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Junior Masterchef Kids celebrate Janmashtami

Junior Masterchef Kids celebrate Janmashtami
Masterchef Junior at Iskon TempleMore Pics

True to its style, the notorious bunch of Junior MasterChef - Swaad Ke Ustaad celebrated Janmashtami in all gusto today at RadhaGopinath Temple, ISKCON ( Internation Society For Krishna Consciouness) Girgaon Chowpatty Temple , Mumbai.

Along with Chef Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor and Surjan Singh Jolly, the contestants prepared special delicious 'Makhan Bhog' offering on the occasion of the birth of lord Krishna and danced to his hymns. The bhog specially created for their favorite God was donated to the midday meal run by ISKON.

The first ever season of Junior MasterChef has garnered quite a fanfare already. With their amazing culinary talent, these little protegees have not only scored points with judges but also managed to win the hearts of the viewers. The kids are surely leaving no stone unturned in demonstrating their innate talent and pleasing the God himself!

Chef Vikas associated with three seasons of Masterchef India said, "It feels great to be part of Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad. Isn't it wonderful that at this tender age they feel responsible not only in MasterChef kitchen but even here today with us, preparing an offering of 51 kg makkhan to Nandlala on the eve of his birth. These children are absolutely amazing and I am completely blown away by their creativity and spirit."

Don't judge them by their age as these little chefs are capable of creating nothing less than a storm in the Master Chef Kitchen! Expect lots of new energy, innocent battles and be prepared to see some spectacularly stunning skills on display by these tiny tots.

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31St August,2013

Junior Masterchef gets a bright new colorful set!

This year Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad has a beautiful colorful set made for the bright junior masterchefs on the show.

Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad on Star Plus, the cooking reality show for kids which started from 17th August, has been an  entertainment  package for the viewers with it's content and the spectacular cooking skills by the small wonders a.k.a the kids of India.

In the weekend episodes of the show so far we saw the audition round taking place, out of which they have selected the top 10 cooking expert kids from all over India. Hence from the upcoming episodes of the show, we will get to see their cooking skills as the battle to win begins from this weekend.

We got to know that apart from the black and brown and last year's green painted walls along with beautiful paintings on it is being replaced by a very colorful set for the junior master chefs in the show. Even the master chef logo is changed to the combination of red, yellow and green color unlike the black color logo was kept in the past seasons.

The vibrant and bright colors add to the beauty of the set and are a treat to the eye when one watches the show. Also it will it add to the enthusiasm  of the kids as they love colors very much. The sentence 'Colors add to the beauty of things' stands true here.

TellyBuzz gets to you some exclusive pictures of the Junior Masterchef India Swad Ke Ustaad show and the set which looks absolutely amazing. To watch this beautiful set and the amazing cooking talent of the kids don't miss to watch Junior Masterchef!
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Rajnikanth dosa on Star Plus' Junior MasterChef

If SRK dedicates a song Lungi dance from his film to the legendary actor Rajnikanth, can Junior MasterChef kids be left behind.

Recently, the top ten contestants were presented with a huge dosa for a "taste" test challenge. While everyone was amazed at the length of the dosa, Mumbai boy Soham revealed his naughty self to all.

Soham, named Singham, couldn't control his excitement and started calling out to the six Lungi men on stage to attract their attention. This is not all; the contestants along with Soham started singing the popular Lungi dance and began dancing when they entered into the Kitchen and named the dosa after Rajnikanth.

"When I saw the huge dosa I was sure only Rajnikanth sir could finish such a huge 15 feet long dosa in one go! We have named the dosa after him and hopefully if we get to meet him one day, we would like to make this dosa for him," said Soham.

The episode will air this weekend!!!

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When Bharti Singh became the Kitchen Buddy!

Comedian Bharti Singh was the guest at the Junior Masterchef's kitchen today, who not only entertained the kids with her comic skills but also helped them in their kitchen task.

