Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 10th April 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

Arnav & Khushi

Oh, sorry! Swami & Gopi :) Henceforth, ARSHI will be called - SWOPI!

1. God knows when she will come in! Who cares! *closes eyes to sleep*

Arnav, you're one amazing dude. You pretended to sleep! You pretend even when there is no one around. For who's benefit? Whom are you trying to trick - yourself?
Who cares? Well, I don't know Buddy. Wait! Perhaps, you do!
Why were you waiting for her, in any case? What did you want? Provoke her to another fight, just to be able to talk to her? Stare at her, under the pretense of anger, to get two days worth due? Punish her for punishing you, and then curse yourself for doing it?


2. There comes Khushi, tip-toeing her way into Arnav's room - exactly as she tip-toed her way into his life and into his heart.
And there comes Laxmi - Every where that Khushi went, Laxmi was sure to go!

By the way, Khushi, you banged the door louder than you spoke or tip-toed.


3. Khushi, my pet, you relate all your wifey woes to Laxmi. She's such a helpful ear.

But beware! Offlate Laxmi has been known to trick you, my dear. She seems to be playing from both sides - your's and Arnav's. If you don't believe us, just turn around and see who's getting the benefit of overhearing your wifey woes!

Arnav, when you get home next from work, better get some extra-rich fodder for Laxmi. Buddy, she's helping you see and hear, what you normally wouldn't. She followed Khushi to the door of your room, expressly so that you'd know what Khushi was feeling.


4. Ah! That hurts like a knife. She's keeping herself busy and out of sight so that you wouldn't have to see her, and she wouldn't have to see you. How you hate it when she ignores you. But, you know, she feels somewhat likewise when you ignore her on purpose!


5. Sleeping Beauties

Khushi: Ah! He's slept!
Fandom: No! He's not. He waited for you. He was restless - restless enough to pretend to himself that he wasn't.
Khushi: Nope, see he's asleep. * quietly goes off to sleep*
Arnav: *waits for her to sleep, and then turns to see her face*
Fandom: There! He's taking in what he's missed seeing for two days. He's replenishing two days worth of his Khushi's quota.
Arnav: *sleeps*
Fandom: C'mon, Khushi, we know you're slowly becoming like him, but don't pretend like he does. You have sentenced yourself to not being around him, but admit it now. You miss seeing him as much as he misses you.
Khushi: You're right. I did. *sees him sleeping and goes off to sleep*

Arnav, how do you s'pose you'll live without her around you?

The longing with which they stole moments to see each other without any fear of being caught or feeling exposed - Love is so hopelessly impractical!
(No wonder, I'm so NOT into romance!)

6. Khushi's war strategy

I have changed my war strategy. I will pester him with love. Arnav Singh Raizada, welcome to heaven or love - or in your language hell of love!

Khushi, erm... girlie.. are you sure?

I mean your Keep Quiet, Out of Sight strategy made a bigger dent in his armor than your Love You To Death strategy will ever do. In any case, whatever strategy you use, he will still love you.


7. Some brillaint Arnav-isms and Khushi-isms:
Arnav: Kucch dala ismain... kucch kharab kiya?
Fandom: Yes, Arnav ' once bitten, twice shy

Arnav: Damn the kartavya! (LOVED this one!)

Khushi: Apart from sugar and incense, you're allergic to love.

Khushi: Ajee suniye, Swami'
Arnav: Huh!?
Khushi: Subah ki is mangal bela main ye chai ka pyala hum apko arpan karte hain. [In this pleasant morning, I offer you a cup of tea!] 
Khushi: Apki chai, apke What the--! Ke kaaran thandi ho rahi hai. Swami! [You tea is getting cold because of your What the--!]
Arnav: *just woken up; too baffled for words* Who is this swami?

Khushi: humien aapse Kshama maangni hai.
Arnav: Kya mangna hai?
Khushi:*can't believe* Sorry!
Khushi: Humien maaf kar do. [I'm sorry!]
Arnav: *shakes her by the shoulder in order to shake the new drama off her* Ghungat hatao, mujhe swami mat bulao. [Remove the veil and don't call me Swami]

Arnav: Tum jo bhi kyun kar rahi ho mujhe pata nahi, but just stop it. [I don't know what you're upto, but stop it.]

Khushi: Apka Tauliya aur Itr bahar rakh diya hai.
Arnav: What?
Khushi: Phss Phss. Perfume! *she can't believe his weak hindi vocab*
Poor Arnav  actually checks the towel, the quilt, and the perfume.

