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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Rishbala OS

"I love you Madhu  " those were the words which always made her smile, but when she'd heard him for the last time she cried, sobbed as he whispered these words out with his last breath. She closed her eyes as the tears gathered once again, she clutched the frame closer to her chest, hugging it as she lay in bed. "I hate you... I hate you for leaving me" she softly muttered, her heart ached missing his warmth, his love, his presence. He'll always be a part of her, she sucked a harsh breath, her stomach knotted in pain as she remembered their times together, the way they fought with one another, the way he'd always pamper her, she loved it whenever he booked a holiday for the weekends just for the two of them to spend time as he was always busy working. She caressed his face in the frame. 

"Why do I still love you so much?" she cried softly. 

She pushed the frame beneath her pillow as she heard the door creak open, she closed her eyes pretending to sleep as she heard her husband's footsteps. She could hear him shuffling out of his clothes, then heard the washroom door close. Why can't she love her husband now? She'd been married to him for nearly 3yrs now, she'd adjusted and lived like his wife, even has a son with him, then why was it hard to fall in love with him. You can fall in love twice right? But for her it was so difficult because she'd given her heart to the one person who meant the whole to her and with him her heart died. Karan Singhania was her love, her life, she'd been married for a mere year to her childhood love then he'd died of an accident which took place when he was returning from work. 

She married her husband Rishabh Kundra a year after Karan's death as her in laws decided she cannot live her life as a widow as this young age, she deserved to be happy, reluctantly Madhu   accepted as her father in law had wanted to see his daughter married happily and living in a world full of colour. RK accepted her despite being a widow of another man, Madhu   had told him she wouldn't be able to forget Karan, yet he still accepted and they were both bonded to one another. 

She stiffened for a second then relaxed feeling his arm wrap around her spooning her from behind.
"You don't need to hide your tears from me" he whispered onto the skin of her nape, she pressed her lips to stop the sobs from choking. She turned around suddenly hugging him tight. 

"Shhh" he rubbed her back soothing her. 
"Love me please" she muttered into his ear as she held onto him, she moved her head back looking into his eyes and transfixing them there till he inched close, she felt his warm breath caress her lips gently, she moaned, arched as he closed in on her, laying her down he removed each shred of clothing between them, baring her heavenly body to his eyes, his kisses replaced the feel of His kisses, replaced each touch of His, clutching onto his arms she bit down on her lips as he thrust into her deeply, marking her with his love once again.
She lay on his chest sated, and glowing with his love, yet yearning for another's love.

"How can you love me so much?" She whispered.
He smiled looking down at her, "Love isn't something that is done, it just happens" he responded back pressing a kiss to her temple.
She closed her eyes feeling his lips, her heart was wrapped with guilt because she hadn't been able to love him like he does, it kills her everyday seeing him yearn for her love, she didn't need to hear the words from his mouth, his eyes spoke of his yearning heart. 
He tucked away her strand caressing her cheek lovingly, "Sleep now" he embraced her pulling her closer, RK looked down at her as she slept.

His eyes filled with tears, for the past 3yrs he yearned for her love, he knew how she felt, he understood how exactly she felt, she was yearning for the love of the person whom she loved, he was doing the same, yearning for the love of his wife. He'd never thought he'd love her but she was such an angel that anyone can fall in love with her. He pressed his lips to her forehead, grazing her cheek with his hand. All he asks was for her love. Will he ever get it? 


"mommy" Ayush trotted over calling with his milk bottle in hand.
"hmm?" she turned round to see him coming, his bottle cupped between his palm and he biting onto the teat as he called her.
"Yush wanna go daddy"  he spoke taking the teat out of his mouth then popped it into his mouth biting onto it with his teeth once again.
"aww my baby wants to see daddy?" she asked picking him in her arms to which he nodded.
"Hmmm" she hummed pretending to think.
"Mommyyy" he whined.
"Ok ok.." she pressed a hard kiss to his cheek. "We'll go see daddy" she told him walking up the stairs.
Changing him into his spiderman top and his favourite jeans, she slipped his socks and shoes on, placing him on the bed, she walked over to the wardrobe taking a dress out and headed to the washroom.
"Baby sit here, mommy's coming" she looked at Ayush over her shoulder then walked inside closing the door behind her.

