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Originally posted by twila

Arshii ...

What a wonderful CB you have given us today ... could not stop laughing ...

and the TRP  Aarti ... Awesome           ROFL

But i would like to play the role of the Devil's advocate here ... Did we not already know that this is the way things shall proceed  ... Had the CVs not been showing this ever since the Marriage track  ??... So why so Furious today ??

We all have been talking about the same for weeks now ... we knew that Kumud had accepted this Marriage as her " Kismet "  and had decided to bear all the atrocities ... all the insults ...  and was going to make all efforts to be a Good Bahu and Pativrata Naari ...all in the name of this Sham marriage...  So what is so New today ??

and actually ... is it not the  same as the original story of the Book too  ??  


In the book it is not treated in such a hare-brained way...

Kumud accepts her marriage but there is a social rigidity which is the reason...not the silly kismet, aurat ka kartavya types like it was espoused today...kumud tries to survive her marriage because she has no option at that time, she tries to work on her marriage largely because saras after his rejection letter never till Act 3 says he loves her even when he is staying at BD's place...kumud neither blames herself for pramad's behaviour nor voluntarily becomes a door mat citing destiny...

Guniyal was a strong character...epitomized / split into DB & Guniyal in the adaptation...both became typical docile beti ki docile maa...with DB espousing the shit so correctly noted by arshi in her thread...what happened to her stand as late as yesterday that even if Kumud wants to continue a sham marriage, she will make sure that it does not continue...and her reasoning regarding her hubby was more jarring...

Chandrakant again split into Sunny / Danny was such a strong character...his persistence eventually gets these two together..he underwrites the arguments for both to I am sure he will be reduced to a gloriifed side-kick..

So you start wih a very clear adaptation with an independent kumud et all...then you regress all characters over 2-3 epis into a state which is worse off than they started out with...and seemingly worse off than the book..since you have kept the social context of the modern world...

So it is like murdering of all the old to make way for the new lookalikes who are totally different in character...

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Arshi, I wouldn't agree with you today. It was not about Kumud being "abla nari" and trying to fix sharabi pati. She wants to give a change to her marriage. We don't know why Pramad became like this. AT this time, I think she is making right decision. What are her choices, stay at home like Dugba or try to make the marriage work.

 Looks like Act 3 foundation is all set...VC and family found about Pramad, Pramad will make Kumud's life more hell as he knows about Saras and Kumud engagement.

 Saras:  Your dilemma and remorse was visible on your face.  Coming back to Ratnanagri is not going to be easy. You didn't had much scope today other than this. You have to face all VC and family. But Dear, you made a mistake, you realized it and realized the price you and Kumud have to buckle up and face your fear. There is another bigger problem for you waiting in RN and that is Umesh. If he sees you, he will spill the beans to Pramad and the whole truth will be out.

 Kumud: It was all you and Dugba today. Why did you hide the truth of Saras from Dugba? Remember she is the only one who can help you? Your pain and helplessness seeing your husband in such a condition and an embarrassment was well executed.  I agree with you, we do need to try to fix the problem. You are putting 1+1 together and telling your heart that Saras was not for you. It was Pramad who was in your destiny...but Saras didn't dump you...his phone call changed everything, less he knew about the consequences. He told you everything...and you still think he dumped you and he didn't love you...this part I don't agree with you. You know he still loves you, your ego, your wife's duty has blinded you and you are not able to think straight. You are not able to forgive him yet. Now Pramad truth is out, Pramad will leave the house tomorrow morning and planning to kill you.

 Dugba: yes single parenting has huge adverse affect on children but what cannot be cured, must be endure/stopped. Why didn't you tell Kumud about know he didn't dump her...he loved her. I am disappointed at you, our Mai is lost somewhere.

 Alak, yes you were right...sending Pramad to RN was wrong decision...BD, didn't you knew about that. So you send Saras/Naveen to RN to take care of Kumud-Pramad...seriously, you think Pramad will listen to Saras.

 Kumari and Kusum: totally annoying today...I would say total blind.

