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FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14 (Page 14)

jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
thanks for PM

*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 7:15am | IP Logged
Just wanted to tell you all that the story is full of surprises and suspense. Keep on reading. Thanks very much.

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vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
So they meet again nd it was quite good..atleast they talked rather than giving each other attitude nd fighting.. Thumbs Up then why force marriage..mystery continues..hehe
Story is unfolding beautifully..
Cont soon nd thanx for pm..

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Rejerbed phor me Cool

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*Dev.* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 12:23am | IP Logged
I was reading it silently & it is keeping the suspense part hidden , may be it will get revealed later on. I liked how Ram made Priya realise the importance of her life , she was risking her Life for just cover story, anything ould had happened during that time...But Ram's anger was the only way to make Priya understand about the value of her life. Good progressing.Embarrassed

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cloud121 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Nice update...
continue soon !!!

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Part 11

omg Di this is just fab update so RaYa meet up again but this time some MU short out gud gud... but there is one question in my mind if everything got clear in btw RaYa then why did he forced her to marry him??? any other suspance is there or what?? well will get to know with updates so do post them faster plz... & ya present is even too cute Ram is with hid little one so sweet...
*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 September 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged

Fifteen days passed by since Ram had come with his baby from the hospital and his wife Priya was still in a state of coma, responding slowly at one time and then at another time no movement came on the cards from her. For Ram, seeing Priya in this state was always a pain, he had always wanted her to be with him when their baby came into existence in their lives. He had nurtured her pregnancy, had felt his baby when it was in her womb, he had made sure tht he would be with Priya at every step in her pregnancy. Every small move mattered to him and he enjoyed every bit of it. And when it was born, he didn't had Priya with him, he was left alone by her, the very reality of she going through every bit of pain just to give him his share of happiness gave him reasons to be angry on her. He was angry on her for being away when he had desired her in their dreams of bringing their baby together.


" Maa, Maa" Ram called Krishnaji as he came down while holding his baby girl in the arms.


Krishnaji came out frm the kitchen responding to his call. " Kya hua Ram?"


" Maa I need to check with my office, since past few days I was not able to concentrate on it, I know Vikram was there, but still how much even I can stress him, he too has his family life to concentrate, I need to check in the office atleast for some time and see whats happening around, till I am back, please take care of my baby, I wl make sure that I return early evening. But before coming home wl go and see Priya as well, hope she have shown some improvement than the last." Ram exclaimed to her in one go.


Krishnaji took his girl in her arms and said : " You don't worry, your baby is in her Dadi's hands, wl take care of her and play along, till you are back I am sure she wl stay with me." She cuddled her grand daughter and then with a little bit of serious tone said to Ram : " Ram, I am worried for Priya, wish she would have been here, and would have enjoyed her motherhood."


Ram sighed on listening his mother there and said : " I too wished she would have been here with us, but you just cant fight the destiny. Anyways, I need to go now, wl def come early evening." He said goodbye by planting soft kiss on his baby's cheeks and hands and waved at her. At the next moment he was out of his house and drove past home to his office in the next half an hour.


" Mr Kapoor some lady wants to meet you. She is asking for an appointment."  Dimple called Ram's landline in a quite scary mode.  She knew that her boss had ordered not to disturb him as he was in the midst of very important meetings and had to deal with those and hence had ordered for no disturbance from anyone. She was scared of his anger, rightly so because for everyone Ram Kapoor was not only the  top businessman but he was a man of strict disciplinarian. One word against his order and they all knew that would be the end of their work and life in his office and county.  Still she dared to call his line and Ram picked up the call only to start firing of his words to her : " Ms Dimple, didn't I told you that nobody should even dare to disturb me, then why the hell u buzzed me here, don't you like your job? "


Dimple's voice got scarred and before she said anything further a female took the phone from her and voiced : " Mr Ram Kapoor, I wanted to c you, don't fire your secretary, can we meet please, I promise I wont take more than 15 minutes of you."


On the receiving side Ram noticed that familiar voice and said ; " Hold on there, ask Dimple to show the way to my cabin. I would be right there."


Ram excused himself from the meeting but not before saying: " Excuse me gentlemen, I would be right here after precisely 15 minutes, till I come back I need to c the answers of the questions posed by me previously, make sure you have those answers, otherwise I don't mind in cancelling the contracts with you, you all know it wl be your loss more than anything of mine. And think of some good answers, not otherwise." With those words coming from the man, the conference hall freezed there itself, and was expecting to earn a relaxed atmosphere after a while for it.


Ram moved towards his own cabin, on the way he gave a glaring look at his secretary Dimple,  which scared her out of her wits, he  entered his cabin and saw that familiar face in front of him. 


" Yes Ms Sharma, you dare to come in my office, I am impressed."  Ram said quite sarcastically to Priya, yes Priya, she was standing right in front of him, he never thought they would meet so early after their meeting at the hotel just a week back.


Priya sighed and said : " Even I didn't thought that I would meet you so early, but I have no other option, I am going away for my further assignments on global tour, and don't know when I will be back, so thought of meeting you before I say goodbye."


Ram exclaimed saying : " And you thought of meeting me inspite of knowing that I would be damn busy with my meetings, nobody dared to disturb me but you did, great. How would you thought that I would be even meeting you?."


Priya in the same tone said : " I knew you would meet me, because there is still an question unanswered between you and me, I don't want to carry that luggage on my head with an expectation that I would answer that when we meet soon. I know that word soon' wl not arrive btw us. So I am here."


Ram relaxed back on his chair and asked her to relax as well. " Kya piyogi, chai, coffee, cold drink..?"


" No I don't want anything, thanks, actually I am in a hurry, I have a flight to catch on in the next few hours."