Arnav: Swami se accha to laad governer hi tha. [Laad Governer was better than Swami.]
And the victory dance.

Khushi: Your shirts were like old movies ' black & white... So I threw them.

Khushi: Yellow shirt, isme aap phool ki tarah khilenge *sees his angry face* kaanto wala phool!? *she offers the correction* [You'll blossom like a flower in this yellow shirt *sees his angry face* flower with thorns? *she offers the correction*]

Khushi: Apka bageecha apke saath chal raha hai, din bhar. [You'll feel your garden is walking with you all day.]


8. And yet, the Adoration:

This was one adorable moment. She came to disrupt his slumber. War Strategy being executed, all ammunition in place, soldier marching on - The enemy is seen, and soldier loses resolve. Why? Enemy was cute.

Aww, he looks so ... his hair? *Fixes his hair* Khushi, don't step back from duty *messes his hair again*

LOVED the liberty with which she did this. Uptil now, it was just Arnav who'd fix her hair strands when she was either asleep or passed out. Does Khushi even know how much she is becoming like him?


She's messed up his life again. And yet twice he warns her from banging into the door.

First warning:
Arnav: remove this veil. You can't walk properly without this thing, and now've covered your eyes with it.

Second time, she bangs into the door:
Arnav: *screams* Dhyaan se! [be careful!]
Khushi: *smiles coyly* Shukriya!

9. She has messed up bigger than last time. Yet, Arnav didn't really get all that angry - as he'd usually get when things don't go his way.

Arnav is fresh from a span of spending 2 days without her. He spent the last night staring at her till he slept. For him, currently, a maddedned Khushi prancing around him is better than no Khushi at all.


10. Arnav actually wore the red shirt!


Beauty & the Beast, meet the Dove

Anjali and Arnav:

Arnav, Anjali sees that Khushi is trying to find her joy in things around the house, than in you. She's implying that you're not giving her the time or attention that she needs. You trying to justify that Khushi's happy, and she's trying to remind of your duty as a husband. But of course, you're pretending to her you don't understand what she's talking about and she buys it.

Arnav you only allow your Di to treat you the way she does. But now, she is trying to open the door for you to allow your wife to treat you with love. She's trying to help you give that special place to your wife that she's had for ages now - that there are things that you allow only Anjali. She's trying that now you'd allow Khushi that place in your life.

Anjali and Khushi:

Khushi, you decided to keep out of Arnav's way and busy yourself in household and business. Anjali asks now how'd you propose to give time to your husband. Anjali has given you some really good tips on what the real Arnav is like.

He can love, but he cannot express it openly. If you openly express love, he'll build a wall between you and himself. But, love must be expressed. Bend to his ways and you'll see a new Arnav.

Khushi, Anjali has finally given you the advice we gave you long back. You can win his heart with your ways, but to get him to express anything, you'd have to bend to his ways. You must accept the Beast as is, to get to the Prince.


Anjali, you have been spot-on with the two love-birds. Your help is timely. They are lost between running from each other and finding ways to each other at the same time. Of course, you wouldn't know that though they have married one another, they are yet to accept their feelings mutually. Hope your advice helps them.



1. Baby Arnav was supremely CUTE! One could just pick him up and walk off! Though, of course, he may puncture your enthusiasm.

MAN! The kid was a pro at being baby ASR! Khushi, this is what his son is going to be like - better be prepared!

Was the kiddo trained by Barun! ROFL


2. Payal has better nightclothes than Khushi!


On the Lighter Side

1. Arnav: *shocked beyond repair* Akash tum pehle aise admi ho jo apne cupboard ki chaabi apne paas rakhta hai [Akash, you're the first man who keeps his cupboard keys with himself!]

2. Today once again HP got blasted off by Arnav. I wonder why HP and Aman don't quit.

3. Arnav in a jhatak red shirt.



Too shocked for words after seeing ASR is Jhatak RED. Arnav has never been so colored, not even on Holi.


Midnight Visitor

Arnav is sleeping on his recliner and Khushi on the bed. DM decides to visit him.

DM: Arnav! Arnav!

Arnav: Hmm.. *still sleeping*

DM: *smiles at Fandom* If Khushi was calling him now, he'd be up as though a lightening bolt struck him!

DM: *to Arnav* ARNAV!

Arnav: *wakes up* What! Who? Khushi!? *turns to see Khushi sleeping blissfully*

DM: *to Fandom* What did I tell you?

Arnav: What the --! Who shouted? I can't have more than one screechy woman in my room!

DM: *rolls eyes* Unbelievable! I can't imagine he can still stare at her in the simple sleeping suit and miss me in all my finery! Arnav!

