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~!Jashn-e-50! Dayanand Shetty FC!~ (Page 37)

gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monika21

GD yeah i don't have net at home...ConfusedConfused

ohh koi baat nahi DII... acha agar main aap ko wo VDO aap kay Yahoo kay ID per bhej dun tou aap dekh sakti hain na...

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monika21 IF-Sizzlerz

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one more creation TongueTongue

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monika21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by gadhadada

Originally posted by monika21

GD yeah i don't have net at home...ConfusedConfused

ohh koi baat nahi DII... acha agar main aap ko wo VDO aap kay Yahoo kay ID per bhej dun tou aap dekh sakti hain na...no GD... i can't..Confused. but i spoke to my IT dept. and hoping that they'll install the audio devices...btw GD post your funny story here on FC.. its too mazedar yaar LOLLOLLOL

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monika21

one more creation TongueTongue

WOW... Speechless...!!!  HugHug
monika21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by gadhadada

Originally posted by monika21

one more creation TongueTongue

WOW... Speechless...!!!  HugHug GD tell the truth only ... agar nahi bhi pasand aayega tab bhi bura nahi lagega... TongueLOLLOLLOL

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Team except ACP Sir presented and working on their respective desks at Bearue… suddenly Bearue gets a call… ABHIJEET picked it up…Smile

ABHIJEET: hello… CID Bearue…Smile

GIRL VOICE (in scare): jee wo aap log foran Khaar aa jayein… ek (anger toneAngry) Kutta humein pareshan ker raha hay…

ABHIJEET (angerAngry): aap pareshan mut hun… hum abhi pohanchtay hain…Smile

He did not bother about the Specific area/spot and after ended up the callWink… tell to his Team about that and moved ahead saying to DAYA as,…

ABHIJEET (to DAYA): chalo zara dekhtay hain kaun Kutta in ko pareshan ker raha hay…Angry

Daya drove the Quillas and stopped it on Specific spotWink… seeing Two Scared Girls… ABHIJEET asked..

ABHIJEET: aap nay phone kiya tha na (Girls moved head in Yes) (He again) kahan hay wo Kutta…!!

GIRL: jee wo raha…Smile

Team seeing here and there but found No one… in confusionConfused ABHIJEET asked again…

ABHIJEET: Kahan??? Kidhar??Confused

GIRL: arry wo raha… samanySmile… White color ka … kya aap ko nazar nahi aa raha….Angry

DAYA instantly moved his attention and immediately broke a Big laughROFL… there is a DOG sleeping infront of them…Wink

ABHIJEET: aap log is Kuttay ki baat ker rahi theen…Shocked

GIRLS: jee tou kya ye Kutta nahi hay…!!!Confused

ABHIJEET: nahi Confused… haanSmile… magar… (to DAYA in anger) DAYA… bol na…Angry

Now Team also hiding their laugh from each otherLOL… DAYA with much difficulty replied as…

DAYA: nahi wo aap logun nay kaha tha koi Kutta hay tou… (controlling laughLOL) wo matlab hum ye samjhay… aap kisi Gunday ki baat ker rahi hain… aur usay Kutta matlab Gali day rahi han…LOL

GIRLS: jabhi main kahun… aap log Barat kyun lay aayey…!!!Confused

ABHIJEET (shockShocked): Baraat…!!!

GIRLS (scare): nahi wo itnay saaray Log hain na…Wink

ABHIJEET (again bit rashAngry): aap logun nay Kutta Pakarnay wali Gadi (Dogs Catcher) ko kyun Phone nahi kiya… haan…!!!Angry

GIRLS: humaray pass un ka Number nahi hay…Wink

ABHIJEET: aur CID ka hay….Angry

GIRLS: wo tou sub kay pass hota hayWink… wo tou ACP Sir ka Cell number nahi tha… warna un ko he Phone kartaySmile… (ask ABHIJEET) wesay aap Sr Ins ABHIJEET hain na… CID kay Sharp Shooter… aap is Kuttay ko foran Goli maar dein…Wink

DAYA again starts laughingLOL… ABHIJEET looked him angerly… Team trying to hides the Smiles…Big smile

