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(99+) Kadka OS, C-SUN2, Part2 by Expel, Pg 1

Sultan_Of_Swing IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

*See post below for Part 2*

Expel's Naach Dancing

Kadka OS
C-Sun 2
Part 1 (Part 2 vll be posted by (S)Expel)
Pettyshun paas aane na de, forum door jaane na de

Wrnin- Dis OS is 4 da non-ipk, non-gutterminded, 99+ aged readers wonly . If urnt 1 amng dem, den M wrning u frendz, plis stay away fm dis OS Angry as dis OS is 2 drk as it deals wid da realities of forum lyfe. If U still wnt 2 read dis, pliss read dis inside ur freezer as it will keep u cold in awl da hawtness.  Embarrassed

B4 reading dis OS, plisss keep dis nxt 2 U.

M wrning U nw itself frndz, keep drnkn UR tand tands orange jooce nd keep ur energy levels high. Who knows whose Chotey mgt get lucky. WinkWinkWink

Enuff of my bak bak heer is da OS.

Asthma in da chamkilli pom poms LOL
Shock in da brwn suit with dirty blak shoes LOL

Oops galti se mishtake ho gaya, plis (s)exchng da couple.ROFL


Arnowji in da Mrs India attyre Embarrassed
Khushi in da brwn suit attyre Shocked

Sorry frndz, da nws of C-Sun 2 has upset me so much Cry, dats why so  many mistakes r happening. Plis (s)exchange da attyres agn plis.


After da Mrs India (CUM)pettyshun, Arnowji and Khushi...CUM... 2 gathar...

2 der home guttermindz... Embarrassed

Arnow was very proud of his wyfe. But Khushi was thoda upset. She heard da news abt C-Sun 2 after da (CUM)Pettyshun. She decided to start a petty-shun 2 mk sure dat C-Sun 2 vll never take off just lk Chote. She awlso decided to make MIDs 2 sign da pettyshun herself for 1000 tymes.

Once dey reached home, Dey celebrated da (CUM)pettyshun by cutting da sugar free cake which Arnowji md Khushi eat by shoving it dwn her throat as he luvs her 2 much. So romantic nah... Heart

Our Arhi r da mst romantic cupple Across da Universe.

Den he gifts her designer Gote wale Pom pom Embarrassed which he gawt fm sarojini mkt trash bin by paying 2 Rs. Khushi jumps up nd down wid awl da happines in da world. She luvs her Arnowji 2 much too. Dancing

Seeing da air of pashun dat was moti nd thick in da air , Naani
tells da young luv brds dat its tyme 4 sleep.

Arnowji smiled nd replied 'TFS yaara!'

He can finally spnd alone tyme wid his Mrs India wyfe. He cudn't w8t 2 open her zip by 2mm (nawty mindz). He had enuff of da 4play, he wnted 2 tk a brave step 2day nd consummate ASAP.

Dey wlk 2 der room slowly. Da air was filled wid da tenshun. Rabba Vey plying in da BG. Tension in da air dun.

Dey were walking slowly but der hr8ts were beating fastly. Dak dak dak... Fast hr8t beats dun.

'Arnowji what is dis noise?' she asks wid her innocent spinach green eyes.

'Khushi woh hamari dhadkanen hain.'
he says while luking deeply to convey his pashun.

'No Arnowji. Dis is sumthng else. I cn smell sumthng.'

'Khushi humari dhadkan...'

'No Arnowji, Dis smell is 2 bad. Did U haff rajma chawal last n8t?'
She scrunched her nose. Gas trouble due 2 Rajma Chawal dun.

Arnowji was beyond angry nw. How dare Khushi ask him such a kostin. Awl he wnted 2 do was Njoy nd Tk care of her, but Khushi had spoiled his mood lk da spoiled tamatars frm Sarojini mkt.

He walks away angrily 2 der room.

Khushi knew dat she had crossed da line. Arnowji was nw lk a roaring Loin. But she loved him most when he was angry wid da pashun lyk now.

Arnowji opens da door nd goes inside 1st. Khushi follows

As soon as Khushi gets in 2 da room, Arnowji holds her agnst da door. Dnt worry frndz, our Arnowji isnt da MCP lk otha SP heroes. He is a pussy-cat trapped inside da body of a roaring loin.Tongue He is 2 Gud. Heart

Khushi gets worried. She luks at Arnowji wid scared spinach green eyes and her pinky bow lips were trembling wid da desire nd pashun but also fear.