The very talented comedian Bharti Singh who is currently seen in the Optimystix Productions weekly comedy show Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali on Sony, made a visit in the cookery show Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad on Star Plus, as a special guest.

As we all know that Bharti Singh is known for her comic skills and humor, hence taking the advantage of the same she entertained the kids and also helped them during their kitchen task.

Our source informed us, "Bharti entertained the little cute contestants as well as the judges of the show. She gelled up with the kids and had a fun time with them and learn't some cooking skills from the talented kids."

Well she was also the kitchen buddy for the kids today, "As according to the concept of the show kids are not allowed to fry anything on the show. If they need to, then they have a kitchen buddy who helps them with their work. Following the same this time the kitchen buddy was Bharti, who did her work pretty well. The kids were pleased with Bharti."

That's not all! She gave some funny names to the contestants, "Bharti gave each and every contestants the names related to vegetables namely gaajar, matar etc. She called them with these funny names throughout and not with their real names, which made the kids laugh. It seemed that the kids had a gala time with Bharti."

After knowing this, I am sure that the kids must have had a great time with Bharti Singh! On the same we also tried contacting Bharti Singh to know more, but she was unavailable for any comments.

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Ripudaman doles out health tips to junior chefs,width-300,resizemode-4/Ripudaman.jpg

If he is a cooking champ, Ripudaman Handa, winner of "MasterChef - Kitchen Ke Superstar", is equally good at health tips and shares them with the contestants of "Junior MasterChef".

"Ripu has been giving fitness training to the contestants of 'Junior MasterChef'. He makes them do basic workouts, so that they can be fit," a source from the production house told IANS.

The 23-year-old is a gym trainer.

The show, " Junior MasterChef - Swaad Ke Ustaad", which originally started with 10 contestants, now has eight. Chefs Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor and Surjan Singh Jolly judge the show which airs on Star Plus.
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'Junior MasterChef' contestant feels blessed  ...

'Junior MasterChef' contestant feels blessed

He is all of 12, but "Junior MasterChef - Swaad Ke Ustaad" contestant Sarthak Bhardwaj loves to cook up new dishes, and believes he is already improving his culinary skills.

"I am blessed that everyone appreciates my cooking talent and always encourages me with kind words. I have found a new family and made some great friends on 'Junior MasterChef'," Bhardwaj said in a statement.

He says "it's a huge responsibility on my shoulders" as people "trust my cooking and have lots of expectations from me". But he isn't scared of losing.

"Even if I don't go far I have already enhanced my culinary skills through this memorable journey of 'Junior MasterChef'," Sarthak said in a statement.

Most young contestants on the show often prefer to partner with him in the tasks assigned to them.

"Recently while shooting for the special Rainbow cake episode, the girls - Sanya, Pummi, Sakshi and Harshieka had to choose their partners for the task and without thinking twice, the girls were heard screaming for Sarthak to join them," said a source from the show.

No wonder then that chef Vikas Khanna, who is judging the show, refers to him as the "new age Krishna" on the show. The Star Plus show is also co-judged by Kunal Kapoor and Surjan Singh Jolly.
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Masterchef India - Chef Vikas Khanna loved to be a farmer | Exclusive interview

Masterchef India - Chef Vikas Khanna loved to be a farmer | Exclusive interview

Mumbai: Small screen's cooking reality show "Amul Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad" is getting popular day by day. Recently we get in touch with one of the most stunning judges of the show, Vikas Khanna, whose appealing persona makes girls to go on knees and the magic in his hand that he pour in the food that spread a delightful aroma in the air and compels one eat even without hunger.

The popular chef Vikas gets candid with Pardaphash and shares some interesting facts about his life with us.

Nilofar: Have you desired to become a chef or any incident motivated you to step forward in this field?
Vikas: I just wanted to cook as a child. I think the only way I could express myself was through my food. I started very early by opening a small banquet facility in the back of my house.

Nilofar: Have you ever been inspired by someone for cooking?
Vikas: I was always inspired by my Grandmother. She taught me the purpose and reverence of food. But, as I traveled West, I worked with several Michelin Star chefs who have inspired my cooking.

