurt, how can you ask this of me.? Maan said caressing my hair and placing a kiss on top of my head. I knew deep down that he was right in his words, but I wasn't able to  convince myself to give up. 

I don't care Maan, I just can't tell you how happy I am to have back safe in my arms after all the days that I have been through without you. I thought I had lost you forever and I.. I was crying before I knew.  

Geet, I am right here, I won't go anywhere. I promise you won't have to go through that anymore. I won't let anyone come between us now. But not today.! You need to rest, you are exhausted mentally and physically. Maan said wiping away the tears that streamed down my eyes. Taking me in his arms, he laid back trying to put me to sleep but I was adamant enough for what I wanted. A part of me was feeling ashamed for wanting intimacy of all the things now when I should be grateful that both of us were together; safely in each other's arms. However I couldn't deny that my heart was craving for him, desire took over my sanity. Getting myself out of his grip, I grabbed his face in my hands and smacked my lips on his. 

Maan's POV

I was taken aback when she abruptly grabbed my face and her lips came harshly against mine. Her lips were urgent, waiting for me to respond. It took me a minute to understand her reaction, but when I did, I could feel the pain in her kiss. I could feel it, she was trying to convince herself that she wasn't dreaming and I was actually with her.  A sudden surge of anger washed over me, why did she have to go through all that because of me.? She didn't deserve any of that. My anger knew no bounds as I remembered the pool of blood I found her in. She was begging for help from the dead body that was lying in front of her, her hand close to the gun that had just been emptied into one of the bodies. All the while I carried her away from the horrendous place , all I heard was her mumbling about the man she had shot. I could feel her shivering out of fear when I held he closer to myself. It took me a while to calm her down once we reached the small hut I found in the middle of the jungle. Only I knew how I had survived that few days away from her.0, they felt like an eternity. My worst fears came true when we we're attacked in the mall. Despite all my efforts to protect her I failed and she was hurt because of me. The last thing I knew was I could feel the excruciating pain of the bullet gripping away my consciousness and it was her shocked face I saw before my eyes gave up. When I woke up, I was at a completely different place. My eyes were frantically searching for her but I just couldn't remember how many days it had been since I was away from her or for that matter, I didn't even know how she was. My thoughts were broken when I felt Geet biting my lip harshly, still waiting for me to respond. Her lips were all wet and soft with all her crying. A sob escaped her lips which shook her entire body that was plastered against mine and her tears touched my cheeks, breaking the last thread of control I tried to maintain. It wasn't that I didn't want to be close to her, it was her vulnerable state that was holding me back. Her hands moved to my neck, up pulling me more into the kiss. It was painful to watch her pleading into the kiss.! There was no way I could see her in that pain. Letting go of my control, I pulled her closer. My hands went into her hair and I briskly bit her lower lip making her tighten her grip on me. 

Geet's POV

I was waiting for him to respond to my kiss but he was simply being himself and not responding. The pain inside me was slowly breaking loose and to suppress the same, I ended up biting his lip harshly. I didn't care what he would think about me, all that I knew was I was longing for him and wanted him badly. No matter how much I tried controlling, a sob escaped my lips and as a few seconds later he pulled me closer and his lips started moving. His teeth sensually bit my lower lip seeking permission. It was exactly what I needed. My lips parted as a response and soon his tongue darted into my mouth, sweeping across it. His teeth bit my tongue making me bite his lower lip. As a response, he pulled me tight against his chest so that I was literally lying on him. My curves pressed into his rock hard chest, it was blissful to feel him that close after so long. He thrust his hips upwards, pressing his manhood right into my core. A moan bubbled up to my lips but I held it and simply gave myself to the ecstatic feeling. I was so lost in the kiss that I failed to realize that he had flipped me around hovering over me without breaking the kiss. 

His lips left mine and moved down towards my neck, placing a series of open mouthed kisses giving me the pleasure I was craving for. His hands skilfully undid the buttons of my shirt and pushed it away from my body. I somehow squeezed my hands between our bodies and with great difficulty undid the buttons of his shirt drowned in my own clumsiness. My hands roamed around his chest and travelled to his the back of his neck, hugging him closer. I could no longer hold myself back and I moaned when I felt his warm lips moving towards the swell of my b******.The feel of his lips on my skin was maddening me with need, my body desired for more. I gasped when his fingers undid the hook my bra and his teeth pulled it down exposing my curves to his now hungry eyes. I would have blushed if not my desires, I was suddenly bolder than ever. My eyes closed finding solace when his warm lips enclosed around my bud. The sensations surging through my body were thrilling. All my suffering from the past few days seemed to vanish away with his one touch, it was all I needed. My hand grabbed a handful of his hair when his lip enclosed around my other bud. 

Maan.. I love you.. The words left my mouth as my heart beat in happiness. His lips met mine again, taking me into another passionate kiss. His lips left mine and I breathed in a lung full of air looking up to find him sharing at me in admiration. 

