Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Geet and Maan both are merged in their romance...

their moments are so beautiful...and their fights and cribbings are very crazy...

thanx for pm..

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i feel like maan is definitely keeping some secret from geet, continue soon...

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hi js saw u updated nw n cld nt wait 4 pm! Terrific fab update! Superbly written! Maan making fun of Geet! she slept 4 six hours! Geet hungry n Maan shouts her! Geet makes parathas! Maaneet spend time together! Maan takes her shopping! n is exasperated! Geet does nt like anything! Maan admiring her cute gestures! Maan clears the shop so dey r alone! Maan mesmrised by her in the outfit n den she tries something else n Maan angry! update soon n do pm! 

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i loved this part.i love this geet & maan.they are so adorable.geet is in danger i guess.poor baby.actually i think i should say poor maan.

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loved the update so much eagerly waiting for the next one..

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Updating in a while guys Smile

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awww.. me waitinggg

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Maan's POV

Maan.??? How's this now.? She crooned in a totally different tone, which sounded more seductive than anything and caught my attention. Gathering my guts I turned back to face the shock of my life. My eyes popped out seeing the epitome of beauty who stood in front my eyes, looking fatally gorgeous. I couldn't believe what my eyes saw, as she stood at a distance of a few inches from me, seducing me with the very lop sided smile she was giving me let alone her attire. Her attire.!!! As my eyes scanned her attire grazing over her ostentatious form and my brain actually registered what I witnessed snapping me out of my trance, flooding my body with a new sensation; sheer rage and anger. My palms clenched into firm fists at my sides as my eyes burned in anger seeing her casually standing in that attire, least bothered about anyone seeing her.! The dress was hardly covering her beautiful form, firstly it was off shoulder and tight, clinging to her utterly sexy form like her skin, which was quite evident today. Secondly, it was outrageously transparent revealing almost everything except for her treasured assets much to my anger. How did she even think of this? Thirdly, it hardly came up to her thighs, it was as good as non- existent.! My blood boiled like molten lava within my body and the next moment without giving it a second thought about someone watching, I furiously marched towards her pushing her inside the room and shutting the door behind entering the room with her. She looked taken aback seeing my reaction. Before she could hit the nearby wall with the impact of my push, I grabbed her by her waist pulling her harshly towards myself and unbalanced as she was, she came crashing against my chest with her curves crushing against my body. It was one of our most intimate touches, but the given situation was not, I was fuming. 

What the hell are you wearing Geet.? How dare you wear this and come out? And to make it worse, you were smirking.? What if someone saw you in this.?? Do you even know how exposing it is.? Anyone can see everything. I gritted through my teeth in sheer anger and my hold became tighter on her waist, squeezing it in anger. I may have been hurting her, but I was fuming too. 

Maan I.. Woh.. She stammered out of nervousness. Her eyes were locked with my fuming ones and I could see she was not expecting my outburst. The fear her eyes harboured was a painful sight to watch. I closed my eyes, in an effort to calm my senses down. When I opened them, I saw her worried face which was enough to get me worked up again. 

Maan, I am sorr... Sorry... She mumbled a meek apology with her hand cupping my cheek. I sighed in defeat looking at her apologetic face, tears almost forming in her hazels, one thing that I hated the most. Her touch was enough to calm me, as my anger subsided and guilt rose up. I really did scare her.! 

Jaan, listen I am sorry for getting so hyper and shouting on you like that. But, when I saw you in the dress standing so casually it really pissed me off. What if someone saw you like that.??? Get one thing, it's only my right to see you no matter how, it's only my right. Only mine.! You know there were three boys in the store who were looking at you when we came, imagine if they would have seen you like this.? I would have killed them right there, dare anyone sees you like this and dare you give anyone that chance, except me.! I swear Geet, if you do this again.. I won't... I kept ranting until I felt her hand shutting my mouth. She laughed seeing me rant, as it happened to be her forte of perfection. 

