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FF:ONE DAY MARRIAGE#2:updt part 16 (Page 66)

ana-twilight Goldie

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 12:48am | IP Logged
No prb...
will wait...

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tintin0602 IF-Sizzlerz

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Banner by LaxshaLoveArshiSmile

Part 13:


Khushi disconnected the call but was hell shocked to hear it that too from this man who never cared for anyone. But then why he asked her to bring Raunak... she cant think straight but to call him back.

Khushi: see Mr. Raizada, I know what are you but I don't want any special treatment because I am Amisha mam's employee...

Arnav: you are no one who is asking me explain my actions. Better you concentrate on your work. And let me also Mrs. Gupta. Please don't don't bother me again.. be on time tomorrow, we will head towards the site right in time...

Khushi: what?

Arnav: what do you mean by what?

Khushi: how easily can you judge a person? And what is this you are calling me Mrs Gupta?

Arnav: so what should I call you instead? And who the hell gave you the right to question me? I am the boss, so dare not do that again. And its good that you are at phone or else..

It was Arnav now this time to disconnect the call.

 Khushi was still in a shock that what was he thinking... then she got that its because of the sindoor that she was wearing, so he called her Mr. Gupta... but she is not that, she is Mrs. ... Whats her last name, she didn't know or she did let Aman say that day. what if she let Aman say that it will be difernt today.. Nothing would have changed... as it was written in the clause NO STRING ATTACHED. She too wants this?? No she just agreed to the clause and not agreeing was not an option but she was forced to. Thinking all this She dozed off making Raunak in her arms.

But still Arnav was lying on his bed thinking what made him say that. " Mrs. Gupta". He cant digest the fact, but why? what she is to him. nothing.. still he can feel that there is something between them, Arnav and Khushi... may be is of the same name of his wife... Wife??? Really?? He was signed the papers... and never bothered to know about her, not even her full name from Aman... well there is one fact that he was ignoring that Aman knew everything. So it the time that he should enquire about his one day wife? No why should he? Anyways that one day, feels so different, his status changed and back to the same. Thinking all this Arnav thought of calling Aman, he has developed an urge to the lady which he never wanted to. And if something Arnav Singh Raizada thought to do, he does it no matter what, at that time, he thought of deattachment but today, he need to see that lady. So thinking all this over and over again, he finally called Aman.

Arnav: hi Aman.. Hope we can talk!

Aman: look who is asking this... the great ASR...

Arnav: ya I am. Well how is all going?

Aman: ohh Arnav, you know, I have cracked a deal here.. and I am really very happy and all this is because of you Arnav, no matter how much I say thanks to you but it will always be less... well you called that means there is something.. is everything ok? You are ok?

Arnav: ya I am ok, I mean, I need some answers.. I mean...

Aman: wooo wooo wait, you are fumbling? What is that? Well one thing I need to tell you that I am coming back to Delhi because I think before starting the project perfectly, I need to bow down to Devi Maiyya.

Arnav(standing up): I think this is the great news and I think when you will be back, I will say all to you. well when are you planning?

Aman: I guess next week, I will be there with you.. and Arnav, whatever it is we will solve it together, ok.

Arnav thanked him to be on his side. He was feeling light hearted today as if after talking to Aman he took all his worries. Aman was always like this him, always on his side, always clearing the mess he created. But still Arnav thought that beside this digging he need to sort his correct feeling for this new married lady in his office, always beside him.

One time he think of his one day wife, another minute he cant took his mind off from Khushi. She all the time peep in, in his head. She is something. There in the office she cant let him concentrate and here at home Di is all set to dig things out of him. Everyone is after his life.  

But one thing happened good for him that Aman is coming back and so now he can have a sound sleep today..


Next Morning


Arnav was waiting for Khushi to come in the office so that they head for site inspection. After a while, he decide to call her but the time he took out his cell phone he saw Khushi coming with a baby, who seems to be Raunak. He was watching Khushi's every affectionate move with Raunak through his glass window. He was Admiring Khsuhi who was making Raunak trying to behave who was in her arms.

Whenever he see her, he feel warm, he feel like smiling, he feel the world is a nice place, which he never felt before. His all attention moved to Raunak. " such a cute kid, I can remember she is from airport, she too admire me.. ".

Since no one was at the office, Khushi moved to Arnav's cabin and saw him lost in some thinking. Khushi was still carrying Raunak in her arms with all the stuff related to her.

Khushi: good morning sir..

Arnav: hmm, ya.. so you are here..

