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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 46)

kavs1 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 April 2014 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Good going... Pls update soon and please pm me whenever u update

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sushfiza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2014 at 11:20am | IP Logged

Biggest surprise for both ram n priya..
finally they r married now..
lovely part...cont soon..wanna read present scene :P

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 3:10am | IP Logged
an eventful and melodramatic marriage took place, so finally RaYa became a real couple, nice one, plz continue

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 3:11am | IP Logged
thanks for PM
Dsudipa Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 3:57am | IP Logged
sry 4 late reply, finally Raya r marriade now, very emotional update, feeling very sad 4 Priya, waiting 4 nxt, pls continue soon, thx 4 PM

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lovelysakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
lovely Part
Raya become married...loved the part where Neha stands for Priya
felt bad for Priya...her truth
Ria's parents supports Raya marriage and did kanyadan of Priya.
Loved Ria's mother confession.
Hope Ram realized his Ria's parents also supports Priya
thanks for PM...please continue soon

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2014 at 1:58am | IP Logged

"Ram, can you come down to the hospital?"  Neha's voice from the other end on the phone quizzed Ram about any unforeseen event.


"Is everything alright Neha?" Ram asked this in a worried state.


"Don't worry Ram, I have some good news for you.." she smiled at the other end.



Ram who was still in a confused state asked: "Good news as in..."



Neha: "Ram, come over and we can have face to face conversation..."



Ram: "Ok..I shall be there in next half an hour..."



He kept the phone and kept wondering what the news could be. He questioned himself: "Is Priya out of coma? " For him this could be the only good news as he is waiting for her to come back to him. Without any further delay, he rushed to the hospital but again without failing to check upon his darling daughter.



Ram: "Neha, what is it?"



Neha ws happy to see Ram, she moved towards him, she took his hand in hers and with a bright smile on her face said: "Ram, your Priya is slowly coming back to life..."



Ram couldn't believe his luck. He was thinking of the same throughout his travel.



With a slight confusion in his mind, he asked: " What?"



Neha smilingly nodded in " yes" ..."Ram, you heard right...Priya is coming back...she has showed movements Ram, we all were surprised to see that, we were making ourselves sure of this before disclosing this news to you...I have not even told Vikram yet, since it should be only you to get this information..."



Ram was choked with emotions after hearing this confirmation. He was so eagerly waiting for this news to come. Today, after a long wait of 6 months since Peehu was born, this piece of information brought a myriad of emotions within him. He had missed Priya like anything in these 6 months especially. He was living a life without a soul, just for his daughter -  a daughter who was a wonderful gift given to him by his Priya.



He sat down on the chair and tears started flowing in.



Neha could understand his emotions as both of them shared a bond of true friendship.



She asked: "Ram, dekhna nahi chahoge usey...""You have been waiting for this day to come..."



Ram replied: " Ab darr lag raha hai will I face her...saari zindagi ussey rudely baat krta raha...she gave me so much yet I didn't acknowledged her even once...I kept on harping my wounds which she already had healed it...I gave her so much pain Neha..."


Neha: "No Ram, don't even think like that. Priya had moved on in her life with you. She accepted you wholeheartedly and loved you truly. When you used to be in pain, she had cried, when you smiled, her happiness smiled too...she lived for you Ram, and I very well know you Ram. You too have accepted her long back. Whatever wrong you used to say to her it was never from your heart. You had already forgiven her after knowing Ria's truth. But it was just your forbidden pain for your love which kept on coming across and was being hit. Ram, you too have moved on with Priya. You too have sanctified your marriage with her. At times, you have protected her, had got worried for her, that was all your love for her. Tumhe khud pata nahi chala, ke kab tumne Priya ko apnaya...kab tumhe ussey pyar hua...kab woh tumhari zindagi ka atoot hissa bani..."



Ram looked at Neha and a smile came on his face listening to her. He nodded saying: "Tumne sach kaha Neha...I might have denied innumerable times, but yes I had already forgiven her. The truth that she wasn't responsible for Ria's death made me assured that I can move on with her. I may not have truly confessed her at any given time, but I had fallen for her. She made my life come back on right track. All my hate, my anger got subsided eventually. I started respecting her, adore her, wanted to know everything about her, even her small things started affecting me. You know neha, when I got to know that she was pregnant with my child, my happiness knew no bounds. I so wanted to thank her from bottom of my heart, but couldn't do so. "



Neha chipped: " But you lived every moment of her pregnancy..."



Ram smiled and nodded: "Yeah...I lived those moments...with all those fake emotions of hate within me...when she used to be asleep; I used to tender our baby by putting my hand on her stomach, used to talk with our baby. She never realized though, but I used to give her a kiss in her sleep."  He smiled cheekily while saying this.



Neha couldn't help but adore this friend of hers. She knew that when Ram loves someone he gives his everything, here it was his wife.



"Chalein milne Priya se..." she asked him after he got comforted in their conversation.