 VC and Gun: they can easily see something is wrong and Kumud is not happy...but they don't want to accept that. They want to "hear" from Kumud...seriously parents? Initially I thought you both were perfect parents...but you guys turned out to be total disappointment.  Now you saw Pramad lying on the floor drunk...will you believe or not? Will you call BD or think "well Kumud was engaged to Saras and that relationship she didn't get perfect husband".  It is parents like you who make children's life hell.

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 Though episode was fast pace., I concur your post Arshi...
 And 'dugba'!! Friends, do you see my annoyance now- as I was exasperated yesterday?... As expected, all her bravado fell void.Dead..She lamely turned a meek 'assistant' with oodles self reproach only- But that was unexpected. Tomm, instead of yesterday's raging 'mother', will she turn a cohort in mission 'damage control'? But how? Everything is  so out and open? How will they contain VC now? He is already sinking.Dead What even Guniyal can do now?Confused
But Navinchandraji! Don't you think he may not turn up inside Haweli at all? Where would he camp? Ilaben's, a temple besides that lake or Sunny's hotel? For where was Sunny today? Did not see him around? Though, Cvs have an excuse- on mission 'search'.
But my real pique is elsewhere.Angry Call it narrowness or anything, I simply detest Saras's avowals.Dead Pledging to 'align' one's soulmate to other person is simply Gross- Notwithstanding the adverse 'reality', notwithstanding her marriage nor her own resolve.Ouch This was my biggest pique even at renouncing call. I had ranted then...Though It was made under a supposedly momentary/ exhorted lapse (as condoned many times hereConfusedOuch). But How can one ask one's 'mate' to go and find 'another husband' even 'momentarily' or even under any kind of duress/trauma at that?Dead...
His 'zero' locus standi is even more pronounced in current situation. Kumud may decide to cling on to her marriage. She may resolve making P a real husband. But what has that to do with him? At best, he must stay away. Repeat. He simply has no locus standi. Least of all, in garb of a 'Penance'. He must repent aside, until 'rescue' calls demand him active. Source has at least this much congruity. G.M.T. had not inflicted the viewers with such out right bawdry. SC dared not 'interfere'...Call me old fashioned, but I detest this. May the corny third corner disappear as soon as the news are hinting.Dead

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Plz Arshi tell me how do I liberate myself from this "sar ka dard?
I am very very annoyed today n opened CB to read another take to feel better but I see u r as upset as meOuch
God this is pathetic!! I used to think this state happens after 2-3 yrs, here it has started after 6 months only??Shocked
God gives us strength to bear this!!

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Itni gussa! Do some of you know more inside story of what is going on and hence your interpretation from TRP angle?

Or am I the only one bit weird thinking here? 
Tell me if I am wrong in my understanding: for me  the story is still following the novel.

Kumud got married, whatever the reason behind it! It was wrong decision; but a gamble she had to play: choosing the lesser evil I may say.

she assessed the situation at her inlaws: she is taking responsibility for that decision: still confessed with her badi maa that she would give a second chance: she didnot vow to live there  until death at her husband's hands.
some of her other  logics do not align to our 21st century reasonings, but did they ever concur completely even before?

Didn't  Saraswatichandra of GT offer to help out Kumud to sort out the mess she was in? Isn't that the storyline here as well?

Dugba and Kumud's relation has been depicted in a similar way before, she has never gone against Kumud's wishes, even in the first instance when Dugba hadn't agreed to alliance with LN's son. 

Iam wondering is there anywhere any official briefing about where the storyline is going? Least the new PH can say whether they intend to follow the original. 

Edit: I especially liked the part where Kumud accepted to herself that she is giving a 'pareeksha' with her past by the side of her.  That is the heart break she faces, dealing with internal tumult is a far greater challenge, does she succeed? Does she accept Saras is her ultimate destiny?

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Arshics IF-Sizzlerz

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And a post to answer them all...

1.  I kind of understood Kumud and really felt bad for Kumud last night - this marriage is a third rejection for her . 

   Twice from Saras and once from pramaad. So is there something wrong with her? Something she is 
    not doing right? 

   If Saras does love her as he claims, and it was an unthinking rejection, then is it her kismet to be       

   If she does walk out of this marriage, what is the guarantee that another accident will not lead to 
   another unthinking rejection from Saras? 

