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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 25)

NushIsh Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2013 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
This part was extremely touching, especially how you explained that we take the simple things for granted like thinking that our parents will always be there and we tend to forget that things can change when we least expect it. 
So Simmi is back and hanging around which is obviously making Manvi extremely uncomfortable, Virat however is not the least bit affected, its pretty obvious even to Simmi that he has moved on and now madly in love with Manvi. 
I think it came as a shock when she saw Virman kissing so passionately, maybe because Simmi knew how madly Virat was in love with her she never thought that he could let her go, like the way she was surprised about him not keeping her things. Like where this might be leading. 

manvi on the hand is feeling guilty which is understandable, she had seen her sister with Virat and now Manvi is the one with her, Manvi not voicing out her insecurities might play a role later on because it might get to a point when she can't handle it anymore. she feels like a third wheel and no matter how much Virat tries to show his love when she's around Simmi she will always feel that because I get the vibe that Simmi still loves Virat and somehow Manvi senses it too. I know that Virat will never go back to Simmi but manvi thinking that Simmi still loves him is making her feel like the bad guy, talk about an extremely awkward situation. 

Can't wait for the next update and want to know what the parents have to say to them. 

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kushal90 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
I'm super speechless..!! 
I'm blank... i dunno hw do i appreciate ur amaaazing updates..!!
I gotta update my dictionary with maaany amazing words..!! LOL
This was amaaazing...!!
Awww Virman are superrr adorable..!! Big smile
I loved the way Virat tells he misses their little bubble..!! Wink
If possible pack nd send me this Virat plzzz Big smile LOL
Updateee sooon nd do pm me Hug

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bluebolt Senior Member

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 5:10am | IP Logged

|| PART 19 ||

Ohhkay, this is freaky. It took me back to the time when Simmi and me were in trouble for fighting or other eccentric activities that were so common in our household when I was growing up. Even though I was guilty in 9 out of 10 cases, we both used to get yelled at together. And in a twisted way, Simmi always used to protect me.

We were sitting in my dad's room with me and Simmi on either sides of his rocking chair. Virat was standing behind leaning on the wall and Sameer wasn't called in.

"Simmi, I am really surprised to see you here." Dad said without any expression.

"I couldn't blame you." Simmi commented dryly.

"Okay, I sense a lot of cold vibes around here, so I just wanted to clear the air in between you two." He stated to nobody in particular.

"Dad, you should really be resting. This can wait." I tell him getting up.

"Mannu, sit."

"Simmi, just so you know about what all happened while you were gone - Well, Virat was in a very bad situation after you left - in a lot of ways. I have always considered him like my own son, you know that. That is why I wanted to get him married and your mom suggested Manvi and Virat would complement each other perfectly. I agreed with her cent percent."

"Why are you telling this to me now, dad?"

"Because, I do not want you to have any pent up anger against your sister."

"I do not hold pent up anything."

Okay, why do I have to listen to this?

"Virat is Manvi's husband now. It cannot be like before between you both. I know how you take him for granted and go back to him whenever you are down and broken-hearted, just so that you could leave him, again, in an even worse state that he was."


"It is a fact Simmi. I look upto you for everything you have done with your career but what you did with Virat is very wrong."

"Dad, I had a zillion issues with Virat. I STILL HAVE THEM ALL. If I remember them right - there are that he is controlling, old-fashioned, clingy and very jealous of my career. He isn't ambitious enough to match me and so everything I do is unnecessary and over-the-top to him. So, NO, I do not wish to go back to him and I am very happy with my relationship with my boyfriend, Sameer. He is one of the foremost cardio-surgeon in the country and I cannot even think of anybody but him."

Yes, because that is what a healthy relationship needs, frequent open heart surgeries by your boyfriend. I roll my eyes. Why was I feeling bad for this I, me, myself person again? Hell, with you and you call my husband unambitious one more time, I am killing you with a blunt knife. My blood was boiling.

