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Insecurities OS

lopli Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Hi guys, I am still in the Ayra land glad that they are having their own story, so I wrote a romantic OS on them, Please do read. It is more in the future kind of os, so different from whats currently happening in the show. 

Ayra: Insecurities!

Humaira sat in front of the dresser wearing her sky blue suit with pink dupatta. She struggled as she tried to tie her necklace, she looked at Ayaan through the mirror he was sitting on the bed typing away aware of the fact that Humaira could use some help.

Humaira tried one more time, but that hook refused to lock, she finally took the necklace away from her neck and threw it Ayaan.
"oww woman what's wrong with you?" Ayaan yelled when he felt rock like necklace his on the arm.

Humaira stood up her hands on her hip, which made her petite body look smaller. "I have been struggling to tie this thing, which you did notice, but did not even bother to help me, I am your wife Ayaan, what the hec are you doing on that computer that is more important than me?" she huffed, looking away in anger.

Ayaan smiled putting the computer aside and stood up from the bed. He walked towards her, stopping a few feets behind her. "what do you want me to do Humaira begum, whenever I come close to you, you run away, so I was just trying to maintain my distance". Humaira turned around faced him, "what do you mean?", she asked nervously. Ayaan smiled at her, he put his arms around her neck and started tying the necklace.

As he stepped closer to her, she moved back, he looked at her, her eyes were closer and his cheeks turned crimson red. As soon as Humaira felt the necklace was tied; she quickly moved out of Ayaan's arms and moved away.

"see this is what I mean Humaira, we have been married for a month now, and you have been afraid to come close to me, every time I touch you, you move as if you are afraid of me", Ayaan said moving away. Humaira looked at him. "Come on Ayaan there is nothing like that". She tried to justify but Ayaan stopped her. "oh please Humaira, I am not blind, we have been friends forever and now we are husband and wife, I know that you are afraid of my touch, I think you still don't trust me or you do not believe that I love you? I really don't know Humaira what should I do to win your trust?". He was getting upset, it was evident in his tone, Humaira tried to say something, but Ayaan interrupted her.

"whatevs, I am getting late for work, I will see you tonight", Ayaan picked up his coat and walked out. Humaira stood there, Ayaan was right even after Ayaan had convincingly told her that he loved her, she still felt insecure. Humaira picked up the phone and dialed the only person's number she knew could help her.

"Hello, sweetheart whats up?" zoya asked, Humaira smiled something about Zoya's smile always cheered her up.

"Nothing really, was just wondering how you and Asad jeeju were doing?" Humaira asked, clearly hearing a groaning Asad from behind, she could tell she had interrupted another romantic moment between her baji and jeeju.

"Sweetheart you know I can clearly tell form your voice when your upset so tell me what happened, did Ayaan say something?" Zoya asked clearly tensed. "If he did, I will break his bones", Asad said into the phone from behind which made Humaira smile.

"well it wasn't his fault this time, it was mine". Humaira replied, she told Zoya about her moment with Ayaan.

"Oh ho Humaira when will you accept that Ayaan loves you, he is not wrong here, you guys have been married for a month now, yet you have not accepted Ayaan, I think its time you show him that you love him!" zoya said encouragingly.

"I know baji, but everytime he comes close I get nervous, I have this insecurity'." Her voice trailed off she could not even tell zoya about her insecurities.

"here I will send you some tips, okay how to manofy your husbands, I am sure Ayaan will not be able to stay upset from you for long!". Zoya said naughtily, which made Humaira blush.

~It was almost 10:00pm, Ayaan knocked on the door of his house, he knew he was extremely late today, but he just couldn't get himself to come home early, he was upset that Humaira was still not able to trust him.

He had proven to her that he had fallen in love with her, yet she had this susceptibility against him. He shook his head trying to get rid of his thoughts, he knocked few more times, Humaira hadn't opened the door, what was going on.

Humaira stumbled on her high heel trying to get to the door, she had took Zoya's tips and dressed herself in a black silky dress that perfectly fit her body, it showed all her curves perfectly. It was shoulder less, soft skin was clearly visible and it came right up to the knee, she kept trying to pull it down.

She finally reached the door and opened it, Ayaan stood there ready to knock another time. As soon as the door opened, Ayaan looked up only to find a petite body wearing a black dress he looked at Humaira, his eyes wide open in shock. He looked at Humaira from head to toe. "what in the world are you wearing Humaira?", he asked still in shock. "I, um, I'.am wearing a dress for you''I Ayaan I am sorry about this morning, I do love you". Humaira looked down at her worried that she was looking ridiculous. "You look Amazing Humaira begum!", Ayaan exclaimed, he moved towards her, put his hand around her waist, he stepped a little closer, but again Humaira moved back.

Ayaan sighed this was not working, he felt horrible, clearly Humaira still hadn't accepted him, but she had tried to impress him. He wanted Humaira to be comfortable with him like they were when they were friends. He pulled his hand away from her waist looked away. "Anyways I am tired so I will freshen up a little and come down for dinner in a few minutes", saying that Ayaan walked out of the living room.

Humaira sighed as a tear rolled down her eyes, again she had disappointed the love of her life what was wrong with her, she loved him there were no doubts about that, than why did she always feel afraid.

~ Ayaan came down for dinner wearing his black kurta and pj's, he walked into the dining room, noticed that Humaira had set his plate for him, but Humaira was not there, he went to look in the kitchen, she wasn't there either. He felt nervous, maybe his actions had hurted Humaira and he needed to apologize, he searched for all over the house but could find her. Finally he went to the terrace, he noticed her petite figure standing next to the railing looking at the sky, he could see her body shivering in the cold air. He grabbed a shawl off the rack and walked towards her.