Nilofar: How difficult was the journey of a common man (you) to become a celeb?
Vikas: I think being famous is just a small part of the subject that being useful. I would rather be known as someone who educates America about India and its foods. The journey has been long and full of failures and a few successes. But every time I failed, I learnt an important lesson. But if it was not such a long road, I would have never felt the weight of it too.

Nilofar: You are still unmarried, are you waiting for your Miss Right?
Vikas: Every time I am in a relationship its always about balancing my time between the person and my work. It becomes hard for women to see someone so single dimensional and always working and less time for personal life. But, now I have surely slowed down. Hopefully that brings Miss Right soon.

Nilofar: As per Hi-Blitz Magazine, you are in the list of "India's Top 50 beautiful" and "People magazine" considered you as "The sexiest man alive 2011", how you feel?
Vikas: I think they gave these tags to Indian food. I surely think its Sexy and beautiful. I just become a medium of it. I think I am a simple guy from Amritsar who dreamt of living his life in the kitchen.

Nilofar: You have maximum number female fan following as they are die-hard fan of yours, so, tell us something about your dream girl?
Vikas: I love women who express themselves open heartedly and feel comfortable in their skin and be proud of their heritage.

Nilofar: You love to make food for others, but which is your favorite dish?Vikas: I love plain daal (any kind).

Nilofar: How is your chemistry with your co-judges of Masterchef India?
Vikas: I love them, in every season we had the opportunity to work with new people, which brings new inspirations and learning experiences. I love working with them all.

Nilofar: How much it is difficult to judge children in Masterchef India Junior?
Vikas: Kids are easier to work with, they have more positivity and less baggage. I think they grow and learn too fast. Its their imagination that surprises us in the kitchen all the time.

Nilofar: Any moment during Masterchef, which has touched your heart?
Vikas: When Sarthak was talking about his small restaurant with his mother "Maggi Point", it made me think about my little banquets "Lawrence Garden" with my Mother. It was heartwarming to hear his experiences.

Nilofar: What you would have loved to be if not a chef?
Vikas: I loved to be a farmer, I would eventually do that soon. Its about the sacred relationship of earth and sun.
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'MasterChef' kitchen treats all equally, says Rishi Desai

'MasterChef' kitchen treats all equally, says Rishi Desai
MasterChef 5 Rishi Desai

"MasterChef Australia" Season 5 contestant Rishi Desai enjoys being on the reality show as it familiarises him with diverse cuisine and the best part is that every one gets equal treatment on it.

As many as 22 contestants from countries like the UK, Indonesia, Australia and India are participating in the show to exhibit their culinary skills.

"They treat everyone the same. It doesn't matter where you are from. We had people from diverse backgrounds on the show. We all learn from each other," Desai told IANS in a telephonic interview.

Desai gives Indian touch to his dishes.

"What I did on the show was to take my Indian flavours and make them modern. I convert them into modern Indian fine dining experience," he said.

Hailing from Kolhapur district in Maharashtra, he attributes his cooking talent to his mom.

"I have been cooking as far as I remember. I learnt to cook while cooking. I saw my mother cooking and I took a lot of learning from there. I also entered one of those cooking challenges when I was 10-11 years old and won the second prize," he said.

"My mother always cooked different things. Everyone in my family liked different things. I loved mutton, my cousin sister did not eat non-vegetarian food. And my mother catered for everyone," he said and added that he was introduced to lots of cuisine early in his life.

What makes "MasterChef" different is its deadline that lead to high pressure.

"Pressure comes with the territory. I learned to absorb the pressure and do what I liked to do on the show," the 35-year-old said.

Desai is now "writing" a cookery book that will have Indian recipes.

"It will be a modern Indian cookbook and will have a modern take on Indian traditional recipes. Also, I have pop up restaurants. A pop up restaurant is when you hire a place and cater for people. It is by invite only," he said. Tongue

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