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Dp#93 Paa ke khona, kho ke paana Hota aaya re!!! (Page 19)

-SmexyGhost- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Hats off 2 u Pennu fr loving 2days episode -- I wish i could say the same coz fr me 2days episode was ... Actually leave it .

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tabby999 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:32am | IP Logged
@pennu ..u liked today's episode ShockedShocked
everyone else giving tons galiya ..

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BeautyForAshes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyachand

patience bella!!! let's wait it out!!! totally lost it today priya  !!

there were few posts feeling happy to see the old RK, but i am feeling bad for d way madhu chr reacted in this mess. evn for that cvs have shown RK reacting in anger, when will he use his brains? or will he ever know d truth?  --- damn no from me .. he aint back ... kameena wale RK had brains ...this RK is shown dumb again ... for the sake of one damn character they ruined Madhu n RK...

i really hope cvs make sure sultan truth comes out!! RK can still be angry with madhu for d way she dealt with d problem. i wdn't mind that. but d truth SHOULD  come out!!!  ---- damn with EVIL n his ****** DEEDS !!!

i have a fear cvs might not let d truth come out n make rishbala divorce each other. unable to stop d flow which madhu herself had started, madhu might have toleave RK mansion or something like that. -- i wish they had killed either madhu or RK ... i wud have been a happy soul ...or rather made both of them die ...

i really hope cvs dont do that.

was there anything nice in d episode? madhu's fall, RK catching her - n their expressions - why isn't RK thinking!!!!  --- even that din touch me ... what was that for??... lollipop again huh ??...idiotic brains behind such pathetic Episodes ...

how come madhu goes on n on abt loving sultan in front of RK but unable to tell radhaji? madhu shd know how much will that hurt RK, so why is she going on repeating it!!! me too feeling sad.
shall i tell u something just now i read a post in MF ... a member pointed out the reason ... i guess that y i dislike madhu... instead of giving a fake hate reaction all she gives is a REAL one.. when she fakes her hate toward RK  we shud see that ...instead what we are seeing ?? she being so real real real real in hate ...or is the director at fault ? did he really wanted this kind of expression from the character madhu ??? 

bella, let's talk abt Rouillard or evn old episodes, not today's episodes.  --- oohh thankiee so much Priya burning inside... my hands are shivering out of it...i wish i had stayed out of today's Episode .. am not gonna watch the Episode from now on... only after ur reviews .. cant take this .. n i don want any heart aches...kills me within !!! i know its a soap ... still i wish i hadn't seen it !!

there is a sneak peek of jdj in colors did u see that? i am yet to see as colors is a pain n d neck. waiting for utube version. ---colors lols..another big head ache... are they planning to make shaan win..if thats the cae then i want them to relieve D out of it soon... i don want them to make her the scape goat for the sake of TRP's

i saw lauren n kids promo - same comments - outstanding - how do u do it (kids)!!! d kids are doing same steps!!!  --- kids i like ... except for their repetitive lifts...L .. no .. same dance ..themes n their out fits n face paints are just the difference :D

i am getting sick of jdj too!!!

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pennu

Radhaji.. OK..  Ofcourse she is a selfish Maa..  but today i liked her.. the way she dealed with the situation ina calm and mature way... especially to Madhu and to Dips... she asked Madhu untill she is not granted Divorse she has to be in this house and she won't let Madhu leave until she is not sure about Madhu's reasons to leave RK... and the way she asked Dips to take care for her hubby Sikky rather than worrying for RK... i loved it... Big smile
yes her chr redeemed itself for past few episodes. but precap she was hysterical. why cant she tell him wht she n bittuji discussed. i feel madhu is hiding somehting, find out what it is.
Dips... I am hating her...Angry Sulthan is not shown in a epi so CVs gave complete disgusting thoughts to Dips..Dead what was she doing in RK's bed...Dead  and she didn't feel any shame when she was listening to RK-Madhu's talk.. Ofcourse its nothing new to her..Angry and there she goes gave back RK's old friend 'Drinks...'Angry and Woh janab tho wo lekar bhi gaye...Angry Seriously when Dips was shown as listening to Radhaji-Madhu talk... i felt to give tuuu to her.. Errr.. So disgusting...
Dead I think Sulthan and Dips are competing each other to prove who is more disgusting...DeadErmm and i tell you they are going neck-to-neck...Approve
agree with u completely!!! i want deepali out with sultan!!! i cant stand her in d family after all this horrible conspiracy.

I thought atleast after seeing that disgusting gestures form Dips...Dead  Madhu will think and do something else..Ermm  whats gonna happen to RK... with whom she is leaving her hubby (her pati's izzat is on danger...ROFL)  W
hen Dips reminded what they told to her... that they will never-ever fight and get separate... I thought it will make Madhu eye open to see.. but No...Angry why the hell is Madhu keep on repeating that she loves the Evil..Dead "Bahut hi Bokwaas line tha.. kahaa se kareeda..."AngryDead

i can imagine deepika telling this in south indian accent ROFL

but i hated the episode for this very dialogue!!! Angry
When Madhu was coming down the stairs.. thinking about Radhaji's and Dips's words.. and she slipped and about to falll... I loved the way RK came and caught her...Embarrassed Well that was an unexpected scne to me...Big smile And I don't know why but some butterflies do fly in my tummy that time...Blushing
thought RK wd see madhu's truth in her eyes!!! no such luck Cry
RK changed a lot... if it was 2012-RK then he could have surely killed Madhu for cheating her... but this 2013-RK is madly and deeply in love with Madhu.. he can't hurt her so he is ready to have the pain and hurt on his heart from her... and i loved the way he say... "I gave you the right to hurt me... tum bhi kya yaad karogi.. Koi aisa tha jo tumse itni muhabbat kartha tha ki tumare dokhe mei bhi usne mohabbat doontaa..."Cry

beautiful lines indeed!! i think RS gives such poetic lines to RK whn he is  angry or in pain