   She had given herself so completely to him, she had changed her destiny, fought his rejection, pulled     him to fall in love with her, and look where it got her! 

   If her dad had said yes to pramaad in the first instant, she wouldn't have had to suffer in love, as she    did,  for the rejection of Saras after love hurts far more than the rejection of Pramaad.

   At least pramaad has made his reasons clear, it was coercion and he wants nothing to do with her! 

 So, Kumud's reaction stems from her pain and vulnerability and I get that. 

Infact last night I understood her reasons for wanting to stay on, it's resignation and defeat that comes from repeated rejection. 

So, to all those who feel that she doesn't care for him, this has messed her up more than she shows

2.  My disappointment lies hence not with Kumud, because she is not thinking straight . It lay with 
    Dukhba. One reason why she was admired so much was that she had the courage to walk out of a       bad marriage. She had till now showed a quiet pride in doing the right thing. 
    Yet last night she hinted that it was her failure that her husband was a bad man. 

    She who had lived with a wrong man, should so easily accept Kumud's decision to go back, also 
    support her and agree to hide it from VC , felt wrong at so many levels. A Mai who thundered that 
    she will not let Kumud throw her life away, was surprisingly easy to convince! 

    She who knew that Saras and Kumud are right for each other, and pushed them together, now 
    cannot see that pramaad is not right for Kumud? 

    I needed to see her stand against Kumud, argue with her, explain to her what life with an abusive 
    man can be, educate her, not applaud her! 

3.  Saras - as smrth has said- why is he here? Why is he interfering? Why can't he understand that to 
     really help Kumud, he has to go away, so that she is not tormented by her past. 
     Isn't he still staking her claim on her? She is mine to protect and save, and I am her man? 
      Just like she was his to reject and spurn when he was depressed? 

     And true love, (again thanks smrth) is to love and wait, and accept. 

     It is not to demand and push and take over the right to reorganize her life 

     He forsaked it, he came back, but destiny had played its cards. 

      Now he must not punish her more by seeking forgiveness - what use is that forgiveness? 

4.  The story - it has anyway been compromised enough for TRPs - the PMS, the entry of Saras so     
      early, the character of dukhbaa.
      And now the glorification of Kumud's decision to go back - an angry Kumud who insists on going back with her sharabi pati against her family's wishes - I would have accepted , because depressed people are also the most stubborn. 

But a Kumud applauded with pride, a rergertful dukhba, who now thinks she was wrong to have left her husband, who agrees to hide the truth from Kumud's birth mother and father - is appalling, and an incorrect social message, that is one adaptation of the novel that I strongly strongly strongly reject . 

5. The time - the novel is set in today, it was made contemporary, the Kumud of the original could not walk away then because girls did not walk away then. And moreover Saras was denying his love for her.  It has been made contemporary. Saras is back asking for forgiveness, this Kumud has more options. At least a conflict over choosing the right one, if not from her from her dukhba? 

So by all means show a Kumud who chooses to live with pramaad , but at least show her doing it against all sound advice and not with the blessings of the woman who moulded her character! 

This twist is tale was a TRP exercise. And now will start TRP ka khel. 

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Great post and many thanks for putting this out arshi..

Wanted to attempt a summary like this yesterday.. but was too depressed.. :-(

And couldn't have said it better nailed it!..especially kumud's perspective and why the current treatment absolutely negates everything..

DB u-turn was for me the last straw..

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Again... From now on, I'm thinking its better to go thru CB first before posting. Esp in these err, times Embarrassed Great discussions and insights as usual. Arshi, much appreciate the ROFL-attack you caused me early, early morning... Enough of *standin-frickin-ovation*... Ab brickbats hi uthaane wale din aaye hai Big smile

First, Kumud... I agree with the overall thoughts, and with your later explanations, too... Brilliantly explained, btw. Total Hgg bhai style Clap Your "abla naari" was not contextual, but merely descriptive for the episode. That is the ethos of CB. It is of the immediate. Also your "abla nari" for Kumud is in relation to Saras' vow from the precap, the "hero-giri" we were talking of yesterday, put in-effect Ouch