"Haan..." He gave in with a smile...




The reception of this newly wedded couple was being planned by Krishnaji, Dadi, Neha and Vikram the next evening on a lavish scale. And why it wouldn't - after all The Ram Kapoor had got married.



Soon after the marriage got completed, Ram Priya took blessings from Dadi,  Krishnaji and Ria's parents.



Priya got the blessings from her boss who adored her as his own daughter, Rishabh hugged her as he was truly happy for her as a friend.



Ram hugged Vikram and Neha - his best buddies. He hugged Ria's father as well, who in teary eyes blessed him and wished him a good married life.


Soon KM only had Dadi, Krishnaji and Vikram Neha to complete the post marriage rituals.



The day was tiring enough for both Ram Priya...and likely said, eventful.



Neha escorted Priya to her room, while Vikram and Ram stayed back for a small drink.



Neha: "So finally you enter this room as a legal and rightful bride of the house. Congratulations yet again..."



Priya smiled a little. She then said: "Thank you Neha..."



Neha: "Thank you for what..."



Priya: " For whatever you had said for me...I had never got anyone to say such things for me..."



Neha in a little casual way said: "I said, what I believed...and I don't defend people until I am sure that the person is right...see we cant be friends overnight...but my instinct helps me in knowing the people...we have not interacted till this day...I wasn't even knowing that Ram would be marrying you...but now that you two have got married...I have accepted you...I always wanted Ram to be happy...and I would like to be sure that you will always keep him happy..."



Priya just nodded...and Neha took her leave after giving her a hug.



On the other side, Vikram said: "Ram, I am very happy for you. I always wanted you to live a good life...I wasn't sure if at all you would be getting married again...with all what has happened in the past...I don't know whether you are really happy within...let time decide that...but all I know is yours and Priya's relationship will be in keeps for sure...there are still lot of things to be discussed but that can be eventually discussed later on...right now you go in your room...Priya should be waiting for you..."



Ram didn't show any expression to the fact that he had actually got married to the person he hates the most had yet not sinked in...



He walked in his room, and saw Priya making her bed on the couch.



Both of them looked at each other for a while. But soon Priya broke the stoic silence in the room by saying: " Humare beech kuch nahi badlega...jaisa tha waise hi rahega...its just that the fake marriage drama was started by you, I joined in the game and your family and friends finished the game by getting us married in real..."



Ram was now slowly coming in terms with the reality.



And he said: "Main is shaadi ko nahi manta..."


Priya looked at him and quickly reacted by saying: "aapke maanne se ya naa maanane se..sachai jhoothlai nahi ja sakti...we have got married..Period..."



Ram shouted saying: " I know we have got married in real...baar baar kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai...par main is shaadi ko nahi manta..."


Priya retorted: " Kyun nahi maante...yeh shaadi ka jhootha khel toh aap hi ne shuru kia tha...badle ki aur nafrat ki aag aapke dil mein is tarah ghar kar gayi ke aapko hosh hi nahi raha ke aap jo kar rahe hai woh kitna galat still consider me the killer of Ria...and that's why you are not ready to accept that we have got married...


The mention of Ria made him more angry and he said: " Yes, you killed my Ria...had she been alive today I would have never seen your face or cursed you so much...its only because of you I lost her...I loved her truly...and I lost the love of my life because of you...I feel so miserable today that the one person who was the cause of my Ria going away from me forever is in this house as my wife...I married my Ria's killer..."



The constant hounding of the word "killer" destroyed Priya more and more and all her suppressed emotions pented up. She played back saying: "Stop it Ram, stop it..Just because I don't give to you that badly, you have no right to call me this. I have told you time and again, I didn't kill her. She died unfortunately; I too am hurt that I got married to that person whom Ria loved so much, who considers me as a murderer. But like you, I am not a bitter person. Accept the fact Ram, that it was an unforeseen circumstance which led Ria to lose her don't even realize how many deaths I have died after that event...I took all your accusations, all your anger because I felt you needed to express and feel better...and I thought that time will heal your wounds. But I was wrong..the moment we met again I felt you would have been a changed person, time would have healed your wounds...but no I was only showed your hate towards me...I still took it...and I took it for a real long time...I even joined in your game of revenge...but now enough is enough..I have been tolerating till now, but henceforth I won't take any of it...I wish you could have realized the facts which are true...I am sorry to say this Ram, that you probably have never loved Ria, you never understood her...if you would have loved and understood could have seen all the sides of stories before coming to any are still in denial Ram...I may not have loved anyone in my entire life, but I understand the importance and sanctity of love...I wish you all the best in understanding the real test of love...and relationships..."




With this outburst, Priya laid down on her couch and went to sleep, while Ram stood there motionless.



Was he in denial mode like Priya said...did he really loved Ria...did he really understood the importance of love and relationship...all these questions were unanswered as far as Ram was concerned. And the biggest question of the entire conversation surprised him which was: "How does Priya know him so well?"