Ram continued : " Are u sure that your answer wl finish off in these 15 minutes?"  Priya exclaimed : " Yes I think so, but if you can buffer the time then...the only thing I want is that you should hear me completely."


"Hmm, ok, Go ahead"  Ram told her and called Dimple to say that he wl be back in the conference room in the next half an hour and pass the msg there, Dimple obliged the rule, here Priya composed herself and joined the words one by one as she recollected that terrified moment back in her mind.  Priya started: "Ram, during your wedding day,  Ria had come to meet me as I had told you last time. "

Ram: "Yes I do remember that, wl you continue from there?"

Priya : " Yes I am" ( She again composed herself from here and tried to relax her mind as she went back to the unsound memories and continued)  Ram, Ria  had come to meet me to hand over the important related documents regarding our work which she had researched on, she had got very valuable insights to the work and with that we would have actually nailed the people behind it in a big way.  I was waiting for her at the place which she asked me to be put up. I was nervous, anxious and worried for her as she was giving everything which she could to get those things for me to have me get the cover story done and expose the people behind it. In the next ten minutes, I saw her standing in front of me. I started approaching towards her, and before we could reach each other a huge round of bullets fired around us. We tried to escape those shots, but fortunately or unfortunately as you can say I managed to pull out, but Ria came under those gunshots, and fell prey on it. I ran towards her , to save her further, but unfortunately couldn't and she lied in my arms all dead. I just couldn't do anything for her, as she laid in my arms lifeless."  She stopped saying after these words and looked at Ram who was dead silent on hearing those words from Priya.


Priya called him trying to shake him up : " Ram, Ram, are you ok?" " Ram..."


Ram tryng to gather himself, with a dead look in his eyes, his hurt, pain deep inside his heart got up from his chair and screamed :  "  Didn't I told you Ms Sharma, that you had killed my Ria, yes I was right, you did killed her."


Now it was Priya's turn to shook back , her voice started cracking : "  Ram, I didn't killed her, I told you I didn't killed her, yes she died in my arms but I didn't killed her, please don't accuse me like this."


Ram getting more angrier: "She came to meet you to hand over those imp papers which would have spiced your story, yes, thts right, and she fell prey to those bullets, not you, you are quite alive and kicking in front of me, but who died, my Ria, the girl whom I loved from the bottom of my heart, the girl whom I was getting married to, she died and you are alive.." "Yes you killed her.."


Priya getting hurt by his accusations deep within her heart started crying and said : " No Ram, please don't say that, I didn't knew that she would fall prey to her death, I apologize for everything Ram, if anything of my words has hurted you, I am genuinely sorry, but please believe me I didn't killed her, I didn't even knew that people would be across us, keeping an eye on us. I genuinely apologize Ram."


"Apology, what apology Ms Sharma? An apology which doesn't mean anything to you. A sorry which doesn't mean anything, you are saying sorry, and you think that I would accept it. I was right about you. " Ram got straight in his words to her which made her deep hurt wounding across.


"Ram, please don't accuse me like this, I genuinely feel sorry for whatever has happened but please understand that I never knew that this would happen to her. Yes she was helping me, but never thought that she would come in like this." Priya still trying to make him understand but Ram was in no mood to listen, he still composed himself  and sounded an ultimatum to her by saying : "  I hate you Ms Priya Sharma, I so hate you" " Make sure you don't even come in front of me next time , or else I will destroy you for sure and that's a promise, and now leave, just leave, get out from here"


Priya was deeply hurt by his words, she knew that this would come but she had only interest and just to put the story which was correct in front of him, she did felt bad on seeing him hurt, but she was ready to go and apologize further, she was genuinely feeling sorry for the man who lost love like this for no fault of his and on his wedding day.  She left the cabin, but before that turned to look at him, he had made his way towards the railings of his office windows and stood there like a motionless man. She wiped out her tears and closed the door of his cabin behind her, but couldn't escape wondering as why those words by him hurted her like anything, she was not related to him, neither was she going to relate to him then why his words deepened her wounds. Was she getting in relationship with this man?  Was she having feelings for him? Was she falling in love with him unknowingly? These questions didn't had any answers from her right now as well, but she unknowingly wanted to find out those. She wiped her tears again and walked away from his office with a promise to herself that if seeing her he would be again hurt time and again, she wont come in front of him causing him that pain and hurt. 


Ram meanwhile had all those words coming in his mind which Priya had just spoken up. He didn't knew what was going in his mind but yes the hurt, pain was visibile on his face, and his eyes gave way to the tears. He looked up in the sky and said : " Why you had to leave me Ria like this? Why?"


He controlled himself and started to move towards his conference room, his mind was too occupied with the words of Priya but he had to manage his work as well. Before opening the door of the conference room he promised himself of one thing : " That he would destroy Priya no matter what, whether he meets her or not, whether they again come face to face or not, but yes he would destroy her, and destroy her badly. "


Ram walked in his office and everyone in his office was surprised to see him, they had thought that he would take some time to come out of his personal turmoil. But Ram being Ram, he had to join back where he belonged.  He asked his secretary Dimple to make sure that that she arranges a board meeting with all the departmental heads within next half an hour, and would seek the progress reports from them for the same.  Listening that orders coming from him, Dimple knew that the office is back again to that environment where only and only strict work spoke up.  She obliged and Ram went in his cabin to check what had happened in the office in his absence via Emails and records, and called Vikram to mk him know that he is back and he wants to meet him before the board meeting takes place. Vikram was happy to listen his voice, and he promised to meet Ram in the next 5 mins. Ram switched on his laptop and started to look what he missed, this time strictly professional on his work. 

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