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FF:ONE DAY MARRIAGE#2:updt part 16 (Page 94)

sikhni_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
beautiful Heart

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ana-twilight Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Beautiful update...
Love raunak..shes so cutee...
Update soon...

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SAM32 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
give an early update of this one too ;-)

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..Neha. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
When is the confusion going to clear up from Arnav's mind? Neither of them know that they are one-day hsbnd & wife..
Amazing update..
Will be waiting for more..

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arshi_lover1 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
i love your ff! the concept is super! plz continue soon and pm me thanks!! I hope arnav finds out the truth soon!

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raws Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged
oh when the things will be clear in between them...aman when r u coming...shyam is khushi brother and aranv thinks him as her huband...plzz clear the mu and then together fight against all wrong

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tintin0602 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2013 at 10:52am | IP Logged


Part 16:


" why I am thinking so much about Arnavji? I am married to someone, no matter I never knew him and he never took pain to know me, who am i? but that doesn't mean that I will betray him on his back, on his absence. No I will not think of Arnavji at all. But devi maiyya, why it happens that whenever I thought of not going close to Arnavji or to not think of him but why does it happen that I cant stop myself and above all I never feel its wrong when I am with him. I feel right; I feel like no other thing is right then this. Why my heart beat raised when Arnavji is around me? Why Devi maiyaa? Why all this is happening? Please devi maiyya help me to sort this , my heart. I have done one sin by making this pure ritual of marriage a joke but I will not do another sin by betraying."  Khushi thought to herself while sitting in front of devi Maiya in her room. She thought of giving sometimes to herself to sort her feelings for Arnav. No matter she don't have any feelings for her so called one day husband but still she believe that she is a married girl and its wrong to think about anyone else.  Thinking all this she dozed off.


Same Night RM..


Arnav: ok sure, just come her once. I will sort all your pending works from her of any... don't worry about this.

Aman: you are a rockstar Arnav. Missed you yaar..

Arnav: more then you, I can bet I missed you..

Aman: what! Do I am hearing right? ASR is missing someone? Well I am coming on this Saturday or Monday max.

Arnav was happy that now he will be able to sort somethings as sometimes we need a friend more than a brother and that's the reason Aman knows more than Akash about Arnav.

arnav moved to living area after hearing the chatting sounds of the ladies. Everyone was present discussing some latest trends in jewellery and some interiors. They all looked at Arnav who sat beside his di Anjali.

arnav: whats up di? What are you all discussing? If permitted may I join?

Nani: yes why not. Anjali and Manorama is discussing some jewellery?

Arnav: ohh great. Mami just decide what you wanna pick, I will make sure you will have the same design. And about interiors, please consult some designer else I don't want this house to look like 20 year old teenager's home... please.

He knew that all these ladies if started designing then everything will turn into pink in the house which he never wanted.

Arnav: and ya ladies, Aman is coming back to India this week and I am very excited and may be I will invite him for the dinner. Please make sure that food is prepared in hom and everyone will be present. He is friend and you all know him how much worthy he is for me.

Anjali was looking at Arnav with an unbelieveable expression because it was first time Arnav is talking about some relationship no matter it's a friendship but she was happy that atleast he is thinking and was trying to spend time with them, no matter for a little while but it was still more then enough for her. Everyone else think the same.

Nani: don't you think Anjali, chote is a bit changed person now?

Anjali: ya nani, don't know why but I have a very good feeling about this. ...(with excitement) nani why not we do some party at home ... Like chaat party and with lots of pani puri... whats say?

Mami: yes yes why not... I will make things done and tomorrow we will do pani puri party...hehehe..

Anjali and mami gives hi fi to each other and nani bless them.


Some more days passed like this.

Doctor called Khushi to tell that Payal is perfectly ok now and just some more test are left and then they can take her to home. Khushi and buaji are beyong happy that day.

Buaji: this is all devi maaiyya's blessing that Payal is ok now... I am sure shyam will recover soon. And will be back with us...

Khushi: yes buaji, its devi maiyya blessing that all good is happening, and because of her only I was able to arrangement money for the treatment.

Buaji placed her hand on Khushi's head and blessed her to remain happy always.


Same day RM


Anjali: NANI.. NANI... NANI... what happened to you?

Nani was lying lifeless near the temple in RM. Anjali saw her and rushed to her. Mami took her head on her lap and anjali ran to bring water for her. She sprinkle some water on her face and made her drink it. She called the doctor, Arnav and Akash.

Doctor checked her and told that its because of low BP and some stress and tension. He asked everyone to take care of her and try to not give any stress to her. After doctor left, nani called Arnav and made him sit near her.

Nani(in low and weak voice): chote! I don't know when I will leave this world ..

Arnav: nani please...(cut by nani)

Nani: I just want to see her, your wife Khushi. Please bring her to me. I know she might be busy or anything but I wanna see her. Please chote ...

