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RishBala OS: Because He Loved Me (Final Part-Pg12) (Page 10)

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cardio21

Good work but Plz dont show any marriage between Madhu n that creepy villain. I wanna enjoy ur story. And this wedding thing will continue to haunt me throughout ur story..
I still am glad u liked it!!

Originally posted by titli4love

Loved it dear!! Update the 2nd part soon..thanks for PM. Hope u will re-unite them.
Thanks titliHug

Originally posted by Hdhd

Awesome OS.

Originally posted by Prarthna.B

Lovely OS but please give it a beautiful and happy ending :)
I'll tryWink

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Originally posted by 4ever4love

very nice concept but (like some other posters) I wish Madhu and Sultan never married.  I am surprised that Madhu considers herself as his widow.  

Will be interested to see what happens next!

Originally posted by tanuja.siri

Oh please and pretty please give another update to this and dnt leave it on a sad note.anyways it was good to read
I won't! ChillLOL
Originally posted by devilish-grin

nice do pm me
sure eku jiEvil Smile

Originally posted by -Wild_Desire-

shivu  bhai & mb marriage mention kyun kiya AngryAngry excluding that part it was good OS
ROFL I knew it...tu bhiStern Smile
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Originally posted by love_vivi

Nice os ...Clap

Originally posted by -naughty_smile-

Awsome OS shivu :))

Originally posted by Trouble.

Nice update!

Originally posted by Kawan


Thanks alot guys!! For ur appreciationHug
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Originally posted by mevanp

Very nice ... Smile n like most of them even I avoided Sultan's part but rest of the OS is Fab... Embarrassed

Originally posted by ajwa.ali

Its interesting..thank God sultan died

Originally posted by Miss.Perfectiie

Waiting 4 next part

Originally posted by -sweetgal19-

Woww!! So beautifully written Shivu Day Dreaming You should really write more hun! Embarrassed Thank you for the PM ! Hug

Thanks alot guys!!Big smileBig smile
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Originally posted by RB81

You better write a next part giving a proper ending..
As such I'm hating the current track.. I wish I could kill Sultan with my hands.. No hard feelings to those who like the current track.. He is behaving psychic.. And Madhu is not letting anyone know what is happening.. That is getting on my nerves..
So please give a proper ending here..
Yes I wrote the conclusion!
It will have a proper ending! I assure u!!

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Originally posted by Richa04

R u kidding me?
We will throw chappal @ u 4 this lovely OS!LOL
Samajh aa gaya na wht I m trying to say!
In short very nice OS n please please please write the 2nd part! eagerly waiting 4 tht!
I am so glad u liked it Richa!!
Written the second part...waiting for posting it!!LOLLOL

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Originally posted by smdosi

Plz do continue n make it a happy OS...
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Here's the final and the concluding part of my OS! I might write an epilogue soon, if you wish to know what happened after my OS ends.

Secondly, alot many of you didn't like SulBala marriage, let me tell you that even I didn't like penning it down, but then the logic I sought behind this was that, if SulBala had not married, the pain between RishBala would not have increased, RK's sacrifice for Madhu wouldn't have had impact. So I thought that if SulBala are shown as married, the pain inside Madhu of losing RK would increase manifold. Secondly, one or two had this doubt that Sultan and Madhu had a relationship! Trust me guys! There was nothing like that!! Aryan was Sultan's son only and they had no love. Their relation is as bitter as is in the show right now.

Code- Bold(Suhani), Italics(Madhu), Normal(RK), Thoughts(Grey Color)


Its been a week since I was hired as Suhani's care-taker and friend. As for my ex-husband, he never said a word to me in those 7 days apart from "Good Morning" and "Good Night". My heart still skipped a beat when he came near me; my silly heart! ; it still somewhere expected him to say something to it, maybe a few words of affection and care... But he absolutely kept quiet near me. I knew he was shattered inside out... I had left him to die! Like Bittuji said the day after we signed the divorce papers. I knew that I had killed him the day I left him! I knew it because I could always read RK, his thoughts were so clear to me. His eyes showed longing and loneliness... He had become weak and fragile. He didn't eat much and his body was giving up without nutrition. I had done that to him. But I had had no other option, Sultan hadn't left me with any. I had been a puppet whose strings were in Sultan's hands.

I came to Suhani's room and she slept in his arms, yes in his arms she slept. I turned back to leave seeing him holding her lovingly. "Madhubala" he called out to me. My heart still skipped a beat. My heart ached to hear just "Madhu" from him. His voice was still as magical as it had been 2 years back. The only thing that had changed was his attitude, I sighed. I killed the naughty RK in him and reduced him to mere sober and calm man, Rishabh. I felt so guilty for having done that to him.

"I thought Suhani was still asleep so I came to woke her up..."

"Umm...she has a day off today! Its the second saturday of the month and her school is off... She can sleep for as long as she feels like..."

"Ohh I am sorry... *forcing his name from my lips* Rishabh! I didn't know!"

"No its alright Madhubala! You've been here just for a week..."

"Yeah but still, I need to grasp things as fast as I can.. Anyways I'll go get her breakfast ready..."

"I've done that already..."

My eyes popped out in amazement. "WHAT!!!"

Rishabh smiled and asked me to be a little soft. I bit my tongue. I couldn't believe that he had made that breakfast.

"Suhani made me learn cooking... And now she loves the cereals and milk pudding I make for her every weekend."

"Very well, I'll do her laundry then..."


I heaved a sigh of relief when I came to know of some left out work! This Perfectness of Rishabh was just making me nauseous! How could somebody be so perfect? Was he purposely doing that? Just to make me guilty? My heart yelled, "RK! I want you back as RK!! Stop being so perfect!!"