Arnav: *turns to see DM standing at the foot of his recliner* Who're you? *notices the clothes* Fancy Dress Competition is over.

DM: Arnav, I am DM.

Arnav: DM?

DM: Khushi's DM? *hoping the light might come on*

Arnav: Oh! *nods in understanding* I don't believe in you. *goes back to sleep*

DM: Arnav Singh Raizada! *pokes his arm with her trident*

Arnav: OW! What the--! What was that for?

DM: Well, you only believe what really happens. Check out my trident marks on your arm. That really happened!

Arnav: Okay, okay! I get it! *thinks that this is a Khushi's new trick*

DM: I am not her trick.

Arnav: Woah! How did you do that?

DM: I am DM, Arnav. *sits on the foot of the recliner*

Arnav: That's MY recliner and I don't share it with anyone!

DM: *brushing away his protest* Yes, yes, you don't! Except with Khushi, of course!

Arnav: That was different. The bed was soaked.

DM: Yes I know.

Arnav: Look, I don't even believe in you. Why are you here?

DM: For Khushi.

Arnav: *scared* Khushi? *turns to look at her and goes hyper* Why? NO! I won't allow!

DM: I'm NOT taking her with me! Relax! And just to clarify the Authority level here - you do not allow me stuff. I allow you stuff.

Arnav: *relieved; hides it with fake exasperation* Why are you here? *keen on making her go soon*

DM: I'll leave when I decide. And I know you are relieved so stop faking it with me. Like I said, I am here for Khushi. Why don't you tell her anything?

Arnav: Isn't that between Khushi and me? Why are you interfering?

DM: I am her DM.

Arnav: All MILs are alike - natural or supernatural!

DM: I know you like to be beside the point most of the time, but don't you try that with me.

Arnav: What should I tell her? She' a cheat? I can only tell her something she doesn't know. She knows she is a cheat. She just pretends to be innocent.

DM: Didn't you hear her story? She is clueless about your behavior!

Arnav: That's because she doesn't know that I know everything.

DM: Then tell her that!

Arnav: *squirms* I can't! *gathers himself* What'll it help in any case?

DM: Try telling. You'll find out.

Arnav: Why don't you tell me?

DM: Why don't you tell her? See, this is how it feels.

Arnav: I can't believe that I don't believe in you and I am talking to you.

DM: *bangs the trident on the floor* Keep to the point!

Arnav: She doesn't even care!

DM: How will she even get across her care to you? You are bent on taking your name seriously - deep, deep ocean! Whoever named you Arnav had no clue! They probably should have named you after something shallow.

Arnav: What are you trying to say?

DM: Just that she's not half as hard to fathom as you are, and yet you're unable to figure her out.

Arnav: Whoever figured out a woman! And to top it - Khushi!

DM: You know her far too well. You know that you do. You can trust her.

Arnav: I can? *turns to see Khushi sleeping like a baby*She's stupid!

DM: Exactly! I rest my case.

Arnav: So you feel I should trust her? *turns to see DM*

DM already made exit.

Arnav: *calls* DM?

Khushi: *wakes up confused*

Arnav: *calls louder* Hey DM!

Khushi: *rubs her eyes and ears* What the --!

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LOVELY! Thanks shalini!

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Yay... first comment... darn it... scratch that... second post... 

Killer post Shalini... DM and ASR's conversation lol...

Arnav: Isn't that between Khushi and me? Why are you interfering?

DM: I am her DM.

Arnav: All MILs are alike - natural or supernatural!  ROFL

Khushi took the cake today with phiss phiss perfume and swamiii... 

Gopi bahu prepare to be replaced by ASR's sweetheart...

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a.kaur Goldie

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hahaha loved the arnav and DM convo!

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annieK Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
I thought the epi was super funny today .BS & SI are just superb.
And your take ,especially the *midnight visitor * was the icing on the cake .
loved it !

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RajPreet_Preeto Senior Member

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Hi Shalini, you are awesome as usual you are Shantastic!!!!!!!!!  Loved the talk between Arnav and Devi Maiya. :)

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Loved Arnav and DM's convo... EPIC. There should be such conversation in the show and Khushi should seriously go what the? 

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khushisinghr Senior Member

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hey ya , u deserve StarStarStarStarStarStarStar
 & bingo  ... the midnight visitor ! ROFL i loved it !
i wish this actually happens  in IPKKND .All the fandom will fall out of their chairs .
u did superb job there !
i seriously wish  this  happens on the show !
gr8 job

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