Arnav nodded and gave her medicines and asked her to take rest. He left the room while others were still present there, making sure if nani needs some thing.


In Arnav's room


Arnav was pacing in his room thinking that how will he make nani's wish come true as he himself don't know who and where his wife is, sctually one day wife is. He was feeling restless at the thought of getting that girl in his house and then what will be his impression on Khushi who he is trying to get close day by day, in the name of various works.

He was at one time thinking that his one day wife is a gold digger and he cant see her in front of his eyes and that too in the same room. And on one hand he was thinking that he cant let go off Khushi who is so nice, he feels to be around her, he wants to live with her, he don't care what people and family and all will say about their relationship. But one thing was so clear in his head and heart that he hates his so called one day wife.


It was Friday. The next day Aman was supposed to come. Arnav was happy that he will be able to find his one day wife and will able to sort the things with her and family. Arnav came home early as Nani was still ill. All were at the dining table having dinner.

Arnav: nani, did you take afternoon's medicine or you are skipping it?

Nani: no chote! But these meds are not making me feel better. But you know very well what will make my health good.

Arnav nodded as he very well know that what she was talking about, his one day wife. But the she don't know anything and to avoid the conversation regarding her, he started giving some green vegetables to nani.

Arnav: nani, have this this is good for your health.

Nani this time didn't said and thing to him but to Anjali and mami.

Nani: you two Anjali and Manorama, don't forget that tomorrow is karwachauth. So eat well today and make sure that get up early to have something as you cant eat or drink anything.. ok..

Both nodded and smilled and was very excited as they will get extra attention from their husbands tomorrow. Their husbands care and love them even more this day. after all wifes are keeping fast for them.

Anjali: chote! Did you tell Khushi about Karwachauth, well you don't have to tell her. I am sure she will be keeping it for you, after all its her first fast after marriage.

Arnav just smilled and left the place. All thought that he cant handle so much blush and to escape our comments he left.

Anjali: but mami, it will be good that if bhabhi will also with us, it will be more fun, right ?

Mami: yes beta, but what to do. Arnav didn't tell us anything that when she will be here. I guess soon.


Khushi's house

Buaji: Khushi.. you know tomorrow is karwachauth and..

Khushi: I know what you want to say ... I will surely keep it. And don't worry, I am not that foody that I couldn't keep it.

Payal just entered the dinning room to get some water and she heard about Karwachauth fast

Payal: I will also keep it for my lovely shyam, for his health. He is my husband and in this stage of life I wanted to pray for him.

Payal get discharged from the hospital and was home with Buaji, Khushi and her daughter Raunak. But still she is weak and they are taking care for her to get recovered from her weakness.

Khushi: no bhabhi, you cant do this fast. Look at yourself your are still weak and how can you even think of this. Please don't keep it.

Buaji: yes Payla beta, she is right. You cant keep this fast. You will definitely do it from next year, this year you should skip it.

After so much of convincing Payal agreed to it. But she still don't know about Khushi's one day marriage as buaji and Khushi thought that they will tell her after everything become normal.


Karwachauth day and Saturday...

Arnav was in the office and Aman told Arnav that his flight may land late because of some bad weather conditions.

Arnav was looking at some papers when he found Khushi's signature's on papers which she needs to pass on to Arnav showing that she has checked it. He passed on to next paper in the file but then again flipped back thinking something.

Arnav(to himself): I have seen it somewhere, but where?

He gave some more stress on his brain and then in a very fast pace he opened the drawer just behind him. and took out some papers. He matched the signatures on both the papers. He got the shock of his life. He cant think anything straight. The papers he took out from the drawer were his and Khushi one day marriage papers. And so the signatures matched as its only khushi who was his one day wife.

He gritted his teeth in so much anger. His eyes become red in no time. If Khushi was present right in front of him this time, he would have surely killed her. He again felt betrayed.

Arnav(to himself): so you Khushi gupta is no other then Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. How could you? how could you cheat on me. you played around me for so many days. You are really a gold digger and all those things were lie what I saw in your eyes.

He dialled intercom and asked someone to call Khushi in his cabin but the receiver told that she has taken a leave.

Arnav(to himself): ohh so you have taken a leave for today! wait today is karwachauth and she is keeping fast for that shyam her husband? You are something Khushi... you cheated me for money and married someone else. I hate you even more now. But you are forgetting one thing that I am Arnav Singh Raizada.

He took out one more set of papers and flipped it and rushed out of his office. On if way he made a call to Akash to handle one meeting as he is having some important work. In some minutes he reached Khushi's house.

He furiously moved out of his car. He looked at the house from outside as it was his first visit. His anger was visible throw his eyes. He rang the bell twice and when it took some time to get it open his anger moved to another level. He was about to bang on the door with full strength but then the door get opened and there standing her wife Khushi.