She wntd 2 fiddle wid Arnowji Angaa nd den making-up dun.

She says in tremblng voice. ''

Her trembng voice made Arnowji losse control of his moshun and it was let loose awl over da room. Loose e-moshun dun.

He turned her bk and opened her zip wid his teeth.

Khushi nearly died of embarassment. She felt discussted dat dey were dng such gutterish thngs. She had read da 18+ FFs in da forum, but still dis was awl too much nd too new.

Once Khushi's zip was open by 2mm, Arnow turns her front nd tries to luk into her eyes.

Khushi bCUMS courageous nd flicks his lambe lambe gane...
Baal dat was dripping wid oil. (Gutter mindz LOL LOL)

Dat act made Arnow lose complete control of his ermm... control nd he decides 2 proceed 2 consummashun quickly.

He goes dwn wid her. Wink

Arnow pulled Khushi's plait 2wards him nd starts smelling it huskily.

'Yum...' he moans after smelling da seductive aroma of oil nd sweat. Da moan weakens Khushi's pom poms.

He pulls Khushi using her plait. Der 4heads touch each other, sending electricity through der bodies. Electricity back-up during electricity-cut dun.

He den puts his leg on Khushi and says.

'Cum Khushi, lets bCum solo fm duo!'

Khushi conveyed her agreemnt by kissing his 4head.

'TFS yaara, nt long now. I mnt da tyme, nt chotey.Confused'

Dey were abt to fiddle wid der legs nd consummshun dun, ven sum1 knocked on der door.

Arnowji gets very Angaa agn.

'Arnowji dnt panik nd misunderwear URself. Di is pregnant wid soft pillow baby, she needs our help.'

Khushi stands up, but b4 she cud go Arnow pulls her dwn on him.Wink

'Not dis soon yaara. Not b4 I do dis.' He den flicks her nose. Dat act pinches Khushi 2 da core of her overies.

Da knocking once again disturned da intense passhunate consummshun dialect dat dey ver (s)exchngng.

Khushi walked 2 da door shyly wid Arnow following her lk da Hutch Doggie.

Ven Khushi opened da door she was shocked 2 see da 2 ppl who had made her angry. Asthma nd Shock. Angry Dead

'Wat do U wnt nw?' She asked.

Asthma nd Shock luked scared.

Ven dey didnt reply Khushi pushed dem wid her hands nd said, 'Baad main jaye aap, baad main jaye apke C-Sun 2.'
Nd den Bashing dun.


A/N- Phew..., so forumees hw did u lk my OS? Was it 2 hawt 2 handlz? Or was it 2 tanda lk da jooce dat u r nw drnkng.

I hope U kept drnkn da tanda tanda orange juice. Im sure awl da husbands of da women who read dis OS vll be very lucky 2day. Wink

U Dnt haff 2 thank me Embarrassed. Just lk me on my FB page.Thumbs Up

Pliss follow us on twitter @guttermindz_696969 for update notifications.

If I get more dan 1000 lks on my FB page, I vll ask (S)Expel 2 wryte da Part 2 of dis OS.

Nd dis tyme Arnow vll open Khushi's zip by 5MM. Shocked

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

             Da KADKA OS- C-SUN 2
                      Part 2 Clap

WARNING: Before readin dis pliss sign awl da Petishunz on awl da 69 websitez.
Those who cum heer widout signing anything, unki toh Devi Maiyya hi raksha karna ROFL

Attyre: Shock nd Asthma in da seductive clothz nd Arnowji nd Koosie in da Scared outfitz.
Oops sorry galti se mistake, awl da female leads in sarees (plagiarized from  awl other Indian women) nd da male leads in da suitz (plagiarized from James Bond-wa)Clap


Asthma nd Shock luked scared. 

Ven dey didnt reply Khushi pushed dem wid her hands nd said, 'Baad main jaye aap, baad main jaye apke C-Sun 2.' 
Nd den Bashing dun.

Part Two:

Shock puffed up his manly chest until it touched his beard nd said wif da arrogant dialect (plagiarized from da Mughal-E-Azam):

"Wat U talking, Ex-Koosie? Baad mein toh tumhaara C-Sun 1 hai, my show is going 2 cum nd beat awl othas to top the TRP charts ya" Clap

Arnowji butted in be4 Koosie cud speak, nd uttered wif da loin speech "TRP? U meanz da TV Repeat Plagiarists? Coz dats wat U R, yaaraz."

