Devon ke Dev Mahadev


Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Now I realize how precious my life is..!!


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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 4:33am | IP Logged
EmbarrassedLife is always precious..!! no doubts on that..!! But seriously speaking how many times do we realise that..we are always busy making out life better than ever & in that race..we forget to live..& appreciate life..most of the times..But here we get a show ..called Devonek dev mahadev..with a lovestory that was never told a passionate way which can never be told again..!! This is a masterpeice..!! Like I had told earlier in one of my posts..Legends ..classics just cannot be planned..& we shoudl be proud that we are part of witnesses to this masterpeice of work..when we grow old & our grandchildren (if we live that long that is) talk to us..we can show them these vedios & even then they will just be awestuck with such intensity I am so so so sure..!!Day Dreaming

so as I have titled this post ..last nights Mahadev Sati aka Mohit Mouni..moments..made me value my life ..more than ever..I feel my life is a prized possesion now..because I saw what I saw last night..& it has been cemented there relive it till my last breath..!! Ohh I thanked Siddivinayak My aaradhya..(yup Mahadevshakti sweet son) for giving me two eyes to watch this incredibly  precious moments..between his mom & dad..awww..I am so sure Siddivinayak has done this show to fullfill all my thirst for passion & romance..& wohaaa..he choose the best couple..Mohit & Mouni..from thin air & made in my heart..forever from now on..!! Gosh..let me just stop this nonsense..& get to the point..!!

I will talk in points to be die for in last nights epi..!!

1. The art work of the locations..& picturisation..OH MY MY was like Raja ravi vermas paintings..or some amar chitra katah  ahh those never to erase childhood memories..all came back..!! That beauty ..of locations..picturisations & what made last NIGHTS moments..have such a everlasting breath taking impact ..I say..!! hats off to the DKDM creative team once again..!!Day Dreaming

2. My fav director ever..Nikhil Sinha ji..I have given him the position from Karan johar & Ashutosh Gowarikar & farhan Akahtar who otherwise were top 3 people..but now..I place Nikhil Sinha at no.1..forever..!! See that man has the visualisation to do..such a impactfull scene..with a perfect misture of Divinity..serenity..innocence..yet it had the impact of same passion what BALH had in that consumation scene few weeks back which made a Hullboo on TV world & media..!! (with due respect to Ram& Priya I loved them.Clap.)But I have to say..that this scene..had much much more..adrenaline rushing inside me...wohaaa...!! So much that as you all know I went spinning in outerspace.Day Dreaming.pura brahmand dekliya bhai..LOLSillyI quivered at every touch..every seductive move & every sensual..eye contact..of the Divine couple..!!

3. Mohit & Mouni...!!! so what do I say..for these two..Wacko..I have gone to an extent that anyone just mentions MOHIT Raina & MOUNI Roy..I just loose it imagine..when I watch them..together doing all these earth stopping romantic gestures & talks..I seriously feel I am abnormal at times..I mean ..koi ek couple se itna pyaar kaise kar sakta hai..!! looks like I am born to drool at them..!!gosh..if their drop dead gorgeous..good looks & hot body was not enough..these both have the cut above the rest ..of being master blasters at exprssions..yaar..I mean..even if I want to save my self being a lunatic I cant..They make sure I become one.Wacko.Day Dreamingand frankly speaking.. you all & I know..I simply love that!! yup ..being lunatic about them..DancingLOL They looked exactly Like the Lord of Lords...with droolicous..manhood...& his inseperable ..irresistably attractive Goddess..!!wohaaa..CensoredThe way when at Nadi poojan they were  looking at each other ..perfectly in opposite direction as their shadows were diagonaly opposite in the image..awww..such is the beauty of their professionalism..& acting..they feel it..when they perform it..not just doing for the heck of a scene..I trying to point out that..!!awww..from there it all started the epicenter of this earthquake of passion..& it went with the way they were holding their hands entwined in each other perfectly..his large masculine hands & hers tender soft both holding in his one..awww..awww..awww..amazing yaar..those cozy postures of sitting next to each other with ever inch almost touching each other..those eye locks..those smiles..I am sure their breathing also was so synchoronised..& the air he left out went into hers & viceversa..I am talking about the river side talk & later on also in the night version..I felt the both were sharing each others breath..!!wohaaa..I am again getting back that breathing difficulty of mine..Oh no..Le'me do some pranayamas..LOLbreath in & out & out..ufff..!!LOL

