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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Updating.!  Embarrassed

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Time stood still as we both held on to each other, facing the bitter truths of our life. I was numb by the revelations today. I felt I was a nonexistent soul, who knew nothing about my own parents nor the people I looked up to as parents. While my senses were too disoriented to react, I could feel Maan's uncontrollable tears wetting my shoulders indicating the turmoil he hid within himself for years. I held him tighter and with great difficulty made him walk back to the couch, settling him on it and taking the place next to him. I cupped his face, turning him to face me, forcing him to meet my eyes which had their own levels of determination.


 At least, now will you please tell me the truth.?? I asked him with a tinge of irritation in my voice. I was clueless about whatever was happening around me, and the ignorance was taking a toll on me. My gaze locked with his, a fierce glare penetrating his orbs.


What is all this.? I thought you all left due to Raj uncle's transfer. Then what is all this.? I probed again, making myself clear once more. He averted his gaze, looking away from me and nodded.


Then, what's all this.? Ma, Pa, Mom and Dad.? How long have you been hiding all this.? Why.? I kept asking him questions, to which he just kept staring at the ground. I could feel my voice breaking again, when he looked back with concern.


Shh, Geet.! Please, relax. I will tell you everything. But you have to promise me that you will hear me out patiently. And you have to be strong.! Promise me, first.! He said with a painful expression, extending his hand out. Unsure, I placed my hand in his promising him unaware if I would be able to keep it. Was it all so bad.? My insides shivered thinking of what could be worse than us losing our close ones. His silence was making it worse for me, why couldn't he just tell me once and for all.?


Maan, I am waiting.! Please tell me, your silence is scaring me even more. I said with plead evident in my command. He just sighed and faced me.


Geet, I was very upset the day Mom and Dad told me we are shifting to a new place due to dads work reasons. I hated the fact of not being able to see you for long. Though we moved away, but my heart and soul was with you. I was never used to spending my days without you, and I was always all by myself in the new place. Though, I was alone but Mom and Dad were always there for me. But none of us could have ever imagined our lives would change forever once we moved away.! He confessed sadly, holding my  hand. I knew there was a lot more to this than I knew, and I need to be patient and hear him out.


Maan, what happened after you left.? I asked him, making him face me again, knowing he could never lie by looking at me. I decided I need to know the truth anyhow. Before he could say anything, the entire room echoed with a siren sound startling both of us. Maan shot up from the couch at once, and fished out his phone. His eyes grew wide in shock, and the next thing I knew was, I was being carried in his arms. 


Maan, what are you doing.!.? You are hurt, and what's that noise.?? Maan.?? Is everything okay.? I asked him panicking seeing him stressed.


Geet, someone unknown is here. You have to hide. Trust me, it's all fine. Don't do anything till I come back. Just sit quietly.!! He said, moving towards his room. As we entered the picture room, he ran towards the center with me in his arms. I gaped at him still confused when he put me down, and pecked my lips lightly and ran out of the room locking it behind, leaving me rooted on the spot with shock. What the hell was happening? I looked around myself, trying to still grasp what exactly happened. Why did he leave like that.? And what did he mean by, someone unknown is here.? He hid me, which means there was clear sign of danger. The word danger drained my body with fear. What if something hurt him.? The flashes of the last time he left and came back in a pool of blood played in front of me. The thought itself crushed something within me and I could feel myself shivering. I staggered to the nearby single bed, and fell on it with a thump before my body gives up and I fell to the ground. I felt the sobs, almost on the verge of escaping. I hugged my knees close to my body, burying my face in wanting to shut myself away from everything. I boiled in anger, as I kept on thinking how he left me again, without answering any of my questions. What am I to him.? Just a shoulder he can cry on.? I closed my eyes, imagining the worst each second making everything even more miserable than it was. As the tears threatened to fall out, I gulped down all my fears determined not to break. He promised he will not leave me.! I sat there, waiting for him to come back with my head still between my knees. After about 15 minutes, I heard the door click open sending a wave of relief through me, as I knew it was him. I could feel his aura filling the room, though I didn't bother to look up. His hand touched my hair, yet I didn't react.


Geet.? He called out, his hand still lingering on my head.


Leave me alone.! I spat at him angrily. I have had enough of his silence and mysteries. Why do I care about all this so much, when he doesn't bothering telling me anything?


Geet.? What happened.? He said shocked, his hands on my shoulders now. I looked up at him with rage in my eyes, pushing his hands away and getting up from the bed. He backed away seeing my anger, still shocked. I started walking away when he pulled me back with a strong force making me fall on the bed, joining me in a few seconds. My heart pounded against my body feeling his entire weight on me, but that didn't help me forget my anger.


Geet, what happened.? Why are you angry.? He asked me looking at me lovingly. I looked away from him, wanting him to figure it out on his own. He pinned both my hands on my sides, scaring me a bit with his sudden closeness, thought I didn't have it me to refuse as I was craving for this touch from the moment he left me alone. I stood adamant on not facing him, masking my actual feelings. I am not going to give in this time.!