To be Honest.. and for a change I loved today's epi..Smile there were only four characters in the epi.. Radhaji.. Dips.. Madhu and RK.. everybody had good screen presence and i felt the epi did move forward... and I felt i saw the old Rishbala somewhere in the today's epi...Embarrassed

i am sorry i with others, i hated today's episode mainly becos of madhu's trumpeting her love for sultan. if not for those lines, this episode wd have been perfect. both in love but filled with pain, deeps though taunting, still wd have been tolerable if not for madhu's love for sultan. i HATE d episode becos of that line. Acting jaaye baad mein!!!Angry

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Rishabala693 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Why is the story not moving forward??SleepySillyDead

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Meenah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:37am | IP Logged
todays episode only belong to dips i just cant understand her
dips and madhu bedroom scene; what exactly dips trying to do was she trying to convince madhu that dont leave him or else she will lootofy rk izzat and she also reminded madhu about her promise never to leave rkConfused
i felt very good when dips was insulted by radhaji Evil Smile
and there he goes again if he is new rk why he needs to listen to dips why he just cant ignore her, atleast for a change plz ignore dips

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nehakariba

todays episode only belong to dips i just cant understand her
dips and madhu bedroom scene; what exactly dips trying to do was she trying to convince madhu that dont leave him or else she will lootofy rk izzat and she also reminded madhu about her promise never to leave rkConfused
i felt very good when dips was insulted by radhaji Evil Smile
and there he goes again if he is new rk why he needs to listen to dips why he just cant ignore her, atleast for a change plz ignore dips

i for a second thought madhu will realize what will happen to RK if she leaves him. he wdn't evn be able to sleep in peace. dat barracuda wd prbably rape him in sleep. and RK in drunken sleep will probably think it is madhu n DO it also!!! our cvs are perverted enough to make this happen also. Angry

RK alwyas listens to deepali. only after marriage, her importance waned. i think he needs to listen to one woman or otehr. he is typical male. mom or wife!!!!

radhaji putting deeps in her place was one good thign. but d story doesnt move at all. how long will tehy stretch it.

are they stretching it so that there are some plans to make madhu vanish for jdj finals?

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyachand


are u there? i am hating whn madhu keeps on saying i love sultan!!! she already told na, why she keeps on repeating it!!!! i am getting sick of it. how can she say that evil guy's name n that she loves him? i agree it is a good way to convince RK to believing her stupid lie, but why keep throwing d same name in RK's as well as our faces.
Err.. i am hating ir the way she repeat that.. thank god she didn't say the same before Radhaji... and now Dips too heard about this.. so she got some extra point to blah-blah-blah on RK... I actually loved RK when eh said to MAdhu that.. STOP Saying his(Evil's) name before him...

i think trp is going to be worse for this week also. is d news confirmed that this track gets over by this month. that itself is too much for me. i wd have tolerated or look forward if they show RK behaving little more smartly. doesn't he remember her constant crying, her scare, n her worry over RK. if it was only crying u can mistake it for sultan. but madhu was worried over RK, n she wanted to hide herself in his arms. what was all that?
But Madhu said to RK.. that she realised her love for that one-who-we-don't-say now only... like she is seeing him everywhere... taking to him everywhere like that... and when he was hiding in RK's arm she was unaware about her love today.. you-kn o-who.. So she is not giving a chance for RK to doubt what she said to him about her NEW-LOVE...

why d hell are they not showing RK start thinking in that line!!! then we all will feel, ok some light is shown. we can tolerate for d completion of d track. but NOTHING LIKE THAT IS SHOWN!!!

and deepali!!! i used to like her body language n d way she used to talk. today i hated d way she was talking to RK, lifted chin n coy looks. i HATED IT TODAY!!! today it was getting on my nerves. either she's doing it bad, or my tolerance level to put up with this chr has vanished.

 what kind of female is she?
I don't have anything to add more od Dips.. rather than.. She is Disgusting and getting untolerable to me...DeadAngry

she openly talks abt resuming intimate relationship with RK (i think this finally made madhu realize what cd happen if she leaves, but she can't not leave) and d way she starts getting RK's dinner - god she's worse. thank god radha was very firm n much more assertive in putting her in place.
Even i thought after hearing those disgusting line from Dips... madhu will use her brain in another way .. but no... and she do take food to RK.. and the reason she said was.. He did loved him once.. so she do care for him...Ermm Bahut hi Bokwaas line tha...

whn will cvs start showing RK suspecting? or are they not planning to show? may be they'll make sultan vanish. so now madhu evn if she tells d truth no one will believe her as she has made RK believe that she loves sultan. so unable to get back d early love, will she be left in lurch.
Now i am keeping my hope on Radhaji's clas.. hope it flash some light on his dead cells... But i doubt... may be Dips will do her part...

will sultan vanish that soon? are we that lucky!!!
Oh No.. i don't want to see him vanishing just like that.. hope they will show a good end to him.. is it more to ask kya...Confused

no color for me, i am depressed after seeing d serial. i can think of good points after u ppl point it out.
Ahh you need a hug Chand.. here have it...Hug

no wonder ppl are leaving d serial if it is going to upset them like this.

i am just asking for one small hope ki kiran. d only best thing is radha's ruling - no leaving till it is final!! but no other hope!!! i hate hopeless episodes!!!
As I said.. Now I am also keeping my hopes on Radhaji..

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