Ayush sat on the bed, swinging his legs as he waited for his mommy. He heard the phone ring, crawling on the bed, he picked the phone up.
"Hello" he responded excitedly.
"Daddy" he shouted excitedly.
"Where's mommy?"
"Mommy's bath thing" he spoke clearly he didn't know what a bathroom is.
"You mean mommy's in bathroom"
"yeah.. daddy me  mommy coming  see you" 
"Oh really?" he asked jokingly thinking Ayush was making it up.
"Yeah. Mommy's taking me"
"Ok champ.. daddy will be waiting" 
"Ayush who is it?" Madhu   asked coming out of the washroom.
"Its daddy" he offered the phone to her, Madhu   took it from him.
"Hello" she spoke quietly into the phone.
"Its me" he told her in his baritone voice.
"Hmm.. you called?"
"The doctor called me today"
"Oh... and"

"Its confirmed. You are pregnant" he told her, when she'd been in labor with Ayush there was some complication during the time and they'd been told she couldn't become pregnant again, last week when she'd taken the pregnancy test as she was late by nearly a month she'd gotten surprised as the test said it was positive, unable to believe she was taken to hospital by him to get the test done there to have it confirmed.
Her breath hitched in her throat hearing the words, an excitement bubbled in her, she'd never been so happy since Ayush was born, she'd thought she'd never be able to bear another child but it seems that wasn't it. She was going to have a second child.
"Madhu   you ok?" he asked over the phone.
A sob escaped her lips, as the first drop of tear streamed down her cheek. "Hmm" she hummed unable to answer him.

"Mommy you clying?" Ayush asked seeing her.
She shook her head. "Nothing baby" she answered.
"Ayush said you're coming here?"
She sniffed, wiping at her cheeks "He wants to see you"
"Alright. I'll be waiting"
She cut the call and looked at Ayush who had his eyes transfixed on her.
"Did daddy shout?"
"No " she shook her head.
"then why you clying?"
"Mommy's not crying, mommy's happy today"
"because you're going to have a little brother or sister coming to play with you"
"Really?" he jumped clapping his hands together.
She nodded happily seeing his excitement.
He stopped as his brows knit in confusion. "What's a bother and shishter?"
"Another baby is coming, that baby will be your brother or sister"
"other baby? you won't love Yush alymore?"
"No honey" she gathered him in her arms and picked him up in her arms. "You're my first baby na?"
He nodded. 
"Mommy and daddy will always love you" she explained walking down with him.
"So you not loving new baby?" 
She closed her eyes shaking her head, her son was always full of questions, he was so curious, and definitely hadn't gone on her or his father. 
She wondered how to answer him. "Erm.. You will love new baby, we love you and you love baby Ok?" she treaded to the safe answer, knowing Ayush he may start his tantrum. 
"Ok." He agreed. 
Madhu   placed him in his car seat and settled into the car, turning the engine she drew away to go meet him.