Khushi: Arnavji!!! I mean sir aap?

He gave her dead glare and stormed in. No one was at home except Payal and Raunak who are sleeping peacefully inside another room. When Arnav didn't said anything and was glaring at her with anger, Khushi become scared but still gained some courage and asked

Khushi: Arnavji, what happened? Why are you here? I mean I don't carry file here.. means...

She was getting nervous because she has heard from Amisha that he is very bad when he is angry.

Arnav: who is Arnav Singh Raizada?

Khushi(with suprise): what? Means ... are you under partial memory loss?

Arnav(shouted): who is Arnav Singh Raizada?

Khushi: ofcourse you?

Arnav: good... then read this...

Arnav threw their marriage papers on the table near Khushi and looked at her, waiting for her to completely read it. She pick up the papers and started reading it. With every sentence her face color was becoming even more pale and finally she read the signature of the groom and bride and her face was white.

She at first looked at Arnav with disbelieve and then again looked at the papers. She couldn't believe that her husband who never cared for her, who is so evil to marry to a girl just for one day for his know profit is no other then Arnav Singh Riazada, with whom she was running away because she has started developing some feelings for him and she was trying to be away as she was thinking that this is wrong and look the same person standing in front is her husband. At first she her heart didn't accept this fact but her brain has accepted it that the sign here on the papers is of Arnav Singh Raizada and he is the one who owns this name.

Now she was so scared to even look at him as he was already very angry. Her hands her trembleming, her eyes were wet and Arnav was noticing her every act. finally she spoke.

Khushi: no this cant be possible? How can be possible.. how you can be my...

Arnav(closing the distance and said in an angry tone): why ? why are you so sad? Ohh I get it.. after our marriage, you again married a man??? Or I may say that you were already married and because you need money, you married me... I never thought that you can stoop so low Khushi Gupta... this sindoor belongs to that man, shyam ... right...

After listening this Khushi just thought why she is alive and if she is then why not this eart get apart and she move in the core of it. She cant believe her ears that anyone can think so low of her, here she is keeping Karwachauth fast for her husband and the same person is saying her characterless.   

Khushi: Mr. Raizada, you are crossing your limits now... don't say such things... please ... this is not true...

She said looking at no where and with teary eyes... but this statement of Khushi made arnav even more angry.

Arnav: you proved it Khushi that you are even worst then a prostitute, at least they have some self respect but you don't have even that... I hate you the most in this world.

Before Arnav could accuse Khushi more, he felt a pain on his cheek. Buaji who was listening to all his crap comments on Khushi, when croosed limits, she came in and slapped him on his cheek. Arnav was trembling with Arnav but when he saw Buaji, who was much older then him, he has gulped his anger. Because he can never say anything to elders.

Buaji: how dare how? How dare you say such cheap words for my Khushi? You lost all the rights on her the time you signed the divorce papers. And one more thing before I throw you out of my house, I want you to see, the sindoor in her partition. She is applying it for you, she thought no matter her husband don't care for her but still she will fulfil her duty and what did you say she got married to someone else? You said that she stoop so low, but how can you even think that a girl can marry her own brother. Shyam gupta is her brother.

Arnav was dumb stuck. He cant feel earth under his feet. He looked at Khushi that how can he say all this cheap things to her. Buaji was about to say more but Khushi turned her back towards Arnav...

Arnav: how dare you khushi Arnav Singh Raizada to turn my back on me...

Khushi cant say calm now. She has to open her mouth.

Khushi(shouted at the top of voice): because I have turned my back on you ages ago and dare not call me with that name... I am khushi gupta...

Arnav(looking staright into her eyes): I never signed divorce papers khushi Arnav Singh Raizada... again read another piece of papers.

He again throw the papers on the same table. After reading it, the papaers only has Khushi's sign. These where the same divorce paper which Aman came to take her signatures on and he told her, her husband's name, Arnav and she made him stop. She remembered all. She looked at Arnav. But her vision started faded and she fainted. But before she fall on the floor, arnav stormed to her and held her by her waist.

Arnav: KHUSHI...KHUSHI... Whant happened to you dammit?

Buaji: she has kept karwachauth fast for her husband, for you...  

Arnav looked at Buaji with a bit of guilt but then his ego and arrogance covered it up. He picked khushi and moved till door. Buaji was about to stop him that where he is taking khushi but he turned and said.

Arnav: I am taking my wife with me, to where she belongs?. And Dare not even think of stopping me.



Guys i am sorry for any typos... and please do hit the like button as this is my favorite part. i hope i didnt dissapointed you all. 

and one more thing i made a blundder today that by mistake i deleted the folder where i have downloaded all the episodes of IPKKND. i felt like crying... so please hit the like button and ur likes and comments will console me lot and do tell me did you like this part.. love you all 

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i just loved it now the story has taken an interesting turn 

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