From the outset... That last friday Mandir sequence, I have noticed a shift of Kumud towards the typical "bahu, beti, tv-heroine". I mentioned it in the "champion vs champion thread" Tongue as well. I understand Kumud's reasons, but it does not mean that I have to like them. I do not. The destiny bit totally escapes me. As Hgg and smrth Bhai's have so patiently explained, this is a clear diverge from the source as well. Here was the potential to be truly Nayi Soch, instead what we have have is Old Soch in Nayi Bottle, mixed with the galling arrogance that viewers won't be able to tell the difference. And their core TRP/TVT giving audience, won't. That is the most destructive aspect of this exercise. Thus I appreciate and applaud the fact that even tho your CB is so immediate, you don't hesitate to go beyond the show and look at the wider societal ramifications that such regressive endorsements will entail Clap Again, I repeat, not all are discerning viewers. And television propagates, television perpetuates. SP ought to be more socially aware and responsible, esp at such prime-time slots. 

So Kumud, we can excuse. As mentioned, she is, being "consistent". For me but, her consistency only stretches from Last friday, to today's epi. I identified and engaged with Kumud better before she had done the honors of so insistingly and assertingly caging herself in "boxes". She is still caged, that is as far as my current identification and tolerance stretches towards her. But Dukh Baa... What was all that almighty din and righteous thundering for, when even the flimsiest of "excuses" spouted by an utterly beseiged girl would not only melt but reduce you to a regretful, remorseful, utterly susceptible fool?!? Angry Honestly, is Kumud the most deadliest of Siren's that her "song" can turn even the most sternest of brains to mush?? First, it left Saras utterly awestruck, and now, it has left Dukh baa longing to rewind the matrimonial-clock, and 'fix' Sahas Rai Dead  Let us blame Jennifer's enchanting voice modulations, shall we Wink (Disclaimer: this is not a "bash" Embarrassed)... Kumud needed guidance, not unwarranted, destructive capitulation. Whose more world-weary, more experienced, more culpable here? Dukh baa, not Kumud, but the convo could've fooled me... A landmark case of "bua-blindness" in excruciating action? What a way to mark Independence day, India's largest GEC! Censored

A bit of "analysis"... It is heartbreaking to see "markers" being used so utterly without regard and narrative/character responsibilty now. The feet device today... The confused stumbling of Kumud totally undercut the mahaan, self-sacrifical kathaa she had fed to Dukh baa right before. It undermined K's convictions in her own words, her own beliefs, her mission "fix Pramad"... Leaves one wondering, is she still keeping a facade? Has the broken mirror miraculously re-joined after that Mandir epi? If so, it also implicity undermined Kumud and Dukh baa bond. Couldn't Badi Maa hear the screaming SOS in her laadli's eyes? How could mere hollow words, how could deceit so easily, so cleanly suffice between "Mother" and "Daughter"? Another thing I did not appreciate, bringing Guniyal's words in, to support the utterly wrong cause. Referring back to "Three Mothers Theory", Dukh baa was supposed to be the "cut", but lo and behold, Kumud turned out to be the "bind" for her long-forgotten marriage vow instead...! Dead And now, even without Guniyal being there, her words, unbeknowst, are shown as being the last "bind", with Dukh baa, reeling from own failures as a "wife" and left meekly applauding. So, a much dreaded theory has come to partial fruition, Kumud is now binded "three-ways"... And her autonomy in marriage severely restricted, by her own doing. Let's anticipate what tomorow's epi brings... I want Guniyal to the forefront. I want Dukh baa's useless proclamations muted. And I will, if she even tries, I hold the remote. I don't have to hear Tongue

Saras... Has gone abso-bloody-bonkers in the precap. This is not "Love"... Why does he keep regressing to the "in Love" state? And what is with his penchant for "vows"... he should very well be aware of his track record regarding 'em by now. smrth Bhai, concur, he has no locus standi to be so prominent with his haqq's anymore. But then, are we the more fools here to keep applying our "elitist" theories to a product, so clearly intent on digging itself into the darkest new lows? All "theories" are steadily being blown outta water, and it is simply not viable to keep "re-setting" anymore Ouch

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