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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 44)

jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2014 at 2:57am | IP Logged
thanks for PM

sushfiza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2014 at 2:54am | IP Logged

Beautiful update...
ram started falling fr priya ...fb scene with lots of present loved d bonding between papa n beti...
cont soon

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Ram Priya walked along the KM corridors and with every step of theirs they were getting the feeling of a certain excitement in the whole atmosphere of the house. They stopped on the midway - on the stairs witnessing the hustle bustle around the house. Although there was hardly any crowd in the house to be mentioned ; the ambience surrounding the KM was giving a feeling of a celebration.


They had queries in their mind over the happenings but before they could ask anything Vikram and Neha pulled them along with them. They brought them into the centre of the hall. What next followed was not more than a surprise.


A wedding mandap had been created and the decorations all around suited the occasion. Vikram, Neha, Krishnaji and Neha surrounded the couple having huge smiles on their faces. They were ably supported by Ram's close colleagues of the office which included Mrs. D'souza and some of his close business mates. Ram was surprised to see them and didn't know what to say and how to react. As it is he was getting dumbfounded with whatever was happening. Priya too shared the same emotion. She was more awestruck and couldn't move a bit. As if everything had come to a halt for her, she was so shaken up. Till now both Ram Priya enacted a fake marriage for themselves and for everyone else, but this fake marriage of theirs is now coming to a true identity. The step which both of them was not expecting to happen so soon, the purpose for which the fake marriage was being carried out was dying out there. This was turning a reality and unfortunately both of them couldn't say anything as they didn't wanted their family to know about their identities behind.


Priya was further taken aback seeing Rishabh - her colleague and her friend and her office bosses being invited for the occasion. Ram Priya both looked at each other but didn't share any word. They were too shocked to react to anything.  


Breaking their silence, Vikram said: " Tum dono hairan kyon ho...bhai hum kuch naya nahi kar rahe hai...bas jo tumne kiya hai usiko rasmon mein bandhte hue dekhna chahte hai...tum dono ne South Africa mein shaadi karli, tab hummein se koi bhi waha nahi tha...ab humne is shaadi ko toh maan hi liya hai..par hum sabki iccha hai ke tum dono humare saamne, humare liye ek baar fir shaadi kar lo...isiliye yeh taam jhaam..." Samjhe ab?"


Ram in a confused tone asked: " Matlab...aap sab chahte ho ki hum shaadi karlein?" Not to raise any doubts in anyone's mind he cleared asking :" Matlab...hum dobara shaadi karlein?"


Vikram nodded in affirmative.


Neha chipped saying: " Haan bilkul...hum sab chahte hain ke tum dono dobara shaadi karlo...aur harj hi kya hai...tumne waha shaadi ki hai na already, bas humari tasaali ke liye ek baar fir shaadi kar lo...saari rasmon ke saath...kyun dadi?"


Dadi seconded her. And now she said: " Haan Golu...hum sab chahte hain ke tumhari shaadi ko hote hue hum sab dekhein...woh shaadi bhi koi shaadi thi..jahan humara ashirwad na mila tha tumhe...ab rasmon rivajon ke saath shaadi karoge toh hum sabko khushi milegi..aur fir tumpe dher saara ashirwad bhi toh barasa payenge na hum..."



Krishnaji now echoed what Dadi said: " Sahi toh keh rahi hai tumhari Dadi Ram. Tumhari shaadi ko lekar hum sabne kuch sapne dekhe they..kuch umeedein bandhkar rakhi thi...hum teri shaadi ko poore rasmon rivajon ke saath dekhna chahtey they...chahte hain...pehle toh yeh sapna na poora ho paaya...kamse kam ab toh is sapne ko poora hone do...humse yeh mauka mat chino Ram.."



Krishnaji had tears in her eyes while saying the above lines. While Ram's eyes filled with those harsh flashes of that dreaded day. The day when he lost Ria. His wedding day. Priya on the other hand too got sad remembering Ria's last moments with her and the fact that she wasn't able to save her, for Priya it was not only the day where she lost a good friend but till today carried the scars of some unhealed wounds.


Neha broke the moment saying" Arey no getting emotional. Aaj khushi ka din hai, aaj humare Ram Priya ki shaadi hai...past is past..It's gone...Look at today...look at present...aur present yeh hai ke aaj humare Ram Priya ki shaadi hai...aaj badi khushi ka mauka hai..So no crying, only smiling. Chalo chalo...Ram Priya..baith jao bhai...kabse bichare panditji wait kar rahe hai..."


Looking at Priya she said: " Are  Priya. Shaadi mein saree pehenke baithogi...lehenga nahi hai..chalo koi fark nahi padta...shaadi toh dil se hoti hai...baith jao dono..chalo jaldi..."