ABHIJEET: aap ka matlab hay kay main isay Goli maarunShocked… (to DAYA in rash) ab meri ye auqaat reh gayii hay…!!!Angry

DAYA (in smile): Mr.INDIA bannay say tou behtay hay…Wink

PURVI (instantly): Sir… aap rehnay dein… main isay dekhti hun aur Sir agar is beech mujhy kuch ho jayey tou Aap meri parwah mut kijyey ga…LOLWinkLOL

DUO really looks at each other with helpless expression on that Strato DialogueOuch… Dog sat on relax mood at a Corner… NiKHIL raised…

NIKHIL (confuse toneConfused): wesay Sir ye Dog kay ghar ko kya kehtay hain…Question

ABHIJEET (angerAngry): aby ye Jub dekho poochta rehta hayAngry… kabhi PACE MAKER kya hota hay tou kabhi kuch aurAngry… (to DAYA) ye karnay kya aaya hay CID mein??Angry

DAYA (wid Cute smileBig smile): Giyaan leenay Boss….LOLLOL

SACHIN (after deep thinking sayErmm): Sir mujhy lagta hay ye Kaatay ga nahi…Wink

Duo shockedShocked on his assumption because the Dog did not look like to attack on any of them… he further included…

SACHIN: Sir is ka Pait Bhara hua lagta hay…LOLLOL

ABHIJEET (pat on his Head): aye BhagwaanOuch… (DAYA again in laughLOL)(ABHIJEET to DAYA) DAYA zara Dog Catcher ka Number tou milao…

DAYA: arry Boss… meray pass kahan…Shocked

ABHIJEET: haan… main bhi na… (to VIVEK) VIVEK Dog Catchers ka Number Enquiry say lay ker un ko yahan bulwao… (to Girls) acha aap log jayein… abhi Dog Catcher waly aa ker isay lay jayein gay…Smile

GIRLS (angerAngry): kesay Rakshak hain aap log… Janta ki Raksha hay na aap ka farz… agar Dog Catcher waly nahi aayey… ya is nay hum per Hamla ker diya tou…Angry

DAYA (bit harshAngry): dekhyey ye ek Shareef Kutta hayLOLLOL… ye aisay hee aap per Hamla nahi karay ga…Smile

ABHIJEET bursts into laugh on his Shareef Kutta termROFL… and now he understands that what is DIMAGH KA HALWA…!!!Wacko

After half an Hour … Dog Catcher Vehicles comes… Catcher stepped out and after seeing Him… ABHIJEET said…

ABHIJEET: dekho ye Kutta lay jao…

CATCHER (confuseConfused): sahib kahan hay Kutta???Shocked

Team stunnedShocked … DUO has this assumption that at least Catcher did not Misunderstands the Term KUTTA like them… but…

DAYA (in angerAngry): arry ye itna bara Kutta nazar nahi aa raha tum ko…!!

CATCHER: sahib ye Kutta thori hay….Smile

ABHIJEET (complete rashAngry): tou kiya hay… Haathi…!!!Angry

CATCHER: arry sahib ye tou BITCH hay na…Wink

ABHIJEET felt Himself BoilingAngry while DAYA again bursts into laughLOL and signalled that man to grab the Dog… he said again…

CATCHER: sahib agar is ka Malik aa gaya tou..!!

ABHIJEET: haan kehna ye CID  ka order hay…

CATCHER (amaze tone): Kutta Pakarna…!!!

DAYA: nahi tum usay CID ka number day dena… Number tum ko her gali, har bazar, shehr say mil jayey ga…WinkLOL

After that Team immediately left the Spot… ABHIJEET completely boils up… they reached Bearue… Team exit out…

ABHIJEET (to DAYA): tujhay kiya hua??Confused

DAYA (imitate): Aap Sr Ins ABHIJEET hain na… dekhyey  (signalled infront) wo ek BILLI ja rahi hay… foran usay Goli maar dein…

After that in completely Uncontrolled Laugh he exit outROFL… whereas ABHIJEET  did not understand to burst a Big Big Laugh or jus pat on his head…!!!