2 hours later, I was taking out the cereal pudding from the fridge. My mind was pre-occupied by him- My Ex-Husband. My emotions and patience was giving in. I wasn't able to control my sudden outburst of feelings for him. My heard cried, "I WANT RK BACK!!" A tear dropped from my eyes. Sultan had gone far away...forever.

"Why am I considering myself as Sultan's Widow... Why should I care for a filthy creep who had no guts to win me from RK face-to-face. He was a coward. And by being his widow, I was behaving like one too..." 

I muttered as I decorated Suhani's plate with strawberries and chocolate candies in a way she loved. "I want you back...Rishabh..."

I walked up the stairs towards Suhani's room. Inside, she sat on RK's knees and he made her fly and play. They were having a beautiful Saturday morning. I knocked the door. Suhani saw me and her voice jingled, "Good Morning! Dosht!" She smiled. I placed the breakfast on the table and took her offered hands. She hugged me tightly. I felt the same charm and magic of Suhani for which RK must have fallen for. "Good Morning Suhani!" I replied with a smile. Rishabh crossed his hand behind his head and smiled looking at us. Suhani peered through my shoulders onto the plate and turned towards her father, "Dad! You made this..."

RK smiled warmly, "Ahaan!"

...I fell in love with him again. His signature line jingled in my mind "Madhubala...Ahaan!" I chuckled softly recalling him addressing me like that. Suhani left my arms and ran towards the pudding. She are a spoonful of pudding and then called out to RK, "Its so delicious dad! Just like always..." Rishabh smiled and got up to leave. 


She called out to me. I instantly reacted.

"Yes my love!"

"Do you mind pampering me a bit?"

RK stopped to listen to Suhani. 

"Can you feed me this pudding?" 

I nodded and she sat near me. I fed her lovingly. RK kept watching us. I felt home and I didn't know why. After feeding her, I made her take bath and then she left to meet her friends in the garden. RK had called her friends for a small garden picnic and this made Suhani busy.

I was ironing her frocks when he came hunting for his phone.

"Madhubala, have you seen my phone?"

"Why did you let me go?"


"Why did you let me go two years back RK?"

I turned to him with tears in my eyes. He turned his gaze away to avoid an eye contact.

"Madhubala, I asked about my phone..."

"Phone!! DAMN IT!!"

I went near him and held his arms tightly. 

"Why did you let me GO!!"

"You said that you didn't love me..."

"And you believed me?? RK!! How could you just believe me like that? How could you be so...nice?? You left me just like that?? You left me to be a prey to Sultan?? He separated us God Damn It!! He threatened me to kill you if I didn't leave you! I had no choice! BUT YOU HAD!! Why couldn't you just burn those papers!!"

RK looked with a painful look. Tears formed in his eyes.

"That FILTHY GANGSTER... He married me forcefully! And then he easily! I wished he had died a more brutal death! But he just died..."

I broke down. 

"RK!! I am forced to be a widow...of a guy I detested! The day we met...why couldn't you say! Madhu come back to me?"

"How could I...knowing you were someone else's wife..."

"Gosh RK! Stop being a jerk!! You're not a JERK!! The day I left you, why couldn't you just handcuff me? You should have said. "Madhubala... Ahaan!" "

RK smiled softly. I cupped his face. 

"I want you back! RK!! I want you back in my life!!"

"This is not right..."

"Jab koi pyaar mein hota hai, toh koi sahi ghalat nahi hota..."

"You love me??"

"Always have...always will!"

"You don't love Sultan??"

"I hate Sultan! I HATE SULTAN!! I love you RK..."

He cupped my face. I felt a jolt through my body. 

"Come back to me...RK... ... Rishabh!"

"You come back to me... Madhu..."

"Just call me back..."

"I love you Madhu... You can't fathom the pain I've been through since you left! Hadn't Suhani been there, I would have perished..."

"I owe alot to Suhani, for making my RK smile and for keeping him safe..."

"Really Dost??"

We turned and saw Suhani standing on the door. She ran and hugged Rishabh. "Dad! Why are you holding Dost like this??"

"You always wanted me to have a friend...right?"

"Yeah Dad! just like Dipali has? Sikander?"

" I thought maybe your Dost can be my friend?"

"That's a good idea! What do you say Dost??"

"You tell me love... What do you think about us?"

"Ummm... Let me see..."

She pushed us closer. 

"I say... YES!!!"

And she hugged us tightly.

"But dost, I won't call you mom!!"

"Why not??" , asked Rishabh.

"Because you're too young to be called one..."

"And I am old enough to be called Dad...", enquired a surprised Rishabh.

"Yes" and she giggled hard hugging me. 

I joined her in her laughter. We ran throughout the house as Rishabh chased us. I had never felt so happy ever in my life. Suhani hid behind me as Rishabh chased her... When both of them started panting, they fell on the couch. Rishabh hugged Suhani and Suhani hugged Rishabh. 

"Dad!! Wait a minute!"

Suhani looked at me and then looked at Rishabh.

"Dost, you're also a family now! Cmon!!"

She and Rishabh held out their hands and I hugged them tightly. The world didn't matter to me anymore, I was back in my hero's arms! I was back to my family. Nothing else mattered to me.

I got up to arrange water for Suhani when Rishabh called out to me, "Madhubala... Ahaan!"

He had found me back, because he loved me...


Okay, so this is how I planned this OS! Short and sweet!! I don't want such stuff happening in the show, this was purely my imagination! I've always loved Sad Love Stories...for example Aashiqui 2 and this was my take on how even sad stories can somehow end on a happy note! Hope you guys liked it!

If you did!! Please do press -Like- and do Comment. 

If I get time, I will write an Epilogue too! But that depends on my mood and also the response to this OS.

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