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* Happy Birthday, -najmeen- (Tanu)* (Page 5)

BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:09am | IP Logged
Forget the post I reserved , that was well just spamming CoolROFL My reply in blueeeTongue
Originally posted by supercool3

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "all is well"
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side
A friendship that takes time to grow
Small wonder why we love them so.
Yes Indeed!  Cats are rather Friendly!  YES TOTALLY Blushing
And Today

Is all About One Such Cat! METongue
January 12, 2009 is a very important day to the world of Virtual Beings. This day saw the marching of a mysterious creature into India-Forums. No one knew ever anticipated the catastrophe that awaited them.

ROFLagree with partROFL
It's a well-known fact that human beings evolved from apes, but this particular being evolved from Cats! From Tanubie to daffodildodo to jawadkideewanie and finally najmeen, we can see a new evolution pattern, one never seen before!

*does the cat dance*Tongue


And rumor has it that this being will soon be casted as Billicat avatar Geek! But beneath all this lies a beautiful heart, a soul who is ever ready to shield her loved ones.

Shh ! that was supposed to be a secret , well a secret almost 873837 people know aboutROFL

Tanubie first became a part of the Development Team as a coolbie for MJHT forum and after a long hiatus, she was promoted as a viewbie of the suggestion and comments forum.
Her creative thinking has no boundaries and she has mastered the art of signature making, writing fan fictions, and many other informative threads. This is the reason why she is a part of the IFs Crazy Creative's Team.

tareef pe tareef ..tareef pe tareef Shockedkaash har din mera birthday hotaROFL

She has even made popular a few words like kangaroo relations, tata birla to name a few. 

aww you all remember those .Shocked

This W O N D E R F U L   B I L L I C A T graced the earth today, some few years ago!  Hence, let us gather together to

and celebrate this special woman's life right here on this thread!

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y   B I L L I C A T

Friends come and go
and love grows, grows, and grows
True friends are trees with falling leaves in autumn floating away
Rooted to the ground they stay
Making their friends feel special by day
In need they are there
In happiness they are there
And in friendship they are there to stay
In life they are here forever
~Ash Walker~

We Love you Birthday Baby Hug!

Billicat lobes you all too <3

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha



hayeee p2 saksham <3 man how much I miss them </3 Akasutto you tricked me .I didnt know you were asking for making siggyROFL I understand the shocked smiley you gave after hearing it .ROFL finiding picture of this couple is so mushkilROFLAnd riti thankyou so much Hug How did you manage to get the pictures ShockedLOL

OMG SHOEFLOWER AND AKASUTTO <3 the cats Blushingek saath 4 -4 billi <3Billicat lobes it <3 shoe flower you made me into a waiter. made me wait for like 1 hour hmph .Tongue

OMGG MAN . MY BILLI RANI Shocked hayyeee Blushing

PARO , i forgive you for not making my cat sigs long backROFL I was plotting a plan to push you down a hole since you didnt make me my cat sigsROFL

HINAMMAAA <3 *dances* aww ths sigyyy <3 You didnt tell me you are a siggy maker too Shocked Betaa ab tohaar bachna impossiblewa lag rahat h humko toh ROFL

awww melaa pyala gauravBlushing and meri onscreen sautenROFL loved the siggyyy <3 Appy kaun h bhai ShockedROFL


So, I met billicat  first on Amita ka Amit forum,  she seems cool I thought and we only interacted for general forum stuff and all then...I can't remember when exactly we started chatting, perhaps when I put her on the hotseat on AKA forum or guess it was once we turned DTs ... She's recently taken up the job of my personal alarm Wink and wakes me up almost every morning to her hilarious lines sasur ke naatiLOL Waking you up is my kaamROFL...She's one friend I can always count on when I need a good laugh...  *dances*atleast someone enjoy my humour sense ROFL
she's one of a kind, my sweet Billamma...
Happy Birthday !
Hope you have a great day and  brilliant year ahead...

Lots of love
teri paagal(Tongue) Hinamma <3

Haye meriii pagal hinamma love you lots Hug


Tanu : Thank you for being my uber cute friend. Your obsession with cats has me in splits. You are talented , funny , loyal and totally crazy & caring.Always wear that smilew of yours and brighten every one's lives.

DEEPZO AKKII Hug love you Heart

This is me Your feline friend Embarrassed AWWLEHHH <3

Happy birthday and welcome to a new decade HAAW you are reminding me I am20 half of 40 and 1/4th of 80 Shocked


Hey Buddy Big smile
Well you dun knw me.. and I also dun knw u LOL
but thought to wish u.. because b'day means for wishes Smile
So yeah. Happy birthday Tanu Smile
May be blessed with lots of happiness and prosperity and may lord show you the right path always. May you get all your wishes fulfilled which is in your right this year Smile

AWW you are so sweet <3 thankyou so much for the wishes <3 ok are you the one who made saksham p2 sig ?Shocked

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, who has always been there for us through times of laughter and hardship!  Though you may have been far away from us for sometime, our bond remained ever strong!  No wonder they say though miles apart, true friendship never dies!  Continue to be who you are Billi and our love for you will only grow!