4. the very fact that Sati dint want to share her Mahadev even from a droplet of dew..celebrating their reunion..& not even those flowers which were showering on them in happiness.(GOSH MOUNI deserves a OSCAR...&  NATIONAL AWARD for that..I can challenge no one can come close to what she one..not even a kareena Kajol or Madhubala or Sadhana..Aww..Love you my Girl.Hug.)...just gave the impact of the depth of what passion & love Sati holds for Mahadev..& THAT GUYS ACTUALLY GAVE ME  A REAL KICK...for my Hormones to rise..!! go Girl...!! I love it..!! You cant share him with any droplet nor a tiny flower..Gosh such is the possessiveness..Wooo wicked & wild..yummm..yet so innocent & divine..yaar..wohaaa..Day Dreaming

5. Mahadevs hands...!!! wohaaa..they were in full spree..hugging holding caressing..making Sati & all of us spinn in a dizzy of wild passionate feelings ..without actually doing anything naughty..I mean..howzaattt mahadev..aka Mohit..!!???ShockedCensoredDay Dreaming God the way he got his hand on his fav part of her body ..her tender soft arms..exactly like how he did the first time which had a tripund mark on her ..similarly but this time more..fiercely & firmly yet tenderly..holds her into HIM..for her to rest in his arms..his masculine droolicious chest..which we all are dieing to get one..too from somewhere someone ..somehow..what say I wrong..nahin na..!! We ladies reach heaven when we reach a strong masculine yummy droolicious arms chest like that know that..But no we werent jealous..we were feeling the ecstacy through our Adishakti..she's happy we are infinitely happy..I toh FEEL COMPLETE when I see both of you..feeling love & doing these passionate stuff for each other..! Looks like ..I live only for watching such moments between you both..!!wooo when at last he caressed with his one hand on her tender raspberry cheeks..& sati went into a frenzy..wohaaa..his other hand was firlmly holding her that she dosent loose youall watch that tender delicate moment..wohaa..dont you dare miss was hot hot Mirchi moment mann seriously..!!BlushingCensored All thanks to Trishul..which was placed firmly to witness in a corner all these hand movements wouldnt have been possible otherwise..Jai Trishul ki..LOL!!LOLEmbarrassedWink

6. Sati the Girl ...the woman ...the lady ..that she was..Woha..the way she was ultimately possessive about her husband her love..The innocence of her expressing her desire of eagerness to start her new life with her husband..the way she expressed ecstacy with every touch of his..The way she lost in his arms ..feeling hsi hot hot love & warmth ..the way she expressed how ecstatic she is with all this touches..these smile & handholding that they are sharing is driving her crazy much so that she is already forgetting she had a family before..Awww..Such open mindedness GOSH seriously Sati was way ahead of her time..who represents every feminine part of this world..Amazing..!! ..GIRLS learn from this..a mytho divine showing to relive & enjoy life & love like ever before..!!Wohaaa..Day Dreaming
7. The Music..score & the camera work...GOD..!! it has been the most plus point in thsi show & last night it just showcased why people say so..SIMPLY OUTSTANDINg..those veenas ..those Bridangams ..those aaa aalaps..Gosh..I had goosebumps.!!Clap.I am seriously working hard from tonight to make a dream VM ..for these earth stopping moments..let me see.I will post it when it gets ready..!!The camera angels in so many different us a complete picture & feeling of ecstacy from every angel...specially the back sots of Mahadev sati..standing by the river & moonlight & later when he took her in his arms..Aaa..Ahhh..that is what made those moments priceless forever..I salute the technicians..!!

