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Prishna OS Reality Check Part Two updated

kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Prishna OS

Reality Check ' Part One

(This OS came to my mind when I was updating my FF 'Hope you all enjoy it'it is a light hearted one with cute Prishna moments!)

Pintu was sitting on his bike waiting for his friend. He was fed up of himself and his life. He was even more displeased because of the sermon he had to listen to from Krishna for following the rules ---

        wear your helmet while on your bike,

        do not park in the no parking zone,

        If you do at least own up and do not give a bribe to the policeman who is at least trying to keep the law and order in place.

I need a break from all this!!!

Pintu waited for a while and then was about to move his bike forward when he finally found his friend on the back seat. He started zooming as fast as he could when he found that his friend had put his hand on his shoulder due to the speed.

Pintu could feel that this hand was a lot softer than usual.

Pintu: What happened to you Manoj? Are you frightened of my speed? And what's happened to your hand --- it does not feel that tough!

He heard a voice which he had cursed a few minutes back.

"It is me Pintuji!"

Krishna --- it was! Pintu brought his bike to a sudden halt as he was in a state of shock.

Krishna had to now hold him even tighter for fear of falling and she hugged him from behind keeping her eyes closed.

Pintu turned and saw her slowly releasing her hug and she looked at him --- trying to smile.

He lifted his glares to have a look at her and wondered why on earth should she be here on his bike when he was without a helmet himself and neither did he have one to offer her?

Pintu: What are you doing here Krishna?

Krishna: I just wanted to feel the thrill of a speeding bike and saw you waiting for your friend. So I thought it was the right moment for me to enjoy that ---

Pintu stops her from talking further.

Pintu: Achcha, so you were fine with my not wearing a helmet today because YOU wanted to have ride. What about the rules which you rattle off with so much ease most ---sorry all of the time!

Krishna slowly got off the bike and looked at him apologetically. She says: Sorry Pintuji, I never thought you wouldn't like to give me ride on your bike. As regards the rules, I thought about it and wondered how it would feel to break them for a change. Now I realize, it wasn't a great idea as you are not happy.

Pintu felt bad at what he told her so he quickly tried to get her back on his bike.

Wow --- it would be the right time to get to some "sweet talk" with her and try to make her his "sweet heart".

Pintu: No Krishna, actually, it is not that. Just that I wasn't expecting you and in fact, to be honest I was upset with you that I reacted this way.

Krishna: Upset? With me! But why should you be?

Pintu: Leave it Krishna, we'll waste some more precious time if we get into that. Just get back to the bike and we'll go on a nice drive --- an outing you're going to remember.

Krishna looks at him and saw him wearing back his glares when she thought it was the opportune moment to do what she wanted to --- wink at him!

Pintu caught her at the appropriate time --- sharp as he was, lifted his glares again and returned one to her too as she sat comfortably in the back seat with her hands freely holding on to him.

Pintu was so excited at her different ways and he drove humming to himself when he found Krishna tap him on the back.

Pintu: Yes, tell me --- do you want a different song?

Krishna chuckles and says: No --- I don't want any!

Pintu got to know that he wasn't a great singer but it was fine as he was thrilled beyond imagination on finding Krishna with him in this new found --- fun filled date! He wondered if could call that a date but yes --- he could at least think of it as that! How could she know what he thought?

As they were speeding, the signal had turned red and Pintu was about to slow down, when Krishna tapped him from behind and asked him to keep going. The road was anyway free.

Pintu was yet again taken by surprise but he had to listen to her today. He had the "rule book" with him so no one could dare catch him for breaking the rules.

As they passed, there was a police bike chasing them and stopped them for overshooting a red signal.

Pintu stopped and looked at Krishna. Krishna smiled back and told him that she would handle the cop.

Krishna took out her wallet and handed him a crisp note and smiled at him. He took it with a thankful gesture and asked them to move on.

Pintu was now unable to believe what he saw. He nearly fell towards his bike in disbelief and then he screamed as he had indeed fallen.




Pintu found himself on the floor as he had to wake up from his dream --- Krishna was making his life miserable. She would not let him live his way ' and even bothered him in his dreams.

He gets up, gets ready and leaves home to actually meet Manoj and share with him his dream.