Khushi: you called me so early, but how can we go for the inspection with Raunak around?

Before Arnav could answer her, he saw Raunak getting all excited seeing him again. This was the first time that they both came face to face in front of Khushi. She giggled looking at Arnav and he couldn't stop himself from smiling.

He could not remember when he smiled last time from his heart but today he did just because of this kid.

Arnav: so kid, you too like me, hmm?

Khushi: what do you mean by this? Well she don't like you, she is laughing because...

Arnav: ok then let me check... I heard that kids have innocent hearts not a manupilative one so they do what they think is good and what they like... so... here she comes...

Arnav raised his arms gesturing Raunak to come in his arms and she gladly tilted towards him opening her hands. Khushi was all shocked seeing the scene in front of her. Raunak never get so frank to anyone in the first meet and here she is so different. She really like Arnav. No doubt his charm is everywhere. Khushi thought..

Arnav: see... she likes me unlike her mother..

"Unlike her mother! " what did he mean by that, why he always play with words around me? do he want me to like him? why? he is so unpredictable person. Khushi again thought making a disgusted face looking at Arnav.

Khushi: what was that Raunak? How can you betray me and that to in front of stranger?

Arnav: shut up Khushi. I told you she like and I like her. And by the way, we are not stranger to each other.. right Raunak.??

He said looking at Raunak who clapped in response...

Arnav: this is our second meet... .

Khushi(getting annoyed): fine baby, I will tell your father what you have done today, then he will not talk to you..

Now statement from Khushi wiped all the happiness from Arnav's face.

" Raunak's father means, Khushi's husband.. this is quite obvious, then why I am fuming? Why I want to hit something? " Arnav thought looking at nowhere. But his anger again flew away when Raunak put her cheek with Arnav's cheek and snaked her little arms around Arnav's neck showing all her affection towards him. Arnav looked at raunak from siding his eyes. She was very cute. But she made Khushi again shocked as this act Raunak do with her or her father and now with his monster Arnav.

All this came to end from Arnav's side when his cabin's phone rang. He asked Khushi to pick it up. There was a person asking the time for their site visit and Khushi told him that they are coming just now.

Khushi: but sir, if we go now then where should I leave Raunak.

They heard other employees chatting which means it's the normal time for everyone to come at AR. Arnav looked at khushi and asked her to come out with him ofcourese he handed Raunak back to Khushi else some employees would have got heart attack seeing ASR with some kid and that with so much love.

Arnav(standing at the stair): good morning everyone, I have an announcement to make. From now on, you all can bring your kids to AR as we are having a baby day care here in the office. And then make sure you do your work with full concentration without any worry for your kid here, as we will take a good care. One more thing, from now on I need perfection just in first shot, with no excuse or else be ready for consequence. This is it, go back to work.

Arnav turned back and looked at Khushi who was carrying an unbelieveable expression on her face with Raunak who was clapping watching Arnav looking at them.

Arnav: now do I have to give you an invitation letter to come with me?

Khushi: no, I am just..

Arnav leaned down his face and kissed Raunak on her cheek which made him get close to Khushi's face too. They both looked into each other's eyes. This is the first time Arnav was close to Khsuhi normally and this was the first time Khsuhi was so close to any man but still she didn't feel any wrong.

But before they could think any further they were interrupted by Akash, who saw them in this condition was taken aback.

Akash: wo, sorry bhai, actually... I was... I mean..

Arnav: Khushi and me are moving for a visit and you take care..

Akash: sure bhai..

Akash gave his sweat smile to Khushi and went to his cabin and thinking on the way whether he should inform this scene to Anjali di or not and finally he came to the conclusion to tell her. And he did it byt telling her all what he saw in front of his eyes.

Anjali: very good Akash, keep up the good work. I will make you a delicious gajar halwa when you return. Take care.


There Khushi followed Arnav giving Raunak to the lady, who has to take care for all the kids. They were heading to the site, but all this while Khushi was all silent and looking worried. She was still not liking Raunak to be here, but she has to option. Arnav could sense something going in Khushi, and he didn't took  time to know the reason by himself that she was worried for Raunak.

Arnav: don't worry she will be ok.

Khushi: ji, ...

Arnav: raunak will be ok. Don't worry. Well did you brought all the file. (he said in a bit rude tone showing that he still don't bother for Khushi but its just business for him)

Khushi: ya, let me revise you all the details...

Arnav: ASR don't need to prepare anything.