Asthma wheezed into da conversation.

"Shock is right, u know. He's always right, nd he proves dat by turning 2 da camera and winking awl da tym. Embarrassed"

Shock nd Arnowji stand chest to chest nd awl da womanly viewers faint wif da testosterone overdose on da screenwa. Shocked

Arnowji is da first one 2 break da tense face-off, nd he pulls da Koosie in a gentle, non-manhandling way (plagiarized from Ahem-Ahem) nd talks wif da challenge dialect.Angry

"If U tink U R better DAN us, DAN M only pity U ya. Do U haf any idea what U will haf 2 live up to?"

Shock pulls Asthma close as well nd nuzzles her wif his husky beard.Embarrassed

"I'm sure we can match up to anythink U haf dun. After awl, da SP has given us da same title just yesterday for sum reason ya?"

Arnowji walks over to his Khushiba Laptop nd switches it on.
He logs onto YT nd goes to Ismailvegamze's channel.

"Look at dis, U hairy Electric shock. Can U do dis?"

Shock is shocked at awl da hotness, but tries not 2 show it.

"Of course I can, can't I, Asthma sweetie?"

Asthma closes her drooling mouth nd tears her eyes away from da screen.

"Umm...but wat if ur beard scratched my tender pale chicks wen U did da Haldi Ve lyk dat?"

Shock bristles wif angaa nd opens his mouth, but Arnowji plays another video be4 he can say anytink.

"Can U see dat? Do U no how many hitz it got awn YT? Itz a world record in India, frnz.Clap"

Shock: "Dats awl old now. It meanz nothing anymore."

Arnowji: "Don't plagiarize my dialogues, U Doctor-hater!"

Shock: "DAN don't show ur jealousy, U old SUV driver! Haf U seen my brand new Audi in da promo? M haf more DAN dat ya. Clap"

Koosie: "More DAN dat? Mere Arnowji ke paas Shantivan hai, Pool hai, Bluetooth hai, Aman hai...aur Di bhi hai. Tumhaare paas kya hai?" (Plagiarism from  Deewaar Dun)

Asthma: "Mere shock ke paas bhi bada ghar hai. And we don't even need a poolside coz itz a beachside property ya? And he has a whole army of secretaries, nd not just one , but five Sisters! Clap Beat dat, ya!"

Arnowji: "Ur bluffing, yaaraz. M see ur promo nd ders nothin lyk dat der. Ders wonly da Audi nd da crazy Doctor-hating dialogue wif one wink in da end."

Ashtma blushes lyk da last sun set nd looks away, but Shock steps forward wif a bunch of petishunz.

"See awl dese? Sum people R making da petishunz for us also. U R not da only ones 2 haf dem!"

Arnowji takes da petishunz wif da surprised look on his handsum facewa.

"But dese are awl signed by only U both nd da rest of da crew! Y U mak da jocks, yaara deer? Angry"

Shock takes back da petishunz nd pulls Asthma wif him.

"Bade bade channels mein, chotey chotey crews bhi hote hain, Arnowji. Tum nahi samjhoge."

Arnowji nd Koosie R shocked now, nd speak soon.

"Yaaraz we haf nothing against ur show or da crew. Awl our fans want is for da show 2 be renamed, dats awl."

Asthma: "But why? Itz such a nice name, haf U seen da promo properly?"

Shock pulls Asthma wif da manhandling dialect nd says wif da resigned husky tonez.

"Dey won't understand ya. Der mindz are clouded wif da consummashun thots, lets lef dem in piece while we go nd call SP again."

Asthma looks up (way up) at Shock wif da bright twinkling hopeful eyesite.

"Do U tink our consummashun wil happen soon deer?"Embarrassed

"Of course yaara. M not wait with  a million almost-kisses ya?"

Asthma sighs nd cuddles into his manly chest.

Shock turns 2 da camera...and winks Wink

Koosie sees dis nd turns 2 Arnowji.