Time flew in a rapid speed. Ram Priya had been married to each other for over 6 months by now. Their days passed in fighting with each other, and nights would be a silent affair. Priya took the responsibilities of KM...and won over each member of the house...with time she and Neha had become the best of the buddies confiding in each other the good and the bad. Priya also managed her job very well...and successfully managed her home and her office job. She was a reporter, but in these 6 months she didn't took any work which would land her outside Mumbai purposely, as she wanted to settle in KM and as a Kapoor daughter in law first. Her boss and her good friend Rishabh were always supportive of her..



On the other hand, Ram had expanded his business. Most of the times, he used to stay out, thus avoiding any conflicts with Priya. For the world, for their families and friends they were married, but for each other, they were just two strangers.



The fact that both had displayed their fake marriage before their real marriage was being well hidden by them till date. No one ever got the hint of this act - not even Vikram and Neha.



6 months later:



"May I come in Sir..." Priya asked standing outside her boss's cabin.



"Ohh Priya..come in..." he permitted.



He asked her to take a place while he finished his mailing.



Priya: " Aapne mujhe bulaya..."



Boss: " Haan Priya..." " I have an assignment for you..."



Priya: " Assignment...?"



Boss: "Yup..." He handed over a file to her...and asked her to go through it...



She read the file and with a questionable look asked: "You want me to go to Bangalore..."



He nodded in affirmative...



Priya..."But Sir..."



He said: "But what Priya...see you didn't wanted any assignment outside Mumbai for these 6 months..I accepted...but now have been quietly settled can take this assignment..."



Priya: "Agreed Sir...Ok...I will do it...when do you want me to leave...?"



"Today evening" he said..."I have arranged all things for you...your tickets...Your of our colleagues from Bangalore office will come to pick you at the airport...Priya..I want you to get started on this ASAP as we need to publish this news over the weekend..."



Priya: " shall I leave for I would need some time to pack things and prepare for the same..."



He nodded saying a yes...



Priya took his leave and met Rishabh in the premises. She told him about her assignment.



Rishabh: "So you will be leaving tonight..."



Priya: "Yes..."



Rishabh: "Have you told Ram about this...?"



Priya: "Why should I tell him?"



Rishabh got confused listening that reply from her. Priya realized what she said...and covered up saying:" Are matlab...he won't refuse na...and I will inform him...chalo...Now let me prepare for the assignment..."



Rishabh took a leave and wished her the best for her work. While Priya thought..."Kya farak padta hai unhein...main bahar jaaon...waise bhi yeh rishta toh sirf naam ka hai..."



She let go of this thought and started to compile her papers for the work assigned. She had to also go home and pack her things before leaving for Bangalore.




After a day's work Ram came home...and was a bit tired..



Seeing him Krishnaji said: "Are...tu aa gaya...tujhe toh der hone wali thi...jaldi kaise ghar aa gaya..."



Ram looked at the time and said: "Maa...kyun chidha rahe ho...jaldi kaha aaya hoon...raat ke 10 baj chuke hai..."



She smiled and said: "Acha chal...fresh ho jaa...tere liye khaana lagati hoon...finally after a long time...main tere liye khaana lagaoongi...warna yeh kaam toh Priya karti hai..."



Ram in a frenzy mood said: "Toh aaj bhi wohi lagayegi...aap kyun takleef kar rahi hai..."



Krishnaji: " Arey woh ghar par hogi toh lagayegi na..."




Ram turned to look at his mother and asked: "Ghar par hogi toh matlab...Priya ab tak ghar nahi aayi..."



Krishnaji: " Aayi bhi aur chali gayi..."



Ram with a questionable look on his face: "Chali gayi...kaha..."



Krishnaji: "Bangalore...usey ek assignment mila hai na..." She got surprised that Ram didn't knew about it...and so she asked: "Tujhe nahi pata...Priya ne tujhe nahi bataya?"



Ram realized that he was making the blooper in exposing his relationship with Priya to his mother; he covered immediately by saying: "Bataya hoga Maa...mujhe kaam ke chakkar mein kaha yaad rahega...abhi aapse suna toh strike hua...anyways...aap khana lagwa do..main fresh hokar aata hoon..."



He went in his room, and saw that Priya's half of the things from the cupboard have been away. With nearly half of the cupboard empty he realized that she was on her assignment for more than 5 to 6 days.



He murmured saying: "Ek baar batake jaati toh kya jaata...main thodi na rokne wala karna hai karein...Why it should bother me that she left without telling me.."



Priya wanted to tell Ram about her going. Here Ram too wanted to know about her leaving. But both were facing a denial mode. A sudden wave of expectation from each other had started taking place in their lives knowingly and unknowingly. 

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Rayaland IF-Rockerz

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very sweet update thank u so much for pm n pls continue soon i know aap yeh ff finish karne wali hai ClapApprove

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