Babajii, save me.! Maan, I was only teasing you to get your attention and break your silence. I am sorry. I was sure you will comment on one dress at least, but didn't know you will get so angry. You got so serious that you scared me, I thought I did something which upset you. Well ofcourse I did, but it was for a purpose. I know it was wrong of me to come out openly like that and to be honest I have never worn one of these dresses before, but I didn't think much about the consequences .! All I wanted was your attention and to break your silence. She explained it calmly with her hand still shutting my mouth. I nudged her and she removed it allowing me to talk. Her sentence regarding attention caught my attention and my mind got busy with naughty thoughts! 

You wanted my attention.? Is that the only way you could think of to get my attention.? By almost seducing me.? I asked amused at her answers and antics pulling her closer. Though she succeeded in breaking my silence, she equally broke my control, bringing the devil in me alive. Payback time.!   

Well yeah I did, so what ?? I couldn't think of anything else so I did what I thought would make you talk. But I guess I got a lot more with the attention I asked for. It all came in a package deal.! She admitted with a sad face as if cursing herself for wearing the dress, but I wasn't. 

You always have my attention baby; you don't need to seduce me like this. Well, I'll admit I don't mind it nor I mind it if you wear this but I am actually saying it for your own good, you see if I lose the control I have around you, it will be hard for the both us. I confessed with a smirk and a wink. She looked at me in shock apparently appalled by my shameless comments. 

You just scared the hell out of me with your anger for wearing this and now you are saying you don't mind.? She asked with a glare. 

No, when did I say I mind you wearing this but I was angry because you were wearing it and standing out in open. As I said, only I have the right to see you like this and... I spoke bringing her closer pulling on her waist to which she didn't object, but just kept staring at me with those hazels.

And.? She meekly asked, lowering them as my gaze fell on her lips.  

Nothing...I whispered shaking my head, with a smile on my lips as I started nearing her pink supple lips with an intention of kissing them but Geet took me by surprise when her hands went into my hair, pulling my face closer and her lips came smashing against mine. I was stunned by her actions, I knew she wasn't innocent but I didn't expect her to be this bold either. I was the one always kissing her, but this time she actually started the kiss. She literally chewed my lips making them bleed giving me another shock and next I felt her biting my lower lip demanding an entry into my mouth, to which I willingly gave in. Her tongue swept across my mouth mimicking my actions but soon I felt her panting with breathlessness, seizing the chance I took control and we shared an earth shattering kiss, drugging each other with pleasure. I felt her going weak on her knees due to the lack of air so I pulled out of the kiss, resting my forehead on hers to see a blush on her face bringing a huge smile on my face. Out of nowhere she hugged me tightly, her curves pressing into me killing me with her closeness. How was I supposed to hold myself back from forgetting everything? My hands tightened around her waist and my lips found their way to her bare shoulder unable to hold back anymore.

Geet's POV

My eyes closed in trance as I felt his lips brushing across my skin leaving feather light kisses from my neckline to shoulder. I could feel the brewing tension between us as he caged me in his arms, as tightly as possible making it hard to breathe. My heart thudded against my chest as he pushed me into a wall never leaving me ultimately leaving no escape as I was caged between his strong frame and the wall. I hissed in pain as his teeth pierced my skin followed by his tongue brushing across the same spot. My eyes snapped open as I felt his hands tracing my nape proceeding towards the zip of my dress. I knew what was happening in another minute yet to my own surprise, I didn't push him away.  His lips expertly worked over my skin while his hands handled my dress and in all this I was far from reacting, I happily lay in his arms, letting him continue, much to my happiness. I breathed in sharply feeling his hands unzipping my dress as the cold wall came in contact my skin. I moaned in pleasure as his lips traveled further down from the crook of my neck making me snap my eyes open with the intimacy growing on me. I turned away from him, pressing my forehead into the wall unaware that I was unknowingly exposing my bare back to him until I felt him caressing it. My breath quickened as I felt his long, sleek fingers on my back tracing it, sending shivers down my spine. His one hand snaked around my waist again and his lips touched my shoulders again, biting my skin. In an effort to hold back the moan that was on the tip of my lips, I rested my head on his chest giving him more access to play with my skin. I clutched his hand that rested at my waist tightly when I felt his other hand pulling my dress down near my curves. My control gave away when his hand touched a part of my curve making me turn around and hug him out of shyness. 