Both Ram Priya were too absorbed in their thoughts to even say a no. The current situation was such that a refusal would be critical for everyone.


Krishnaji came near Ram, and Dadi near Priya. Both of these ladies took this couple to their places in the mandap.


Ram Priya exchanged glances but didn't say a word yet again. Their eyes also stopped to react.


Krishnaji to the priest: " Panditji...dulha dulhan aa gaye hai...shaadi ki rasmein shuru kar dijiye..."



The priest smiled and started reciting the holy chants and asked the groom and the bride to follow his instructions. Ram Priya silently started performing the rituals one by one.



After recited few of the holy chants, the priest asked them to stand up for their first of the rituals " Varmala" . They both got up and exchanged the Varmalas without a word to each other.



After exchanging the Varmalas, now came the ceremony of Kanyadaan. Panditji said: " Ab kanyadaan ki rasm nibhate hain..."



Priya got startled listening the word " Kanyadaan". She didn't know where to look and what to say. Till here she was quite ok, accepting whatever was coming to her but this was one ritual where she had to look for an answer.



The Pandit again called saying that let this ritual of " Kanyadaan be followed" "Ladki ke maata pita aake kanyadaan kijiyega..."



All eyes were on Priya..Ram too looked at her. Krishnaji said: " Humne tumhare office ke kuch logon ko toh bula liya Priya..par tumhare gharwalon ke baare mein kuch nahi jaante hai...fir bhi Neha aur Vikram ne koshish ki tumhare gharwalon ke baare mein pata karne ki...par kuch pata nahi kar paaye...Priya...tumhare maata pita hai toh unhe bula lena padega...chahe toh hum thodi der ruk jaayenge...itna toh hain humare paas mahurat...hain na Panditji...?"



Panditji answered in affirmative. Krishnaji again looked at Priya and said: " Priya...tumhare maata pita yahi rehte hai na..unhe bula lo...""Neha ya Vikram unhe lene jaayenge..."



Neha echoed: " Haan haan bilkul..."



Priya still was silent. She didn't knew what to say at this. But still she had to say something, so she said which left everyone in a shock.



Priya: " Actually...I have no one. I am all alone. 3 saal ki thi..jab mere maata pita ki accident mein maut ho gayi. I was taken into an orphanage. And I was brought up there. When I grew up and could stand on my feet, I decided to go all alone. And so I made it on my own.""I am sorry maine aapko iske baare mein nahi bataya..par mujhe nahi laga tha ki kabhi iski zaroorat padegi...par aaj jab yeh rasm ho rahi hai toh mujhe batana pada..."



Everyone didn't reacted for a second, even Ram was taken aback to know this. All along he had only one agenda and that was taking on Priya but he never bothered to check her past so much.



" Kaun kehta hain ke tumhara koi nahi hai Priya..hum hai na...tumhare maata pita..." This voice which came from the background shocked everyone further. Everyone looked at that direction and it seemed time froze for them. That voice was of no one else but Ria's father. Ria's parents were on the door and a huge silence followed in the hall looking at them.


Ria's parents came near the wedding mandap. And Ria's dad started speaking: " Main jaanta hoon, aap sabko badi hairaani ho rahi hain humein yaha dekhke...jis andaz se hum yahan se gaye they koi umeed bhi nahi kar sakta ke hum wapis aa sakte hain...""Par kya karein..humse nahi raha gaya..."


He continued further "Hum apni beti ka toh kanyadaan nahi kar paaye..par hum dono chahte hain ke Priya ka kanyadan hum karein..."


No one knew what to say, the words seemed to have taken a backseat for everyone. Ria's dad continued while looking at Kapoors: " Krishnaji, hum dono dil se chahte hain ke Priya ka kanyadaan hum karein...please mana mat kijiye..."



Neha chipped here and with a sarcastic tone in her voice said: " Kya kaha aapne? Aap dono is ladki ka kanyaadan karna chahte ladki ka...jisko aapne itna kuch sunaya tha..." Looking at Ria's mother she said: " Auntyjee aapne toh isey bahut kuch bura sunaya tha..yaad hai...aapne toh isey shraap diya hain yeh kabhi bhi khush nahi reh paayegi...arey zara gaur se dekhiye is ladki ko..yeh wahi hai jisey aap Ria ki maut ka zimmedar maante hai...aap iska kanyadaan karna chahti hai...achanak ye kaayapalat kaise hua?"



Neha stood like a rock for Priya. Priya had tears in her eyes; she felt an emotional strong connect with her, something which she had felt earlier when she had stepped in KM for the first time. Neha was becoming more than a friend for her.



Ria's mother answered with a choked voice: " Hum jaante hain ke humne bahut kuch aisa kaha hai kea b aapko humari baton par vishwas karne par takleef ho rahi hai...par hum abhi jo keh rahe hai wahi sach hai..."