As he waited for Manoj, yet again a soft hand touched his shoulder. He shook his head in disbelief and said: Krishna, what are you doing here?

What's wrong with you Pintu? I'm Manoj!

Pintu yet again blinked twice and saw it was Manoj and his hand wasn't soft either --- but he was still thinking of the soft touch in the beautiful dream he had had.

As they start, Pintu sees Krishna walking down the road.

He stops his bike near her. He finds her in the same "yellow dress" that he had seen her in the dream. He asks her boldly: How are you Krishna? And where had you been yesterday?

Krishna looks at him with a smile: Don't' you know Pintuji? Have you forgotten so soon?

Manoj now starts teasing Pintu with funny noises on what was happening between these two. Pintu nudges him to be quiet as he dealt with what Krishna was trying to tell him.

Pintu: Forgotten what Krishna? Please tell me clearly.

Krishna: About the ride, the speeding, overshooting the red signal, bribing the police and also Pintuji, falling off your bed!

Pintu was shocked.

He just wanted to leave that place and quickly started his bike as Manoj started laughing.

Pintu drove a little further and asked Manoj the reason for his laughing.

Manoj: You called Mansi as Krishna and told her things which she never understood. Pintu --- you are NOT OKAY.

Pintu stopped the bike now and got down with Manoj. He told him on how Krishna was haunting his thoughts and he did not know why this was happening.

Manoj: Pintu Singh, you're in love!

Pintu blushes a little as he also felt the same and scratched his head at his giving his heart away to a simple sweet girl named Krishna!

Pintu: What shall I do now? Please help me Manoj.

Manoj tells him to confess to Krishna in "her style" --- in a dignified way and not "his style" --- the naughty way.

Pintu thanks him for his advice and drops him where he left him and heads towards Krishna's residence. She was drying the clothes in her courtyard and she spots Pintu on his bike. She notices that he too had seen her. So she quickly moves the saree of her Mom which she was drying to cover his view of her.

Pintu tried moving left and right to catch a glimpse of her. He had to somehow call her out to say all he wanted to. As he kept moving this way, Chanchal comes there and says: Pintuji what are you doing here? And whom are you trying to look at?

She had a questioning look at him.

Pintu smiled at her and said: Chanchal, can you call Krishna out for a few minutes. I need to talk to her.

Chanchal agrees only in return for a treat from him which was nothing for him compared to sorting out this major issue in his life.

Krishna came out finally and stood in front of him. She was the same shy, quiet one.

Pintu thinks to himself but a little loudly--- How could I even dream of you like that?

Krishna: Pintuji did you say something?

Pintu: Krishna, why are you troubling me? I mean in my dreams?

Krishna: Did I come in your dream? You too came in mine. But you never troubled me. You were nice --- to me.

Pintu: Oh really --- what did I do that made you feel good?

Krishna looked at him and did what he had done in her dream --- winked!

Pintu now was wondering if this was true or again he was dreaming as he had done in a few minutes back with Manoj and Mansi.

Pintu decided to leave and Krishna stopped him: Pintuji, please will you take me on a ride?

Pintu by now had gone mad --- he wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't! He knew this girl had driven him crazy.

Krishna once again requests him in her sweet and soft voice: Will you take me with you? Into your dreamland --- but you must wear your helmet and not over speed and definitely not ask me to handle the cop!

Pintu was flabbergasted and speechless!




To be continued'


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sandiab IF-Sizzlerz

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An absolutely adorable scene just loved. I cnt stop smiling and its a really wonderful way to start the day. Cnt wait for u to update the next part .

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sandiab

An absolutely adorable scene just loved. I cnt stop smiling and its a really wonderful way to start the day. Cnt wait for u to update the next part .

Thanks Sandia...

Actually I sat to update my FF when this idea cropped up and I started fact I have to continue with a second part...once I know where my imagination will lead me to..

Poor Pintu trapped in my OS...but I'll get him out of that...LOL
kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Will update the second part on Monday...
kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part Two

As Pintu kept wondering about what he thought he saw and heard, Krishna smiled and tapped his shoulder. She asked him to turn around and look at her.

Pintu: How did you know about my dream?

Krishna: What happened to you Pintuji? What are you saying? I've hardly said a word ever since I came out to meet you.