Maan.! I breathed into his shoulder asking him to stop the torture when I felt his body stiffen under me. I broke away from the hug to see his serious expression. I could read the regret on his face. Before I could say anything, he cupped my face in his hands and placed a kiss on my forehead. 

I am sorry Jaan. I should have controlled myself. I can't lose myself like this always, specially at such places. I'll go and wait outside while you change back. I don't want to lose myself again by standing here. You better stop trying to seduce me like you just did, if you want me to control myself. Actually if we see, it wasn't my fault at all, you were the one who wore this dress and then you were the one who kissed me first. You are naughtier than I thought. He accused me with his eyes narrowed. He was right, I was the one who pulled him into the kiss firstly, but how the hell was I supposed to admit that I wasn't able to hold myself back after my irritated behaviour with him and just kissed him without thinking once. I laughed looking down in embarrassment to which he laughed and left the room leaving me alone to deal with my craziness. I clutched my thudding heart, beating brutally against my chest and tried to calm myself down as I remembered our intimate moments. Somehow managing to get a grip on myself I haphazardly changed into my clothes, picked all my chosen clothes except the trouble maker and walked out of the room to see Maan waiting for me. A few minutes later we walked out of the store, towards my next target, much to his usual disapproval. 


I walked around aimlessly in the mall while Maan followed me patiently carrying my shopping bags as well as making faces, cribbing about the time it was taking me to shop. I giggled as I saw his tortured face nevertheless he deserved it for torturing me more than necessary not just today, but on a daily basis with his never ending jibes. Why is shopping with men such a pain in the neck.? Ignoring his constant cribbing sessions, I decided to torture him a bit more. 

Geet, are we done.?? I think you got what you needed, then why are you roaming around just for the heck of it.! He finally snapped as I was just about to enter another shop. I turned to look at him staring at me angrily. Finally I managed to piss of Maan.! 

No, we aren't done yet.! Umm, I don't think I have got everything I wanted. So follow me. I replied with a smirk as his face had that smug look clearly indicating how irritated he was while I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Enjoy as much as you can Geet, you are soon going to pay for this. Eventually it's you and me again, so I know my ways out. He winked and the smile vanished off my face as is actions smacked back into my system. He noticed my change of expressions and his smile widened like always. 

No.! Was the only thing I could manage to speak but it sounded more like a whimper and it probably was as I didn't want him to give me a repeat dose of his actions, knowing how bad I was at controlling myself around him and always ended up embarrassing myself. He laughed seeing my expressions and shook his head in denial, dismissing my mere request which irritated me no less. I turned away from him in anger only to bump into someone throwing me back with the impact and I ended up crashing into Maan's chest as his hands wrapped around my waist and stomach holding me tight from falling. His chest was plastered against my back as his breath fanned my cheeks making me forget our surroundings momentarily when the voice broke my thoughts. 

Sorry. Someone spoke sincerely as I tore my gaze away from Maan and looked at the person standing in front of me. My eyes widened in shock as this was the least I expected and wished for. 

Geet.!?? He whispered in surprise and acknowledging my presence. 

Rohit.! I chocked in response as I saw him standing in front of me with an apologetic expression. As the words left my lips, I felt Maan stiffening behind me and his hold on my waist grew tighter. Did life really have to be this complicated.? Rohit seemed horrified seeing me, like he was seeing a ghost. I noticed his gaze stuck at Maan's arm around my waist making me uncomfortable. It wasn't about it bothering him, but he was the last person I felt was worthy of an explanation about Maan.  With an intention to avoid any questions, I pried Maan's hand away from my waist and stepped forward, away from him and held his hand instead. I glanced at his face and I could clearly see the hurt written over it as he looked at me with a confused expression. My action was rude and I knew it, but Rohit wasn't worth it and I badly wished Maan reads it in my eyes.