"I am here only to be with you, while you are going through a health crisis. If you want me to go, I will go. Just say the word. She has been your favorite all along anyways."

"It is not like that Simmi. I just wanted to have it all in the open, so that we can continue with our lives, without our past casting its haunting shadows over us. Virat and Mannu are just starting their lives together and I don't want anything go wrong."

"That's enough dad. Enough of playing shrink for today. Please take rest. Nothing is going to affect me and Virat." I tell him. I do not have a stomach for this anymore.

"Mannu is right dad. We are doing very well. Simmi seems to be happy too. I think we should all put this behind us." Virat added.

I look at Virat. How can he be so unaffected? She has just insulted him in his face.

"The fact is that I missed you a lot dad. You will probably not believe me but not a single day goes by without me thinking about you. I keep wondering how you are doing and how mom is doing. I agree, I was a bit angry when I came to know that Mannu and Virat got married. Mainly because, she is my baby sister and he is my ex and it is just weird and strange - like this. But, I do understand where you guys come from. I am fine with it now. They have my blessing." She said crying.

Virat was staring at her with an impassive face.

 "I actually want to move back here, closer to you guys. I have been talking about this to Sameer and he is fine with it too. So, tell me, if you guys hate me for being ambitious and going after my dreams - that is fine. I accept it. I will just go away. But, if you think you can accept me for the kind of person I am, I would love to stay back. Sameer and I are thinking of getting married soon and have a family. So, this city is the best for that, especially with my family around."

She looks at me - for the very first time in a week. Alright, how am I supposed to react to that? Hug her and say, welcome back sis? I don't react.

 "No sweetheart, I don't have anything against you. It is totally upto you guys about what you want to do for your future. I think, it will be great with both my daughter's living closeby." Dad said.

"Great, let me introduce you to Sameer." She went out to get Sameer.

Virat walks out. 

I follow him. 


"I just need a walk Mannu. I will be back in a few min." 

I try to stop him but he leaves before I could. What is wrong with him? It must be what she said. Why can't she leave him the f**k alone? What kind of a sadist feels good about their life by putting other people down?

"Mannu?" Simmi calls me.

I turn around and there she was standing in all her self-centered self. How much I hate her right now. And she is going to be around? God save us all.

"Yes." I reply with an icy chillness.

"I hope, the talk cleared the air between us."

"Oh, I didn't realize there was an issue between us, since we have your blessing and all, right?"

"Ofcourse! I am sorry. I guess it was a bit of a rude shock to see you and my...ex-husband together. We were madly in love at one point, afterall. I am fine with it now, really. I hope things get better between us. I miss you too you know." She says.

"HUH!? Aren't you the confused soul of the century? You miss me!!!!?"

"Excuse me!"

"No I cannot excuse you, Simmi. Do you even know what madly in love is? God! You know, inspite of all you have done to him, your betrayal, Virat has never, even in his dreams said one bad word against you that puts you down - NEVER, EVER. But, YOU - you leave no stone unturned to insult him, to undermine him, to discourage him. Haven't you messed up his life enough? Screw you!! and your love. You talk one more wrong word about MY HUSBAND and I will forget that I had thought of you as my sister at one point of time."

"Mannu???? How can you talk to me like this?"

"Don't...just don't.." I show her my hand and turn around.

Wow! Where the f**k did all that come from? I look at myself I was standing all tense and wound up in the middle of the room, with clenched fists and dripping eyes. There were atleast half a dozen pairs of eyes staring at me. I look around praying to every god there is, that he isn't around. But no, he is standing there, by the entrance of the door, looking at me bewildered and shocked. I screw my eyes shut.

"YOU GO GIRL!!!" Priya starts clapping.


He leaves, yet again, banging the door shut.

I walk out following him. He was walking to his car. "Virat..."

He sits in but doesn't reply. I knock the passenger door. He opens the door and simply says "GET IN.."

"Virat...We can't just take off."

"Get the f**k in, Manvi."

