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FF:ONE DAY MARRIAGE#2:updt part 16 (Page 85)

raws Goldie

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Posted: 06 December 2013 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
when the air will be cleared waiting for that

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B.S.I_Love_You IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2013 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Nice update.. Thanks for the PM

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 December 2013 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
Damn now Arnav thinks that Shyam is Khushi's husband
Nice update tho

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sarun21 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2013 at 3:26am | IP Logged
wow simply superb update...
loved it...
thanks for the pm...
both persons are same mr.Arnav singh raizada...

jenji08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2013 at 6:57am | IP Logged
wonderful update
i loved this story very much
thanks 4 pm
tintin0602 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 December 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Banner by LaxshaLoveArshiSmile

Part 15:

Arnav was still not home at night and was on an unknown place and on some unknown roads. The situation of the environment around Arnav was same as him. the road on which he is is unknown, same as him that he is going on an unknown direction in life. The surroundings are new to him same as his feelings are new to him but still he need to explore more of them.

He came out of the care and stood at the door, closing his eyes, remembering all the moments from past few days. The day when he saw Khushi for the first time, the moment he talked to her, her uneasiness in her presence, his making an enquiry for her, everything was so nice except the fact that she is married and having a family with some other guy.

He was Arnav Singh Raizada who believed that he could make his destiny by his own hands and no one can provoke the emotions in him but he felt so wrong on this today. he was standing like that as if his destiny belongs in someone else's hand. He was for the first time feeling helpless. Actually he was feeling more then helpless, irritated that how can he even think of this, this girl Khushi. He was on the mission to destroy Amisha, then Khushi appeared from nowhere. He was so frustrated that he even was not liking the fact that her name is Khushi. He hates this name because of the girl, Khushi, his one day wife who signed the papers for money only.

He was thinking all this mess when his phone rang and it was from Anjali.

Anjali: chote! Where are you! its so late?

Arnav: yes Di, its really late for everything.

Anjali: kya? What are you saying? Chote you are scaring me, please come home, I am worried.

Arnav: yes Di, I am coming home.

Anjali was about to disconnect the call when he stopped her.

Arnav: Di, ...

Anjali: yes Chote!

Arnav: Love you Di... can you wait for me till I come back home?

Anjali: yes Chote, I will, bas tum ghar aa jao!

Anjali was so puzzled by her Chote's behaviour as he never said these words and never asked her to wait. She definitely got the feeling that he is emotionally hurt today. but more than that she was suspicious that what had happened that made him say all that. She was getting more worried with every thought that was coming in her mind. But she still chose to wait for him and ask him directly.

Khushi's house


Buaji: what happened Khushi? Why you are so late and you don't even informed me? I was worried..

Khushi(looking at Raunak): she was having fever so I had to rush to hospital with Arnavji...

Buaji: what!! With Arnav?

Khushi: don't worry, he is my boss not him. but Raunak is ok now that's what I wanted. And buaji, he took her to the same hospital as them

Buaji: what? That means did Raunak got the chance to meet her father and..

Khushi: yes, buaji she met both her father and mother. She was happy. But (sob) buaji, I cant see him like that... I cant see my brother and bhabhi  like that in this state... I don't know why devi maiyya is doing all this to us only?

Buaji: calm down Khushi, you are a strong  girl and if you will be like this then how could I be ok dear? And I am still saying that devi maiyya will bless us and she take exams of only those whom she loves and she loves you and I am sure you will pass in this. And everything will be ok soon.

Khushi wiped her tears and again said

Khushi: doctors called me and told that bhai is improving at very good rate and if he continued this pace then he will be ok in just two weeks and same with Payal bhabhi. This is the best news that I could have today.

Buaji: see I told you na, everything will be ok and this is the starting. Ok now go to sleep and give Raunak to me. I will make her sleep as today you are looking so tired.

Khushi smiled and went to her room. Today she was feeling ease after what doctor told her about her brother Shyam  and sister in law Payal. She was happy even for Raunak that its not left much days that she will be with her parents and they will again be a family, a happy family.

Then Khushi remembered today's incident in the hospital and recalled the way she talked to Arnav, she really felt sorry.

" I need to say sorry for my behaviour to him, Arnavji was only asking me and how I behaved? He helped me and I talked to him rudely. I don't know how he is thinking right now but I need to apologies and say Thank you for what he done for Raunak. But people say that he is short tempered, No Khushi whether he is short tempered or something else, you have to say sorry to him." Khsuhi said to herself. And after a long time she was thinking for herself what she has to do for herself to calm down herself, her guilt in her heart or else she always thought for others before her. It was after a long that she is feeling herself, a bit bubbly as she is feeling peace at heart.




ANJALI: Chote! What happened you told me that you wanted to talk to me and wanted to wait till you come back, what happened chote?

Anjali asked in a worried voice. Nani too was waiting for Arnav to come back home. No matter how she strickly she behaved with Arnav she knew that he is the most important part of her heart even more then Anjali or Akash.  Nani stepped forward towards Arnav and held his hand and make him sit.

Nani: Chote! Why are you like this?

Arnav: nani, nothing but I am missing mom and Dad today. I wish they were here with me, then things may be different around.

This was the first time Arnav shared something what was in his heart, else he never does that to anyone but today don't know what made him say all this, may be his infacuation towards Khushi.

Anjali couldn't stop herself and hugged Arnav tightly. even Nani couldn't stop stop her tears seeing this child inside Arnav. His eyes were red and a lone tear rolled his cheek. Arnav kissed Anjali's forehead breaking the hug and continued.