Pintu: Oh --- sorry Krishna these days I am not alright. I have been imagining a lot of things. Something is wrong with me.

Krishna gets worried. She asks him to sit down on a nearby bench. She sits next to him and they both look at each other.

Pintu: Krishna, tell me did you not speak to me just now.

Krishna: Yes, I did when I asked you what happened.

Pintu: Not that --- but before that didn't you speak to me and even win --- ? Oh leave it!

Krishna: Pintuji, do you think I could ever do such a thing? I mean you said the word "wink" --- isn't it?

Pintu: Sorry Krishna, as I said I have been having some kind of a strange imagination when it comes to you. Manoj says I'm in love!

Krishna heard the word "love" and instantly got up. She was too shy to stay on to hear what Pintuji might say next.

Pintu quickly thought what he should be doing to stop her and then got up too and called out to her ---- near her ear.

Pintu: Please Krishna, hear me out.

She stopped and stood there asking him to go on.

Pintu (nervously): I think I've developed this "feeling" for you --- you know like what we see around us with youngsters ---

Krishna looks at him and nods. No she did not understand love --- or romance! Her books did not describe them --- nor did she flip those pages which contained them.

Pintu then gets a bright idea: In History, you must have read, about the great kings and how they fought to win over a princess of the neighbouring kingdom!

Krishna: Yes, but which princess do you want to win over? I thought there aren't any more kings!

Pintu shook his head. He had to now tell Krishna that she was his princess --- that she had stolen his heart away.

Pintu: Krishna I am talking about you --- and me--- about us!

Krishna gives him a blank look. Pintu was getting impatient as he went near her --- very close --- so close that Krishna started feeling that "something" which she hadn't felt before.

Pintu noted her expression and knew he was on the right track --- that she had to be told in a different way --- so he leans on her --- his face close to hers as Krishna tried to move backwards. He wasn't touching her and she was trying to balance out herself while being in that awkward position. One more stretch forward by Pintu saw Krishna trying to move further behind that she nearly fell backward but was caught at the right time by him. She could feel his sturdy hands around her --- one around her waist and the other behind her head holding on to her with his face directly over hers.

He looked straight into her eyes as she tried to look elsewhere but there was nothing she could see but his stunning eyes filled with so much care and love. She lifted her hands towards his face and brushed aside the hair which was slightly falling over his forehead. Pintu felt a quiver as it was Krishna's first touch on him. He gently brought her back to a standing position but was still holding her close to him. During this time, Krishna realized what she had done, so she removed her hands from his face. She tried to remove Pintuji's hand from her waist but now he brought her even closer to him --- now their chest was in contact. Krishna was breathing hard --- nervous like never before. Pintu moved forward and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Krishna could not help rest her head on his chest after this and Pintu had her in a complete embrace. Both of them had their eyes closed as Pintu was running his hands in gentle strokes over her back.

"Didi": a voice from Chanchal woke them up from their dreamland and Pintu let go of Krishna. Krishna looked at him and then down as Pintu smiled at her. She turned to head towards her home, when Pintu held on to her hand for one last time. She stopped and looked at him, to see him smile lovingly at her as she returned one.

Pintu: When shall we meet again?

Krishna: Tonight!

Pintu was surprised at this answer. He goes closer to her and says: Are you sure you will be able to come to meet me at night? When it will be dark --- just you and me!

Saying this he had a twinkle in his eyes as if he was planning to do something phenomenal with her!

Krishna: Pintuji, I meant at night --- in your dreams!

She smiles and quickly goes to into her house leaving Pintu wondering yet again if what had happened a few moments back was a reality or a dream!

He couldn't care anymore. He walked away thrilled at himself owning up that he had found the girl of his life!



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sandiab IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Really liked the chapter and it was so cute bt i just love the last part lol krishna has an awesome sense of humor lol.

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sandiab

Really liked the chapter and it was so cute bt i just love the last part lol krishna has an awesome sense of humor lol.

Thanks Sandia...

So you really think it was Krishna who has an awesome sense of humour?LOL

I somehow loved writing this scene which had Pintu Singh in a position he wasn't able to deal with!Big smile
ZoyaluvsKinshuk Goldie

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Beautiful threadBig smile

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