Oh god! I have never seen him this angry. Maybe when that asshole doctor hit on me, but not really - this is much, much worse. I look at him. He doesn't talk. He just keeps driving. It was dark.

"Where are we going?"

No reply.

"Ohkay, don't talk. Do I have to start calling you Viratji again?"

"Don't try to joke your way out of this."

"Out of what? What did I do?"

"That was quite a show you gave over there." He said and we stop at the local park, by the rock side. It was almost empty because it was dark. He gets off the car and just stands with his head in both his hands. He passes his fingers through his hair. He looks exasperated. Aw! I so want to hug him but he is so pissed. For what? I don't know. I didn't say anything wrong. He is my husband and all I know is I can hug him, whenever I want. I take a step towards him and he looks at me with a back-off look. I don't care. I walk to him and put both my hands around his waist.

He doesn't hug back nor does he react for a minute but then he holds both my hands and unhugs myself from him. 


He walks away and he is turned away from me.

"Why can't you tell me if something is bothering you Manvi? I hate it."

"I have been asking you over and over again, all week and finally it comes out like this. I DO NOT want you to protect me. I DO NOT want you to fight with her for me. Infact, that is the last thing I want. It is just a waste of time, energy and emotions - it yields nothings other than hurt and disappointment."

"I didn't intend to protect you or anything. It just pissed me off that she said all those things about you.."

"So, does that make me all those things?"


"Just because she says I am loser, do I become a loser?"

"NO. But, wouldn't you feel angry if someone bad mouths about me?"

He takes a deep sigh and he looks so disturbed. "I don't know. I guess I would and I guess I would even break his bones.." he finally said.


"But, she is an exception baby. She keeps saying things. We cannot afford to react at everything and anything she says. It just consumes a lifetime. I have wasted enough time doing that."

I look at him and at that point I realize that there is a well of tears pooling up in my eyes. If that doesn't sum up his past, what does? I don't want to feel this way, but suddenly I feel very, very protective and emotional seeing him. How can this happen to him? I want to take all his pain away, all his emotional baggage away. I go and hug him again, tightly. 

He hugs me back, this time.

"I don't want your pity Manvi."

"I feel so angry.."

"I know. This was that I was scared about. I don't want to lose track of my goals this time and I need you to stay strong - because you are my strength. Okay?"

I lift my face up and look into his eyes. That is so sweet! I see hope in his eyes. I smile and nod my head. "I love you so much!" I tell him.

"I love you too sweetheart." He kisses my forehead.

I couldn't control it anymore. Tears stream out. "I was just feeling guilty." I confess.

"Guilty? Why?"

"I don't know exactly. There is this prick inside me that you know if I hadn't had married you, maybe..."

" and her would get back together?"

I nod my head.

He laughed, loudly. "We are just worlds apart Manvi. It could never work out between us - not in an year, not in ten years, not in a lifetime."

"Maybe if she realizes her mistake and wants you back..."

"I would have turned into a fossil waiting for that to happen. Please stop racking your tiny brain. And anyways if some crazy woman wants your husband, you just give him away? Cookie hu ya candy?"

"I didn't say give away. I just said I was feeling guilty..." my voice trails off, thinking about the scary scenario of Virat imprisoned with Simmi in my head. I'd rather not think about it.

"So you wouldn't give me away?" he wipes my tears with both his hands.

"NO" I frowned.

He shakes his head. "You know, these women politics are over my head, I am just going to renounce my worldly pleasures and become a saint."

"Acha? Don't worry, I like a dutiful wife will oblige. I will send you back to your couch once we are back in the house." I push him away. He is back in his teasing mode. He is laughing like crazy.

"That's okay." He holds my hand and pulls me back. "I like you on the top...better view." He chuckles and winks.

My jaw drops. How can he do this with just a few words?

Just like that our fight was over and that night, we went back to my parent's with a clear head - with vanished doubts and renewed energy to combat infiltrators of our peace and happiness.