Humaira felt a silky soft cloth around her shoulders and turned around to find Ayaan standing next to her, he reeled against the railing and looked at her. She did her best to hide her tears and avoid his gaze, but this was Ayaan, the guy who had known her since childhood. Ayaan put his hand on her face and wiped her tears with his thumb, "I am so sorry Humaira, I didn't intend to hurt you, but if something that I said bothered you I am so sorry about it, it's just that I feel that you are not happy with me, that you still don't believe in my love, I know Humaira I have hurt you so much in the past, that it's hard for you to trust me, but I really don't know what can I do to make your realize that you are the only person I love". Humaira put her finger on his lips, she was ashamed that Ayaan thought that this was all his fault.

"No Ayaan, you have done nothing wrong, and I know that you love me, it's just (she paused but Ayaan encouraged her to go on with a nod), I feel Ayaan that I am not the perfect girl for you". She finally said. Ayaan looked at her confused, "what do you mean?" He asked. "Ayaan you have always been the stud, a flirtiest guy every girl who has seen you has fallen in love with you, and I feel insecure that one of those girl might take you away from me. I have always been the innocent, shy little girl, I have a small body that no guy had found attractive except that leech Vikram, (ayan flinched at the mention of his name remember how he had tried to force himself on Humaira) Ayaan I always feel that I am not up to your standards, you should have married a girl that was more pretty". Humaira whispered the last part.

"What? I can't believe you Humaira". Ayan spoke a little louder than he wanted to but her confession made him feel , he put his hands thru his hair. "How can you think that I Humaira you have known me since childhood, after all we have been thru in the past you still believe that I will leave you for someone else, all those girls that I used to run after was my personality at that time Humaira, but after I realized that I have always been in love with you all this time, you are the only girl I want to be with, why would you doubt yourself Humaira?". Ayaan asked, Humaira looked at the ground.

"Because I am not hot or sexy". Humaira said in a barely audible voice, but Ayaan heard it. "Apparently you look very hot and sexy right now and not that sweet innocent girl!", Ayaan whispered. He took her face in his hands and made her look at him. "Humaira I LOVE YOU (emphasizing each word) I am so sorry that I let you feel so insecure in our relationship, but I promise that I will never let anyone come in between us, you have become my world Humaira begum, a world that I am very happy in". He lightly kissed her forehead and for the first time Humaira didn't move. "Let's go it's really late in night, I am hungry and it is about to rain", Ayaan took her hand moved, but Humaira's hand pulled him back. "uggh whats wrong now?" Ayaan asked. Humaira put her hands on his cheeks and slowly moved towards him. Ayaan felt her soft lips touch his for the first time, he felt great, he could feel her love, she was not afraid to kiss him. He slowly put his arms around her waist pulling her closer, just then it started raining, but neither of them let go they were so lost in the kiss, Ayaan felt Humaira part her lips slight which was his indication and he deepened the kiss pulling her more closely. Humaira's heart beat increase; she felt her shawl drop from her shoulder, but she didn't care she was with her husband the love of her life without any insecurities stopping her.

Finally both came up for air, Ayaan smiled at the way her cheeks had turned crimson red, "You look so beautiful, when you blush", he bent down and kissed her cheeks. He looked at her and she looked back into his eyes finding herself to be the luckiest girl to have a guy like Ayaan in her life. Ayaan realized how wrong he had been about herself, she was the hottest girl he had seen, the way her wet hair were spread around her shoulder and some small layers were coming on her face. He moved a few layers behind her ear.

He slowly moved his hand down to her shoulder and moved all the hair away from her shoulder, behind her. He bent down and slight kissed her on her should moving up towards her neck, he smiled as a moan escaped her mouth. She pulled him closer. Finally he picked her up and took her to their room smiling. Tonight they were finally going to become one. It was a new beginning of their new lives together without any insecurities.

Do leave comments/criticismSmile



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-Eris- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Aww this was beautiful!!!!! 

I love it when he calls her Humeira Begum Day Dreaming 

Described her insecurities really well!!! and Zoya consoling her sister and Asad promising to break his bones.. i wanna see the jeeju saali interaction on the show as well and it will be more interesting as ayaan loves asad s saali Embarrassed

I wish more people write on Ayra .. for me they are the cutest couple on the show and if you ever write again send me a pm...

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.Anamika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Great job, Ria! I miss Ayaan's playful "Humeira begum"s! And I can totally imagine Humeira being insecure.

I wish more people wrote stuff on AyRa too! You should totally do a fanfic with this concept of insecurity because I could see it working with Humeira and Ayaan. 

Keep writing and send me a PM next time! :)

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AdvayxChandni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Ahhh am in AyRaland now EmbarrassedDay Dreaming this was AMAZINGGG ! Plz write more on AyRa Big smile  Keep up the FAB work Thumbs UpClap
AdvayxChandni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
Wish we can hear ayaan calling humeira 'humeira begum ' soon once again  ! Day Dreaming Would b PerfectttEmbarrassed
xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Haiii Ram Day Dreaming
Sabhayata IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Nice OS please update
simisworld Groupbie

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Just found this OS.  Absolutely beautiful.  I think you have captured their relationship beautifully.  I thought about this type of feeling on Humaira's part especially when her memory loss/Ayaan being in love with her track came on.  It would only make sense that she go through some time of phase where she doubts his love and even feels insecure about herself.  I really hope the writers weave this track into the storyline when it is time. 

Great job and please write more on AyRa, I absolutely love them!


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