Khushi: I know that sir, Amisha Maam told me all about you that how much you are intelligent.

Hearing Amisha's name, his temper raised and his grip over the steering hardened. But he thought of playing right know as he thought of getting all the information from Khsuhi about what all she told about him.

Arnav: so what more she said about me?

Khushi: well, that you are intelligent and do every work with perfection and...(cut by Arnav)

Arnav: anyways, tell me about yourself?

Khushi: are you interviewing me?

Arnav: may be, I have all the right to do so. I am the boss. So continue...

Khushi: I have done Post graduation in Event Management and I too worked in Lucknow, the place I belong to. I have done pg from...(again cut by Arnav)

Arnav: don't tell me want I know, tell me that I don't know. If you were working in Lucknow then what made you come here?

Khushi was stuck in this question and was thinking what should she say as she cant tell the main reason to gain his sympathy. While Arnav was looking just at the road waitig for his answer and few seconds delay made him know that she will definitely hide something.

Khushi: I got this job that is better than the previous one and everyone wants to grow in her life and above that my Buaji was here to take care so I shifted here.

Arnav thought that its time to dig in her life and people she used to be around. So he asked about her family.

Khushi: yes I have a small and sweet family. Amma, babuji, buaji, Raunak, my ...

Arnav was not ready to listen more so he hit the iron and asked the main thing he wanted to know from last few days.

Arnav: so what about your husband? What he does?

This was an unexpected question for Khushi which she was not ready for. But what she should answer when she herself don't know anything related to her husband, not even his full name. and she cant even find a way to escape from the question. She just prayed to Devi Maiyya, but Ma was just smiling seeing these two who still didn't recognised each other.

Khushi: ya ,,, he is not with me.. I mean he is out for work.

Arnav: good, then whenever he returns lets have a meet. But I must say, didn't he miss his cute litle daughter?

Khushi just faked a smile but she has tears in her eyes which didn't go unnoticed by Arnav.

Soon they reached the place of the project. Khushi started explaining the thing aroung the place and Arnav was quite impressed by her but as he is ASR so he didn't appreciated her. Finally in few hours they completed the inspection. So they decided to move back to AR.

Arnav and Khushi were crossing the road as the car was parked the other side of the road. Its when Arnav saw a car coming with a high towards Khushi but she didn't noticed it. Arnav furiously moved towards Khushi and pulled her. She couldn't decide what suddenly happened. She bumped into the Arnav chest which was beating fast as he ran kilometres without stopping. She can feel the warmth of her chest which was hard. But she didn't took more time to realize that she is into Arnav's arm. She pushed him and he didn't protested.

Arnav(bit angry): what the hell? Cant you use your ears and eyes to look at your surroundings? What if something ...

Arnav stopped at this word only as Khushi gave a question mark look as if asking why was he worried about her?

Arnav: I don't want you to hurt yourself atleast till you are handling this project else I don't give a damm.

He again show that he is Arnav Singh Raizada and he don't care about anything except his work but in his heart he very know whatever he said just few seconds back, he didn't meant a word. But wht he was worried about this lady which was because of what hidden bond he don't know. Khushi just sat on the passenger seat and they back Journy for AR was all silent.



Ok guys, thanks for all your comments in the last note. i can understand that you love this ff from your comments. and Thanks for your support. 

As some said that i didnt proceeded with the story, yes they are true but its because without telling whats going on in the hearts of the leads, it will not make sense if i proceed with the story. because Arshi is all about passion, love, mystery of what is in their hearts. So i just made a naive attempt to write their hearts. Hope i didnt disappointed you all badly. And the case of progresss and revealations in the story... i will do that... specially about Raunak as many are tensed.. and made guessesLOLLOL... And trust me after reading some of the comments i feel myself as a cruel person for making late updates...LOLLOL... ok now after reading the update u can throw anything on me... But i really liked people who gave me some suggestions... please continue this as this will make the story more interesting.. Love you all...

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excellent update.  loved it

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lovely Smile update dearSmileSmileSmile

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...Tripti... Goldie

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Awesome Update...

Loved Arnav's bonding with Raunak...

Continue Soon...Smile

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dat is awesome

loved it

thanx fr d pm dear

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awesome update... thanks for the pm...

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Loved the update...
Actually I pity Arnav... Because of his haste n ASR pride...he is suffering soo much...was he more patient or caring...he could have understood that khushi was not really married or ATLEAST that Raunak is not her biological daughter...
Anyways...probably Aman will bring him out of his misery...

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