Duo at Bearue… DAYA was in deep thinking where as ABHIJEET n FREDDIE worked on their respective table… ABHIJEET saw DAYA and asked…

ABHIJEET: kya baat hay DAYA… kis soch mein ho??

DAYA: Boss… main soch raha hun kay humein  (take pause then continued) ACP Sir ki shadi karwa deni chahyey….

ABHIJEET and FREDDIE was stuuned Shockedand after a while released their laughLOL… ABHIJEET asked again in naughty tone…


Suddenly ACP Sir enter with…

ACP: haan bhae kaun kis ki shadi karwa raha hay???

ABHIJEET: nahi Sir kuch nahi bus DAYA ka dimagh kharab ho gaya hay….

He said that and moved out leaving ACP Sir in confusion… DAYA relaxed him that it was only usual chat… nothing serious… at Evening wen Duo moved to residence… ABHIJEET still quiet so DAYA initiated…

DAYA: yaar aaj subah ek lady bearue aayein theen… ACP Sir say milnay… wo un ki class mate hain… USA mein hoti theen… aur ab aayein hain… CID Beaure ka pata net say dhoonda aur milnay chali aayein… buht nice lady theen… mujhy un ki baatun say laga kay wo ACP Sir ko like karti hain… keh rahi thi ACP Sir nay shadi karnay mein buht jaldi ki warna…!!!

ABHIJEET: hmmm aur tum nay socha shadi karwa do… hain na…

DAYA: haan bus socha hee tha… wesay boss sach mein ACP Sir ko shadi ker leni chahyey…

ABHIJEET: tumhara mood hay RAAVAN say class lenay ka tou alug baat hay…

DAYA: tum ek baar mil tou lo us lady say…

ABHIJEET: pagal mut ban DAYA… ek cheez nahi ho sakti tou nahi ho sakti…

DAYA: magar yaar… is mein koi ghalat baat tou nahi hay na…

ABHIJEET: main ye nahi keh raha…. magar RAAVAN say kaun baat karay ga…

DAYA: tum (ABHIJEET look at him) (he again said) acha main kehta hun… zyada say zyada dant paray gi na… chalay ga… (after few sec) wesay kyun na hum ACP Sir ko us lady say milwa dein… (ABHIJEET look at him) matlab achanak… kisi mall ya resturent mein..


Basically he was not ntrested in that matter but after seeing DAYA excitement did not tell him more, he knew the output but giving for a chance, he takes DAYA's side…

Next day Dou took ACP Sir in a mall, DAYA on other side called the lady and told her that ACP Sir wants to meet her, he has her number which she had given to him wen came to Bearue… on roaming at mall, the lady collide with ACP sir and both had a nice unexpected meeting… all moved to Food Court…

ACP: aryy SHEILA tum USA say kub wapis aayii??

SHEILA: abhi kuch din huay… tumharay baaray mein Net say search kiya tou kafi achi report mili (ACP smilesBig smile)… main Bearue bhi milnay aayii thi…

Duo seated at next table to give them privacy… when ACP Sir giving the order after asking to SHEILA… she asked in hesitation…

SHEILA: wesay kabhi… I mean shadi ka nahi socha???Confused

ACP (shockShocked): Shadi…!!!

His voice little bit raise and Duo alert at the next table, ACP saw them and after seeing the stiff alert boys… said to SHEILA…

ACP: arry main nay tum ko apnay betun say nahi milwaya (callin) ABHIJEET aur DAYA… bhae yahan aao…

Both came in shock and undelibrately call ACP as …  

DUO: jee Sir…

ACP (with naughty toneLOL): ye dono meray hee sath kaam kartay hain… Sir kehny ki itni aadatar chuki hay in ko (to Dou) arry kum az kum yahan tou mujhy Sir mut kaho… (to SHEILA) haan ab tou in ki shadi ki fiker hay…Wink

DAYA was in complete shock whereas ABHIJEET amused look and now he just trying to hide his laugh… ACP Sir played them intelligently… the lady hope totally flashed after seeing two dashing unmarried cops as ACP sonsEmbarrassed.. she exit after taking refreshments and sum chit chats… whereas Duo dropped ACP… in Quillas…

DAYA: Sorry Sir…

ACP jus nodded and after dropping him at his house… Duo moved to their residence… on way..