Why do you care.? I spoke angrily, still not facing him. From the corner of my eyes, I could see him smiling. He pressed me more into the mattress, as his proximity created havoc inside me. I need to get out of his hold, before my control breaks.


I do Geet. That's why I am doing all this. Okay, I am sorry for whatever I did. Though I don't know why you are angry, but still I am sorry. Now tell me what happened, why are you angry.? He said so sensually, his lips lingering on my earlobe. Had I not been angry on him, I would have moaned.


You don't know right, so leave it. How does it even matter.? You do what you want, but leave me alone. I retorted back, trying to get myself free from his grip, which increased with each attempt of mine.


You know that's not true. I am sorry Geet, but please don't be angry.! He said with his innocent face, trying his best to melt me.


Jaan, I am sorry. I promise I won't do it again.! I won't ever leave without telling you.I know that's the reason you are angry.! Sorry.! He finally said placing a longing kiss on my cheek. My heart fluttered at his touch and his words. Did he just call me Jaan.? That sounded like an ultimate bliss coming out from his lips. How does this ass always manage to melt me.? I looked at him shocked, when he just smiled.


Jaan.? I asked, raising my eyebrows.


Yes, you are my Jaan.! I know you loved it when I called you that, so stop faking. I saw the happiness in your eyes when you heard me calling you that, and neither did I miss the small blush that crept up your cheeks. So now please forgive me.! He said brushing his lips against mine. My heart filled with love, when I heard his voice full of love for me. Unable to stop myself, I rose up and smacked my lips against his taking him by surprise. His hold on my hand loosened, and finding my cue I pulled my hands out from his. I left his lips, and hugged him tight with my hands that went around his neck pulling him harshly, my control finally giving away.


Never do that again.! You don't know how scared I was when you left without telling me anything. Please Maan, I can't lose you now after getting you back after so many years. You are the only one I have now. I cannot live without you, I love you Maan.! I love you so much. I poured out my feelings closing my eyes tightly. His hands went around my waist, lifting me up even more and crushing me to his body. The intensity with which he crushed me to his chest and his fierce hold on me said it all, he mirrored my feelings. He broke the hug and instantly took my lips into a soul shattering kiss, not letting either of us breathe in any air; neither did I try to stop him as it was giving me the unknown pleasure and relief. Not holding back further, he broke the kiss before our lungs gave up. We both fell on the bed gasping for air, when he simply hugged me and settled on the bed, our bodies sticking closer than ever. He placed a lovable kiss on my forehead, when I rested my head on his chest.


I think it's time I tell you the truth, as I have you so close to me, nothing can harm you now. This is the right moment, and if I delay it any further, it won't be fair to you. He said. I looked up to him and noticed him staring at the ceiling absent minded. I placed my hand on his heart, asking him to proceed.  I heard him sigh, a sigh full of pain.


Geet, after we went away from here, life was proceeding but I was missing you. I never wanted to stay away but dad used to convince me every day telling me how it's the best for all of us. I hardly understood anything, what he meant by those words yet I agreed. Life passed along, but my wish to see you just kept deepening with each day I spent away from you. I tried my best to not think about you, but it was impossible for me but I managed somehow. I was doing my schooling when one day dad suddenly asked me if I wanted to meet you. I was elated and shocked to see him asking about you. I instantly agreed to it, but I failed to see the pain and worry in his eyes in my excitement and happiness. We all came back, and without wasting another minute I ran to your place in a hope to see you, but all my hopes and happiness crashed when I saw your door locked and the house vacant. I asked dad what was happening, but he simply said he was clueless about where you all were.! I waited for days, hoping any one of you will come back, but no one came back. I was broken, I cried for days thinking I lost you. I blamed myself, had I come earlier may be I would have found you. Seeing no point, in staying back dad took me back making me bid good bye to the place once and for all. Defeated and with a broken heart I went along with him, unaware of anything that took place in our lives, particularly yours. He said, his voice breaking in the end. I looked up to see him striving in pain; my heart sank seeing his smiling face, taken over by pain. I hugged him tighter, assuring him of my support no matter what. He finally, looked away from the ceiling at my face and smiled warmly, bringing a smile on my lips.


I went back, simply praying for you be happy where ever you are. Once back, I concentrated on my studies more, trying to get you out of my thoughts as I knew I won't be able to see you again. One thing that I always thought of was how come Mohinder Uncle left without informing dad about anything being the best friends they were. Whenever I asked dad about this, he would just avoid the topic. I found it fishy, but I didn't pester him much knowing he must be hurt by Uncles sudden disappearance too. Life became busy, and I totally forgot about all of it, but one day changed it all. I was at my school when I was called to the principal's room, where he told me about Mom and Dad's accident. I was shattered when I reached the hospital and saw them on their death bed. I cried for hours, sitting by their side, tears refusing to hold back. The entire night I didn't leave their side, but they had already left me. In the morning, the doctor declared them dead. I simply sat there crying unable to understand anything. Dad and Uncles close friend who worked for them took care of me, and we all started to live together. They didn't have any children to they treated me as their son. I completed my schooling and was in my college when his health gave away. Soon he too passed away, leaving the biggest truth of our lives with me. He abruptly stopped talking, making me look up to him. I saw his expressions changing, and beckoned him to continue, yet he remained silent.