Geet, where the hell have you been.?? Rohit said loudly breaking our eyelock with his sudden question. The tone he demanded it in pissed me off. I glared at him in pure anger and Maan did too at the same time. If glares could kill, Rohit would have been ashes with the way Maan glared at him but he wasn't even bothered about Maan standing there, he looking at me expecting an answer. 

Don't you dare talk to me like that, Rohit. I am not answerable to you of all the people. I snapped at him and saw from the corner of my eyes, Maan's expressions were the same, fuming and hurt which were equally hurting me.

Geet, please.! I know you are angry, but I was worried. I was trying to get in touch with you ever since the valentine night but I just couldn't trace you. Where were you.? He asked me with an apologetic expression as well as concerned. I just didn't want this, even though he sounded genuine. Before I could open my mouth to answer him, a loud sound echoed around the place and something whooshed pass me; missing me by mere inches, hitting the glass door beside me thereby shattering it into a thousand pieces and soon another sound followed it. It all happened so quickly that I was clueless. I stood there shocked as I realized the sounds were gunshots and a bullet whooshed pass me, sparing me by inches. Before I could turn to Maan to see if he was okay, I was pulled by him to the ground and we were rolling across the floor with his heavy muscular body atop me, almost crushing me with his weight. I was numb for a few seconds unable to gather of what was happening around us, when I heard another shot very close to me, jolting my senses with fear. That shot brought me out of my shock as I blinked my eyes trying to register what I saw. Maan had a gun in his hand and he was aiming at someone not visible to me and another shot was fired, which was again by Maan this time. His hands caged around me protectively and I realized he was actually shielding me under his body as we had stopped rolling. I closed my eyes shut tightly, unable to bear the bullet sounds echoing around us and clamped my arms around him out of fear, hiding in the crook of his neck as gun shots kept ringing in my ears. It all seemed endless. It was after a few minutes of constant firing and unbearable torture that everything went quiet and the dreaded silence scared the hell out of me. I tightened my hold on Maan and as a response his hand holding the back of my head held it tighter pushing me more into himself. I could feel myself trembling with fear until the silence sunk in. It looked it was over, as even Maan's stance relaxed but he was still atop me with his hand around me. I opened my eyes to peek to the other side, my face still in the crook of his neck and I saw 2 men lying on the ground, in a pool of blood while 2 men stood near each of them with a gun pointed at each. As the sight was registered by my brain, my head which was already traumatized, flooded with the bloody images of the people lying on the floor and the gun shots echoing again and again making my head wobble confirming I was going to pass out soon, if I didn't stop thinking about it. I turned my eyes away from the sight and closed them tight when I felt something warm on my shirt grabbing my attention. Deep down I knew what it was, but I just didn't want to accept it. Gathering my guts, I unhooked my hand from his shoulder and squeezed it in between our entwined bodies and touched the warm liquid. I pulled my hand out, staring at it and that was it, the end I was waiting for finally came crashing down on me. My vision blurred as my head started spinning seeing my red hand, smeared with fresh blood. It was enough for me to lose my senses. I was losing my conciseness but I felt Maan pulling my head out of his hold while I was only staring at my hand without blinking. For a second his eyes locked with mine and his gaze followed mine and his expressions changed and I could see pain written all over his face. His hand pulled me back into the crook of his neck; my peaceful place, my personal heaven.

Jaan.! Was all I heard. His painful cry, his pain stricken face, the feeling of his lips against my hair for a brief second, my blooded hand, the warm blood still wetting my shirt and the drop of tears that left his eyes falling on my forehead before he pulled me back into his embrace were  the last things I registered and remembered before my senses gave up and everything blacked out pushing me into the same dreaded endless silence.


There is the part guys, so double updates done.! Did try to fit in some romance as now it will get serious..As for the attack and the attacker..Will come out later. Who got hit is also a mystery till the next update..and I am expecting some chappals for leaving you all hanging.! LOL Can I get 150 likes for both the parts.? Greedy I know.!! Hope you guys enjoy the update.Embarrassed

Please let me know how you found it and do hit the like button too.!

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


Thanks Smile






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