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IP REDUX; Jhooti Muti Mitwa !! *updated* (Page 68)

vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by slmu

Originally posted by vasiraju

Originally posted by monsi08

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by Supna9

What measure n time of this earthquack?

8.9 it has been scaled to 8.7 Big smile

now they say that Tsunami alert is removed as of now ... !

LOL LOL LOL why they are so inaccurate 

not inaccurate lucky. alert issued to warn people. now since nothing has hit so far, they will just be on guard.

yeah you are  right shanthi..people who leave on beach side or at beach should be alerted.. 

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by appy2011

hola girlies Hug
everyone is talking abt the earthquake at work too... we did not feel anything in Pune...

hope folks down south are doing fine...
Appy HugHug
is it??? we felt it and most of my colleagues left for the day as wellLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by Supna9

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by Supna9

thanks riya its a saying if u do ur job with pleasure it gain ur energy n if nt u lost it na. N u means u design software


LOlsss okLOL

<div>I dont exactly design software but yeah application related designs+coding!!!!Embarrassed

coding means c+ its really hard 4 me to teach computer language hehehe .

Lolsss okLOL

Mine is not C+/C++ exactly but its "Business Processs Management" toolsBig smile

more java based!!!!WinkEmbarrassed

oh i never read comp in my school n college time but taught n m teaching . So i v nt so much knwledge of computer.

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-Appy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by appy2011

hola girlies Hug
everyone is talking abt the earthquake at work too... we did not feel anything in Pune...

hope folks down south are doing fine...
Appy HugHug
is it??? we felt it and most of my colleagues left for the day as wellLOL

here also my colleagues are joking that they want to go have their last tea before the earth quake comes ROFL

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monsi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by monsi08

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by monsi08

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by monsi08

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by monsi08

earthquake in Indonesia... some in Indian cities too including Bangalore...
hope all of u are safe n sound... Smile

Abhi tak I am fine Big smile
We all safeBig smile...Monsi tu bangalore mein hain na????Wink

Yep Smile  Oye tu office se bahar nahin aayi kya?

Me working from home today... but my office and hubby's office were evacuated for sometime... !

KoolBig smile
Nahin yaar...ek toh mera ofc Whitefield mein hain yahaan se BTM jaane mein bahut time lagega!!!!Unhappy
We went out of the building for sometime but came backEmbarrassed
U are so lucky yaar...why I never get work from home option?LOL

Whitefield  Shocked  Where in whitefield... Jaldi bol Big smile
Lolsss Kya huaLOL
ITPL yaar!!!!Wink

Same pinchhh LOL
Duniya Gol Hai Na Big smile
OMG is it????ShockedLOLLOL
Haan yaar Gol toh hain hi!!!!Tongue

do u think we cud be colleagues too ... LOL

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by asumi

Originally posted by --Anna--

Sathya Hug Today I am unhappy Unhappy! With yesterdays post I tried to bring in all the positiveness I could but I cannot do it anymore! I just cannot stand this torture that CV's are dishing out at us - why!? Where is the logic!? Where is Khushi's character!? What is left in this show to watch!? I have no answer!

I agree with Payasa here - yes the story is moving in two directions - one to fuel the misunderstanding even more and one to understand why and how a character is - I got that before only - but is it right to show it this way!? The tom and jerry way!? Angry Where is the intensity - where is the passion - where is the pain and where is the love!? And most importantly where is the story!? If I talk about the Misunderstanding - nothing is happening on that front - the Arnav - Khushi and Shyam equation has been missing since the track started and somehow Shyam is missing in continuous episodes. Have the CV's forgotten that he is the second lead - even if the villain?  Is Abhaas unwell or something? Why is it that he is missing from the show all together when he is very much needed in the current track just like Arnav and Khushi!? Its like once in blue moon Shyam remembers that he has a thing for Khushi and he needs to act - otherwise he is non -existent. If this is the way the MU is gonna move ahead or fuel up - I can not help but be disappointed.

When this show started - I never watched it from the first day - even though the promos had me excited - but I make it a point to watch one show at a time - however just as soon as that show finished - I caught on with every episode of IPKKND asap and loved every bit of it! True - I fell for Arnav more because I could understand him more - but I liked Khushi back then - I could understand her - but now she is off my limits! I do not understand her anymore and I do not understand what the writers are actually wanting to portray! Confused

Coming to today's episode - the initial scene was definitely good - Khushi talking to Laxmi about her feelings and Arnav listening to it. That was a nice part - and especially when Arnav turns around to see Khushi sleeping and closes his eyes after looking at her and same goes for Khushi. This scene was adorable from both their povs! 

Anjali - indeed the fairy god in their lives - she tries to make her chotte understand - who is incapable of understanding anything - and then she thinks that she will talk to the person who is the matured one among the two and will understand. And after this scene was where I was put off!