Hey guys, just a small note. I kind of want to write stuff other than virman ff and the show has also come to an end. Prolly in one of my next updates I will put up the link of my blog. It will have virman ff as well as other general things and random stories, if anyone is interested. I will still try to post here or atleast update the links on my fb page and I am also not going to send pms anymore. The only place I will post my links is on my facebook page. Sorry for the inconvenience but pm'ing takes a lot of time even with the new 50 at once facility.

Happy reading and as always I love all your comments and feedback that you guys write for me. Keeps me/my writing feel wanted. Thanks a bunch. Love <3 Anu

To get my update feed, like my facebook page.

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roshreb IF-Sizzlerz

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just awesome finally manvi reacted... priya bhabhi ka kuch to asar hua was really needed cuz since simmi came back she just has to remind manvi every time that virat was her ex..i love how manvi said MY husband.. & i think that kamini is living under some illusion ..she & virat were madly in love... really?? at some point even virat mentioned that everything that mannu does & says makes him feel..that simmi never loved him...well said manvi ur sis is indeed a confused soul..finally everything sorted out between virman..good that manvi's spoke out about her insecurities... virat is completely over simmi...& why does simmi suddenly wants to stay around her family..i don't trust her, wat is she up to?? ...& wat "devil" virat JI wants to become a na ur not a cookie but a sexy candy :-p at the end he was back on his besharam mode..hope he stays like that throughout his stay at his in laws as this would shock simmi even more...:DD

& the show ending doesn't mean u should stop writing on virman...but i will read anything u write non friend ji ...

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Faria12345 Senior Member

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I so want the coOkie n the cAndy! I will eat him up ^_____^ ! It doesn't matter how u do it but this virat Ji is just one in a billion.. Loved how manvi was on fireee but u didn't make her slap herr >_< y do I still think something is not right? N simmi being humble ??? Ummm not digesting the fact :p I really want a bad bad boy like super angry oneee make him one pleaseee n I want him to get mad at ManVi!!! For once a pleaseee <3 it will be funnn
N ahem naughty boy "it's fine u be in top of me nice view" hawww my jaw dropped tooo muhjeee repeat telecast chahiyeee hahaha OMG insane! But nicely written epi. Loved it alottt ohhh do one thinggg make virat do the wedding arrangements of Simi n sameer <3 haahhahahahahahaha oh I can so picture that setting ROFL eeekkksss hahahahah

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-DeeNaa- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 5:17am | IP Logged
HOWW do u always res first Cry
Am sure Anu PM's u as soon as she posts the update 

U keep making it harder for me to comment and describe your awesomenes!!! 
Aaah another freaking amazing update! I dint get it how do you ALWAYS write such awesome updates!! Loved this one!!! Yayy!! Manvi FINALLY said tht to Simmi! Big smile LMAO priya is hilarious :v Awww the patch up was so cute!!! Day Dreaming And ohhh after sooo Long Manvi said ViratJi!!! Embarrassed You are just too good Anu!! And Lmfao this line cracked me up!! "Cookie hoon ya candy" ROFL Cant wait for moreee! LOLTongue

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FlowerHater IF-Rockerz

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Ok in this particular upd8 i really loved Manvi's dad!!!! He did the right thing of bringing all 3 of them in an open forum and made them do a one on one talk!!!! and it was also my favorite for 2 reasons
                     #Manvi gave simmi the taste of her own medicine, and
                     #Manvi had an heart to heart talk with Virat about all the things going in her mind!!!!
 and baaki wahi jo i said on fb lemme quote it here as well;

Ma favourite lineees #BILU ;

Whenever Maanvi blasts at simmi:

Simmi - Cry

Virat - Shocked

Everyone- Thumbs Up

and me - ClapBig smileHugDancingROFL

#BILU rockss Wink and so does #BLUEBOLTStar

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ramanirani Senior Member

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i just loved this part  yaar...
its awesome ...
continue soon...

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