"Daddy! Daddy" Ayush shouted as soon as they'd entered the top floor, the staff turned seeing them, staff greeted Madhu   as she walked by.
"Ayush Shh.. it's an office" 
He shook his head. "Dadddyyy" he shouted louder, wanting to see him right away, the staff looked on stifling their laughter, Madhu   was embarrassed, why was he so loud for?
He jumped in Madhu  's arms stretching his arms as soon as RK stepped out from his cabin. 
RK smiled as he saw them coming, he looked at everyone who'd gathered to see.
"I don't remember paying you lot to watch!" he spoke firmly, like bees they'd shuffled back to their place, RK opened the door for them and followed in as Madhu   entered.
She passed Ayush to him as soon as RK faced them. "Here's your question mark" she spoke.
"mommyyy" he whined hating the name Madhu   called him.
RK shook his head, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, he pressed his lips to her temple. "Whats wrong with my wife's mood?"
"Sure its nothing" he scoffed seeing her nose grow red and her cheeks heating, it was pretty obvious something is the matter.
"Daddy mommy forget, I tell you something"
"Hmm lets forget mommy" he walked over, Madhu   turned round watching them as RK had carried Ayush over and sat down on his chair with Ayush on his lap.
"Yush to have a bother or shishter"
RK smiled cuddling him close. "I know you are"
"mommy say we can buy losh an losh of toys for new baby" he stretched his arms explaining.
"Hmm.. we'll go in a bit"
"Really" RK pinched his nose playfully. "Now you go and play in the other room, me and mommy are going to talk ok?"
He nodded, RK placed him down then Ayush trotted to the room pushing the door and walked inside, his own little playroom which RK had got made. Standing to his feet he looked at Madhu   who seemed a little off.
"Whats wrong?" he asked approaching her.
"His foghorn"
"Your son's voice" she huffed out.
A smile tugged his lips, he wrapped both his arm around her waist pulling her close. "Is that the only reason?"
She nodded as her hands mindlessly played with his shirt buttons. "They were all silently laughing" she pouted.
"Madhu   it doesn't matter"
"It was embarrassing. He's so loud. Sometimes I think our baby was swapped in hospital" 
"Madhu  " he shook his head at her thoughts.
"What? Its true, he's not like either of us"
"Not all children go on their parents" 
She shrugged, a smile came to her lips as he pressed a soothing kiss to her forehead.
"Sit down, I'll just finish this off then we'll go out for dinner tonight"
She nodded, he walked her to the couch once she'd sat RK went back to his chair and settled.


Madhu   clutched RK's hand as they both sat together in the doctor's cabin, Ayush was with RK's sister Amelia who flew over to live them since she'd found out Madhu   was pregnant. Madhu   was 8 months gone now and was expecting a girl, the test results they had recently had worried the doctors so they called Madhu   last week for another test, and today the doctor had called them wanting to speak to them. 
"Sorry to keep you waiting" Dr Keller spoke as she entered the room.
"Its ok" RK said as Madhu   is in no state to speak.
"Mr and Mrs Kundra you both know I've called you regarding the baby's results"
Both nodded and she continued.
"Mrs Kundra's and the baby's life is endangered" 
"What? How?" RK shot angrily, Madhu   had completely stiffened.
"There are complications, we need to go for an emergency caesarean as soon as possible"
"What complications?"
"There's not enough oxygen reaching the child which could lead to still birth if we don't go for the emergency caesarean as soon as"
Tears cascaded down Madhu  's cheek, she shook her head, this can't be happening, she can't lose her baby girl, she'd woven so many dreams with RK and Ayush.
 "I can't lose my baby RK" she cried.
"Shh nothings going to happen to our angel. Nothing at all" he assured her.
"Mr Kundra we need a decision"
RK nodded. "Alright" 


Madhu   was all changed and was laying down on their hospital bed, her filled with tears, she held RK's hand tightly as they waited for the doctor to come wheel her to the OT. 
"Nothings going to happen to our baby" RK pressed a kiss to her forehead trying his best to keep his calm.
"Mr Kundra" Dr Keller called, RK stood and walked over to her.
"We need you to sign this and please tick one box if any complication does happen whom should we save?" she showed him.
Madhu  's breath hitched in her throat hearing the doctor. She recalled the nights when RK would lay his head on her lap, he'd be talking to their baby girl, promising to pamper her endlessly, she remembered how he expressed his desire for a daughter, she remembered his promises he'd made to her angel to not let anything to hurt her, he wouldn't even let a scratch even appear on her. 