Did I enjoy the comedy!? Yes I did - I was laughing through out. But did I like the way it was shown and the basis it was shown on!? NO - Absolutely not! Yesterday only I had said that B&B would make sense if it had any bearing in the future episodes. But there is no connection between any episode now. The thursday stairs confrontation - had no connection with Friday - Friday had no connection with Monday and now Monday also does not have any connection with the Tuesday episode! WTH is happening in the show!? Yesterday I was happy that Khushi realized that her shaitaan and rajkumar are the same - today she again gets to know about Arnav's love and how he cannot show it and he does not like showing it also - instead of thinking about the scenes of the Heer-Ranjha act / the stair confrontation / the B & B act - she forgets that she wants to give him a silent treatment and she comes back with her OTT drama!? SERIOUSLY!? 

I do agree - this could be a way to bring out Arnav's childhood and what has made him like this - but why change Khushi's character over this!? Starting of the episode she promises to herself that she will not show her face to him - and very next instant - the OTT begins!? Why the over the top drama - and why the gopi bahu drama!? And does Gopi give Ahem such ridiculous  shirts to wear and call him swami!? SERIOUSLY!? Nothing was logical! Nothing fit in the place - Sobti was superb in his frustration and that was the return of ASR but why keep showing Khushi as a 7-8 year old kid!? Wasn't she supposed to lose everything with this track!? Wasnt she supposed to be so badly hurt and lost that Arnav's redemption had to be huge!? Why is it that this track does not make me feel sorry for her at all - except the few initial days!? Isnt this the same Khushi - who lashed out Arnav because of the live in thingy - what has happened to her!? Where did that Khushi go!?

O Man! I can keep taking out my frustration but it would not end! I would leave it here.

The good points :

- The first scene where Arnav hears Khushi talking to Laxmi and they both sleep only after looking at each other

- The return of Arnav Singh Raizada

- The comedy track even though OTT - was hilarious! I will say I did not stop laughing once! Especially Arnav's "swami se acha laad governor hi tha" and Arnav checking the towel and perfume for any thing wrong - LOL LOL

- The shirtless Arnav did not impress me much today but the garden waala dialogue was good

- Khushi again bumping into the door and Arnav screaming at her to watch where she was going was again good

- Khushi playing with his hair when he was asleep

Rest - a totally FILLER episode. Yes - a slight glimpse into Arnav's childhood was great and I hope to see more scenes. Ms. B - the 9 year old girl - seems like a choti shaitaan to me - the way mami and Akash and Mamaji talked about her - it was like she makes her own decisions. LOL LOLAkash's " Let me go tell bhai about her coming" means that this choti shaitaan and Arnav may have to have some sort of thing going on between them Wink

Enough of the rant for today - me now going to sleep! C ya all for discussions tomorrow! 

Love :))

A note to the writers : Please give me the pain / the agony / the depression / the heartfelt scenes back - I cannot take this comedy - I would rather watch Tom and Jerry or some other show! Give me something like the diwali sequence / the diwali car sequence/ the Fark padta hai sequence / the Arnav breaking down sequence / The Khushi silent treatment - please give me all this or I would be pulling my hair out!! Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani and the rest of the cast are talent powerhouses - utilize it - don't mess with it!  Angry

-- Edited --

After watching the episode again - I will give Khushi the benefit of doubt. The recall scene where she remembers what Anjali said - what Anjali said was that Arnav does not show love and does not like when it is showed to him and even though he can love - he cannot express. Anjali wanted Khushi to show love I guess - she mentioned that if she shows love to Arnav - he will put a barrier - but showing love is important. What I did not like is Khushi using it in a different sense - Her dialogues - pyaar ke narkh mein swaagat hai did not gel with me. But the recall scene later - gives me the doubt that she is testing Arnav whether he does put a barrier when love is shown to him. 

I am still upset with the way the scene is portrayed - I nees to be shown more pain and agony from the leads to know that this indeed is a MU track - but well a small sign of positiveness that I could finally come up with :D
Pam and Doodhs : Replied to your analysis on page 11 Big smile

about the part where you wrote how the story was and is - TRUE! and i want to end it with that word, because if i dig into the earlier episodes and watch the show now- i'd be hugely disappointed.
cold business tycoon as lead male
lively and free spirited as lead female
tactical and intelligent villan
sweet and understanding sister ?

the essence of the characters are still there, but the sheen and that core of their being- has been shifted and somewhere down the lane- it feels like, instead of the story what they thought, they are trying to accommodate the audience and the demands of other things, which i really don't understand Why?

The essence does not stay true for long, does it..once it comes in contact with other essence, it mingles, changes form..although the core remains the same, the  outer fabric may change ... we are witnessing that change .

well i still dint loose hope and I really hope they give back our characters.

and the episode - i feel was an extreme! one second i was like happy she was neglecting him and very happy Anjali tried to tell her what Arnav really is about and next second i was hugely disappointed at the way the point has been approached. Despite that- the small lines and expressions and feelings added the spark to it. So over all i am satisfied.