ABHIJEET: dekh liya RAAVAN say panga leenay ka anjaam … ulti ganga baha di…

DAYA: mujhy kya malum tha… Sir is tarah khel jayein gay… (confuse toneConfused) magar Boss un ko ye kesay pata chala kay hum un ko kisi lady say is tarah chup ker milwanay layey hain…

ABHIJEET (after few sec): FREDDIE mahashay aur un ka halka pait… ugal diya hoga excitement mein…

DAYA: haan shayed… jabhi main kahun jub Sir say main nay kaha kay chalna hay tou Sir ek dum tayyar ho gayey… wesay boss us lady ko Sir ki shadi ka pata tha… per bacchun ka nahi… ye kesi aajeeb sii baat hay…Confused

ABHIJEET (naughty smile): arry dil toot gaya hogaWink… phir kaun bacchun ki khaber rakhta hay…Big smile

DAYA nodded and after a while ABHIJEET starts laughingLOL… DAYA saw in question… he said…

ABHIJEET: mujhy tou us lady ki shakel soch ker hansi aa rahi hay DAYA… soch rahi ho gi…  betay tou betay baap bhi itna dashing hay… abhi tak…Wink

DAYA merged his laugh with him… the day ended up…

Next day, when Duo entered, they saw SHEILA moved out from ACP Sir cabin, ACP have an envelope in his hand, while when she saw Duo and they greets all and ACP as…

DUO: Good Morning Sir…

SHEILA (instantly): arry kabhi PAPA bhi bol liya karo…

DUO exit out immediately after hearing PAPA with uncontrolliable laughROFL… whereas team seeing ACP who feel great embarrassmentEmbarrassed and SALUNKHY who was jus trying to enter stunned on his place and mumering that PAPA…!!!Shocked

Next day ABHIJEET came late to Bearue, he entered and saw DAYA with sum unusual expressions… he thought that may be DAYA was scolded by ACP Sir about yesterday incident or may be DAYA felt bad after clash with FREDDIE cz still they have intuition about FREDDIE act, not any solid evidence…

ABHIJEET: kya hua DAYA… ye munh kyun latkaya hua hay??Confused

DAYA (in anger): ACP Sir meri shadi karwa rahy hain…Angry

ABHIJEET broke his laughLOL… all people just smiled meant they knew abt the recent… he asked again in his naughty tone…

ABHIJEET: kis say??Wink

DAYA just placed an envelope hard at his desk, the photos of a girl coming out….

ABHIJEET: arry DAYA… itni saari… (wink him with laughWink) kya manage ker lo gay…??!!

DAYA instantly left the place after giving an anger look to ABHIJEET, ACP Sir coming out from his cabin…

ABHIJEET: Sir aap DAYA ki shadi karwa rahy hain… acha Sunday ko shadi karwayey ga… chutti hogi… hum log aaram say aa sakein gay…Big smile

ACP smiles and moved out… at evening SHEILA called at Bearue… ACP was bit irritate… she said to him at his cabin phone…

SHEILA: ACP dekho meri bhateji hay SUNAINA… wesay tou usay Police waly kharoos lagty hain… per tum aisa karo, DAYA say kaho us say mil lay… Software engineer hay aur ek media city mein job karti hay… DAYA kay sath suit karay gi…

ACP: magar SHEILA…. Main nay DAYA say poocha nahi hay…Confused

SHEILA: arry tumhein apnay bacchun ki fiker hee nahi hay… kahir wo aaj sham 6 bajay orbit mall kay food court per DAYA ka intaizaar karay gi…

ACP called ABHIJEET and tell him the scenario… he was also came in trouble on his own JOKE… he tell ABHIJEET that the girl hates cops… so its better to deal the girl in that case… ABHIJEET called DAYA and told all… he was very irritating but jus to supports ACP Sir statement… moved there… the girl see DAYA and her idea abt kharoos cops boils up… DAYA with a confuse tone sit, as he saw the girl picture earlier, it was on that envelope which ACP Sir had given him at Bearue… and it only have pictures of One girl… he sat and after seeing girl face reaction…