"Did U see dat Arnowji yaara? He winked! He's such a liar, hez gonna trick dat poor wheezy Asthma...I haf 2 save her!"Shocked

Arnowji is afraid dat Koosie wil run away on her lifesaving mission, nd so he closes da door, pulls her close nd takes off her saree in one quick move Clap

But DAN da saree falls on da laptop nd da button gets pressed, nd DAN dey both see da promo of da C-SUN 2 again.Cry

Koosie's mouth opens in a shocked 'O', and Arnowji takes da advantage and slithers-in 2 her chamber of secrets Embarrassed
Her mouth, don't tink gutterminz ROFL

Dey play da tongue-games for a few minutes, nd DAN dey break apart for da thanda thanda air.

"OOH Arnowji, dats 2 gud! Can U do it again? EK BAAR PHIR, deer!"

Arnow luks at her heaving upper assets nd clutches her close.
He runs his strong arms awl over her nd Chains her to him in a hold dat can Ne'er be broken.

He kisses her again nd again, awl over da pink lyk da rose-bush body.Embarrassed

"Arnowji, M haf no idea dat ur hands r sooo skilled! EK BAAR PHIR, yaara!"

Arnow moanz wif da loin roar nd pulls her down 2 da floor.
Soon dey toss awl der clothes away nd roll around da hole room until dey reach da poolside, where it awl began.

Nd DAN dey fiddle wif der legs under da starz,

Nd consummashun DUN Clap

Awl nite long, da poolside echoez wif Koosie's screamz of "EK BAAR PHIR!"  as dey consummate der true, passionate, original, C-Sun 1 Lau again nd again nd again.

But wen da sun finally rises, dey r interrupted by sum1.

Not Di.
Not Aman's phonecall.
Not Dadi's hand.
Not even da fans asking for signatures on petishunz.

None of da above.

Arnow nd Koosie R interrupted by the Mods of IF, who cum der wif da warning dialect.

"We told U dat U cud only fiddle above da necks, but U ne'er listen! We haf no option, we haf 2 ban U now!"

Arnow gets up wif da leisurely movement nd covers up da Koosie wif her dupatta.

"Why don't U try 2 do dat, Mods? Nd DAN U can deal wif awl da 696969 petishunz dat will make ur hole website crash!"

The Mods heer dis nd realize dat dey R no match for Arnow Singh Raizada, especially after he has finally consummated.


Arnowji nd Koosie go bak 2 consummating wif no fear, nd no thots of C-Sun 2.

Kyunki sapnon ki duniya mein rehna hi achcha hai.Clap


Disclaimer:Credit for awl da Images goes 2 da original uploaders.


Uff M finally dun. I hope I managed 2 live up to the bar set by NB's Part-1.
If U lyk it, pliss send me ur complimentz by Pigeon-post.
Nd if U don't, pliss M beg U, don't start da Petishunz against me.

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serialjunkie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
res - naughty girls


Man! you girls brought back so many memories. I had forgotten so many details of the show, bluetooth, pom-poms, brown suit, slick hair, NandaKiSore oh god! 

thanks for the hearty laugh. I thought of rejoinder Kadka OS but then I can't match your memory or humor. So hats off NB and Expel. muah and tight hugs to bestest of chamelis

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emistry IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Collaboration!!!! OMG OMG!!!

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riafna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
What ever CSun 2 bought old if ipk forum. Lot of posts and everyone active. See Juhi also back.
That was unexpected interruption ... I didn't expect them.
ROFL It's hilarious. 
Asthma and Shock... LOL
TFS yaara...
Funny os.

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vgedin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

Im heer ya Big smile


M haf a petishun against da 2 of u. Orange juice didn't help. Tanda pani was useless. I needed dis ya... and I had to haf it even at the risk of being accused of the P word Shocked

How can Shock ever consummate? He has the Asthma ya, can't even hold his breath long enough for passunate almost kisses! LOL 

Nothing to beat the Arnowji nd Koosie and their passhun. And C-Sun2 could never inspire da Chamelis, which would be its biggest failure.

You guyz r da best ya! Star Hug

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_disha_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Omg this is so daam funny !ROFL

Asthma and Shock !LOL

Cant wait to read the sequel by (S) Expell !Cool

And m all set with the thanda thanda jooce !

Edited : Expell it was just H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S !ROFL

Edited by _disha_ - 15 August 2013 at 6:57am

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
wow excited to know whats it about, girls - bring it on, bring it on, eagerly waiting

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