What i dont understand is - they always showed Arnav as a normal teenager happily smiling at his sister who is the bride! and suddenly they showed a kid ( Arnav) who is cold and looked like he lost every thing- What is with that contrast? are they two pasts? like he was effected twice and hence such a hard shell? I dont know! it better not be a blooper.

and the Good points you mentions!! Clap true they were good and damn cute!! :)

p.s. true, there are days where the show survived JUST because of the actors. They should not really be taking this point for granted. They are amazing actors - USE them FOR the story, not to make the show survive!

loved what you wrote!! anna!! and also tanthya and doodleberry and all others :D too lazy to do it individually- hope you all dont mind :P :D

p.p.s- did i mention i love this thread ? :D :) 

Thank You , Sumi..

Would love to see more of u..but  no Pressures Smile

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Tanths HugHug
HugHug...Riyaaa "" Muhwazz

Phantastic postwaClapClap ika padhke dil gardenwa-gardenwa hui jaayi!!!EmbarrassedLOL

Sirf Gardenwa hui  ya kuch phool bhi khili !!

@Anna...dont worry dearHugHug jhaapi <3 <3 <3
I understand where u are coming from but I guess we cant help it Big smile Lets just wait and watchWink and we all are there to support each others rant rite????EmbarrassedLOL

Frankly I was all gloomy and was ranting the whole time todayWink my prob was with the story not moving ahead and all these filler episode doing nothing to the MU was damn frustrated the whole time!!LOL

So today I kept logic aside and switched my brain cells off before watching the episode...maybe
that is the reason I was able to enjoy it!!!Embarrassed Big smile
Overall it was a light-hearted and OK OK kind of episode that didn't do much to the current was a filler episode and looked very much like oneTongue

I wont go into pointing out all the logical gaps that I me already frustrated with the way things are moving so dont want to add more to my already wracked nerves!!!EmbarrassedLOL

Instead I will point the scenes/dialogues that I found funny or liked:

1. Arnav-Khushi scene when Khushi came into the roomEmbarrassed loved how they looked at each other while going off to sleepDay DreamingDay Dreaming

2. Loved how she set his hair straight and then ruffled his hair Embarrassed that was such a loving and affectionate gestureDay DreamingBig smile
Does that mean Arnie is such a deep-sleeper that he didn't even realize it???Wink
Oh yeah guys totally forgot D'ohm so off logical stuff todayLOL


3. Loved Arnav and Anjali's FBBig smile good move by Anjali to make Khushi understand her Chote better!!!Approve

4. Arnav's "Who the hell is Swami???Confused" Classic ROFLROFLROFL

5. Arnav's "Swami se better toh Laad Governor tha" EPICROFL

1. CVs i know with IPL running u guys dont have any other option other than giving us all the filler episodes..but can we plz have some meaningful fillers plz!!!!

IPL Should not be an excuse anymore ..They can move slowly

2. CVs so Payal gets to sleep in satin gown and for Khushi her old maika waale cloths!!!Confused
why this soutela treatment CVs? when all the side actors/actresses can get new cloths then why not the leads!!!!Ouch


LOlsss sorry guys I know I promised I wont rantEmbarrassed but I guess CVs ki tarah main bhi aadat se majboor hoonLOL


Ok guys as Tanths suggested I went and watched the episode againEmbarrassed
well though I still have a few issues with how it was delivered but yeah CVs I get wht u wanted to showBig smile...I guess sometimes we just have to get the big picture or the ultimate END product and ignore a bit of how its was delivered...coz ultimately its the END PRODUCT that matters!!!!Approve

The best thing I liked about today's episode is Anjali removing another layer to Arnav Singh Raizada who is still an ENIGMA to Khushi!!!!EmbarrassedApprove
I was always under the impression that what and how Arnav is now is due to his mother's sudden tragic death...but yday's episode set me straight that he was always like this since his childhood...different yet uniqueBig smile
Its not that he doesn't love...he does and that too deeply but he cant express it...but yeah dont they say ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS!!!Embarrassed

Well me speaking from my personal experience here as this is exactly what my BABA ( I mean my DAD) is like!!!!EmbarrassedBig smile

So I feel yes this track will help help Khushi to understand Arnav maybe she was mocking his LOVE(frankly i didnt like that part but well WHAT EVERLOL) but when time comes she will be his DHAAL!!!!EmbarrassedBig smile

@Doods HugHugall I can say about ur analysis is just brilliant and PERFECTClap sweetheart this is why I always try to make it a point of not missing ur synopsis!!!EmbarrassedBig smile

@Pam and DivyaHugHug dear loved ur analysis as alwaysEmbarrassed simply beautiful <3 <3

@All Sorry didn't get time to read all the comments due to time constraint but m sure I will love reading ur takes...will come back later to read them!!!EmbarrassedBig smile

Beautiful Analysis, Riya Big smile
Awww Thanks TanthsHugHug
me glad u liked itEmbarrassed kyunki mujhe tum logon jaisa analyse karna nahin aata!!!!EmbarrassedBig smile
me just leaning from u peeps!!!!Tongue

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by appy2011

hola girlies Hug
everyone is talking abt the earthquake at work too... we did not feel anything in Pune...

hope folks down south are doing fine...

Heya appys sis me to same here in HYD  ..We didn't experienced  here Big smile 

Monsi and Riya i visited White field IBM twice..

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