DAYA (thinking): ABHI tou keh raha tha isay cops pasand nahi aur yahan tou is ki shakel dekh ker lug raha hay kay ye abhi mujh say shadi ker lay gi…

Suddenly RAHUL saw DAYA with a girl in complete tension, he moved here and DAYA offered him a seat… he sat and the girl say to DAYA…

SUNAINA: aap tou ek aisi family ko belong kartay hain jis per humein garv hay, aap kay father Assistant Commissioner of Police (RAHUL stunned) aur aap kay bhai Sr. Inspector of CID aur aap khud… mujhy is family ka hissa ban ker buht khushi hogi….

RAHUL (murmer): family ka hissa..!!!

All moved from the mall after sum time… on way RAHUL asking…

RAHUL: ye Sr Ins of CID tumhara bhai hay DAYA, ye baat tou samjh aati hay… magar ye ACP Sir kub say tumharay Father ho gayey??

DAYA (in anger): jub say wo SHEILA aunty meri life mein aayii hay…Angry

Here ABHIJEET waiting for recent… DAYA was very angry while ABHIJEET and RAHUL jus tease him…

DAYA (to ABHIJEET): tum nay tou kaha tha usay cops pasand nahi… aur wahan…!!!

ABHIJEET (in smile): main nay cop ki baat ki thi Ins DAYA ki nahi…

DAYA (tense voice): ABHI… ab kya hoga…

ABHIJEET (in laugh): shadi…. Hahahhaha….LOLLOL

Suddenly his phone starts ringing, he picked it up and after hearing… say to RAHUL in naughty tone…

ABHIJEET (to RAHUL): arry RAHUL, methai mangwa lo… larki raazi hay…

RAHUL: Mubarak ho yaar… (to DAYA in smile) aur tum ko bhi…

DAYA (complete rash): tum log…!!!

ABHIJEET: arry hum log kya… larki raazi, us ki aunty raazi, (wink RAHULWink) larkay ka bhai raazi, dost raazi, yahan tak kay father bhi raazi…LOL

DAYA (rash): per larka tou raazi nahi hay na…Angry

ABHIJEET (after few seconds): tum chahtay kya ho???

DAYA: main shadi nahi karna chahta…

ABHIJEET: theek hay (DAYA relaxed) tou ENGAGEMENT ker loWinkLOL… (to RAHUL in laugh) kesa RAHUL..!!LOL

RAHUL laughingLOL, whereas DAYA left in anger… here ABHIJEET discussed abt it to ACP…

ACP: main khud samjh nahi pa raha ABHIJEET… agar main ye bhi kehta hun kay tum dono meray betay nahi aur main nay mazaq kiya tha tou bhi SHEILA kahay gi kay kya hua… shadi tou karni hay na aur agar ye kehtay hain kay DAYA ko larki pasand nahi aayii tou wo koi aur larki dikha day gi…

Here SHEILA came in Bearue… she said to ACP that she wanted to postpone DAYA wedding for few months as she said…

SHEILA: bus ACP DAYA nay mujhy mashwara diya kay pehlay ABHIJEET ki shadi honi chahyey… wo senior hay…Embarrassed

ABHIJEET stunnedShocked, team smiled Smilewhile DAYA jus entered and after hearing that, trying to exit out, ABHIJEET grabbed him in corridor and said…

ABHIJEET: ye kya hay??Angry

DAYA (smile): wohi jo pichlay 4 din say tum meray sath ker rahay ho…Big smile

ABHIJEET (in anger): aur agar TAREEKA ko pata chal gaya tou…Angry

DAYA: hahahahhaLOL… sirf TAREEKA… TAREEKA JEE kaha gayeinWink… (ABHIJEET trying to grab his neck) (he added) arry boss… main nay un ko kaha hay kay TAREEKA USA mein hay aur jub aayey gi tab Shadi hogi… theek hay…!!!