8. The Lord of Lords moment..of last night goes to ..the moment when Sati comes close & hugs mahadev..& rests & then both in bliss & smile of infinite happiness ..Mahadev loosk down on her cuddling cutely in his arms..& She raises her head a bit to reach his face ..his eyes that were searching her's..& they lock & they bring out a priceless smile on each others face..GOD.I can die ..for that moment NOW..!! They showed that moment..for a few secs..from back view also..Awww...that killed me..that was the sexiest shot any show..yet it was so simple & divine & pure !! I hope you all get what I am saying anyways give me sometime I will add pics in this post ..will tale time to load it thats why cant do it right now..sorry!!

I try & stop myself with my song ever..!! if anyone feels this song does not fit perfect I will change my name..Evil SmileLOLWink
From Mahadevs soul to satis & Sati's soul to they were busy loving& holding  each other their souls had to do the talking..LOL

Dekha Ek Khwaab To Yeh Silsile Hue 
Door Tak Nigahon Mein Hain Gul Khile Hue 
Yeh Gila Hai Aapki Nigahon Se 
Phool Bhi Ho Darmiyaan To Faasle Hue 
Dekha Ek Khwaab... 
Meri Saanson Mein Basi Khushboo Teri 
Yeh Tere Pyaar Ki Hai Jadugari 
Teri Aawaz Hai Havaaon Mein 
Pyar Ka Rang Hai Phizaaon 
Dhadkanon Mein Tere Geet Hain Mile Hue 
Kya Kahun Ke Sharm Se Hain Lub Sile Hue 
Dekha Ek Khwaab... 
Mera Dil Hai Teri Panaahon 
Aa Chhupa Loon Tujhe Maein Baahon Mein 
Teri Tasveer Hai Nigaahon Mein 
Door Tak Roshni Hai Raahon Mein 
Kal Agar Na Roshni Ke Kaafile Hue 
Pyar Ke Hazaar Deep Hain Jale Hue 
Dekha Ek Khwaab...

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Hugyou are totally divine and i mean it i saw the whole episode through your eyes Clapas i had no power yesterdayCry and i missed the repeats too and sadly the epi is not uploaded on youtube till now i was so low till now but your post as always has made me aliveParty my humble greetings to you dear please keep on i earlier mentioned you have a pure soul

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vanadhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Vow nice post hema di ...really they share strong bond ...

Once in a book i read that KUndalini is Ma shakthi when she reaches  our brain where Shiv resides as Crown Chakra the eternal bliss is discovered ...
Some sages felt terrible cold and  trembling   when Ma shakthi is eagar to join Shiv ...(she is that much forceful to join him )...we mortals always bounded by wordily bliss ,forgot to enchant them with in us  

but with out any pain the producers showed the holy union of shiv-sati with in us Hatts-off to them...we can feel the divine union every where in this world as shivji told in the form Prakriti ...Our souls too waiting for the same bliss like SHiv -sati we (Paramatma -atma )...for over many yugas ...still in a queue ,,,,,,,,,...enjoy ...and enumerate ur self 

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sukhi... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Hemadi its always been pleasure in reading ur post and 2day u rocked ur each n every lines wer awesome specialy those 8 points.
U r rite in this fast moving life we almost forget to cherish our happy moments. Bt frm nw onwards i m goin to enjoy bit of my life.

Yes, we r very grateful n proud to be a part of this wonderful show it is a masterpiece thanks to the makers n ofcourse to God.

Back to ystrdys epi it was mindblowing n awesome and obviously Mohit n Mouni's acting wer out of the world. Love them.

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
WILL ANSWER YOU ALL LATER..held up at work..Love you all..!!

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
OMG!!! What an excellent write up. Totally loved it.
Btw...I am a silent member of IF an ardent fan of DKD. Cant believe I'm posting this sitting at work. First time in my life.Big smile
Kudos to you. You are amazing. i had goose bumps reading your post. Thumbs Up

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
OMG!! Didi i hd tears in my eyes while readng dis post watch again d whole epi through ur pov n its jst like u Total Romantic! M speechless 2dy hats off 2 u 4 dis mindblowng post n standng ovation 2 Mohit-Mouni, Nikhil sinha n music director n d whole dkdm team!!lv u Mohit-Mouni n lv u didi u r awsm:-*

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged

Nice post HemaSmile You saw all the shows in past thinking they were good, but DKDM surpasses all of them.Big smile

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