I love you too. More than myself. He said dipping his head into my curves and resting it there. I couldn't be happier than I was and my hands went around him hugging him closer. My body still wasn't giving up and I was still craving for more. As a reflex, I pushed my hips up grinding my core against his manhood. I felt him stiffen at my action and he tired to move away from me. 

Geet, please.! Not today, I'll do anything but make love to you today and that too here of all the places. It's not safe. This is not the right time and place, I want our first time to be special, without any fear or any of this mess. Besides, we both are exhausted. Take rest Jaan.. Maan said hugging me around my waist and dipped his head into my curves once again. I felt disappointment wash over me but deep down I knew he was right. Having no other option, I wrapped my arms around his back when I felt him wince. I looked at his back and that's when I actually saw, he had huge lashes on his back, some of them were dark red. It was shocking to such huge wounds on him, he hadn't mentioned them even once.

Maan your back.? I asked cupping face in my hands. I felt him going stiff and suddenly he was off me looking down on me. A smile covered his lips and I knew he was trying to hide something. 

It's nothing Geet. Doesn't hurt much anymore. Let's get some sleep. Maan said taking me into his arms. Anger coursed through me, he was once again hiding the truth from me. Pushing his hands away, I got off the ground gathering my clothes. I found him looking at me with a confused expression. I heard him call me but I tried to keep my cool and ignored him. I was just about to go to a corner to put on my clothes when he grabbed me. 

Don't ignore me again Geet. I cant take it anymore.! He whispered in a husky voice pinning my hands behind my back. I tried getting out of his grip but his grip was only getting stronger. I glared at him but he was unaffected and didn't let me go. 

I'll stop you ignoring you when you stop treating me like a stranger and share your pain with me. The way you hide things from me makes me feel like I am some kind of stranger to you. Then even I should behave like one, being a stranger it doesn't look decent for me to sleep in your arms. I'll just sit in that corner of you don't mind Mr.Khurana. I said with a straight fact and noticed his expressions changing from serious to playful. I tried to get away but he smirked and pulled me closer. 

Hmm, I won't let this stranger go away from me. Because I am madly in love with you stranger. He said bending down and tracing his lips down my cheek towards my neck. He was finally in front of me after what seemed like an eternity, I did have the heart to fight with him. Giving up I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him closer. I traced the wounds on his back with my fingers carefully, careful enough not to hurt him. Maan sighed and pulled out of the hug cupping my face in his hands. 

I promise I am okay Jaan. This was just their way of getting their work done. Maan said earnestly looking into my eyes. I knew by now that he wouldn't tell me anything that would hurt me. He pulled me back into his embrace when a piercing sound cracked through the silence. It was the thunder. Somehow the sound reminded me of the dreadful gunshots I had heard while I was trapped. Everything came back to me like a flash of memories. My body went limp, I had killed a man. I had seen Maan in a pool of blood. In my happiness of being with him, I had forgotten everything that had happened with me. Pulling out of the hug, I frantically checked him making sure he was fine. 

Geet, what are you doing.? What happened.? He said panicking as he saw my bewildered state. I wasn't listening to what he was saying, I was lost in my own thoughts. He was fine, no traces of bullets on him. 

Maan.. I killed him.. Your bullet wounds.. Blood around..You..  He said you were dead. I blabbered incoherently. My mind was blank, all I knew was nothing was making sense. 

Geet, listen to me.! Nothing has happened to me, nothing happened before too. That wasn't me Geet. Maan said shaking me out of my confused state. I blankly looked at him trying to understand what he meant. 

Who was it.? I managed to choke out. I could hardly hear my own voice. Maan sighed and walked away from me. He faces away from me, towards the storm that raged outside and revealed another truth of his past to me. 

He was my brother. Aman. I didn't even know I had one. It was too late when I realized. Maan said in a low voice sinking to the ground. His words rung in my ears, he had a brother too.? I had known him most of my childhood but I had never known he had a brother too. It all sunk in now, it wasn't Maan who came to the house the other day ; it was his brother. I walked to his side and kneeled beside him. I could see the tears in his eyes. I pulled him into a hug, holding him against my chest. I could feel his tears wetting my skin, I only wished I could take away his pain. 

At least tell me the truth now. You have always protected me from getting hurt. At least give me one chance to protect you from getting hurt and share your pain Maan. I pleaded caressing his hair. Saying nothing, Maan pulled out of the hug and placed his head in my lap, hiding himself in my lap. I prepared myself for the worst, his vulnerability was enough for me to be worried or rather be scared wondering if it would change anything between us. 

Precap : Truth from the past.!


Hopefully if I get the likes, I will post the next part in a day. Since the story is wrapping up, I am planning to give back to back updates and finish the story.! Embarrassed

Target : Atleast 130 likes for the next update.!

Will be waiting to read your response.!

Anu Heart


Please follow this thread for regular updates Smile


Thanks Smile






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