She looked at Priya and joined her hands as an apology saying: " Priya..I had spoken very ill of you. I know I cursed you but all that was my anger. I could not take anyone taking Ria's place, more so because it was you. I considered you responsible for my daughter's death. But soon I realized that you were nowhere to blame. What happened was pure destiny. No one could have fought with it. I also realized that you were trying to save Ria. And this sudden realization dawned upon me when I saw Ria's note for me before she left to meet you on the day of her wedding. That note cleared everything for me. It said that she herself had called you at a place for an important work and that she would be back after half an hour straight. I failed to read that long back. But today when I read it, I couldn't feel anything but worse for myself, I am sorry Priya...I am so sorry. I am sorry for whatever I said to you. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, my child. Today my Ria is not there with me but you are there. And today I consider you as my daughter. Please allow me to do this "Kanyadaan" ceremony. "Please..."



Ria's mother cried profusely,and listening to her words everyone felt bad. Priya wiped her tears as well and by controlling herself said: " Maa...kanyadaan ka mahurat ab beeta jar aha hai...aaiye...poori kijiye ye rasm..." Everyone was relieved witnessing this conversation and smiles took place of worries and confusions.



Ria's mother was happy to see Priya calling her "Maa". She wiped her tears and came near her. She kissed her forehead and blessed her. Ria's dad too came near her and gave his blessing to him and Ram.



Looking at Ram he said: " Ram, I am so happy for you and I wish you the very best in your new life with Priya. Ram, I consider Priya  my daughter now and as promised I am giving my daughter away to you. Take care of her, always."



Ram just nodded, as his words had vanished, and after this entire incident, his emotions also didn't find any way.



Ria's parents completed the " kanyadaan" ceremony - they gave their daughter Priya to Ram.. All were in smiles seeing that.




Panditji now asked for doing " Gathbandhan".



Krishnaji asked Neha to perform this ritual as she was everything to Ram; his friend and his sister too. Neha smiled and went ahead to perform the "Gathbandhan". While she was tying the knot of this bride and groom, Vikram said: " Kaske baandhna Neha. Yeh bandhan chootna nahi chahiye..." Neha smiled and said: "Don't worry Vikram...yeh gathbandhan kabhi nahi chootega..." She tied the knot tightly and smiled looking at Ram Priya. They exchanged a small smile to her.



The "Gathbandhan" ritual was completed, and Panditji asked Ram Priya to stand up for "Pheras" - their next ritual. Ram Priya stood up and completed their "7 Pheras" with the holy chants in the background. For everyone out there, it was a happy moment but for Ram and Priya  it was just any other formality. They completed their "Pheres" without any emotion in their hearts but carried a smile on their faces for all those who were blessing them.



Now came the rituals which carried an important place in Ram Priya's lives.



Panditji asked Ram to tie " Mangalsutra" around Priya's neck. He handed that pure thread to him, and chanted holy rhymes. Ram tied the "Mangalsutra" around Priya's neck and both of them exchanged glances. Ram didn't show any expression but Priya shedded a slight tear.



For Priya it was a dream come true moment but she certainly wasn't happy the way it landed in her destiny.



The final ritual was now being performed - where a groom had to put the vermillion in the bride's forehead. Again with a holy chant in the background, Ram completed this ritual.


With this ritual, both Ram Priya got wedded and were declared as a wedding couple.


All clapped so loudly, that the entire house buzzed up with that sound. Rishabh showed thumbs up sign to Priya, and she reciprocated with a smile and a thank you.



The marriage which both of them had considered as a fake one, the game of a fake marriage ended into a real marriage for both of them, all thanks to buddies like Vikram Neha and his elders Dadi and his mother Krishnaji.


The day turned out to be an eventful for sure, as today in the morning they landed in this city as the "couple" and by the sunset they were actually a "Couple".

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Rayaland IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2014 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Awesome update it was n in true meaning now RAYA r married i liked the way neha suported priya n also ria's parents r guility now n they did kanyadan of priya n waiting for Raya love story to begin n pls continue soon

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contactcharu Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2014 at 10:19am | IP Logged
lovely update!!! waiting eagerly for the next update!!!

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LovingRaYa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2014 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Feeling really emotional after reading this part
RamPriya are getting married in real
All family member are happy for RAYA
Neha is so good who was defending priya
Happy that Ria's parent realized that priya was not at fault
Let's see how will ram react to this truth
Continue soon thanx for the pm

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Cute_Saakshii12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2014 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
superb update!!!
i am literally having tears in my eyes while reading...Unhappy
finally ria's parents realize that priya is not the one to be blamed...
will be waiting 4 the update!!!
and please pm me too...

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ssssabcd Goldie

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superb writing... Finaly raya marriage hapned.

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