Maan, what did you find.? What had happened.? Tell me.! I said, shaking him.


Mom and Dad were murdered. Not just that, but I also came to know the reason for your sudden disappearance. Uncle told me that Mohinder Papa and Rano Maa were also murdered, just like my parents. The moment I heard the truth of my life spilling out, I went numb thinking if something happened to you as well. I had already lost mom and dad, and I didn't have it in me to hear if something happened to you. Uncle, who understood me assured me that you were fine. He then told me, how your uncle took you away from that place. Deep down, I was relieved that at least you were safe. He said, while his hold automatically grew tighter around me. I was too scared to hear any further, but I had to know the truth about why everything was shattered the way it was.


Why did all that happen Maan.? Why...was...everyone.? I asked him, my voice breaking while my hands clung to him even more securely than ever.


Geet, our fathers had a secret world of their own which was hidden from all of us. They were police witnesses, for a drug deal which was taking place in one of a famous firm who happened to be their rivals. It was on their statements and proofs that the company was thrashed down and the gang was wiped out by the police. Though all went well, yet the police was afraid the concerned criminals might harm them, so they suggested Dad and uncle to part away. That was the reason we left so suddenly. But our leaving didn't change anything, and everything ended. It was a shocker for me when I learnt all this, but I accepted everything and continued with my life. With uncle passing away, and no one to look after KC as I was too young, we faced some turbulent times. Finding no other way out, we had to sell it off thus erasing the last memory of dad. I also found out that, Mohinder Uncle left everything for my dad, in case anything happened to him as he never wanted anyone to find out about you, so that no one would harm you, trusting Dad to take care of everything. But everything ended. After the loss of KC, we moved away from that place and came to Delhi. Completing my studies, I set up my own business here, starting a new life and that's how one day I saw you. I didn't recognize you, hadn't it been for Rohit who screamed your name the other day in the park. I saw you and wondered if it was really you.! But by the time I could approach you, both of you left. I immediately asked my PA to trace you, and he told me that it was you, the very person I was craving for from years. I was shocked at first, to realize it was you. But in a few days I found out that, you ran away from you uncle and came to this place and started a new life, which did piss me off, but I was helpless. I followed you quietly, making sure you were alright. But all my fears came true the day you were hit by the car; I was broken when I saw you in a pool of blood. I wanted to come to you, but... He stopped again after a long time, making me look at him.


But.? Why didn't you when you know it was me.? I asked him hurt evident in my voice.


Because of Rohit. The care and the concern I saw between you both, didn't let me come in between you both. I thought you both were in love, which hurt me a lot but I wanted you to be happy in the end.! However, I started getting paranoid about you being in danger. I was scared that they had traced you despite uncle's effort to keep you safe, so I wanted to protect you somehow. I got my perfect chance on Valentine's Day when I saw you both break up. I seized the opportunity and kidnapped you, taking you away from the entire world. He said all in one go, yet I could sense a feeling of pride in his last sentence. I saw him, and I was right ; he indeed was smiling. I just gaped at him, shocked at his guts. He stayed away from me for so long, and even after realizing it was me, he didn't bother telling me.! But this was not that was bothering me, was I really in danger was the thing eating me up. I decided not to ask him, as it might just add up to his fears and my sorrow.


That's all Geet, that was the reason behind me kidnapping you. I can't let anything happen to you. Ever.! He hugged me closer. Still, all of it looked like a mystery to me, was there something still missing or am I over thinking it.? I shrugged off the thoughts, chiding myself for thinking so much.

But Maan.?

Shhh, not now Geet. You have learnt enough for a day, I don't want to stress you more. Let's just rest for some time. We both need some rest. He patted my hair, as my tears already spilled out learning the horrible truths of our lives. I kept weeping silently while he kept shushing me, and soon we both drifted out of the world.

Precap : Some cute moments Embarrassed


First of all, I am so very sorry for the delay in updates, but its just that I was really held up with some other works but finally managed to give it today.!! So here you go guys, the truth behind. Well I did give it in short, as that's enough for now. As the story proceeds, you will come to know of the details. From it will be all about romance and some detailed truths.! Hope I did justice to it..
Will be waiting for your response eagerly.! Hopefully you all liked it Embarrassed

Thanks Smile

Please do hit the like button and I would love to read your comments too Embarrassed

Anu Heart


PS : Please add " anuluvsmaaneet " for PMs regarding the updates.! 


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Updated Smile

Next Update : This week itself, cant be sure with the date but this week for sure.! Hope I made up for the delay with the long update.? LOL Enjoy.!!

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yipee me first Smile
suspense still intact. Maan explained finally to Geet reason behind he kidnapping her. Still more truth to unfold right ? .. waiting patiently like Geet to hear the truth Tongue

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awesome  update

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awesome update dear
so maan told geet whole truth
who is behind all this. hope they will be fine

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very sad..maaneet parents was killed...maan is hiding something from geet...wonderful update..pls cont soon..

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maan telling truth about her kidnappig goodupdate

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