Next evening when team be at Forensic, TAREEKA came and after seeing ABHIJEET totally dipped in shy, ACP Sir giving an anger look to ABHIJEET whereas team smiled… he saw DAYA who looked confuse… ABHIJEET said…

ABHIJEET (to DAYA): isay kya hua DAYA?Shocked

DAYA: pata nahi boss… kuch… Sharma rahi hay shayed…ConfusedLOL

ABHIJEET shocked and after few minutes moved out cz he cant tolerate smiles and shinny eyes… at parking DAYA be with him, TAREEKA came and say…

TAREEKA: wo ABHIJEET tum log kal aa jao…

ABHIJEEt (confuse tone): kahan…Confused

TAREEKA: arry tumhari  SHEILA aunty nay kaha tha na kay wo aana chati hain…

ABHIJEET look behind, DAYA unexpectidely broke his laughLOL and moved towards quillas, where as TAREEKA still there with lots of question mark and he himself at extreme anger stateAngry… at Quillas… DAYA initiated..

DAYA (in naughty tone): tou kub ja rahi hain tumhari SHEILA aunty??? LOLLOL

ABHIJEET (in angerAngry): bakwasas band… sub tera qasoor hay… buht shouq tha na tujhy shadi ka… dekh liya… sub teri bawakoofi kay karan ho raha hay…

DAYA: jee nahi… agar ACP Sir hum dono ko apna beta declear nahi kartay tou kuch nahi hota… (after few minutes) ab kya karein…

ABHIJEET: karna tou kuch paray ga DAYA… warna ye aunty wabal macha day gi… (DAYA interrupts in smileSmile) aur kisi na kisi ki shadi karwa hee day gi…

ABHIJEET: haan, lagta tou kuch aisa hee hay… Sir buht disturb hain… kal tou mujhy say sorry karny ki koshish ker rahy thay… main foran hee uth ker aa gaya… itna bura laga mujhy… is SHEILA aunty ka kuch na kuch tou karna paray ga… tujhay malum hay usay TEREEKA ka bhi aisay hee pata chal gaya wo Bearue aayein theen aur TAREEKA bhi kisi kaam say aayii thi… PURVI nay usay pukaar liya..

DAYA (interrupts in laugh): aur unhun nay tumhara rishta pakka ker diyaEvil Smile… hahahah…LOLLOL

ABHIJEET: wesay main bhi soch raha hun kay SHEILA aunty say Ins ANILA ko milwa hee dun… (smily way) kya khayal hay…Wink.

DAYA did not reply… here SHEILA did not contact to anyone in two days and third day, she called ACP and told him that she is in NEWYORK and because of hurry, she forgot to tell it to ACP… ACP was bit shock but relaxed… here Duo heard it…

DAYA: boss… kiya jaadoo chalaya??Wink

ABHIJEET: tujhy aam khanay say matlab hay ya pair ginny say..!!

DAYA (in smile): dono say…Smile

ABHIJEET: yaar main nay socha agar betay hee PAPA ka khayal nahi rakkhein gay tou kaun rakkhay gaWinkLOL… ek do THREATING CALL karwa dii baray betay nay... (DAYA added) haan Senior jo huaBig smile… (ABHIJEET in keen tone) aakhir PAPA ka mamla tha DAYA…Wink!!!

 DAYA laughed, they trying to celebrated that news but after a while DAYA got a call on his mobile… he picked it up… ABHIJEET stand beside him so heard…

SUNAINA: wo DAYA aap nay mujhy bataya nahi kay main kub aap ki family ka hissa banu gi..!!Embarrassed

ABHIJEET break his laugh where as DAYA replied her after seeing this laugh in anger…

DAYA (in rash): meray PAPA ki shadi kay baad…Angry

He puts off the call… ABHIJEET was surprised on his reply but when DAYA see on his eyes, both outbreak their laugh madly…LOLLOL

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by monika21

Originally posted by gadhadada

Originally posted by monika21

one more creation TongueTongue

WOW... Speechless...!!!  HugHug GD tell the truth only ... agar nahi bhi pasand aayega tab bhi bura nahi lagega... LOL

DII jo nahi acha laga tha... main nay Bindaas bolaSmile... per jo Acha hay... us ki TAREEF karna tou banta hay na BOSS...EmbarrassedClap
I posted my Both FUnny STORIES...  LOL

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monika21 IF-Sizzlerz

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will read "shadi dot com" Tongue

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