AWWW . emotional moment Embarrassed I love you alll for being so awesome . Helping me out every time . Embarrassed All of this means a lot to me .Embarrassed
~Your Folks along with Jillu, Melz, Radha and Peanut~
THANKYOUU JILL JILL , Akasuttooo ,Radhaaa and my cutie cutiee peanut mela bachaa <3HugHug
Special thanks to Gur, Riti, Ridz, Appy and Hinz for the siggies <3
THANKYOUUU parooo , riti,shoeflower ,appy and hamri hinamma TongueHugHug

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aahaana

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Billicat...HugHug Thankyouu akasutooo HugHug
we may live far away, not being in touch for some period yet you are still someone we can count are my behna, billicat and you babesHeart I LOVE YOU TOO for being so awesome <3

Enjoy your billicat day to the fullest and do not get sick on your day diAngry  NO yesterday was sleep sleep dayROFL My teachers were busy taking extra borinng lessonsROFL

Your gifts are posted above and more to come...<3

Love and hugs,
your akasutto
ILY Heart

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sano88

happy birthdayyy:DD

i hope your birthday is filled up with joy and happinesss  <33333333333333333333333333

PS : whom do you like in tellywood?Confused

berbieee thankyouu soo much Hug
for siggy na?TongueROFL
make me on jee le zara na?Embarrassed

Originally posted by starry.phoenix

Happyy walaa Buddaay mera Dodo... hugz***Hug
wishin u immense ... hmesha n forevaa.. muaahhh***
stay blessed

SHICKAACHOOODancing awww thankyouuu Hug mwah love you .Hug

Originally posted by munnihyderabad

Happy Birthday Tanu Hug  

this is one of the most creative and effing cute bday thread .. cat siggies are adorable Embarrassed 
We recently met in one of our PM conversation where u started calling me Di .. so u call everyone Di out of respect Embarrassed 

Once again a very happy birthday and may you have all the happiness, success, peace, love and health in life.. Have loads and loads of fun filled bday .. Stay blessed !!

p,s - do u have a cat as pet ? LOL

My billas are so cuteeeBlushingyeah the picture change PM na Embarrassed
thankyou so much munni dee Embarrassed
No no cats  but i bring random cats homeLOL

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...Nish... IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 September 2012
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Happy B'Day dear :-)
BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nidz-

res ! See no one asked for my msg Broken Heart HAYEE MY NAARIYAL .Hug
Its my k s g's bday ! Really r u the same girl wid whom i talked so soberly in CB CC LOL and after those silly scraps abt those 20 comments i got to know u more n there u declared that ur tanu not najmeen Shocked & how u got najmeen name *god those chatar patar can never be forgotten* ROFL hayee do i do chatar patar ShockedROFL
Ur views abt my ksg *ur camel* were the hilarious moments of our chapar chapar ROFL those tu tu main main for aap & tum LOL  again its tum hmphStern SmileROFL
M running out of words to describe u LOL Will end up here wid my small gift for u ! *muah* chee chee chee publicly kar diya tune ..ROFL
Not to mention had to ask ur favs for the siggy & dhamkao u to become my ksg ! Baksh diya maine apko ! Takhlia LOL hayeee

ab jaldi mujhse baat karo kalse pakka ,I shal get up whenever you uthao me .. Tongue

Lots of love to my naari love you naariyal Embarrassed
-Urs naariyal ROFL haa wahiROFL

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by BalamPichkaari

Tanu ji!!!

Toh aaj aapka happy waala budday hain jee? Aur kisi ney bhi humein nahi bataya? Bolo bhala! Ab boloongi toh bolenge ki bolti hai WinkLOL

Anyways, here's wishing you the most amazing birthday ever! Party it up, and enjoy the day to the fullest! God Bless you always and may you be blessed with loads of success!!

Lots and lots of luuurve, cause you deserve it!!


Ritz jiiHug
aww thankyou so much Hug
love you too ji Hug

Originally posted by *Dev.*

Happy happy birthday Tanu and many many returns of the day dear!Hug

I still remember my confusion of your two names : najmeen & tanuLOL. You're a sweetest friend ever got!Embarrassed 
And now i wish you get a Cat as your pet! know why i told!LOL..not any randoms okieLOL..some nice cats!Embarrassed meoww..!Star

Enjoy & have a blast dear! God bless!.Hug

Dev.Big smile

thankyou so much dev . Embarrassed hayye cats LOL

Originally posted by -Nidz-

Look forgot to wish you happy birthday bcoz of all those chapar chapar ROFLHave a blast girl ! And dnt forget to distribute chocs in college LOLEnjoy Party

hayyee ulta chor police ko daate ShockedROFL

Originally posted by Amritamalhotra

Happy Birthday Tanu...
Many many happy returns of the day...

Thnakyou so much dearHug

Originally posted by -sweetgal19-

Happy birthday Tanu Hug I have known you for a short time only but I can honestly say that you are the sweetest people I have ever met and Im really glad we are good friends now,haina ? :D Hope you have a lovely birthday Heart


P S- Really fab birthday thread <3

aur nahi toh kya we are good friends abhii Hug
thankyou so much Hug

Originally posted by vijay

Hi Nazmeen,

Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!


Thankyou VB Embarrassed

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BilliCat. Moderator

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 18507

Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -HibiscusR-


Billi :O Ready Steady Po!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! Oops, billicat.. Hope u like the sig i made for u. Super duper wishes from an awesome day!

God bless, with loads of gifts.

Your Shoe Flower ROFLTongue

thankyouu my SHOE FLOWERRR Hug
loved it jaani <3
aww thankyouu my SFTongue

Originally posted by SushantFan_Afss

Hey Najmeen di happy birthday!Party
You are really one of the sweetest person on IF. Very helpful! Have a blast on your birthday! May all your dreams come true.
Many many happy returns of the dayHug
PS. I love your DPEmbarrassed It is too cuteHeart

awww thankyou dear Hug
aww dp me toh meri billi rani h Tongue

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