Arnav: di you know, you atleast have mom's bangles by which you can see her, feel her and may be sometimes tell her for heart but me I had nothing. (looking at nani) that's why nani, I asked you to give me that house at any cost. Because both mom and dad lived there and I still feel that they are there living and whenever I will go there, I will see them and whenever I will come late they will scold me and whenever I will feel sad they will embrace me because I still feel them there. That house still have their smell around. that's why I asked that house in return you asked me to marry and I did.

Nani hugged Arnav as for her concentrating on Arnav was more important then those marriage talks and so she did. She caressed him as his mother did. She traced her hands on her forehead same as her mother. Nani gestured Anjali to bring dinner for him at the living area only and she did.

Nani: come Chote! Today I will make to eat by my own hands.

Arnav: no nani, I don't want to have food.

Nani: chote! Stop it. I know today this Anjali had made so bad dinner (she just said to make the moment lighter) but that doent mean you will not have. Atleast taste every dish that how bad she cooked today. you actually she had a fight with damadji and so she put all her gussa on food.

Arnav looked at Anjali in disbelief and smiled as he know that Nani is trying to make fool of him as the dinner was really tasty.

Nani: chote! Now come to my room, today I will make you sleep.

Arnav: no nani, I can only sleep on by bed. I will feel uncomfortable in ur room.

Nani: fine, then I will make you sleep in your room.


Next Morning, AR office..


Khushi was asking for Arnav from his employees on the name of some works but everyone reply same that he is in meeting. When after an she asked she got the same reply. It was 4 hours passed when she thought of checking his cabin directly as she is working on the most important projects.

She opened the door but no one was present there. So she thought of moving back but suddenly she had a thought of writing a sorry note. She did it and placed the note on the table just below his ipad. She was about to move while turning she bumped into a hard rock like thing. Then realised that it was not any thing but Arnav's chest. She moved back in fear that if Arnav will scold her and yes he did.

Arnav: what the hell are you going here in my cabin and that too without my permission and in my absence?

Khushi: no sir, wo actually...

Arnav: stop faking and stop acting like innocent. I know everything that why are you here.

Khushi(looking in to his eyes which was looking as if he was stressed): really sir, the given me what I want...

Arnav was like what the! How can she say such things in the office, how can she demand me for doing something naughty in the office, or anywhere. But before Arnav could go even more deep in the gutter, Khushi spoke with holding the same sorry note.

Khushi: Please give me sorry. I am really sorry sir for yesterday, you have done so much for Raunak and what I did, I scolded you...

Arnav: Get out... I have meeting to attend... I done want to see you around me..

Khushi: ok fine, I will go and will never show my face but before that please forgive me.

She said making a cute and innocent face. But he didn't liked that way she was asking him sorry that she will never show him her face. But whatever it was he just passed by her for the meeting giving a last glance standing at the door of his cabin.

Arnav: make sure, that you will never enter in my cabin without permission or else I will not spare you.

Like this the whole day passed and Arnav avoided Khushi.

He was coming out of the conference when he thought of seeing Raunak for a while as she just with her presence and giggle make him feel good. So he moved to the day care.

He saw Raunak playing with toys. He kneeled down and opened his arms calling Raunak and in reply she ran to him and hugged him with her little hands. Its then Khushi entered and saw this scene. Her jaw again dropped. Raunak seeing Khushi break the hug and started jumping. Arnav looked back to see what made her to do such act and he found Khushi smiling. She came to Khushi and held her fingers and made her sit beside Arnav. She then kissed Arnav's cheeks and then Khushi's to which Khushi kissed her back. Now it had become a kind of game for her. After doing same act again and again, she took Khsuhi's nose tip in her mouth and bite her nose. Khushi hissed in pain but didn't said anything but smiled. Raunak moved to Arnav to do that same. She took his nose tip but the Khushi become restless.

Khushi: Arnavji, she will bit you and that too so hard. She did the same with me.

But to her surpise again she didn't bite Arnav but just placed her saliva on his nose and then kissed it.

Arnav: she likes me and you didn't like that , right?

Khushi: why would I think that Arnavji? Its good that she ...(cut by Arnav)

Arnav: may be she loves me more than her father!!!

Khsuhi felt something in her heart, something that gave her butterflies in her. They both looked at each other and this was their first eyelock with some feelings in their heart. They were lost in each other. When Raunak again played her trick and pecked Arnav on his lips and in reply he kissed her forehead. She moved to Khushi and tried to do the same but Khushi moved back but kissed her on her cheeks...

Khushi: raunak, yahan kissi nahi karte... ok...

Khushi gestured Raunak placing her finger on her lips and told her. But Arnav only knows how much he wanted to take those lips of Khushi. He gazed at her lips and this was not unnoticed by Khsuhi and she became uncomfortable and to control himself, he went from there. With that she said to herself...

" this is wrong, you are married to someone else, you cant betray him on matter what."


To be continued...

Sorry guys for any typos... i hope you will like this one. and i am not that cruel, hope most of you will get the major pinching truth now. hope you all are happy now. Love you all.

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khan_somi Goldie

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Posted: 11 December 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
nice update...
hope they soon come to know about the truth of their marriage
like button doesn't work...:((

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maha211 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 December 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged
oh.. its really beautiful..
Liked Aranv and khushi scene with Raunak..
Thanks for the pm dear..

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