Madhu  's eyes were filled with tears as he glanced at her once, she sucked a deep breath because his eyes spoke of his decision, then he signed and walked back to her. 
"RK" she started as he took her hand into his caressing the back of her hand with his thumb.
"Shh.. Nothing means more than you Madhu  . Nothing at all" he whispered.
"We're ready for you Mrs Kundra" Dr Keller announced.
RK caressed her temple, bending his head down he placed a kiss on her forehead, "I'll be just outside" he whispered. She closed her eyes as the tears escaped from the corner as she nodded at him sadly.
"I love you Madhu  " he whispered pressing a peck on her lips.

She looked back at him directly, her hesitancy died away today, she wasn't just falling in love with him, she'd already in love with him, the way he'd loved her, cared for her, his possessiveness for her, his overprotective behaviour, everything, everything of his made her fall in love. "I.. I love you too" she breathed out, the words echoed in his ears, his heart constricted hearing the 3 words he'd been yearning for since they'd gotten married. He watched as she was taken away, their linked fingers separated as she was moved away farther. The three words echoed over and over, she'd said I love you to him, yearning for her love for 4yrs, he'd finally got it. His love was reciprocated finally. 
2hrs had passed, he'd been pacing right to left, wanting some news at all, was everything fine? He clasped his hands together silently praying for both of their safety. 

"Mr Kundra" he looked at Dr Keller who exited.
"Yes!" he walked over to her and stood.
"There's some great news. Mrs Kundra's fine so are the babies, they've been developed fully and are healthy"
"Babies?" his eyes were widened hearing that, they'd been told there was even one.
"Yes. You've got a son and a daughter. Twins"
"The sonogram only showed one because one of them was hiding behind the other" she smiled explaining.
He let out a small laugh, his eyes filled with tears of happiness, he not only had Madhu   safe and well, he's been blessed with two children. 
"Can I see her?"
"We're moving Mrs Kundra to the recovery room once we've got them all cleaned up then you can meet them" 
He nodded, taking out his phone he made a call to Amelia.
"Amelia your bhabhi's had twins"
"Yes. Come with Ayush as soon as you can" he informed.
"We'll be there" she squealed out then cut the phone to hurry to the hospital.
"Mr Kundra this way" One nurse called him.
RK entered the room to see Madhu   lying down, exhausted, her face deathly pale yet a bright smile on her face, he rushed to her side, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, he gave her a light squeeze hugging her.
"Thank you" he whispered pressing his lips to her forehead.
She could only smile as her energy was all drained out.
RK moved and approached the two cribs aligned side by side. Both of his children were small, wheatish complexion like Madhu  , her cute button nose, they had his lips though and his eyes. The both of them opened their eyes for a few seconds then closed them once again letting sleep take over them. Never had he been so pleased, today he was the happiest man, he'd won his wife's love, and was presented with two of God's gifts. 


Madhu  touched the red embroidered lengha, she remembered her marriage with RK, the wedding wasn't a big affair, at the time she hadn't thought of it as the best day of her life, but today as she looked back, she remembered how RK made his promises to her, she at the time hadn't realized her hand was in his when they took the 7 rounds but now she remembered his firm grip as he had walked round the fire. A tear escaped the corner of her eye as she wasn't able to give him his right as her husband that night, she'd been too occupied because Karan was in her heart, mind and soul. Karan's place was still there, RK had never ever tried to take his place, instead he carved himself a place in her heart. 
She looked at the time, picking the phone she called RK.
"Mr Kundra maine aap se kahan ta aap ko ghar aaj jaldi aana hai" she reminded him.
"I know honey, but last minute a client has come, he's leaving tomorrow and needed to check the blueprints tonight"
She pouted. "RK, is your stupid client more important or your wife?" 
He closed his eyes. "I'll be home soon" he told her, his love for her was more than anything, despite working for this project for 2yrs he sacrificed it within a split second for her sake.
As she'd cut off the call, she smiled shyly walking into the washroom.


"Madhu  " He called entering the whole hall was dark, nothing in sight at all.
"Surprise" everyone shouted as the lights came on.
He looked at everyone, even few family friends, Amelia was stood with Diya in her arms, Arjun, Amelia's husband had Aryan in his arms, and Ayush stood there beside them.
"Amelia..." he started.
"Bro no questions at all" Amelia ordered. "Gaurav" she looked at her devar and gestured to RK.
He nodded, approaching RK. "Come on bro we're going" RK followed confused, what was going on, they were all dressed as if some party was taking place, and where was his wife amongst them. 
"Right change" Gaurav passed a shervani.
"What? Why?" 
"Because we're going to a wedding"
"No way! Madhu   knows I hate going to weddings" RK huffed out in frustration.
"Ah. But this my dear son is your wife's order, so you'd better change or there'll be trouble for you" Gaurav reminded him. RK nodded accepting the shervani, he definitely didn't want to face his wife's wrath, first what she'd do is list all his faults, giving him the hour lecture, she'd make him sleep on the sofa, then the next day he'd be doing everything himself, normally he'd have his clothes ready, breakfast ready, lunch ready, everything would be ready for him because Madhu   would have done it, the day he's on her hit list, those days he was a total mess because one of them meant he'd have to do his own work by himself.
"Who's wedding is it?" RK asked as he joined Gaurav in the room.
"You'll see" he picked the designed turban and placed it on RK.
"Do I need to wear this?" he asked
"Yes, bhabhi's orders" 
RK rolled his eyes shaking his head. "Done?"
"Erm" his eyes roamed over RK then back to his face. "Done" he smiled.
Both men walked down side by side, everyone had their eyes on them.
"Now can I know what is going on?" he asked being kept in the dark.
"Bro look up" Amelia gestured up the stairs.
RK turned and was awestruck by the sight of his wife, his eyes transfixed on hers, as she walked down with Sanya and Priya beside her, she was dressed in her wedding lengha, adorned exactly the same way in their wedding.
As she joined him at the bottom of the stairs she looked up to meet his eyes, her heart leaped seeing the happiness glowing from them, he was grinning so much, she'd love to this very smile throughout their life. 
"Whats all this?" he asked as he admired her.
She gathered her courage despite everyone being here, she bent on one knee and looked up at him.
"Rishabh Kundra Will you Marry me?" she asked, she didn't care if she was being foolish or silly, today she wanted to marry him just like she'd done 5yrs ago but this time with her mind and heart attentive to each moment.
RK smiled. "Yes" he muttered, both simultaneously moved together and embraced one another, she held onto him tightly smiling ever so happily, RK had lifted her off her feet as he hugged her tightly.
"I love you RK" she whispered into his ear.
"I love you too Madhu  . I love you too" he responded back into the crook of her neck.
"Bro..." Amelia poked his shoulder. "Shaadi" 
RK and Madhu   both chuckled with everyone joining them, both of them took their seats and the pandit started his verses, her eyes filled with love and tears of happiness as he wrapped her manglsutr round her neck once again, she closed her eyes embedding the feel of his fingers decorating her parting with the red coloured sindoor in her mind. Once the khatbandhan was done by Amelia both stood to their feet entwining their fingers together and promised one another to love, to support, to respect, to be a companion in all times, whether it be good or bad. The whole hall echoed with applauds as they were announced husband and wife, Ayush ran up to them, Amelia and Arjun came forward with their 7months old twins, Madhu   took Aryan, while RK took their angelic diya in his arms.
"Bro bhabhi smile" Amelia called holding the camera, RK took Ayush in his free arm making sure Madhu   was close to him with their diya, looking at it Amelia clicked the perfect picture of the perfect family.
The End   

Okay this is nowhere near RK the superstar, totally different avatar LOL
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write more stories on RM

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wonderful os..loved it

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Beautiful OS Embarrassed

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Wow nice

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Superb OS

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Loved iit

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wahoo awesome os..after watching yrstdys epi am so happy finally our possesive rk is back...loved this os so much..keep writing on rishabala..

thanku for this wonderful os

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